Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 26, 1954 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 26, 1954
Page 18
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PIANO tuning repairs, regulating. Free estimates. Factory experience. . M. L. Reiter, 423 Main, Texar™ kana,-Tex. 26-3t ttiurtdoy, August 26, 1$54J By Ray GoHd ARKANSAS HOPE STAR, HOPE, OZARR IKE LET'S SEE WHAT ELSE IS THERETO DO? THfcwcrtfeRN rM mm I Ern UUrtV-t*/*.! I LEAVES, HEED ^ MY CALL/ * OZARK WISHES TO KNOW ALL///, THE VICTOR OF L A THREE-GAME CON JEST,,, BUGS Oft CROWS f«. By J. R. William. OUT OUR WAY By Michael O'Malley and Rolph Lane VIC FLINT / HOLY SMOKE/ WHY DOM'T YOU V MAKE / MOVE 'STIP OF k MOVIM' RUG), ( vo<j AMC? ALL? :> / 1 POM'T WAWT ( TO DISTURB \ HIM/ 1 WAMT / TO &ITSOME / ACTIOM IMTHId ^ CAETOOW'-HE 7 MEVER LIKE \ 1 5EE-SEB, CAMT ReLAxTTWEASELlS TMUBE ~X LOOK, I'M A KEV |n Toy'and , HUNPWt??WITWE56 iW WE BfeLUE WILI7B TRIAL. THEGKUST,P^ WEIL I CAN'T JUST WALK THXfQWMG MB OUT/ IPtyJttfitdy^,. i Retained ', •PUT YOU GAM-- WMCM I&WHV I'VE (MAC7£ MV PKIC6 SO IMVIT- 4 Heb>eW nacelle* ""••* 5 o Age--- ,• La u.iuiB<s>4iJut:» r < |} /\g<6»" f,jj,tc0tnb.*f0rfii>) 7 Name THE RIFLE OVER MV gHOP-T? IT WAS IN FIRIMG ORPEK AMP IF FLINT HAPPENED TO WALK PA&T 1?HE SHOP... 44 Determined 40 Container 48 Gioiipof playeis 49 Italian river fnventdm- .^azfaiadfse ^'Horseback 11- i i_p*tHJ r m,vyw^, p ia % putton^... auuevei, •»» n«msn river A lOiKerits-inrt-^.^liOfgaiWif *. 31 Pillnrs 50 Cosmic older f i2-NcpUve'Si*-" 1 .".| 1 eiivJfite' 34 DodgcS 52 At all times „> br^rrtf "" v ™'*i>.f*Et3J5frtSU*J" drt fortify A.l Ktnut/<nrri. *r' By Leslie Turner WASH TUBES VE^H? HOW /PERM*PS t WM<E THE DC^L SOON? IP I WITH YOU. SENOfc! PERH^PS BUT THE MRPLWJB V WAKE $0 DOES A GfcHABUBP. I OWE,,,.BUr appc\ition 41 Ndi row inlet 64 Bird's home 1' t 24 Retaliate 25 Redact 43 Unit of weight 57 Noise POU6LE-CM5SEP, 5ANCH01 DOW'T PAV UICK\ 1 S-CTfl.E YOUR PEBT...BOT BY TOMORROW V^.'ST PLAY THE BALL WITH HE THREATENS TO TURN HIS GOOM6 ON WE I . WELL,.. IF PUT RIGHT V0U \ I'LL SHOW ViPU WHAT THE OLP 'MWO AIRLIME THWfe OPERATING IW THE TO LE^yE ME ! -v BL|tAIWA>TE WE^TLY THE WORRY WART ,.„,. ,„., ( „„ ,,„.,, ,„ T ., „... „.,>„ „„ OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople IT- •••ill /~fr i r(ti/ — A/" x^nT^crr^v/ flt * r*^>w-i-' •!•> '(-!•• -<i i^^-ca • •*• *-" ^L/U'iNUi'C A^fJJi U[^|PUM / ^§ PlMPOlMT TM& f AS FAlMT AS AhJ r\t) r\ \\HA lYMJbcLJ/vA ; ZS-Ap CAINI-T ^*/OM\jn f?[JTj' FCWO A.PTPI? tl A ^I^ S JiI^ ^P.R6l NO*) THAT YOU 4 BOUrJCIf^S OFF A , IT WAS 71 &JMCH OF ALP$ / '&.IT, TEI5O iM VA\M PlMPOlMTtHS L Resident s Vphyslclan -55 Grgal Lak6 56 Bustle 59 Cry^of SPILLIM W '*?m£ i°JT^rA^f (SUBTERRXMEAM/ ./W7 _A^ .IT CAME U —UM / A5 ANJ OLD T SCOTLflMD YARD MAM.I 6HOL)LD;>A\E gACki PROBE THIS By Edgar Martin BOOTi AND HER BUDDIES voo COOV4 "XWt t>0 ? VOO'WE fS By Dick Turner *•, 5* fc .«• BUGS BUNNY I TOLD vou r COULD SET BID OP HIM TC?V THAT NUMBES? • ASAIN;PETUNIA! I'LL BACK VA UP ON MY TUBAJ CHAINS RATTUM6 WELL, IT'S lf W-WOETH A TRY! FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergei By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP WELLuc-MAYBE IN A-BLOWZY, VULGAR SORT OF A WAY/ BEAUTIFUL? THAT BIG HORSE? WELLY YQU MEAN I MUST6AY VOLT / YOU PONT MEN HAVE ^^ THINK SHE'S WEIRD PRETTY? ! DOES LOOK , JU5T WHEN WE'VE ^&^^S?ff^\ W ' eor ALLEY WHERE \ OR TVVO ALL ( DIFFERENCE TO lSffl%-- Vw B«fl««. BANG! HE GOES. AND . EATS HI9 FOOL HEADOFFi did take up golf, Doc, but I'd rather worry about my ! health than my golf game!" ^ SIDE GLANCES V By Galbroith ' "Mother sent me over to borrow a cup of sugar,.' , Mrs, Smith!" „._ SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Selzer By Carl Anderson THI 5TQRY OF MARTHA WAYNI By Wilson Scruggs DON'T UKE ^EING CMJED UP UKE A WltO 6EA.ST, DO YOU FWELt, • THAT'S TH£ WAY I VvAS TREAT?? A LONG TIMB.,,YOU'U IN THERE E"lSIN HARKINS/ LQCireP UP DOWN 6ETUSEO /^ TO IT/,/;' <• IT AND ENAfcL INDIT/ISWEAK TUATto roue/ mWtommi HP »n the wrong side' of the bed tfiis momin|l^ . ,• ^v^-fff ~;f r 3 p jT 4n 1 * T *JSn TRursdoy, August'26, 1?S4 A * A N S A S CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office bay Before Publication Hope Star Star of Moo* 1it*< Cdntblldated January II, 1*2* Published every weekday afternoon b* STAR PUBLISHING co. t C. E. Palmer, Preitrfint Atex. H,> Wtthburit, S*ey'Tre«. , «Kth« StbC tulUIA* 212-14 toutH Wolhuf ttntt Hope, Arkdhio* Ah*. H. woshburn, Editor t Publlibw Paul H. Jane*, Managlnt Ed!»ttf Jut M. DAvit, Advertl»lh« M«na|«t 4e ^' Hosmef > Mfeeh. Supt. Entered o§ second clati 'matter at Mia Post Office at Hope, Arkonio*, under the Act of March 3, 11*7. Member of th* Audit Bureau of Circulation* Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 . AD-1 Mo. TF HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. Wonted TWO .Waitresses September 1. Apply in person. Diamond Cafe. 2G-3t ~— •• —^— —— : Notice 4 PEOPLE. $5.00; .all refrigerated air, innorsprings, foam pillows. C. E. Boley "all new court." Trailer, §1.00. References, Citizens And National Bank. . A-H-'m Salesman Wanted PINE Bluff Merct. Company wants salesman and collector for established route. Car necessary. Good Commission. If interested see T. G. Anderson at The Oaks, Cabin No C between Monday and Thursday after 7 p. in. 25-3t For Satt CAUTION Don't overlook the Pre-Labor Day TIRE SALE Get a new tire & tube for less than the regular cost of a new tire at Oklahoma Tif-e & Supply MAdlC Chef table-top gas range, divided top. Excellent condition. $35. Garage Apartment, Expert hieht Statidn. '. 24-3t FOR SALE PORTERFIELD GROCERY AND MARKET Clean stock & fixtures, Other Business 723 W. 3rd — Phone 7-2723 26-et 1 MILK cow. Call or see T. W. Ridling. Phono 7-2957. 2C-3t Wanted To Rent HOUSE, contact Jess' Pendegraft . from 8 a. ;m. to 5 p. m. Tele; phone 7-3711. ••:•' 17-tf Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and Innerspring work- Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington. Phone : 7-2622. Mar. 4-tf BELT and Button Shop moved to 118' E. Avenue C. For your sewing needs call-7-4456. Mrs. Othel Lively. 24-3t BRING me your sewing. Prices reasonable. Mrs. Fred Camp, 1002 West Ave. B. Phone 7-2119. 24-3t BAR-B-Q beans. Chickens and meats sliced. Sandwiches—3 for $1. Bert's Bar-B-Q. Candy Ave. 26-3t For Rent New Fall Line' 7 Juit Arrived See The Newest In Men! Wear As Low as $64.50 Tom Ward laws Main Street Tailor Shop UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment. Private bath, rent reasonable. 1311 West Avenue B. Phone 7-3C96. -••''.. 20-6t Byers Watermelon Stand S-CURVE 3rd & Shovei FOR SCHOOL BUS PAINTING SEE , JORDON'S BODY SHOP 600 S, Walnut For Repairs, Genuine Singer Parts, and rental machines SINGER Sewing Center Free Estimates LOANS ^-•-•"wm *•»«*• NMV fw' r f^M M ter- IIU fti^aM *•*" •^^ W >*jr f]PP*. PVW P"P* Hope Builder's Supply Co. Phone 7-2381 THE BEAUTY BOX ' - "Air-Qon'ditibned," Open 6'days each wee,k "... Operators .... Ruth, Uoelscher, Motel'. James and.Evelyn Moore 112 South 'Main TOP'S Glais Cut and installed; Cotnpleta Repairs. New and Used Part;, Highway 67 We*t Dial 7,2767 Hope, Ark, You'll Enjoy Eating At WE OAKS Coft & Servicfl StoHon PERRY CAMftgg 07 Weit5-0p»n Hourt TERMITES CURRY'S Termite Control Co, INSURIO GUARANTIIO For Fr«f IniptctlQin Qtll A. 0, MIDPUBRQQK5 Jr, LARGE 7 room unfurnished house. Conveniently,located near school • and churches. : Two blocks from town. Call 7-2450. • 24-tf 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Mrs. R. L. Taylor, : 815 W. 6th. 24-3t UNFURNISHED, house ; : near high school. Modern. Available Now. C. E. Weaver, Ph. 7-3143. 24-3t UNFUR.NISQ.EP 4 room duplex. Private bath and entrances, Gar T age. 801 S. Main.. Phone 7-5837, ••' V '.; •-"': 26-Ot ROOM house and bath, -water, lights andi natural gas. Experiment Station Road. Phone 7-2253. 26-3t UNFURNISHED apartment 4 rooms and bath near town. 216 South Hervey. Available Aug. 1. No children. T. S. McDavitt; Phone 7-211G. 20-tf LARGE bedroom, . private bath, private entrance, Close-in. 319 N. Elm. Phone 7-3391. 26-Ot Philco Air-Conditionen One of Arkantai' Most Complflt* TV Repair Shops ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. Phone 7-2629 114 S. Elm H. E, Luck Highway 67 West LUCKfS USED FURNITURE CO. Edge of City Llmiti West 50 Gallon Water Barrel* for Sale " Hope, Ark. CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Beef out an?l wrapped for deep freeze. Beef for Peep Frees* g& to 35- cents. Rolph Montgomery Mkl, Phone MATTRESSES Rebuilt or Made Into Inn Work GUir»nteed «—• Orjif, e»y 9§rvle* i--t PAVI5 Furnltur* & Mffttrtii C«, 11Q f. Elm 8tr«»t Phon* 74B1* CROWN WESTWN SHARK Mm ll»i M. $, IATM, A««t H«p*. Ark, tf Dlvtrylflfd Inemt •nd P«ll ARMY SURPLUS t New and Clftthing t Guns t Taps t Qas Cons t Tgrps « Bwnk Beds t and Hundreds of othf r items. REAVES IAROAIN HOUSE and A PAWW p^f A«ren Fr?in Ptit Olfift NATIONAL LEAGUE W I, Pet. GB 77 44 75 49 70 51 COTTON STATES LEAGXJE El Doradj Greenville Meridian Mohroe Pine Skiff Hot Springs W L Pet. GB 79 38 .675 79 39 .009 >.', (J2 fa .530 17 G7 .437 28 47 70 .402 32 34. 84 .2E8 New York Brooklyn Milwaukee St. Louis Philadelphia Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh .036 .605 3', .579 7 59 64 .480 19 r >8 63 .470 19 .59 66 .472 20 75 30 45 79 .303 33 Vu Cleveland New York Chicago DAD'S HAMBURGER STAND Will be closed from 2 p. m. Friday and all day Saturday for 1 the family to attend the funeral of Mr. Goss's son in Malvorn, Arkansas. 20-21 , i Detroit "! Boston i Washington | Philadelphia Baltimore AMERICAN LEAGUE w L Pet. dn "9 35 .7111 85 40 .630 4Vi 82 4.i .046 8 55 6B .444 34 54 03. .443 34 51 71 .4i6 37 41 82 .333 47'i 39 86 .312 50>i SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pct.GB New Orleans 8G 54 .014 Atlanta 34 57 .500 2!' a Birmingham 75 01 .551 9 CITY MARKET BEHIND COLES DOUBLE DIP BEEF ROAST No Limit 23c Lb. RIB STEAK No Limit ROUND STEAK No Limit' Lb. SIRLOIN STEAK No Limit Lb. T-BONE STEAK No Limit 37c Lb. STEW MEAT No Limit 17 Serving You Since 1896 FREE DELIVERY — DIAL 7-4431 •^ ::-••••.•;.• •..••rj&iur^ ,,--;.. Delicious SIRLOIN STEAKS Good Grade —' -™- - - t * • » ^ v 39; Skinless Werners 33c Ijb. Bologna Assorted Lunch Meat 39c ib. Lean Pork Chops 39e (b. . • P . . .. ••••.'. • ,-,-.= Delicious ROUND Compare STEAK Price l /i Gallon Icje Cream 49c 10 !b. Sack Potatoes 33c Notebook Reg. PAPER OLEO 2 Ibs. Cooking Apples 2 Ibs. 25f Fresh Crisp Lettuce lOc Ib. 25 Ib. Sack Potatoes 1.59 sack Fresh Guaranteed EGGS 10 Ib. Corn Meal 59c 8 Ib. Pail Pure Lard 1,89 25 Ib. Helitrope Flour 1.79 PET MU.K 69c Youth Hefd for Shooting Two WALDROiN'. '.iffU- County Sheriff Gelnn Abbott today was holding a 21-year-old Scott County youth in connection with the shooting of t\vr> elderly residents of near XVnldron. , YU4Ivtu „„ w . „„„..., r,.n bb ?, tl ! llentified tho suspect as cepTTh"offer-of"n"'ridc > 'to"'e\v,.. 1 Billy Hushes of Scott County. He shade conlrnllh | lyi " Abbott spld. SS^l^VlptS B^r- S body. ,hot fiv, t^ old Henry Roe and C. W. Baker, about 70. The body of Roc was (found Monday. Baker's bullet pit-rcc-d body was fo'.cld last litfht. Abbott said the Hughes, led. Officers to Baker's body after they had qxiestioned him hbtni't the kill inps. "Hughes told of visiting thr home of. Roe, where he snid he shot the elderly bachelor, then walked on tb Baker's homo to a<S Memphis 70 G9 .504 15«1, Chattanoosja 60 72 .478 19 Liltie Rocs; 00 80 .429 26 Nashville 58 80 .420 27 Mobile 67 33 .407 29 Watch Repair Guaranteed PhS* School Special, w&tch th Keith's Jewelry with a , found nenr Evening Shade, rte'ai' Waldtoft. free delivery' "• OUf -f; ''.- COFFil SHOP? ^ { -^ f., t ' *%' - , Hours^re:, .• &30 * to;J6^ty m, ,, * i. 5:30 0. ttt t§ 8 p; m. " fe Open 1 days tffVrfilL^ y * WflfUS _ *msftent fiesta. *>ut<& you con! nffotu, -"Moke yollf h6tt|e'gt t«i KROGER SAVES YOU MONEY ON FRESH] COMPLETELY CLEANED ,'U i * *, Sandwich Meat . Spiced Luncheon SwiH Premium or Arkansas Maid Sliced Bologna Arkansas Maid Wallet Pkg. Skinless Franks Armour Banner Bacon Squares Top quality, Pure White; Pure Lard Medium size. Value Price Pink Shrimp ii %i>f pf it, 49c '-.Lb. 35,c Lb.'Pkg. 49C Lb 29c 8 Pail 1.89 1.09 • "^iffl ^/%'*»»» • IN FREE Fu From your Kroger Store yill be given to the winner of the ' : < lONEWFORDff In Oxydol's $50,000 contest if the winners get their entry blanks at r ' a Kroger Store. Buy your Oxydol today ... at KROGER! \roae) y<^ f 1 ' ' , ! §ra^^£wS^<^«5te^ < ^ivi*:4V : l#(ki5^ *•<***&&&&* •^^.•"^^m^ ; ^fMmi ' \ *r I , f ^7^1 ' fl^^^fL » jJ t^ iV i * 4 ^ls\i^^^^fS&* ;<'.'' . . L.'^^B^BMBB Firm/Jumbo, 48 size heads LETTUCE , .Vine Ripened Miori - r F';?. A| ; ^ !i 9 i ia ^wSfe ,J?ikCi rv'ki'ch'iii'S U. S.'tyo.-l Low Price RED POTATOES 10

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