Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1954 · Page 25
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 25

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 19, 1954
Page 25
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- HOfl STAR, H0M f ARKANSAS Thursday, August 19,19S4 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ie s ,iin«crtelhty which IS ii^»SS.?i*ife.ii «« *.** . , . j^prociucct or not i*V%', lftw-;<banning the an enatnty extends s, anxious tf. Will ac. i^A measure,' Jre&fdetft IStefcrihower become 1 law; and (3) It would have if it be- ifiibrt'al tiflefcrtalntji — " f " the Senate passed "a crime to be a .-.^rlS* - timbers, adniinistration had op- s{e& tor'th'ese' tea- eck ( ' Borne laws', ' Tfi- , whfcti the gov- to' combat com* the Suit un .»ay, .under admlnis* llhg,*tHfrfHouse tried" d.the projbiem by pass- .j'lfWhtcn ,Wi|i, a watered- eioH of'the one 'the Senate jk measure, * wouldn't would sinH- o't ~ legal . . lyed Inis, itljhigfit^hpt, jinterfqre 'agree on home's ' must oiWtauch -time „.,_. „ fcttotney gefteral.- ,„„«:., fcf-dwirffi, ted the fiRht lafnot the original Senate bill. It Ingres*, neverthcle<*A. Vote." for Is In'a .dilemma: .Je""*sl8fletf ihe weifture into taw, tt wdldd be contrary lo what his fcdminlslfatfon hod argued. If 1* Vetded it, He would 'be going tohtAt? to the will of .Congfest, particularly in an election year $ firm stand againrt eonv cannot'be cdfisidered po t unpopular. " tfie WKtei-liilftty of itt effect *J fife Subversive Activities Con- Irdi Board, opOT&tittJ'" under am thotlty of ihe 18£o 'McCarrari; In' terftal Security Act. ruled Communist-party members MA leadtrs frtlttt be i^glste'red with the gov- SffimSht on the grounds that their yatiy Is a Moscow agent. The CoWrnunsts appealed to the Su* pr&rhe Court. k li the court, perhaps by next spring, Upholds tha board the Com"- munists Will be required to register. .But the McCairan Act says :he fact that a dormnnnist h*d to se registered would not incriminate him in any way. But ff a new law goe4 on the bboka now, making it a crime to be a Communist, the government could not ioree a Communist it> incriminate himself by registering as >a Communist because, the Con btitutlon bars ' forced self-incrimi- tiatldh. So the administration foars passage of a law making it crime to be a Communist would Wreck the McCarran Act and iS^e' futjle years of government 'forts to force Communists to reg. later.' ^Tjjgt's the administration icason- ing,"',But is it soundZ, It may not be/ There's uncertainty as to whether the McCarran Act can b6 made »to < work whether or not there's. a, new 'law making it a crime to be a Cojnrrunist. ' f ' Suppose the Supreme Court ruled Communista- would have to be registered as members pf a party wW6n v JiTK"^0$oo'w'',affcnt, and the 'party' then announced it was dis solving and therefore hart no more rriembers. . % *> <> '»«c3ould the government then jai those people, Who wore known n? Communists even (hough their pm 1 TOKYO — (UP) — Southwestern spnn braced itself today for the expected onslaught of the. ilS-mile- ah-hotir typhoo'n that IT 6 a'r c'd fcrougli Okinajva last weekend, .At latest reports, the stotm was Churning north and east on a course expected^ to take It acros's-Jap- anese islands - of kyushu, Shikoku »nd Honshu. It is expected to hit abdut 9 a. m. tomorrow. HAVANA (UP) — Two bbmbs exploded in ddwniown Havana last flight, killing a district leader of he opposition "OrthoJoA' 1 party, njuring four others ahd causing 'extensive" prdporty damage, Enricjue Martinez Sancvte*, the political leader, was found dead n the doorway of nis apartment. The four injured victims, liiclud- hg a woman in-deep shock, were lospitalized. SNEEZE-FREE—Lee- Gregory 'simulates a Healthy > sneeze as he "trtdHfc to db, *oiA«<fartfi work at Bethlehem, tf. H.« where ,-th* National Hay Fever Relief Association lias set up, it? headquar- 1 " The alt Is pollen-free at the farm, but Lee shows hfe Still , remembers how to ^o "atchoo." , '< PRESCOTT NEWS Since 1896 ii- DIAL 7-4431 g MiSH COUHTI|Y £/ !J, A. Honors " , ' Fjitlti Secretary 'J* - J V Alpha Amicron Chapter of Epsilon', Sigma Alpha Soroiity honored Mrs> Blanch O'Connor, Field Sec- reatry of Lovelahd, Colorado, with an 'informal ten FriiTay afternoon in the home of Mrs Cone Hale. Summer flowers were placed at vantage points m the party rooms Mrs. Sob Reynolds presided at tho punch bowl. The following enjoyed the afternoon, Mrs O'Connor, Mrs. TiUman Wnrthm'gton, Mrs. Carl Dalrymple, Mrs. Vernon Buchanan, Mrs. C. R. Gray, Mrp. Bob Yarbrough, Mrs. Joe'Paul Crane, Mrs Adam Guthrie, Jr., Mrs. Frank Ilal- tom, Jr., Mrs. Clifton Arnold and Cynthia, Mrs*. Dudley Rouse and Bob, Joe Paul Crane, Jr., Mrs. Reynolds' and Mrs. Hale. '^ - « t . , Johnny Hlnes Honored Johnny Huies was honored with a swimming party given by his parents 1 , Mr. and Mrs. Harrell- Hipes at, the .Municipal -pool in Hope on Saturday evening to .cejcbrate his iqvjrteertth birthday. After the swim a picnic - supper was enjoyed. The guest list included Missess Bqtty RawlinsJ Nancy Buchanan, June Hines and Billy, Ross Griffin and Billy Loomis. - News Bfiifi KARACHI, , Pakistan (UP) — Huge U.S. Air, Force transports rushed . tons of medicines and ^supplies Into East Pakistan , today to tiieet the threat of epidemic's Tn the wake" of the worst floods -in the nation's history. •'.'•.-.. The first of 10 planeloads, of emergency aid touched down' in Dacca less than 48 hours after President Eisenhower authorized U.S. assistance for 7,000(00.0 Pakistanis left homeless by the floods Additional shipments are expected later by sea, Faubus to Open L R. Office LITTLE ROCK ttus, • tha apparent Democratic — Orval Fau- winnet of tl-.e gubernatorial nomir tion. is reported to have decided I A chicken, the Rhode Island Red to open pre-inaugurat'on headqua^- has been made the state bird ot • • -• • * *•- •»-••"->•-••• Rhode Island. ters in the Union Life Unofficial returns gave FaUbUs a 7,000 vote margin over Gov. Francis Cherry, who was seekirfg a second term. Most of the Mexican population between the altitudes of 3,000 and 8,000 feet. '. Barnes Edward Hayriie attended the Rlley-SteVart wedding in Watson on Sunday. , BERLIN (UP) —' The. 450-ton dome uf the'..biunad-out Kekhsug (parliament); building. ont- 1 of Iberlin's :most famus landmarks, is to be tprn down as a "public danger." it was announced .tbday. City '/officials have decided to saw through the girder precariously supporting the dome and let it fail into the inceiioi of the building,, destroyed by Lrc 21 years ago. They J.e<u that otherwise it'inay fafl of its own wcignt, endangering passersby. BUENOS AlKES (UP) — writers in Argentina -have T-Sfit. and Mis. W. C. Johnson Soviet propafeandist llya Jewish asked Elir'cn'- and Billy Neal of Shreveport ( Wcre burg wiiat. has become of "i,i- the weekend guests of their pur-ilericed"-J'awish aulhois an'l neu.v ents, Mr. and Mrs,. Collier Johnson men in'. : Russia, nnd Mrs, Luther Westmoreland. - An open .letter published yester- .. day by .'the indcpenclcnl '.newspaper Clarin asked KhroriiJurg, "as : a PI, j»nar., iTew anfl an i n t e ]|{. ( Hu-il Mr. and 'Mrs, Boh lee and Meieclith foimeily the y Dallas, who havp been visiting Mr. I his co-religionists g and Mis, ,1 II. Bomis, aie spending the week in Little Rock and Forclyce With relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tummello and son of Shreveport were the weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs, J. W. .Gist. 1 .Among those from out of town wfto attended the funpraj services for 'Lynn Harrell on ^riday morning '^at ' the Presbyterian Church were: Mrs. B, W. Braswell of Bearden; Gfeorg'e G. Braswel} and H.,vHarrell of 1 , Little' Rock: Mrs. Charles HarrelJ of 1 Hope; Bernie W. Braswell, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Childers of Ca'mdem, Mr^.-'Boy S. Littiefield of Wynnl, Mrs, D. B. Westmpreland of Little Rock has been the guest of her sister, ftjrs. Dallis Atkins. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs Bob Archer in El Dorado. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Matthews and' son,. Henry, .wore the guests Sunday of Mr. and^Mrs. J. W. Gist. They were accompanied hpme by Jimmy W,orthmgton, who is their guest .this wee.k ,Henry remained for a vis.it in the Worthington home. Mr. and Mrs. L. i L. Buchanan had as tlieir" guesjs Sunday, Mr, and Mrs. C S. Johnson 1 ; Kay anc Mona of AshdoWn.'^.Tfiey were accompanied home by Ch^rlbtte Johpson, who has "been" visiting ir the Buchanan home. Jo$ H. Ha,rrell of Gulfppr^; John C. 'fitegar of Excelsion .Springs. Mo.; ]V|rs. Carol Harrell and Mrs Gertrude Hughes of Texarkana; Mr-, and Mrs. G, R.' Willingham. Mary Lou and Jeani6 of Moorines- port, La. « Mrs. Clara B. Stone and Miss LueUa Stone spent Saturday in Hot Springs. John C. Stegai returned to Ex- celfjioj 1 Sprint's, Mo,, on Sunday after spending the weekend with his'mother, Mps. J ,C. Stegar. Joe H. Harrell of Gultport, was the weekend guest of his sister, Mrs, J C. Stegar and Mrs. R,odnev Hamilton nnd TVIr. Harnilton, M?'5. Roy S. Littlcfield, who lias been the guest of her sister,, Mis Lynn Han-ell, hns returned,to her in Wynne.' • T. TompKms of Shreveport spent ihe wepjtend with Mi. nnd lyivs. c. ji. parents, Mr. and Mrs H, Grady Grillin of JVIuskogee, Okla., were the week, end guests of Mr. and Mrs: C. S Griffin. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Buchanan Shirley, Richard and Vernon Charles of Camden .were the Sun day guests of- relatives. Mr. and .Mrs. J-Jarrell Hines had as their Tuesday- guests, Mr. Clar cncc Cairutheis and Miss Ino Pay Carruthers of Hermit, Calif, and Mrs.'Ernest A.very and Fran ces. Miss Ethelle Reeves of; Little Rock \va^ the weekend guest o Mr, and Mrs. : W. C. Reeves. Mr, Little nnd Mrs. Dwight Scott o Rock were the wecken jtuesis of Mr. and Mrs. Viok : Seotl Mr, and Mis, Ooralcl Coft and childipn ol fexai^ansi woie thp Sunday guest of his mother, Mrs Viviah Goft, Mr and Mrs J Iceland Lavender anc| sons, of Hope spent Sunday with luj. mothey. Mrs. T. A. Mr, and Mrs, :Brad. Scott am cliuifiliters of ^Little Rock were tlii weekend fiuests of Mr Ed Qordoi and Mils. Hunter Scott. Mrs Scot accompanied them ^ home if or William Cole, of Houston was th weekend tjuest of his pai puts. Mi and Mrs. J. A. Colo. ' U f 'fe J ^j. -rl ,M4ss Jackie M,cM§.h9n h»s returned to Ltftle Soci? 4fteF'l| weeks visit ,|4r§, ChFtsttne Cap ito^ wh,ejre pf Wfi 9»d L ls Hoyden. , I4ij?§ Ttffavy Nell Miss lloleri Scott and M">s Catherine Scott .huve retunied t Houston after a visit with theii mother, Mrs. Hunter Miss Lpyce Stewart has returne to Little Rock after a weeHs vis; with her mother, M.rs. Bob Stewar Pr. and Mrs. OJenn Hairstoi James and JRu^h were- the guest Sunday oi re^ati^ves in DeQue.e and were acgompanied by Jud Sikes, who has beeQ'ltbeir Mr. ai>d Mrs. Harojd Lewis an Wancy are enjoying'a motor trip t Pikes Peak, Yeiiow gtone Paik an Canyon. produce ol The Vnited Stages thai) a roUUw in .1859 •- \ov tttti&hr co-relif,iomsis boMci autlion- es have ignoied all sucn cjuenaj the past. GUATEMALA" CiTi' (UP) —The nilitaiy junta government saic oday 120 military cadets willi be ouit martialiea for thqir part in (he regular aimy revolt two weeks go, in wluch 25 peihons, were illed and 1 100 injured Poetical fountain pens v/ere not n common jse until after 1880. N HOUSE Friday, August 20 From 2 P. M. until 9 P. M. East Third and South Laurel i ... Prizes and Refreshments . .. 1 i Just Register We want each of you to attend;..open house and see our new shbp . . : . and we are taking this opportunity to invite you Friday/August 20. • j GIFT iHOP Mrs. Frank Johnson ; Martin Pool, Jr. Phone 7-2575 "i '.-.', ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF TE TRAING POST 321 South Laurel FRIDAY, AUGUST 20th LJNCOLN^M^RCURY ) .'....'.•- - . » Sales and Service Center We are happy to announce that we are now in our new location at 321 : South Laurel" Street, and take this opportunity to announce our 'formal opening. inyite yog to cpme down Friday, August 20th gnd inspect our new building and see the new Lincojns and Mercury.? on display- We are how ready to serve you with pur epmpileteiy n^w sales and service center. REMEMBER Wl WILt B|E LOOKING FOR YOU RAY TURNER BITTER SAGE rfcS: By Frank Gruber ®>By FRANK GRUBE.R THE STORY: Luke Miller's fight to abolish the "wide-open" gambling and saloons in ths trail town of Sage City has resulted in warfare with Jacob Fuggcr who rules the town. Fugger nas sent his henchman, Bill Bleek, to Miller's newspaper to sabotage the press and dump the type cashes. Wes Tancred, who is employed by Miller under tne name of John Bailey, ij$s been at Fugger's store, where He has dumped ths merchandise and spilled molasses over/ It. He lets It be known that he did this and Fugger sends bieek to settle scores witn "Bailey." A... fight starts in McCoy's Saloon. XIV Tancred smashed the heavy beer glass into Bieek's face. He fol- Jowed instantly with his left into peek's stomach and was appalled by ( the muscular hardness- of it. Yet Bleek reeled back. He wiped beer and blood from his face. "All right, Bailey," hu said. "i!ut don't ask mo to quit." He sprang forward and throw hij rignt fist at Tancred's head. Tijncrcd roiled aside, lashed back. His fist connected but his body alto encountered BJcek's left, a solid ramrod of sinew and bone. jaTancred staggered buck and Bleek crowded forward. His right connected with Tancred's head, his left flailed into Tancred's stomach. A roaring (filled Tancred's head and then Bleak's right, exploded again on his jaw and the floor rushed up to Tancred. He fell to his knees and threw out both hands to brace himself. He remained there an instant—until Bleek kicked him savagely. 0-JjJleek hud meant it. It was to be a Tight to the finis}},. Total unconsciousness would not .Hop"' it. Biek would still kick in his ribs and bailor his head. Tancred dropped flat upon tHe floor, called on his reserves and rolled aside. Elok's hobnailed boot grazed the skin of his face and Tancred grabbed .tha foot and twisted hnrd. Bleek 'crashed to !• the floor. vHe landed hard and, for a mo- nre'nl the breath was knocked £«om him. He made his foot to find that Tancred was up and grabbing at a nearby chair. Block lunged forward. Tancred smashed the chair over Bieek's head. It shattered to s p 1 i n t e r s, and Bleek dropped to his knees. Bleek came up streaming blood. His- scalp was matted with blood but he still came at Tancred. Tancred hit him, in the face, in t|f? : stomach. He hit him four times -and Bleek hit him once^.and Tancred staggered back. He didn't fgll and his back touched the bar. Bleek caught him there. He threw His arms about Tancred and put on on pressure. Bieek's grip grew tighter and Tancred could scarcely 'breathe. With a tremendous effort he got the heel of his left hand under Reek's chin and forced it up ah inch. He got his right hand under the chin and muscled it up ..another inch. Then he slipped his left hand down to get a firmer leverage and, holding the head up with his left hand alone, smashed his right hand into Blek's already bloodied face. It was a last-ditch effort. There was no breath left in his body, his lungs were threatening to collapse. He hit Bieek's nose, his eyes, his cheeks. Again and again, savagely. A groan came from the other man's lips. Tancred struck ohce more ahd Bleek let go. He reeled away, blinded in pain ad for a long moment Tancred could ncit follow. Air rushed into his tortured lungs. Then Bleek, by sheer instinct, lurched forward once more. Tancred hit him. Bieek's stomach muscles had tost their rigid ity. His fists sunk deep. Groans came from the bruiser. Blek swayed but did not fall Tancred smashd his face, over and over. Bieek's hands hung helplessly at his sides. His great body quivered. Tancred stepped back. His fists weighed a ton each. He could not lift them to hit Bleek again. And Bleek was still on his fet. Jacob Fuggcr stopped out of the crowd and took Bieek's arm. He turned him toward the door. And Blek moved as Fusger led him out. Tancred looked around a ring of quiet faces. Lee Kinnaird's face appeared. "Where do you want to go?" "Miller's shop." Kinnaird took Tancred's arm and led !iim_out of the salon. On the sidewalk he saw tliyt Tancred could walk'alone and let go of his arm. But ho went with him lo the print shop and. helped Tancred take off his coat and bloodied shirt. He whistled softly as he saw the bruises on Tancred's body. "You're hurt," Tancred nodded and dropped heavily to his cot, but only 1o a j pitting position. Kinnaird found a I bucket of cold water, a towel. With an effort Tancred raised himself | to his feei and .soaking the towel jin^ Die bucket, sloshed his chest i arid stomach and arms. Kinnaird watched and after s while he said. "That's the first fight Bk'k ever lost." "I don't feel like I won it." "You dicliyt lose, so you. won." Kinnaird patisecl. "He'll be. after you again. If lie can't beat you with his fists he'll try another Wfl3'." "I suppose so." "And Manny Harpending? You'll have to fight him sooner or later." Tancred dropped the soggy low el into the bucket of water. He exhaled wearily. "I've been thinking it was a mistak3 to come to Sage City." "That's what I said, when I first came here." "But you're leaving now." Kinngird hesitated, then shook his head. "That's what Fugger would like, but I'll stick .around a spell." XV The next morning Luke Miller boarded the eastbound train for St. Louis. "I only hope they have the parts in St. Louis," he said before he left. "If they have I'll be back in three days, but if I have to go on to Cincinnati . . . ." "Then we'll miss an issue," said Mrs. Miller. "It'll be the first time." Miller frowned. "And the last." He went off and Mrs. Miller, Tancred and old Mose resumed their monotonous sorting of the type. They worked steadily until noon and made scarcely an impression on the heap. Tancred ached in every muscle but oddly GET A HUDSON DEAL Here's hundreds over market for your car, You enjoy new instant-action power, amazing geared-to-the-road ride in a ... HORNET > WASP • JET PRODUCTS OF AMERICAN MOTORS tilm «nd ottiir •p«cHlc|lJon» and (jc^jgrtw ivbject to ebiofe f about o«Uc«. . •In Jamboree at TOL-E-TEX COMPANY IA5T THI&p STREET HOPE, ARKANSAS j OBSERVER—Baron Hans von iHerwath is a likely choice to (become the West German ob, server at the UN. A veteran j diplomat, he has served in vari- jous posts with the Bonn gov- jernment since it was set up i in 1949. "HOWZZAT?"—News camera caught President Eisenhower with this quizzical expression as he conversed with a White House visitor recently. enough had greater mental peace than he liad had in a long time. After .lunch they worked straight through until six when Mrs. Miller called a halt. "I can't tell a 'b' from a 'p' any more," she declared. "There's only so much of this you can do at a time." "We're more than half through," said Tancred. "We'll finish tomor- Mrs. Miller and Mose went off. Tancred washed up and walked to the Bon Ton Cafe. As he left the cafe Jacob Fug- yelled alter him, "but'Tancred con store. Bleek stood just inside. "Find P artm ent out of politics." me Smith," Fugger said, Bleek went out and Jacob Fugger turned and surveyed his store. The clerks were putting away .< " TmT"".- merchandise, preparing to close up "™to exhfr™ D ^ n P °, rtis ' for the day Filler's eyes came P ™ V ^ X i 5lres ln December . to rest upon Laura Vesser He aubus, who won the Democr studied her for a moment, then walked over to the counter. alarm. I've noticed that there are got any use for," he said. Bipartisan Agreement on Red Ban Seen By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON Uft Senate Republican Leader Khowland of California said today he thought it was still possible to reach a bipartisan agrement on a rmtch- tossed-about bill to ban the Communist party. Twice yesterday administration leaders wer erbffeud, first by the Senate and then by the House, in their efforts to keep out of the measure a provision making Communist parly membership a crime. The-double setback was a surprise upset for Republican lenders after they had engineered a move that only the day Defore put the bill through the House in a form satisfactory to President Eisen- lower. . With CBngress now rushing toward adjournment, Knowland told newsmen he was pinning his hopes on a Senate-House conference committee to work out a compromise agreeable all around. In its present form, after shttl- ,ling back and forth between the House and Senate amid charges of "POLITICS," the bill would: (1) Deprive Communist-dominated labor unions of any legal standing before the National Labor Relations Board; (2) strip the Communist party of all legal rights; and (3) make membership in the Communist party illegal, punishable by five years in jail and a $1,000 fine. The outlawing of Communist party membership was first written into the bill in the Senate in a move spearheaded by Democrats who have heard some Republican orators call their party soft on communism. Atty. Gen. Brownell has contended this would interfere with, if not wreck, the enforcement of present Communist-control laws which rely on a mpre indirect approach such as the 195 Internal Security McCarran) Act and the 1940 Smith Act. Grain Would Accept Highway Post LITTLE ROCK (IP) — Jim Grain, East Arkansas plantation owner and an active campaigner for Orval Faubus in the gubernatorial campaign, said today that he would accept a position on the Arkansas Highway Commission if it is offered to him. ... . , . . --•- ---.-- --«• In answer to a questipn,, Grain ger called to lum from across the S aliJ:" "I.'lqjow of no better way to street. "You, Bailey, come over serve your state and country than 1 ° re - to take part in "its operations. I Tancred looked at Fugger, then also want to remind you that ] turned away deliberately. Fugger Was a member of the Highway -- — "-- v* VIto J-4.J,^i4.>T o.Jf Audit Commission and I also sup- J v.44.k>V4 UJ.VV..1. I.1J.1J.1, kfLAt. 4. Q J 1.^4. \^\A. 1,U1A- --.«,•..., -w vf*i i* A»4.|3l34Vl 1 O11H A CtlOU DUD" tinued on. Fugger went into the ported the Mack-Blackwell Amendment to take the highway de- The amendment, passed after Gov. Francis Cherry took office, allows a governor to make only- one appointment to the cqmmis- Faubus, who won the Democratic ination for governor last Tues— according to the unofficia' count, has said that he will sup T , «.umii., iiao oaiu uiai ne Will SUP- Laura regarded her employer in port the present highway program lavm "in letter and in spirits However, Faubus attacked For•-• * •*- iiv»u*wv^^.i ^iiiu.i< i,ijv.4,v; at-c »*.»rf *• v- v ti j a. el t4fJMo • cl ttaUivcQ X"^Ol** quite a few men coming-into the tis during, the heated' runoff cam- store since • you're here. And paign, declaring that Portis had they're buying things they haven't "promised more highways than Laura things they ask for "It's none of your business if they can use the merchandise or not." He nodded shrewdly. "Lee Kinnaird's been coming in a lot. He's taken up with that whatsis- nanin who works for Luke Miller." "John Bailey" Fugger grtink'tl. "Bailey, yes.' He stopped that wilrl Texas man from annoying you yesterday." He pursed up liis lips. '-On your way home, would you mind slop- Ping at the newspaper office and tolling this, whatsisnamo. Bailey, lint IV! like to see him." Laura hesitated, then suddenly nodded. "Very well " •'Good." got her hat and jacket, nigger waited until she had left the store, then suddenly shouted can be built in Eastern Arkansas for 10 years.' "I'm'sorry, Mr. Fugger," began for 10 years." »ura... "I've sold them only the ?" our of tne five highway com- to his now." other clerks, "Close up A few minutes later when the clerks had gone, Hong Kong Smith entered. "That bruiser, of yours .said you wanted to see me." "This man of yours, Harpending • • I haven't soon him around today." .Smith's eyes narrowed. "Neither have I," he left fur Texas "He doesn't like Texas any n»ore," Smith chuckled- "Or maybe it's Texas . that doesn't like mm. What do you want -with Harpending" "Do I really have to tell you that, Smith All right. I'll spell jt out for. you. I want two or three men tor a month or so, until things get squared away." "Gunfighters, eh Mmrn. Harp, ending's all right, but I've got a man down in Texas who'd put- two bullets into Harpending while Harpending was trying to draw a gun." Fuager looked bteadily at Hong Kong Smith, "Can you get him up here tpr me" **» $* mission members, including Portis, have said that they do not intend to resign. The chairman, Raymond Orr of Fort Smith, is on vacation and could not be reached for comment. Portis has snid that he will serve out his term. He refused to comment on whether he would be will- ins to serve another term if Faubus re-appointed him. Other •members of the commission are Miss Willie Lawson, Little Rock; Glen Wallace, Nashville; and C.ecil Lynch, Pine Bluff. Grain served on the commission while Sid McMatli was governor. His plantation is near Wilson, Ark. The' British ordered exvtermin- ation of the Barbary Apes of Gibraltar in 1923 as a nuiscanco, but after remembering the tradition that the British would leave the base when the apes left they then placed them under the care of an officer with the title "keeper of the apes" anyone . . . for money," said Hong Kong Smith. Tancred was sorting out type when he heard the door open. Laura Vesser had entered the shop and was coming toward him. She said stiffly, "I'm here on an er* rand for my einployer. He wants to sue you." ' "He'd stoop to anything!" "And you" she flashed at him, 'I saw what you did to the store." "But you didh't see what Bleek did here." Tancred pointed to the type he was sorting. "Three of us have been sorting all day. And Mr. Miller's gone to St. Lpuis to get new parts for the press that Bill Bleek broke," "Why do you have to fight Fugger and Bleek Miller's quarrel isn't yourb." He said, "Sometimes a man, help fcu) fight.' HT e$ C6ME Sli HOW A&P^ THRIFTY,TIMI.SAV1N6 JREATS AT EASY-TO-TAKE PRICES! WltSON'S CERTIFIED PASCd Vienna Sausage VAN CAMP'S Beans with Pork A&P FANCY Grape Juke 4 «v n SEA LIGHT GRATED LIGHT MEAT TUNA 1 5^ Orange Juice A * P FANCY Grapefruit Juice D ° U ° R DU MONTE Pineapple Juice IONA A«P's "Super -Right" Meats •'-Itttfl »1~,< J -H" 1 ** OUR STORE COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED FOR'YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT Smoked Picnics Famous "Super-Right" Quality it C Tender and Full of Flavor Lb..., t> . 35 FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FRESH PEACHES SEEDLESS GRAPES - BAR1ETTPEARS - ALLGOOD BRAND -. '"' SLICED BACON SUPER RIGHT CELLO FRANKS HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN STEAKS HEAVY CALF RIB STEAK HEAVY CALF, ,' "• ' \;<$®t CHUCK ROAST K I J** HEAVY CALF GROUND 1C SIMIST ORANGE CELLO CARROTS GREEN CABBAGE Lb. Lb. Bag Lb. •'- -• DRY SALT CELLO 4 DOZEN SIZE 5 Hedd f^ ONIONS 2 -15c 69' 69' Giant AQ C Sire \i* Giant , Sitt» Giant •• i.,...,......,. it,.,,.. 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