Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 18, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 1896
Page 6
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B EST with n big n. BlaokweM's Genuine Ball IHirlmm Is in u cluxs by Itsolf. You will nnd. ono coupon Insklo each two ounuo bug, aud two cou- polls iu.ildo each four ouuco bug of Blackwelrs Genuine Durham Smoking Tobacco Buy a bagof Uita celebrated tobacco and read the coupon— which ci VOB a Us tor valuable presents and how to get (bjim. A SPICY TALK. Mr, Bryan Tries to Ask Questions of a Michigan Editor, The Incident Occurs at Owosso— His Reception at Other Points Along the Route. BACKACHE WHY? Because your Liver and Kidneys are out of order Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM is the "PEERLESS REMEDY" for curing; ailments of the'Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, Diabetes, Rheumatism and Brighfs Disease. ro» t»LC ivcntviHimc AT »i.oo pen BOTTUC THE DR. j. H. MCLEAN MEDICINE co., ST. LOUIS, MO. IN THE: WORUD 9%r k««plnc t>i« Systam In * Healthy Condition., CURES rlMdaoM t - J9UNES ConutlD»Uon. Act* on th6 Uv«r and Mldncy*. 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Jiut tho ostrich always roars his best, the lion very seldom. This is portly because a "good"--roax' needs a 'great physical effort. The 'whole inferior and muscles of mouth, throat, stomach nad abdomen are, for the moment, converted into an org-ati of terrific sound, and the sound docs make the earth tremble—or Appear to do so. But the attitude is not thafusiaally drawn. Unless he roars lying down, when he puts his'head up, Jike a do? barkinff, the lion "emits his flret moan in any position, then draws in his nock and lowers his head with extended .jaws, ripht down to his forepaws, as if about to be violently sick; whUe at the same time the back la firched and the wliole animal bears an appearance of concentrated strain." This is Capt. Millais' phonetic rcnder- \ng of Ihe Round, taken when listening 1 to three lions roaring- their best: "Jloan — roar — r-o-a-r — roar— .roar — roar — jfrunt — grunt — gmnt — grunt (dying 1 away)." Why lions roar, when it ought to pay Jbeitcr to keep silent, i« not yet explained. Gen. Hamilton wns convinced .^hat tigers huntinp in company roar to confuse and frighten the deer. Possl,- fcjy tho lion roars, when prowling 1 around n cnmp, in thd hope of cnusing some of t!he draft animals to break .loose; «t other times it appears to be a Jorm of conversation with others at » 4urtancc. WHY NOT WEDDED. Off Corloni Re»«on« for b •n Kn|;>(«m«nt Compact. Many marriages are sometimes de clared ofl for peculiar reasons, generally 'insignificant, and quite as often on account of the eccentricity of the man as the woman. Only last month, Bays the Detroit Free Press, a marriage Jn New York high life arranged to take .place was canceled for a. very peculiar ; xeason. The intended bride was a young anil bhndsome woman, noted • I tamon? her acquaintances for"her dressy j proclivities. The bridegroom, on tne other hand, had by no means a strong reputation for being'well groomed, At an important function to which he'escorted the young lady the tie which he was wearing'persisted in climbing up over hLs collar. His fair companion, after several times calling his attention to the fact, left him and went home in despair at witnessing the amusing smiles of the other guests. Subsequently she wrote breaking off the match. She could never live happily with a slovenly husband, she explained. A Chicago man of musical tastes backed out of the .matrimonial bargain when lie discovered at nu evening party given to celebrate the betrothal that the voice of his future bride was of Huch a pitch as precluded the possibility of their ever singing ducts together. BRANDY DROPS A MYTH. A Jltuhel of Brnndleil chocolate! Won't Miilco » Pony Ol»»»fn). "This action of ihe people prohibiting the sale of whisTty drops is laughable to men in the business," said a manufacturing confectioner, reports the Xew York Journal. "Why, a man might eat an entire bushel of ordinary, brandied chocolate without, getting a pony glassful of the pure''spirit: Confectioners have a mixture of their own for this purpose; which I can assure you contains ft very small proportion of brandy—less than on ounce "to the gallon. There-is about tho same proportion of spirit in it as there is of grape juice In.: a- quart bottle of claret at.a cheap table d'hote.: "I learned roy trade in England, and I remember-that 30 years ago there was n howl over there against tho sale of bnmdy snaps. Tils .is a confectioa very popular with school children over Ifcexe,, very much tho same as peanut brittle is here. A parliamentary com- mittfee inquired into the matter aid discovered that a ton of brandy snaps contained less than half a pint of pure alcohol. < Tho sale of snaps was not interfered with." Durand, Mich., Oct. 17. — The 4,000 people nssembled at Owosso to hear Mr. Bryan heard some pretty spicy talk during the quarter of an hour he was there. Wlien the candidate arose tn nd- dress his 'audience, he hnd a copy of a newspaper in his hand, and holding it up before the crond said: ':: \ : 'Y../ n T an Got » -Vftor »i> Editor. • :""3£t Owosso Junction a moment ago, I re- cfttved by special delivery a copy of th« Owossp Press of October 16. From the fact that It bore no stamp except the special delivery stamp I assume that It was sent-ty the editor himself. The paper con- ta1n«,.some questions submitted to me. As this, paper IB not supporting'me, I think I nni justified In asking; some questions myself If I am expected to answer questions, nnd, therefore I will ask 1C the editor of the- Owosso Press Is In the audience." "He was hfft-c a moment ago," came from the crowd. "Will you let mo know where he Is," asked the candidate. The answer came: "He has' gono there his circulation Is po- ln ff ." "If he will not rnnke himself known, will some one point him out to'me," Mr. Bryan asked again. "He has ffone away," was the shout from the audience. - . "Well, If h« Is not here to hear the answers to lilg questions I will wait until ho .ittenrls a meeting and'then answer him" continued the nominee. Just then a young woman, standing near the speaker's platform shouted out: "There he Is on that wng'on,"!ridicatlnfi-thfl vehicle with her lorcllnBcr. Mr. Bryan looked toward the wa^on and continued: "I am Informed that the editor of Hie QWOSXQ Press • Is standing on that wagon In the roar of the crowd and wears a blue cap. Now, I will ask him a question. Did you Indorse the financial plank presented 'by the minority at the Chicago convention." He,-pauseU a minute.. "I repeat the question. You have asked me questions, you ovig'ht to bo willing to answer questions, Did you Indorse the minority, plank at Chicago?" Another pause. Confined Mr. Bryan:'"Well,my friends, 1 huve spent so much time trying to find the editor of this paper and .to unmask a man who is' seeking to elect a republican by pretending to support the Indianapolis ticket that I find I have no time left to tallt to you. I ask you to remember that the sold standard never fought an open fight. Those who supported the minority plank at Chicago pretended to be afraid that, free coinage would prevent International bimetallism and. when they got. to Indianapolis they forgot about international . bimetallism and declined for the gold standard. Then they nominated a ticket which they did not Intend to vote IOT because .they wei'e not willing: to bear the odium .of,, voting for .the republican ticket. I prophesy that the editor ot the Press does not Intend ,to vote for Palmer am) JJuckner. I prophesy that he intenda to vote for the republican candidate and that he is.-receiving money from the republican committee to keep up a pretended fiffht for the Indianapolis ticket." Aloliff tin; Routn. Mr. Bryan's train took up its journeying uguiu at eight o'clock Saturday morning, after lying nil night.,ou a BidCitraclc near St. Johns, and he addressed the St. Johns people hnK an hour later. The speech was made to nn audience of about 20,000 in the courthouse square. A three minute speech was made to a small crowd at Ovid, nnd 15 minutes were spent by the candidate in addressing the-people nt Owosso. The democracy of Durand and vicinity was holding n barbecue when Mr. Bryan• arrived there at 9:40, but the candidate's stay was so short, ten minutes, that he did not hnve time to partake of the big juicy ox that had been roasting since' midnight. He filled in the stop fn'speech-making, and brought' frequent cheers from his audience of 2,nOO. - ; • .- • . Flint, the seat of a lurgs buggy manufacturing industry, was exceedingly e'nthusiatic in its greetings to Mr. Bryan. He spoke In the courthouse square to nbout -5;000 people. The nominee told an incident related to him as having occurred there. Brynn Relate*, an Inoldent. "Ladles and Gentlemen—The following Incident took place In this town which illustrates tho manner In which the farmer has come to understand the money question as well as the Ignorance of the average financier on the money question. One of your bankers called, a farmer into ,hls office and told him that If I was elected president the mortgage would be. foreclosed and the farmer replied to him that If Mr. McKlnley was elected he could hnve the farm, but that If I was elected ho could abt foreclose' the mortgage because then ho would be .able to,pay the mortgage. My friends, we are able to meet the arguments of our opponents, and the best evidence that they have lost faith In their cause, that they- have lost faith In the logic of their position, In the Justice of the Bold standard, is to bo found In the fact that Instead of submitting their cause to the Judgments .of the people they have re- Sorted to coercion and intimidation to secure by force what they cannot secure by reason. I am willing to submit any question, however great or small, to the people of tho United States, and I am willing to abide by their decision, but I am not willing to submit any question that concerns cur domestic affairs to the decision of uny other nation on earth." VICTIMIZED MANY RAILROADS. Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding' of the transient n;ituro of the many physical ills, which vanish before propuref- forts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— rightly directed. Tliere. is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of sickness are not due to any actual disease, but sinjply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is tlio only remedy with millions of families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly by all who valjio good health. Its beneficial affects are .due to the fact, that itis tlic one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without. debilitating the organs on which it acts. It is therefore all important, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by all reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment of good health, and the system is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. If afflicted with any actual disease, one may be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need o£ a laxative, one should have the best, and with the well-informed everywhere, Synip of Figs stands highest and is most largely used andgives most general satisfaction. DAYS WERE ONCE SHORT. D. U. 1 Jerry, a Kullrunil Mun, Arreated for Obtaining I'mmcx b.v Fraud. Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 17.— G. D. Berry, chief clerk to \V. P. Kobin.sor.. general manager of the St .Joseph* Grand Island railroad, was arrested iji Si. Joseph Friday night by I'ost Oflic'' Inspectors Wood bury, of Denver, anil Sutton, of Kansas City, on si charge of obtaining passes from many of the railroads of the country by fraud and disposing of (hem to brokers. He was brought here and released under bond of $2,000. He is a member of, the oldest families in St. Joseph. Among the roads he victimized aro the Atchison, Topukn & Santa l'"c, the Hock Island, the Alton, the Denver & Gulf, the Central Pacific, the Denver & llio Grande and the l!io Grande Western. His arrest is due to a very clever piece of detective work on Inspector Waterbury's part. He got his first clew from the water- mark ia a sheet of the bogus letter paper, by which he learned it was made in Denver, Then by the type he found thu printer, and so got "Mr. Smythe's," or Mr. Berry's description. TRAIN ROBBERS HEADED OFF. •Kaij" Only Throo Oouri In Length In ch« Early StBGOft of tbe World. When the earth .was young, says Dr. Ball, the eminent British astronomer, it turned on its axis so rapidly that it made one complete revolution once in every three hours! The earth -was liquid then, says the St. Louis Republic, and it spun around at that fearful speed probably for thousands of years. The sun caused ever-increasing tides on the surface of the greatliquid planet, and at last it burst, in two. But the brimk was not in the middle of what had been the great, swift-revolving globe of liquid matter. It was to one side; and the effect was to throw the smaller fragment out into space. That fragment kept on turning, and wns soon fashioned into a globe. We spe it to-day and know it as the moon. The larger piece also kept turning on its axis, and in the course of ages became the spherical, habitable earth. /The srouller fragment of the great original globe, being held in place by the,attraction of the larger, has been going around the earth ever since, but has been gradually increasing the distance between itself and its primary. Some astronomers believe that eventually tbe moon will get so far away that, it cannot be seen by the inhabitants of our planet. SATOLLI SAYS~ADIEU. Plot tollolil lp w Triiln on tlic DIcoveriMl In Tim* 1 . Muskogee, 1. T., Oct. 17.—There -vas a well laid plot by the Neiil.gang to hold up the south-bound passenger train on the "Kuty" Friday night between this city and Chccotah, 15 miles south. Special Detective Atkins, of the "Katy," was in the city, and gave the officers the word, and a plan was arranged to head ofl! the train robbers. When the train arrived at the point where it was supposed the attack would be made there was no attempt at a "stand-and-deliver" game mack'. It is supposed that, the robbers had been notified from (.his point that the game was up and that there would be danger in any attempt to rob the train. One or two men se:it cipher messages to parties at Summit, nnd it is supposed they referred to the fact that the special detective was here, ON TRAIL OF ROBBERS. Lydia E. Piakhara's Vegetable Compound Will euro the worst forms of female complaints, all ovarian troubles, inflammation and ulceration, falling and displacements of the womb, and consequent spinal weakness, and is peculiarly adapted to the change of life. Every time it will cure Backache. It has cured more cases of leucorrhoea by removing the cause, than any remedy the world lias ever known ; it us almost infallible in ;;uch cases. It dissolves and expels tumors from the uteri'.j in an early stage of development, and checks any tendency to cancerous huroors. Lydia E. Pinkham'ft Liver Pills work ia unison with the Compound, and are a sure cure for constipation and sick headaohi;. Mrs. Piukham's Sanative Wash in -\t great value for local application. Letters and StumpK from Looted Train Found Near C'hitiih. Ogden, Utah, Oct. 37.—The first'tangi- ble clew to train robbery of Wednesday morning' nt .Uintah wa.s found Friday afternoon, when a boy discovered a Jot of letters and torn envelopes in the brush about 500 yards east of the TJintah post office. Later in the afternoon more letters, among which were 30 or 40 Chinese letters, were discovered, and in a barn within a stone's throw of the Uintah post office were more letters.and postage stomps. This gave the officers a new start; and it is known that they have struck the right train and are almost certain of the robbers' identity. Large Delegation of DUtingulrihvtl Person* . . Soe t-Ue Cardinal-Off. New York, Oct: 17;—After a long sojourn in this country as apostolic delegate from the see .of Koine, Cardinal Satolli.bade adieu to America Saturday. He was a passenger, soiling for Genoa, oh the steamer Kaiser Wiihelm II. A large party of e'mlnen,t churchmen and 'laymen, distinguished in every walk of iife, including Archbishop Corrigaa dud the. Suffargan bishops of the province; 100 Catholic clergymen of the city and vicinity; Eev. Brother Justin, president of Manhattan college; the coir lege facility, and over 1,000 of the leading Catholic citizens of New York accompanied his eminence down -the bay as far as the Narrows on the steamer Valley. Girl. Anctont Egyptian AjrtitfuiaJ Titetft. The mummy of one of the Tothmes some years ago excited the curiosity of antiquarians by an appearance similar to that of metal in. the mouth. An examination showed that the king had B set of artificial teeth, the plate beJn* made of wood, and brass knobs or buttons serving the purpose of upper teeth. THE MARKETS. Grain. Provision*, .Etc. Chicago, Oct. IT. WHEAT— Excited and higher. October. December, ?3^@74%c; May, Counr A recent eatima'te places thc : butpTrtot tho mines In theCoeur M Alone countiy, itt wirihern Idaho, for the current yea* at $8.000.000. , . ; Found Dead In the Street. Limn, 0., Oct. J.7.—J. H. Porter, a prominent citizen and oil merchant of this place, was found nt nin« o'clock J;'rida3' evening lying dead on the street with a bullet hole in his head. He wu's returning home from a lodge meeting 1 nnd it is supposed was waylaid nnd hilled by..a robber. Two Drowned. New Vork, Oct. 17.— The tug- Niagara was rue down'in the North river off the American line pier at the foot of Fulton street by the steamboat Magenta Friday afternoon. The tug went to the bottom three minijtes niter, struck. The crew, jumped into tbe river and two were drowned. • Jfamons 'Botaulst Dead. Paris, Oct. 17.— M. Aug-.uste Arfolplie Lucien Trecul,' the distinguished bot-, nnlst and meuiber of the Institute ol France, died in this city Thursday. He. ,was born -in 1818. .He visited the United States: arid Mexico in 1848 and 1849 for tlie purpose of studying the plant* cf those countries. Folltlcal Demoniitratlou at Peru, Iiul. Peru, Ind., Oct. 17. — The largest crowd of the campaign had assembled here Saturday to hear a speech by Hon. Thomas B. Iteed, but the gentleman's sudden sickness prevented his coming. A committee o.f<leading citizens wentto Indianapolis to try to get Gen. Harrison, but he too could not come. The failure did not interfere with the gathering of the crowds nnd the enthusiasm, and the strcats were thronged. Hon. Henry D. Eastbrook, of Chicago, and Maj. Steele, of Marion, Ind., were among the principal speakers heard. There were two immense parades. Ruiwlu Preparing for Action. Vienna, Oct. 17.—According to th<) Jfeue Freie Fresse the Russian regiments in the districts of Clmrkoff, Odessa and Kioff have been ordered to complete the filling of their ranks to full war strength, ti.nd all officers on leave of absence and the retired list hnve been recalled to service. "This Measure, the Xeuc Friun Presse says, is n step towards the com plete mobilixation of the liussiin forces, and portends that Russia will receive a Knropcnn mandate to occupy Constantinople. Lord U to Ho Minister. i?nn Frnncisco, Oct. 17. —The Post saya !t is stated at the Chinese consulate here that the Chinese minister at Washington will be succeeded at the pxpiration of his term, eight months hence, by Lord Li, nephew and adopted son of Ea.rl Li Hung Chung. Lord Li. accompanied the viceroy on his recent .tour. He has been Chinese min'stcr to Japan aaid secretory to ;the .Chinese legation at London. He is 40 years old. *4O ABKVOA. Even though the farmers jn*y. be rightMn thinking that'they are not-as prosperous as they, ought'to be, it by no. means follows that' free, coinnge will Improve their condition. Because a matt haa rheumatism is ho reason why hei ihould take the advice of a quack doctor who prescribes a big'dose of Ipecac. CORN— HlRher. No. 2, 24T4@25yc; No. I Yellow, ZSig'JIiKc; October, 25c; December, 2G%@26c; May, 28T4@25i4c. OATS— Active and higher. No. 2 cash, 18«@18V5c; December, 19^@19Mc; May, 21H ®21%c. Samples steady. No Grade. IS® 16c; No. S, Uy&l'ty-c; No. 3 White, 18@21.c; No. 2, 18?i(g>l!ta; No. 2 White, 21@22c. MESS PORK— MarXet moderately active. and prices higher. Quotations ranged at J7.00@7.10 for cash; J7.00®7.05 for October; J7.OOfli7.OD for December, and J7.90@S.OO for January. . LARD-TradlnR fairly active and prices higher. Quotations ranged at W.22&SH25 for cash; }4.17Vi@4.20 for October; J4.22H® 4.25 for December, and N.-40@-l.45 for January. BUTTER— Market firm at 9@lSc for creameries, and 9<tM(!c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY— Quiet. Turkeys, CiiJ) 9e; Chickens, 6Vt@Gc; Ducks, S®SM:C per pound; Geese, per dozen, J4.00®«.75. WHISKY— Steady on the basis of J1.19 for high-wines. New York, Oct. 17. FLOUR— State and Western linn. Unchanged. WHEAT— No, 2 red opened active and excited, advancing 2--JJ(&i2%c on continued higher cables, firmer west and through manipulation; fell y©Wc, now firm. No' FASHIONS CHANGE BUT POZZONFS Complexion POWDER REMAINS ALWATB THE SAME. \ Tho finest, purat and mort boantlJylnr toilet powder ever mule. It i> tooth- ing, healing, healthful and hannlen: and when rightly used IS IKVUUBLK. It you have never tried POZZONI'S yon do not know what an IDEAI* COKPJLKXIOBI POWDEK to. IT IS SOLD ETEEIWHBEE. liLUOD iKOISON pcnuanmiM 'jjcuro11nl5lo35a»yi. ToucanbctrcatediJ 'horncfori»nj«prlc«onaorinmoKuar»a. ty.Jf jonprc>r to come hero w«wllU»Di f trefoil tocon, Ifxou hive tikennur* :nry, iouide potJMh, «nd ulU have aches an4 onm«, M ucoosl'ntche* In mouth. Sore Throat. : J Iia;>le«i, Copper Colored Spot*, Ulcer* oq «» pirtoi thebody, Hair or Eyebrows fulllnr y parto: iut, tt Is thu Secondary 'D-POIS ;e guarantee to euro. We (CUIcit the mo»t o__ iKto carcn and cnaUonce tho world for • -?••?, we- «utnotcure« Thl» <U5«uo bs>almn ^ii.T.id thn skill of the molt eminent pliytl- -' -'• ' (L«5OO,OOO cnpltol beblnd our mirondli HINDOO HtWtDV noiacB Tarn DOVB 'vcmber. -16c; May, S3?(,iS 1 84 11-36C. CORN— No. 2 moderately active, December, firm. May, 35%<g>35 15-lCc. OATS— No. 2, quiet, stronger. Western, 20@31c; December, 24@24&c; May, 26%c. HEEF— Firm; quiet; unchanged. PORK— Quiet and steady. New Mess, »8. 2509.00. LARD— Quiet. Steam Rendered, J4.CO nominal. » BUTTER— Firm; some talk of an advance, Western Dairy, 7Vi<Ji ) 12c; do. Creamery, J2@!.9c; do. Factory, 7©ll^c: Elglns, 19c: Imitation Creamery, 9<a)13c. CHEESE— Quiet. Part Skims, 3H@6%c; Full SJslms, 2®2V4c. EGGS— Quiet. Western, 17©IS%c. LlT« Stock. Chicago, Oct. 17. CATTLE— Market steady. Fair f.o Bot Beeves, J3.4fl©5,00; Stockers and Feeder*, |2.40<g)3.75; Mixed Cows and Bulls, $1.25® 3.60; Texas, $2.5003,20. HOGS— Light shade higher; others aver. aged steady. Light, J3.lOig>3.52H; Rough Packing, »2.96<5>3.10; Mixed and Butchers', t3.05@3.RO: Heavy Packing and Shipping, I3.1C03.45: PlKS. R.4003.45. After Thirty Years'Experience I hive It* txnt- BraiM Nerve Tonic HI earth for *ll weakened oondlikuu mranHen ot :»u«o. Medicines sent fcr full tnODtb'* treatment 'or one dollar postpaid, or *ddret»Yor putloalan ., S. JOHNSON. M. D., BATTLE CRBBK, MICH, Tk» Iranc Moth. Ia no field, as B , microbe killer, ha* Brazilian Balm achieved greater triumphs tliim in the destruction of r __ . — — . _.» A • • A OOMJri MCZUIM. , . the comma bacillus, tbe "cold worm of consumption." This ten parasite never lets jgoj it may tafc yam,or, if the condition* are favorable,! only months, but the inevitable resnl^' It the iame, eventually to involve thl whole tnng snbctance in * putrid m«ii of ulieraUon. Brazilian Balm con< taini :JQ opium or other narcotic deaden th« nerves which the disease;.'•weep* on. It IB • constitutional^; remedy «nd Instantly attack* and; 1 . $ng lung moths.|:; v circulates therajfc toS Without A Rival. As a positive cure for sprains,bmises, and pains of all kinds,- Salvation Oil has no equal. Mrs. Frank Juif, 518 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Alicli.. writes : "I used Salvation Oil in-iuy family and can say it lias no rival as a liniment';' it ceitainly cures pains. I sprained my ankle and it eureil wi' nnd since then I have always usi-i ;i. for any pains and bruises." Salvation Oil is sold for only 25 cents. No oil remedy will do the work as promptly. destroys these pillaging lung moth».!S Wherever the Wooo circulates then srott the Balm .to destroy the microbe fa fci • • ' " - •-—'— •*'" „ Heal and restore the broken rapted titine*. IU cure* in thi* ' iv* beem simply tnarrelon*. Keat; fialm ciixulan* w : ti m Vrank knexcunton cut tbrougb ft* Saved from Lockjaw. Rhelnhard. of .Cleveland, 0,, »blle •ton stepped on a broken bottle, wh! wb hli ahoawd made » MebttHL*! elew to tfe bone, fntlf ttree inches loog In! ilSo ol nil foot it bIM profusely and he eoi TITAKI* (WCWAW)-) hardly set horn*. On his arrival he was gjrer .^ Some BradUaa Balm, which he worked tbot,^ ouihly Into the wound. This stopped "• ' SemorVbateand aumt ''.••JMSS' 7 R^n^il« wu not kept from work»*ln«led»». _™mnf»ife ^Mhanother,ounf maij Ja tto^«ttfe^

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