Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 18, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 1896
Page 3
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"DR.JVULES, Through His Nervine Is a Ben* efactor to Thousands." WIDELY known Wisconsin publisher, woo regions at Green Bay. writes "Five years ago 'I bcc:i-7in so norvoua that •mentJil work was a bunion, i could not roat at nirr'nc on accouni of sieopiessness. My •attention was called tc Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine, aud I commenced to use It •with t'no VLTV best effect. Since then I .biivo ken; a, boitio in my house and use It •whunuvo.- csy nerves become unscruns. with always inusiLcio good results. My son also T\f Milpc' takes it lor nervousness JJF. J'HiCo with j,- Ke nc ver fulline 'Voj'yi no success. I have recoro- •^ v mended it to many and ReStOreS '<• cures them. All who -j ... suffer from norve aie3.1Ili...e.« troubles should try K. It is <ruu iroro narcotics, perfectly harm- loss, anu vot soothes and strengthens. Dr. Miles, through his Nervine is a benefactor to thousands." A. C, LEHMAN. Editor and proprietor of DER LASDSMAS. Dr. Miles' Nervine is nold on guarantee ilrst bottla will benefit or monoy refunded. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT, IND.J OrtPITftb - $200.000 j. F. Johnson, President 8 W iniery, Vice PrMldent. U. J. Heitbdnk. Cuhler. DIRECTORS. 1 T Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. Bnld«r. Bny and •»'! Government bonds. Loan money «n per»on»l security and collaterals. Is?ue special certificates of deposits bearing I per cent. Interest when left one rear; J P* r cent, per annum when depos- Boxes m Haiety Deposit Vaults of thli bank for the deposit of deeds, Insuranct Wllole*, mortgages and ether ralluables, ranted at from 16 to H6 r« rear. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKR >•> N*. 4W Market i ,- , Calls attended .to. proUftly, W m "Snitral Union and. Mutual telephomee. /Office, No. «; Besldeno*. Ko. OL; TEMPJHRAKOE JEBETIXG. he Epworth League of'the W'heat- iaiid street M. _E. bhurch, will conduct a temperance meeting, Sunday evening, Oct. 18th, beginning promptly at 6:30 o'clock and closing at 7:30 o'clock. All are cordially Invited. Following is the program: invocation -Mr; Duncan .going . .• Epworth League Address -Prof- Burroughs Recitation. .5"Llly In a Snow Storm" Miss'Goldlc Bryan Rocltatloni • • • • •. .'."1'our Mission" Miss Ethel Warne Song Selected Miss Piny Watts Rdcltotlon.'Tvc Dnmk My Last Glass" Miss Adah Wheeldto-g Beadin'g "A Drunkard's Picture" Miss Nellie Kuliri Duet Selected Misses Trice nmd Redwood Recitation "The Mother's Prayer" Mrs. Mflirco Reading Selected Miss Cleo Barnes Epworbh League Benediction HOWS THIS. We offer One Hundred Dollars re ward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by HaU'a OatarrS Cure, F. J. Cheney & Go- Toledo, O., W«, the undersigned, have known F J. Cheney, for the last 15 yeare, aad believe him perfectly honoraWe In &U business transactions and flnanciallj able to carry out any obligations made by their firm, WEST & TRUAX, Wnoleiale Drng gists, Toledo, O. WALDING, KWNAN & MARVIN Whole«Ble.$£i1;gist», Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure to taken Inter nally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surface* of the system Testimonials §ent free. Price 7Bc pe bottJe. Sold by all druggists. ' Many a day's work IB lo*t by «lck heMtacbe canaed by Indigestion and •tomacb troubles. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the moat effectual pill tor overcoming such dlffleultlw.—Jao. U. Jobaiton. T P. A. NOTES. Traveling men are Invited to send Items of Interest to this column. Personal notes will be gladly received. Matter should reach The Journal office by Friday night to Inr -re publication in Sunday's issue. • * * Protect your -bost inteirotfts «e a com- mercinil traveler by n. -uiomberslilp in tho Trawlers' Protective nssociattom oC America aiud .films come closer to your brother travelers to your daily life.. Tills Is not only a good suggestion, -but 11 wise one, .too. ^.nm following J'iKlwniLi'tie.9 wt're icmburs of tilve ludinwui Division., T. P. A,, iii Scpteiwbar: <nm«s CertKlcate No. Am*. Sajn ,T. Ttriin-* OO.C.W $ 50.00 A. II. Duc-li 10,031 17.83 Ehvood Jloore. . .15,002 230.00 Tlno miiiibw of uiiem|bcn»Wi) certiU- caites of the T. I'. A. la force October 1, 1890, 'in Iiulfnuia wre 1,282, There wea-e four cltUms not allowed im tih« moiiv.tili' of 'September. Tlu-'y wore fiwn four different states aw Collows: One. each from Tonncssw, Tex, Now York ami Mnirylawl. * » * (\1ici> tiradu Is . dull • t.ho c-ustonier ...Mitstlie bl^'i-'xt. value for 'lii* 1 money,' niiul will ik-a.1 with the salesnrin. who can jrivc it. to 'him, * * * AfKH- :l l>lM-'HKl Of COmpfl-TllltiTC llUict. spent ci-thw'in v<i<'i(.t;lon- or in wv«l't-ing tlie pi'ciKirn.titkMi of Ui'I« llimo of samples, tUe com|iiK".rci!il tTiiive'.er is •asiviiii on Mic i-O'.ul .In full force ••-li-umplus" lilmscW for fall trade. *** llho 1Va:velfa-s' Proiectlve Association of Anioriwi. iml'miinii'stcrs fts affuirsi cc-onoimilfally 'iuHl 'Honestly. Its' -members arc funi-ished protection «gainst aceiden-t:«.t'actiwU cost, uml no order in the -world Ciin do more. was held fin.the evening. Department Comnmnder Caiylor, Senator Boyd and other prominent Gi-aiUd-Arm.v iii were present. Logwiwport will en- tertiiin tine convantion In, 180T. THE ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW Preparations Being Hade by Chrysanthemum Growers. Prelkmlnmiry mTamgenienitw for tihe tau'Uh nranu-nl lloiw-ra.- slww, to be held In TomHoson Hull, 'begtao^i'g Novoni- ber 10, -are about completeil. The exhibition wsifc a success Hmt yww, nnd t-hls f'Hcit lias made thie work of ceit- tiaiig premilunis for tills year's show iraicilu en-s'ter this sensou. The show Is jrlMMi under Ute ia-usp.'c<» *> c ® m So " cit^y of Iiid-iiimia, Florists, comprising iill of tlw? \veM-kno\vni c-hi-ysuttliemum ga-owcrs in the Staite. The society will exipend «. 'laiifte «uni in tfli-e of Tojikliniso.il Hall. THE CHURCHES. Ministers tit Wi'eir meeting have (iociilral to bosii" «>* SnibbiWli evening- sorvlew «it 7 o'clock. •Si>et*:U service «r. Gorman Lutlivnui church SunUay evening. Subject, ".TCT*W Mission," b.y Nathi Frlwl- rnauin. 'First Chwroli of Christ (Scientlste). At the TJnLT«Tsn.li«t cliurch at 11 o'clock .totlny. Subject, "Xlw Wisdom ot Solomon." A veJcorao to all. Sen-Ices a.t the Evwii?rel'.aU ch-urcli to- U«iy «-•! rollo^-K: S*mil:iy sobool n.t 9:30 a. in.: iM-Mic-'lilnR at 10:30 m, m.; Y. P. S. C. E. ait 0:SO p. ni.; pre'aehiiif? ni.t 7.30 p. mi. AM Jii-e Invited, . SM-vtos at the AJM.'E.clniroh today as f'ollws: 10:30 a. m., sermon 'by the pnstor; 3:00 p. in.. SiunUiy school-; 7:30 -p. m., seiTiion, by tho pastor. All nro rdlaUy 'Invited. L. Pc'ttbford, pastor. Wbeatlaml street Jt B. canirch. HOT. M. A. Hn.rla.n-, pastor. Sunday school at 0:30 a. m. Sermon ut 10:45. Junior League mt 3 'p. m.; Bp^wtfhi d«votlonail service ait 0:30; Class 0:30; revlvnlwr- vitcos ait 7:30. A -welcome to all services. 'First Presbyterian church. The .pastor's subject at 11 «'. ™. wlU be, "Help for Infflrnittles." Ini tlie eveElnR ait 7 o'clock 'Jils stibjoct will 'be, "Fitlth and Consctenoo.: 1 Sundasj- school at 9 a. in. Young Pooplf's -meeting at C p. m. A welcome for nil. iVInlty chiti-clv, Rev. F. C. Coolbaugh. Holy .Com'inttnion at 7 >a. m.; Hal-vest Home Fe»tiLvfil at 11 o'clock; Tihmraks- {-h-injj sermon, cvenlnfr 'SCiTlc«, at 7 o'clock. Special miwic prepared for choristers by Chota-maKtea- Crnnvford. Services at 't-he Ninth- street Christian cliurcli 'today a,t 11 a. m. and 7 p. in. Services 'by the pastor, Rev. T. S. Freeman. Mmininp subject, "Tlw riropor Vw oC T.lils World." E\'«nlnR subject, "Temptation," Sunday school at D:30 a. in.; G. N. Bew-y, superintend- on.!. Y. P- S. C, E. at 0:30 p. m. A -welcome to all. The Broadway Mothodlst church, E. L. Somnns, iwistor. Class mt 9 a. m.; Sundmy school at 0 a. m,; preaching at 11 a. iii., swbject, "WJi«i.t God Requires of Us;" Junior League at 3 p. m.; Ep- •w-orbh Lcajrue at C p. nr.; evejilnR service at 7 p. m., subject, "The Bible the Friend' of IJaibor." All nre cordially •InvPteid. iRw- E'. E. Neal 'has n, funca'al tomorrow n.t PCITJ, so ho can not cx- Mr, Seni-ans. HERE NEXT YEAR. Woman's Relief Corps District Convention in Logansport. The 'Second District convention' of tiho Wioinan's. Eellef Corps met in the city of La&iyetbe Oct. 15th, It was a grand success In every particular. Mrs. Mniry E. SJnw, department -presideat, and miamy <past department officers were to attendance. The Mnrsili B. Tbjylwr corps'«n,tertadned-t!he convention, in, QI .royal manner. Mrs. Ceclla Buxxlcirlck, president of Mareih B. Taylor corps, dedl-vered the address of welcome, whiicih -was respondod to by Mr». Mteria 'L. ScUater of Ijogansport corps No. 30. A most enjoyoible campflre Republican Meetings. Bepinbllcan speaJctngs wffl be held at the following places dn Case county: Friday evening, October 23, Harness school house, Deer Creek township, D. B, McConnoll. W. M. Kenuey, of Rochester, a former Democrat and a witty and eloquent speaker, will speak to Cass county as follows: •Monday evening, Oet. 19, Waverly, Caipt. Fnuik Swlgart and S. T. Mc- Co.ninell. SJtonday evcnlmg, Oct. 19, Anoka, D. B. M'CConnell. Monday 'weaUig, Oct. 19, Clyiners, M. A. Quton. Tuesday evening, Oct. 20, Young America, M. A. Quinn. Wednesday ev«il!ng. Oct. 21, Red school Tionee, Nobte towmsMp, M. A. Qul;n>n. Thursday evening, Oct. 22, Shady Nook, Clay to^Tislhillp, M. A. Quina. ErJOay evenitog, Oct. 23. Harness school house, Deer Creek township, M. A. Quiran. Saturday evening. Oct. 24, Lucerne, M. A. Qutan. Thursday cvenJng, Oat 22, Baptist sschoott 'house,- Harrison townsh,lp, W. T. Wilson. Friday eventog, Oct. 23, Motea, TV. T. RED CROSS FOR CUBA. Saturday everting, Oct. 24, Walton, W. T. Wilson, Wednesday evenlns, Oct 21, Royal Center, D. B. McCon-iieB. Saiturday evening, Oct. 2-i, Georgetown, Orlando PowelL Friday evening, Oct. 23, Pnlmer school house, Washington township, Copt Frank Swigart and S. T. MoCon- trail Th-ursday evening, Oet 22, Pleasant •Hill school house, Clinton townsWp, D, C. Justice. Friday evening, Got 23, Onward, Robert J. Loveland. .Saturday evening, Oct. 24, Twelve MUe, George W. Funk amd George W. Walte™, O-NJQY ONE LINE THAT DOES IT. There is now only one line operating through double dally serV'Fce from Missouri River points to California, and that lime to the Union Pacific. "The Overland Limited" is the fastest train In 'the West; and Its equipment of Free Reclining Cliair Cars, •Buffet Smoking andi Library Cars, Pullman Dittos and Sleeping Oars Is unsurpassed. No other line offers equal facilities •for California travel 1 . For •further par- tlcuilnirs send for advertising matter ot the Union Pacific, the Original Overland Route. Jns. D. Welcli, General Agent, room 35, Carew' -building, .Cincinnati, OMo. NOTICE, All rnombers of Western Star lodge Uo. 100.1, K. of L. H., wire requested to •nieot at thefc toll Suudoyat 1 o'clock 'shairp, to attend Hue funeral of Sister' Hanmaili Moyn-iihlan. Also Bridge City ilodge No. 197C are Invited to nittemd the I'nulernl. Yours in O. M. A. iMJflSS TILLEE' iBOEP. Protector. ADAM SKIIXI3R, Sfccrebniy, THAT JOYFUL FEELING. With the exhilarating uense of renewed health and strength and Internal cleanliness, -which follows the use of: Syrup of Figs, Is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond, the old- time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-informed. The Ladles' Auxiliary .to the B. of L; E. -will give a "hard times" party at McCaffrey's hall, Mondiay evening, Oct. 19th. Prizes will bo glvea to the best representatives of hard times. A program will ; be given and -refreshmenta served free. All are invited'. Come and wear your oldest clothes. Admission 10 cents. Poison Ivy, Insect bites, brnUes, •caldfi, burns, are .quickly cured by De- WltfB Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile jure.—Jno. M. Johnston. Miss Barton Has Not Yet Received Request for Assistance. Doubtful Whether the Society or Merer Would Uc rormltted or Able to Work In Th<«L Lund or Spun lull Cruelty. Catarrh Is a constitutional dteeaae and requires a constitutional renwjdy like Hood'a Saraaiperlila, which purifies the blood. ,Miss Clara Barton, who has been visiting friends at Newport, 11. L, to members of the G. A. It. posts, who called upon' her in a body, said that lihe reports of the trouble uiid distress in Asia Minor are not exaggerated, and in her opinion nothing less than the united charities of the world could prevent shocking starvation there next winter. Miss Barton stated that she" had received no application from Cuban clubs for Red Cross assistance for the Cuban army, as reported, but it is possible that if fuch a request has been made'it has been sent to Washington, where her mail WHS held. She wired thatitbefor- warded to Meriden, Conn., where she now is and where she expects to complete her reports upon the Armenian difficulties. The matter of sending assistance to Cuba she did not care to discuss until she should receive official knowledge upon which she could speak. Another Eed Cross worker, though, in speaking of the cruelties in Cuba, says It is not apparent wherein the Red Cross could work there. The society acts for humanity and sympathizes with Donation or portion of such.-. For the Eed Cross to act under the recent attitude of the United States toward Cuba would necessitate their first receiving-concessions from Spain, nnd from certain happenings in the past it does not appear probable that Spain would listen to any argumentsconcerningthe Immune treatment of the Cubans or their wounded. If a feasible plan can be devised wherein the American Red, Cross can be of assistance to the sufferers of either side, the -society undoubtedly will be only too glad to do it. Volunteers have already offered themselves, but the reported request lias undoubtedly been made without a full and correct understanding- of the situation. Because certain valuable work was done in Turkey it does not necessarily follow that similar work can be done in Cuba, though the cruelties there be as severe or even worse. GOLD SEEKERS COME TO GRIEF. Exciting Encounter of TVhoeJaioo with Snukei on Bowuiun's I1I1L Bowman's hill at Lainbertville, N. J., on the.brow of which there is reported to be buried a fabulous amount of English gold, was the scene of an exciting encounter -the other day between a party of wheelmen and a nest of snakes. A number of young- men and women from the city start-ed-on their wheels to visit the spot. When near the top of the hill one of the party slipped and fell .-between' two rook-s. Quickly regaining bis feet, he endeavored to climb up the rock. Not being nble to do so, he overturned a small stone to aid him, wtien to-his <horror a dozen or so snakes wriggled out from under it. The wheelman made frantic efforts to climb up the rock, yeflinff the while,butonly fell back among- the dreaded reptiles. _ In a few minutes his friends came to his as- itance and saw him struggling 1 in a nest of black snakfls. After several attempts they succeeded in dragging him from the crawling reptiles, which were all over him. As soon as he was rescued everyone, forgetting the object of the. trip, rushed pell-mell to the bottom of the hill, falling over rocks and each other in their eagerness to escape from the loathsome creatures. When the bottom \v-ns renewed, covered with bra.rables, clothes torn aid badly winded, the party mounted their wheels and rode h.ome,willing. if the crolcl is buried there, to ollow it to remain rather than go through another such experience. MAY BUY OUR BICYCLES. A«entC»rpontor Report! Demand Greatly Increued In Germany. A general bicycle craze has struck Bavaria, according- to a report from United,States Commercial Agent Car- penter'at Furth. . A short time ago it was not considered at all proper for young- ladies to appear on bicycles, but the strong prejudice which existed has been gradually giving way, and now the ladies, married and single, and the young girls, ore rapidly becoming enthusiastic devotees of this outdoor sport. The two local bicycle companies have begun to increase their plants to meet the rush of business, and two new companies are about to embark in the business before the end of the year. The consul thinks there seems to be a ftne opening for the American bicycle maker, as good European wheels are sold for an exceedingly high price, and they are not to be preferred to the light, graceful American machine. SECURE THE CONTRACTS. Two J»p»n<!io War Shlp» to B« Built by American Fir mi. A New York Herald dispatch from Washington. says: The two Japanese naval constructors who have been in this country for several months examining plans and specification's for two new cruisers'for the Japanese government have, it is understood, reported favorably upon the bids submitted by Messrs. Cramps and the Union iron works. The formal, award of the contracts will be made to them within a few. weeks. The Vessels will be about J.OOO tons displacement each, and the contracts will call for a speed of about '22 knots. The navy department, it is understood, has decided, to convert one of the 1 000-ton gunboats now building into a' practice ship for naval cadets, to take the place of the Bancroft. The Bancroft will eventually find her way to Chinese water's. AD Idlot'i Brain. The brain of flu Idiot contain* much let* phosphorus than that of e person of average mental powers. ; floney Saved 'By buying faH clobbtag o£us. We have .tlie largest line of Overcoats and Ulsters to selectfrom In the city. Bougblt at hard time prices, tlicBo goods will be sold at prices tliatwWl save you money. Oome 1m «md we w.lll com-v-imoc you tliat we mean -what we say. Men's Overcoats and Ulsters $3-5o»°$4 and Upwards Youths Overcoats and Ulsters $2.50, $3 and Upwards Children's Overcoats $2,50 and Upwards The above statement ap-piles with equal force to our line of Men's, YoutflJS', amd Olill- dren's Sulttags, Good, every-d*y, eorrlcealhle, sutts or nriodress suits as desiaxsd. Read the price*. Men's Suits, **-°° upward. Y«,utLs Suits » 5 ° »Pwa«|« i hildren's Good Ail-Wool Suits, Jots of them for 2.OO upward* Boys best knee pants iu America, all wool double seat and knee will uot rip, at 50 cents. Men's Clay Worsted Suits best in city at - - $7-S<> Men's AH-Wool Pants *>25 Of Health Full line of Hats, Cepsand Furnishing Goods, as low as any house In Cass county. HEMEMBER we carry a full line of sizes to ;iH grades of goods, and can fit you withoutdelay. JCJK GDAKANTEB IS GOOD, YOUR MONEY E>ACK IF YOU WANT IT. J. D. Ferguson & Jenks 323 Market Street. A REWARD appines^ The Indiana Depurator Company haa placed in Dr. J. B. Shultz office at 417 Fourth street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. It you are afflicted or have nds who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate at once. See testimonials of Leading Physicians; also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz'office $T7 Fourth Street Logansport, Ind Gas Rates. Partial payments annual rates begin Octo ber 1st 1896, Consumers desiring to avail'themselves of the annual rate, on the basis of six payments, should arrange to have their stoves connected by.thatdate in order to be on time. Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co. 317 & 319 P,earl Street. "'fly New Cioods. Are here. C*ll and examine them before buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor. It's Simply a Matter of Business That of trading wKi us. You certainly want the very best value for the very least money. That to business. A* lar f* Quality, Style and Wear are concerned our line of Shoe* cannot be surpassed. When It cornea to price, we are ]U« a little under the lowest We have proved that to a great many. Prove it to you If you will call. Men'a Solid WorWng Shoes • • • Men's Solid Dress Shoes Ladles' Dongola Button Shoes Ladles' Fine Kid Button Shoes • Boys' and CUrls' School Shoes ••••••• Get a Writing Pad and Ruler With Each Pair. E M. Walden & Company. 3IB Fourth Street. 08c

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