Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 24, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 24, 1954
Page 9
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Here catnc from gwu eriu - signs o dhd serlcf dragged in the ches . the »arms. f ined "airman said hi 'Jiante, hlfi attackers, bu mine had apparently f&l avbr, with, the gang. » - . ' . j . A . iWe* *•! • •fl' «? ' Chiefs •V7 (UP)" Pros iviuiun^* ^> VCtft, Of jjtpj tl',73u.ODO/fc(ternt' v/oW! jDebdiot wralHfui crilicisi &Hl$tkbbil h leaders, teilt^v * . » ' £ <••!.* stm\c TUP HOY CREW OLDER—Seldom photographed these days, IShurMkcAHhuV, le-year-old son of Gen. antl Mrs. Doug as MacArthur, is pictured on the lawn of a Santa Batbara, Calif., > hotel during his current Western tour. Bbrn In Manila, he had never been in the U. S. until his father was \>rderfed home by President Truman during the Korean war. Inset shows him on otTSr island in the Philippines In 1942, two months before the Japs overran the fortress. •• MARKETS were not spectacular by any ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (JPI Hogs 8,000; molcralely active; barrows and gilU mostly 25 lower; instances 30 off on weights under 180 lb; soVs steady to 25 or more lower; choice 20C-230 lb 23.00-15; "several loads choice No. 1 and.2 23.25; small lots 250-270 -., ,lb 22.25-2300; 170-lflO Ita 22.007.1; l HS. n , 1 - mostly 22.25 up; few in lb to 300 early; 150-170 lb 21.00-22.25; 130-140 lb 19.50-20.75; -sows 4 lb 19.00-20.50' heavier SDWJ H3.50- 18.25; boars 10.00-1650 - — few Hiv" ^,~^ '' J ' 'u'QJi Iff *»* «< ^ ^ r r ^ srfe.y jt^fe^ir-Jt..^ mt-gc» Forestry Pilot Risks Life, SavesWomatt CROSSfiTf, 1*1 A forestry pilot risked running out of gasoline over the woodlands of south A?» kansas in order to stfly with 6 search for a missing Woman. A. G. Jennings, a State For Dcpt pilot, finally Ideated the conscious form of 'MrS. < ,. Atkins, and then he rotuijticd to hbi Crossctt to land \vith an nimbst' It. empty gasoline tank. „,... Mrs. Atkins, a dl-yeur-blil.'f&jrm wife who lives six injlcs 'ciist'.of Hamburg, Ark., had' been :: Iri|ss&i"i Since Sundry morning.- She* waS found late Sunday. , _ • , After going partway to -a 'liasltif e 'ith her husband, she returned' to leir home for a pickup truck. That was the 'last her husband saw of or until r,he was found. A search crew composed of oresters and Sheriff B. A. Couson ombcd tha- woods- 'or her before hey called in the aid of the plane. Jennings was flying a routine or.est watch, flight .-When .he received the call from Forester J Custer Ross of District One. Hospital attendants Raid Mrs; Atkins apparently had suffered a stroke while returning home to get the pickup truck". . ' ; Her body was almost covered -^<v,"^----^ - ' ^ tuesJay, A«g«r S4, HS4 <» Wr? ,>•> ' 'VC'ii Continued It ofh Page ©He together each night, g'6 on picnics of clam digging parties together on Sundays. Thfi ftiley home has n television room, and eight school desks, Patton, Ward Strong Title iFavorifes means, Aircraft'?, which wove buoyan yesterday," were neglected today and largely lower. Steels slumped and other major divisions losing ground included railroads, oils, cop pers, chemicals, and utilities. ases. .,'veto, yester- 'in a* state"White •• measure not ac- slow and steady; utility ancVcommer few'12.00; can light utility - and commercia 1.50; ...cannp£ and cutter bulls September soybeans, w h i c h dropped the 10 cent daily yesterday, fell dealings today and cutters 7.00-9.50; canners 000-50; 1-11.50; vealers high choici 20.00-21.00; and nnd good caivcs prim 0 am •i!caK!sVar.aYwas tiol ac- vealers 20.00-21.00; good and f&by^a* hike in Govern- ehoice ^ 00-19.00; commercial an"( 5<nU'fe.H;f'<* ^ • ' ' ' low eood 12.-15; CllllS BO igrftolra^.ries'pfpro-1^ *°° d ""^ jtcly, spme ' Sh ' ^ 500 . O p e ninij full: choic fWasVoic- flnd p 1 ,.!,^ lambs 1300-20.00 steady; good ami choice 17.0-10.5 • throwout ' Eisen ' -staxement a l»»weriBWeK)'Staiemem a . .. i^^Ho^aid .neither Uw Vj"J. por>wyyc.iho% aominis- &tead cu u ,to utility packer called l nd Jed(jrs 130 . 18i oo; market no established; 3.00-4.00; slnuehter ewe aged buck 30 POULTRY AND PRIDUCE PROVISIONS — Wheat started , a fire engine red. faco the TV set one for each child and -two ekttft for their chums. "We don't ralioti them on teln- jVisioh," said ftiley. "Tho only tttle .is that they must finish their hbme \vork before they can watch '.'Comic books aren't a worry with-Us. We.'don't., have them in th^ hduse. bx»r : . children arc .great teattej-s, .J3itt,Wje-•.started them off with. 'good, books* ^ahd now they s'eern'tb prefer then!. ''Our two oldest girls arc becoming ' interested in socinl activities. If they want to go lo a school dance we .take them there and we bring them home. ''There is a wading'pool, in the yard, and space to • build tree houses and play gnrn'cs. The chil- dreh like to help Mnrt;o in het hobby gardening. She has planted tomato vines and other vcgettv bles around the lawn. That maj sound drazy, but well, it look; nice." .,.. What about riiovies? POftftE, Mich;, (UP) the sudden disaster that truck dowh four former champions Ief1 bespectacled Billy Jos Pattern an--: handsome Harvie Warn'. 'Jr.. M stronger title favorites than ever today at the start of the scconc round of the National Amatour Golf thampionship. And both Pntton and Wsrd could t*™ ^LnmenT ,.„ __i ___ _______ ,•„„ c..« m ti,» en,-. Beach tournament. extra hcle. Wardf a San Francisco ear sale, man who ended a two-year famine by Winning the Cana-1'an Amateur croWn last Saturday, had an easier time of H with Horrf Hnrdin of Normandy, Mo., as he nailed down a 4 to 3 triumph. '-Richard Collord Jr., of New Orleans, La., thin Tim Holland of Rockville Centre, N. Y., Richard Foutche of Charleston, W. Va.; and Lincoln Roden, ill. of Abington, Pa., were the victors ever the former champions. But it's out of the frying pah into the fire for Holland, the 27-year-old Easterner whose only Claim .to with ticks, according to Sheriff Couson. GRAIN AND CHICAGO W) ower today on'the Board of Trade >ut then rallied to gains of more lan three cuts a bushel in some Censure Charges May tie Listed By G. MILTON KELLY WASHINGTON 'JPI The charges on which a censure :resolution against Sen. McCarthy ,(R-Wis.), may stand or fall will.be .made public todtjif by a special, -Senate investigating committee. sharply in but rallied early 'some "Our kids aren't particularly ir. terested in mQyjes," said .Riley "They; don't have.;to go out of th liqme ito find; entertainment.. Thcj have more funj/at'honio. They lik to bring their.;"friend5: home, am we encourage • them to do so." ; 'Few/ crises . arise in the \Rile household that; . require punish ment.,i •'-•" "Restricting;a child.to his room or cutting down'-his -social ..activ y .in some way., is enough," Hie aid. '>)'The important tiling is xplaiii fully to': a child why lie jeing ; punished,'i and- never to pu ,^t "- "^ oe ^ , ,MP), y- Llva poultry steady;' receipts" 80i coop.;; yos- terday '1,049 coops or 140.0M lb; f.b.b. paying prices unchanged to Ipwer; heavy hens ,16-2]; light henfr 14-15; fryers or' broilers27 30; old roosters 13.514; caponcttes 30-32. Butter stead yrc :ctcsp lil,79-, 390; wholesale buying prices un changed; 93 score AA 30.75; 92 A 56.5; 90 B 54 25; 89 C 53; cars 90 B 54,75; 89 C 53.5. Eggs firm; receipts 7.919, while- sale buying prices unchanged to 3 higher; U. S, large 40-42; U. S mediums 33; U. S. standards 32; current receipts 25; dirties 21; cjecks 21 NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK I/PI The ftock mar ket sagged quietly today wilh most divisions depressed in the early afternoon. Losses in some inslanoes won to betwen 1 and 2 polr-U'. How ever, most were small. Gainer what later. Corn and oats' showed ittle change most of the time but strengthened with wheat in la.tei rade. Favorable growing weather arid indications that the harvest will be sooner than expected "caused selling in the September soybean contract again. Other soybean .con tracts were higher, however. The late rally in wheat was caused mo.itly by strength in the Minneapolis futures market. Wheat closed 2 to 3 ! / 2 higher, September $2 H, corn was to % up, September $l.G3V/2, °ais were % to 1— higher, September 73, rye was to 2—higher, September $1.22. Soybean', fell again at the close ;and were 9 cents lower to % higher, September §2.98-.. Sen. Watkins (R-Utah), who will preside at the public hearings, announced he lias about completed the task of selecting from,. n (list of 46 specific accusations the ones the senators will study, first. .It is generally believed these will .con stitute the backbone of the inquiry Watkins said he planned to hanc the list of "initial", charges to Ed ward Bennett Williams McCarthy", lawyer, today and then make Vth list public. LAND, US, E .. , Forests and croplands combines comprise about ;60 percent of ith Saar region, famous for. its .Indus tries. . .';.•• . •';. No 5/1-1—; -sample -grade '1.58- Wheat: No. 2 red 2.12 . Cora: No 1 yellow 1.67'/2-68; No. 2 IGG'/y GOc. Oats: No. 1 heavy 78; No. 1 white 78; No. white 7980; 'No.- 2 ; 80; ike sober warning from the stir rise victories of little-known cn- ies over the gib-name players in estorday's opening round. Of five former champions entcre n the nation's top "play for glory" ournament. only Willie Turnesa of imsford, N. Y.< still is in com- etition—and he drew a first-round ye. Ousted were Charley Coo, am Urzetta, Ted Bishop, and ?hick Evan. Even Patton, the 32-ycnr-old him- jerman from Mornanton N. C. lad to survive a war of nerves bo- ore emerging a 1-up victory over Rex Baxter of Ainarillo, Tex., in a fight round match that went an He squared off against Palton today while • Ward tncklc't J&mes Vickers of Wichita,'K'nhs. One of Ihe yourtgesc players to remain in the running was 17^year- old Foster Bradley, th: national junior champion from L^s Angeles. He forged to a 6 and 5 triumph over outmatched Bill-Webb of Kansas City, Mo. Delegations Ask Ten Road Jobs LITTLE ROCK, (UP) —Ten couttty delegations asking for road improvements in their areas will appear before the state highway commission Thursday. • The delegations are a?king improvements as follows: Woodruff -. county-^- highway 33 from Gregory South. Dallas County Highway 7 between Spai'kmari iiprih to'Highway 8 and from Highly.3 thr'ough Dalark. ; . Camden. city street extension of Harrison street. in the Long Crittenden county improve highway 149 from enrle to the Poinsette county linfi and from Turrell to n junction with Highway •9. ' . •:-•,:. • -.-;• • Johnson eo'uflty improve highway 123 Tuesday, August 24,1954 HOP* SfAft, MOM, AtiANSAS • • ^* m ™ , .. . ~.^f-j^f, »e, , * , .. -.—-.»-i.. — -a... ' - f*-- .^_^^ J —CJL Calendar Tuesday August 24 The V. F. W. and the Auxiliary will have a social Tuesday, August 24*, at 7:30 p. m. All members are 149. sense of justice. "But exposition sh him until he does understand why. Then he will take it in good grace. Children have a pretty fair _ explaining one thing, is right and another thing is wrong workers better than punishment. Tho mother sets them the example in most families, and our kids have been lucky in having the right kind of mother "I guess I sound like .a pretty haphazard "lather, but actually oui six kids are too happy to'bei mucl of a problem. Wa all like eac'. other, and enjoy doing things .to gether,-and I guess that's prettj much the alory." Girl Sees Father Kill Mother PAiR'AGOULD, Iff) A 13-yoar- >ld girl watched whHc hnr step athcr hit her "mother all over and then she ran fearfully from he house to hide in tho shrubbery. When 50-year-old Scott Wallace Saturday stopped "hiting" his wife, Mrs. Cynthia Taylor Wallace 35, probably was dead. He stabbed her threo times in the chest with a pocket knife dragged her out of the house where she was spending the night with a friend, slit her throat and drove away in his car with his bloeclin victim as his passenger. Columbia- county improvements: between Macedonia and the Louisiana county'.line. »Yell and .Conway counties highway 80 frorrt Centerville to thq, top f Petit Jean mountain. , * Hot Spring, county Highway B7 ehabilituTtkm. Hot Spring county .Acquisition of right of way for highway 07 n that county. Arkansas county improvements between Gilletl and the Arkansas River. : 2 . . Steel Demand The U.S. auto industry uses A on 20 pcent of the total tomestic steel output. I «»>.?!• Couple Trapped in Burning Car CHARLESTON, W. Va. tfl husband and his younj; wife. their way to a hospital where she was to give birth to a chilO, were trapped in the wreckage of their pickup truck yesterday and burned to death. State Trooper R. L. Casey said the truck -collided with another pickup, • turned over and caught fire. The dead were • Harold Lcgg, 25, and his 23-year-old wife, of Zela. rrtixe i -heavy satnple' grade heavy sample ;rod 74',<> 'Sayi beans:' None. "> .- . .'.-'.- .^-v : '' ;iV 'i ' ! ' Barley nominal:- Malting -1.30-48; fed 95-1.15. •-.••• .-• • ' : ' you'll look your very best in a Flannel Suit ue measure to provide money to pay an increase t o the classified civil servants. -WANTED TO 'BUY FAT YOUNG HENS enS'Tiow. If you have a laying flock why tH'em'riow, and sell us your non layers? We -buy several hundred at a time, but essing Co. ' To-Our Air Conditioned ore , ,,, 6:30 a. m. to 2 P. m. ' '§:30 P- m. to 9 P . m. Open 7;days a week BARLOW ONE PAY $IRVII3I Vt Corl JOHNSON MCTRIC q, P, 'A Flannel suiHs-the *. foundation -of your it _" wardrobe — '•business-like >byday,\ party-going byriight.'j « And'Flannel is top-notch fashion, 1 especially in our, interesting new smoky shades, ahcl ' .the latest Charcoal 4 Black, Charcoal ( • Brown and'dresS'Upi % Blue-*-in'the .,., ,,3-buttonsoft ! 'construction '*Ford",| ."Pickforsi" model, or ( 'j:he popular 2 "button* A patch-pocket style.' All are complete with Campus I'Qgs custom details such as felled ^ edges and pockets,' t|e smarter the student- tlie more ARROWS he takes Bal-to : if Tonight Drily if * FEATURE TIMES • 2:00-3:53 - 5:'46 - 7:39 • 9:32 Rlcardo MONTALBAN Betta St. JOHN 'Tree For Two" Cartoon • "Magic Movie Moments" • "California Jr. Swimpony" • Wed. & Thurs. asked to be present. Ice cream and cake will be served. The Kathleen Mallory Circle of Miss Viva Edd Thrash Weds Hugh Edward Brown Tho marriage of Miss Viva Edd The Kathleen Mallory Circle of Thl .. ish and jj ugh Edward Brown the First Baptist Church will meet! xsas solcrnnizcc i August 1, in the Tuesday, August 24, at 7:30 p. m. ; Kjrsl } j r , p tj s t church of Hope. The with Mrs. Harold Brents in Oak-| blidc is lhc daughter of Mr. and haven. Every member is urged toj Mn; jr. js. Thrash of Little Rock, tie preseiit for the election of new formerly of Hope. Mr. Brown's, parents are Mr. and Mrs. Dewey J. Brown of Pine Bluff. The Rev. S. A. Whitlow officiat- , ed. Miss Barbara Taylor of Cros- I sett, and Miss Patsy Moran of Skellytown, Tex., lighted the candles. Miss Nina Sue Blagg. soloist, officers. The Country Club Family Picnic will be held Tuesday, August 24 at 7 p. m. Thursday, August 26 1 nUrSaay* MU yuofc f-\r i..**-^. ..*..-«- ----- --- t *-* The ladies bridge - luncheon will and Miss Lovcta Smith of Corning and Mrs. E. L. Aicher. Ji. , Auaust 30 scalloped i ace redlngole. Her veil -a W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First j m ,. n i O f lilies of the valley cent Methodist Church will have its an- uial picnic and treasure hunt Monday, August 30, at the Fair Park, vith Mesdames: Dexter Bailey. John Yocom, Denver Dickinson. red Miss i an orchid. Anna Faye Thrush of Miss DeCarlo Amazed at 'Love'Reports By BOB tHOMAS HOLLYWOOD WI—Hollywood tla long been amazed by Yvonne DeCarlo's love life, and so is she At least by the things she reads about herself. Just back from Europe and gel ting ready to leave for an Arte bna film location, the much-trav oled actress paused to clear p uj some of the misconceptions abou her romantic affairs. This wad tii small matter. Yvonne makes it a point nevtr to blab about her real love matches. That's why so many fanciful tales appear in print about her. Recently s he saw a clipping from a German paper proclaiming in .big headlines that she was in love with a German baron. "I was supposed to have left Cologne with dewy syes because I couldn't bear to part with him," she observed. "Ridiculous! I've had a few dates with nlm, but that's Mtf SCOTT NEW! IVilD.l / in» in -- ...,, " ^ Shrevopoi'l, La., sister ol the bride, pervcd as maid of honor. She wore frock ol blue lace and net and all. . "Then there was the report thai I had been attractive Peter Town- lonn xocoin, jjunvci LjL\^i\u>.i\>i>. ^ ii'ocii 01 jjim.; ic*\-u nn« ..v-v « — and Harrell Hall serving iis host- 1 C! ,,,.j ct i a butterfly arrangement of esses. Bring your favorite ctii;h, ] v \ n ^ carnations. ' Bridesmaids, other than dessert, and be tit the| M iss Thelma Thrash of Hope, aunt park promptly at G:15 p. m., as wc; 0 f the bride, and Miss Jo Ann Burwill eat before going on the trc-as- 1 j O ut;hs of Hope, wore pink dresses lire. hunt. All business will be dis- ; nn d carried pink carnations. -------- , ..f .......... . n,.. ..^11 ,-..-, n send away from Princess .Margaret. That one was really out ol this world. I have never laid eyes pensed of except the roll call . Melvin Thrash of Hope served and paying ol pledges. Members, ns best man. Ushers were Don if you had a birthday in August, Brown'of Pine Bluff, brother of the don't forget to bring your birthday | bridegroom. Joe Hipp of San Anand weight pennies lor our Life tonio. Lloyd Thrash of Hope and Membership fund. 1-Vnnie McWha ot Hot Springs. Following the ceremony the -.oupJe received guests in the vesti ...... ~v --.. l.uli; of the cliurch. Miss Sally Sul Mrs. Herbert Day and Miss Mary livan of Little Rock was in charge Glyiui Day of Tcxarkaiui enter- j O f the bride's book, tained with a luncheon on Satur-! For travel Mrs. Brown changed clay at the McCartney Hotel honor-jt,, a blue cotton suit dress with a ing Miss Arthadale Hefner, bride-! burnt orange velvet hat and black _.....„ „ . ' . . • A l'( «.. .T TTlr»i>irln linlTPV- Miss Hefner Honored With Luncheon Wfestildt HO Club Metis The Westside Hdme Demonstration Club met on August 18th in the hom,e of Mrs. Eugehe Reichstadt, hostess, with Mrs. Clifford I"efguson as co-hostess. the president, Mrs. Harry Keeley presided over the meeting with nine members, two visitors and Miss Lou Alice Tyrce assistant agent being present. Mrs. A. E. Mc(3uJj'e ( ied the devotional with .song followed by Scripture reading fft>m Isaiah 14:3-0 and Mayer. ' ••''."• flans fof the fair were-discus- i<j and a decision made about he club exhibit booth to be en- tied "Grooming the Tablt." Miss Tyree, local leader, gave n Interesting demonstration on Health." Plans were made for the family Ight watermelon feast to be held t Kiwanis Park Friday evening Au ust 27th. Games were enjoyed during th ocial hour with Mrs. Tad Carring on in charge and Mrs. Keeley win ing the prize. Delicious refreshments of 1cm nadc and cookies were served dur on maa." One of the other fables she want ed to put to rest \vas that she was trying to steal Aly Khan from Gene Tierney. Such is not th elect of Louis Dean Good. i accessories. After a Florida honey- leCI OI IjOUIJJ Jjeilll kJUUU. ' ii UUC'^tJi n-• '. 'n'^. " - 7 The attractively set table was 1 moon, the; couple will be at home in ng the social hour by the hostess es assisted by Misses Sue Keele and Linda McMillian. hreveport after & weekend Visit idth his parents, Mn and Mrs. H. Tompklfts.." Escaped Army Trio Gives Up Mrs. E. M. Rowland has return* d from a visit with friends and clatives in Mexico. Mo. Mrs. Clarke White is the guest o ior daughter Mrs.. Oi B. Cannoi r. and Mr. Cannes in Hobbs, New Mexico. t f j. Mr. and .Mrs. Jim Nelson, Jaai and Walter, who have spent th« sast several weeks with relatives n Fort Lauderdale. Florida, have •eturned home. Mr. and Mrs. Harry tfeeley have had as their recent guests Char* les Keeley of Kansas Cit.v, W. F. Keeley and family of WllUngton, Del. and Rev. V. D. Keeley and family of Hope. FAYEtTEVltt.E, Ark. t* MlS itary Police tyith "shoot to kill" orders didn't have to shoot when three hunted soldiers who had escaped the stockade at Forl Crowder, Md., .surrendered to « lone wbmait in a remote area oi northwest; Arkansas. The search for the escapees narrowed to Washington and Craw* ford dounties yesterday When 8 farmer was held Up south o! h«f6 by three armed men 'who dtfive away in his pickup truck- A stolen Missouri car was located nearb; and later the truck was dfscovefec just acroso the Crawford County line. Washington County Sheriff Bruc Crider arrested the soldier tri< when he found them sitting on th front porch of 'the isolated horn of Mrs. Isabel France, a hews tont" ptn-ch tt- motoi-lst. "fti« flt*t . tafned Sherrtf the wottiatt wet the tar and toW Wlft W& ne car «uu iu«u *««» »;'x i ' n her tseteh fena ask«| officer "not stttWt 1 - becaUse the — — .paper columnist. Miss Sue Chessher,has returned The men were identified tis Wil to her home in Beaumont, Texas liam G Q lmi] 30, of DeQuee alter n visit with her aunt, Mrs. Ark ( David E. Nease, 24, of Hero __*-.* . _.t _ I „ _j ' I * * »*> „. ._ _1 *tt !*l 1 _*-—. ~ Tl TiMtrliii E. DoLaughler. .. . ford, Tex., and William B. Fisllfi Jr., 21, of Batavin Ohio Curly Wolves Football Schedule The Prescott Curly Wolves were issued uniforms on Thursday and football practice began on Friday morning.' Following is a schedule of. the game's : to be played this year: September 9 — Bearden . . . .There Here Mrs. E. M. Sharp is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. T. H. Duke, and family in Little Rock. — ' i tnrec or lour nuuis wuvumc ww« Dr. D. L. Moselcy, accompanied was discovered. The boily was sen by Mrs. Moscley, attended the| to L,jm e Rock for an autopsy. tri-Statc Dental Convention in Shreveport last week. Hardc said Hoe had been dca three or four hours when the bod mm saw ... *rtf«fi iTOfrt JCTOTT*«*.» ," ftm& *H4< duft'ty W1IH »o Top Radio NfcW CBS 6:30 Stop the,Mtisie; 8 6:30 Silver Eagle, ing, IS KECUO **V e»« Hearings Justified?" \ High Adventure, ••"_. West," 7:30 The Seaireli, 1 Teachers." ...... , ............. centered with a crystal bowl filled | Malvern. with yellow chrysanthemums. Miss Hefner was presented a gift of silver and crystal by the hostesses. For the Best-Dressed Students in { Grade School.. . High School.. .College Arrow White Shirts - in a class, by themselves for. style and fit. The world's smartest collars - buuon-do\vn ... widespread.. . . short, regular, long-point styles. Taper- fitted through shoulders, slecves.and torso. "Sanforized"® fabrics won't shrink more than 1%. 3.^5 , Arrow Stripe and Solid Color Shirts. ln"your favorite collar styles — and torso-tapered for neat, trim fit. All the colors yoii could want to pep up your wardrobe. "San- forized''® fabrics won't sin-ink more than 1%.' 3.95 - 4.50 ESTHER WILLIAMS "LITTLE GOPHER COLOR CARTOON "BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class To Have Picnic/,;. Tonight (Tuesday) at 7 o'clock, the members of the Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class o£ the First Methodist Church will meet at Fair Park for a picnic. Each member is'urged to come and bring a eovcivd dish. case. She said that she, t h i Duchess of Devonshire and tw> other women were Jinked to Ui Aly by a London paper. Al wer house-guesting at his villa an laughed over . the • reports. A New York paper chronicle her as a siren who caused me to battle over her. It described Hollywood encounter at whic Steve Cochran fougnl it . out wit another man. > "All 1 can say is that I never witnessed two. men fighting- over anything,-much less me," she remarked. "I say that with some' disappointment. It would be fun to have someone, fight for me." The same article declared that she was once a model and ha-1 posed in the nuclc, a la Marilyn „ _ Monroe. The DeCarlo reply: "I W as. the Friday guest of her sis was never a model, anil 1 r.ever.ter, Mrs. Brozie Haynie and Mr. i-\r\ond in 1hf* niirlp.'*- T-Tnvnin Mrs. B. C. Stivers has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Price Ramsey Jr. and family in Center, Texas. September 17 — Stamps SeptenVber 24— Arkadelphia Here October 7 — Gurdon . . October 15 — Ashdown . October 22 — Nashville October 29 — Blcvins . . November 12.— Dierks . November 19 —' Hope . There There . Here . Here . There Mr. and Mrs. Watson Buchanan Mildred and Clyde Watson have moved into their new home on West Walnut St. Mrs. J. H. Bemis, Mrs. Bobby Duke and Judy spent Friday in Hot Springs. Mrs. Jewell Roberts of Gurdon Senior Lndies Auxiliary Meets at Church On' Monday •afternoon. at two Arrow Sport Shirts help a guy feel "at ease" on the campus. 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Baptist Church met at the church for their-regular meeting. There were eight' members, three visitors and one child present., ,-v '•^j;,.,.... .^.? : .. .i Al .- ..v-:<*« ...; Mrs. John Bill Jordon, accompanied by Mrs. Howard Collier, led the group in song, and Elder Howard White led in prayer. The devotional taken from the sixth chapter of (Jalatian,,was presented by Mrs. Jesse Sinclair, and Elder White read a poem entitled "A Visit". A prayer was given.by Mrs. Riley Lewalleh. Elder White taught another lesson from the study book, "Ministry of Visitation". Minutes of the previous meeting and the treasurer's report was given by Mrs. Sinclair, and old and new business was discussed. After the v business ..meeting the group was dismissed by Mrs. Mike Snyker. . Bodcaw Club to Hold Covered Dish Supper There will be a covered dish supper and business meeting 1 of the Botlcaw -Improvement Club on Thursday. August 20, at 7:30 p. in. in the Community Park. Everyone is urged to be present and bring a covered dish. posed in the nude. She remarked that dating in Hollywood is a hazard. "Many of the men, and not only the actors, have press agents who plant items with the .columnist's about us." she t,aid. "Sometimes it gets so bad .hat I have to .tell them, 'Look, ell your press agent to sbp working overtime. . , . Hnynic. Mr. arid Mrs. Coy Johnson and Donald of Baytown, Texas are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Collier Johnson and Miss Margaret Johnson. Freight Transpor t Trucks account for about threc- fourths of the total freight load transported annually in the U. S. and children, Mary: Ann and BiU, of Camp''Chaffee, will-arrive Friday for a visit: with the Arue'tts who reside at 809'Foster. Mr. Bob Hyatt of Warren, is the guest of his mother, Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, Little .Miss Pam Cavanah of Magnolia spent a part of last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs C. D.''Atkinson,:'while her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Cavanah were in Little Rock. WaIdron Farmer Believed Murdered WALDRON, Ark (/P) Scott County police ore investigating the death of Henry .Roe.-whose, bullet punctured body w-is found near-hN farm home two miles east of Weil Iron. . Sheriff Glenn Abbott snid Ro? •v 79-year-old bachelor, was slw once in the back of the head, twice in the back of the nock and onco in the shoulder by a small-cali- 3er rifle. ' Abbott Mid he thought it was murder. He said Roe frequently carried about $200 in cash wit! him, and no money was found 01 the body. ;.. - Roe's small farm house had beet C. T. Tompkins has returned to searched. Abbott said, iwith-draw crs' jerked out and bed pulled off. ' The body was discovered by James Harwell of Waldrpn. Scott County Coroner Maurice CAN YOU SELL? Opportunity for salesmen in the ClaHt^N^ak^f^ COU1 lV C you l 'have a proven sales record 6^a-s}ronttpal^P and a desire to enrn $300 lo $1,000 a'month and«jjt«.y work hard, we want to talc to you. " „« .Vnd-'rscJfl The man we arc seeking is between ao^ana! au.s^i nmbiUous. ot good character, and owns a will sell hospUillzntion, sick'iess and "^» lri It's t> business ol utuneclii'ilo ettrninu- \vr*" s* 1 " tnnn who wnnls ».i cUruijv, He wiU uttonct^ou. ! f ,»,,,S g S,u», ,nd S c ;1 ,«^ : « 7 -.na S our natibnal adveitising programs on newspapers plus oi haid-nittirig.'local "" v Sr"^ 0 ^r-ffi the lA^^^^^ \3, r • CiIHJIIIM**"M p-i^^w* MUTUAL OF 0 526 Donsohey Building Little Rock, Arkansas t. ,'•* )' H?*, if' /^ ' «#& Hospital Notes Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. George T. Frazicr and son of Houston, Texas, are spending a two week vacation with Mrs. Frazier's mother, Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taylor have as their guests, their daughter, Mrs. Winfrod Hastings, and {heir daughter-in-law, Mrs. Hillary Taylor of Dallas. First Sgt. and Mrs. Billy Arnett Julia Cheater J Discharged: Mr. Marvin Bailey, Rosston, Mr. Arl.Ward, Hope, Mrs. Earl Latshaw, Fulton, Mrs. Jaapie Powell, Smackoyfcr,.Mrs. Delia Cox Hope, Mrs. Clara Whitley, North Little Rock. Mr. H. E, McKinney, Saratoga, Mrs. John H. Cannon, McNab, Mr. Clyde Zinn, Hope, Mr. Homer II. Cook, Rosston. Branch Admitted: Mr. Robert Sipes, Columbus, Mrs. A. A. Hamilton, Rt. 1 Hope, Mrs. 'Billy Martin, lit. 4, Hope, Queen Esther Mason, Hope Mr. Louis Hampton,' Rt. 4 Hope Miss Laighlon Craig, Rt. 1, Hope. Discharged: Gracie Loudermilk, Hope, Mr. Louis Hampton, Rt. 4, Hope. Mr. and Mi's. Billy Martin of Rt. 4, Hope, announce the arrival of a baby boy on Aug. 22, 1954. Hardy and Queen Esther Mason of Hope announce the arrival of a baby boy on August 22, 1D54. LEWIS-McLARTY'S New Autumn Fashions in our Department include § ' VTJ ' «C''^]-> . 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