Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 18, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 1896
Page 8
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Always Lead, Never -THIS- Our First Grand Fall Opening Has been snoh A wondeYfnl success that others hare seen this and imitate the leadpn, ol low prices, but their prices are not low enough. This Grand Will Be Continued All Next Week. $1.48 :375 To accommodati? «h. pay day customers wbo havea't had an opportunity to sret some of their manr bargains Kelt week will be jpepial dresi goods and cloak week. Ladies black kersey cape, a beauty, only _ • -. ; v .Ladies' handsome double cape, boucle or Kersey cloth only Ladies heavy all wool cheviot Jackets, only DRESS GOODS Double width illuminated Persian effects, only 40-inch black silk and wool Secilleon, only 19-inch all silk velvets worth $1.00 yard, on»y 26c yd 68c yd And many bargains we haven't spaqe to mention, Remember this sale lasts all next week. GOLDEN RULE The Globe We Have Won The Hearts of The People. The Globe Is already recognized as transport's most foremost Men's and Boys' Outfitters. We are deeply grateful for the unbounded .•.pprectotfon oC our efforts by the public We shall endeavor to always merit -tlhe esteem and confidence with which our Ccl'.ow c-it'zeus have sa abundantly honored us. NOTIFREE TRUTH. In testimony of our gratitude and to thoroughly i«- t.odnce our finest grades of equal to custom made Garments, we offer a» as follows Men's Plata Suits .OO r Newest novelty All-Wool Cheviots This peerless offer Is for one -week only beginning tomorrow and ond- inz whenourdoor closes nexc Tues- Cottier 4th and day. These Suits are All Wool, Winter weight, made up by Artist Tailors Men's Platd Sails .OO Fashions Craze, Perfect Fitting, Every element of flneneps that (joes intohighi-st grade ent-to order garments Is in these suits. There here Victims of Extortionist ; Bryan are Hit Off iri a Cartoon. In Friday's CLnclnrwti-Gwvmerelal, I Tribune -was -a very suggestive, •• and" i pointed cartoon thn.t ihas local '.slgnifl- cnnce. It is 'headed' "Free 'Silvei', 1 but not Free Truth," A railway 'station 1 platf oi-m is depleted, n;nd the ; central flgui-e Is ffi fair likeness ' of 'I tho senior ed'Btor of the- 'Pharos us be appears wifcln his adjustable- Pop-- ulist whiskers In position, .Heite'coii- bdrnplaittng 'Uie notice of trains on. the station wall, and the station is marked "Logiansport." TJie notice is ns^follows: Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats Olbeae aire fasWonobly cut wod well made Overcoats, woirainted to fit, to wear ana to twW color. Well let you bo ithe Judge of their value. $5 All Wool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. An exceptionally well woven clhevJtot, mauda oip especially for our patrons, umd duplicated ott the prices aowihere on thto plamet.. We •warrant tlhwm fast cdlorB. To delight the Boys and their Mothers we will sell Knee Pants at 15 Cents extra good weight, neat patterns, for boys' aged 4 to 14. The Globe . ' Corner Fourth and Market Streets. The Globe Flie Globe >£GIASS PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., Tbe well-Known apeclallsts of NHI» York kava appoln t D. A. HACK as agent lor their celebrated Spectacles and Eje ttlaanes, ever; pair guaranteed. D. A. HAUK baa complete assortment and lnvlte^ all to •atlsty themselves or the great superiority of these goods over any manufactured, at tie store ol D. A. HACK. Sole agent for Loganspoit Lnd. No P«ddl«rs Supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 436 Broadway, Second Floor. We saye you-naoneron elwee.—E. M, Waldem. New art Mnen for sofa cushion* at H. Wller & OOs's. Ke»nl-ar. mecth^f of Typographical union tbte aftornoon at 2 o'clock. Coma tomowow. The throag will not Ve quite «o unwieldy «» they were yesterday, at the Golden Bule toll opening sale. ... MJJss Jeeeto Ounwnines has a boaua- ful line of winter pattern hats and boondte now on dteplay. Call and »ee *em. 405 Broadway. Tinware at Hjun-mti's, 307,FlMi. Rope portieres, new styles.—H. Wller & Co. $5.00 for a.-handsome white oDamclea bed at H. Wller & Co.'e. Grand dnx>ss proods stt!lfi this week.— Oliiade Palnce. Don't miss it. See the elegiant Kersey eapo 'f«r only $1.48 nt tho Golden Rule's opening sale. .$1.25 black Airmure silk, 24 Inches Wide for 80c, at the Bee Hive Monday. See new cashmere and cloth wrappers In our Monday's sale.—Tirade Palace. ' • • See the Bee Hive's window display of brocade taff«!tas, $1.00, now for 74c, Monday. "Somesthing new." That's what you will flud In. oui- line of carpets and wall paper.—H. Witer & Co. Do not flail to cittend the grand fall open-Ing sale tomorrow. Some new bargains for you at the Golden Rule. Choice of 25 pieces Imported novelties in dress goods, worth 65c, for 48c, ait the Beo Hive's popular price sale. "Cloaks. Prices are alaugihtered this week on cloaks and dress goods art t<he grand opening sale at the Golden Rifle. Daughters of Poooihontas will serve a supper .tomorrow evening at the Red Men's iliall over the First National bank. Supper, 15c. "Mr. Bryan's special taiiiu will. pass' throTisrfa,Loff,'iiuisixyi;t nt 11 a. TO., CKrto- ber 7Ui. Any pe-rson desiring, tihe.am- trut'li on tlie silver question, «i.a obtain i taw wi.me from the rear plaifonn of- his Pullman, by. paying .f300 to"'tht- ttcke-t uigen-t who will : Uiei-euixm.s!|gnail-: tlhe train, to stop." : " ' Below the cut are the •words, "EaHner liard on the Seekers." "- • • . The claim is made In explanation of • «hls liold-up -system adopted by Bryan .nmd backers for -their 'owoi'. gain,. 1 nWat tilne sums leMled at various- ptacee"are- Wie amounts d/emanded by na-ilroad companies for .making the stops. This Is a. deliberate -Ho on its- face. The special car is furnished -by the railroad. companies at regular rates, per mile. This was -the case on the trip through here. It te.o. fact that money has extorted from BiTain rootea through such/ mlsrepreseflita-tionsL If "the cash :WM for the oampailgn fund, it :wa»-.-uanec-: essary, : or would so seem, •• to 'deceive those who eontrtbuted, 'as to its ustt Those old lino Democrats wto refused' to contribute even .to the- raising 11 of $100 wihere $300 Tvas demandedi mak-- Ing dt possible to raise • only ?50 here,. ere congratulating themeel'ves In- their lucky escape from, tlie .silver brick bunco. • • • -. •' ..•'•'••• T.OUJJIHri.SI/ElE'PlIN.G OARS TO CAL.''";'' IIF.ORN'IA- DAILY. : - '• •Every day In the year Tourist Sleep- Ing cars are run tbrougih from Chicago to California via the Chicago, -Union Pacific & 'Norbh-Wesitem Ivtoe (Chicago 1 . & Xorth-Western, Union Pacfnc and Southern Pacific R'ys), Only $0 foe completely equiipped double bBrfchi from Chicago to' tlie Pacific coast. For tickets nmd full linformatloa apply to agents of connecting limes or : addrans W. B. Kniskorn, G. P. & T..A., Chi'cago. & Nortth-Western R'y, Cliucago. : •• C. D. 'Luce, am, 'engineer on the R'lch- •mond division 1 of thte Panihlnmdle, has 1 -' rocelTefl letters patent on a - switch laimp extinguisner, -which- the officials of the Penmaylvajn^j, will put in use on their Hue. Twelve have already been ordered for -switches at Richmond, wlie.ro they will ibe given- a thorough, test. The lext'lnigulsiher is a Very «mple' clock aTramgomieot,. aiud; Is set'to put out the lights at any now .desired. By,, tholr use the raMwaye wild eavei-thmi- san-ds of.gallons of oil every mtoonlth. • ,,'. -,:'•:. • (Republican boys of 'flfiteen- yeaTOiwill; tawe «, M-cianley.pole.ralstaisr Monday evemtaig, at the -Home of D. .C. Justice, on Eleventh street Ma»ter : -Herbert' Mtoliael will deliver-tlje speeclu onr.the- oceaistton. Ithe young orator Is aison of Prof. G. W. MWbaol. .The-pole: 1 was secuired by the boya yesterday; It Is <yf -ash, (tluWty-five feet Wgh.- -.-" ••; -. BRYAN AT MARION, -,/.• ; On-account of Hon. WBlianm J; Bryan being mit Marlon, Ind., Wednesday, .October 21st, tue Pennsylvania linc-.wlill sell eixcuT^ion tickets to Marlon .and're- tuirn on that dfate at one fare- for- the. -round Wip. Ticfcets good returning October 22d inclusive. . - •-'-. -.-•'.' ; Describes the Condition of John P. Irish's Hearers. ALL CALLED FOR MORE After Two Hours and a Half of ., Eloquence and Logic. '••:, 'lA-'.Spund Money speed) by a Sound Money Democrat is a iuatsrtone that t ;>vilhdTaw. the people Crom their firesides oven in (he blankest weather. The p-ooplo want to h-cor live issues discussed, irad If it is by a Democrat who 'lias the courage of bis convictions and repudiates -the TopocrAtic attitude of n part of 'his party, which happily Is growing bmirtlfully 'less day by day, there Is an added Incentive to hear 'wlmt exeorxiticin Mi-cse red! Democrat's -wKl put upon I'he double-tailed '•monster that h-:is Iteh'ead in the silver ,-mlncs of the West, and Is trying to in- 'staun'te Ite folds into the prosperous 'homes ot Mie whole country, to crush and destroy fuiaincia.l life. And.'it Is owing to this -feeling of In- rerreit llm't the Han. John P. Irish oC California, n.state which thte.free silver clal'iners nro depending on. to gfre Ms electoral vo.te for 'repudiation and the : ..debaBem«it of tlie worklniginen of the ooiiniiwy, wnis greeted by a m-a«ni fie and: •audience of not less than two thousand ixwplo nt tlie rijik list might. An eloquent speaker, a Democrat of ihe Jet- •forso.iii-ii'11 faitili-, 'nnd -a'bove all, a man wli"o Hooks mbovc and beyond mere party allepil-anee to the higher tribunal ot ;e<intil justice ,to all •men, such -Is Mr. Irish. ',: Mr. Irish has bem speaking constantly; night aifteir ni'glut, a.nd snobspeeches -as he iMiikes craiinot fall to bring con victlbn home to every voter that there Ifc-something more In this question thfl" njore assertion,, something more 1 thara a .baibbll'uff of words or a statement wiMeh fe not borne out. by -the facts. NotwithstnimMnig the raw- a-iid dlsu- :greenible weather, .the rain WlUch. was IwJf snow wad the cold and penetrat- liug .wind which htaw from tlie northwest, a crowd which flSled every » ent in the rink, .iirad lined the aisles at tiie TP-'ir sat or stood, juxwdtog to their ••fortune In having* gone e-raily or late, tlmniKh. two ihonrs ar.id «. 'half of a, to'lk .tta't brihttled wifb pointed thrusts' a-t The fnillfaales of the si-lverites. Mr. Irish was escorted to the rink by a deputation of a. dozen Sound Mcnuey Democrate, fluid Jis ho- antcred the; rink was greeted lij- a burst of applause. -.:At'T:!50 o'clock tlhe Hon. Simon P. •ShReri'n stepp<xl upon the plntform awl lie aJso was warmly received. Mr. Slieerta, acted a.s 'clwi'lrman, of the moet- ing*«ml to Irttroduclnsr the speaker of the evicmtog, lue said: "Ladles and gcattoiutii., felloT\ r ollilzcns of India.naz gentlemen—I congratulate the people of. Logansport on, being alble to hear 'thiese I'mpartaiat Issnies discussed by n 'mani:Wlho te abde to do UIODI Justice. I present to yon tlie Hom. John P. Irish of lOalifornia," (applause) . •-• 'Mr. .Irish said: ••- ','Mr. Ohalrmnn, ladies and gantlemen fellow citizens of Indlanar-I aim here tonight 1a the same capacity in which -i:was liere twenty years ago, sixteen yeiu« ago, ei'ghit yeams ago! I am here to itailk honestly aiud fairly om questions of .political interest to us aH. I am hero tonight -as I was in the three previous cainpai'gJis'which I tove mentioned, to ^vindicate tl* principles of the DeuiO- loi-Mc paiufcj- «« I did then. I ami here to dttund by and defend the same ,v>rln- •cl'ples I have always stood by and defended; I <am 'here to cadi back those 'who INave -wandered from the fold, to ,brlnig bock those who iwivc gone os- it.ray-. •• ;• "The opposition I tove to the C-hica- ga 1 plmtform is .not alone to the financial ptonlk of 'that pUi'tforrn,buit to every d'CKJlarattan' oif that Populist document, f m>m preamble to finale. I am 3)cre to iintogonize every pliank of It." , The speaker tiien took up tn regulat .order the declaration of She Chicago comventioo, wiilchi fe characterized throughout- li«s spe«jcli as a Populist -docii'inent. He first paid his respects to ttoe planfe which! declares in effect wgafost Federal interference in States. This he said was milUincation, pure and simple, and it was for the advocacy o£ such doetalnies lihat Andrew Jacksoa was'led'to say tliait he would hang ,JOlm C. Cailhoun as'hlshas Haman, but that tola pernicioua . /tea'ohiing snould atop.-- 1 .-' -Next -the speaiker 'a.titacked the plank •whltolil denouiaces Uh'e SuprouHe court, and' his- arraignment of the minds which conceived this acme of Populism .andanarchy was sufficiently severe to Bet'tbe itifle of emigration doorward. There were probably twenty silverltes in tihe hall, standiing clustered about the door leading to the West entraniee. They cliing closely together for sympathy,-and ready to flee at a moment's , nb*Iice wlien. the fire of earoasm becaime 'itoo.not.for.themL One. by one th-cy. eBipped away ooDtt -the last had parted company 'InslMe to Join, eadi other •again to some sheltered nook where they coulx? h'url bitter curses a* the. K you have been paying too much for your clothing, hats and furnish- tngis 'heretiofore, but yon need not do It amy longer. We told you in 'tine 'beglonlnig that we intended selling clothing cheaper tlwra It lias bewi sold heretofore, and if you will call and see what -we are doing, and set our prices, you will not wonder at the business we are doing. Ask some one tlr.it -has bcou here—they won't be hard to find—wlnat the NEW AND UP-TO-DATE OLOTHI.N G HOUSE is doing. It takea dashing and ihustllaig to pluck tradle trom oM line competition; that is whait we have done, and arc sbill in the fiwy to maintain, the victory. MEN'S SUITS At $-1.50 nnd $5.00. The .$5.00 suits cotne in black Cheviots also. Men's all wool suits n,t $7.50; 1n thte line you find .powerful val- ' ues, other houses' price, $10.00. $10,00 SUITS In our honae Tnen.ni the same suits, only better fitting, made and , trimmed, that the cheap tailors charge you $15.00 for. BOY'S SUITS Ages 4 to 14 years, from $1.00 and upwards. KNEE PANT1S from 25 cents up. BOY'S LONG PANTS SUITS. $4.00 and up; ages 14 to 10 years. • 7 MEN'S WORKING SHIRTS. C5c and up. The best unlauudricd shirt In Lopansport for the money, ;i5c each, or 3 for $1.00. EXTRA HEJAVY WORKING PANTS, from 75c up. ONE PRICE ONLY. To one ami all, ami--that the lowest to be found anywhere. Call aad get our prices. :=: THE HUB :=: Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and that your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We will give you just exactly whait you wont if we can find out what that is. Perhaps you believe thait It Is Impossible to have your Laundry work handled without Irritation and annoyance. We are sure -that you are mistaken. May we hare an opportunity of demonstrating It? HADLEY BROS., Sncceeiori to Campbell Bros. man,'who dares to tell them the truth 'Miat in -their'hearts tJiey dare not denyf The speaker took up each and every artk-le promulgated l>y the' Chicago platform and held It up to the gaze of his auditors 1n the stromg light of corn- mom, sense. His arniJ'gimient of the course wihtoh -is beimg pursued by Mr. Brynm and Ms followers wus the most severe thntihas been beard to th:s campaign. Fofflkwtas tliis 'lie gave a complete history of coinage nud tlhe relation of gold to silver as money metals. The speech will be printed in full, and it should be read by everyone who cares t» learn the truth-. Mr. Inish •poke for two "hours and a half and was entttusIaatoeaUiy applauded at every poimt. . A TE&TJ&MONIAlL. Editor of The Jounnal:—The speech of the Hon. John P. Irish at the rink •is entitled to the >-ery hjghc«t rank as a masterpiece of forensic discussion. His keen analysis of the Bryan.'-P'opu- listlc pllatfonn was one of the most valuable contributions of 1M& campaign, and, guarded as it wns upon a hlgli plwne of patriotism, full of fejvld eloquence nmd intense enmestness, stamps its ainttoor-as ain orat»r of very high order. H-ls niiidiemec was fasclniated fi-om tlie opening sentence to his eloquent peroration. He held the people as ia «ie ihtxHow of 3i!s hand and at •tlte enld of itnvo 'hours and a 'hnif they claimored for Mm to go on., WJthln my memoiT no such speech has been heard at .tlhe old rink. SOUND MONEY REED DAY AT PERU. Great Statesman Was Sick and Orator Estabrook Spoke. ,The iJogansport crowd nit Peru was one of the banner marching delegations About seventy of the Escort Guards went over in the morning, and many followed on laiter trains, wMle there were scores who did not go to Join the procession. The failure, on account of serious sHekntes, of the famous "Czar" Reed of Matae, 'to «ppear, was a dtenp- polntmant tx> many, and .the fact of his stoknues* prevented the 'turn-out of 'the people In a* large numbers as the managers tad reason to expect. The weather -was also very disagreeable, buit 'many thousands who gathered in Peira 'heard .good speecnes from, tlie eloquent Eetobrook of Oltoago and others. Broadway Presbyterian church, corner Ninth miiiid Broadway, Bev. Atovood Porcdval pastor. Publte worslilp at 11 a 1 , mi. and 7 p. m. The pastor will preach aft : boith services. Subject of morning sermom: "God's Gift of Ix>ve to the World." Evening subject: "Your R'ipe FJdd of Haarvest." A new and Interesting program has been prepared. Youmg Men's Bible Club conducted by. Prof. D. C. Arthur at 0:45 a, m. Y. P. S. C, E. at C:J5-p, m. Subject, "Ooera." Mr. WHlte F,isiw>r, leader. Good quartet music. Free seats. All welcome. A CLEAN SWEEP. Broom at ithe Top of McKinJey Pole in Jefferson Township. George G-ambI* and Frederick Lan- d'ls spoke to an •cnltih'uelaBtJc crowd, large In numbers and attentive to ad- dreisses, at the corner of J. A. Humes's and Josepn BaKis's Harms in Jeffer«on tawmshlp la»t evening, the occaulon. be- Uag i«he erection of an eighty-foot pole to the name of McKtaley and Hobatt Alt 'Hie twp of the pole Is a new broom, a national flag aind ai campaign stammer. The same gentlemen spoke last flight to a good crowd at WoodTflle, OarroU county. They wore 'heard with good interest wTnich never slacked until the imeetfline closed. There was a -big at- tondnincc. Sale of Foster's genuine kid gloves. $1.00 gloves for 59 cents; $1.25 gloves for S3c, and $2.00 gloves for $1.48, at the pee Hive Monday. TALKING PRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. * • • Women's nice seamless rubbers, n-iw and pointed toes, new "96 Price * • • Women's storm seamless rubbers, as good as some ask 60c for. Price... .28c Women's Arctics, mice new goods, good value at $1. Our price 50c Women's kid button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed toes, medium beeta. Price • 6Bc * * • Women's satin calf button shoes; * good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98c Women's VIcl kid button shoes, patent leather tips, nice dress ahoe. Price 98c Infant's embroidered leather mocco- slne, Just the thing for the little ow*. Price 19c Men's rubber overshoes, nice new goods; a bargain. Price S6c Atao please see our line of fine drew shoes. The most stylish and best fit' ting goods ever brought .to Loganspwt Lime W. PUHnsr, 412 Broadway. .23c

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