Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 27, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 27, 1954
Page 11
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-i «' 'f ». tARi HOPE, ARKANSAS ttidav, August 27, 1$54 ** *; Serenade 1 ; Afl "ft. M&U tjro- Con- :rtS6«, , to-j the election tot*, if ..,, '«7't»e rtsettr* voting >frJrtr<*<ti>h '" ••—•• - •••*-' «tt n, idept . e • snail be- tb«on of Uie iy m the ("Sftcdrjjorated 'town r may .levy « tax „ v ..Bitojfcitty; therein -at IIB i'Wae- ?rtf >/%e purposes a«a ittHnth*-? reM«««dn«, now pro kthe ,Con«tltutlon; ewept! that h*. BtiSrd (jf Equalization here"* s —'i -tHkftt-'fttf- the -first ,the,M*ewn*fiU ot prop- cdtlnty, at • its, market , such.fnct At i'8 , hefeflt, - there- r'wiy <uch> local , iu-total ta* lor thall not exceed county, eight oruncorporaiad (12), mills for any '«acn dollai 1 of the th*. profjerty there- iir levied by im- ,,-4nd • ejtelusfve 5 of ! .lofeal-- imbro^eniertts authorized "by onlr,-"« tte fdoHstf- 'Hmevor, Iner* shall i .-anhually-', an -.amount . he, maximum amfiUnt col- lor' thV-rettf«me*lt( "'ttt ieoch, PRESCOTT NEWS Nbtldft All mothers who arc interested Jn h&vjflg their child attend kindergarten please contact Mrs. P. A. EsCarre immediately. Kindergarten will open Sepfcm- ber 6th at the home of Mrs. Escar- rc ort 700 fcnst Elm Street. Bind Mothers Meet -• ''''«' , ' tilt. CHve McCleliflttd, Preifcott Band instructor,; anftodttcfed - at the meeting on Mofidfiy evenirig Au- glist 23rd that the Prescotl Band wJll go to Texartfana Fn'tiay Sep- tem&cr 10 W mrirch in the-, jjnrade at the Four States Pair. Tito group w^ll leave Prescott at 1 p. in. and remain for the < night performance Which they will attend free of chnr- Mrs. W. t). Golden will be otto of the chaperoncs. * At the meeting which was hold at the home of Mrs Thell HanniMg Mr. McClelland also announced thJst band scholarships will be giveti Deaths Over the Nation By the A*S6clated Pr«6* Wis. Lewis Legal Notice -are ..baled tj»e,t>rot>erty ;,,the as- ._ market value *,«*•• property; * n* after Board,; Each any '- PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO, 45 BB IT RESOLVED by the House ot Representatives-ol the State of Arkansas, and by the Senate: a Majority of all the Members Elected to Each HbUse Agreeing Thereto: ', THAI THE FOLLOWING, U hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the state of Arkansas, end upon being submitted to the electors 'of. the, Staw for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and . Senators, if a majority ot the electors voting thereon, at such in' election,adopts such 'amenflfnent. the same, shan become'a part.-of- the .Constitution of the • State ' ot Arkansas, to- witi -< * ' SECTION 1J The Executive Department of this Stat*-shall consist of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary ot Staw, Treasurer ot State, Auditor ot ^ Slate. 'Attorney General, and Commissioner '-of State Eands, all of whom shall keep their offices at the seat At Government, and hold their offices for the''term of two years arid until their successors are elected and qualified. ' SECTION 2. The annual salaries ot mich State officers, which shall be paid in. monthly installments, shall be-as follows: ' The Governor, the' sum ot Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00); the Lieutenant Governor, the sum of Three Thousand and Six Hundred Dollars ($3,000.00); the Secretary ot State, the sum of-Seven. Thousand and TWO Hundred Dollars ($7,200,00): the Treasurer ot .State, the sum of Seven Thousand «and Two .Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00): the Auditor of State, the ,sum of Seven Thousand 1 and Two Hundred Dollars ' (57,200.00); the Attorney General, the sum of Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000.00); and the 'Commissioner of State Lands, the sum of Six Thousand .Dollars ($0,000.00). . SECTION 3. The above mentioned State Officers' shall be elected by -the qualified electors of the State at large „ at the time of the regular general election for voting for members ot the General Assembly; the returns of each election therefor shall be sealed "up separately and transmitted to the seat of government by the returning officers ' not later- than the last^ day of-- November ot the year in , which the election Is held, and shall be, directed- to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. 'The General«'Assembly 'shall convene in., special session onjjthe first Monday" Jn December ot f ,ttie year In WJjlch the 'mehibers or the General Assembly'rare elected and shall,, be )n session for A period not to exceed three 1 'days, unless called Into special, session}'by ahe Gdvernor. At such 'session of the General Assembly/' and upon both Houses being organised,' th«-< 'Speaker of -the House of ."Representatives shall open and 'publish the votes cast and given for ,eafch of the 1 " officers hereinbefore mentioned, in tha presence ot both Houses of the. General Assembly. The person Having the highest number of votes for each of the respective offices (.hull be declared duly elected thereto; and shall ' Immediately begin hli 'term ot office;' but it two or Tnpre' shall be equal, the highest in' votes for the same office, one of them shall be chosen by a joint Vote of, both Houses of the' General Assembly, and a majority of aU the members elected shall be necessary to a choice. SECTION 4. The General Assembly shall meet in regular session of sixty COO) days, which need not be con- .tlnuoua, at the seat of government every two years on the first Monday in February of each ,odd numbered year until said time be changed by law. ' The members of the General Assembly shall receive as their salary the sum of Twenty-fpur Hundred Dollars ($2',400.00), except the Speaker ot the Hotiso of Representatives, who this year to students playing baas horns, French horns and baritones* No tuition or instrument rental win be paid by those students. There will be a new policy this- year concerning families with' more than one child taking band. For this family rent and tuition will be paid on only one child regardless of'the mimber. ot children 1 in the family taking band. • ; , ' Mrs. Knr) king Jr.. reported ; thal Mr. J A. Cole had repaired and Cleaned the popcorn machine. Due to 1 the fact he had refused pay fof his Work "members expressed ajw procialion lo him and to Mr.. Rod>-. noy Hafnllon for the use of-his tools used in repairing the machine,.. -• Mrs. R. C. McErayer and! Mrs. "Waller Connell, were appointed to serve in the place of Mrs. Harry Keeley who resigned as one of the concession chairmen. Mrs. Karl King Jr.. was appointed to serve on the tolepone committee and tfrs. Hansel Herring- as publicity hairman. Plans for an outing to Lake Oree- on on Wednesday September 1st ere discussed. The group will go ; school bus with Mrs. Ed. Smith 'cs. P. A. Escarre and Mrs. Ardell lark as chaperoncs. Mr. McCleland asks that any other parents nd\ particularly fathers who could osslbly go to please do so and they an go on the bus or In their own ars. CoM drinks cookies and potato lips .were served to the 14 mem- ers ,lhat were present. Rajus, 58. founder and -ari of the Paul-Lewis laboratories, and at one time business rHanatet of the Syracuse (N. Y.) Tclfegrafh, the Milwaukee Sentinel and the old Wisconsin News. Died Wednesday. KOHLER, Wis. Miss Evangeline Kohler, 82, daughter of John Michael Kohler, frtUhdei 1 of the Kohler Co. and aiint of Gdv. Wai' ter Kohler of Wisconsin, fried Wednesday. Dainty refreshments ed from a lae.e cover.ed t ( able .Cpnr ered with a crystal bowl filled vith roses., '-.-*• • >• *--«• t »>>•.',• ;-, •• There • were thirty-two guest?. Out f i town guests: included Miss Jesica Bemis of Texarkana and Jery Tollson ajicj Don ,Harnbright,.of tephens, Johnny Overton of Hope, Billy Shubert of Idabel, Okla., %id flax Calhoun of Laneburg. : V - . Mn and Mrs. Wat W. White Jr., nd Miss Elizabeth Francisco left Monday for a weeks vacation on jake Hamilton. age, receive as bis salary Twenty- five Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($2,550.00), for each period of two (2) years payable at such time and in such manner as the General Assembly may determine; and in addition to such salary the members of the General Assembly shall receive Ten Cents (lOc) per mile for each iplle traveled in going to and returning from the seat of government over the most direct and practicable route; and provided, further that when said members are required to attend an extraordinary or special session of Uio General Assembly, they shall receive in addition to salary herein pro- vldcd, tho sum ot fo Dollars Twenty ..., tor each ,i . required to attend, and mile- day they ,„.,— „ „,,- , ^nd mile, the same ratp herein provided. SECTION 5. There Is hereby created a jc(nt ad interim committee of the General-Assembly to be selected from 'Up membership, as <h)ny be provided by law, for the purpose of conducting research into governmental problems and making - audits of State agencies. The General Assembly shall fix |)ie amount of per diem and expanses of committee members and the compensation and expenses of the .committee's employees. SECTJOrf fl. (a) The General As. shall from time to lime pro.„.. „ the'Justices of the supreme Court and for the salaries and ex - •" - "idges of the Circuit ourts ot this State; penses of the Judges of the Circuit arvd Chancery Courts ot this State; vlded, tliat such salaries and com, isailpn- of the justices ot the end 4Be'"s¥l%rte« and " at t% "Circuit ll not be legs - Cou r -qfian9%y V CpuFts;¥hX i jigw. prpvt4sd b;- •11* Thn " fl BcraJ fl „„ 0)9 amoiinl , ; of JWlW!te|_,tp _,«•? ,„. ,.* Genprai As»emt>iy aboil to i»f 4H&rotaa )be ftinpugt and me^bpd ymwt at salaries ol owniy ol '. nothing ' herein shall be con mnf r »°a? The Spiritual Stars Gospel sin» gers of Louisiana will give a rftiysi-> cal program at the First Baptist Church in Washington Sunday, September 5, sponsored by Miss Willie B. Atkins. Time 7:30 p. m. W. S. C. S. Has Executive Meeting • . Eighteeti members of the W. S. , S. of Uie First Methodist Chur- h met onUVIonday afternoon in the ome of Mi's. O. G. Hirst for an xecution bbard meeting. . The president, Mrs. J. W. Teeter, resided ana! opened the meeting /ith prayer. ( The secretary, Mrs. J. T. Wor- hington, read the minutes of the revious meeting after which quar- erly reports we;re made out. Cold drinks were served during ic -afternoon, i Misses Warren, and Yancey Honored Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Warren and tfr. and Mrs, Clifton Yancey en- ertained with a party for the plea- ure of their daughter, Miss Rita barren and Miss IVIary Yancey, in . show .room of the Pontiac Co; ri rMonday evening. The^high light of the evening was scavenger hunt with prizes be- ng; awarded to the winning side. The Nigro Community Or brlno items to Mlii Turner at Hlcki PUheral Horn* MARKETS The Melody Five of Magnolia will give a musical program at Hising Star Baptist ChurcH,, Sunday night, August 29, sponsorea'^by 1 the Usher board. ,' , >: . • Mrs. Ester L;. Hicks is attehdirief the Youth Congress;; at • Shorter'S College in .LittleI-'Sock.- • w !. "Mr. and M^rs. Lawfence" Williams' and daughter and ATrs,.. Peari MV- Fadderf and "family have returned to their home in Detroit, Mich., after spending several days visiting relatives and friends. .-, ••-.'-' 6t. L0li!8 LIVESTOCK NATIONAL . STOCKYARDS, 111. P) — Hogs 8,000; moderately active, uneven; barows and gilts J80 lb up 50-75 lower than yesterday's average, mostly 50-00 off; lighter weights 25-73 lower; sows mostly 75 lower j some more; chaice 200-250 lb 21.40-CO; mostly one jjrice 21.50; few uneven hinds dowft to 21.25; few UneVert kind? down to 21.25; around 270 lb butch* ers..:••• 21.00; 170-190 lb 4o.nO-212o, fe\y ,.21,50; 150-170-100 lb ?.a-2125. ffiditly |97f)-20.7S; few ISO-140 lb 3f?.tKM9.50! sown 40.11) down 18019.50; few down to : 17.7ft, or less; heavier , sow.? 15.254725; most bonrs 1000-10.00. Cattle 000, 'calvpsoOO;; light :suvj- ly all classes cattle about steady ft cleanup trade; small lots commercial and good steers and heif• rs 1050-21.00; light weight cutter nd utility yearlings 11.00-14.00; ows moderately active; utility nd commercial 9.50-11.50, few 2.00; canner and cutters C.50-9.00; trong cutters to 9oO; utility nd ommercial bulls 12UO-13.5C; caner and cutter bulls 2.50*11.50; ood and choice vealers Ifi.00-19.00; ew high choice and prime 20.001.00; commercial and low good 2.00-15.00: culls .3.0-1. Sheep ,00; ..most sales about teady with i'underton^ .weak ,:on pring! lambs;' • top • iaiSO"':whereas .volots .brought i2i : .00-23 yesterday: ullc' 'sales sairic; ^a.s; yesterday '20.50 own to; 18.00;,-most lots; choice land Time one price;'20.50,; occasibnal- y 20.00;' : numerous lots good'and hoice 18.00-20.00; throw outs mostly 14.0; aged sheep steady; laughter ewes 3.0C-4.00 NfeW YORK N£W Yonk oh cotton itrned steady today, following rnild •eactionry ' tendencies in early dealings. Hedge selling was light. Mills increased their covcrhg op- eraton in futures prior to the month-end. Late afternoon prices were 25 lo 55 cents a bale higher than the previous close. Oct. .14.18, face. 344C and March 347G Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hamilton and family have returned home; after visiting relatives in St. Louis; Detroit; Omaha; and New York City. Samuel Hamilton has returned home after spending the, summer visiting his sister in Detroit, Mich., Samuel will enter Philander Smith College in September. ' Mr. and Mrs, Elwood Robinson, Betty Lynn and Jennie returned o their home in El Dorado yn Monday, after • a visit with-Mrs. Mettie Robinson, Mrs. E. L. Savage, Hope, mother of Mrs. I. F. Dickson is head teacher. Mrs. Savage is a graduate of Philander Smith College, Little Rock with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and further study at the University of Arkansas. She replaces Rev. W. M/ Brewer who retired from the teaching profession with -nearly fifty years of experience! to his credit. Mrs. Savage is very happy to'join the force of Eastern Arkansas ' Tea 1 - chers,. With- her are two .other ef- ficient,;,teachep; ; ,one: Walker,' Tyler, Texas -graduate , of Texas .College, with Bachelor ... , oi Science Degree-.. She has 'taught in ; the .present system. < t\vo :years as a primary teacher .The- -.other is Leon. ,; Randolph, Brinkley, ' son of Mrs, BV L;. Bryant, a "high senior- at A.. M.' "&'N. . College,;.' Pine Bluff. .He.. is' doing a fine job in .the elemehtary department o^ the school, He replaces Mrs. I. P. Dickson who is one of .the chers ,in Wheatley School. . ncy today despite a laggard per- ormance by the railroads. Many gains in kay areas went o betwen 1 and 3 points. Losses were around a point at the worst. Trading was uiet.' The steels, aircrafts. oils, and ome motors were higher. The ailroads were down on overage. Montgomery Ward jumped ahead Mi at 78 on an opening block ot ,500 shares but- did most of its radirig arlund 77. Miss'Kay King has returned from Dallas where she spent ,the past icveral months, Mrs. Gordon Danner, Miss Betty Danner 'and Pvt. Don Danner re- urned Monday from El Dorado vhere they have been the guests of Mrs. Ruby Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. T, R. Moberg, Miss Treddie Moberg and their guests, Mr .and Mrs. Ellsworth Moberg and Delbert. Moberg of Austin, Texas spent Monday in Hot Springs. Mrs. W. D. Golden has been ,he recent guest of her pprents Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Flynn in Pine Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 44 BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate ot the State of Arkansas and by the House of Representatives, a Majority ot all Uie. Members Elected to ~acli House Agreeing Thereto: Hi • ' Ml ol the "sia'fe 'ot Arkansas, '. and upon belne submitted to the electors ot the State for approval or rejection Tliat the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution ppro l el «t the next General election for Representative and Senators, U a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment. the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arhan- Elementary The Spiritual' Stars Gospel sin gers of Louisiana will give a mus. ical program pt the First Baptist Church in Washing'.on Sunday, Sep- September 5, at 7:30 p. m. Sppn sored by Miss Willie B, Atkins Rev. L. B. Russ, Pastor. • The Melody Five of .Magnolia will give a musical program a Rising Star Baptist Church Sunday night, -August 29, sponsored by the Usher board. .•' Mrs. Rosie Bell Johnson will open Kindergarten School Septembei 13. 813 Berry St. 50c per person. Mr.and Mrs, Lee Turner'have returned to their home in Chicago 111., after a brief visit with ; Mrs Turner's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Bobby Weatherspoon, and other re latives. They were accompanied by their children, Brenda and Ronalc who spent the summer with their grandparents. Miss Geneva McGhee, a graduate of Tuskegee Institute, Alabama left Wednesday for Austin Texas., where she will T>e head of the Home Economic De partment at the Texas Blind, Dea and Orphan School, She was also done some additional work ii the care of exceptional children. * 8 I'ECTION 1 from »nd k after the OAiyJlXWXl A, ?*VII» f»Mt* ««»V+ WV attpptlon at thj» amendment, the term of office of Governor of the State - • ... i j ouj , yeart anf j not be eligible Provided how- shall not apply " •» Governor to be beW uti'-fW "v<^ ff-"7(. i' pTWjf (mr"^—"'^* 11 "*f™**™* • b* prohlbi •^art or uf ImmwMry from arrest, prosecution and fe 'arurfiSFW? ttu "-"- *ww&»«ag; • w "iw«^,._sH8jL*»^ Mrs. Carrie McGehee had as week-end guest Mrs. Pensacola Washington and son and Mrs. Mat tie Pugh of Minda, La., Mr. and Mrs. R. Metcalf were dinner gu.es also. Mrs, Mavis Allen of St. Louis Mo,, has returned home after spend ing several days with her parent Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Dunlap and other relatives- Mrs, Abbie Vanbook and grand daughter, Joyce have returned t their St. Louis home after spending several days with her relatives Mr. and Mrs. Oscar and Amhu Dunlop of Hope. B.luff. Mrs. Pub SheUon Has returned from Dallas an4 ^opjEwfK where she has been ttw fuest relatives. Mr. «n4 Mrs. Huclser W- announce the arrival of § s«n ( Ste vw pucker, on 4u?us$ m-d at NEW YORK STOCK NEW YORK (ffi The market dislayed a higher slock tend- .POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO UP) Live poultry teady on young stock; about teady on hens; receipts 705''coops yesterday 457 coops; 81,080'lb); .b:b. paying prices unchanged ti> lower; Heavy hens 10-19; light lens 14-15;- fryers and broilers 270; old roosterslS,5-14 ; capohetles iQ-32,:' -,.•-• •>•-:• -.-• :•• "• - ;: '• , Butter steady; receipts 041,575; vholea- selbuying prices unchanged o; »A higher; 93 "score A A .5675; A 56.5; 90.B 54.5;.89 C 53; cars: 00 B 55;-89 C 53.5. Eggs-.about steadyr~re-jeiptr. 8,539 wholesale buying.:prices unchanged IT'. S.. large whites 42-4:i; U.. S arge mixed 40; U. S mediums 33; U S standards 32; current re ceipts 25,25; checks, and dirties 21 recently when the press noticed the 27-year-old son of Lord and Lady Olenoonner was a frequent escort of the blue-eyed princess. Princess Margaret "has friends all over tlie world and deserves frbtfi a vacation trip in Texas wasjevery one of them." tho Standard killed yesterday when the car he quoted Tennant ars saying when — | was driving went out of control askad about the rumors. "What- GRAIN PROVISIONS CHICAGO (ffi — Wheat was firm most of 'lhv time'On the Board of Trad. e tdadhbyouyifi" influenced >y strength' in- Witiipeg grain fu- tires Soyeans started hiRher but the September contract lator dipped •ather sharply. Profit taking and selling based on a break in cash soybean meal prices pushed the market downward Early strength 'n the September delivery was due :o continued rains in the growing area, which may delay the hnr- ve t. Deferred deliveries of beans leld firm most, of ths time. Corn and oats held firm most of he day. Rcy climbed around 3 cents at times. Wheat closed unchanged f.o higher, September $2.14>2-%, corn to l'/ 2 up,- September Sl.GC'/Bi oats were Va highei to '/a lower, September 74%; rye was 2 to 3 cents up, September 2- , and soybean. were 4 lower to 2 higher, September $3.- C43/ 4 -$3.05'/i2. M82 ADD GRAIN Wheat: None. Corn: No. 1 ycl low 1.67&-G9; No: 2 1G8">; No 3 165&; No 4, 1.63—04^; No lG3!/ 2 ; sample grade 1.G4— Oats: No. 1 heavy white GI;No.l white 77-70'/a; No 2 77. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal Malting 1.30-48; feed 95-1.15. Rozzell Gets Top AEA Position LITTLE ROCK, • (UP) Forrest Rozzell was named the executive secretary of the Arkansas Educa tion Association yesterday to sue ceed Hoyt R. Pyle. Chris Corbin, AEA president of Fort Smith, made the announce- CLOUSE REFRIGERATION SERVICE PHONE 7-3369 Large Enough, to Serve Youl Small Enough to Know Youl Kentuckiart Dies in Arkansas Crish MARlANNA, W) — A 63-year- old Kentucky man returning home Friday, August 27, 1954 H0f»i SfAft, At KANSAS and left the highway. The accident occurred about six miles west of Hughes, Ark. Injured in the accident were Nat Lee Garvin, his wife, and niece, Miss George Ann Higdon. Denies Romance With Margaret LONDON W1 Tho Evening Standard ciuotecl Colin Tennant today as denying there's a romance between hirn and 'Princoss Mnr- garet. The romantic rumors blossomed more can 1 say?" SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. DIAMOND rnent at a board of director's meeting last ni?ht. Rozzell will asRur.io his duties September 1. Since 1930 ho has been director of the AEA's fiold services. Rozzell attended Little Rock schools and has a master's degree from the University of Arkansas where he also obtained a law "tie-i gree. He served in the House of Representatives from lU3f)-4l!. Pyle will succeed Charles A. Allen as director of the teacher retirement system. returned from a vacation trip to points of interest in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Minnesota. lalenddir ' [rlday August 27 informal dance will be held ic Hope Country Club at 8 p. m. ay, August 27, for the high set. Hostesses will be Mrs. c Franks and Mrs. Paul Lewis. , F;or Complete P?rts and '"'" : •• : '•' Se/viee' for - ; ;': New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors Phone or Wrlta FaIIin Tractor Co. Magnolia, Ark. Pho. 882, 689 & 1140-R Correction In our Back to school ad in Thursday's paper Little Girls Dresses were advertised at the wrong price and should have been Little Girls DRESSES Ideal for school wear in pretty styles. Sizes 3 to 6X. Regular 1.98 values. Now $1.79 SCOTT'S Enjoy Our Fine Foods SUNDAY .I DINNER I the family and eat Sunday^ Dinner with us. . us for Reservations. Anyv size table reserved. We Specialize In Party Service. Anytime DIAMOND Cafe & Cafeteria • Leman CAKES White layers topped with lemon sauce and seven minute iceing. JOE'S CITY BAKERY t 216 S. Main ; day, August 30 . C. S. Circle 5 of the First Ithodist Church will have its an- 1 picnic! and treasure hunt Mott,-, August 30, at the Fair Park, th Mesdames: Dexter Bailey, in Yocom, Denver Dickinson, d Han-ell Hall serving as host- es. Bring your lavoritc, dish, Jher than dessert, and be at the promptly at 6:15 p. m., as we eat before'going on the treas- hunl. Alt business will be dis- ed of except the roll call paying uf pledges. Members, you had a birthday in August, ipn't forget lo bring your birthday jjid weight pennies for our Life |cmbci-ship fund. |Thc JciincUc- llunk-er and Lou De- ffc Junior G. A.'s will meet ut j home of Mrs. Chas. F. llcyner- |, 1510 South Main, for a mission- jr program; the Jeanclle Hunker LA.'s will be in cliargc of this Sfcing to be held at 4 p. m. Mon• IT ; - . • • fjpircle 5 of the W. 6. C. S. of the |rst Methodist Church .will have i' annual picnic at Fair Park at Mrs. W. R. Herndon and W. R. :Hi.-n:(irm. Jr., of Forrest City, !Ai-k.. are in Hope visiting Mr. and :MIK. R. V. Herndon, Sr. Bill, Jr., :has completed his basic training | at Camp Chaffee. Ark. He will rc- the Unity Baptist Church will meet j poi't to Quartermaster Corps. Ft. at 2 p. m. Monday, August 30. |Lce. Virginia, on Sept. 3rd. W. R. i Herndon, Sr. will join his family in The Unity Baptist Willing Work-j Hope this weekend, ers Auxiliary will meet at 7:30 p. m. Monday, August 30. Sunday & Monday at Saenger Si;t. and Mrs. Bobby L. Thornton of Fort Smith, are spending a 15 The Y. W. A. of the First Bap-1 day leave with their parents, Mr. list Church will meet in Uie home of j and Mrs. Tony Rowe. and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Beycrley for a pot-j Mrs. Carl Thornton.; ; , luck supper and missionary gram at 5:30 p. in. Monday, August 30. Tuesday August 31 Hope Country Club family picnic will be held Tuesday. Auausl 31, at 7 p. m. Robinson—Haltom Wcddino Announced Mr. and Mrs. 13cu Robinr-cm of Mr.-and. Mrsr H. L. Polk o£ Los AnteleiJ, Calif., and Mrs. Mae Kirkman o£;Lons.l5eadi. left yesterday [or tlich-• rcBpec-Uvc homes.after a visit with Mi:;su5 Pearl and Ruth Polk and Mrs Koy N. button. Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver of DcLcou, Tex., and Second LI. and Mrs. J. M. Weaver and son of Ft. n<:iiuin,". CM., have returned to Rails Won't Cut Rotes to Drouth Area LITTLE ROCK Wl Western CHARLTON HESTON, with ELEANOR PARKER, defends against hostile natives in Paramount'* "THE NAKED: JUNGLE.'Jcchnitolor. Wed. & Thurs. dt the Saenger tliis city, announce' the marriage of | | ll( , jr i,,j nil;H after a visit witli rcla their daughter, Vonnic. lo L. K. H;il-j (ive; . unc ) ' lorn, son ot Mr .and Mrs. M.. P. Haitoni of Siiringhili, Ark. Elder Carlloij Roberts pcrfornH:d Hie double riiiH ceremony. After a short wudding trip, tin- couple will make their home at 112 Virginia struct, Magnolia, Ark. Is in Hope. |5 Monday night, August 30. The Senior Liuiies • Auxiliary of Personal Mention Mr. and Mrs. Bert Chamberlain havi- had as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Chamberlain and children of- Hook;:, Tex. Hospital Notes Branch „ _ ,, . . Admitted: Sonja Powell, Spring- Mrs. J. L. McCuliough under- ha , La dcncva Austin , M cNab. went a. major operation Ihursday , Dischareed: Mrs . ^ illy Martin at St. ' Michael's hospital m lex- anc) bnby ^ boVi Rt . 4, H ope. Julia Chester Arlmittod: Jan Storar, Lewisville Cominq and Going Martha Jay McKamie, Buckner, ' I Dt-iinis Wilson, Rt. 1, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Taylor have I Diseruirsetl: Mrs. Torn Gathright arkana. Today & Saturday Big Triple Program • .esson Last chance ro buy those good Arkansas Elbertas—while they last $3.25 a bushel FRANKS & SON 411 S. WALNUT sure you get the best of these big 4 1 price, Take a look at what you pay and what you get. You'll see that Chevrolet has more for you and asks less from you. It's priced below all other lines of cars. That's possible because Chevrolet builds the most cars-and can build them better to sell for lessl BUT SHE WAS HO LAW I BRADY • RITA MORWO • IDWARD mm • ALSO • Phil CAREY- Roberta HAYNES School Ry William E. Gilroy, D. D. K'.'cenlly, I cited the way in ,-hioh tho blessedness and glory MONTGOMERY CLIFT is questioned by tlie police in ,this scene from "INDISCRETION OF AN AMERICAN WIFE," a Columbia release. Church Leaders Turn to Foreign Missions By WILLIAM J, CONWAY EVANS.TUN; in. (/PI Christian lenders today turned to a discussion of their great, centuries-old, unfinished task currying the Gospel to millions of non• of Boyle Contmuea irom fage One railroads have refused to Cut their shipping costs on hay to drought- stricken farmers in Arkansas, the governor's office announced today. The office of Gov, Francis Cherry said that the hay shipments would be loo expensive for most Arkansas farmers unless something can be done to cut shipping costs, An official in the governor's of• flee called a meeting of 130 hai dealers for next Tuesday { to see i£ another transportation cdn be arranged. Kenneth Bates, assistant direct or ot the agriculture Extension Service, said that hay will cos farmers from $42 to $44 per ton under present shipping fates. Last year railroads cut the! freight rates on hay in half as an aid to farmers, whose livestoc" was fuiferiiig because o£ th drought. Bates said that he had been in formed by the agricultural ser\ ice iu Washington that no reduc lion in freight rates could be ob aincd this year. Thirty - nevcrf Arkansas countie vo been declared eligible fo drought disaster relist. All but tv\ Arkansas counties have applied fo the emergency relief. The federal government pay half the shipping cost, ot hay up lo $10 per ton to farmers in drought disaster areas. Last yea'- more than 24,000 tons of hay were shipped to Arkansas farmers under tho federal assistance program, with the farmers paying $7.50 per ton shipping charges. • Unless !.he present rates are reduced, farmers will have to' pay about $20 per ton in addition to the actual'cost of tin!; hny. Tlie governor will return from his vacation in Virginia and will Authority of State Plant Bod^d Upheld LITTLE ROCK, (UP) the flt orney general yesterday upheld authority of the state plant card to Determine the validity of he licenses of pest control opera ors within the state. In an opinion to Paul H. Millar, hief inspector for the plant board, tale Attorney Genral Tom Gentry eld that such matters wore sub- ect to the reasonable rules and emulations of the state planl >oard. The plant board had recently reused to re-Issue o license tt) the Arab Post Control Co., of Ft. Smith ecause the company had obtained ts license several years ago lit the name of an officer of an Indiana Jafent company. The attorney gem-rat's opinion cited a section of a 1953 act providing that licenses shall become tivalld should the licensee cease to be in charge of the company. The tt.S. Into cstt d th* glass ufo, Oathings said: "This is the third straight. dry year for this section of the state. Producers will.net-rt erecliU, if they remain in-business of farming in .ticse hard hit sections. Tlie cot ;on crop will produce only about cue half of normal." SPEC! viNfiitfi , TOMATO U.S, BUTTER BEAN ) Come Out dhd RUSS 901 Welt 3fd thing is over and tlone with. Any thins can 'lappen." "Most cities have only two cli Jiis mates. And the climate doesn't] bo ' jn his officc ^ndny morning, change- by the weelt or tlie month. | hjs or{ice nnnol , 11COi .i. He probably Many days here you can drive Q| W]I mct wi(h tho hny ( i oa i cis mill.ee on • nrattei-s | riC'VOtPtl vul!.s',r.-c and helpfulness. Mon; than one grant name, not;.MT-at ambition and achieve-1 hoard many sugKCStions^ but ol of the w; of the report have for in- of quostionoblo honor! creasinp the number of Christians. K- waV in which a vast | who still are a minority, ,n the fin-tune wa-s obtained, is now in Mam & Country Club Rds,, Open 6:30 • Starrs 7:15 © FINAL NIGHT • SCOTCHMAN'S NIGHT A Whais Carload For ONLY 50c world as a whole. Among the Ideas placed Jjefore them were these: , •• ' • • Messages and methods .should be directed more to workers,; particularly in Asia and other ,' areas where the Communists, arc trying to recruit them. Laymen, including writers of the media of mass communication movies, radio, television,-' newspapers, magazines, books in this era of competition for ' access to the minds of men. excitement to living." A lady who moved her2" several years ago from New York said positively, "Sun Franciso is a nan's town" Asked if she liked lis, she demanded, "what lady onld want to live in- a woman's own?" i • • .Average age of a scrapped motor vehicle now is about 14 years In 1936 the lifetime of ah average vehicle was about 6.5 years. Color Cartoon & Novelty SATURDAY* 2 - Features - 2 c m CHAPTER 14 OF SERIAL "Gunfiqhters of the Northwest' NO. 12 - "SURPRISE ATTACK & Bugs Bunny Color Cartoon economy What's it going to cost to keep that new car in gasoline? In oil? What about service and repairs? Check into it and you'll find that Chevrolet has the greatest name of all for keeping upkeep costs down over aU the miles you drive! 3 performance Po you want livelier, smoother performance on less gas? Then be sure your new car has modern high-compression power. That's just what Chevrolet gives you-the highest-compression power of any leading low-priced car. Come in for a demonstration ride! Sunday & Monday There Were Only Two Things on Earth Left For Him to Conquer! With his bare hands, Leiningen had carved an, empire from the South American jungle ... but now he had to tame the two most powerful forces nature ever threw at him: TheMARABUNTA — a living horror twenty miles long and two-miles w j c | e — and the fiery New Orleans woman he'd purchased for a bride 1 A Woman is Soft & Warm . . , and Deadlier Than Srael! Joel McCrea Veronica Lake in "RAMROD" great honor because of foundatioia's and organizations devoted to services to mankind. The blessedness of giving has far outweighed any blessedness there may have been in receiving, anc in some measure has atoned foi much that never had much blessed ness. That exemplification of the trutl of the saying of Jesus, "It is mor blessed to give than to receive' (Acts 20:35), is oh the broad' scali of life. I have been impressed, howeve with the truth of Christ's say in in life's daily affairs, in the ordin ary intercourse in homes and fa milies, in the ideals, attitudes an actions that undoubtedly empha size the blessedness of giving ove receiving, though possibly we neve associate such matters with th To, m'e- the magic of San Franisco lies in the fact that it's ble to. look backward and foward t the. same time. It: -enoys • the present heartly liit.;dtt the'same time it holds one !and."fondly back to its fabulous iast, it stretches another ahead to welcome-the future. It d ocs a Wonderful job of balancing history and irogrcss. ' ' • ' • Swept by a postwar boom, San Francisco has spread its tentacles growth outward, but it has changed at its heart more slowly. One returning hero after many years .will find that the o Id San rraiiclsco has avoided' being swal- owed by the new. knnsns officials in urgiii}! increased, federal aid to drought i-iddeh Arkansas farmers Gall-iings has \\iuten letters to federal officials In Washington and Little RocU iu t>.n% additional relief for counties in East Arkansas. In a ; letter to Kenneth L. Scott, chairman of the• ,.lroughl commit- te of the Depaitment of Agncul- * * * * * * While it has retaied such moving signboards of yesterday a? the cable car, it hasn't lagged behind in the jot ago. This week it dedicated its new $14.000,000 Inlernitaonal Airport Terminal, serving more than 3,500, 000 people in the Bay region. • The terminal b uilding, one of the most,,modern in the nation, ha? eight- levels,' can accommodate 5 million, passengers a year and is designed 50 that it fan be expanded lo handle 10,000,000. The airfield itself is as large as the La Guardia and Chingo Airports "BRINGING UP MOTHER" Cartoon Master's saying. Yet here, as in other ways, th Master's deep, divine discernment into the actualities of human life is manifested. An instance of such discernment was in Christ's offer to rest (Matthew 11:28). Others have offered their fellosvmen wealth, pleasure, adventure, glory, anything but rest. Yet rest is what all men need. • A famous New England editor thought ho had mastered that need. lie reached the stage where he was working 22 hours out of the 24. But he died at the early age of 42. He needed rest. The blessedness of giving over receiving is far more exemplified in Iho ordinary ways and relationships of life than onu i-eali/es, when one looks into it with discerning 4 aptr^arance You, of course, are the only one who can depid.0 which oar looks the best tp f you. But you might well ponsiijer this:'Chevrolet's the only one in the low-pnce fleW with the smooth lines jirjd graceful beauty d ?ody by Fisher. It's the loolf America UNs, bfsu YOUNG CHEVROLET CO S 300 i«it |fcond §f f HOPE, ARK, Churl ton HESTON-Eleanor PARKER WOODY WOOPPICKIR COIOR CARTOON © SUN, & MON. « . Story of the RoyuS Mcunties! combined. Among its features aro a $250,000 International .Restaurant and vast photo-electric window louvres that close automatically to subdue sunshine, onen on dull days more light. But more impressive to me than its muUi-millionrdollar glamor is tlie fact that it has two complete nurseries. , Mothers with babies have been the forgotten Iravelei'S of tho air Ego, but San franeisco has remembered them. 58 Bap Cpntinued on PIIRO Two ton, '.Terry Jackson, Betty Jones, Jack 1 ''- ',1'on'- 1 ^, Jffiv Jur.L-H., bill Miivtin, Joe Marlindale, Ouy Vli.&oley T'-it Moseley, Jan Mo.ses, DANCING SAT. NITE Guest Star He's Terrific ERNIE FRAZIER (University of Texas) and His "VIBES" Back to School or Into Fall With . . . e by FORMFIT 75c Per Person COLISEUM 8:30 Till If you are one of the 47 out of 100 dissatisfied vyltri the bra they,are, know the thrill of wearing the right makes bras for every figure need,., Only you have i That's \vhy FormfU designs Life Bras iu a .^ ^ variety of styles ... to individually fit every ^P^tjjlHl^l contour. There are Life Bras made to yc^ " urements in our complete selection .'. Tto' | youthful glamor and ppmforf possible"orUyij fit. Discover the wonderful differences, for] j Come in, be fitted in your Life Br^s *tp(3 •\oiu Ato Hope'f #594, Life Bra diown it daipff in WWW f ;^;f Oepartm»nl STOP-Bef ore You Buy Juclgcnicnt. • Fathers and mothers, perhaps mothers especially, know thul blessudness-of. giving. In ictt-ul ro- lulionshipy ;of jiarenthooil, life takes on a blessedness' 'that no acquis- itivos or getting can give. The,,§amo thing is true of ciiil riren in relation to their parents, It may bo a slight matter, but unforgettably impressed upon me is the'memory of a. /srnall boy, standing across the road from the parsonage in-which I was, then living. He was waiting for a bus to take him to the nearest village. He told me he was going to get a Mother's Day box of candy for his mother. It was in wartime, when much, Gspicaily candy, was hard to get. • When I asked him. "Do you think Tudy Mnso-,. Wanzull Nix, Bchjie Owen, Betty Owen, Ronald iUchnrds, Bobby Ross, James Fuller Hussuil, Sybil Shirley, Marilyn Shiver. DU:''J Whi'.U-H, Jiioquc, Williams, Bill Thomasmi, John David Whitlow, Sue Willis and Jim Yocom. Disability Payments Oknved bv Court L1TTL?! ROCK' (.?) Circuit Judge : Guy ^msler has ruled that a -ia^year-old Little Rock man is qualifies to receive a $100 a month disability payment he has been collecting from an insurance company •since he was 10 years old. Thp Mutual Lile .insurance GP- of New York brought suit against johr-.L. Coring contending lhat he ,,.. v „ . was,-gainfully employed selling you'H get it?" he assured me that egg?. The company asked that Lor• ' •' •• —- j -- J —•>- ing IJQ" required to return ?50U ana f "Rpwdy • "A Boy, A Gun, A Bird" he had it all ftrranged, ftnd was going only to pick it up, Children are proverbially lend of getting, but the joy on that boy's face, Jn hjs vpice end manner vjnqupstiojfiftbly pf toe ' be declared no longer disabled The iudgc ruled that Lowery's payment? should continue the oi m Mft W until tie wa$ »« 4 er dJ?'al?led. it U-el||c Get our New Now, we're topping toe M»«*ry with Ipw prices itnd high trsde-in aKowftns^! YeSTnrl to the big Na^h Challenge pe^U^you c^n 0wn finer, rpprmer, more ^pntfortabje -Cnnif 8IRT 9pm ,... 3ws*4H-- foir^aipjny^j •w^J-

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