Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 23, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, August 23, 1954
Page 10
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.„«*•£. Sf AR» M., AIL* AN§AS i t -§i i r , f r passengers, were listed an t*a!n Held PRESCOTT Atiguftt &3rd meeting of th . me j-L^ott Band Mother's CIUD Will be" held Monday night at '7:30 ift the home of Mrs. Thell Manning. All mblfiers of Beginners, junior and senior band members are urged to atteridl. AUXUlUt .y W along the cvening tf.ajfta.a-paral. ' Mrg- a American Lefllbn AuxIWary M**ts Mrs. Bess Gist was hostess to the Prescott American Legion Auxiliary at her home on Monday Mae Scott, president, calfed the 'meeting to order and led in tho pledge of allegiance to the flag. A short with & ^tetter roast on -the of their noirie *n Wednesday evening for the pleasure of their sons, Gary and Bill to celebrated their fifth" and tenth birthdays. The chocolate birthday cake topped with green candies was served with ice ereafn. Favors were candy, bubble* gum and -balloons. - •, A variety of f afrffis were ployed during the evening. • Guests included Mike, Maty Jane, and Robert, Erskine, Gail Richard and Jimmy Graham, Ruth and James Hairstoh, Peggy Warren, Charldtte and Latt-y Calhoim and Senny Trevillipii. business mooting was conducted and plahs were made for the year. The purpose and aims of the Auxiliary were explained by Mrs. Scott. J oi' the injured were condition Jn hospitals i 'ahd T*ott Madison, fl»e'Mississippi River. f -train • carrying doc- 'I --was dispatched Santa Fe officials •at thfe scene a-c- lio.urs .after the "help was not &!e*8''AW]kwlar1y> scheduled •-- • For t; ibout : took city. . During the social hour delightful refreshments were served. 3|aiis%sLCIty, 7 on .ancihcr train Mrs. Harhy Moore Hostess To C. W. F« Members of the Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church met on Monday afternoon in the home of the president, Mrs. Harry Moore, for the monthly meeting. The meeting opened with a hymn .and Mrs. Fannie Newth led in prayer r After the business session. Mrs. T. J. Mauldin assisted by Mrs. Henry .Thompson, Mrs. C. O. Wa- hyquist, Mrs. Case Chaopelle, Mrs. J. W. Bradley, Mrs. Dennis Ledbetter, Mrs. Bennie Stovall and Mr. and Mrs. Haggard, Mrs. Carol Lambert and Mrs. Lewis Garrett accompanidd the group, Mrs. B. A. DeLamar, Miss Ann McSwain, Miss Jo Carrington and Miss Joan Gilbert attended a Pi Beta Phi rush party in Texarkana Tuesday afternoon. Americans Among 21 on Crashed Plane AMSTERDAM, Tha 'Nettuirttfids (UP) & A KLM Royal ftutch Airlines plane with 21 persons aboard, including two Arrtericahs, vafiished in rain and mist' toeip.y; only .19 miles short of its deslirtaHohi, The plane was bound froffi New York MARKETS St. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. Jtl Hogs, 9,500; fhit-l.V active; 180 lb steady to 13 lower; lighter IffO lb Steady to 5.5 lower; lighter weights steady to 25 higher; sows 25-50 higher; Soeig 7"r/ . higher; choice 200-250 lb 23.25-35; few loads Choice A;*. 1 < and 2 to Amsterdam. ' 23.50; heavier weights Siarco; smal KLM officials dlsctosea IhSt two lots 250-270 lb22.S6.23/25; 170-100 Americans were arnoiig pas Allen Gee and Imon Gee were Tuesday visitors in Hot Springs Mr. and Mrs. Gtiss -McCaskill had as their Tuesday guests, Mrs. Sam Smith and children of Fayettc- ville and Mrs. Chester McCaskill of McCaskill. sehgersvwho rittiAiftud' abbaf-d the plane after its overnightj. hofsifrom NtW •.• York:.,.;-. W; ShattJioft,' Ireland Their "natives .were:- hot fdisclosed. Nine passengers fl-ofh. "JJow ;York debarked at ; Shahtion; ; > , • : ; , : British and Dutch search- plans circled the North . Sea and boots set out to hunt the big IDC* 6B which disappeared when' almost within gliding distance of the Dutch coast. The plane's radio went >silent 19 minutes before estimated' landing time at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. The plane had been Scheduled to arrive at 11:52 i. m. (Si52 a. m. EOT) but hours later hart not appeared there or at three alternate landing fields. . 21522.30;: few 23.25; 1140 ; : -lb lb sows MO Ib'down moo-2t),75, mostly 2.5'1 Sown," .few loads? mostly uh- der 30 lb 21.00*28; heaViet SOWS 16,5048.50; boats ID.OO-lB.SO Cattle 8;! -caWes I t 8; little done.on. sters early; few good ana choice Steady at 260-22.50; heaif- ers and mixed yearlings opening moderately active; generally steady; good and choice 15:00-22.00; few 22.50; nows draggy; some early sales steady at week's close; utili ty and commercial 9.50-11.50; can ners and cutters 7.00-9.50; ligh shells as low as 0.00; bulls• 60 low er; utility and commercial 12.00 13.50; canner and cutter " bull 8.60-11.50; vealers and calve I had to _,..,-, — injured if examined, but WKmeyv*were? examsnca, i5Aras J1 <%r>\llttl6" pa-iJc." |onfef^|b}t|ftlpnt^ take Mrs. Ed Barham, Mrs. Don Jones and son, Don, of Little .Rock visited friends and relatives here Tuesday. taken to r TTort . r _ ..,.. listed ij condition.. They *•/ ' a < Meredith, Louisville,. J'a. , " '_, * . f^. , A. Better, -Chicago, , 'Grange Mrs. Moore, presented the program on, "Growing Stronger in Africa." The meeting adjourned with the Lord's Prayer prayed in unison, "iced drinks and cookies were en- •joyed during the social hour. 1 Mrs. Allen Gee 'Entertains Brld'ge Club The home Of Mrs. Allen Gee was decorated with roses, zennias and marigolds on Tuesday afternoon when she entertained members of the Wednesday Bridge Club. The high score award was won toy Mfs. Saxon Resan and the cut prize by Mrs. Basil Munn. Other members included Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Don Roman, Eleanor and Cecilia have returned to Citrus Heights, Calif., after a visit with Mr. and Mrs.. Henry Thompson and Mrs. Jack Hamilton. Mrs, Lelia McCargo was the Monday guest : of Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Johnson in Hope. Mrs. J. J. Pederson and Da\<d , of ' I .Highest 'Quality . . . Allen of North Cowden, Texas. Mrs. Bobby Duke and Judy~ of Brownlield, Texas arrived Wednesday for a visit with their, parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bemis. Mrs. Guss McCas- Dudley Gordon. $HP Sf/'iJr"^ fe^l mous Coffee id a Waffle f I •*> ^ -*r. W . . . - ' «- Dallis Atkins, kill and'Mrs. _... . Guests were Mrs. Edward Bryson Mrs. A. V, Regnier and Mrs. Blain Hays. ,A, dessert course was served at th^ conclusion of the games. ' 'Mary'Anne Haggard 4 Celebrates Birthday LfttleJJiIiss'Mary Anne Haggard da"fighTeV',,of 'Mr. x £nd Mrs, John P. Jta'gg'ard celebrated her third bir.th- 'day. with' a party on station KATV 'PJne Bluff on Tuesday Morning. <« -The' -guests Al Maijtindale, Bec- }ty Garrett and Anita Ijieth Lambert •yyere* each introduced after which they were told a story and shown a cartoon. The birthday cake was served after Mary Anne blew out the candles After the party the guests were taken to the zoo and the pa^-k. Spiritual Life Group Meets The Spiritual Life Group of the 'First Methodist .Church met on \Yednesday morning in the home of Mrs. J. B. Hesterly for the monthly meeting with nine members present, Mrs. P. A. Escarre opened the meeting with prayer and presented the study on "Abundant Living." Mrs. J. W. Teeter voiced the closing prayer. Gary And Bill Stewart Celebrates Birthdays Mr. and Mrs. Dick Stewart enter- AveTT Buffalo, N.Y Mrs Cadelia Kane, Chicago. Ray B. Pence, BJ(j Forest Ave., ISptith Bend, Ind. 'Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Scott spent several days this week in Little Rock. Mrs. Fannie Newth had as her guests Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs., Howard Lusby and Carol -Jane Texarkana. of Duncan Dewoody returned to his home in Memphis on Wednesday after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dewoody. Army Goes to Defense of BrazilChief by STANFORD BRAbSHAW RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil W! Army tanks rallied to t'lid defense of . embattled Brazilian President Getulio Vargas today as the Air Force pressed for his resignation. The tanks rumbled into position around the presidential .palace after Radio National reported last night that Vargs had rejected air force demands that he step down. Troops and police throughout the Rio area already had been placed on the alert. One newspaper-quoted Ilie'bat- tle-seasoned ex-dictator- tis -saying he- would leave his • palace "only dead." • ••• As rumors spread through' the eetasncpilal- ,the government radio periodically broadcast',' assurances ; by Vargas' militvy Chief of staff, Caiado de Cstro.vthat all was calm, at the •palace ahd pledges that the armed:'/forces would fulfill their constitutional duty to uphold the •presidency. -One rumor said ,'War' Minister Zenobio da Costa had ordered romise bill amending stomic cn- l-gys act of 1946: For Fulbright, MtcClellah. Secretary of Stale John Foster Dulles never has. spelle'cl out the details of that reappraisal. Congress, however, lias authorized an end to the American occupation, clearing the way for West German -•earmament as part of the North Atlantic treaty organization, it the European army idea is junked. A German buildup has been Monday, August 23, 19§4 ^ Western Union Asks Rate Hike LITTLE ROCK itf) — Western Uniotr Telegraph Co., is asking for higher rates for messages sent between Arkansas points. $ If the company's application to the state Public Service —-*" " steady; few high choice and prim vealers 20.00-21.00; good and choic 16.00-19.00; commercial and loy good 12.00-15.00; commercial an good slaughter calves 12.0-16 Shep 1,20; opening sales choic and prime spring lambs 1900 20.00; mostly to shippers ahd butchers; several lots'-good.-arid choice 17.00-18.00; steady to strong with Friday but not enough done to definitely . establish trend; aged sheep steady; slaughter ewes 3.004.00; 'aged bucks 3.00. . NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK W) Coltori futures were lower today in slow dealings. The market was influenced by beneficial rainn in parts of the central and western cotton belts over the wekend. . Late afternoon prices were unchanged to 45 cents a bale lower On passage 44-28 of compromise arm bill providing for flexible price supports of B2!/ 2 to 00 per ent of parity on five basic crops; Against — McClellan, Fulbrigh HOUSE On passage 188-77 of compromise bill to appropriate $2,781-490,810 for oreign aid; ForGatherinr, Hays ttimbler. Against — Mills, Norrell Jot voting Harris. Churchill and Continued from Page One lomatic officials said loclay. Anxious state department officials plan to sit tight while Jhe French assembly debates the fate of the six-nation army proposals. But tht United States is almost certain to begin is promise.1 "agonizing reappraisal" of its European policy if Franco rejects or postpones a Vote on the Army plan. A uerman DUIK.UP .»„ u~-,. France's major objection to the sion is not opposed, the now rates European Defense Community treaty. Yet President Eisenhower and Dulles were said to believe that by rejecting the pact France would be throwing away a grand oppprtuniy for European unity with control over. German rearming. Diplomats here said a situation of great gravity" as been created by collapse of the Brussels conference over revisions in EDC proposed by French Premier Pierre Mendes-France. An administration spokesman said yesterday that tho State Department is planning no moves to pressure France' into debate is of EDC. while the vital debate is going on. The debate is scheduled to start Saturday with a showown vote expected Sept. 1. , will go into effect within M days. Keneth M. Croy. engineer for he PSC, snid Western Union's calculations showed an expected loss of $4.272 this year, even if the new rates become effective. . CONFIRMED WASHINGTON UP) The Senate has confirmed the nomination o: .Robert L. Davis as postmaster at Fountain Hill, Ark. Congressional Cuts . Savings to Arkansas LITTLE ROCK Wl Arkafisfis taxpayers will save about $35,800, 000 this year through appropriation cuts by Congress. The Arkansas Economic Council- State Chamber of Commerce, which announced tho Arkansas figure, said congressional appropriations for tile 1955 fiscal year wenr cinn nnn nnn 1-inlnw thosn for 19a?. The savings to Arkansas taxpayers was figured on the basis ol previous,federal taxes paid by Ar- 'kansans. than the previous close. Oct 04.05, Dec 34.32 and March 34.57. R. P. Hamby and W. P.,\Cummings were Wednesday visitors in Texarkana. Mx\ and Mrs. H. H. McKenzie and Jim returned from a visit in Fayctteville and Northern Arkansas. army units to prepare to 'ta&e over the Galeao air base. |« ;i- ; ' Other repor.ts saicl opppp'iljion -radio stations were opcralin'g'-.'undei* a lid of censorship and that inte.i ! national telephone lines .to Ncvy. York w era "out of orciciv", NEW YORK STOCKS NEW, YORK ,(£>• Aircraft industry shares were strong today as the rest of the stock market sagged in early ufernoon. Demand was insistent for the sitOcks of warplane builders and •companies in allied industries in- cluing some who have a stake in the.atomic energy program. Many 'gains , went from 1. to around 3 points. . -.'.., 'On the other hand, .there, were losses didn't Lt. and Mrs. Pat Fore, who have been visiting their parents, Mr. 1 and Mrs. Bryan Ritchie and Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Fore, left Wednesday for his new assignment .at Olathe Air Force Base, Kansas, City, Mo., Lt. Fore has completed a Judge advocate general course at Maxwell Air Base, Ala. Links Budget in key areas. do very well. , The stels Chemicals Electrical ]Vf rs. Franlc Turberville has returned from Houston, Texas where she has been 1he guest of relatives. Mrs. J. T. McRae spent a part of last week in Texarkana. as the guest nt her mother, Mrs. C, J. Taylor. Trust iriDeql By WIUUIAM M.6ATES : .WASHINGTON (UP) 'Sen. Aloert . Gore said today records of Ihe controversial Dixon-Yates pow- ver-deal indicate a • "close 'iiaison" between, the Budget Bureau and .,_TOBUY -.o*,^^ YOUNG HENS RKdS^Kt&f^ow* 1 ' if yp u have Q la y ir| 9 flock why • fflit'icllll'thfm^npvv, and ?9ll us your non layers? We ,^^W'4ijjr.'t^' s buy several hundred at a time, but if m$^i»* very Date . r recessing Co. » rjj f OSOU.TH MAIN STREET '- W'(. '•- • *• Hershel Johnson of Dallas tho .guest of relatives. has A-lC Billy G. Danner, who has been the guest of his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Gordon Danner, has returned to Ft, Bragg, North Carolina, were usually .lower, equipments were down. ' The.'.:;, 1-ailroads .did fairly - well. Some/,oils'advanced. ., ;.v;;;:.:.'..; POULTRY AND PRODUCE 'CHICAGO •(*)/'••' Live' "poulrly. stealer; •receipts 1,049 coops), Friday :812 coops or 125-410 lb; f. o. b. paying prices unchanged to 3 higher; heavy 'hens lfi-22; light hens 14-15; fryers and broilers 27-30, old roosters 13.5-14; Butter steady; receipts 877,248; wholesale; .buying; prices iinchanged; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 56.5; 90 B 54:25; 89 C 53; cars 90 B 54.25; 89 C 53; cars 90 B 54.75; 39 C 53.5. Eggs steady to firm; receipst 10,213; wholesale buying prices unchanged; U.S. large 37-40; U.S. , "the power trust. 1 ' . The Tennessee Democrat • said mediums 33; U.S. current receipts 25 checks 21 : standards 32; | dirtier 21: publication of the d o c u ni,e n t s "raised more 'questions than .it answered and depened thj mys-. tery" surrounding the |^roposed multi-million dollar government con Lt. and Mrs. R. E. Bloxom and Jim, who have recently returned from Germany, are spending several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Griffin. <> -ft V ' 'VU^ !*^f» l^'rvrr*' '"^ W.,tf**? rU'/: . T» Owr AJf Conditioned f OFFEE SHOP , , 6;30 q, m, tp 2 p. m, 5:30 p, m. tp 8 p. m. 7 ' BARLOW Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Roe have as their guests, Mr, and Mrs. Wilton Shackleford and Ira Lacey of San Antonio and Mr. and Mrs. Luke Rust and .Bob of Del Rio, Texas. Mrs, Arde.ll Clark, Misses Margie and Sue Clark, Mrs. Carl White and Miss June White motored, to Little Rock Wednesday for the day, Mrs. Thorne Hesterly and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Allen of El Dorado are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey I Walls and family in'Chicago. Mrs. Mary B. Smith has returned from an extended stay in Chicopec Falls Mass, where she has been the guest of her son, Lt. H, E. Smith Jr, and family. Court Martial tract. , . • He > charge that the contract was 'crass favoritism ami misuse of the public trust." , At President Eisenhower's dirc.c- iion, the Budget Bureau a,nd Atomic Energy Commission .; Saturday, released a 132-page record; of i]}6 steps leading vip to tlxe contract,. It wag made public, to'' answer charges of "scandal" brought by national Democratic Chairman Stephen A. Mitchell, Gore, bitter critic of the proposal which he says is designed to hamper the Tennessee Valley authority, called it "remarkable" thi»t four days elapsed between Mr. Eisenhower's invitation 'to newsmen to inspect the documents and their publication. • "I wonder if the' four days were consumed in the proceed of digging out or covering up," Gore told a reporter. "I don't know who hqs influenced whom but from the records thus far disclose it w«vild seem a close llason existed between the Budget Bureau and the power' trus.t.V Under th« : , proposed contract, the GRAIN & PROVISIONS ;... CHICAGO W) Trains was light on the Board of Trade today and prices w£re lower on all contacts during' most of the session. September soybeans, which £aine 9 cents a bushel last week, dropped as much as 7'/ 2 cents a bushel today before rallying some what on '. short weather lor the covering. God approaehinghar- e _,... ----- — vest and reports that Formosa will buy no beans during September bearish influences in the market. . 'wheat was down around 2 cents at times on commission house sell- ''wheat closed l'/ B to 1 lower, September ?2.11-$2,n'/8, corn v/as % to- lower, September $1.63 •* V 8 oats were unchan gcd to V 8 high er. September 723/4, rye was vm- chonged to % lower, September $1,1SV» ' o 10 • snd soybeans were l|' a cents lower, September $3,08'/o-$3,07 1 /z. Wheat: none, Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.66 -67; No, %\MV*; No. 4 ' Ho 5160 l / 2 ; Sample grac(c 15660, Oats: No. 1 heavy mixed '79; No 1 ; heavy white 78---70'.a; No, 1 white73'/ 2 ; No, 1 mixed 76 1 /?. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: malting 1.30-50; feed 95-1.12. AEC would buy 600,000 kilowatts of power annually tor §5 -years from the Boxon-Yates sundicate, Which would build a new $107,250,» 000 steam plant at West Memphis* Ark. The power would be delivered into the TVA system to "ropla.ce" a like amount of TVA power use by the AEC. ONi DAY SiRVICf that ' 4PHMSON FORT SHERIDAN, 111., (UP) The court martial oj Lt. Col. Harry Fleming was ajourned for a week today with the surprise appointment of AUred 3Ua France, president of the wiscpnswi Bar Association, as his defense counsel: _ , accused of conspiring b.Uf (pommuiUst c#pto4-« in Ko- tje i$ th?. first Army oft'icei LITTLE ROCK «P)-^-The Airkansjis Teachers Association annual Readership c workshop* Saturday. 1?e for . tha office).', to famliyjvise ixinv Here's How Our Senators Voted WSHJNGTON W HO\V Ar- members of Congress were j-ecorded as voting on recent roll On rejection 48-41 of. motion to adopt SenaVe-House conference re- np>t on Atomic energy revision bill subsequently sent bacfe to nce i?n vojcp vote: 'the mfttlon W) The meetings wlJJ Ve hp)4 »t Ar La F^raac^ said bo first h,e«r4 the chw£W iSSt they wei* Just Arrived CASHMERE Sweaters .For Career or Campus wear. The most luxurious sweater of them all. You'll love the full fashioning. The distinguishing mark is the shaping of the sweater in knitting. It's so comfortable on. The cashmere naturally is the finest, from the remote fastnesses of Asia, so soft and light. You'll love, yours. Cardigan Slipover . $25.00 $19.98 Our complete assortment of Sweaters now. on .display. Other sweaters .in wool, orlon, and nylon, priced from 3.98 NOW...do it yourself and save • " -.'••':• ' •••••-•••• . ....-.' ,*..'• . . •• •' • ' ;••'•, .• ' : " ''•'' •'"'. ' ^^^^^^^^^^ with BUTLER H 0 P t STAR , H 0 M» A tKAMSAI SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday August 24 the V. F. W. and the Auxiliary will have a social Tuesday, August 24, at 7:30 p. m. All members are asked to be present. Ice cream and cake will -be served. laven. Every member is urged to )e present for the election of now officers. The Kathleen Mallory Circle of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, August 24, at 7:30 p. m. with Mrs. • Harold Brents in Oak- .'I '4. BY REFRIGERATION! * LAST DAY * • FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 - 3:47 - 5:34 - 7:28 • 9:22 . V *An : ne. BAXTER Steve The Country Club Family Picnic will be held Tuesday, August 24 at 7 p. m. pink chrysanthemums with double mirrored wedding rings, in a plateau effect,was placed 1ft'the center of the table. Loops of pink satin ! ribbon entwined with double mir- lored wedding rings extended from the? central arrangement to each side of the table. Luncheon was served to the honoree. Miss Nancy Shults ahd Miss Carolyn Cox of Fulton, Miss Jane Dildy and Miss Mary Collurn of Texarkana, Miss Nancy Hays, Miss Caroline Hawthorne and Mrs. Joe Mnrtindale Of Hope, Mrs. Howard Cobb, and Miss Howard. Buckley — Launius Vows Pledged 1. LATE NEWS 2. "Three "'Little Pups" Cartoon ' . Tuesday Only JoAhn Brlstbw to W«d Leonard Eddy Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bristow of Fultort. announce the engagement of their daughter, JoAnn, to Leonard Eddy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Odis Eddy Of Strong, Arkansas. Mla» Roberta Howard Entertains With Luncheon For Miss Catherine Cox Miss Roberta Howard entertained with a luncheon at Hotel McCartney in Texarkana, on August 13, complimenting Miss Calliorinr Co*. bride-elect of Lt. James Faulkner,] Miss Cox wore a troussea frtn.:!; of pink polished collon and a h»t of while lace. Sht; was pi-escnted a corsage and a gift of silver in her chosen pattern. An attractive arrangement of J.F. Muggs Certainly No Gentleman By §06 THOMAS Fred Main & Country Club RUs. FINAL NITE © JOHN WAYNE GERALDINE PAGE "HONDO" In Technicolor! • BUGS BUNNY • "TALENT SCOUT" « Tues. - Wed, © ESTHER WILLIAMS M JOIiKSOH : TOfiY MSRTIH -?-'?-''" Miss Jeahette Buckley, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Suckley of Hopeville, formerly of McCaskill, and Clarences Marvin Launius of El Dorado, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Launius of £p«k- man and Shady Grove, were married Saturday evenirtg. August 14, in the home of the bride's parents. The father of the bride performed the double rine ceremony in the presence of the immeditae families and a few relatives and friencb. For the wedding the home vis clrcorated with an lurrttoviaed altar of greenery with baskets of while carnations and while gladioli interspersed with ivy. and burning Uipcrs. Miss Barbara Buckley, sister of the bride, was cnndlelisht- cr. She wore n dress of pink nylon. Mrs. Oliver Nance playqcd the traditional wedding marches and "Dream of Love." The bride chose a street length dress of ice blue organdy with matching accessories and a corsage of white glamellias. Immediately following the ceremony, a reception was held in the home. The dining table, covered with a lace cloth, was centered with the white wedding cak'e, sur- lounded with greenery, pink carnations and silver king. Mrs. Bernis Amis and Miss Dorothy Redd of Magnolia assisted in the serving. After i\ short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Launius will be at hpme i at 1302 Rock, Islnnd Avenue in El Dorado, where Mr. Launius is employed. Mrs. Launius, a graduate of Fparkman High School, is now a senior student at Southern State in Magnolia. She will graduate in January. Mr. Launius is a graduate nf Sparkman High School and served with the Armed Forces in Koroa. After his discharge from the Army, he enrolled at Southern SU:te Coiloge. ' • HOLLYWOOD • W) J. Muggs is no gentleman. i hate to disillusion his television fans. But in the iiitaresU of honest journalism, 1 must report the facts: That he smoochfed with his leading lady, then kicked her in the face; that he stole food'• frem • a reporter; that lie scampered" away during an interview.- He eve« WMr diapers. ; • •'•• ' He may even :be subversive When asked if he.liked congressmen, he shook hife hfead. Violently PLAN NOW TO ATTEND 'SCOTCHMAN'S N5GHT" THURSDAY & FRIDAY! sembly grounds, with each contributing something to the sum mary of the week's work. Campers who had a perfect at tendance record for the week were by camps: Arlene Rogers, DavW Moore, Tommy Jones, Billy Wai ters and Louis Anderson, from the While Horse Corrall with Mrs. J W. Perkins and Miss Linda Moore as counselors; Joe Craiii, Jimmj McLarty, Max Henry, Denny Dick inson, Nancy Reese, Judy Keeley and Teddy Meade Jones, from th Happy Morons with Mrs. Grove Thompson and Miss Charlenc Rog ers as counselors, and J. B. Henry as assistant; Caryl Myers, Edwina Whitman, Terry Don Thurman, Jerry Chambless, Johnny Dean, Johnny Turner, Make Morris, Larry Patterson, William Walden, and Ronnie Jones from the Whispering Pines with Mrs. James McLa'rty and Mrs. Geo. Robison as counselors, and Royce Weisenberger Jr. as assistant; Don Ellen, Pamela, Aslin and Betty Blackwood from Busy Beavers, with Mrs. J. H. Monday as counselor, and Kitty Jones as assistant. Mrs. J. W. Perkins, served as local director for the Camp and Mrs. J. II. Monday of_Litlle Rock represe'nled the Board' of Education of the Little Rock Conference. All these "things were uncovered n the line of doty at the Baltimore Hotel, Muges, the animal hews editor of NBC's Today show, had nrrivdd via air on the last ietf of his around-the-world tour. He had a press conference, then retired to lis room, tie was still in his travel ng clothes ahd wanted to change nto something more comfortable. I was ushered Into a large pri i-ate room where a table was set for Muggs and rric. He was late arriving, so 1 talked to his travel nates Mary Kelly, the pretty fca hire editor of Today. "Yes, it was quite a Irip," she said rather wearily. "Who would ever have thought that I'd go afourid the world in 30 days with J. frea Muggs. That chimp made a cHurrur <3Ut of me." Sh* Said the trip was strenuous because Muggs attracted crowds everywhere. "He's really very nice," she Said. "Lots of personality. I'm told that chimps that aro trained to do circus tricks end up With no per sortality at all. Fred doesn't do tricks. Everything he does is na tural. He's really very affectionate just like a child." The doors opened and in came J. Fred Muggs, walking between his trainers. Muggs had alreadj eaten lunch, but he sat down at the table and started -stealing bites iroin my melon. Didn't oven ask. In between biles, he hugged and kissed Miss Kelly, who appeared to be a dear friend. Then with :v swoop, he jumped off his chair and skittered under a lot of tables to the other end of the. room. His trainers dashed off in pursuit and brought him back. "He's fine until you--gel a lot of people around,", one of them i;x ectdtS' trf tfifc X5S9 fii'tffldf whlfih wet in, w* V>? *•«<«**. w»> •»**«»-•«»»«» •• a sMpplng turtle at the Dallas, Txaouarium; lived up to his reputation. He snapped at attendant whS they, tool* him out for his annual back wubUng and was still snapping *hett aquarium superintendent ; t*« Wto*£ left and attendants Glynn Drake and Lee House, relumed him to the pTol It took all three of them to hold Cecil while scrubbing thl inch-thick coating of moss that collected on the turtle's back since his last bath. plained. "Then he wants to show off." Holding onto their arms, he jumped up and' down and managed to land a kick on lha chin of Miss Kelly. She laughed it off, saying he was an excitable clear. After posing for more photos at the table, Muggs appeared bored by it till. It appeared that I wasn't going; to ««t uny. quotes from him, beyond his disdain for congres men. So I bade htm goodby. Rcmmel Getting Worm Welcomes LITTLE ROCK 1/F) Littlu Rock' Republican Mayor Plait Remme considered to be a potential can dklato for governor was grceUfd Bihftii XlwM* &I!^ J*ll?HaS!f ^wl bmtttfctefn'l ttflttil ion tax»As'" ,,, Mi Hei, JRffig was nam * president fivatw bli ;fee? study 1 ttMHf The Bdift theif day, by a three toft when he quarterly board kansaa Junior nefee. ,, ftommel, wlio • haS will be tha lor either tive told the votes, "but he" s'ald predate" lhelfc-t»M; Th«« mayoj' wllt'f County .todayi Ch'&l day; Jefferson Coufl Ph-arle County Lonoke County* out voters. >'' Candidates r offices will be.no by the !mllto.,-V Methodist Juniors Hold Open House Tho Methodist Juniors held open house Friday afternoon at Day Camp with their mothers as guests. Mrs. E. J. Whitman, Mrs. Theo M. Jones and Mrs. Virgil Keeley were the mothers on the hospitality committee. • •. • ; The visitors were invited ;to inj spect the four camps and then' a. program was enjoyed at the as- p3n golden fnfffafs on your favorite SWEET DOZENS OF USES Hew* Hog Hou>«f Calf Feed and Seed Fertilizer Stprage Milk Howie* Pump Hpuje.f 1 /- . You don't need to be a stilled carpenter . or graduate engineer ,; .throw away 'your hammer'and ^w, all you need is a wrench and screw driver to put up a new Butter PanlrFrame steel building; You save time, labor and material! With Butler panelized constructionj you can simply bolt easy-torhandlepan- 'els into large sections and tilt them into place pn any type fquindation. Then bolt on roof panels, and your new Butler Panl-Frame building is up and ready for use ;;' in hours instead pf days. You get carefully engineered frame* wort« that provides maximum strength per pound of steel,;, and galvanised, high-rib panels for added stability ,;; for permanent, weather-tight, rodent- proof, fire-safe protection, It will pay you tp build with a Pan!-Frame steel building, Come in soont ,' You choose the s/Ve you neecf,,, /rpm 6' to W widths ,. . 9' or Itf h/4h videwqlls ,,, in ' sired by adding e insulated of Miss Cox Honored Members of Sunday School Class number three of the Union Church of Fulton entertained with a dinner party and shower at Cox's Station, honoring Miss Catherine Cox, bride elect of .Tamos Faulkner. The table held an arrangement of mixed summer flowers "in a sry- stal container. The honoree received many lovely and useful gifts. Enjoying the occassion were, Mrs. Herbert Cox, .mother of the bride- elect; Mrs. James .Herbert Cox, Jr. of Shreveport, Mrs. .Jim Mopre, Mrs. Sam'.Weaver, ^rs, Davis Wpa ; ver, Mrs. "Lex Morton. Mrs. Otig BJackwood. Mrs.' .WiUaim 1 ; Varncr, Mrs. Cecil Cox, Mrs. San) McGill, Miss Anita Abbott, and the honoree. Lewis -MeLarty Presenting a Captivating New Collection for. . .. jv'-'-'j-^p'wS-^yv^':' 'V-y ;i '-' : >'• u I WONDERFUL ORLON.. .WASHABLE... COLOR RICH , Persqnql NAention Friend? of Mr. Frank Rosamond will' be pleased to learn that he is in a satisfactory condition lollow- ing :s,urgery in the Veterans pital in Little Rock. Classic Styled sweaters of super interlock Orion . . . Bradley proportioned for attractive fit ... Can be had in white, pink, It. blue or maize. Ideal as a set but may be purchased separately. Coming and Going , Mr, and Mrs. Finley Ward left Sunday for Syracuse, N. Y., where Mr. ' Ward will enter' the hospital for treatment, Robert .Ward, .their' son, is Resident Administrator there. Mrs. Ward will return next week. Little Miss Terry Ann Trapp lefjj via plane ; Sunday,' for Amarillo! Tex., after spending the summer with her 'grandparents, Mr. aiu3 Mrs. S. L. Murphy, in Hope . Miss Wilma Coleman, a recent: graduate of St. Vincent's School of Nursing, is now at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Y. C. Cole-, man. '•> •'i-^^S - •., ^.''-^.rt^i "•<„ , - -- v%l-m Miss Nelda Ellis has accepted a position in Dallas,, and will make her home there. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Shaddox left Saturday on vacation for points of interest in New Orleans and Pensacola, Fla. They will return via Gulf Point and Vicksburg, Miss. ; Copycat By Rhythm Step shirt complete with 2 Initiate 3.98 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Green and- daughter Molly Ann, of Dallas, arrived Thursday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Y. C. Coleman am\ Mrs. Zona Groon, They attended the opening of Coleman's Garage, and the Trading PoSl. Mr. nnd.. Mrs, Green loft Friday night. Molly Ann will remain for a longer visit. BUTLER: JACK NANCE P, Q. Box * M'\ * \ •> V ^vO • Hpnd pplisbed golden initials — orignt, non-tarnish- able, and easy as pie to attach securely. Made of finest sheen broadcloth — stitched to perfection. Pick ypur "strictly persons!" *hirt in any of 10 scintillating fit 40* Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Franks spent the week-end in •Russelville as guests of Mr. and Mrs. 'Charles Clifford Franks. , , '• ' Hospital Notes ^^?**M$$< •MBBBHI^^/^ /{/I \?,<, i jjijij^fi^ ?'; -Iv' Choose the shirt in *i?es 30 to 38 . , , In Wliite, Fietci Redi New Qqld, and Tangiers Orange. Branch AdniHted: Billy Don Hamm, Rt. 1, Emmett. Miss Jacquline Tyler, Washington, Ark. Discharged: Billy PO« Hamm, Rt. i, Emmet. Admitted: Mr,, Qlyde Whatlcy, Naples, Texas. Mrs. Thomas M. Dodson. Hope, Mrs, Bti) fitouston, Hope. Discharged: Mr. Raymond Peace, Rjt. 4 Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Houston of Hope, announce the arrival of b^by gir} Qfi August 20, 1954. Julia Chester Admitted: Mr- #ojnw E. MeKuv pey, S^r&tPg", Mr. Art Wavd^ Uope. . >i Diseharged: Mys. Irvm McA4; 9 m S , fit. « .HOPS, Mr«. SA eW ' Charcoal grey suede and leath" er combination with matching crepe sole. Sizes 5£ to 9, Widths S,, N, and M. 9.95 SKlKIir Mad. Vin t^'^ffll \ bfleW ~ ;,,. i • K \ ' ''^M&'rfy'''*•-*$$$ * ^ -• * £y3-*<*,'"«r XwrivS

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