Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 18, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnis e YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT | Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If » make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY 0 TUCKER The Pearl Street Tailor. THE FIRS! nATlONAL BANK -OK- LOGANSPORT. . INDIANA. CAPITAL. S250.000. A. J. Alurdock, Free. ^. W. ROM, Ca» h J. F. Brookmeyer, ABit. Ca»n. DIBKCTORS: F. ng In ai: Its 'Departments promptly and Stockholder. DAILY JOURNAL , OCTOBER 18, 1S9C. Buy your shoes at "W-aldon's. Fireiwl* tissue paper at Sheet anisic at Banna's, 307 Flfl!h. TVe keep the best school shoes In the city.—E. W. WaWen. Toys and notions arriving daily At Raima's, 307 Fifth .street. COO embroidered doylies at H. Wllet & Co.'s. Choice 5c imd lOc. Flower stands and flower pots at Hazma'8, 307 Fifth steoet. Attend the popular prfce kid glove sale at the Bee Hivo Monday. From 59c np, Don't TOiss the big sale on underwear, hose and blankets tihls wecK.—Trade Balace. W« sell the "Celebrated Cold Blast Feathers." No dust, no quMts, no odor.—H. WJJe-r & Co. Like a tidal wave the ground'fall opem- tog sale at the Golden- Rule sweeps everything before It. Mr. AMman will disptay misses' and Children's wraps In. our cloak annex Monday.—The'Bee H*lve. Tbe big cloak sale was a grand success yesterday. 200 now jackets added for Monday.—Trade Palace. OOhe Royal Art 'society of'Nenv York, through their represenltatrves, H. Wilcr '& Co,, iJave placed on exhibition and sale thalr complete line of stamped linens. Don't fall to sec th'eir commenced pieces. Beaver cloth Jackets, f 2.98. A good double cape, ?2.48; a flue jacket, $7.50. They aM tell us we 'have no competition land that It Is a pleasing to trade im our now cloak- departM emit.—Trade Palace. Attorney Gemeral Ketciwim Is dally receiving, letters at indiaioapolis from ambitious young -men wihose birthday comes on November 4, asking,if they are entitled to vote, this belmg the day after election. They, being to the last tiny of their twentieth year, *bo la.w speclfilcailly states that tlhey are entitled to votie. A you,tli. lnowevcr, who Is twenty-one years old on'November 5, is not eutltlwl to vote. ••^^••P^M^ Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR, PUT FISH IN HIS MILK. Crnel Treatment of Houeit "Paddy" I O'lluru l>j Vwo City Jokorn. I "Paddy" O'Hara. butcher and milkman of La 'Conner, with his fountains of mirth a-nd beaming face, is in the city ng-uin taking in the sights, says the Scuttle Times. "Paddy" is a character, an original fellow, and is known to everyone in Skagit county, also to most all of the old-timers of Seattle. He likes to tell stories, but hero is one that another fellow told on him: The duties of milkman in La Conner are in a large measure regarded as those of n public servant, and if the milkman is ever suspected of watering his milk a public scandal is the result. O'Hara wns continually annoyed by some of his customers in their bantering way accusing him of selling watered milk. One of them declared ho would prove the milk was watered, and a wager wns quickly closed with two of the most noted "joshers" in the community. Tho next morning "Paddy" was more careful than ever, and gave his customers almost pure cream. Hifl content was .short-lived, however, for in the presence of his best lady customer, as he poured out the rich fluid, what should glide out of the can into the measure bn.t three small Puget sound silvcrsiclc salmon. O'Hara was .greatly excited nnd his customer equally alarmed. He declared loud nnd long 1 that he had been "jobbed," a.nd, to substantiate the assertion, he even said that if he did water his milk a little he was not guilty of putting in the fish, aa thnt would only too plainly display criminal carelessness. STEPPED IT OFF. POWDIR MOST" PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free from AmmQnia, Alum or nny other adulterant 40 Years 'the Standard. FeenlUr Shape of the Laod Cmuied by the Measuring Prooon. It is a commonly-accepted theory that a man steps three feet, and maay a tract of land has been "stepped off" irnstead pf measured with a chain, says the .Washing-ton Star, In the'west they obviate the difficulties of surveys by the Jand being divided into sections, but in Pennsylvania much of the property, especially in tlie mountains, must still be described by metes and bounds. In one of the cou-ntics in western ^Pennsylvania fire two brothers, one of whom is t:ill and lank and the other short and fat. Mnny years ng-o they purchased a tract of mountain land oall- .ing-for a mile square. They divided the labor of measuring it, one stepping ofl^ pne side, the other the other side. Then" they fenced it in and were perfectly sat- ,isfie<3 until recently, ivhen suit was brought to recover a considerable tract of land. Each brother swore that he knew the measurement to be right and told how it had been done. Then, as the ppertntors saw the short legs of the one, scarcely long enough to reach the floor when he sa-t in a chaJr, and tlie elongated extremities of the other, there was a general laugh, 'in which the judge nnd attorney joined. Upon surveying it was found thatone line wns a miile and n half long and the other only a little over half a.mHe, PARROT WAS GOOD COMPANY. Ho Recommended to A Loneiom* Married Woman. "Ycs'm," said the dealer in. captive birds.and animals, "j'ou want a parrot for company? I have tko bird here, ths very bird. You are married, are you not?" His fair customer bowed, snys the Chicago Tribune. "And your husband is away? I thought so. And you want the parrot to keep you from feeling- lone«ome? Yes? This is the very bird." "Is it a flticnt talker?" asked the prospective purchaser. The denier hesitated. "Well, no'in." ho said, at-lnst, "You wouldn't hardly cnll him a fluent talker; no, not that. But for; what you want, he's the best 1 liave." "What can the bird -say?" "That's what makes him the right one, ma'm. He ain't got but one remark, to tell the truth; but he's been brought up for just, what you -want. Every morning he makes a sound like a bureau drawer opening, 'and says, cross-like:" 'Where the deuce have you hidden my clean collars this time?'" PAYS GOLD The Panhandle Company Gives Object .Lesson. ALL MONEY IS EQUAL The '200-Cent" Dollar Paid Out as Freely 1 As the "Fifty Cent" Silver Dollar —No Difference Now. i There was a gonowil In ugh art; the ox- penise of tire Pharos lust evening, Evei Poipocruts flwd to Join in. The Phiirjos had ia coioailptiaii flit because the Panhandle camipaniy jwiiid in gold, wliich Oho Phfliros clmluis Us n. 200-ceut dollar. UMie Plinros doesn't want workingnnen jMiiil in iiiuy eaahi money. It wants " mit.y-co.nit dollar for worklnpnon. j>t is' for Bryun.. It wants worl;:i5ieineiii. to spurn, the 200-ceant dollar, mid vote for n fifty-cent dollnir. . .. >,.. •:' The rennsylvii.nil.'i coim'pauy .paid;.ouit ,f58,000 iu sold -at Fort-Wayne. ••It will' \tify $40,000 in sold 'hero. It will 'force K'old on every ' m ' na wlio wLU'toilcfe it. It will psiy ftol<l 'to 'iiny. nwi.n who 'asks it . '•'•'.-....'• Our money, gold, silver exqhajujyoa- WIN -ii'iw'l paper rcd-oeanable,-is jiust ns £Wd (is gold. Tlwtitifsitlie wfly we wtiiit, •to keep it. Anry maji. dial -fwt goW fbi s-ilver oir ipniper if he waut.^ it." The Ixui'ks -have refused gold.only to those' who they, knew wanted to Mde gold ma.fi vote, for 'Silver 'in tlie iwipe 1 ot luok- liug somelth'iug for nothing. Gold js.,tho workingffl'an's mcou/ey: -nod. Jit must, be kept tlmit winy. ,••••.•<' iBivt t'be funmy part of It is ttmt tlie Pharos ntteropted to show by The Tour- mil thai gold liad risen in iTiuretaslng powor since 1S73 severity-five .per.cant. It seeks ito show workiugmen , tiia^ gold would buy seventy-live per oenit. more tliani it would twenty years ago. nind tlwt whon diluey are pn.id in gold Wiey -are getting aevenJtjy-five • per cent: more wages Minn they tore cntftled' to. This great wrong against tlie .Pamlian- dle company ouglit to be.corrected, according to the Pharos, nnd the employ- es should vote tor a fifty-cent.dollar, Instead of the 200-cemt. dollar itlhe Pftri- 'handle coinpainy Is forcins on its em- ployes. -'""''. On, Itho miiUiariity of the Pnaros )6 there nny man in the employ of. the PuubniKlto comipany who will vote for • this fifty-cent dollar In- preference to The 200-cemt dollar when *!ie FWaros tolls lufcm there *s "coercJoii" and that the company is wttemjpftlmg 1 to provedt hi flroimi foirjuring liUwseQC? jyVhen^ lie knows tiho company wamts to pay wages ns 'it has to pay bonds Jind Interest, in money good as'gold?' "'^ '• There is not a Panhandle empJoyk to' Logansport wlio will-talk for free'' silver or vote -for free silver, there. Is (heft oiic so stuibborn, so. foolish, 'so.'suitoidaJ. The PaB2iia.ndle. company employs-only' Intelligent men. Thia Plrnrtw • shiowis tliem'wWnit free stiver means. • If Is' 1 onu anitliorf-ty. The Journial ! hns «anie tliinig. Th'e vote will be TOOUS. • - POPULISTS KICK. Won't Consent to be Sold to De mocracy. ill!-.' Editor: A eMsftan does ''.not nt'«l to 'be liei-aWiag. the miililtei- to the world by his words. His -actions a»d his life tell it An iliiooest nuro does nolt have 'to proclnim Ms h'onosity every time a K'hcft Is -coraimJitteid. A Populist Uous not luave to go abouit aampiancing li',9 poliiltlical belief to eveiy one., he iiwete. It would fiovor very mTtclvcf t'lio purpose of 'flic -cry "stop tiMef" wlien ifflio crier liimseK would be the If a, ni-a'iv is to the. pay of <i ty, maiding spoeclves unfl'cr.ilts aiouiiiieeuients and to li'ts i>ay 5ih* Cenitra'l .coromJ'tjtee, tlwn he is truly of Wiiat party «.nd can no longer Jus'tlyi be OTiCMed 1io rocoHnll)Kion.'4is lioi'dln'g aHlcg-toiuce <to any . opposing political These foregoing statc-memt.s are preliminary to a statement of sonic- facts of a party natec. ' ' " : pL'ho People's party Ceulto-al committee met last Sa-tunlny to an adjournecl sesston two wceliS '-before, .pursuant to n will of the chairman. The object' of il'h-o orl«innl, aoid we<?c8sarily of 1ibe ai^- joiniaed mce'tinig,. was to fill. >uit tlie counity tfcket o'f the Poaple'* party ..of; C«ss coraity,- .-When- the meeting was- coined to 'Oirdier by Chairman Brown; n; mottioii was mad© by one, O. 1 E. Carter,' fortmafly afflllaiting w'M> tho Popiulist .piirty, but now n.n;d for forty-eight days ; tost past, in* tlie service ami pay of tnc- Denuoei-aitiiic Central coniimdittce of Cassj county, thlat thie People's, party 'county'; ttitekJGt be -nilithxli-awn- by.-the comimlttee.; Sale Consisting of a thoroughly reliable stock of General Merchandise, coming at a time when the common people are least able to pay lull value for the absolute necessaries of the season A sacrifice sale of such a mammoth stock as Otto Kraus was known to have carried. AGAIN I SAY. coming at this time when the machine is working on hall time and all classes of labor is poorly paid. MUST BE APPBECIATBD -1 ' '.', AND THAT IT IS appreciated was evidenced by the crowds in and outside of the store yesterday. There is nothing, even the most staple articles, but what was ap- Sraised at 30 per cent, less than the lowest regular selling price., While Clothing Suits Shoes and Overcoats were cut FULLY 50 PER CENT. Figure out what 50 per cent means < these hard times and investigate. ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. 'Mils' ticket was -regularly noMri- ' mated'hi n. mass" coaveatiion on July •25tli, : 're9G-.'''irlieTC--ls no record of the iproc«xTIuigs:of tli.at coinventlon show- lug 'flint the coun'iy committee was •«tot'Itcid 'wlclii the powtr to withdraw .til-re tltekfit Dominated, nor in any way undo the work of- the coivvOTtion. • orhe' ChuJrouin oif the convemlilou had •a duty to perform. No after act of t'lio cor.nity coanmlttee could' reteasa hln> *rom, thc.paiformance of tlwit dn*y. In coiifonnltj: -With .that duty he has caused to-'be filed- wi-l'h the Clerk oC Circuit.court for Oass county 'the ticket momliitntiedv omltiti'nig onl-y the iiames of sue'li iwrsons.os gave HOtice of decliwa- Vtion to'ista-ua.a-s candidaites. And iwn- - Mr. lajitor?- we 'beg to submiit a fact or tov/3 -In regard to the. proeeed'Jngs.of -tht Cenh;aii.. "committee. -Last Saturday C. E/Carter'i in tlie-pay of the Demo- cra-tilc i)nr'ty motioned to WHlhdraw the ticket. He -iva's siipportcd by Wm. C. Enrart, ibo'blr of wlwm acknowledge it'liat-thiey -are receiving pay fixxm. the. Democratic county wm-iBittee, .The majority of tliose pj-ftscult or -represented' by' writtKUi proxy said "No!" 1 TliosG'-'-pi'cscnit 'and in the pay of the •Democratic Central counniiitteo and by .vfli-biail proxy said '."Withitow." - Tlic Conitiiai cojnjn'it'tee lui« no power tp.Jict.hi tto-.matter. The Chairman imd. -Secretary of the coBvenflon held '.Tnli'y"23flClS9G, Imd full power in, the preinlifcs to ccitify to the-jnomiiiaitions meide. The bought ami pa'id members 'lost all title to inenubersMp ia tite Cass county'central comm*tee of the People's party, just at I'hc moment tiiey "weinfeinto-tlie-sepvices an-d accepted the •ipay of flic Democratic Central com- ni'mtee. So we •demauid.'tha.t our ticket •stand., A P.OPXJ L-IST FEOM '•• ; ' WAY BACK. KETCH AM TO TALK, W. A, Ketcham, Attorney Oener al of Indiana Will be Hieard •: Wednesday Night; •An «lble address on- thte Souoia/Moncy side oC tine' lissue wHl be tuWoU.Att*- ney' Cfeieral W. A. Ketcluaim ait'-fflie rtok 'Wednesday ttHghlt, October 21. It will ''be" 'a' notable address, amd-one tlifet all ''''iteeli' the i-eefl 1 of-. -coavl'ctJIoa- because oC'.'-'taoX-sdlver s, wHl do weJl^'to-v heat lie«l. Go to the j.*nk;;VVedne8day niiglit aiid'hear-an exposWicm by n' legal "''," of tine potato dflasu?^. BYNUM TUESDAY. NIQHT Great National Democrat to Speak : •. Here on Sound Honey. ; TtoD chairumji of the NatJoaal'Demo- 'crtiltilic'Nn!tfonnl committee, Hon.' W. D. BVnum of 'Indiana, wiUl speaK to tlie iSoiind Slancy Demoemtg of Logans- .port iflnffl aiaig'hlboi'lwxKl Tuesday nighlt, Ofctolber 20tli, at the nliik. Mr. Bynum '•iis'one ; 0C Uie-beet speakers o>f the year. H)i« siieecTi at the State 1 Deimocraltic c'6DVciniti«>n : 'nmfle Wat Damons, and he lis srlll going up\vnrd. Hoar Mim Tuesday might to tlie cause of reason as' opposed to that of repuditttion, . ••( • " ' _ I — ~~ u- iSEE TAHROUGH IT. it soart of a duiiiib free silver, paper have you got terci?" asked la free silver traveling man last evening. ' i ''" 1 About the 'average. What's the matter witoii't?"'was tlio reply. •-' '••^'iiiy at says iu its- od'iitorilal column Hilalt gold has go-n-e up 75 per cent, and_ In its local •coluimu. it Icicles 'becavise tlw -raiawad employes were pniid' in- gold, itow' ; mnny ralffoW votes does it cx- pewt to get on ttaiit platform? ' A'SUJVEETTE GERM APT EDITOR. •"'• 3. B. .Teup, said "to be editor, of -1 Gei'- raa'n pn-pw publfeted at Indinnapplis, ispilce ta'GcrnKim,- to several eilHxcns of tlilait iialifoffliMty last wight nt the court house. Everyone Iwd plenty of i-oom. 'TTieimeetihg wcis.a frost. .as those pres- eai,. oubsi'd'e oE IBave-'t'o-be Popocrats, weii-e, as ai'e Gei-mian citizens, as a •rale, 'for Sound Mwney flii'd an uo.blufih- BOOKS I propose making a specialty of Books and am strengthening my line at every opportunity. I have a choice collection of Standard Publications and adding to it daily. Any book not in stock will be ordered ax no extra expense to purchaser, The following list comprises a few now on hand. THE CHILD WOBLD-By Jamee Wniteouib Riley (Riley : s latest. Just from publishers) A GUEST AT TBE LUDLOW and other stories—By Bill Nye. (Just published) Bill Nyes Remarks; A Window in Thrums by J. M. Barrie: The Golden Fleece, by Julian Hawthorne; The Murder of Delicia, by Marie Corelli; Early Life of Abraham Lincoln, by Tarbell & Davis; Street Types of Great American Cities, by Prauiz; Sir George Tressady. by Mrs Humphrey Ward; A Lady, of Quality, by Francis Hodgson Burnett; Mr«. Cliffs Yacht, by Frank R. Stockton; The Three B.urglars, By Frank R. Stockton; Love Songs of Childhood, SonR and Other Verse, Second Book of Tales »ud The House by EuRone Field; The Herb Moon by John Oliver Hobbes; Vawders Understudy by James Kapp Reeve; An Ordinal Belle by E. P. Roe; The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane; Stephen the Soldier of the Cross by Kingsley; Rhymes of Our Planet by Will Carleton; Tbe Heart of the Princes Osra by Anthony Hope; Cycling for Health and Pleasure by Luther H. Porter; The Sorrows of Satan by Marie Corelli. JUVENILE Home Occupations for Little Children by Katherine Beebe; Tw • Little Pilgrims Progress by Francis Hodgson Burnett: Beatlful Joe by Marshall Saunders; The Little Lame Prince by Miss Mulock; The Story of Patsy, by Kate Douglasi WiKSlin; A Short Cruise by James Ot;s. C. W. GRAVES Successor to W. T. Q1FFE, 413 Broadway. We Are To.o Busy to Talk Poliftcs In our advertisements, but we really .think piir sto^k is 16 to i better than any other in the City. We have everything that is desirable in Suitings, Overcoatings, Trouserings And sell at the very lowest prices consistent with best garments. Carl W. Keller Tailor and Draper. 311 narket Street. ing credit. The blandfeliments fell upon deaif ears. . ;Be,v, N. Frledmano, a converted Jewish ralbb'i, wlio roceiYed aad accepted a call us successor to Dnn Landismonn, tlhe Jiate Hdbrew mlssdoriory of tlie Mie- goutil Synod at New York, will lecture ia thie German langriage at the Gennau LutheraJi ehiurcli this evening nt.7:00 o'clock. Subject: "Israel's Mliscry." Eveiyibody, nnd esixsdlaiUy Isi-aelites, •are cordtally inv-ited. NT3W SL'iniS FiTUIDD. Tlie following sudts v.-cre filed vaster- ttoy in the Circuit _«mrt: Tlie Ntotionaa IJOO.DI flna Savings assoc«tioa of'Indi- aw TO. Samuel! H. .Wallace and wito «md tlie Keystone Mfs- Co. Demand. .$700. , , • Cyrena Maudlin vs. Amos Maudlin, for 'support, aod for the nppototnicm of a Teoe'llver for defeadatit's estate. "Don't forget" that we are the only exclusive dealers in Birges wnli pa'per. New styles now ready.—H. ATMer & Co. Subscribe for The Journal. 40 cento » month. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. $1.50 W-ne flannel working slu'rls for SSc Monday nt 1)10 popular^price sale. —T'lio Bee Hive. "No regrets" •will come if you buy your drapejiies :i3td <aee curtains at IT. Wiler & Oo.'s. W«s giuirantee our prices. Read the JiVpe Hive's od.'amd then at- their ]M)p«).'ir price wile s£l tills . A Ku^'S*! on. the two wheels on every purchase. Tlie nKinajrenicoab of tli« Orplwn^ Mom* tlnimk the ^-onsrPKa-tJon of Hie Broadway PreMbyterian church for do- TWitions rowived fii>ni rlK-!r Harvest . Home fwtivjL How AK Your Kiduoj-s? K yonr kidneys arc r.ot. w<sll. you .ire liable lc* r-onti-;U« -Rheuittntisut '.Nciiraljjia. G-out Di«3tK>tes '-'UKl oCh<r kxl-iwy ti-ouble.s. Dr. Hobbs «]W.Mfi?»s Kwtoey Pills miiic ii*iJfhj- kidneys <md a vigorous I'wly.' For sale " l 'I^pM^port by'Bcis Fisher and .TO'h'n F. CoJiHson. «lni;r?ists. Mrs. C. W. Duaktey. o.ue <>f tihc best aft .loaclwrs in GMcaffo. ^1 ^ with >;K Tiwsdsvy inominB.niwl rftmaJn nil we*k; will give I«W«E» fw* tfto'J who make pureiEUsos of .Uw-jjs <vr embroid- orj- si-Iks.—Tnide PaMce.

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