Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 20, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 20, 1954
Page 8
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*J,4» ' ., ,H.O r A ft , M O P E > A * K,A,N 5 Pf.day, August 26, friday, August 20, 1954 HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS fcfiHfgfc of MfS."Wwn« Buchanan. L. l>. Buchanan voiced the ft minm. •*: Btinfc»«W» E8E5 meffibefs" '\were served to W. M. U, Cl'feift Mrt. HSnnlns Cir«jle 2 of the tVtertalrted it _ the wiiy*- c * VJt "•*- v * V\ Flrtt' Baplisl Church was enter- tflinea* on Mondpy aflerno.-in by Mrs. Tliell Banning.' \ ' The meeting' was opened with pfaye> blT&rS. Wilbufn WriVis.' Mrs. Leroy Phillips conductVd tbe study on "Pi-ajter." \ f The meeting ' adjourned ..with prayer tfy Mrs, 3*. W. Grimes, * fit-inks nna cookies were ehjoj»»5n during the stJelal' hour, W. M. U. Circle 3 Meets In Ersklne Home Six members of Circle 3 of the First Baptist Church met cm Mem- Legal Notice Be>3raeiits ot pr ».T»t', • 1(8 war rt ; Siiih Met ' p- warket -as .there. Ideal . PROPOSED^COMSTITUTIONXL AMENDMENT MO. « Bfe IT flfiSOLVEtr by the House ot Representatives ot the State of Arkansas, and by the Senate; a Major- Ity of all the Mertbers Elected to Each'Bouse Agreeing Thereto! THAT' THB.'POLLOWING, Is-hereby proposed'as an amendment to the Con- Etltution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the nestl general election for Representatives and Sen- day afternoon in the home of Mrs. A. B, Erskinl Sr.. for the zegular meeting. i fhe opening prayet was e-ffergd fay *Jr«> fetarrfrll Mines flfcd Mrs. 3. 1fit. tangiey gave the devrttionat thought based of» II Timothy 2-15. the business conductd by the, chairman, Mrs. LewiS Garrett four reported they had taken, part in community mission work. The study on "Prayer" was concluded by Mrs. Hines. Mrs. LangleV closed the meeting with prayer. A dessert course was -served at the close of the meeting. I Mrs. J. D. Nines Hostess To W. M. U. Circle 4 I Mrs. i. '£). Hinw was hostess',to Circle 4 bf the W. M. U. of the First Baptist Church at her home on Monday afternoon. ; After the opening prayer by Mrs. A, R. Underwood, Mrs. R. T. Murry, thairman, presided over tho business. V The study on "Prayer" was In i>.barge of Mrs. Underwood. yiic closing prayer was offered by \,Mrs. H. D. Bratcher. #<e.freshmenls the hostess. were served by i. If a majority, of the electors voting thereout '(at iWcM "an election, adopts such amendment. • the • same shau, become >'a part of the Constitution of the State of' Arkansas, to- Harlfti Ferryman of Salem has been thA'guest o£ his aunt, Mrs. Lewis tiarrett, and family. Mr. Perrymaniy has recently been elected representative of Fulton County. \ Mr. and Mi's. Al Ross of Cleveland •are the gues'ts of Mr. and Mrs. J) V. McMahen. \ wit* 1. ' Executive- Depart- any col- -°™ --- •- remerrt y the shall %t<fb*ifiM(fc%fc,,»e«etir jffisr* ; . ment of this State shall consist of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer of State, Auditor 'W State, Attorney General* and Commissioner of State Lands, nil of whom shall keep- their -oHlces at the seat of Government, and hold their offices ifor the term of two years elect MARKETS Dr. and Mrs.\ JpHn Barrow Jr., and sons have returned to Helena after a visit with her parents, Mr. arid Mrs. Ernest Cox. Miss Jennie Lewis has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis in Little Rock. and until their successors are and qualified. ed Lt.Zjt&nl^f'^rAvui *ff\*f ttiffet^fMllt* WJa.f'w'- a*M* -JTVA «•* K - i K£Si$$&M^h! thev -of cauhty y ci. *ehooj,,v<«strici there, value . . , . SECTION 2. The annual salaries of such State officers,, which shall be paid In monthly installments, shall be as The Governor, the sum of Fifteen Thousand, Dollars ($15.000.00); the Iiteiitehant Governor, the sum of Three Thousand and Six Hundred Dollars ($3,600.00); ,lhe Secretary of State, the sum" of "Seven' Thousand' and Two Hundred Dollars ($7,200.00); the Treasurer, of State, the - sum of Seven Thousand atfd :Two Hundred' Dollars ($7)200,00); 11)0 Auditor of State, the um -otySeveni Thousand iand Two ^Dollars ($7,200.00); the Atr General.' thtf .sum., of^ Elfeht Miss Mary Buchanan has returned from West Memphis where she has been the puest of her aunt. St. LOUIS LIVE§OCK NAIONAt STOCKYARDS, 111. W) — Hogs 9,000; barrows attd gilts 180 Ib and up opened 10-25, latfer 25-40 lower; trade averaged 20-23 lower for the day: lighter weights steady to 25 lower; sows 25>36 IdW; er; spots 75 off; boars teddy; bulk 200-250 Ib 23.23;50;. rrtbslly 23.2535 late; two loads eat-).? 23,60 atid 2385 were outstanding Wo. i and 2 grade: load 271, Ib. ,22.dO; ; othef' wise virtually nd: bang -, weights here; most 180-190 , Ib , 2^75-2300; occasionally" 23.25oh iflb .ibj . 550^ 170 Ib. 21.25-22.50: most sows 400, 3b down 18.25-20.25; few 2050: over 400 Ib. 10.25-180; boars • 10-lC.SO; good clearance Cattle 1,000, calves 60; prices near steady but showirtg weakness on utility to average cdmmercial kinds in cleanup trading: trading slow on cows at yesterday's decline with weak to 50 IcKver sales extended to , canner and . cutter grades under pressure: litiHly and commercial cows .9.50-11.50; ners and cutlers 0.00-1150; -ners and cutters B.09.50; mod- ctratc showing of light weight can- rters 7.00-50; hulls sstoady: utility a'rjd commercial 1250'li3.00; can- neir and cutter bulls •1.50-1150; veal- ei-fe steady but demand slow; few choice and -prime 20021.00; qod and choice 10.00-19.1X); com- eU'cial and low good 12-16.; envy slaughter calves meeting re- tricted demand Sriep 500; 50-1.00 lower; noth- ng 'over 19.00 except small lot or vo.at 20.; choice and prime ambs scarce, great bulk comprise od and, choice 170-10.QO;- poplar price 19.00 for choice; ~ few ots utility and good 15.CO-17.00; cattered lots culls clown to 1200; ged sheep steady;.. slaughter ewes .0-4.00. NSW YOftK COTTON NEW YORK (ft — Coil on futures were lower today in dull trading. Some selling was attributed tto reports of pood rain in the Mom- phis area including enossee and Arkansas^' Ori (he other hand-there were reports of serious cotton crop deterioration in Arkansas and Mississippi. - ; • '-. '-,'• v Late' 'afternoon prices wore to 3 centsO a. ,balc lovver: than the previous closeV, Oct 34;li/ . bee 3439, Mch 3461, . , -. ; . Teachers in Contained ifotn Jfage On8 grade, and Mrs. Jewel Jacques. sixth grade. Hopewell Elementary School Mrs. Electa Mae Nelson, sixth grade and Head Teacher; Mrs; TTr- senia Colemaii/ first grade; Mrs. Lucy Faiicelte, second grade; Miss Clementine Frierson, second grade; Mrs. Fannie Bell Buchanan, third grade; Mrs. Edna S. Conway,»four* th grade: Mrs. Lillie Mae Davis, fourth grade; Mrs. Neva Carmich- N. Davis, sixth grade. _ Fulton Elementary School Miss Cleota Dunevant. fifth and sixth grades and Head Teachers; Mrs. Parthenia Bowles, first and second grades; and Mrs. Jew»l eal. filth grade, and Mrs. Oladvs Wright, third and fourth grades cancan- Legal Notice SECTION 3. Tho above mentioned State. OKiQers shall »e, elected, by the qualified > electors of the' State at large f at; the time ' of the regular general election for voting for hitm- .Bers" of the General Assembly; the returns'of each election 1 therefor'shall be sealed up separately and transmitted to the seat of government by tho returning officers n6t Jater than the last*- day of Npyember- of- the year ,ln which .the election Is held, 'and shall be directed , to Uhe .Speak- ilr of the House of Representatives. The General Assembly shall convene In .special session on the first. Monday' In December of the yearr In Which the,members of the General Assembly are elected and shall be In, session for a period not to exceed three days, unless called Into special 'session by the Governor. At such; session of • the Genera,! Assembly,* artd '.Upon both'.Houses being ottantted, Hhe "Speaker of the'House of" Representatives' Shall open", and tjubljslv-the"-votes cast and given for each of the officers hereinbefore mentioned, In the . presence, of .both Houses of the General, Assembly, The person haVlng the highest number of votes for each of- the respective offices shell be declared duly elected thereto; and shall ' immediately be-- t' gin his term of office: . but if two qr more shall be equal, the highest In votes for the same office, one pi them shall be chosen' by a Joint* vote,. >at,!both Houses of the .General As- 'sertibly, and a. majority of all tfie PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 44 BE IT BESOLVED by the Senate ot. the State! of Arkansas and by the House of Representatives, a Major- It? of all the' Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: ., „ THat the following Is hereby proposed •s an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and, upon, being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next General Election for Representative and Senators, , if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same • shall become a part of the Constitution of the 1 State of Arkansas, to-wlt: . . • SECTION 1. > Tram- and after the adoption of this amendment, the term Of office ot Governor of the State of Arkansas shall be four years :_and the. Governor .shall not be eligible to succeed himself, Provided however, this amendment shall not apply to the person elected, as Governor at the General' Election to be held '"SECTION 2. After the effective date of this amendment, the Governor shall b* prohibited from taking <an active part or using his office Jn favor of Or against any candidate for any constitutional office ui „ any Primary Special or General Election-, except only where . the Governor himself Is a candidate, in which., event, he will be-authorized to be x active In,, his own.oehalf. A violation-of this section shall be a misdemeanor from which the Governor shall have no Immunity from arrest, prosecution and trial. Upon conviction, he shall be fined not less than Five Thousand Dollars (*5,000.00) nor more than Twenty thousand Dollar* <K»,000.00) and in. addition tbweto, sfell auto- *5fi» 'any^ -«oun« '^f'mtSfal id? the' Boar.4' 8? „„,-,„ elected (.Hall be necessary io a choice, * 3 > ' TION 4,^The> General- Assembly meet ln<«regulac^ session ot six) days, .which ne,ed not be con_pus, at, tl)a,, seat ot 8o,Y ern 'H e ' 1 t every two y^ars • on the, first Mon- daym February^ot e^cli odd numbered yoV until'said*tjmq be; cnanjfed by law.""Rnie members ot'Hha General Assembly/shall yecejve as their salary tlje sumi ot Tjven,ty-fpur Hundred Pol- iars l ($2,400,(Hi), except the Speaker OI the House of Representatives, who shall receive ss his salary Twenty. five Hundred and Fifty -Dollars (W,. S50.00). for eaph period of two (2) years payable, at fcuch time and in such nTanner as the General A'SEpm- bly ,may> determine; an<l (n, addition to such salary the members of the General. Assembly shall rceplve Ten Cents (10c) per mile for each mile traveled in- going to »md returning from the seat of government over the moist -direct and practlcab e route; and PSroy<dcd. further that when sal £ mdmters are required, to attend an extraordinary or special session of fifo General Assembly, they shall re- cijlve in addition to salary Ucrehi pro- tided.'the. sum of Twenty. Dollars (»20,00) per day for each day they are required tP attend, and mile. aee, afthe same rate ,Ucro.ln pro- gllCTION 5, There Js hereby created d'Tointad interim . commUlee of. t^o Genera) Assembly to be selected ana in «aou«m wpwwi p»wn .""iv^ matleaUy forfeit Ws, office and the duties, power and, authority of the Governor's office shall be immediately assumed by the Lieutenant Governor If £uch 'conyictlpn sBjojjJd ftaaUy be reversed, then the Gavernor shall be restored to his office. . SECTION 3. All, partil of the Con- Secretary of Stet* GfiAIN AN6 PROVISIONS CHICAGO 'WT SfepttMnbeK soybeans displayed several hali'-lieurt- ed signs of ..strength while th rest of the grain market .rriainly sold a little lower on tho Board of Trade today Trading jimmersrl down to a very slow pace. Buying in September soybeans was based on shipment of 202,000 bushels of cnsh Wheat: None. Corn: No. 4 yol- lOw 1.62-62%; No 5 101 M>; sample grade 160 ->/ 2 Oats: No. i heavy white .80-80',2. Soybeans: None Barley nominal: Malting 1.30-50; feed 95-112 soybeans from Chicago to oron- to, more'rain in parts of the Midwest and strength in crude bean oil. Norwaypurchased 2CQ.OOO bush- for shipment during Cash corn receipts els of. corn September. were large for a Friday, totaling 225 cars. Wheat closed, unchanged to lower, September .$213 -%, corn % lower to , higher, September I'/k.GS^-. oats 'unchanged to lower, September J2 — , rye lower to ] / 2 higher, September $1.19—, and soybeans 254 lower to 1 cent higher, September $3.17-¥;U3. Let Us Install BROKEN GLASS Have that broken auto glass replaced today. We recognize insurance claims. If you need good Used Parts for cars or trucks. See us now. WYLIE Glass & Salvage Co. West 3rd Street fcEPHAN'S Back - to - School N&W YORK STOCKS NEW YORK — Utt ••— The : stock market climbed in cautious • trad- ng today. - '• Aircrafts, steels, metal • mining and rubber issues 'provided the upward momentum for the mar* set. Chemicals and distillers'were airly firm, too. he -'•• rest of the market was narrowly mixed Bethlehem Stel and Youogs- own Shet & Tube. Deported ne- [otiatirig merger terms, attracted eady buyers' Some recently neg- ected distillers. — Hiram Walker and Austin, Nichols also found support. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO — Live .poultry Miss-.Dorothy. Wortham. Mr! and' Mrs.- William G.. Kennedy, Ben and Sally of Garland; Texas are; the guests of-Mr. -"" Mrs. S. steady; receipts ; 312 coops (yesterday 395 coops; 91,381 Ib); fo.b. paying prices unchanged to '/. lower; heavy hens 16-22; light hens' 14-15:-fryers and' broilers 2429; old roosters 13-5-U4; caponettes 3031. . • — ; Butter "steady; receipts 853,875; wholesale buying' pricer unchanged; 93 score AA. 5C.75; 92 A E6;5; 90 B' 54.25; 39'C 53; ' cars 90 B 5475; 89 C 53.5 Eggs about steady; receipts 8,417;; wholesale;-buying prices unchanged; US. large 37-40; U. S. mediums 33; US standards 32; current receipts 25; ditties 21; checks.21 • • Griffin. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Bratcher have returned f rom - Dallas-- where they were the guests -of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Landers and Duncaiv vUleuwh'efe ~th?y" visiled' Mr'ijfand Mrs.-H, L. Staggs. • . Mrs. Whit Davis. Sue and Johnny "Whit returned to their home.,in Jacksonville on Monday andrwere accomp,anied by John A. Dayls. who is thejir guest. . &l Miss Lillie "Butcher is spending the remainder'.of the summer in. Dallas. Top Rod io Programs NEW YORK ,(£>)— .Selected radio program tonight: ;•.-'- , NBC r— 6 Hear ; : Am'eric'a Swinging', 2 hours. ; 'CBS -^ 0 'Mr. Ken; 6:3.0 Godfrey Piges't; 7;50 ".Jack Carson Show. -• ABC — 6 Jack Gregson Hours; 7:30 World We Live'In. MBS — 6 Counter Spy; 6:SO Take A Number. * * *- * *• You'll Enjoy DANCING SAT. NITE TO THE MUSIC OF SIX HITS and A MISS Come out and meet your friends. Enjoy the'evening dancing plenty of room. 75c .Per Person •COLISEUM 8:30 Till SPECIALS It will soon be back to School time .and we have just the clothes you will need. Come in and buy the •things you need now and prices you will like, Back-to-School DRESSES Pretty little dresses in cotton prints, stripes, plaids and florals. Sizes 4 to 12 ... 1.39 to 2.98 CIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar ^Sunday August 22 John Vesey will teach the Jett B. I Graves Sunday School Class on jSynday, August 22. ANOTHER SPECIAL 80 Square PRINTS Here is another real value in 80 square prints. Dark colors that are ideal for school and fall wear. Yard August 24 3rho V, F. W. and the Auxiliary |££ have a social Tuesday, August £ at 7:30 p. m. All members are J asked to be present. Ice cream and U'.ahe will be served. •The Kathleen Mallory Circle of jtlrc First Baptist Church will meet UPudny, August 24, at 7:30 p. in. Iw4l.li Mrs. Harold Brents in Oak- IhitVfii. Kvury momber is urRccl to |bc.;prcaenl for Hie election o£ new officers. Other dinner guests were Mrs. H. II. Crow and Mrs. William N. Stannns of Little Rock, Mrs. George Kllef'son of Albuquerque, N. Mex., nnr! Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Crow. Jr. of Magnolia. "Shirt Sleeve" Dance To Be Held At Country Club The Hope Country Club will have its regular monthly dance on Saturday night at 9 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Cox and Mr. and Mrs E. L. Archer, Jr. will be Justs. son Hefner, sister of the bride- elect, Miss Phala Brown, Miss Roberta Howard, Miss Sara Lauter* bach, Miss Caroline Hawthorne, and Miss Lyla Brown. Mrs. H. K. McHai'U Entertained Wilh blnncr party Mrs. E. 0. Wlngficld entc.rtainert witli a dinner parly Thursday night at the Hotel Barlow for the pleasure of her niece, Mn:. H. K. McIIarg of Washington. D. C. Mrs. McIIarg and bur cliiliU'on. , Henry, Kalhy and Misyy. art- tin- I guests of licr molhur, Mrs. R. T-.. Gosnell, and Mr. Gusneli. Welcome To Our Air Conclitionc'd COFFEE SHOP Hours are . . . 6:30 a. m. to 2 p. m. 5:30 p. m. to 8 p. m. Open 7 days a week < Comfortable rooms for permanent guests.' .* Hates you can afford. Make your home at the Junior WOW Circle To Have Party There will be a party at Fair Park Tuesday afternoon, from three until five o'clock for the members of • the Junior Woodmen's Circle, their friends and guests. D. T. U. To Havo Ice Cream Social The Baptist Training Union will have, an ice cream social at Fair Park Friday night, August 27. at 7:30. in honor of the young people who will be returning to school in September. Misu Arthariale Hefno.r Complimented Miss Dorothy Good entertained iUis.s Arthadalc ticfnor, bride-elect of Louis Dean Good of Texarkana, | with n luncheon at the Texarkana Country Club on Thursday afternoon. The (able, covered in pit* linen, '.v-iK centered with an arrangement featuring a silver birdcage enclos- in;: a miniature bride and groom. ;md tinv pink feathered birds on .'.•ilver branches. White fujl cliry- smil.licmums and pink angel lilies, were used inside the cage. Tho tsible also held a miniature brirtul party gowned in pastel satin frocks. Companion flower arrangements in footed silver bowls completed the decorations. Guests from Hope who attended \vcre Mrs. Byron Hefner, mother of the bride-elect, Miss Byron Den- Personol Mention Friends of Mrs. Lela Belts will be glad to learn that she is now home after spending several days in the hospital. Coming and Going Mrs. R. H. ftagan and daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth McElrcath and grandchildren, Mac McElrcath of Greenville, Tex., Bob and "Chick;' Ragan of Dallas, will spend Saturday With Mrs. Ragan's sister, Mrs. R. L. Gosnell, and Mr. Gosnell, and the McHargs from Washington, p. C., who hre guests of the Gosnells. Charley Griffin left Thursday on a business trip to Hobbs, N. Mex. He was accompanied by Johnny and Buddy Luck, who are returning to their home after visiting friends and relatives in Hope, and by Mr. Life of Miss Lawrence to Be Filmed BY BOB TH6MAS HOLLYWOOD (/P)— MOM expects to start a film on the life of Marjorie LawreHde next Wek despite threats from the singer that she sue to stop it. The Australian operatic sta'Ps bitterness with the studio broke into the open' today will charges and rrplieS over the handling of her film biography. It Is call.irl "Interrupted Melody" and will star Elenor Parker and Glenn Ford. Miss .Lawrence's principal complaint is that the studio wilt not use her owh voice for lhe sound track. At her home in Itot Springs. Ark., she deelnrecT the studio hod her rhnkc extensive recordings wigh a syrhphotty orchestra. "Everyone agreed they ttere superb," she said, adding that later the sound tracks wtru "sabotaged" to make her sound like "singing through a bale of cotton." Jack CurnmingSi producer of the picture, denies any sabotage. "This is a very unfortunate situ- Cummings said MGM paid singerj Eileen Fafrell 50 $<&t cent morf! nan her agreed snfafy to do the eeoi-dihgs anonymously,' thus" sai?« ig Miss Lawrence em'oaftass* ment. If she hadn't raised a f<tss, no me would have known heir voice ation," he remarked, thing in the World. "The last 1 want is hurt Miss Lawrence's felings. "First, we hired the noted conductor Erich Leinsdorf to -recorc with her and a full orchestra. We did everything we could crophones and so forth. bar from defense plants in times of emergency persons whom it had reasonable ground to believe might engage, in espionage, sabo- BOY'S GABARDINE DRESS PANTS Here is .a special .you can't afford to miss. Boys gabardine dress pants for school and dress WANTED TO BUY NICE, FAT YOUNG HI We need hens now. If you have a laying flock if) not cull them now, and sell us your non layers? would like to buy several hundred at a time, will take what you have. Call Us tor Delivery Date Hope Locker & Processing why Wo but NOTICE JIMMY MILLER h now connected with SHORTY BARNES SERVICE STATION 3rd and Laurel hie invites his friends to visit him at his new location. A. A. Haynes, who will visit th<| tage or other subversion. It passed Leward Sparks hi Lovington, N 1 . le Senate but got pigeonholes by Mex. the House Judiciary Committee. A compromise bill to deny the Communist party legal privileges nd force its cr witli the csterday. Mrs. George podds has returned home from a vacation trip to Chilli- collie, Ohio, where she visited relatives. Mrs. Dodds, who has lived for the past three years in Hobba, N. Mex., is now making her home at 908 East Second street in Hope. Hospital Notes wear. ONLY 198 BOYS' 8 OZ. 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Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Ervin McAdams —Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Billy Grant Russell —Hope. TODAY AND *, SATURDAY ^ Mam & Country Club Rcls BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM © FINAL NITE « BY REFRIGERATION! FORTUNE HUNTERS OF THE SAHARA! A trader became a South ,Sea Island Ritler! BURT LANCASTER "HIS MAJESTY G'KEEFE" Technicolor Plus A Good Cartoon SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE Senate Votes Continued from Page One ment to use evidence obtained bj wire tapping in th? prosecution o national security cases. Thi passed the House but bogged doAvr in the Senate Judiciary Committee 2. A bill to let the governmen members to regis- government, passed with mi- But still the results were not suitable foi use on a inovie sound track. "In hopes that we were \yroti£ we ordered a second session, a' considerable expense. This time we hired Dr. Walter Ducloux, heac of the opera department at USC and one of the 10 top operatic ex perls in the country. Again the ccordings fell short. In order to ccp the dramatic value! of thr> lory, we were .forced to Use an ther voice. We Were heartbroken "Miss Lawrence was strlckenec 4th polio. We feel compassion for er, but we have done everything ve can." FERN EATON BEAUTY AMD OFFERS—^ J- Trjitej for T I BARLER TKAININO B«rbJ6 •*« '• uriently needed todayl Alt gr«duat« placed upon finishing training. Train tor your future in Arkansas' knost inodarn school; loarn aetcst technlijues; «hop mer- )cht»ndliini. Qet fitted for -our 'future , . . get full de- /BEAUTICIAN' ~-< TRAINING Unlimited opportunities today for trained beauticians. Start training today ... be qualified after training tor iull tim.B employment. Full 1,200-hour course qualifies you for top jobs In better shops with the highest pay. 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Check Pontiac inch for inch .and pound lor pound with cars coating much more and you'll discover that despite Pontiac's low cost you make no compromise wilh genuine hig- car comfort, stability and relaxing roominess. Figure it on Performance! Get behind the wheel and pnl the mosl powerful Pontiac ever built through .its paces and sec how its big, high-compression engine packs reserve power I'or any emergency. He sure to lest its nimble response in traffic •—then cruise it along the open road and see how many more casy»going miles you get on so much less gas! Figure it on Dependability! Now recall all the good things you've heard about Pontiac's long, carefree life—its ability to deliver years and years of trouble-free 'motoring with an absolute inininiujn of operating and maintenance expense. And because Pontiac's repu^t'tion for dependability has »ever btsen greater, y|«f"are assured of a in. I'esale value when it cojpegvti^ne r^o trade 8gflW« Figure it on Price! After you've seen how thoroughly good check how little it costs you to own and drive while you're figuring costs, figure lltcni all -Ponliac's attractive first cost, right lowest—Pontiac's wonderfully low operating CQ^«?" ^'-Jj^p and Ponliac's remarkably high trade-in value,;$j|^ - t ,/%3«i| IHHl \H fUlt OOWAtt HEMPSTEAD IJfi.WftJr^t i * t

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