Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 21, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 21, 1954
Page 10
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?*& **&*• ,"<;:>. • > v '" ,jgp^ rpp^TV.I^ ' A3 HO.'t STAR, HOPE, Auxiliary y, August imbers are 1£ce cream tind 5 * S Olha Roberts, C. A. Brown, H. K. M Patterson, Fred Stewart, Jewell YSttli, J. G. Allen, J. M. ttoekett, B.kPerry Heijley, D. S- Dragoo, C. J. Ottfjtjarhefe. >!", F. Mangum, Mr*. Wes c, and three guests. Misses ttockelt, Jena Norvell, and , tidberts. next meeting will be in the MMnMMMVHHBH .^^_ Boyle horrie ot Mrs. J. F. Mangum with ^ Citole 6f lpflft fhur,oh will meet Jl4, at *t:tO p. m. ^Breflits In Oak- tnBes' is urged to e election of ne.w for Shooting Girl t n i-IcreU^on 8 ^ Meeting libme ¥ftth6nStraU6n at iair P«rk .Tues- .'^teit' a short busi- ,gam,es '-jvefe' played flt!a "' was answor ' , met my/Husband" jorptJS Answers were ackeas won s enioy- L Hu,ckabee, MEMPHIS,-, Tenn, (.W-- A young blon,clc . whcMo afternoon "rnovic date" turned, Into a terrifying trap remained In \ serio-is condition today from a i22 ta'.u>t that lipped thrqugh 'her rfbdomen. 'Elizabeth Aim Kay. 10, before undergoing surtCfry last night, told police the bullet \ was fired by one of two tecn-agervs who threatened to rape hdr. i Homicide Inspector Pele W:eb- enga said two youths, identified os Jahies E. Shaffer, 17, and Benny Pruitt, 15, were held without charge by Juvenllle Court, pending the ouctome of the girl's comlition. The girl said she i had a date with Shaffer to see a movie. The two boys picked her u>> at home, she told police, and suggested stopping by the Shaffer houi':e. ' "Jimmy- said hc wvnted his motherland dad to meet me. Put Ws parents weren't at home." she said. -"We £at around for quite a while 'and they started ' galung Smart. I told Jimmy I wanted to 'go 'home. Then he told me to start blripping." ' The girl said she tried to run out the door, found herself blocked and "ran back down the haJl to the bathroom and shut myself' in." "They pushed the door open and as' I stepped ou^ 'Bonny said "Get her, Jimmy: and he Shaffer shot ml* " ' * 'Wiebengd said young Shaffer told officers ho only "meant to. scare her;" ' 'Iri^a Statement, Shaffer paid he shot "two. times through a chair to scare' rW - and then she ran into- the bathroom. When? she 'came but, I pulled the trigger 'again but I ( didn't kqow -the, safety was off." Continued from Page One would cost $25,000, to build ah ordinary fleet type submarine. It lakes $1,85,000 a year to maintain the 39 vessels. That includes overhaul artd the salaries and upkeep of personnel. Tho Navy fools this IS cheap insurance on $890,000,000 battle property. Weather Is the Same Old Story By United Press More hot weather nppcnrcd to be in store for. Arkansans today. The forecast'said it will continue clear to partly cloudy and hot this afternoon, tonight and Friday with the only relief being widely scattered thunderstorms in the extreme north .portion this afternoon and tonight. The mercury climbed to 100 degrees at Gilbert and Ozark yesterday, and held' 100 or above practically everywhere in the slate.' Yesterday was '.he 30th day this year that the temperature has been 100 or higher, according to Weather Bureau figures. Traces of rain at Calico .Rock and Ozark yesterday gave no relief from the high temperatures. The mercury was expected to hit 100 to 106 degrees this afternoon throughout the state. The forecast said it will be 100 to 104 in the central, southeast and southwest portions, and 100 to 100 in the northwest and northwest portions. Other highs yesterday included 105 at Arkadelphia, Darclanelle and Morrilton, 105 at Camden and Fllp- pin, 103 at Balcdville, Fort Smith and Walnut Ridge, 102 'at Little Rock, Newport, and Pine Fluff, 101 nt Fayettevilte'and Tcx- arkana, and 100 at El Dorado. ever to the district attorney and any additional informnton will have to come from him. The office of District Attorney Edmrtnd L. Blewere said he Is on vacation and no one m tht'office would comment on the case. How Tver Blewere said earlier he would mak' 110 statement until the f«i- cral. charges involved had boe* Ternfe beaten body was found, on Backbone Mounlnln near For Smith, A«, on May 22. He had ben 'shcfc once through the head. NOTICE JIMMY MILLER is flow connected with .' SHORTY BARNES SERVICE STATION Host 3rd and Laurel He invites his friends to visit him at his'new " location. * * DIAMOND For campus life this fall, the sweater turns into a jacket and gets a big play teamed either with a second sweater or blouse mid skirt: Jacket sweater with no-button front (left) is patterned in after-ski-tradition, comes in all wool with dark figures ! on ti light background. I Coin dot sweater (center) has white com /' . '. •,,;,- • . • ' ' - • dots on a gray background \vith wide turnover collar and no; buttons. Button front sweater (right) has border trim of stylized leaves and an all-over pattern of tiny dots. All three designs ; are by Catalina; all three can double as jackets to be worn ; over simple, straight dresses. Sunday & Monday at Drive-in f SAHARA ADVENTURES Old Guard GO Ps Take One Round - Associated Pre.ss .WASHINGTON" — Dr. Pierre. Jo soph Frein, 85, head of the Ro- rrianlic languages department at the University of Washington, Seattle, 'for 4-1 "year's before Ifie retirement in ^947. Born t in • Great Main & .Country Club 'Rds. TonigHt Only • s^TVtr^ |ip®Z4tr-P5T J i'" r "T^^~ UoGORCEY "arid Hio KOWERY BOYS ^wiJTHiiUNT^ tl*M: fSY BROUGHT OUT THE' THE WORST IN ; LACH OTHER! • AISO • Vengeance was his vow! Terror wgs his wegpan! KEITH LARSON OF BEU STARK" In Color! .Always A Color Cartoon Sun.-Mon. First the was he's stay . , . was he woman) WAYNE QfRALPINE PAGE rt HOHOO" 'FORT SMITH (/P) — - A.fatctional fight which led ' to the only floor battle -of this year's Republican State /Convention ;was decidjed here Tuesday with a victory for the so- called old /juard group. A Sebastian County Republican Convention elected Martin L. Green state committeeman and the Republican County Committee chose Albert L. Mitchell as its cha.irman. , i , Green and Mitchell were opposed respectively by Charles Couser anfl A; B. Osborne, choices of the "liberal" faction. All four men live in Fort Smith. Each group held a county convention at Greenwood on May 26 and each contended that its delegates to the state convention at Hot Springs on June 11 were the legal ones. The state convention allowed delegates from both factions a half vote each and ordered another county convention at Fort Smith, under supervision of L. B. Morgan Jr. of Little Rock, state party secretary. At 'Little Rock today, Morgan said' that three other county conventions he had monitored by direction of the st^te committee had resulted in old" guard victories. These were in Johnson, Lawrence and Yell Counties. The liberals won in a fifth county — Ba'xter . Baxter, Johnson, Lawrence and Yell also sent contesting delegations to the state convention. The vote was split and new conventions ordered but without a floor 1 fight such as resulted in the case of Sebastian, Morgan today good humoredly protested continued emphasis on "old guard" and "liberal" or "new guard." "We're all working together now for the Republican Party," he said, DOROTHY DIX Helping The Ailing ANNE BAXTER encounters STEVE COCHRAN unexpectedly in this scene from'RKO's "CARNIVAL STORY," in'color by Technicolor. Wed. & Thurs. at the Saenger * .*, t Dear Miss Dix: You often advise, people who are bored to' get out and help other. Perhaps you'd be interested in my experiences along that line. Several years ago I joined the Massachuetts Shut-In Society, and even before- that, visiting and writing to shut-ins was a hobby of mine. I spent many years at this rewarding work, Then, ua- expectedly, I was taken ill myself, r had a bad fall and was in and out of hospitals for three years. However, through the darkest days the love and loyalty of my friends have been my comfort. When I tell them I'll be forever in their debt they just say. "You have it coming to you!" Since I know now how long hospital days can be, I am more determined than ever to continue my work for shut-ins. I want so much to do something for the marvelous friends who sustained me,', but they won't let me do a thing I^.can show my gratitude only beiredoubling my efforts to help rt'thVi-'^sif-lc and needy folk. Mrs. A in this scene from RKO's "SHE COULDN'T SAY NO." Enjoy Our Fine Foods , .SUNDAY ..1 irk J DINNER I.IW ABrlng the family and eat Sunday^ Dinner with us. I us for Reservations. Any* sire table reserved. Council to Discuss Utility Rotes LITTLE ROCK (/P)— Public utility ates will be discussed by the Leg- slative Council at a meeting here -icxt Friday. The council will consider possible egislation to do away with the pre- ent law allowing a utility companies in Arkansas to raise its •ates temporarily by posting a jond. The proposal was submitted today by Stnte Sen. Max Howell of Pulaski County. Other proposals are th,at the louncil: 1. Determine the long-range possibility of using education television in'Arkansas public schcols. 2. Draft a bill providing a retirement system for all state em- ployes. ,3. Eliminate discrepancies between iteri'.s subject to 1he state sales tax and the use tax. A We Specialize w In Party Service. ^ Anytime • DIAMOND • Cafe & Cafeteria * * BROILERS LITTLE ,POCK (A 1 ) — Northwest area; Market steady D;mand fair Broilers and fryers 2'/j-3 Ibs Mostly 23 cents. Batesville-Floral area: Market barely steady. Demand improved Broilers and fryers 2Mi-3 1-3 Ibs. Mostly 23 cents All prices fo.b. iarm Barringlon, Mass. Died Wednesday. Norwalk, Conn, — Terry Ram- sayo, 68, New Canaan, Conn., consulting editor of Quigley Publications since 1Q50, formerly with newspapers in sevoral m}dwcstern cities and one time editorial chief of Pathe News and PaUie Review, Born in Tong^nqxje, Kan. Died I Thursday. -" T N, Ohio — Abram p, Sf$pjile, 7£, inventor of a high- speed steel-roiling process, and for mftpy yjars head of the Cojd Metal Process C, Died Thursc?j3y. ,'PHOE.NJCJA, N. Y, — Louis C. Ferstadt. 53, New York City painter, sculptor and. illustrator whostf career included \vor& on the Chicago I'rjbune and tJve old New " ' ~ ' Q r » p 1) i c Pied True, Lasting Friends Answer: This letter proves.tha generosity isn't always its own sole reward. The friendships we build up by helping others are the truest and most lasting. Those who have known dark days of suffering and loneliness are most ready tc come to the aid of those similarlj afflicted. There are so many needj people in this world that anyone with compassion can readily find someone she can help. I am often asked to name specific organizations who can use volunteer aid. One's- pastor is usually the best person to find the proper outlet for particular abilities. A person fond of young children could be used in the children's ward of almost any hospital. For those with . sons, husbands or sweethearts oversea, or in service in his country, the Red Cross might have a special appeal. Then there are guilds to help the blind, mission groups working for those who carry the word of God all over the world, and groups banded together to visit ttie mentally ill, convicts, orphanages ,and so forth, where help from outsiders is needed. I do hope'that Mrs. A's experience will guide others to an equal ful- fullment of charity Shreveport Police Say Slaying Solved Shreveport, La. —tfl — Police Chief Luther Miller said today the murder of Shreveport salesman Neal W. • Vernon "has ben solved." Miller refused to divulge a n y (further details on . tha case and said "the case has been turned Let Us Install That BROKEN GLASS Have 'tHat broken auto glass replaced, today. We recognize insurance claims. If you need good Used Parts for cars' or trucks. See us now. WYUE Glass & Salvage Co. West 3rd Street - ,GLAIV)QR SPECS—JSye-catclimg glasses are easily made with this clip-on ornament- Called "Qlorif-Eyes. 1 ! the attachments come with rhinestones, pearls, or :in,finely engraved silver and gold. They're on sale in New York City, SERVitE-RfPfllR Pick-up and Delivery ONE DAY SERVICE Beat the heat — have that fan repaired at JOHNSON'S ELECTRIC. We Specialize in Residence and Commercial Wiring JOHNSON ELECTRIC Carl Johnson C. P. Retrig . , „ „ . c|T);CAQ9 — Edwin C. JCenton, preside}; pi $vaiib Re^ »p,«i Dveiopm^nt. Inc., of Vfli-Jf, Clarence Brown, wjd^w of Lovkin N, Brown, Industrial- Dear Miss Dix: My husband and I were divorced three years ago — after ten years of marriage. We have four children I have custody of the children, though he has visiting privileges Either he comes here to see them,"or they go to his mother's, .where he lives. When they visit him, he spends the entire time telling them things, about me that arcrf't true. The youngsters come home upset and full of questions. The cause of our divorce was flagrant adultery on his part. Mrs. H. Answer: Take the matter up with a lawyer, and through him with the court that awarded the divorce. The father, certainly has no right to tear down your character to your children, and I'm sure steps will be taken to force him to desist Irom such tactiqs. «i NOTICE: Cook's White Star Laundry and Gleaners is closed. If you have clothes there please call 7-yW19 f or appointment to get them. Will not be responsible after Tuesday, August 24. . : FREDCOOK develppe4 Pennsylvania the I?ey?l,oi>e sJaj,f> p,HaJi» a better Dear Miss Dijs; jEight members of a club are plaTuiing a stork shower for one of the group. Since the girl doesn't need any large article, we wondered if it would be better to make a gift pf money, or to give small presents. S. D. Answer: The smaller gifts would be preferable. A shower is a up- j-ise party, and th& nicest part is having the guest of honor open each package. I'm sure she'll pre fer it that way, too. In a siixgle season one aphie multiplying with no deaths could produce progeny equal to the number 150 with ?? zeroes aftei Welcome To Our Air Conditioned COFFEE SHOP Hours are ... 6:30 a. rn. to 2 p. m. 5:30.p,. m.'itfii^'P.'m.: Open 7 days a w§;ek; ' * • . : • 'r - ; . Comfortable ropms for permanent guests. Rates you can afford. Make your home jjt the WANT!D TO BUY NICE, FAT YOUNG HENS W.f need hens now. If you have a laying flock why not cull them now, and $ell us, your non layers? We would like to buy several hundred at a .time, but will take whqt you hove. Call Us t°r Delivery Pate Hope Locker & Processing Co. r UT A T w M e M, m t *... By J.». W»lfa»t OUf OUR WAY Answer. T te~Pr£v[6us Puzzle In Old Mexico , 06 VOU MING? *TELL- J. Mfe WIHAt.XdU USE TO ^UT 'fH' GRBA&E. 1 WHEW YOU ACROSS 61 Dry 1 Mexico—— is 62 Scottish capital of this sheepfold country 63 Pen name of 6 r-^^- area is • Charles Lamb 760,383 squareS* Soaks Up miles 65 Oriental coin 8 It is -—- in €6 Blow with ..mineral open hand resources . DOWN 12 Tpward the .WELLyVVSLU" CAW IJ7OP6R PUt.A 9I&LEJ LVE REALUV GIVES•)-- rr TH' gV ^T yoi J K GAKASEty i \ ^>^^__ , ^_ "•___' _ _• _ ^-^ ( ^\»r ,- • *-ji_±_ ,>— *.~~ ss±z *" ^ii/.V't— *"?• 21 Duct (anat.) 23iAges. 43 Dry, as wine 45 Expunges 47 Former : Russian rulers 49 Indonesians Mindanao • 50 Nothing •; •51 Journey ..' 53 Shout I sheltered .side 13 Folding bid 14 Mountain (comb, form) 15 Vend (comb, form) 25 Number 3 Relate ' ! 26 Palm leaf 4 Color 27 Stagger ; 5 Frozen water 28'Let"fail --« ujciu^eii waier *o X-.CL jan 16,Compass:ppint 6 ;)nit of.weight 30 Wolfhound ITP^rt of , •: 'pedestal •••'• 18. Rings 20 Leveled 22 Individual j 24'Cookirig •: • ute.nsil 25 This republic , is making great I progress 29 It has 25 ' 33 Chemical suffix 34 Peel 36 Mr. Chancy 37-Rubber tree 38 Classify 40 Blackbird of .cuckoo family '41.Chest rattles I 44'Dr.essed i feathers i 46 Encountered 48VVeight.of India .4 9,The among its 31 Musical quality __ 32 Geraint's wife54 Operatic 5olo 35Stj-ays. 55 Kind of tide 58 B'orh 59 Lair 7 Precipitous 8 Rat 9 Persia 10 Surrender 11 Monk's cowl 19 Fillip WASH TUBES OTHER W«W>A3W POTTER,; WU WON'T - NAM1 VOU WHEEPLEO TRUBJNVIW6 YOU HWE SIX WONTH5 TO PROVE V6UR66LP WORTHY TO INHERIT THE.EOTWEl IF VOU FAIL WILL RECEIVE THE BULK Of- GOOP WITH THIS- S^W.L iEFT VOU, VOU'LU' SOV» OF THE THE OLO MAM IMiTO CUT.tlNS ANE OUT, ABE MADE-MOT BORM cV"ita.%'»£•"'.*-.' With Mojpr Hpople •^^^^MiMMB^HMBBM^^^HH* QU.R BOARDING HOUSE MYYtoRD.MOvlE'vfe SOT Te BOYS/ T'A. A g£5T OF THAT . O— vJ AT smcLL-ei^. i^> •^^F-r/l4f2|V|NiG KER&1J EXCL>K':>I<-'N- 1 ~VM& ' ^1 8 A?^SlJi« 6 !M SUT OUR FRIEND * CAM COAST DOWMHILL S£f A^T 4 TIFFAMY TWISS6/ IM THE OLD CEMENT, MATOR/ANT^l spoiteOFA df MlX6R-*- WE'LL *m IFFANY TWIS6S/ IM THE OLD <3POKte OF A OT MIXER -«~ H VACATION ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES UKINC mt= *->A 13KMV1 V - PHAEVOM HOM.EJ \COMING * AMD L5T KIM. ^(SACK/ — 'FETCH'IT A ^ r —' 52 It has many ruins 56'Gull-like bird '57 Too " " 60 Withered • By> Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY WILL 6TAV AMD iy ••'•• f~» •r'O A t i. 11111 1 IN-TW'\ LINE O' BOOKS, PS-TUNIA? J »^ -^ KEEP TRA1MIN6 FUNNY BUSINESS /LLEY OOP i\ WELL, WHAT YOU A-6TANPIN' AROUNP ) FOR? I THOUGHT YOU WAS TOLP TO RUSTLE HE SOME WHERE/>/ T»'*i J r U WERE 5AYING YOU'P NOT STAND SOMETHING... 15 ll DO NQT LIKE MINE BRUNNEHILDE? 5 'y0 a good mind to Invest a little in his company! You , tow MayMIe 4on0s vywidn't latch on to anything'that i wasn't 24-o^rat gilt-edged"' By Golbraith 5JPIOANCJE5 the mallet a minute? I don't life* questions he's askingl" Py NwHne SeUcr SWEETIE PIE THJI STORY OF_ "T jp#nt so many vtcitl«n$ »t fithine pl§c»i. tJNit girli r«»|iy lik.t it«-l hepe we don't liay^ tW<? old m|kl H ' ' fiilwrin»n on our h»ndt •< gSS®j - • , v- ;'?' \ ^ XU « u'i'- 1 * .^ .*o&i^^^il^MiiMili^S /^J^'iiftSffeS^I 1 ' ifeljsVfl-is

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