Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 20, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 20, 1954
Page 12
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ir PJ*iJ.-\7.f5/'«,r *Vr 5 S t A ft > R K A tt S A S Sf^Otf. -y. **.*»„. at» A£Nfef{ .-....^SfO .15,00 toi.bj#y>M44 mK*^-1&^«fa* ,. _ _ BOd -A»a^j l per i bf £.'W, for $°y' D(~- of on* ;W nH6r« , l«tt«fi/- count o* ort« } wardi wnr*6tjj« SEVEN Geese. ?honc 7-3804. 1100 South Gi>ady St. -Mrs. Barnum. 18-3t £ r P,r«f 1»2T e6kdoy Afternoon by BUSMIMft CO. ; Pr«ild«n» Building i-v, , Walnut'SlrMt ; Arkonlol .-; , 1 Pubtlibcr , Editor/ >^. •fffawww ^(ai%< wotttft ttt. ifvln;Hopo ancl n»lofiborlno dXNovi'do/ «.» £....«. r .l^ 2.60 * i -'' .,*.>«»,...««,.«*f*>,. , ,.,,,^..1.,^ .'•„':.. 6.50 ,^ 4bf.:., 13.00 'R«prt«n»oHy«i: ^./f 16P2 Steritk^ i 'tenn.,' 505 Texas.* ;i, TeSfflS; 360 N.* irfcTIV V J l«it*'v'»l?rtw" t ^ e & f ^;VS P^'^S^HL^S O^V I' - 'ffi^^Si ifuu r^^ss. 45 cniiiiea rx* the .use for republicaUon ocal neyvs; printed in this 95$ 'r- 4 --Mic^i «fe In Men* : Wear ngTglJ \& Mtf • •*- *• fit <(** 4"* * For Sill ^ Fully guaranteed T & Supply . ot, tattle. Jersey e calves, • heJfer yearlings, Inq Maggie Davidson, Wash gfScefy^Jtord' dnd fixtures. '**y6dl-bll!fJfleS#ir6l1 Highway 07. If ™ FtVJS room home, harjl.wood floors, Venetian blinds, street paved close-in. Paid on 5 years. $450 down, $4fl pe"r monfh. G. I. Loan. See owner, 100 Sbuth Spruce St. 18-3t LIVING room fvtrrdtiire, 1 bedroom suite, 1 oversize hollywood bed, l chrome dinette suite,,electric range and "refrigerator. Call^SfiO, l8-4t Notice ; PE-6PLE. $5400; all refrigerated air,, inntiJ'springs, . foam pillov;o 'C. E. Boley "all new court." 'Trailer, $1.00. Hcferonces, Citizens' And National Bank. ' A-14-'m Directors 2KB & MAlEL AMBULANCE PHONE ?-2i23 AtM Mo. TF m room house, electricity, gfts. Near city limits. Old highway 6? feast. Ph. 7-2243. 16-Bt LARGE house. Vacant September 1st. Wade Warren, Phone 7-254? or 7-2605. 16-6t UNFURNISHED 6 room house, garage, vacant Aug. 24th. Convenient to grocery, churches, and school. Phofte .Pr. . 7-3578. l8-6t 3, room apartment, private bath. Convenient to churches, school', Phone Pr. 7-3578. 18-Ot Cubic*. Each three rooms with bath. Convenient to shopping center, churches and business district. Phone 7-2285 for showing. 19-31 72 47 ROOMS With board, cooking at its best. Clean, quiet, comfortable robms With inttersprings and attic - ventilali6n. : Hotel Snykcr. 20-31 NATIONAL LB.AC1UE W L few York 73 -14 Srooklyn VtilWauke Philadelphia incinnati St. Louis Chicago UNFURNISHED 3 room apartment. Private bath', rent reasonable. 1311'West Avenue B. Phono 20-81 Salesman Wanted >; FARM 1 GENCY '6l, Offices'Moved to TOURIST COURT '""Effective August 19 , '^NEEJMvteMS TO» SELL Frank. C. DuShane or R. C. May ..Licensed.& Bonded to,give ,a Square Deal to All, 17-flt Wonted to Buy Meri's.*tJsed Shoes. Heaves Wanted To Rent Jess Pendegraft "from • A *8*af m. to 5 -p. m. Tele- fchfene rfcS&JV UT. 17 "« Jill's/ Gallic ( Walker of McNab died at her home Wednesday, Aufl- ist 18.v"Funei'al--arrangements arc ncomplete. ' ' Funeral service for Mrs. Hazel Turner were held Friday, August 20,'at the.Church of God with burial n Cave Hill Cemetery. Services Offered RIATT4 ESS renovation, and * innerspring ,,wockri,iCobb l4attrefs; ; Coi 'W«""-Sbuth i Washington.- - Phone 7-2622, Mar. 4-tf There will be a wiener roast at he home of '.Mrs. Sabie Rankins frlday night,'August 20, sponsored >y the UsKei 1 board df Lonoke Bay ist Church. -j.. s\ are,,^ four sensa'tions of ;a$te '^swe'et/ salt, bitter and sour. * •- ' • ' Tfh'ere will be a wlener^roasi at he City park Friday night, August 20 sponsored by the Junior Church of Rising Star, Baptist Church. Tho is invited, For- Repairs^ Genuine -Singer ^?6rts, aftiCreriral machines , •"SINGER Sewing Center :; Free Estimatei LOANS Hope: Builder's Supply Co. Phone 7-238T THE BEAUTY BOX "Air-Conditioned" Open 6 days each week <; , .-. Operators,, , . Ruth-. Hoels eher, Model J ' and Evelyn Moore . r .- 1}2 South Main • ^ Fair Park Prescott, Ark, **• i* T»*tj: o TOP'S Complete Repairs. New and Used Parts, Highway 67 West Dial 7-2767 Hope, Ark. Afc "r»* -i'ti " ' \ "•« <"> -1' a tuVaSt'ob .'^4t» »«*(rf Ine Bluff Merck Company wants salesman and collector for established route, Car necessary. Good Commission. If interested see T. G. Anderson at The Oaks, Cabin No. 5 between Monday and Thursday after 7 p. m. 19-3t This Negro Community Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Cleveland New York hicago Detroit ' Boston Washington Philadelphia Baltimore . , «Mrs. Pearl McFadden and family of Detroit, Mich., are visiting theiv mother, "Mrs. , Validean Daniels, and 'other relatives. Legion Plays Curtis Team Saturday Hope Legionnaires, resting comfortably atop the Little River Loop, vill take on another outside team Saturday.night at r 8 o'clock at Fair park. \ Coming here will be\ the one- ime; state champion Curtis Millers of. Clark County, FOR SCHOOL BUS PAINTING JORDON'S BODY SHOP •50Q, sV afermelon Stand S-CURVE Shover Watch Repair Guaranteed Pre- School Special, Bring your watch in Keith's Jewelry For Complete Parts and Servipp fpr New Holland Balers end Ford J»h.wi» pr Trii fei 'Co, eWl« 0nd,T4^ tfi Control Service Operated by 3445 109 S, Mgln RA's Take First Half Title Garrt^ r In Little League play at K park ast night the ftA's defeated Owen's 16 to 8 for the championship bf,thfe 'irst half. In the second game Cen- ury Bible Class downed the Lions .earn 6 to 1 to win the,championship of the second half. Tuesday, night at 7 o'clock the -entury Bible class. will play the RA's in the first .game of a best two out of threo games series; , Pittsburgh 50 CO r.H 02 fiQ IS2 •10 73 44 74 Pet. 01 .R24 .G05 : . 2 .579 51 .483 10'/ .4H3 1(51 .473 !'/»: .3(17 23 .370 30 Yesterday's ftesulta Now York 5, Philarlnlphiu 0 Brooklyn 7, Pittsburgh 5. St, Louis 2. Milwaukee 1 (10 inings) Cincinnati 7-G, Chicago 0-3 Today's Games Philadelphia at Brooklyn (night) Pittsburgh at Now York (night) Milwaukee at Chicago • Cincinnati at St. Louis (night). AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet GB 85 34 .714 :;.' S3 37 .092 2'/i 73 41 .039 8i/ 2 53 66 .44532 50 67 .'42734 49 68 .41!) 35 39 79 .331 45% 5.9 .. 81. .325 46 . I Yesterday's Results B.oston 11, Washington G Chicago"-4,• Baltifnore 3 Cleveland 4-2, Detroit 3r3 New York 8, Philadelphia 5 Today's Games Cleveland at Baltimore (night) New York at Boston <nighl) Washington at Philadelphia (n) Chicago at Detroit night). SOUtHEftN ASSOCIATION Wow Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Chattariobga Memphis Mobile Nashville Little Rock L R2 W 03 79 54 V2 GO GO 65 G4 68 5G 77 Pet. GB .r,is .584 3 .545 9Vi .504 H .483 17'', .421 28 55 "TG .420 26 55 78 .414 27 Yesterday's Result New Orleans 9, Litllu Rock 4 Mobile 10, Memphis 0 Atlanta f!.-l, Nashville 7-9 •, Chattanb&ga 4-5, Birmingham 0-1 Today'* Gamts Little Kock at New Orleans Memphis at Mobile Chattanooga at Birmingham 2) Nashville at Atlanta COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet. GB 74 37 74 ?,3 59 52 ;H32 '15 . 51 62 .451 24 46 6-5 31 81 fil Dorado Grenville Meridian Monroe Pine Bluff Hot Springs .007 .601 Yesterday's Results Hot Springs 8< Meridian G El Dorado 19, Pirtc Bluff 8 Grenville 2, Monroe 0 Today's Games Hot Springs at P-inc Bluff, Meridian at Grenville Monroe at El Dorndo WANTED See us if you are interested in Commercial Layer's. We need 10,000 in this area .to handle e^g contracts. DROUGHT FEED NORTH STAR 16% NORTH STAR SV^EET GOLD-MEDAL DAIRY SURE MlLK DAIRY Baseball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Afh6r!6an Association Columbus 2, Indianapolis 1 Kansas City 1, Charleston 0 St. Paul 4. Toledo . 2 Minneapolis 5, Louisville 4 Western League Des Moines 3. Denver-0 HOPE StAft,* 44 Of t, AftKANSAi Ffi<J<iy, August 20, 1954, * w * * . atrf^d OXAIK IK! Omah 4-2. Pueblo 3-1 ! Wichita 0-2, Lincoln.2-0 Colorado Springs 3-9, Sioux City 2-B RELAX.DEAR-'VOUR U \NORRIES ' The compouncl'eyes of some fossil trilobites had as many as 15,- * 000 lenses* HEY, KIDS! SMILIN ED dur OUK WAY BvJ. *. Wim«m* Artswiftr to Pfivtoui V THAT'S CLOSE AMP SHE'S TAKIM' A J ENOUGH ill the Blanks M5U HAPJJ'T RJMS WH6W WU PI OMYOWN —7 .SH0RT CUT THRU TH' >. t?IP YOU EVER SHOP-A ^LEETINT WHlf=F) SMELL.'SWEAT, TALCUM POVVfER / <i?IL AW' CUP GREASE we ©er AWAV.*HBMUST I.ET'S ?sw it dur HAVB KNOWN THE t*X»$ ) TMS BACK VW4V VVER6 ABOUT TO CUKE.'.-CWHlLEeUIMT (tlC HOVV BO VOU LIKETHAT?rf s 'HB LOCAL/ . ACROSS 3 Domesticate 4 Saunter 5 Without or hindrance 6 Revised -and dll his gang NOWON , TV :: : •V V^'EMANY-PUACB/ Presen-ed by your . 24'War .god of '40 Sponsor WASH TUBBS $3.10 $2.85 $3.55 $3.70 BUSTER BRO SHOE DEALERS WWTl WWW DO YOU CONTIMSENT? SUPPOSED ALL BENEFIC^RIES ARE PRESENT, THE ATTORNEY 'COMTlNU£.fyto TOm«MPM$gf tw tadoe poaotiJMffi&ggiS 34 Stomach i ejector 36——'of ! :, Astolat 37 Bat ' 39 Slender 39 Hurried ' 41 Distress signal 42 Moisture 4,4 Fruit drinks ! 46 Most vl | affectionate 49 Ointment 53 Mimic 5.4 Soft, fabrics 66 Legal matters \ 57.Famo,us | >. Erigl(sh school ' 58 Country hotels /i<3 ± TUNE IN 5 to 5:30 P.M. Today & Every Friday COTTON & SUPPLY OUR BOARDING HOUSE HOPE, ARK. BOOT* AND HER BUDDIES V(9U T£5T THIS ; 59 Abstract being 61 : Baseball goal DOWN 1 — — and r.uin 2 Th? Curtain By Dick Turner CARNIVAL THAT.' ' MORE 8AC< FUNNY BUSINESS Ford F-10O Pickup, 4,800 Ibs. GVW.The only Pickup that gives you a choice of two modern overhead-valve, LOW-FRICTION engines, 115-h.p. Six or 130-h..p.V-8;, .plus five transmission options, including Fordomatic .Drive,' and exclusive Power Brakes at worth-while .extra cost. ALLEY OOP ..JUST CAUSE IKNOCKEP HER OFFH*. HORSE TO i xt-P-m i ir*r-» r-rv^fc.* rw/lk.if 5 ABOUT THIS G1RL.THI5 DAUGHTER OF YOURS, BRUNNEHIL PERSON KEEP HER FROM FOKIN'- NOTGONW'Bg- ; RAIURpAPEP ' INiTQ ANY.,. T. M. luf, If. I. f»l 0(t C«fr..lW41/ MA Itniw, Int. "I'm appealing to your better self, Waldo—th» one that , ,', signa the ch«cksi" SIpE GLANCES By Galbroith "Uet's see your driver's license!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodinc S»Uer THg STORY OF MARTHA WAYHI W " 'B^WIJ^W^ Int. Tt* »!!• « I- >»<• Wflrev* lM *'lt Wli I W9nd*rf«! OVIR 39 YEARS *m*J. -^ r. ^ l~r » v . most-. Only Ford gives you so mq,ch Pickup for your money! Take your choice of V-8 or Six—ultra-modern, short" stroke design provides slower piston speeds, cuts internal friction and power waste for gas-saving economy, 'reduces engine wear, prolongs "eng^e life! New Driver* ized Cab gives you Ford ] exclusives like seat shock snubbers and non-sag springs—and more glass area than any other standard 'cabi, Ford gives you big 45^cubic foot loadspace , , ', one'.of the largest Pickup boxes in this field! ¥ r -^ Only Fprcl gives ypu !Tnpte Economy: power—driver-saving ease^tripsaving capacity, And, with all its exclusive features and' work'saving advantages, the Ford Pickup js a ifcaw-'PiWEO Pickup. Get] the most Pickup for your money! gee your Ford JDealerl HOPE s \ , * t YOURFORPP

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