Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on February 14, 1984 · Page 10
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 10

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1984
Page 10
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10-DC I Rio, (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Tuesday, February 14,1981 Famed attorney enters animal case at Marlin MARLIN (AP) - Flamboyant defense attorney Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, representing the leader of a group that is investigating alleged mistreatment of horses in Falls County, says more evidence could be presented in the case. "I promise you, just like MacArthur, we will return. And it will be quicker than anyone imagined," Haynes said Monday after criminal trespass charges against his client, Alex Pacheco, were dropped. Pacheco testified Monday before a Falls County grand jury on deaths and malnourishment of horses which he alleged resulted from negligence. Charges of animal cruelty also were dropped Monday against Mike Davis, a Central Texas rancher who had been accused of letting his horses go without adequate food during subfreezing temperatures recently. District Attorney Tom Sehon announced the dropping of charges that Davis had filed against Pacheco, a leader in a group known as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Sehon dismissed the charges "without prejudice," which means the charges could be filed again later. But prosecutors said 12 counts of theft involving $1.5 million were still pending against Roland Jones Jr. in connection with operation of a horse- dealing operation. Area ranchers said they bought horses under the promise by Jones that his company would buy them back later for a higher amount. Ranchers told prosecutors that when the time came for the horses to be bought back, Jones told them the company didn't have enough money to buy the horses back. The ranchers said the horses went hungry because they didn't have enough funds to feed them through Texas' worse winter in years. Sehon, in dismissing the charges brought by and against Pacheco, said his staff was concerned they might be unable to comply with provisions of the Speedy Trial Act. The grand jury was expected to reconvene either Feb. 20 or "sometime in March," said prosecutors. Assistant Texas Attorney General Luis Vallejo emerged from the grand jury meeting about 4 p.m. and told Haynes, "Your clients have been unable to provide us with anything." Vallejo was assisting Sehon in the investigation into the practices of the horse-dealing operation. Vallejo invited Haynes to come back with Pacheco when he thought they might have more evidence. Haynes, asked why he was involved in defense of someone charged with a misdemeanor criminal trespass charge, asked, "Have you seen the pictures of those dying and starving horses? Wouldn't that motivate you?" Geter dismissal sought DALLAS (AP) — Defense lawyers arguing that armed robbery charges against black engineer Lenell Geter resulted only from racism and police overzealousness say they hold little hope that their pre-trial maneuvering will be successful. Geter's attorneys have asked State District Judge John Ovard to dismiss the controversial charge "in the interest of justice" — a novel legal ploy that is appropriate because of the unusual circumstances of the case, they say. "It would be a remarkable piece of lawyering if we do (win dismissal)," said defense attorney George Hairston, who joined the case on behalf of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. A pre-trial hearing in the case continued today. Geter, 26, spent nearly 16 months in prison after being convicted of the robbery and sentenced to life in prison. After news reports raised doubts about his guilt, he was released in December and granted a new trial. A prosecutor raised the ire of Geter's attorneys when he disclosed Monday during the first day of the hearing that Geter owned a small, chrome pistol used in a South Carolina murder about eight years ago. Assistant District Attorney Norman Kinne admitted he could neither link Geter to the murder nor the gun to the Aug. 23,1982 robbery of a Balch Springs chicken restaurant. A large, black revolver was used in that robbery, witnesses said. Geter's pistol "has no connection to this case. It's obviously just a cheap shot," said defense attorney Lee Bowers. "They inferred he had some connection to a murder, and they know he didn't." Five eyewitnesses picked Geter out of photographic lineups after the Balch Springs robbery. But his colleagues at a Greenville defense contractor, E-Systems Inc., say he was at work that day. Hairston has been probing police procedures and retracing the route of a Polaroid picture of Geter through several suburban police departments in an attempt to prove that his client became a suspect only from convenience. "It will be apparant, when we get through, that the police investigation proceeded on no credible evidence," Hairston said. Court upholds prison order NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected an appeal by Texas penitentiary inmates objecting to a federal judge's changes in his prison-reform order. The three-judge panel Monday rejected an objection by 344 prisoners. They complained that the state: — Failed to furnish a Spanish language version of the notice of modification for Hispanics among the system's 33,000 prisoners. —The English version was deficient because it used too many big words for prisoners who read English at the fifth grade level. U.S. District Judge William Wayne Justice of Tyler on April 21, 1982, approved a change in the ban of the "turnkey" system — trustys who performed some guard roles. STREET NEW YORK (AP) Stocks were mostly ahead in early trading today although prices slipped from higher levels reached just after the opening bell. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials, which fell 10.57 Monday to a 10-month low, was up 2.40 to 1,152.53 after two hours of trading. The measure had been up more than 7 points earlier In the session. Advances maintained a 4-3 (ead over declines on the New York Stock Exchange, whose composite index rose 0.15 to Big Board volume totaled 39.27 million sharei at noon EST againtt 32.59 million at that hour Monday. Market Coleman DiamShm DowChem Dressrlnd East Kodak EDSs Enserch s Entox Exxon Flreilone FtBcpTex FordMot t GAF Corp GTE Corp GnDynam GenlElect t Gen Food Gen Motors Goodyear GIAtlPac Haliburtn HarteHnk s Holiday Inn Houitlnd HugheiTI Imerfil IBM Intl Harv Int Paper Jeff Pilot JohnsJn Kmart KrogerCo LTV Corp Litton Ind LoneSIa Ind Mix DSIr Uedtronic Mobil Moniaqto Motorola NabllcoBrd NYNBX wi PlcHTtl wl Penney JC Phelpj Dod PhillpiPet Poltrold ProclGamb BCA Republic Stl BepBankCp S.flne MWWM' » a 30* 30* 18',. 18* 28*1 28* 17*4 17* 69 68 28'. 29* 19* 19* 20', 20* 37 36*4 18'. 18* 19* 18'. 38* 37*4 15* 15* 39* 38*4 50 49* 53 52* 47* 47* 69*4 69* 26* 25'. 12* 11'. 35* 35* 20*4 20* 441/4 44 18*1 18* 17H 17* 14'. 14*4 109* 109* 11* 11 52 51* 37* 36*( 31* 31 31*» 31* 16* 16V. 61'. 61* 24* 24*4 47* 47* 35'. 34* 29*4 29* 12* 82 117* 119* 42*4 42* «'• 62* 57»| 57* 51 50* 24* 23'. 38'. 38 21* i« 47'. 47* 30* 30* 26* 26*4 30* 30* 30* 18*4 28(4 17*4 68 29* 19'. 20* 36'. 18* 19* 38 15'/4 49*4 52*4 47* 69* 26 351. 20*4 44* 18* 17 * 14'. 109* 11 51'. 37* 37 31 31* 81*! 47* 35*. 29* 92 116', 42*. 02* 57* 50* 24'i 38->4 28* 47'. 30* 26'. 30* Texas Inst TcxasOCas s Tex Wi! Trane TylerCp Un Carbide UnPact'p US Steel USWest wi UniTcl Unocal WalMart s Westgh El Xerox Cp Zenith it 129* 128* 23* 22*. 24 23*i 39'. 38* 24'. 24*4 55* 54* 46* 45* 28* 28* 60* 60 20* 20* 35 34 * 33* 32* 47* 46* 42* 42* 26* 25*4 12814 23 23'. 39'i M'I M'. 46 20*> 34'-. 331,, 46*4 «l. 26',, Melals JipwrCo 25'. 29 29 23V. 22V. 224) 3«v. 35*4 35'. MV, J5*4 56'. 241. 23*4 24'i 15*. 15 15', 32*4 J2 1 . 32', 24*4 24'1 24*4 tm 60'. II 40*4 « 44*4 34'4 34 34V, 4H, NEW YORK (AP) - Spot nonlerrous metal prices Tuesday: Copper 69*i70 cents a pound, U.S. destinations Copper 63 20 cents per pound. NV Comet spot month closed Men. Lead 24 28 cents a pound. Zinc • 51 cents a pound, delivered. Tin 6.2279 Metals Week composite ib Aluminum 81 cents a pound, N.Y. Gold • H76 00 Handy 4 Harman (only da! ly quolel Cold $377 20 per troy ounce, NY Comex spot month closed Men Silver S8.685 Handy & Harman (only dai ly quoit) Silver 18.705 per troy ounce, NY Comex spot month cloud Men Mercury • 1289.00 $300 00 per 76 Ib flask, New York. Platinum $388.00 domestic merchant Iroy ounce, N V Cotton lutun's NEW YOBK (AP) - Cotton futures No 2 weri lower it midday dealing! today The averjjt price (or itrliu low middling 14 1-16 Inch ipol cotton declined W points lo 68,52 ceoli « powid Kwidjy (or the eight mirktii. according to thi New York C'pUoo 1/2 PRICE on any Noncommercial Classified ad for 7 days. 774-4611 ' Only Private Party Ads Please CLASSIFIED DIRECTORY 001 Auctions 002 Le.0al Notices 003 Public Notices 004 Personals 005 Societies/Lodges 006 Free 007 Found 008 Lost 009 Scnool/lnstr. 010 Child care 101 Help Wanted 102 Situations Wanted 103 Bus. Opportunity 201 Garage Sales 202 Misc. Services 203 Misc. Items for Sale 204 Misc. Items Wanted 205 Pets 206 Livestock 207 Livestock Supplies 208 Hunting Leases 301 Houses For Sale 302 Mobile Homes for Sale 303 Lots 304 Acreages/Ranches 305 Lake Resort 306 Bus. Prop Sale/Lease 307 Houses Rent 308 Mobile Homes Rent 309 Duplex 310 Apartments 401 Cars 402 Trucks 403 Campers/Trailers 404 Motorcycles 405 Automotive Aces. 406 Const./Heavy Equip. 407 Boats RATES Lines Rates: Words 3 days 7 days 15 6.75 15.75 20 9.00 21.00 25 11.50 26.25 The above rates are for consecutive insertions. Other rates available on request. Classified Display Rates: $3.52 per col. inch Special discounts for volume and weekly insertions CHANGES Read your ad the first day it appears.. Any ad justments will be made on the basis of first appearance only. PAYMENTS Want ads are charged purely as a "courtesy" and payment is due immediately upon expiration. Certain types of ads are strictly cash-in-advance. For further information call 774-4611 or write Del Rio News-Herald, P.O. Drawer C, Del Rio, Texas 78840. DEADLINES Ad copy will be accepted Monday through Thursday up until 3:00 P.M. for next day's publication. Saturday Ads until 12 noon Friday. Sunday Ads up until 3:00 P.M. Friday. Monday Ads will be accepted until noon Saturday. Uncover Hidden Cash Call 774-4611 Midday Erie*! Wtr> H CMU' « bill lower to II 75 Higher uin Uw previous clow. Uar 74.16. lit? 74.W. Ju) 7i«. Oct 72.55, Dec 71,30, Mar p72.», Miy 04. and Juj a q.. n q. • not quoted. nil trade. 002 Legal Notices THE STATE OF TEXAS TO Archie Alexander, Lucinda Best Alexander, Maggie Rhynes Alexander, Velma Pope, Myrtle Holmes Alexander Manning, Paula Jaquez De Andrade, Arthur Alexander, Arnold Alexander and their unknown heirs, GREETING: You are commanded to appear by filing a written answer to the plaintiff's petition at or before 10 o'clock a.m. pf the first Monday after the expiration of 42 days from the date of issuance of this Citation, thi same being §jend«y the i*h *v of March, A-pv i«M« a*.or before 10 o'clock a.m., before the Honorable District 002 Legal Notices A004 Personals Court of Val Verde County, at the Court House in Del Rio, Texas. Said plaintiff's petition was filed on the 25th day of January, 1984. The file number of sid suit being No. 15090. The names of the parties in said suit are: ERNESTO RIGAL and as Plaintiff, Archie Alexander, Lucinda Best Alexander, Maggie Rhynes Alexander, Velma Pope, Myrtle Holmes Alexander Manning, Paula Jaquez De Andrade, Arthur Alexander, Arnold Alexarpler and their unknown heirs, as Defendants. The nature of said suit being substantially as follows, to wit: Suit to determine title in and to the following real property, located in Val Verde County, Texas, an being more particularly described as follows, towit: Being Lot Eleven (11), in Block Eighteen (18), of the Fairview Addition to the City of Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas. If this Citation is not served within 90 days after the date of its issuance, it shall be returned unserved. Issued this the 3rd day of February A.D., 1984. Given under my hand and seal fo said Court, at office in Del Rio, Texas this the 3rd day of February A.D., 1984 Dixie Connolly clerk District Court Val Verde County, Texas 003 Public Notices Notice is herby given that the listed conveyances were seized for violation of 8 USC 1324(b). 1. 1978 Ford LTD VIN: 8P63S109921 Seized January 10, 1984 at Carrizo Springs, Texas Seizure/? DLS 274-7007 2. 1977 Ford LTD VIN: 7U62H136070 Seized January 11, 1984 at Carrizo Springs, Texas Seizure// DLS 274-7008 3. 1976 Ford Chateal Club Wagon VIN: E22HHC54492 Seized January 13, 1984 at Comstock, Texas Seizure* 274-7009 4. 1978 Chevrolet Cargo V a n 1 0 VIN: CGD1580148781 Seized January 13, 1984 at Comstock, Texas Seizure* DLS 274-7010 5. 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme VIN: 3R47A8R436932 Seized January 20, 1984 at Del Rio, Texas Seizure* DLS 2747011 6. 1978 Chevrolet Custom 20 Deluxe Pickup VIN: CCL248S170490 Seized January 21,1984 at Del Rio, Texas Seizure* DLS 2747012 7. 1977 Mercury Cougar XR-7 VIN: 7A93H575402 Seized January 22, 1984 at Del Rio, Texas Seizure* DLS 274-7013 8. 1976 Chevrolet Bonanza 10 1/2 Ton Pickup VIN: CCL146F372628 Seized January 22,1984 at Del Rio, Texas Seizure* DLS 2747014 9. 1974 Chevrolet Custom 10 Pickup VIN: CCV144S127999 Seized January 22,1984 at Del Rio, Texas Seizure* DLS 27470)5 10. 1972 PontiacGrandvllle VIN: 2P49W3P217558 Seized January 26, 1984 at Del Rio, Texas Seizure* DLS 274-7016 11. 1977 Ford F-250 Super Cab Pickup VIN: X255KY42221 Seized January 26,1984 at Del Rio, Texas Seizure* DLS 2747017 Any person deisiring to place this matter In the U.S. District Court In order to contest the probable cause for such seizure, must file with the Regional Commissioner, Immigration and Naturalization Service, c/o Chief Patrol Agent, U.S. Border Patrol, Hudson Drive, Del Rio, Texas, a claim cost bond of $250.00 with approved sureties on or before February 20, 1984. Otherwise the property will be administratively forfeited pursuant to a USC 1324{b) and 8 CFT 274.1-274.16, without filing a claim and cost bond. Jack L. Richardson, Chief Patrol Agent Date January 30,1964 NOTARY PUBLIC CALL 775-2M3. 004 Personals WAS YOUR,,Photograph snapped by a Del Rlotlews Herald photographer? You can order reprints. Call 775-1551 for Information. If you want to drink, that's your business. If you don't, that's our business. Call A.A. or Alanon, 775-955). 004 Personals Tuesday, February 14th Creative Designs Matchmntes Colorful Crochet A casual zip-front dress for you and your shadow. No. 1351 with I'hoto- Guide is in Sizes 10 to 18. Size 12, 34 bust, !)% yards 45-inch. No. 1352 with I'hnto- Guide is in Sizes I! to R years. Size 4, 114 yards 45-inch. Two Separate Patterns TO ORDER, send $2.00 for «ich pattern, plus 50t for poittf t mi handling. CREATIVE DESIGNS Dtl Klo Nf wt-HinM P.O. Bon 477 Rldlo City SU. 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Experience accepted. Must have own transportation. Send resume and or work experience to Del Rio News-Herald, P.O. Drawer C-l, Del Rio, TX 78840. Tutor Wanted for 6th grader. 774-3671, 775-9727. ^^^^^^^SS^S^^SS^^^SSS^^SSS^S^SSS^^^S^SSSS^^SS^SS^S'^^^^^^^ An R.N. Supervisor to do skilled Nursing and Supervise geriatric patients In a homesetting. Must be able to travel In Val Verde and 3 other surrounding counties. Good fringe benefits. Company car and expenses paid. Call 774-2121 or 774-2122. Ask for Linda. 008 Lost LOST From the Romada Inn on Jan. 30, 1984. Black and whit* Tom cat, unusually large tail. Answers to Jennifer. REWARD IF NECESSARY. Call Chris at 775-3151 or 774-6344. Cat was wearing Odessa tags. 010 Childcare BABYSITTING: Day or nlte, anytime, any day of the week, holidays Included. 774-3009, 774-5461. 101 Help Wanted NOW HIRING: Offshore oil drilling. Overseas and Domestic. Will train. $25, 000-135,000 plus post. Call Petroleum Drilling Service at 1-219-931-21W ext. 1M?. 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