Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 19, 1954
Page 14
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HOPt S T A ft , HO f ,'"* A ft K A N S A S 'V K , r ,s.?e~. i ', J 1 4 ; August . ^fc4in T 4s^ M^-*-* »T »^F • • • • »^»«» • T n^v • Gets State Job LITTLE ttOCJK <Al Charles L. Parish, Morrilton attorney, has .been named by Gov» Francis Cherry f&^succedHba've Pel of Benton- the Work- i;;fir«i^"iHfi e the :totfcavalkai of It. Ie"w wertkn ago, ho told blfie/oidek Rlrl, went to *"h'suai ihal day, She was and apparoirtly afternoon, " Durltt __^ ,devc 6tly couldn 1 "'* , before ..,,., .—^ f . ._„„ 'diagnosed It as" a heart kjia! said. IHmonttis later, hi? younger Wafaa collapsed and „„' at play. She was six. four'Said thc cause of her ¥*U. &* Morrrllton Man ipertsotiofi Commission. after sorv- 3 Major Issues Continued irom fage One Some way to meet administration •objections,- and still Satisfy the majority in both Senate and House which have voted ib ban ttie party „.„*.,. —.. tttr'<n»gh individual fcehaltifs. Tho thc* WCC Justice Department has expressed Connecticut claims that the tl. S. Steel Industry started in Slmsbury, Conn. Jn 1744 when Joseph MJgley dpehe^&a production fear that making membership in the party illegal w:ll interfere with prosecution of Red loaders under present laws. The social security bill, a must item on the President's list and also that of nearly all of the law- nTakers, ,is hung up over a con- trover^' as to" coverage.. . ' ing Of Ihc chamoer holding tin"solar bdat." He said, "as a scientist. of course, 1 can't believe this is nny- thing but a coincidence. But thore ' ' . arc many things we don't know.' l«'blJMB/-I M6TMIM/ . . . . r j administration.^ ; '-Seeking to ,...„ thc ont <,ii' "extend- serial securjitv coverage to .nit. int. «!"-" -.«H- .„,... , ____ » . n J.L..., ln .. a „,,,] r.nn . 3',6t>0,000 farm operalors 500, !ikAfj< 1.16 c FLOUR -With 15c coupon in '* -*•' each baa. ,, 000 professional people « but was lurncd down on this by tho Senate. The House accepted the President's position on coverage in large part, and its confcrcs are demanding that the two groups be included in the /cg>rft)3romi5.c tiill. Thc Senate representatives hnvc been just as adaman't against it. A controversy oVer a pa.?'Va!sc (oivROOO,000 postal workers and 114 million Civil servic^/' classified workers still boiilrf dgjlny adjournment. •' ,t i-'t .•'•'i(. 1 'i > * • -'•• •• But chances for' 4hc raise Dimmed considerably •' -yesterday '" after administration 'leaders again made clear that the '9,1 President would not approve .one without a postal rajjj increatie.. The Senate dispussed --it for, .a while yesterday, then put It back on the shelf. But the lawmaker have been under -intense'': pressure to vote the pay hike before -they leave town. . ; . ', The Senate also has,' numerous minor bills it could ''act on, ;'but most of these appeared certain to go down the drain in the rush of the weary ..lawmakers to -quil, .',-.,••. Yeslerday the: -Senate completed action on a whopping ^ $1,039,000, 000 catch-all., money bill. -:'..• It also passed and sent back to the House, somewhat amended,' one Irrigation Ahead, Says Sen, Fulbright WASHINGTON (fP) — Ah increase in irrigation in Arkansas and other Southern states was predicted by Sen, Fulbright (D-Ark)., today as a result of a new law signed by President Eisenhower. The new law sponsored by Fulbright, Sen. Eastlartd (E-Miss.) and others, extends to all stales the water facilities act previously ap- . Senate the lull five million should be voted. The House agreed to the amount and was included in the bill. W d fct.1 J.CXV,lAllit^O C4^V |.>«.^,V'U^4U* I 7 «t plicable only to the Western states. Under the law, . f armors groups . of •:. farmers, 'may Committee cut the amount to 3% I President -Eisenhower's clear-cut million. Fulbright convinced the varning Tuesday against any Red U.S. to Pull Some Forces Out of Korea "WASHINGTON y?) —The tfnited States will pull two thirds of its. ground strength out of Korea in 29c WRIGLEY'S GUM Don't miss this 2 for 5r HIE CRACKERS Lb. Box 3Tc RNIP GREENS 2u.25c SPECIALS ' Exlr? Special' RIB STEAKS MARKET ^" REEL-LIFE ROMANCE—iKlm*stars Arlene Dahl and Fernando ,Lamas, often called nimclom v s 'Aost exciting combo since Greta 'Garbo-and John.Gilbert, were married in Las Vegas, Nev., climax- 'ing a courtship of nearly two yeaVs. They are shown above during the first movie they made together last year. Tells of Big Slaying Probe - m W LITTLE ROCK, —(UP—) • The coroner who testified before the ___________ , ________________ T ________ grand jury that indicted Dr. Sam- of the antisubversive bills asked'by uel H. Sheppard for the murder of house and other persons entered the home who shouldn't have been there. Gerber said he himself did not arrive jn Bay Village until four hours after tho body found. , -' The coroner said he doubts that the murder weryion, which has Eisenhower. It. would -strip U. . S. nationality from citizens convicted of advocating the overthrow of the government by force and 'violence. The House, meanwhile, sent to the President by voice vole a measure to broaden the unemployment compensation program -to include another four "million workers," mostly federal employes ami-workers in small firms now exempt. The act would take effect Dec. 31, 1955. Ready to Take Stand to Prove Innocence . his wife snid yesterday investigation of .tluV. mystery "got mixed up" faster than any ha has ever sen. . Coroner Samuel H. Gerber of Cuyahoga' County, Ohio, who was before the' grand jury for two hours in Cleveland Tuesday, is attending the national coroners convention: here. He said early action on the July 4th murder in BAY Village, O.,' was mishandled. "When a murder is disovered in Little Rock," he asked, "Whom do you • call? You call the police. Yet in this case the mayor (of Bay Village) was the first person called." Gerber said the mayor, his wif2 and son all went tothc Sheppard never been.fpuriifr. was a golf'clue. Some newspaper account advanced that theory. Gerber said the murderer was Standing too close to Mrs. Sheppard us she lay in her bed to use a gold stick or any other instrument that long.. Dr. Gerber said h<: thinks the murder weapons was between 13 and 20 inches long. Mrs. Sheppard, -• i) t. whose, head was beaten to a pulp, was struck between 25 and 35 times, he said. One .of the. reasons police initially suspected Dr. Sheppard of" the crime, Gerber theorized, was that his family hired "the best' criminal attorney in the county" after the body was found. He said the 30-year-old osteopath now has five lawyers. federal funds to j, finance development of water Stippliurf for irrigation, construction of necessary irrigation structures and purchase of equipment. "This law paves the way for development of additional water facilities in Arkansas," Fulbright luld a reporter., • 'lie .said ^development of water supplies.:for irrigation wells and .reservoirs V would enable many farmer^ .to '-grow crops in times of drought and make it possible for Arkansas and othdr-Southerii slulcs to'grow more food'for tlic nation. He said that an ,'apropriaion bill sent to the White House yesterday pi-ovules five million dollars to start the program in the South era and Eastern stales not here tbforo included,in the law. •The law also authorizes the Ag- rldulturc Department to set up u program under which the federal government will insure similar loans mado by banks to farmer; for development of water supplies It :was an amendment by Fulbright in the Senate that hikes the amount to five million. The Budget Bureau recommended five million but the Senate Appropriations -™ 1 J ' : r ^~"' '• | ber for the same week last year. But it brings this year's total to 190 cases compared with 1G7 for the corresponding period in 1953. • • • The cpunty-by-county breakdown for last week's cases follows: Desha ' County four, Independence County two, Union county two, Jackson, Pope, Searcy, Sebastian, Monroe, Phillips and Ouachita one each. 35J There were -38 new cases of mumps -last week.. This brings thp the next few months in carrying or ( out a new military strategy to borrowj mount a flexible defense agains Cortiniunist China and at-'the same Urns build up a central strategic reserve at home. In thc largest peacetime rede lo.Vmrnt of American forces, an louticcd yesterday, four fulb divi sions will be withdrawn from Ko •ta; Two divisions and smalle mils will return to the Unilec Stale:;, and Okinawa and Hawai will be strengthened by one divi sioti each. Although Iwo fewer divisions be.[left in the western Pacific, de fciiiic officials interpreted ,. th mqvc as completely 'hi' step' wit /ctiiiAiif) »- *.(*-•»•»•»*.7 *-e» — " ttempt to invade Chinese Nation- :list-hled Formosa. M 0 P I I f A M , H i VI, A R KAN S A S _ iTTa* nuifii'i b 33it Let Us Install That BRpKENlSLASS Have that broken auto glass replaced today. We recognize insurance claims. If you need good Used Parts for cars or trucks. See us now. WYLIE Glass & Salvage Co. 3?d WANTED TO BUT NICE, FAT YOUNG pNS We need hens now. 'If you have a laying flock why ' not cull them now, and sell us your non layers? We ' would like to buy several, hundred at a time, but will take what you have. ; :;:... Call Us for Delivery'Date Hope Locker &|Processing Co. ; ' SOUTH MAIfJ STREET OVER 90 YEARS EXPERIENC ^H ' ' ^ • "' Mi ' ^^. In Automobi _, ^ _ ^ ._ ' ' ^flti Truck '•W ./ . •.,,,,-. t- t I. • ' Vff •} the ^"lab'or recruitment"' pfbgramV' "Only as a last resort and to loss of colt'on Will we lecruH niitsirln of Arkansas." Taylor Samuel H. Sheppard, held on a first •degree 'murder'Indictment, is ^ rw ^ __ willing' ''''to do anything," cven|i abor ou t s ide of Avkansas,' take the? witness-stand, to try to! sa i d- , prove )ils innocence^ iin 'the July " 4th bludgeon killing of his wife. Marilyn,, his brother, \ Dr. Richard iSheppa'rd ,• said today;His first chance' irvay come to- .mori'.ow; when the/, scheduled arraignment on , the' indictment is hold,,, bet'ol>c Common Pleas Judge Ayihuiy J Day* liowpV'^ '{• his • al.tpr-: ney, William Cbrri'ga'ri. said he had not decided yet to put the young osteopath on the stand, "but I am prepared to call fact witnesses to testify to my client's innocence." year's total for that disease to 3,974 compared'with 1,446 for the corresponding period of 1953. 16 New Polio Cases in State KOCK, .(UP) , V-WA'^ 4- J - J1 y xvw'-'i.*, , N T • , , V Tlibre' vvei-e )6 new' cases of ''polio in Arkansas for the week ;end- € eel last Saturday, the Stale Health .Depar'trnen reported today. This is three less than the num- NOTICE JIMMY MILLER is now connected with SHORTY BARNES SERVICE STATION ;, ,-Eas^....3rd .and . Laurel "' He 'invites his 'friends to ,, visit.hirp.at his new • : location. See us if you a re interested in Commercial Layer's. YVe ne;ed 10,000 in this area to handle egg contracts. DROUGHT FEED PRICES NORTH STAR 16% v $3.10 NORTH STAR SWEET , $2.85 GOLD-MEDAL DAIRY k $3.55 SURE MILK DAIRY $3.70 MBD SOUTH COTTON & SUPPLY HOPE, ARK. f A'u attempt \$H also be made to jje,e Dr. '§li^j?j|Jsi:il..(ji r '.,oali/'tornbr.T i? but -bhioriaw .'prbWbits it if there exists a'Igreat''.''presumption of "giiilt. "''"•' ' " Assistant County Prosecutor John J. Muhoh, who will try the ase. said that the indictment makes the presumption of guilt reat.," Meanwhile, Dr. Richard Shepard revealed that the family has oceived several offers from trangers to confess to the murder v r'etnrn •' for money, Some are "cranks" and others seem to be sincere," he said. Authorities indicated that thc de'ntification of a mysterious palm rint, found on a desk in the hoppard home, had been traced o the doctor's son, Chip, 7, and nd that it may seriously affect no aspect of the defense's conten- ion that an intruder killed the 1-year-old Mrs, Sheppard, who vas found beaten to death in her eel. Dr. Sheppard has contended that ,j was knocked unconscious twice nd injured going to his wife's us- istance. He said he was asleep on sofa downstairs when awakened, iy his wife's screams. Defense lawyers indicated they also may move for a change in /enue on ground that public opin- on has been incited against the •oung osteopath. ' Another move for,'the defense came yesterday when Dr. Shep- >ard , released a proclamation of nnocencu through his brother Dr. Stephen Sheppard^ In the statement the accused professed "undying Jove!'* for his wife, 115,000 Needed to LITTLE ROCK — Cotton' picking, scheduled to get under way about September 1, will provide jobs- for some 115,000, seasonal workers,' the Aritan^s : Employment Security Division estimated today, Surveys by the Division and Crop Reporting Service indicate a banner yield of 1.300,000 bales. Bayard Taylor, administration of the Employment Security Division, said that the agency's ?4 field offices, plu.s m.o.bJ.1^ uniU ^ C«tes-j "' I6"'" 1 ,5v .1* fi V'«'« "—•K n--i u -",- • «, ""'^^•~^V?o'*'*^^ ' l^»Jt~A?»L , •' •' iu,- :;M\W^ * fc «^' .iv* ' -» '•"•O^vU'l >L\ ,",, f. loa^.^..rW.'.V ^^.xA^fM FRANK MORTON B. Ri. 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