Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1954 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 19, 1954
Page 18
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^J^*'^?f^*T^fw¥^^|^T*", ' "'M' ">,"-*' '•-V r -i!" *S%i'M' STAR, AfcKA,N*A$ iSlfJiD HftM fie 1ft dfBce Day ,bayi'Mettth 40 tS .... 2.50 £.50 t.80 » - 3.00 >g.0fr £io*-^aao- <o.so £40*^*00* 12.00 *»,-'. a* <iig BOc pet irieh ! obev* -or*- lot e&h- hi, (rf*flular or Skip- ..... of- r j puuiibunvii * wnv -J&t rfi|VCt "Styttfebht advertising sub- I', 'on« or tnort tottirt, «ich.,ltt heg» fttf "iali Ftmarel Directors FUNErtAt* HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. TF ,U*E& ittft&GAINS 1 BxeebtlonSl values Jh' J USED DETROIT JEWEL GAS RANGES , . Fully guaranteed Okiahomd T«f6 >& Supply 80 "HEAD ot fiftitte. Jersey cows, hekef yeaflfngs. Inquire Mrs. Maggie Davidson, Wash .Jngi&n, AtkflflSas. J3-flt fi room house, «nr- Vacant Aug. 24th. Convenient 6 grocery, churches, and school. Pllohe Pr, 7-3S7D. -gfdcery StOf<* ahd fixtures, Good business on Highway G7. if interested call 7-2723, 17-Ot REGISTERED Guernseys. Bred heifers cows, bull' calves. Hale Guernsey Farm. Prescott, Ark. 17-3t r6ofn hbme, hnrd wood floors, Venetian blinds, street paved, close-iri; Paid on 5 years. $450 down, $40 pec month. G. 1. Loan. . Sec owner, 100 South Spruce St. i • 18'3t SEVEN Geese. Phone 7-3804. 1100 South Grndy St. Mrs. Bnrnurri. 18-31 LIVING rbohv-f urniture, 1 bedroom suite, 1 oversize hollywood bed, 1 chrome dinette suite, electiic range and refrigerator. Call 7-4580. 184 if *>"'" -^ ——•—•—•— —• 3& 1 ? ACRES good pasture land. Gooc ",feftce 'and Plenty water. W. C GenU-y,.t 119 South Walnut St. Hbpe, Ark, "' /-" 19-1 'Hardware Co., slock and See^W,;c, Gentry '119 South*Walnut St/.-KTope Ark. 19-1 Notice „ 4/PKO»PLE, $5,00;' all refrigerated ~ *'liJr*'lriht'^spfin^sT'"'i > oam pillov/s , «ad<t,iNevado, . Miller coun- ,_-C. E. lAoley / "all- new court.' '' ( ,Traller 4f j$1.00. References, Clt , zens-^rioT Nfatiofmf'Bank. " '" A-H-'m " UNITED FARM-AGE'NCY , Local 'Office Moved to Rtpreicntativti: -"2 Sterfck" 1 , .-.„ . - ,,-35 Texas"- iolo!u2,'Texas; 360 N.' *l?/Chicooo 1, III.;-60 E. ' York \7f N, Y.j, 1763 t ,,•> Detroit <2,i -Wen,-,' Oklahoma City 2, , r-. i ' i-jW" *' * * •f 4 Th« Attoclattd Pram-* Slated -Press* Is entitled ex;o ,th« use for republlcatlon lo£al 'hfl^s printed In this , 91 ••well - at'- all AP.. n«w» SfeifeArfi ^,,J TS»* Se Radio' Ir^-^ ^^°^ COURT. f ive August 1 9 S TOrSELL -FraHk. C. DuShap'e 'of 'R. C. May Licensed & Bonded to blve", ' a Square DfeaT"to All. ' i 'V ' 17-i * ' •». *«. fat font rd&fn house, electricity, gn», Near city limits. Old highway <tf EfiSt. Ph. 7-2243. 10-Ot house. Vacant September 1st. 'Wade Warren, Phone 7-2547 or 7-20fl5. • IG-Ot 3 room anartmeht. ifivnte bath Convenient In clulr- B, school, Phoho Pr. 7-3f>7R. 18-Ot MODERN house, furnished or unfurnished. Four rooms and bath. Large yard and garden space. Owrter leaving town. Phone 7-3735. ,- , ,, 18tf UNFUUNiSHED 3 room apartment. Private bath, rent reasonable. 1311 West Avenue B. Phone 73000. ln-0l NEW Duplex. Each three t'oorns With bath. Convenient to shop ping denier, churches and bus! ness district. Phone 7-2285 foi showing. 19.-3 Wanted To Rent HOUSE, contact Jess Pendegraf from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. Tele phone 7-3711. 17-t Services Offered _.^_, renovation and Inner spring Work Cobb Mattress Co 316 South Washington. Phon 7-2622. Mar. 4-t Salesman Wanted Pine Bluff Merct. Company want salesman and collector for estab llshcd fbute. Car necessary. Goo Commission.. If interested see T G. Anderson at The Oaks, Cabi Ttfo. 5 Between Monday arid Thurs day after 7 p. m. 19-i The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5030 Or'bring Items to Miss Turner •tHICka Funeral Home Mrs.-Maltie Shaw of Hope die Tuesday afternoon,' August It Funeral ^arrangements, arc incon plete. ; Indian, Yank Series to Be Deciding .By BEN PHLEGEft..'. ' ' Associated press Sports Writer Maybe the American League loulcl let Cleveland arid New York o ahead nnd play the five samos icy have left with each other and et the pennant race. The way the Indians and Yah- ees are playing now they might ell win all their other Barnes any. ay. They have to itso up their 1 trength plnying "crucial" scries 1th learn:; mathematically <?litti< noted from all t>o;!:;ii>le chancfc at le title. A slipup anywhere alon le line could spell the difference Just consider th'. 1 futility of the base. In their last 08 games — nore than half of their total played o date— the second-place. Yon SPORTS ROUNDUP .„___•» «AYLt tAUat rrrrnmrr^ Notice LEGAL NOTICE All owner!; of real property Within he following described territory: Lot 17 in Block 2 in Browii's Addition to the City of Hope. Arkansas; Lots 12 and 13 in Block 2 in Cornelius • Heights Addition to the City of Hope, Arkansas. are hereby notified that a petition has been filed by J. I. Lieblong with the City Clerk .of the City of iiope, which petition prays .that the hereinafter described portion of Dewey Street be vacated :; for ;he purpose of effecting a more orderly development of said urea All that portion of Deway Street which lies between the North boundary of East 13th Street arid the South Boundary of East 12th Street. . All owners of real property within said territory are advised that said petition will be heard at the meeting of the City Council which will be held at the hour of 7:30 p. m. on the 7th day of September, 1954, and that at said meeting said council will determine whether, from- the standpoint of public interest and welfare, said portion of said street should be vacated as proposed in the petition; and at said meeting all owners of real property within said territory who desire will be heard upon the question. Mrs. Chas. F. Reyncrson City Clerk Aug. 19, Sept. 3 • >** YORK(A>- As long as big league ball clubs insist upon tuck' Ing in exhibition games on off days during the playing seasoSi thfere is goihg to be trouble. Lou Pefini. owner of the Milwaukee Bfaves, just happens to be the latest target of wrathful protest against the somewhat t.illy, practice. Perini, co-owner ot a construction empire, is being bitterly, criti- ci/.ed by Milwaukee farts for having sent his pennant-hungry club up to Toronto to play art exhibition last Monday when, on the following night, the Braves wero, A ;schedulfid to open -a lhree.*artte series against St. Louis' which could" have a vital bearing on the National League race. The angry charge is that the club president imperiled the Braves' flag chances in denying them a badly needed rest, tt is, further, being strongly hinted that lie sent them Into Canada with the thought that it might hot hurt his firm's chances of lAiidina more consruction prbjflcts The players themselves vvefe re ported to have been openly critical of the junket, which figured to cost them the better pa't of 'a good night's sleep at a time when they were straining. every riel've New York to sustain a sensation!?! winning streak that had carried them from AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland New York Chicago Detroit Washington Boaton Philadelphia Baltimore W 84 02 77 32 4!) L 33 44 lifi 07 49 07 30 73 39 f!0 Pet. GB .718 .089 3 .03' «» .444 32 .422 34>/ a .422 34 .333 '45 .328 40 Yesterday's Results Cleveland 4, Detroit 0 New York G. Philadelphia 1 Chicago 4, Baltimore. 1 Boston 9, Washington 0 (11 in ings Today's New York at Philadelphia (night Detroit at Cleveland Boston nt Washington Chicago at Baltimore NATIONAL LEAGUE Pet. GB Legal Notice Wonted to Buy TO BUY Men's Used Shoes. Reaves * Bargain Shop. 31-TF For Repairs, Genuine Singer farts', and rental machines SINGER Sewinq Center ' ' Free Estimates r*~*t*t ' •* *- ' ' tUAJfomt ;n**r»*MMitt LOANS r ' "-^BuiWer'i Supply Co. 7-2381 ' THE BEAUTY BOX "Air-Conditioned" Open 6 days each week ,"', -. Operators .,. . th ^Efoelsfaher, Model James ''Pvelyn Moore "South Main Mrs.'Gerltlenn Cochran of Detroit, Mich.; hus returnee! to her homo after a brlof visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nod Crockett, and other relatives. Mrs. Margaret N. Williams is visiting hei mother, Mrs. Mattic Dockery in tjittle Rock. Miss Mildred Bond jut New York City Visited Mrs, E. M. Spearman last week-end. While here Miss Bond 'was tilt? house guest;of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bennett "at SIS No. Laurel St. •.Mrs. Parthena Bowles the Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star Lodge t of Chuich Hill:.attended the Grand' Session Lodge meeting at Pine Bluff last week. Also.attending Was Mrs. ,)pella Bradley the Worthy Matron of Harmony Lodge of Saratoga. Friday night, August 13, Miss Maxine Evans was honored on her PRESCOTT ROLLER RINK Pinrk,/f, Pre»««tt, Ark, Cut Installed. Complete Repair?, New and r Used Parts. Highway 67 Welt Diol 7^2767 Hope, Ark. injoy Eating At FOR SCHOOL BUS PAINTING SEE JORDON'S BODY SHOP 500 S. Walnut Byers Watermelon Stand CURVE & Shovei ORDINANCE NO. 733 -•? AN ORDINANCE TO BE AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED- AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO.34 WHEREAS, parties claiming to be the owners of two-thirds, firt assessed value, "of the property lo^- cnlod within the territory hereinafter described have filed a petition that nn. improvement district'be established Tor tho purpose, of paving with bituminous surfacing without curbs and .gutters; and, •' WHEREAS, after due notice as required by-law, the City Council of the City be Hope, 1 Arkansas, has heard all parties desiring to be heard, and has • ascertained" that said petition was'signed by two- thirds, in assessed value, of the owners of real property, within said territory. NOW, THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOPE. ARKANSAS: Section 1. There is... .hereby established :an improvement district bracing the following,-property: Lots 0 & : 7 Block '!A"j' Lots 1, 0, 7..-'&• 12 Block "B"; Lots 6 & 7 Block "C"; Lots 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Block "D" and Lots 1, 2. 3, 4,. 5 & 6 Block "F" all in Phillips Addition 'to the City of Hope, Arkansas. And, also Lots G, 12, 13, 14, 15, & 16 Block. C; and Lots 8, ,0, 10, 11, -12,.,13 & 14 in Block D all in Anders Addition to the City of Hope Arkansas ' , or the purpose ,of paving-'with itnuminous surfacing without curbs and gutters. Said district shall be known as Street Improvement District Number 34 and Frank Yarbrough, Henry H. Tippett and William Stephenson are, hereby, named commissioners, -who 'shall compose he Board of Improvement of said distant third into the thick, of a Philadelphia York Gians and Brooklyn. | Cincinnat three-way battle with the New St^ Louis York Giants and Brooklyn. It did not especially assuage the Athlete's feelings to know tnat the proceeds of' the game were going to charity. They would have vastly preferred tl^at the Milwaukee club donate a ftim to tho cnairity in question nr,d permit them, the players, to concentrate' on trying to win a world cnanipionship for Milwaukee and some fat World Series checks for themselves. There is, as we said, nothing new about' ballplayers not liking to skin themselves up in exhibition games when they might be enjoying a round .of golf. They always have objected to the quaint custom. But it is hot often .that they, as well as their fans, .appear to have been as justified in yelling murder as in this instance. The fact that the Braves' eight- game streiik was snapped the next night by the Cards does not necessarily prove that the Toronto trip was a blunder. Possibly Manager Charlie; Grimm's .boys wt.re overdue for a whacking. But if tho Braves should by a distressing coincidence tost the flag by a single game Perini will be a long time hearing the last of it. W L 72 44 .021 Brooklyn . ,' 71 47 .002 2 Milwauke. - 07 43 .583 4' 56 ft!) -187 15V Cincinnati 56 02 .475 17 55 02 A'O 17! Chicago . 46 71 .M3 26>, Pittsburgh 44 74 .373 20 • Yesterday's Results New York 6, Philadelphia 2 Brooklyn 3, Pittsburgh 2 Milwaukee 3, St. Louis 1. Cincinnati at Chicago (ppd, rain Today's Games Philadelphia at New York Brooklyn at Pittsburgh St. Louis at Milwaukee Cincinnati at Chicago Pelicans Push Win Streak to 6 Games §y The As6«>ciat'jH Press The sizzling New Orlonns ushctl their winning strcnk to six arnes and got an iissist from the Ajr r « orco 'ealhermnii Inst nisht to move •A lengths nhend of second plhcc Ho " e slnrtert itlahta in the Southern Association iennant rnee. y, August T9,1$S4 Legion Uses Errors to Lick Barksdale In a . 7 inning exhibition game played in Legion park' last night, the Hope Legionnaires .edged the Barksdale Bombers of .-Barksdale ' •' •-*» Thuisdoy, Au 9 usM9 f H§4 ' HOP6*S'tAR» New Orlrans dov:ned Little Reek •0 in 12 innings and slugged tile 'ravis 11-7 in fl innings Mobile lefeated Memphis 2-0. Birming- lahi's twinbill with Chattanooga, nnd the Nnshville-Atlahta content pre rfiincd out. The Pair, arn out in front b;y larger marjrin than at any prrt- vioiis date. There an; fewer thafi hree weeks of piny reir.fiinin:? bo- ore the season ends. Atlanta':! hopes of overhauling he Pels lio in the schedule. Tlvi -rackcrs end the season at home; Jew Orlenns finishes up on thci oad. The two teams clash in a series which could decide the pett-| naht winner during the last week at Atlhhta. Little Rock started hot against to-!). ; off in flie first inning picking lip three runs on two walks, two errrtrs and ii single by Johnson. The Legionnaires then Orleans, getting two runs off Bob Ahderlon in the first inning. The Pels went ahead 5-4 with n thre-run outburst in the fifth nnd tnotted the score at 6-6 With a tal ly in the seventh-inning.-Nolthor team scored again until Gail Henely lashed a bases-loaded single oft John Weiss in the 12th. New Orleans got fiv2 runs in the first three innings of the sec ond game, added two more in thr: fifth and .locked it up With four tallies in th>2 seventh. scored two morc-in the next frame on two walks, a sifi'gle by Boyett, and a error. Bnrksdale nicked_np it's first two runs in the third on doubles by Laky and Fet-rnll and-a single by Bettcz. They then scored three more in the nth bn'a'slnRlo by Jne- i;er, a walk and n triple by Alexander plus a wild pilch. ' Hope's final run came in tho third on a double by Boynlt and n single by Bonsley. Recder Huddleston winning pit : chor, gave up 5 runs on 0 hits, walked 0 and fanned 7. Butler.'loser gave up 6 runs on 4 hits, struck out 1 and walked 4. Friday night the will travel to Nashville for gue game with the Cubs, and Saturday night Hope will play host to the Gurdon Curtis Millers. Hope Johnson Boyett ........ White ! ... Beasley Thomas .....'. Huddleston Gunter, B. Nix Gunter, W. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pet. G |New Orleans 32 52 .012 Atlanta • 73 53 .505 2' Birmingham 71 59 .546 9 Chattanooga 05 04 .50414 Memphis' '•• 0» 07 .48916 Nashville 54 75 .41025%' Little Rock 55 77 .417 26 ' Mobile 55 77 .417 26 Yesterday's Results New Orleans 7-11, Little Rock 6-7 Mobile 2, Memphis 0 'Nashville at Atlanta (ppd, rain Chattanooga at Birmingham (ppd, rain) Stolen Bases — Bruton. Milwau kee, 26; Fondy, Cliicago. 17; Temple, Cincinnati, 16; Moon, St. Louis. 13; Mathewc^ Milwaukee, Ashburn, Philadelphia and Jablonski, St. Louis, 8. s Pitching — Antonclli, Ne\v York. 18-3, .857; Loes, Brooklyn, S-3, .727; Conley, Milwaukee, 12-i), .706; Meyer, Brooklyn, 9-4, .1)92; Lawrence, St. Louis, 11-3. .088. Strikeouts — Roberts, Philadelphia and lladdix, St. Louis, 142; Erskine, Brooklyn; J33: Antonelli, New York, 109; Spahn, Milwauke, 100. Totals Barksdale Joyce Laky ; ."... Jaeger ..-. Brittnor Terrell, '.. ;.Bettez .... Redwine ' Alexander ': Belt ' Butler .... The Roman Colassenm was or- ginally .called the Flavian Amphi- tlieater. ' Turner Decisions ' CHICACJO '.W— Gil ..Turner, lack. ing his one-time speed apd knockout punch, today hopes he's beaded bnqk to/.- welte'rweifiht . contention 'following one of the mopt savage fights of his career.' After campaigning Unsuccessfully a's" 1 a middleweight for two years, Turner tangled With durable wel- Today's Games Little Rock at New Orleans Memphis at Mobile, Chattanooga at Birmingham (2) Nashville at Atlanta\(2) : COTPNiSfXfEs LEAGUE ' ' ' "" W L Pet. Gfi El. Dorado . Grenville — Meridian Monroe Pine Bluff Hot; Springs 73 .37 73 SB 59 51 51 61 46-04 30 HI .604 .658 V- .536 14 .455 23 .418 27 .270 43'/> Watch Repair Guaranteed Pre- School Special. Bring your watch in Keith's Jewelry For Complete Rart? and Service for New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors phone or Writ* Fallin Tractor Co* Mognolig, Ark, 88, 689 fr 1140-R Mite Bettle and Termite Control Service Owned ond Operated fey Phon. 7^3445 1095- Main All District. Section 2. This ordinance shall ;ake effect and be in full force and affect from and after its passage. Section 3. Because the public health, and welfare of the persons in the district will be improved jy the prompt paving of the Street in this district and because it is more economical tor the property owners to have this improvement district included in the general paving program of the City of Hope, Arkansas, it is, hereby, declared necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health, safety and welfare, an emergency is declared to exist and this ordinance shall take effect and be ir. full force from and after its passage. Passed and approved this 17th day of August, 1954. Published in Hope Star 8/J9'54. John L. Wilson, Mayor (SEAL) ATTJ2ST: Mrs. Charlps F. Reynerson, City Clerk. kees have gained •exactly half a length 1 'on the Indians. Here are the figures; The "Yankees have won 9 in a row, 15 of their last 18, 35 of thoir last 43, and 52 of their last 68; But Clevc- their. last • i8, 35 of their last 43, and 52 of their last. 68. But Cleve- land'.',.t>as won"8 .straight, 12 out of 13, : 17 out of .20, ; and:51 out of 68. Everybody) with J apy V pennant hopes left iir-either : I6a(jiic wo n yesterday. Cleveland beat; Detroit 4-0, New York 'defeated Philadelphia 6-1 and Chicago whipped Baltimore 4-lJn the American League. The New York Giants thumped Philadelphia 6-2, Brooklyn shaded Pittsburgh .3-2 and Milwaukee da leated rSt. Louis 3-1 in tho National,; . In-.Jh,q ; oi'jly action ,not >! fnvolvin.? a' 1 contender, Boston edged Washington 9-8 in 11 innings on Karl Olson's single with.'two•' out. Cincinnati and the Cubs were rained out at Chicago. Cleveland managed only five hits off southpaw Billy Hoeft but two. were home runs by Bobby Avila with the bases empty for the first run and by Al Smith svitiv two aboard for tlvv • other three. Early Wynn finally won his 16th game in his fourth try. i The Yankees mopped up on the lowly Athletics for Uie 13th tinv: Yesterday's Reeults Hdt Springs 14," Meridian 7 Greenville 7, Monroo 3 •'• Pine Bluff 8, El Dorado 7 WE DELIVER Today's Games , Meridian at Hot Springs Greenville at Monroe El Dorado at Pine Bluff BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American Association • Indianapolis, 2-1, Charleston 1-0 Kansas City 11; Coluriribus 8 I^iuisvillc 3, St. Paul 2 Minneapolis 7, Toledo 5,-' Texas League .'.'.'.. Beaiimont 6, Houston- : '-5,-ll ' in nings Fort Worth 3, Dallas ,2 San Antonio 4, Rhrcveport 0 Oklahoma City 10-0, Tulsa 6-6 Hot weather specials afr your cool B&B Store. We feed the parking meter. . '. Coffee FOLGERSand MAXWELL HOUSE I Lb. Can 1.19 Pineapple Del Morite and Libf^y. SLICEt> and CRUSHED 2 Flat Cans I 2 MRS. TUCKER JELLO Leaque tedders By The Associated Press AMERCAN LEAGUE Nor'en, New- in '15 motings, Whiloy Ford 10th birthday with a pa,rty at her home m Emmet. Games nnd dancing provided the evening fun. Re- {re,shments were served to th,e following: Dan Block, Luther Harris, Churles Harris, Ira J. Muldrow, Charles Muldrpw, Willie Hunter, turned in his seventh straight victory and his 13th of '.he season. Chicago pitching 1 continued to baffle the last-place Orioles, who have scored only twice in their last 27 innings. Sandy Consuegra, lifted in the sixth for a pinch hitter, registered his l!Hh success with fine relief from Dick Strahs and Harry Dorish. Dun Larsen wag charged with his 16th loss, tops* in both leagues. Another hunch paid off for Manager Leo Durocher of the Giants, He replaced the slumping Monte Irvln with.P«sty Rhodes and the substitute p.utfieWer belted t w Q hom,e runs that accounted lot five runs. The night beforp, D^vochcr inserted Rhodes' ropfomate Hofm?" O'»d he holered twice. York, 344;' Minoso, Chicago, .331; Avila, Cleveland, .326; Fox, Chicago, .319; Mantle, New York. .31.2. Runs Batted In —Doby, Cleveland, 94; Minoso, Chicago and Berra, New York, 89; Sievers, Washington, 87; Mantle, Now York, 86 , Horrie Runs — Doby, Cleveland, 27; Mantle, New York, 20; Williams, Boston, 22; Sievers, Washington, 21; .Rosen, Cleveland, 20 Stolen Bases — Jensen, Boston, 170 Rivera, Chicago, 14; Minoso. Chicago, 13; -Fox, Chicago . and Busby, Washington, 11. Pitching r- Qonsuegra. Chicago, 15-3, .833; Feller, Cleveland, 10-2 .833; Grim, New York, 16-4, .BOO; Lemon, Cleveland, 17-5, .773; Roy nolds, New York, 10-S, .709. Strikeouts — Turjey, > Baltimore 150; Trucks, Chicago, 127; Wynn, Cleveland, 117; Pierce, Chicago. 107; Hoeft, Detroit, 103. Boxes MILK Pet and Carnation 4 *££ 45c WHOLE .SUN ORANGE JUICE 97r Zt/ C Cons PEAS Home Grown Pplind IQc Huby D. Jenkins, Mavy Mul- dvow, Betty J. Muldrow, SundcuUa fllock, Betty F. Reed. Annie p. Latin. Jessie Reggans, Jr. Douglas Welch, Benjamin Brooks. Paul E. Dunn. Jack McClellan Junior Hick mum, Pirates' five-game winning streak ended as rellsf sets Jim Hujshes of the Podgevs vetirea the side in the ninth a,ft§r two rijns had scored and Women were on, base. Lofty Wairen Spahn checked ths Cardinals on five hits, including Stan Musial's 32nd home run. Jfat' vey Haddix bad a one-hUter working until t\V9 WP ifl the seyenth. ' NATIONAL ..... . Batting ^-Snider, Brooklyn, .352; Musial, St. Louis, ,348; Mueller, New York, .335; Mays, New York, .330; Moon, St. Louis, ,329. Runs 1JO; , > Brooklyn St i>9; Hodges, 8rooW(yn, 95; KUiszewski, Cincinnati, P2; 91. Hpm* Run» 37; Hluszewskl, ,New York. New York, -Cincinnati, 35; fly by Joe droye In th.e first nw #i\4 . he * Sauer, Chlcttgo, 33; MnUiews, Mil wnijitee 38. t'erwelghi Al Andrews last night in one of the most vicious brawls in several .years a.t Chinogo Stadium. , ,.„ He weighed 153 to Andrew?' 153. UaU aowii times Uut failed Wm o<l,-«»>(i by OLEO CREAMO — FREE 8 QZ, JAR SAUAD D ;ESSING WHEN YOU FRE5H GRADE A FRYERS 43c PouM STEAKS Sirloin, Club and T-Bone 49c Pound II , ARKAHSAS 02ARK IKI BUT, DAGWOOD, 1 HAVE TO FINISH THESE SOCKS-/ AND it'S SOJ.GNESOME SITTING HERE ALL MYSELF '( HOW THOUGHTLESS OF ME T •I'LL COME BACK AND -/I ' HE£ YOU COMPANY ) UNTIU V8U FINISH By J. R. Willl.mi • •« uttMftsi VIC FLINT Answer to Pi-evious Puzzli SHE SEZ e>HE- WON'T ) LEAVE IT FEfe NOSV \ PEOPLE TO BE ROOT IN' j THRU WHILE-SHE'S- ' ' ' ROUND TH'BASES BUT IF SHE MISSES TH' _ BALL WITH TH' BAT i|_J SHE CLOUTS- IT WITH TH' HAWPBACJ.' SHE'S !i Music Makers WANTWCT\TH£ _ STALL FOK JU&TA FEW MORE S6C0N&®, ACROSS 2 Lure 1 Wood-wind " eavy blow instrument 5 Musical instrument 12 Hindu queen 7 Twelve 13 Prophet (Roman) 4 Bread spread - • j ,* % » Genus of true 26 Contended 43 Masculine _nend (Fr.) olives ,27'Falsefiod , nickname • unair 10 Harvest 28 Not any 44 Nested boxes . 11 : Memorandum; 29 Plant part .45. Mix . U9 Roman ibrohzesrRan / . ^(i Nothing i\'." . 20 Self-esteem 3t Country '. '.' 47.Redact -.V:>i; ..-. «.f» •«-;«..:7- •-.. 22-Ventilates.--. \38I.t is (contf.) :«8 Denfolish.-- ' • :•) •;23-TT s .% tl0n ;' 23-r—.dr.urn :39 PerchV .'."• 49'Merganser A, ! ,^6 Stringed ..-> ' 24 staler ' ' r'40 Sore teeth' 1 51:Cooking ^ | " '-: J I ''£ instruments 25 R' a n ge ; .. : '42 Weary - - • •• - •* ' 30 Air <;cqmb. •< , .>,:-..; form)," .'.. (31-Courtesy .title 132'.period :. ; /. 33 Observe : : v. ,34^Fpptlike part • 35 individual '•". 3 (3 Sipped 39 Capital of. ; 'Oregon" ,41 Help " 42 Twitching 43 Light fogs . 46 Musical instruments 50 Against WASH TUBBS \& - YWRB AffAU EASY, \MEW>UBR JAY. VOU'V/e With Major Hoopl. OUR BOARDING HOUSE 51 Through 52 Kind ol cheese Singing group ;54:Native, metal j 55 Get up 56 Ripped 57 Fox x 58 Seethe ' . DOWN BOOT& AND HER BUDDIES ^^viVttoo SUPER MARKET DIAL 7-4501 table scraps CARNIVAL By, Dick Turner ' . I fl .. j mi.•__!„£ ' _ _'j 3 ——~*^^~ _ t /W.. 1 * v ljT.-»R.artm BUGS BUNNY THAT lVW FUNNY BUSINESS • FRE ZERT Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry CAN'T K66RRUNNIN' ; AWAY, FBCVA THAT. BULLY FOREVER By Hershbergci V2 Gallon SUGAR >LLEY OOP SCOT . TISSUE 2 RONS ivc VIENNA SAUSAGE RED BIRD That certainly wasn't muph of a lecture! I didn't get to i tell you half the things I was going to tell you, Ethell" ' By Golbroith SIPE OUNCES "GiveI 1 1We understand your husband always turn? his/! pay envelope over to voui By Nodine Selzer SWEETIE PIE THE STORY OF WOWWW ABOUT JW «n * rwph rni "You wtrt right -' " • ' Potatoes U. S. MO. 1 lOLb. Mesh LOOK QNi PACKAGp OMUNS FREE GROUND BIJEF 3 Ibs kvc ii II i 41II '.I"'" '-"' ' " ' " " ' ' l f"'" " """ ' ' STEW MEAT 19c i Chuck Roost 35c

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