Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 19, 1954
Page 7
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t >rAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ' ^sKSKpssr y&mw^**v<•"• PF ,," 5"-%' < .it 1 '--f "V*- • •-'*; *v * v * * „ S** -^ Thursday, August \ 9, 1?S4 M6fi» ARKANSAS «5i~ .' Proposed fe*% r Sf&fSft tf^Senate-t earns ? up ' with a corh- bill idrfay ' t 'i befS>h)p IP the Commu- hre and .«.w«.-»4 ih**y» jtat o clause BgfedW Wd IB A tnertibcr 4 mifcti&clloji group shnll Intel-rial Seeuriy Sen. Me' wds iho author, &t * members of Com. i groups shall bo defense plants, from . iifeljt Tjy the federal gov- at >nd from obtaining a pnss if they fail to roe- s'atorney general as law, Ihev arc subject ; for five years nnd >ot $ A 1D,000. rrfln.jji frteftibbr at the, con, cpmtnitee/ "saW the com- ''makes certain that r £tfie provisions and penalties Internal Security Act shall overthrow 6f the government under ibe Smith Act. *th4 Sectfoft of tne bill making Coitimifnistparty member'.hii) a criminal offensd, spons^r^d by Sen. Httrnpltrey (D-Minh) ami other Democrats, was tuice a^prtivcd by the Senate and oncp by tl* House over Inn objections of the administration. The schedule called for the new compromise version to be submitted first to the Senate ffnd then to the House. Sen, Bu'cl fft-Mtl) lotd reporter'? that the Senate-House conferees agrocd on '3t uiianimtntsly. Other parts of tho mcasurp \vould strip the Commhnisl party of its legal and privileges deprive labor unions, found nnd In be CommunKl-infilt) atcd. of then' legal slandihfi before the National Labor Relations Board. Before the conference ngre mcnl. Sen. Knowland of California, the Republican lender, said he was confident the 'group would produce a measure acceptaijlc to Atty G«n, Browncll. Knowland said nlso he thought President Eisenhower would any bill Congress might pnss which was nimcd at the Cornmxtnist party. d 6,u b t s about jf anil-Communist atlon , had.-. been based on that; it-might destroy the "*>provision? of the Into .^ivoj&tlb the forcible ..jnfo«e... fft>* •-'',•. • •*"• • MARKETS St. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Jll. pi — Hogs 5,500; barrows nnd gilts going activel strong, numerous sales 10-15 higher; others Auditor Criticizes McMath Handling LITTLE liOCK, fUP) — Unexplained "adjustments" in collections: of sales and use taxes .particularity during the administration of former Gov. Sid McMath^ were ta-iticlzed today in a t "report issued by Legislative Auditor Orvel Johnson. The leport said the present rev- fully steady: active 1 lading on ISO Ib down, dome of which 25 higher; sows Steady to £5 higher; boars steady: bulk 200-250 11) 23.50-60; several lout's choice No. 1 and 2 23.65-75; n;>t enough hogri over 250 Ibs to establish market; increase percentage:! 180-200 Ib weights, these mostly -J3.00-50; 150-JTO Ib 21.50-22.50; load light sows 21.0; other sow.*. 400 To down 19.0-20.ri; heavier sows 10.75-in.50; boars 30-1050; Rood clearance. Cuttle 2.000, calves 000; opening slow; a few sales of steers arnl butcher yearlings steady; including good and low choice steers 21.50-22.Ofl; small lot-*, goori nnd choice heifers and mixed yearlings 50.00-22.00; utility nnd 'commercial cows slow, weak to 50 lower; canners and cutters opening steady; utility nnd commercial cows 10.0012.00;- canners and cutters 8.0010.00; bulls steady: utility and commercial 12.5-13.50: few 14.00; caner and cutter bulls 9.00-12.00; vcalers ami calves steady; high Choice andprime 2.00-21.00; good and choica 16.00-19.00; commercial and low good vealers 13.00-16.0. Sheep 800; few sales good to about steady; aged shop -Heady; prime spring lambs 18.00-21.SO, about steady; aged sheep steady; slaughter ewes 3.00-4.00. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK (IP) — Cotton futures were lower today in dull trading. Scattered profit taking and light hedging met an indifferent mill demand for contracts.- Lnte afternoon prices were .5 to 40 cehts a bale lower than the previous close. Oct. 34.17, Dec. 34.40, Mch 34.C7. enue commissioner, Vance Scurlock, had been advised of the particular accounts under question. "He has been asked that the accounts be reviewed by-the Revenue Department and to advise the legislative audit committee'of his findings and action in the matter,' Johnson's report said. SHIRTS /-I ' *- «*i w--- ^T 16 to" buy those new fall sport shirts. ""f^y^Fifgy.e a good selection how and more are arriving ^ 1 V|ciajJC'2Shop early forfbest'selections. All sizes. f Men's Fleetline "• CORDUROY ^, SPORT SHIRTS '•••These sport shirts are washable. Beautiful assorted 'JU > \pgstel_colors and'a complete range 7i * of sizes. Buy Now Only....... 3.95 WSV* |1?^ If •.r.-"-* .MEN'S,. 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Patricia H i i s c h, 24, charged in her complaint yesterday that .Daniel.? struck and kicked her, inflicting permanent back in- iuries. She also asked remuneration for medical expenses.' • for any reason, incluJ'in? ho burning of trash. With no rain in sight. State Forester Lans has termed the condition of Arkansas forests the most explosive in 20 years." Foyettevilld to Get New Post Office WASHINGTON (/P) — A new post office and courthouse building appears in the offing for Fayettc- ville, Ark. The General Services Administration (GSA) has proposed that the building be constructed under the new lease-purcha?.? law. Under this law. originnlly drafted several years ago by Rep. Trimble (D-Arkl, the GSA willj fontact with private agencies build office buildings'which federal | j agencies will occupy nn a lease j '• basis. After a period of years — during which rent will be applied as payment — the government will own the building. Trimble said the Foyftteville| building is the only one on the GSA list, for Arkansas, NOTICE August- 16, 1954 C. P. Rettig became connected with me in my Electrical Contracting business, and we invite all our friends and customers to call oh us. .' Carl Johnson JOHNSON ELECTRIC CO. 319 West 2nd Street Phone 7-2155 CIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A, M. and 4 P. M. •Cdlenddi 4 * Thursday, August 19 The Round Up Club will meet {Thursday hifiht ut 7:30 at the coliseum. The coliseum will be open Jmd all member;! are nsked to come on horseback. NEW YORK SfOCK NEW YORK (/P) — Aircrafts advanced in an otherwise Stock Market today, Trading was moderately active at the start and prices generally higher. But soon the pace slowed considerably. Changes were mostly minor fractions, hwover, in the early afternoon. Aircrafts developed the most investor interest. But steels, motion pictures and rubber producers were also generally higher. Oils and radio-television issues tended to ease while the rest of the market was a jumble of small gains and losses. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO M — Small, price changes were recorded •• in most grains o nth eBoard of Trade to day although September soybeans moved over a dairly wide range. After rallying early September soybeans fell back. Toward the finish they moved up again, carrying deferred contracts wil.h them. The market was helped by an inquiry for cash beans from Formosa. Wheat, oats-and rye were steady most of the session without adding much to previous closing prices. Corn suffered from occasional weak spealls. Wheat closed lower to higher, September $2.13 -'/B. corn % lower to Va higher, SepU*mber SJ.64%- , oats unchanged to Va lower, September 73-73V a , rye Vz to 1 cent higher, September $.19'/ 2 and soybeans 2'/ 2 -4(/ 8 higher, September $3.16-$3.17. Wheat: None. Corn: No. low 1.67>/ 2 ; No. 2 1.C7: 14>/4-65; No. 4 1.62 : '4-63V 2 ; 01'/a-; sample grade heavy mixed 80; No. 1 hite 79-80; No. 1 white 73; No. 2 3 ; No. I mixed 78; .No. 2 72. oybeans: None, Barley nominal: Malting 0; fed 95-1,12. v. ARMOUR STAR 6 to 9 Ib. Visking wrapped, shankless picnic hams. POUND n.SUnday August 22 John Vosey will teach the Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class on Sunday, August 22. Rainbow Girls Will Meet Tonight Order of the Rainbow for. Girls will meet Thursday, August. 19, at 7 p. m. for an initiation in the •jMnsonic Hall. .'•.-;' * All members of the Rainbow Girls are asked to be present for this important meeting. Junior G. A.'s To Have Breakfast The LoU Demie and Jcaneltc her shoulder. Reverend Virgil D. Keeley, pastor, officiating in the presence of the immediate families. Preceding the ceremony, Paul O'Neal, organist, played "trau- merei" by Schurmann, and during the exchanging of vows, "Liebest- raum" by Liut. The bride was given in marriage by her uncle, Jim Keith of Magna|l!a. She was attired in a suit o! brown raw silk and a hat of white IveK'Rt. She pinned an orchid at Hunker Junior Girl's Auxiliary will) Mrs. Claude H. Byrd, sister of meet at Fair Park on Monday the bride, was matron of honor.- morning at 0:30 for a breakfast. Following the breakfast, they will have mission study from the book, 'The Secret Next Door". Keith-Gazes Marriatie Announced Announcement is mrulc of the marriage- of Zilpa Aclolia Keith, daughter of Mrs. Louie Abernathy Keith and the Into Mr. Keith nf this She chose a suit ot cocoa shantung, and a hat of pink velvet. Her flowers were pink carnations. Jack Wilson of Hope, served the groom as best man. Immediately following the ceremony, an informal reception was held at the home of the bride's mother. Mrs. L. G. Tucker of Cotton Valley, La., served the punch, and Mrs."Jim Keith Of Magnolia, ser- ed the .cake. j\eun ana me liiiu mi. rvuivn •" •.inn . . ., city; and Roland J. Ca ? .es. son of Other. «•«•«"«»^the MrS. Thco Gazes and the late Mr. Cazbs of Chicago, 111. The marriage was solemnized in a quiet ceremony held Saturday, August 14, at 5 p. m. in the First Methodist Church of Hope, with the 1 yel No. 3 No 5 1.59'/2- heavy 1.30- TONIGHT AND FRIDAY Malh & Country Club Rds. BURT LANCASTER \» and thronging thousands In His Majesty OKeefe COLOR •»• - - g' : : ; Technicolpr ALWAYS; A COLOR CARTOON room were Mrs. Bert Chamberlain, Mrs. Wyatt Davis of Hope, and Mrs. John Martin of Dallas. After a short Wedding trip, the couple will be at home at 5617 Swiss Avenue,'in Dallas. Births Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Musgrove of Cobden, 111., anndunce the birth of a daughter, Reba Diane, on August 10. . Coming and Going Miss Carol Justice of Camden spent the week-end with Miss Sue Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. \Vill Rowe have returned from, Los Angeles, where they visited their sons, W. T. and Horace. ' PORK LIVER SALT Serve smothered with .onions Choice Centers Ib Lb. 25c 29c WHITING Pan Ready POULTRY AND LITTLE ROCK (IP) — Northwest roa: Market steady. Demand im- roved. Broilers and fryers 2*-3 bs, motly 23. cents. Batesville — Floral area: Market Leady. Demand improved. ' Broil- rs !and'fryers 2*-3% Ibs, mostly : cents. All prices f.o.b. farm. CHICAGO Wl Live poultry leady; receipts 395 coops (yester- ay 083 coops; 148,753 .Ib; f.o.ta. aying prices unchanged to. 1 ower;.-heavy hens 1622.3; light ens 14-35; fryers and broilers 243; old roosters 13.5-14; caponettes 0-31. Butter steady; receipts 1,041,929; vholesale selling prices unchanged; 3 score AA 56.75; 92 A 50.5; 90 B :4.25; 89 C 53; cars 00 B '4.7'; 9 C 53.5 • . X Eggs weak; receipts i 0,070; vholesale selling prices 1 : to 3 cents lower; US. large 37-40; U.S. mediums 33; U.S. standards 32; current receipts 25; dirties 21; checks 21, Sea Fancy Bite Size TUNA Tender, young green peas, Ready to serve. Avondale Corn Avondale Peaches Golden yellow cream style Slices or halves in light syrup Pvt. Charles T. Rogers of Washington, has completed his basic MOTHING TO SAY—Mrs. Ednah O. Albright, accompanied by of the roosters she traitis:for TV and the movies appears ,h previously had been ordered to get rid of the roosters. DOROTHY DIX Manners And TV Dear Miss Dix: What is your o-|70 years old, is acting childishly pinion of TV? Mine is not very high T. T so much rudeness as I've seen since it advent. When entertain- Visions No Success for Fashion Trend e\er \\orn in films. She is f»teylftgh l IP|||| Samarin, godded *t W*t«, in'TfWJ $£!% Prodigal, ' based on th«* pnfaStelfrdrhs terUgtfif, of the Prodigal Son. I saw two her costumes and nil 1 caft is: Wow BY BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (/P)— Latin Turner ias her own answer for Christian Dior — her curviest film wardrobe to date. The fashion world nnd most American males have been in an uproar over Dior's plan tii brin«j the flaUchested modes ot the! roaring '20s. Lana, who rose to fanie as Hollywood's sweater girl, predicts he'll have no sucess. "If a girl has 'em. she's not going to hide'em," she opined. "And if a girl hasn't got 'em. she'll uso those rubber "things." Unlike some men, she isni't hit- ler about the controversy. In fad. she speaks admiringly of Dior. "You've got to hand it to him." she snid. "He knows how to t;ot One of the outfits had som<S b-'adihsc on the top and a of scarves front and luck. all, bi other. The rest is just Lane. The other was a flowing chiffon gown that flowed i.1 the right places. The costumes, T was assured by ptoducer Cliarltfs ScMnoe, ure fiu* thentic as all get-you. having been copied from recent excavations' of the period about 100 B C Well, there might have been a left elaborations by designer Hersthc! McCoy. "He's great," said Lana. "Atjd he didn't object to U little wilting here and there. For instance, that beaded number had thick- material sll over, t knew it would look bif. but you couldn't tell them that until they sato it on the; screen. So 1 waited for the .lusts, and 1 was the headlines. Last lime it was -h-jn^ht, t looked big as n house. All short skirts. . You didn't see the tne heavy beads came off. ' women rushing out to buy those styles, but it certainly created a hubbub. It's the same .with these new dresses'. I'll b-jt trie other do signers in Paris are livid over ihe publicity he has gotten." Lana is coming out- With the most revealing outfits she- hns frift ISC cfc§< Grtgson liotttfj*j1 f$ Set-fetoaae . . , ^MBS •«- Ftghtcrs; t-ett , . r the body of- 9>yeftr>fcM Hah from the Ca by a 'fire unit failed te rfevfv6' I| Clure said bb> and a ing to see Who'CtiUlff ' FORATHLtTrSJi Keratolyire afetldn (•'"ST-4-L, d keratdlytle ^ fO sloufihs off, Ihfeeted'skin and kill germs and fu. CONTACT. ifrrtbtvpiesii HOUR your 406 badlc,at ' fetflrfc. Today at John J DIAMOND ment becomes an excuse for bad manners, I think the amusement i angle has been carried too far. Whenever I call.on friends, they have far more regard for the program on the screen than for m^ company, though if we meet outside our homes they are warm and friendly. I used to enjoy visiting my daughter's ;home, but since they ac- training at Camp Chaffee and is quired a television set, il.'s any- i a hort leave with his iviin» i-mt n ninacnrp to hp with spending a short leave with his parents. He will leave Friday for Ft. Leonardwood, Mo., to attend the School of Engineering. .. thing but a pleasure to be with Answer: It -would be ridiculou for you to carry on with someone else's quarrel. Perhaps your aunt has. lapsed into second chjldhood. At any rate do your best to patch up the difference. Dear Miss Dix: Since my marriage I have been attending church with my husband, but as a result of lack of religious training in the past, 'I find it -quite difficult to comprehend and cope with the religious training I am now getting. haye bum my QWn B . of . . ,. j. nuvc uuiit utJ iii.y wvii \r M.J .3 WL the family. My son-in-law can t beljevi anc , lh h they are not drag himself away from the setl jn k lng wUh £orrilal p rcccp ts I evert to say "hello 'the children are, f ROSALIE L. — squabbling over what program Mr. and Mrs. Deat Anderson of i they will see, and even my dau- Smackover, and Mr. and Mrs. John Bobo'visited Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell during the past weekend. Misses Sue Gilbert, Ann Barr and Carol Justice of Camden, left Wednesday for a, few days visit with friends in Harmon and New Ox-leans, La. Hospital Notes; Branch Admitted: Lizzie Wyatt—Hope, Miss Nell Foster—Shreveport, La. T Julia. Chester.;;«€-. .^ .";*»; Admitted: 'Mrs; Sam Bells-^Hope,' Charlie Armftrong-^-Rt. 4, Hope. "Discharged: Little Miss Dina Lee McKissack—Rosston. GRIiM BEAN Fighters Are Winning Over Forest Blaze , LITTLE ROCK (ff*> — State Foresters and volunters wero ringed I around a big forest fire-nejir Rol- f und today .»nd if all goes'-.w.eli it's expected to die clown by tonight. Fire-fighters on the sc§ije estimate th»t 600 acres of forest land are ablaze. Bv*t, ^tato Forester Fred Lang said at Little Rock today unless jt flared up a;>ain, the light was won. The fire, which started JVJbnday, was out of fiontvo} tjll yeSlerduy, It's near ^he Arkansas River on the Pulaski-Perry county lin.e. Yesterday it threatened the nearby commun,jty of Lltle Jaly. - Lang • said the five-fighters are stretched clear around, the fire with rakes and shovels, ready to fight back the lire if it starts to break over at any point. The forester added (hat it's Impossible to use bull-dozers or other mechanical equipment because the rea is too hilly, Lang said he's made nn appeal {or more Boy Scputs 5n the L'Hle Rock area to help fight the fire today, Sixtetn Scouts from North Lille Rook joined the light yesterday. The state forestry department listed 43 fires, burning on a total of l.UO ajrgs oj the state's. Under- diy forests yesterday. A lire on &bout 100 acres broke out two miles northeast of RusseUvWe. NJjne fires were r&glji« e>) Sbout ^00 acves in the SherWau area. The Erossett are» had eight fires on 91 *crs>*. An4 one lire bctwen Delight and Antolne in Pikfc County buwed 6(1 #crs| ye^»iey. JISVVB w04 th? reside,nt3 apt to Krogers Whole Baby AVONDALE BRAND Sliced . KROGER FROZEN Concentrated No.-.2i Can 303 Can Remmel Still on 'Feeler' Tour MORRILTON, ,Arlc., (UP)—Mayor Pratt Remmbl'of Little Rock was shaking hands and sounding out political opinions in Conway county today on whelhor he has enough support to run for Congress or governor this fall. The Republican mayor said he Enriched, makes Better Bread Kroger PUTT5R IT WITH EATMORE MARGARINE Famous Trichologist Will Demonstrate How to Grow Thicker IHair... And Guaranfees H! charge for this examination and no appointment is necessary. After the' examination he is told the required length of treatment and how much it will cost. After starting treatment, he ""This new method of home treatment for saving and growing thicker -h%ir will be demonstrated ih K<iRP' Arkansas, Friday ONLY August 20, 1954. ••These private Individual demon- str'ations will be held at tb«'Barlow Hpiel on Friday Only, August .20, 12 NOON to 9 P. M. j/.OKLAHOMA. CITY,' A^g, : ..ll—In "an interview here today, William:L. Keele, internationally famous' trich- xilpgist -and director of the Keele Hair and Scalp Specialists, Inc., s£ad 'There are 18 .different scalp .disorders that cause most men and women to lose hair. Using common sense, a person must realize no one tonic or so called cure-all could correct all the disorders." he explained. £•' GUARANTEED ' : ' V 'The Keele firm, recognizing that most people are skeptical of claims that hair can be .grown on balding heads, offer a guarantee," Keele said. .•-..-,• Once a person avails themselves to the Keele. treatment his -skepticism immediately disappears. To insure this, we offer this guarantee, "iryou are not completely satisfied j with your hair progress at the end mediate attention. ot,.30'days your money "will be re- ftuFned." v 'If clients follow our directions during treatment, and • after they makes regular reports to the Keele firm in Oklahoma City, and a trichologist will return to check his progress periodically.) To spread the opportunity of normal/ healthy hair to the thousands who are desperately looking for help, the Keele firm is s'ending specialists to various cities throughout the United States -to conduct examinations and start, home treatment. NO CURE-ALL "We have no cure-all for slick, shiny baldness," Keele emphasizes. "If there is fuzz, the root is still capable of creating hair and we can perform what seems to be a miracle." There is one thing Keele wants to be certain every man and woman knows. If a recession appears at the temples or a spot begins to show up on'the crown of the head, there is something wrong and it should be given im- HAIR FOR LIFETIME wanted some "grass roots" estimates of his chances. He had dis closed earlier he is considering going after . gubernatorial nominee Orval Faubus Nov. 2. ' RemmclV-tour consisted of the counties in the Fifth Congressional district Hays represents: Faulkner, Conway, Perry, Pope, Yel and Pulaski. Tomorrow Remniol v.'illl be fea lured speaker in Marvell at a din ner honoring Abe Davidson, new Arkansas commander of the Amer ican Legion. Hi; stops in Pope county Friday for meetings and will be in Yell county Saturday "I'm going to the people anc find out what thoy want," said Remmel, who has not yet announ ced a decision on whether he wil seek another office this year. HOPELESS CASE'S DISCOURAGED ; LEMONS BOO size > 0? 49c FANCY MAIAGA5 * RED GRAPES 2 u, s 29c HOME GROWN WATERMELONS ^ 69c U. S. NO. 1 REPS POTATO!! ; 10 & 5$ First the Keele specialists are o.uick to tejl hopeless 'COTes that they cannot be helped. But the "hope-less" cases are few. Only if n man is completely, shiny bald, is he in this lost category. Jf• there is fuzz, no matter how Yjght, thin, or colorless, .the Keele •Xfrm can perform wonders. m Every one is given a complete, private examination to determine thb * condition of his scalp, and cause for his hair trouble. FREE EXAMINATIONS -. {This examination is vevy thorough and highly technical, it vequires 20 to 30 minutes. There is no _hter seems to regard my visit as an intrusion. What is the world coming to when human beings are •elegaled to the background in fav- jr of figures on a screen? ANTI-TV Answer: You are thoroughly ustified in your comments on TV — or rather on the conduct of the jeople who watch it. It has indeed given rise to an outbreak of discourtesy that often turns to downright boorishness. When the set is ocated in the living quarters of a small house or apartment, escape s impossible. Either the television enthusiasts must -forego their programs' in respect for the visitpr,; or the 'outsider must resign: herself to watching whatever the family favors. By all dictates of ettiquette, the' caller should -receive consideration. But if she arrives unannounced, it's difficult to make all members of a family accept her presence with grace. A Possible Solution The ideal solution, of course, would be to tuck 'the intruding set in a room, or nook, where those who wish to watch may do so, while leaving some quiet in the abode for conversationalists. This ideal, unfortunately; isn't feasible in most homes'. For those who, like the writer of the above letter are fed up with the boorishness of TV owners, the only recourse is to stay away. There is one consolation — as familiarity breeds con tempt, so overfamiliarity with tele vision program eventually breeds a satiety that makes the formei enthusiasts very happy to welcome flesh and blood people into their lives again. About all you can do is wait for this happy moment. Answer: Prayer, application to he training you are now receiving and an earnest desire to learn and tnderstand will see you through his difficult period Take your doubts to your pastor, or to a re- igious center, for further clarification Take as your motto: II Timothy 2:15. Dear Miss Dix: My aunt had ; bitter quarrel with her cousin las winter. Now she expects every body -in the family to stop talking to the cousin. They live next dooi to each and usually when we vi sit one, we visit the other. , M aunt resents our visits to the cousin. I think my-aunt,-who is Meet your -Friends at the Diamond . . , for that Famous Coffee and a Waffle Daily Lunches 50c and 75c DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA CITY MAR Pqrk Chops Lb.^ Beef Roast ^feV'fr Household Deodorizer Choice of 3 scents; Pine, Spice, Oriental Flower, 22-ounce \ 09 spray can . Jk """"" JOHN P. (OX DRUG DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 m^WEJSiyE EAGbE, STAMPS ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & $1.00 Lustre Creme Shampoo with 29c Halo Both lOOmNKLE 1E 23 Saccharin *^z*'- 5(J Palmolive s p 3:25 19° Napkins - 15 m . (,. /- <OW! m «« ^,'3-Day,- ^SD?|iaf| l-i\»si $Mf9M9r>i i^1 - t finish the course, there is no reason why they .will not have hair all the rest of their lives," Keele said. "Our firm is definitely be-, hind this treatment, it all depends on the individual client's faithful observation pf a few simple rules." ' j|QW'S" YOUR HAIR? Jf it -\yprries yaii! call Trich'olagi'st J. Bentoh Saunders at the JJa.iiOw pQtel in Hope, Arkansas, on Friday ONLY, August ?0, 12 Noon to 9 p. m. The public is invited. You do not need an appointment. The examinations are private and you will not be embarrassed or obligated in any way. Both men and women ?re welcome. — Adv. References: Financial. First Nafl of Oklahoma pity, T,*«st Co. fl, Ark., BY REFRIGiRATION! .* LAST DAY * • FEATURE TIME? • 2:00 - 3;45 - 5:39 - 7:33 • 9:27 The Amazon Jungle where Life and Love Was the Prix? of Only the Lucky! 1. NIWSOFTHf BAY 2, 5IA SPORTS OF TAHITI FRIDAY & SATURDAY FORMULA 20 CREAM SHAMPOO 4-oz. Oc Jar , , With lanolin. MATCHES Swimaruf Dark-eyes .. Black, 1 00 • * vv brown , I app laslg *L_4-5 weeks. Listerine An thy me HI^tTH TONIC Oxide Ointment 1 Q | |J Fasteeth Powder Photo Fans... Save Here! ValueJ Heavy Plastic 10' pamera Gadget Bag 3-side- O49 Kodak Camera BROWNIE 'HOLIDAY' Easy to O95 operate. if"*~i Bettor Photos at Less Ceft ' Rf ly on 119 for < Photo-Finishing ; • Quality * Seivico • Eco^om BULBS of l^44KfWf9 4{4 •$!({ popular iJws, F-rf-Tf $ *i"»!jili*~Jt/ "* L ^m^f^' ^

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