The Capital Journal from Salem, Oregon on February 4, 1938 · Page 7
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The Capital Journal from Salem, Oregon · Page 7

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1938
Page 7
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Friday, February 4, 1938 The Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon Seven W4 HERE'S to Cupid and St Valentine 1 What a splendid opportunity for a party with pretty little decorated cakes and colorful ices for refreshments. Although February li replete with occasions for parties none seems more appropriate than Valentine's day for entertaining with gay decorations. It offers a special incentive for bridal showers if some one is contemplating a Spring or Summer wedding Tiny iced rakes cut into heart shapes and other interesting forms can be quickly and easily made. Instead of baking the one egg cake recipe given below in individual pans, just bake it in a large sheet and then cut out the shapes desired with cookie cut ters. A single recipe of seven minute frosting ran be divided into several bowls, each batch colored differently and when the cakes are frosted they will rival any professional ones besides they taste delicious and home made. Little colored candies and nut meats can be used to decorate the cakes after they are iced. ONE EGG SHEET CAKE (For Petit Fours) cup butter 1 cup sugar 1 egg 2 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla or lemon extract Cream butter, add sugar gradually and cream together until light and fluffy. Add unbeaten egg, beating well. Sift flour and measure. Add baking powder and sift together. Add flour to butter mixture alternately with milk. Add flavoring. Bake in one large 10" x 15" or two small 8 greased, paper-lined cake pans in moderate oven (350" F.) 30 minutes. Remove from pans immediately. February is Cherry Month Cherries and cherry recipes seem to be filling the food pages and the minds of housewives during February. Funny, Isn't it, that the well-known anecdote about George Washington should be responsible for our turning to this delicious fruit at this season? The fathtT of our country, of course, never knew that the then trivial incident would influence the dietary habits of a country of 130,- 000.000 people. He probably would have been completely astounded and mystified had he been told that cherries were good sources of vita mins A and C, in addition to being mighty good to eat. Of course, there are many differ ent kinds of cherries. In the sweet cherries we have white ones, black ones, and red ones, and If you are horticulturally minded, the best known varieties are Royal Anne, Black Oxheart, White Oxheart, Tar- tarlans and Blgarreaus. The sour cherries are red and the best known varieties are the Montmorency and Early Richmond, and it seems to be the general beli that the cherry tree which George Washington is alleged to have chopped down was one of these varieties. Cherry pie, cherry cobbler and cherry tarts are the most common uses for red sour cherries. They are canned without the pits to make It easy for the housewife to use them, but, with added sugar they, as well as the sweet cherries, which are usually canned with the pits, make an excellent dessert fruit. Increasing quantities of the red sour cherries are now being canned in syrup for serving In this way. Some women maintain that they much prefer them for pies. Maraschino style, or cocktail cherries, used to be imported but now they are made in this country from both sweet and sour cherries In a quality and style which will fit almost every need and every purse. Of cohr.e. we don't have to eat all of our cherries in the cherry "Can She Make a Cherry Pie?" "Can she bake a cherry pie. charming Billy?" The rollicking old ballad proclaims that "she can bake a cherry pie in tne twinkling of an eye." Bo today baking cherry plea Is still an accomplishment, although they need not be made quite so rapidly to appease the modern man. 81nce this Is the month when cherries are popular In historical reference to Oeorge wa&mngton. why not bake a cherry pie, but an entirely different kind of a pie? Here la a southern prise winning recipe for a cherry pie which combines both pastry and cake batter with Juicy, luscious cherries. This is a dessert which you will want to try and once having tried it, the recipe will be a treasured one. KauOisra Cherry Ft hitrr 2 cupi flour 1 teaspoon nit 3-1 cup hortenlni hi cup cold wiLtrf ipproiimaieiyr 81ft flour, mtuure. add tilt, lift to- ether. Out fat Into flour to Ian arsn- uIh. Add water gradually, mixini into wry dry douih. Tom od floured pas try cloth. Roll tblns to fit pla pan. Cherry rilllnt X eupa canned cherriea and Jules 1 cup auiar 4 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons flour. Combine lniredlenU, boll until thick ened. Pour while very hot Into pastry lined pan. Baiter V cup ihortenlni 1 cup auiar 1 est Hi cupi flour 1 teaspoon baklnt powder cup milk Cream butter, add auiar and eat. Mix well. Sift flour, add baklnt powder and slit together. Add Hour and milk alter nately to auiar mliture. Mix Into m very stiff batttr. Drop from apoon over the hot cherry fllllm. Bake 35 minute In a moderately hot oven (176 decreet F. Serve either hot or cold with whipped creem. Another cherry deaaert which la equally aa dellcloua la Southern Cherry Cobbler. The top paatry la folded around and over tha filling and the remit la a more aen- eroua and richer lookint? disstrt. Hmistra Cherry CabMer futry 3 cupa flour 1 teaspoon salt U teaspoon baking powder 3-1 cup shortening 4 tablespoons coin water ispproximau- ift flour, measure, add aalt and bak-i powder and sift together. Cut shortening Into flour. Add water to make a dry stiff dough. Toaa on nouree pastry cloth. Roll out Lint a deep baklnt dish wltb the pastry, allowing a genet -oua amount around eases for folding over the top. rilling 3tt cups canned cherries and Jules l cup sugar I tablespoons flour g tahlesonans butter Combine suxar and flour. Add frua and butter. Cook until thickened. Pour Into pastry-lined dlsb. Fold sides of pastry over the filling. Cover the dub. Bake 4S minutes in moderately hot even (373 degrees r.t Remove cover ano brown (about 10 mtouUaj, Serve hot or cold. Apple Tapioca Foam Add three tablespoons of minute tapioca to one cup of boiling water, and cook In a double boiler until thick. Add two tablespoons sugar, one-third cup orange Juice and one I tablespoon lemon Juice and continue cooking until tapioca Is transparent, Add one cup full of apple sauce, chill and fold in a stiffly beaten egg white. Chill and pile lightly hi serving glasses. Top with whipped cream, If desired. Serves six. Children tire of plain rice pudding, so why not vary It sometimes In the following ways: Peanuts and Squash Add shelled roasted peanuts to cooked, hashed, seasoned squash. One-third of a cup of peanuts will be enough for each three cups of squash. growing season or during February, as Improved canning processes and other methods of preservation have made all kinds available almost everywhere and at every time. AT HEAD OF CLASS IS EX-TEACHER, Isabella Hallin, who finds singing in a Miami Beach, Fla., night club more fun than teaching. With Miss Hallin, who was ousted by the Saugus. Mass., school board over charges she served cocktails to high school pupils, is Orchestra Leader Harry Dobbs. It's Good Beef Time at Salem's Leading Mkt 171 S. Commercial Phone 875? 3wat Pays the best meat for health's 1 V. iF sake and It pays to buy them at Mc-j'vTtfry Dowell's Market for the sake of your TwJ t budget. We draw your attention to a few V ik ' tne Bood buys of today, tomorrow and bafaLggggBwaWsl every day Pork to Roast No Shanks 15c Prime Rib Roll lb. 17c Dacon Backs lb. 18c-20c Heavy Bacon Squares, our own make 10c The old adage says: The proof of the pudding Is In the eating." The same Is true with meat such as you can obtain at McDowell's Market and you need only to try our Breakfast Bacon once with French toast on the side to Join our host of bacon enthusiasts. The price? Only 25c per pound. Get yours today and guarantee yourself a perfect breakfast tomorrow. Liver, beef or 4g Hamburger or 4C& pork, sliced, lb XXIC Ground Beef, lb. .. XJ jr.1: ....10c IOC . .. Pure Pork Sausage iafftte n": 18c Spare Ribs, f pure Lard, kettle 4 fl lb rendered, lb IOC Sirloin Steak, 4 gj Pork Back Bones or 4 lb X J Pigs' Feet, lb Smoked Hams We are offering you our very best, lb - 18c & 22c Check Thli LM Now and 8m II Yon Won't Be Mom? Ahead by Switching to This Home-Owned Market OPEN SATURDAY UNTIL 7 P.M. 7 AW -x J u, tT vh -1 j Corned Beef Pie Intrigues We have a couple of perfectly lus clous pie recipes made from canned meats which are available every where and give you a chance to whip up a delicious meal In about notning flat Here they are and we hope you like them. Cornrd Brer pit 1 No. 3 can red kidney Deans 4 potatoes (raw) 1 small onion U green pepper 13 os. -an corned beef 9 tbana. butter or oleomamrlne Chill beef and cut In cubea. Peel potatoes and cut in very tiny cubes (as small as possible). Place chopped onion, green pepper and butter In frying pan and atlr until onion la clear. Add of the potatoes and stti for 5 minutes. Add the cubes of corner! beef, the beans and thet. liquid snd 1 teaspoon aalt. Blend and place in deep baking dish. Over the top spread the rest of the tiny potato cubea, sprinkle with aalt and pepper and dot with blta or outer or margarine. Bake 1 to 14 hours In a ISOr. oven or until top potatoes are dona wbsa Ham an Mf Pie 3 cupa cubed cold ham. vacuum packed or left-over baked baa 4 hard cooked eggs 3 cupa milk 4 tablespoons flour S tablespoons butter or margarine IVi teaspoons salt cup celery Crust 1 cup flour (sifted) 3 tablespoons fat 3 teaspoons baking powder V teaspoon salt 4 cup grated cheese to Va cup milk Make a white sauce of butter, flour snd milk. Season and add the eggs cut In quarters, the cubed ham and the celery. Place In a round baking dish and cover wltb top crust made thus: 81ft flour, measure and re-slft with aalt and baking powder. Stir In cheese. Add lard and cut In as for biscuits. Add milk enough to make a soft dough. Pat out in a circle the slae of the baking dish and cut In pie shaped pieces. Place wedges of dough on top of meat mixture slightly apart. Lay long narrow strips ol plmlento between pieces of crust. Bake at 400 P. for 30 minutes or until crust Is well baked and golden brown. mi ...CD MCVW PIPES Vt rpLUUOFJOy, 'rRISCO FASHIONS for beach wear are ihown br Betina Norbert (left) and Frances Gelliaon in dressmaker swim suit. PILLSBURY'S PANCAKE FLOUR PLAIN OR BUCKWHEAT Mrs ae IMS ljjl .1 GetAllsweet from your grocer today! For seed assortment, send printed ends from f i j jP J package, with 104 in coin, to Swift & Company, Box 1071, Hollywood, California I rt!v(il W J This spring, have a real Hollywood garden! Grace Foods ol the American Medical Association, and l"s2 ll u 4' I Jul, fragrant, " Princess Snow White" Sweet Peas approved by Good Housekeeping. . t-0mK. V A. m I origination of a world-renowned horticulturist! Bril- Get Allswect and a start toward a beautiful gar Vff 'il r f liant Zinnias award winners in the All-American den of flowers todayl vk-l t ASTs xL ' W selection. Clever dwarf varieties of Calliopsis, ort.r r.irici,4 i. iisffi'KkjagSsW 4Lb 1 tV ! 1 fl Godetia, Marigold, Nasturtium, Dianthus, Aster, J'JJffSJTSS; jpjM0 f '" "' "' 3 V. jt-L I Phlox. Each flower has been christened by Walt 'ikiSaS'- 3 V Jm?5iV HiB i w l Disney for one of the characters in his fascinating .2jj0 TJyH ' inrll ifcr movie of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"! v- Stjfij'-' "rV-'iitm' Swift & Company want you to have one of these 4 rltffS j "ft" 1 1 jjf brilliant gardens! And they want you, too, to become ' GtWl : '" HTfr ,r"lJL acquainted withdeliciousAllsweet margarine. Thrifty f f tmW I jffyj,.,, iiiiMj''"! Allswect, you know, has a superb flavor goodness as " f ag fl .nC? I 3 -ii mi. A.jfar-&fr r"' a spread for bread, hot toast, and on hot vegetables. V f All fl f ltfay' r Mil W And this delicious margarine means thankful ccon- Mir A I I tf 4LV w PsjL rTXf j omy in cooking and baking. Allsweet is made of pure jjjj U.M .f tfSy tjSv, WaslL' fcir'V" American vegetable oils, churned in fresh, pasteur- BTf lrwi rlOfiftV ' -Jt "T''C'iV ized. skimmed milk, 11 ii accepted by the Council on gj tl0M! McDowell's Market 171 S. Commercial St. Phone 8757 V

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