Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 26, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 26, 1954
Page 7
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',*v|33 r^p, • i <•. I ftijsr '/**• 1 '••' *5 ^ ^Y ?-,J PS?**::l v l . ft o r- t s I A R » HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, August 26, 1954 , A«g«t* 26, 1954 \3Vp>'ri*? l 'j! rt i ^ ROM "If Aft* .'-K.i6.Pt, ARKANSAS ir^VrW^^^mi •*^..-.. ,,;,*4: to fto*ninee lor or, would return fh ttftte to parlietUate in a at Little Rock. Two Prisoners Wounded in Break LltTLE ROCK <ffi Two lifers wefo rcpo.t'sil wounded dur ng a rcdcnt break nt the Pulnfrk! Courity Pennl Fairri, according to County Judge Arch Campbell. Campbill paid thai botli prisoners w«fe struck by bla;it:; from a shotgun during ;in rUonipted escape Aug. 16 H-* vjid F.D.Gard- ner was recaptured but that Roy Woore. n second inmrtlc. escaped. said Moore still is at EDFOLEY OKLAHOMA the rest of 4»Bei>»i his rlppln' *' champions S 18 'at 8 XARKANA' t. 1 . ' ' m 4k *• A it* Id THRU 18 arfcc, Top Men of Old , Continued irom Page Ottl of the state for the past week. Sources close to Fnubus say there no longer is any doubt about convention here ycaU-rciay. Uim Grain's; future status. Faubus at means that utiilfr custom-!is ready to offer him his Old Job procedure Cav.o-l will be ins a member of the hU'lnvay com- Arkans<in Named at Bankruptcy Meet MILWAUKEE (#5 — Lee fcazort of Little .Rocfe. Afk. wa : s elected second vice presidcn: of the Nn- Uotial Association of Rotcieos in Bankruptcy which eiosi.-fl its an iiual convention here ycaU-rciay. 'applicants. McMath has denied reports he might accept cilhec the revenue or Til Rill act«'-pl U i Lilt; 1 tin. i v- v en tic ui ««jij *» •»** •-*-• "i'i- -" - . employment security post. , jto .the- Workmen's , Compensatito i That ary elected association The association is composed of the 165 referees in tha United States president in 'mission, and Cram already hn isaid he would accept such a post The East Arkansas p 1 a n t e i would replace Dan Porlis .pt Le- pantp whose term on the Bayard Taylor, nov employment security administrator, probably will be appointed by Cherr't Commission where li? will not be subject to political removal. Ford the education commissioner. • • '- 1 - 1 - office Cher- or Ford has served in hi.<?h CIETY Phbni f-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. P&r Complete Parts and Service foe New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors Phone or Wrlto Fallin Tractor Co. Magnolia, Ark. PhO. 882, 689 & 1140-R Cazort has been rcforoa for thejsjon expires in December. Chor- astern district of Arkansas forjjy is not expe eastern district of Ai-kon=its forjjy the past 17 years. He is n forme, the Arkansas "lieutenant governor. Hospital to Get $25,000 for Study LITTLE ROCK An Arkansas hospital survey, provided foi n the federal Hill-Buvlr:p. bill prob Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away .... NaBglnebnckttchc, loss of pepnndcnei'By, liemlachea anildlf alnc»B mny l>e due lo slowdown of kldnfcy function. Doctors say Rood kidney function Is very Important to good health. When some everyday condition, such OB strcns and strain, Cannes this Important f unction toslowdowhimnny folkssutrernaB- gintf backache—feel miserable. Minor bladder irritrrllons dllc'to cold of- wroiiK diet Way , cause cutting up n Ights or frequent passages. , ».Don't neglect your kidneys If tli^se conditions; bother you. Try Doan's Pills-a mild ' diuretic. Used successfully by millions tor ''bver'SO years. It's amazing how many times Don'n'n five happy rclltt from thesu dlscom- foHs—help the IBn^lloaotltldncy tubcs.and filters flush out waste. Get Doan's Pills today! 5,V< Last chance to buy those good Arkansas £\*;, l *t' they, last $3,25 a b.ushel & SON :pected to try to make appointment of a new man since such an appointment will be subject to Senan; confirmation. The Senate doubtless would permit Faubus to make the appointment, instead. Faubus :s vacationing in Colorado and has refused to mnke any direct comments on his appoint n the federal HIll-Buvlr-R bill prob m ™£ nwh ,, Ot speculation was flour- ibly will include three mam cate- ' ^ who will bo Faubus 1 ex- gorles. tho state health oflcor ^^ sccretary ancl ,,1, admltiis >aid today. Dr. J. T. s:\kl Unit the ;25,000 survey probably woi.ld cov er (i) chronic disease hospitals exclusive of tuberculosis and tal hospitals, (2) diagnostic or diagnostic and treatment centers, (3) rchabilitartion co:ncrs and (4i nursing homes. An extension recently passed by congress to the bill would provide $2.1,000 for a study of Ar kansas' needs in Ihosu foiu- cat<: Dories. The Hill Burton bill itself provides for federal aid for lios pital construction. The federal al allocation for the national this year was $21,000,000. rativc aides. Walnut Ridge Newspaper .Publisher Jim Blnnd proh- t bly is the best bcl as executive -ecretary. The job also could go o Bob Faust of Little Rock. Fan bus' campaign manager, or to Rolla Filch of Huntsville', anolhci campaign cide. The posts of education rommis u ion, revenue comroi'dsionor anc employment security administrate' are "wide open" for any and ul Murray Raps Labor Relations Board ; • ..-''• • . WASHINGTON M 1 ) Sen. Murraj (D-Mont.) today assailed as "anli •labr" several recent decisions down by the National Labor Re lations Board and predicted one of them .would take labor the days of the ysllow "back to clog contract." Murray, senior Democrat on the Senate Labor Committe, led a losing fight last winter against confirmation of Albert C. Bceson, the third Eisenhower administration nominee on the live-member board. CLOUSE REFRIGERATION .SERVICE PHONE 7-3369 Large Enough to Serve You! Small Enouah to Know- You! 'ffjff' * ' : "'' • tean-up SLIEVE SHIRTS .Cottons! Savings! Buy Now!,, BIG TABLE CHILDREN'S SHOES • Real Savings! , • Not-All Sizes! 1. • Lemon CAKES White layers topped with lemon sauce and seven minute iceing.' CITY 21.6 S. Main SLACKS " Rayons! Nylons! - ? JiQMloMsVpric<?! We Alter! 'All Sizes! -Save! (ite S •>••" i **;•<• 3.00 NOW FOR SCHOOU! STOCK! BOY'S ONE BIG TABLfe! SUMMER SPORTSWEAR • Shorts! • Short Slacks! • Swim Suits! • Real Value! 1.00 revenue commissioner, and Calendar Thursday, August 26 Main A Country Club Ftds. famous YOUR FORD DEALER HOPE : Yougtt the I<M of tomorrow Friday August 27 An informal dance will be held at the Hope Country Club at 8 p. m. Friday, August 27, for the high Members of. the Badcnw Im- sc hool set. Hostesses will be Mrs 'provomeht Club will have a covered jCline Franks and Mrs. Paul Lewis dish supper Thursday night, Aug- lyionday, August 30 W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First • TONIGHT & FRIDAY • SCOTCHMAN NIGHTS A WHOLE CAkLOAD FOR ONLY 50c A FRONT PAGE HERO WITH A PRIVATE LIFE THEY COULDN'T PRINT! TONY CURTIS ALL AMERICAN A «r»lvMl»l-11«»MMlOKU C o.,o:,,, 0 LORI NELSON ^ HERMANHICKMAH PLUS A GOOD COLOR CARTOON! Lead the School Parade Choose exciting new styles from HALL-MCNEILL TOT 'N' TEEN 102 S. Elm Phone 7-3661 Big Assortment Skirts in winter cottons, denims and corduroys will mix and match with your crisp blouses. For smart school dresses to wear all winter, see our assortment, of dark plaids. Methodist Church will have its an- ual picnic and treasure hunt Monay, August 30. at the Fair Park, ith Mesdames: Dexter Bailey, ohn Yocom. Denver Dickinson, nd Harrell Hall serving as host- sses. Bring your favorite dish, ther than dessert, and be at the ark promptly at 6:15 p. m., as we •ill eat before going on the treasure hunt. All business will be dis- lensed of except the roll call and paying of pledges. Members, f you had a birthday in August, lon't forget to bring your birthday nnd weight pennies for our Life Membership fund. PRESCOTT NEWS .. .---*.*-.->.,».. • - ,~..- .....--.---.A ..i-.J.a.,......^- - • .. **• ~ . -~ [who will serve on the Credentials Committee. Victory H P Club Meets motor trip to Grand Canyon, Pikes August meeting. Mrs. Woosley presided in .bsence of the president, and plans were discussed for the lair booth Mrs A. L. Turner, secretary Cox—Faulkner Wedding Party To Have Rehearsal Dinner The Cox-Faulkner wedding party will be entertained at a rehearsal dinner on Thursday. Hosts will Mrs. W. E. Cox. Sr., Roy Owe, rt Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Buchanan mrs. n. u. mmc.. •=— .— -„ ,and family of Camden spent Sun- pro-tern, read the minutes and gave: day here and attended the funeral he treasurers report. j services for Mr. Buchanan's uncle. A family uicnic will be held oniMr. Dudley McKinnon. at Pleasant September 14th at the home of Mrs. Hill. Miss Lore Alice Tyree. assistant! Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bradley had Morning f>arty Honors Arthadale Hefner An informal parly was given at .he home of the Ned Stewarts in Tcxarkana last Saturday in honor of Miss Arthadale Hefner of Hope jride-clect of Louis Dean Good of Texarkana. Hostesses were Misi Boa Stewart and Miss Jane Davis Arrangements of late summci flowers were placed at vantage po ints throughout the house. Approximately 20 friends of the bride-elect attended. Victory rl L/ WIUD meci.o * iniuLui 11 ip tv \j»CTn»-t ^nnj vj... ~ ..»..* The Victory Home Demonstration j Peak and other points of interest lub met on Friday afternoon in j . — he home of Mrs. Nat Woosley with j Mr and Ml . s j imlT! y Hambright lineteen members present for the am j daughter of Beaumont. Texas Mrs. C. H. ---from Kilgore, Texas, where she was the guest ot Mr. and Mrs. f. H. Pritchard, and Fort Mood where she visited Col. and Mrs. H. S. Strcetor. i Westmoreland and cither relatives, j Mr. and Mrs. W. E. LfifntjeH rfftdlt.. j"-,.-~, t ;y-i,,-j aha Mf. *ltf ^11 «ecfd^«|Jfd^-, Jr., and 6hfl»J*iartf-U«NMtjMg^ At Wllrrtlnfftnft TtelflWirfl! Wfrt€ ^iKh^ Attvfe of Wilmington, Delaware we Awrf ^ toflay. guests Wednesday of Mr. fttid Mrs. W. S. Black and Mrs. .taffies bert. are the guests of his parents, Mr. I Jimmy Greeson has returned toj the and Mrs. W. R. Hambright. I Little Rock after a visit with his cousin, Martin Greeson. agent, gave a demonstration 'Sick Room Helps." Flinch and cookies were served during the social hour. . . . . on : as their Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Bradley and Suzanne of • Shreveport. Steadfast Class Has Watermelon Feast The Steadfast Class of the First in England. Christian Church enjoyed a .watermelon feast oiv Saturday evening at Kiwatiis Park. The invocation was given by Rev. T. J. Mauldin. During the evening a business session was conducted by the president, Mrs. Paul Haynic. and there was group singing. Twenty five were present. Mrs/ John Gann has returned from a two weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Morris Gilbert Westmoreland spent Saturday in Texarkana. Matthew Mantz of Cleveland. Ohio arrived Sunday to join Mrs. Mantz and children who have spent several weeks with Mrs, Paul Lambert and other relatives and friends. Major and Mrs. Woodrow Gentry, John and Jerry, who have recently returned from Tripoli, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas. Joe Earl LcC of Houston, Texas is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. U. G. C. E. Winemlller, Honored With Birthday Dinner A birthday dinner was held the Winemiller cabin on Little Ri vcr Wednesday night in honor of C. E. Winemiller. Fried chicken and ice cream was served to Mr. 'and Mrs. Glendon Huckabee and son, Ronald, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cox and Mrs. Basil Munn of Emmet motored to Camden Sunday for a visit with friends and relatives. Mrs. Cox remained Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sage have | to be with her mother, Mrs. J. M. had as their guests. Misses Jo "Ann Futrell, who. is ill. and Betty Bradley of Monroe, La. Mr. and Mrs. Joffree Rogers of Miss Bcrva Hitt' of Little Rock is;Warren were the weekend guests of spending the week with her moth- Mrs. Ida Martin, er, Mrs. Bob Hitjt. , ' ~~~ Mr Bee-T-Mite Bettle and Termite Control Service Owned and Operated by Guy Grigg Hope, Arkansas Phone 7-344S ^JOgSj Mojn All Customers are Insured Let Us Install That BROKEN CLASS Have that brbken auto glass, replaced today. We recognize insurance claims. If you need good Used Parts for cars or trucks.. See us now. WYLIE Glass & Salvage Co. Wcit 3rd Street if BUTTISR Come Out and, See ,Ui Miss Loyce -Stewart ot Rock was the weekend guest of her mother, Mrs. Bob Stewart. , . and Mrs. James Harris of Little Shi-eveport were the weekend guests of relatives. Mrs. C. E. .Winemiller. Corning and Going Mrs. J. V. Fant and son; Lelan. and Mrs. Fant's mother,. Mrs. Miller, returned. Monday from a vacation to points of interest in Louis- .iana. In Baton Rouge they visited [Mrs. Fant's sister, Mrs. W. J. Pak- ton, and family. t Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ledbettei Mrs Ed Barha'm of-Little'Rock'have returned to Bcnton after a visited friends and relatives here I visit with Mr. and -Mrs. Foy Box. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs! Joe A. Bailey Jr., and Mike of Malvern have returned home after a visit with Mrs. Joe A. Bailey and other relatives. Miss Judy Bonner has returned to Stephens after a weeks visit with Misses Rita and Peggy Warren. The Rev; t and Mrs. Elbert O'Steen and family-are now at home having returned from the national encampment held at Lathan Springs, Tex. While -there the Rev. O'Steen served as one of the instructors. Over 1200 people registered during the encampment. Before ' returning home they drove through .the Rio Grande Valley into Mexico. SHOP SGQTTS FOR ^OUR In Buick today you get the modern styling other ear* will reach in the future. 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