Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 17, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1896
Page 8
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Styles and Novelties in Jackets AN D Capes Just arrived and are on Sale Today Come to the GOLDEN RULE 7., iVM. 1 ! .'<'.*-*' ."\ > ^ i ' -IV* 1 A.y •iJ'Z* -"'^JiVif',' *^ii Tf "• "cHHi/I Ihe Globe We Have Won The Hearts of The People. TleGlote'HANLEY W*S Wi But Martin A. Quinn Entertained the People. '' a Large Audience the Rink. at Is already recognized as Logans port's most foremost Men's and Boys' Outfitters. We ore deeply grateful for (the unbounded appreciation oC our of- Sorts by lie public. We shall endeavor to til ways m-milt the esteem and cou- 'Udence with whiicli our foUlow eit : zrus have sa abundantly honored us. Lucerne Pops Put to Rout by W: S. Kinrfey. In testimony of our gratitude and i.to thoroughly in- rt-oduce our finest •grades of equal to -custom made Gar- rinents, we offer as sas follows . Men's Plaid Suits .OO 'Newest novelty _' t Vll-Wool Cheviots "This peerless offer lie for one week • only beginning to• morrow and end- '(ing whenoordoor •closes next Tues• day. Corner 4th and Harket. These Suits are AH Wool, Winter •weight, irmde" up b'y Artist Tailors Men's Plaid 'Sul's i.oo Fashions Craz=>, Perfect Fitting, Every element of fineness that goes into highest grade cut-to-order garments is in these suits. There here Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats Those are faelniowi/bly cut and well rmade Overcoats, warranted to flt, to i-wear and to fooid cotor. WeUl let you loe the judg» of tteir value. $5 All Wool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. ,Au excepttoonially well woven .•ahevtot, made up especially for our paitrans, amd duplicaited ait *he prices uowihore on thte pdaaeit. We warrant Chcan fast colors. To delight the B6y»and their Mothers we will sell • Knee Pants at 15 Cents /axtra good weight, neat patterns, for boys' aged 4 to 14. TtetHote The Globe Corner Fourth and Market Streets. The Globe PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., The well-Known Specialists ot NAN York kave appoint e D. A. H.4UK as agent (or their celebrated Spectacles and E?e Glasses, every pair guaranteed. D. A. HACK hwi complete assortment and Inrltek all to satlstj tberaielTes ot tue great nujwrlorltj of tbese goodsover any manufactured, at tbe store oC D. A. HACK, Sole agent for Loganspoit Hid. . No P-vidlers Supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF. W. D. CRAIG. .436 Broadway, Second Floor. Parsley.— noitlicrmol. •Spring chicken-s at Foley's. AVc save you money on shoes.— E. M. Soo our ladies'* und gents' flnc shoes. — Eltas Winter. Fancy bulk rwisttid coffee 15c per Ib. — McCaffrey & Co. All -kinds of fruits awd vegetables f or Saturday.— Keystone. Grand bargains today at the Trade Pniace. See the bargains, Call today or cvenfng for your new -ic-loak at the Goltlen Rule. They can suit yoii. Today is -the big -clonk day at the Palace. Don't miss, as you can -0 per cent. , Henry A. 'Stoll has purchased the -stock of groceries from hi?, brother, John J. Stoll and will take possession ,;at once, Miss Jessie Ounnnlnigs has a >beaun- -ful line of winitor paittero Imts ajid 'ibonnots now on display. Call aad sree cth^m. 405 Broad way. The Darlington, WIs., Journal, says editorially of a popular patent medicine: "We know from experience that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Is all that Is claimed for it, as on two occasions it stopped excruciating pains 'and possl- —•=•---.-. bly saved us from an untimely grave. «•* every-point, answered their argu- ' ' n -. n nl(, -^,-niitn rfnn flmi»tft 'imHj IftTr Tflrf* We would not rest easy over night without it to the house," This remedy undoubtedly saves more para and suffering than any other medicine to the world. Every family should keep It In TJie .-fnutlilt'St erwwd 'Unit has assembled yet this cnun.T>aipu, o.t: UiinU'terii'oon speaking wns ait'bhe.rimk yesterday af- 1 rcrnoon. ThU.was largely-oTviup td'-a' iwi'Sbi.kc- hi- the announcement," of Mlve time of the mecitlng,. or I'/ithw/to'tlw deluy iii the arrJviill -of the ; Hon. .T. Frank 'Haii.k-y of \\-Tillia.m*port,,"-whol l .vas-l:o speak. 'JCbe, train,ooi wiiich Mi'.- HsiaJey-'was -to coauci ^y:i.« .ailmost an •hour-late, ami Hie crowd had-"ga thin-til aiHl 'more than hall' of tho ti(\:e'hundre<l which had come,out Irad left the rink 1 btifore tlie s=i>ciU;<>i' at:.last nirolrccl:-" ;1 ' T-Ie «nter(!tl tho.-rink•.a.-'fcn"-minute's before 3" o'clock an<l G. W-.' 1 'Walters, who lin-tTodweed him, st;ite<V .-..that'-he woukl 'be able to speak •but.a.frjwinrinV utes, as he waa on.his way. home twob-. tain a. muchnieeded rest. • Mr.- 'Haiiley's appearance tes-rtfled -to. hi.s;ba.d conitll- lion physically'. -He wns haggnttl-^and his voice wa* husky; liu .spoke ••with ovidieut ditfteuJty. Hi>'h;is:"been' crfin- palK-u-lu-g In tlre.Tt 1 nlh district,, to wiiich lie-was defeated for .t-li<S noajiilnatfon-to- Cou-gL-ess by .Tudjre Cruuijnujkcr. Xifflir und'djiy, for the past three-•weeks. Mr.- 1 Hanley has been speakiaiff- to .the-.ldtBr- est of his successful oppoiieiit,; a.nd hi* •\vork luis been- effective. He is a-bril- llaiit'talkei; and In Ms one. tenu-in Congress, made a record as <i forceful - op : qx>nein't in dcibate. .Keep 'your eye on Frank Ha'nley; he will be heard;fi'oui to public life In the. future. In, order Hiat the .people .who ihad're- mained might, root be disa;ppotat«lftlie- Hon. Martin A.Quinin, the t>iia;lny youmg ex-Democrat of Miami county, who-has' been making most effective. Speeches 1 ' through the countj-, was drafted uhd ; made « short spoeeh. , Mr.'Qutan:.Js -a 1 pleasing talker, thoroughly ;• well- informed oni the Issues,- and ithoroughly in earnest In his advocacy of th-exjause of Sound Mouej-. He U-speaklng.-every :; ntehtand will koeplt up-until t-lie-closo" of the caimipaign. , ,KINNEY AT W. S. Kianey, who mad^-such-a good impression on the crwvd T«jre. cm. -the day of-the Veteran's meeting, spoke at Luftuuie last night to a crowdr-that packed the school house. -I/uceroe 'nas a lai-go supply o_f Populist .voters, and they are always ready .to -sprlngiqiics- tlons on speakers. ..They went loaded for Mr. Klnney last night,' l>ut-:they ca-ugh't ai tartar; the speaker- met them molllt fl ^ re f or. figure, and. .left the field a vlctoi', after having .hammered a few, wholesome truths Into Ms-Popu- Ustie Wearers. The speecln has. put ad- d.l-filomd flre Into the Rci>U'blicana and the house for It Is sure to be'needed sooner or later. For sale by B. F, Keesllmg, druggist. - Sound Money Democrats in the vicinity of Lucerne, aind they , will 'make'the trail' : hot for the Popoci-ats •.until'!• the fight is won for honor and iprosiperlty; HONEY ISSUE Af>Jy Discussed by an Able Demo " '''•? .-• '•'. '•'. crat, ::' ; Ex-G'6vernor Roswell G. Flower of spoke to a good audience ot 'Money Democrats at the rink last nijglit. Every available seat was lilied, and i't was an extremely "warm •aiudience, lUberal in IBs applause and quick to catch the point of the argu meut. • •Mr, : Flower arrived yesterday after noon -at 1:30 o'clock irnd was met at -•the Panhandle station.toy the Hon. Ru- ilus Magec. Mrs! Flower-is with her husband.'on this tri-p through the West ami the party were driven to the Bannett. Mr. and Mrs. Flower 'had had luncheon on the train, and shortly after 2 o'clock were taken for a drive 'over the city. A bMi.utiiful old}' at any .season, of 'the year, Logansport is es- peclJil'ly beautiful at this thnc,with its won-Itli of fcwst .tiroes'turning crimson ami gold in the touch of the lute frosts, and 'the distinguished guests found much, to interest and' ddiiftli't In this, •the'Queen City of rheWaibasli Valley. The Hon. Mr. Mngee and daughters entertained -the ex-Govennor ami wife a.t 0 o'clock dinner, -and -at 8 o'clock the '•sponfeer of tlio evening was escorted 'to the rink by Mr. Magoe, Mr. Miller TJM nnd Dr. C. L. Thomas. As the .phirly entered, ex-Governor Flower was heartlOy cheered. Di\ Thomas announced, "from tlie platform that the Hon. -Tolin P. Irish, 'the eloquent Sound •Mfcrtey Califoiiuian and ' Democrat, would speak at the -rink this evening, :-aiml also that Hie Hon. W. D. Bynum, chairman of thte National coiftmlttee of the'National Demwrtitic party, wMl speflk nt the siiime plnce next Tuesday evening. He .-then Introduced Mr. Flower, who spoke in pnrt n» follows: .. "Mr. Chainniru,.ladies and' gentleman: 'I have come a pood way, all the way -from the state of Now York, to .-see the poverty stricken, people of the .West, but I find that.the Western- pco- ple.are in inch the same as-the people-of Ne-wYovk: 'They are .aeither poverty stricken, nor silver crazy." (Applause.) .From- that the speaker went into an extended 'history of the government. He called it the best government that Che sun shines up'on today, nnd lite, audience agree*! with him. ' He-nssailed the 7>latfoirm adopted by the Popocrats at CUIeago, first for fts position, on, the -rlghit'of iujuncHon by the courts, and second for Its silver declaration. He pointed out the similarity between the Ohllcaigo pla.tform nnd that adopted by Wire' Populists nt St. Louis. Of the latter he spoke in seathiiug tenms as be- tog opposed- to pa ternaMsm by the gov- enwnent'and yet-ralvocatlng tlie most radical sort of such a. policy when it declares lu fa.vor of tlie goveimment ownership of railroads. In relating the now famous hlstop- of thte turninig down of the true Democracy in. the Chicago convention, he- told a story of ia darky who lived in tho 'South. The colored brother wa out of meju and he .want -out one night hunting a 'coon or a 'possum-; FUml iy, along toward daylight, he treed •wliat he thought was a. 'coon- to a small saiplifig, a.nd as the animal -was on -low-lmngiling branch, lie took a stick ami puncliecl -hi'hi' off his perch. He had 'no 'sooner touched the varjniot than'-he found lie had made a. mistake. Its-pecultar odor am,d offensive atUtude proclaimed it 1 a skunk, and he went homo without me«:t. AVhcn asked what he dtil'\vlieh he found the .nature of hl«''cooh, the darky answered: "I ,1es Ijolted." . ' "I-felt like tbat darky,"' said the QUALITIES." Can find a itface in 'Uiis store. Our quality linos arc .tightly drawn and we allow ,n» "shoddy" to creep In. Low prices cannot tempt us—anything that falls 'below our high, stondaird has not a moment's consideration) from us. Anything Is good enough, for some stores—few things are good enough for thte. Our business career has been a "clean" one for twenty-five yoairs. It would be "coumnercilal suicide" for us <tx> triMe with i>u,blic confidence now. In 'tilwse dnys of "fake 1 ami "fraud" your only safety lias in. trading with firms of known good reputation—firms that you can judge by "performance" not "ptoniise." MEN'S SUITS $5 to $15. Brown Is Fashion's favorite this Fall. Brown, plaids, brown mixtures —aaythfang; BO its (mown. $7.50, $10.00, $12.50 and $15,00 here for such suits as you're asked $12.50 to $5.00 more for elsewhere. They IOPO "tailor made" suits with the only difference of a "ready-made" price. From our, own factory—there's the secret of the saving. ' $4 HATS FOR $3-$3 HATS FOR $2. AND SO ON. $4 for $3, $3 hate for $2, and so on. We want to make customers more Elian money in the bat department. . We know we've got to «ave you so-mothing- to win you from, your present •haitter. you. Come In and try the Fall stapes on—erne among -the lot is sure to please :=: THE HUB :=: Berwangcr Bros & Co, Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and that your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We will give you just exactly what you want if we can find out what that is. Perhaps you believe that it Is impossible to have your laundry work -handled without Irrita- tlon and annoyance: We are sure that you are mistaken. May we hare an opportunity of demonstrating It? HADLEY BROS., 8Dcce»on to Campbell Bros. A SMALL BL/AIZE, An 'alarm of lire was sent In from box No. 52 at 'the corner of Twelfth and High streets Inst craning about 5:30 o'clock. The Broadway, Nbrthi and Fifteenth street companies responded and found .nothing tint a small blaze Gtiaiisinger school', house to. Adams townshiji was crowded.last.might;-Tlio oceaslon'was a Sound Money McKliv- ley 'speecli. The speaker was Martin: A'.'tQuIinns and the people .wre jatten- ,um wuuu ai^tu-^s u.., *. 0 ^^ ^,~ tive and responsive. .It wns-.a-HblrriDSi in the grass 'ia a nearby common. The 'meeting 'such cs Republicans -are every- gdass on the alarm box was not broken ( where having. Much good w*s;,done. ami who turned to the alarm and how they man-aged to do It "without first breaking the gJnss, reiraflins'a mystery to Chief Sellers. NOTICE. All persons 'having unsettled accounts wl'dh) Mr. Otto A. Kraus will please 'call at the Fourth street store omd make settlement at 'the earnest time possible. This October 13th, 1SOG. AXJJERT G. JENKINES, Trustee. Born, to Mr. 'and Mrs. Curt Smith- n sou. -Mr. Smith says that ho -has named the youngster MeKlnley Hdbart Smith. . .. .. • - ; M..Joice, Who was .nominated <by. the; Miami eouwty Silver! tes for Representative/-!^ resigned because, he could Yiot swallow repudiation, was at, Gal^ vostbn last night to. address .a largo' .crowd of enthusiastic adherents of the' .Sound Money cause. His speech;was heard with much pleasure, .-which was in-many ways expressed by the 15ve Republicans present. He. aiu-algned' the party leaders of the new PopocracyJn a way that made their vagaries' very evident and unstable... The .Galveston "Ladles' .Glee club smog,.; much, to /the delight of the audience, . ,' • ; •Subscribe for The Journal, 40'Cen^'t' month. . , ••••'' '•"••' '• •speaker, "and when I found the nature of my company to the CWlcago conviin- tioiv1 'bolted." (Laughter aind applause;) .SpeaJv'lmg', of the question of a ratio, Ihe sald%hat It was Democratic faith, •.Instituted by Thomas Jefferson: that the coinage rViitlo should be at nil times 'based'upon the commercial iiatio of •value between the two metals. "Never IMS- the Democratic party been coni : pelled to stand up until this year and •declare 'that we arc fifty-cent Democrats." (Applause.) '-In retofflon to the "crime of "73," he said that In nil the years fironv the foundation of tine' government until i.1878, there were only a little over eight luilllion silver dollars coined altogether, -whereas'within the past four months there 'have been turned out from the •iri'lnts of the United States ten million ,of our bumdred bwelve, and one-half praln sliver dollars, He illustrated the difference between the coinage ratio •and-the.commercial ratio of the silver dollar 'by' compa-rtog a dollar .with a piece of silver of the same thickness as ttfe silver dollar, 'but of greater diameter; which con-tataed seven hun- .dred'staty^h't S rams of'sllTcr.' -"Un- cter free cotaage," he said, "the dMpping trom th'B't piece' of silver over th'e size of the coined dollur belongs to the iniue owiiier: under the present law it belongs to the government, wliiich' is :he people." He made n stsij;(.'jn<aiit showine .why :he farmei-s shouid have a. deeper interest in the clef eat of. free sliver coin- ige than almost any oHior-clnss (which wHl be iwlnted in-.fuU In a latei-Jssue);. It wns a. clear and'comprehensive ar- •aigumen.t of the falsehood proclaiimed >y Biyan and Ixis followers, that' the _'reo eouiuige of silver would benefit the farmer and the working man,'while all other 'businesses would also be stimulated. Tills should be read;and earn- sUy studied by. every voter in Cass oirnty who wishes to vote for that vhich will ibe of the greatest benefit to 'imsel'f, personally. ' • • The speaker was heard -throughout with the closest attention, and was heartily cheered at the close' of his speech. There wore a. number of fann- ers fi-o'm distant parts of the. county present, and they were enthusiastic In their applause. AE of which goes to show that all of the Democratic farmers have not'decided to desert the 'true Democracy for the Popocratic faith. PERSONAL. Prof. G. W. Michael has returned from Ohio. Sidney Burrows of Wiuaiimc was In the city yesterday. Olll'lc Jenaess is at Peru visi/ins friends a fow days. • Miss Nellie.Kreider will visit at Peru over Siunlay with Mends. Prof. Alexander Barr of Lafayette is vtsitiiug friends i.n tlie city. James Bakei- came up yestei-dJiy from Fniinkfort for a short visit. Miss Abbte Rogers is at home again after a viislt nt Lexinffton, Ivy. •Miss May Bay was in MarJoa yesterday the guest of Miss Ito'Ie Diigan. L. B. Charters of Peru wns in the city yesterday looking for a stolen horse. (Mrs. Joseph W. Fromeyer and children are the guests of relatilves In Lafayette, R. T. Moss of Cambridge, Ohio, is the guest 'In the city of J. T. and A. M. FJanegin. Mrs, Henderson of Rlclimoad lias re- .turned to that place after a visit ia the city with retalives. A. M. Willey went to CWcago this morning (to spend a day wMi his father who 4s visiting In that city. Mr. -and Mrs. Lewis Cotner of Jefferson township were 4n the city several days this week visiting relatives. Wlllord Thomas came home Thursday from Hartford City, where he had been atton<tlng a gun- club tournament D, H. Eetoert has been called from his home to:HaiTison'township to Dow, la., by illness in'the family of his brother nt that place. E. C. Clay and William Thomas of ladiianap'oiis, and Inspector Harry Deeds, with headquarters at Indianapolis, have been here putting in the new plant for the new exchange of the Central Cnioa Telephone company In • the V«ughn building. '. DEATH OF MRS. . Mrs. Hannah Moynihan,. wife of A. L. Moyinihaa, the Sisthi ..street wall paper dealer, died at the family residence yesterday morning at 5 o'clock •after a continued illness. She has been an invsiiid' for the last five years, during which "time'she'has suffered untold agonies without complaint. She was 4S years old. The deceased was a members of the" Episcopal church and aflso a member of the K. and L. of H. The funeral will he held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock from the Trinity Episcopal church, services conducted by the Rev. F. C. CooHbaughi AOOIDE'JCTAIJLY 'SHOT. Lew Gibbs, of Cutler was accidentally shot In the leg Tuesday by a companion Mined Frank Raltcllff while they were both in. a boat crossing Wild Cat creek. They had been hunting and wlien they went to cross the creek Gibbs rowed the boat while Ratcllff held the guns. The load of shot tore Gibbs's leg seriously. TALKING PRICES THE PILUNQ PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. • • * • Women's nice seamless rubbers, new and pointed toes, new '90 goods. Price «« • * * Women's storm seamless rubbers, as good as some ask 50e for. Price... .28c • * * Women's Arctics, nice new goods, good vaJue at Jl. Our price 58c • • * Women's kid button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed toes, medium heels. Price .• 65c » • •*. Women's satin calf button shoes; * good serviceable winter shoe. Price 98c Women's Vicl kid button shoes, patent leather tips, nice dress shoe. Prloe .' « Infant's embroidered leather mooco- sine, Just the thing for the llttie ow». Price 19c Men's rubber overshoes, nice new goods; a bargain. Price 36c Also please see our line of fine dre»s shoes. The most stylish and best fitting goods ever brought to Ix>ganeport. Line W. Pilling, 412 Broadway.

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