Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 17, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1896
Page 3
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STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT, JND.»J Q«PITf\L ' *2OO.OOO J. F. Johnion, President. 8. W. Ullery. Vlc« President H. J. Beltbdnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. I. W. Johnson. B. W. UUery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Kluott. W. H. Bolder. Buy tnd »»'l Government botidi. Ix>*n mom»7 »n peraonal aecurHy and °°" at « r all. Issue Bpttclal certllloates of deposits {Marine I per cent. Interest when left OM wtw i per cent, per annum when depot- Depo.lt Vauu. of thl, tank for the deposit of dead*. Insuranot Mlleles. roortrajces and «ther yalluabUs. rmted at from IB to 115 r« Tear. THE Munson Typewrite! Is a Good Machine. A high standard of excellence, Manj us«r» ot the "Munson" consider It THE BEST. you will tlnd it ft valuable assistant In jour office. Address lor purtlcnlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAMIFACTUKKRS, 940-344 We»t Lake St.. ChlcMgo, 111. Greatest ^Discovery of tne Century. Dr. Teagnc'i WKW RMOfDT Medicated Air yor the Cure ot Catarrh, Aathma and all Pnlmonar/ Dlseiwes, It baa no equal ••» Slckaud Nerrons Hwd- aetie, 1,000.000 people din annually from tlw abofe named dlaeam. Wh7 Miner and die, when Medicated Air l« to cure you. Hedlcat* *.lr Drag Co., i, ma., n. a. A. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER =-= Nw. 417 M»rk»t r net C«1U attenited to: - prol ifUy, di>7 •"" i»l UnlOD »nd Mutual Office, No. II; B««l(J«no«,- tio. OL. ,0>ho Epworth League of th-e 'Wheat•land-street-M. E. church, -will conduct a temperance meeting, Sunday evening, Oct. 18th, beginning promptly at C:30 o'clock and closing at 7:30' o'clock. All are cordially invited. Following is the program: • .; 1 'Invocation Mr. Duncan gong .Epworth League Address Pro.f- Burrougia Kecltation. .5"Llly In a Snow Storm" Miss Goldie Bryan Recitation -."Your Mission" ' • Miss Ethel Warne Song • • • • Selected Miss Piny Watts ' RecHiation.'Tve Drunk My Last Glass" , Miss Adah WheeMIng Beading "A Drunik-aTd's Picture" Miss Nellie Kulin Duet .-•• Selected Misses Price amd Redwood Recitation "The Mother's Pmyea-" Mrs. Mairco . Readtag Selected Miss Cleo Barnes g ong Epworth League Benediction HOW'S THIS. We offer One Hundred Dollars re ward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Cataren Cure. F. 3. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., We, the undersigned, have known F J, Cheney, for the last 15 year*, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business transactions .and flnandallj able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. • • . WEST & TRUAX, Wnoleeale Dmg gists. Toledo, O. WALDING, KINNAN & MAKV1N Wholesale Drugglsto, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter nally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces.'of tbe.syrtem Testimonials gent free. Price 7Bc pe bottle; Sold by all druggists. , Many a day's work to tort by «lck hMwtaahe canned by Indlgwitlon and •tomach troubles. DeWlttV Little . BtrixBlsen are the moot effectual pill . for OTercomta* rach dlfflcnltl**.—Jno. THE RAILROADS Fast Time Made Between Here and Bradford. RATES TO VOTERS General News of Railroads and" Railroad Employes. Engineer Jolm Manes, FiTOiiwiu Kob- o.r-t HoriLb!w.-k mul Conductor Andrew Osborue claim the record between, this olty u«<l Bradford for 'fast time. Yesterday morning their tnilm left the rauluuidle station 1 hour and! inlmito laitc and was delayed -1C. minutes 'by parlous causes, ami still reached Brad- lord In credi'ta-blc time. The distance is 114 miles -and. their actual runuln.g ti-me for that distance yesterday morning was 2 hours rend 10 minutes, which breaks all formor records far that distance.. SPECIAL RATES TO TOTEMS. The board of managers of the Joint Traffic association Imvo rpeommendod that one first-class fare .per cajrfta for the round trip' may be named from Washington. D. C., to points In various toH mi.incd below, account of voters ami dcjiemliii't menvl>i:rs o<f tlieir Immediate flnmi'lies. who will rcitu-rn to tlwlr homes to rogWtti 1 and y-ote t>u tlie occasion of live' approaching presidential election, tickets to be limited to continuous passage in- both tHrectkms, to bo fiiit-ed "Voter," and to be Issued only on pvesenihi'tioni o-f certlflcaite giving iiie. oeeiipjitlftii' nnd address of voter aiud signed by the cliainwm oC the DomiKT.ii.Uc: aud RepuMlea.il Cowgros- sicvnn-1 committees, respectively. Only one ticket to be Issued to each certificate, sn.ul certilk-a.te to boar the s^gnn- ture of the holder. which signature should be duplicated inthe presence of the Issuing agoat The States named are Indiana. Illinois, .Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Mlsscxcrl (St. Louis only), Ohio,, Now York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia. All tickets must be limited to return by November 10, inclusive. The board of managers have nilso recommended that after Nov. \ apples be carried under the sixth class. RAILROAD NOTES. Earl Kiddle is recovering from a continued Illness. AVJlllam Foster w-ent toSt'. Louis yesterday for a visit with relatives. George Gaa-rigan Of the planing mill -is off duty on account of an Illness. The suaf Ung In the planing mill has 'been repaired and that department Js running as. usual again. The track ruaning east and west In the erecting' shop has be«n moved a few feet south of its former location. Tlie men a ; t the shop will bo paid at 1 o'clock this •nfte/noon instead ot Monday as was previously announced. Louis E. Smart of RusUsylvanla, O., lias accepted a position as stenographer in .the office of the cWof clerk in the M. of W. office. John Barte of the bollei^shop massed tte excursion ti-ain ,at Indla'aivpolls Thursday night, 'but. 'came liome safe and sound yesterday afternoon. John Miller of the tin shop -has re- tunned to work after a few days' layoff. He attended the 'big I. O. G. T. meeting which was lield) here this week. There will be a special train to Peru this morning to accommodate those who •will attend the- Reed meeting there today. It wlH learo for 'that city just after the 9:48 goes east. Yesterday afternoon the end of a freight car loaded wi'tb shelled corn gave way just west of the Waibash junction. Considerable of the grata was wasted and the track blocked for a time. iHemiry Flndling carried tlie Logansport -banner in tlie parade at Indianapolis Thursday. He performed his.du- ty j,n an admirable manner aind was highly complimented by his fellow •workmen. H. H. B, Moore, boss of the repair track laboring gang, met -with on accident yesterday wh'ieh will lay him up for a time. He was lifting a' sill on' the saw 'table when ft slipped and fell, brulsi-ng his legs between the knee and ankle in- a severe manner. A BOOK FOR WOMFJN.' Dr. Hairtmae is an 'authority on the diseases of women and their treat- •menit. 'Hhe has reoontly. revised and condensed Into >an 'Initerestin'g pamphlet tote Woman's Band-Book. It win bo sent flree to any address for «. short time by The Pe-ru-«a' Drug Mamifac- turtag Company, Columbus, Ohio. Poison Ivy, insect bites, bruises, icalds, burns, are quickly cured by DeWitt's Witch Hazel silve, the great pile rare.— Jno. M.,. Johiurton, Catarrh is a constitutional disease .and requires a conattrutiooail remedy like Hood's Sarsapttrt31«, wtote h I«! ri - WOMEN VOTE " FOll PRESIDENT the llrst time in the h'story of tiliis country -an opportunity Cor women to publicly express thour choice for president is offored. The meUiod is unique and will result in showing on Nov. 4 Hi just what effect tte woman vote will hiave on national affairs. A manufacturer who IMS business rotations wJtli most of t2ie prominent no\vsi>apers In tlhe United States,. proposes the plnai as follows: All women over IS are entitled to one vote. Tlie votes by states will be shown In the -papers on every Wednesday and Saturday until Nov. .4th, Women n-re requested to read more tha-n one side of the question 'and act upon their own judgment. Write the name of cnndiN date on a postal card and write your own »am-c and address clearly, also city and sbate. On the lower left hand corner give the name of a twoker or procer who knows you. The precaution is to prevent Hooding the msuiil wlllh (lotltious votes. Nwmes u-Ji-kuowji'to grocer or hanker wi'H be thrown on*, 'be very careful to write and an- -acknowledgement of the receipt ot web vote will be se»t lo tlie fail 1 vo-ter. .Send.-the postal.to Postum Cereal Food Coffee Co., Eat- UL- Creek, Mich. It Is urged that every cflirnest woman, will not hesitate -to expend a penny to register her preference flt liliis most toterestiiug period of Nwtlonol 'history. Tills coiiipamy Itns a. Dat'l-onnl reputa/ tlon and pledge their integrity nnd liou- oa.--to report the vote exactly as received, without fear or favor. A sworn statement of tlhe final vote .polled up to 7 p. in. Nov. 4th will be published Nov. 7tih and the vote as it progresses will bo sliown on every Wednesday aud Saturday between now and then. Republican Meetings. Republican speakings will 'be held at thte following places in Case county: Friday evening, October 23, Harness school house, Deer Creek township, D. 'B. McConndl. W. M. Keaney, of Rochester, a form- pr Democrat and a witty and eloquent (speaker, will speak In Cass county as follows: Saturday evening, October IT, Royal Center. , Saturday evening, October IT, Center school bouse, Deer Creek township, Q. A. Myers. Saturday evening, October ITth, Louthain school house, Bothlehdm township, Orlando Powell. Saturday afternoon October 17tU, Mc- Klnley pote raising at home of James Humes, at which Attorney George Gamble will speak. Monday evening, Get 19, Clymers, M. A. Quton, ' Tuesday -evening, Get 20, Young Ainerlea, M.'A, Quinn. Wednesday evening, Oct. 21, Bed school (bouse, Nobte township, M. A. Qulnn. Thursday evening, Oct. 22, Shady Nook, Clay nownShiiip, M. A, Qulnn. Friday evening, Oct. 23, Harness school housei, Deer Creek township, M. A. Qutan. . Saturday evening, Oct 24, Lucerne,' M. A. Quiinn. Tbursda.y ercmiing, Got 22, Baptist school 'house, Harri'son township, W. T. Wilsonu IMday oven/tag, Oct. 23, Meteo, W. T. . WWsoa Saturday evefitog, Oct 24, Walton, W. T. Wflsoa Monday eventog, Oct. 19, Anoka, D. B, MoConnciU. WednesUny avowing; Oct 21, Eoyal Center, D. B. McConnelL Saiturday evening, Oct 24, Georgetown, Orlando PoiweU. •Monday 'evemilng, Oc-t. 10, Waverly, Caiprt. Frank Swlgart and S. T. Mc. Friday erenlng, Oct." 28, Pulmer school house, Washington township, Oapt Framk Swlgart and S. T. MoConr nelll. Tilrarsday evemlnig, Oct. 22, Pleasant HJ11 -sxyhood house, Cltoton township, D. C. Justice. • JPi-idny evening, Oct. 23, Onward, pobert J. Lovelaiid. Saturday evening, Oct. 24, Twelve Mile, George W. Funk and George W. Walters. THAT JOYFUL FEELING. With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and Btrenjgth -and Internal cleanliness, which follow* the u«e of Syrup of Figs, Is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old- time .medicines and the cteap sutatl- tutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-Informed. If your children are subject to croup watch for the first symptom of "the dls- eaee^-hoarseness. If Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is given aa soon as the child becomes hoarse it will prevent the attack. Even after the croupy cough has appeared the attack can always be prevented by. giving tnis remedy. ': It IB also invaluable for colds and CHANGE OF BASE;. Central Union Telephone Exchange Moved to Vaughn Block. A clAiiiiige was made' in the location of tlw> Contrail Uu ; ion -teleplioue " ex- chttnge last evening «t 4 o'clock. The new office .is ia the. Vaughn block aibove Wniden's shoe Store, No, 310 Fourth street. Tlie new office is 'all that could be desired. All the mo<leni aMdlances for facllitallnff 1 excellent service and for making employes and patrons com- for-tmble, «re included In the furnishings. The i-lwuiffo of location was'<i.ccom- -islwd without disturbing business. The old 'bonrd was kept in ojwratiou until th'e last minute, when connections-, were iivaide aiul the operators liun-ied to the new exchange and beig-an their duties ns 1-f they had -lonsr been- settled. Tire'board is the very latest; with four hundred coo-ncctions. There -are 310 of these already in 'active use with ftfty applicants-who will be cared for as soon as- ipcssibJie. One ithoussuid wires en'ter the exchange through cables, and five 'Iwindred of these are •aivailwble jut.prcscirt. When the office Is finished Inside, -not an-Jmsid-e wire will :be visible. The fumishlngs are luamlsome, the switch 'board is fur- irishod with n, cabinet of drawers and a- desk, and the inana.ger's office is set off and finished tn!«tefully. Back of the main- office is a room for •the lady operators, who are four in miimber, two working during tlie day, •trt'O unit 11 .nine- o'clock, -ind one Jiaving the T-cgular nlgltt shift. In this A'oom are lockcws 'for each operator, all 1 toiiat necessairies-, a place for in'aikJng coffee— the apartment a. cosy n.nd exclusive department. The line repairer's n.ml stock and storage room' Is at tlie rear of the offices. HOI FOR PERU. Marchers of McKinley Escort Guards, Forward March. A-U inemibers.of the McKinley Escort Guam! who possibly ca.n wire urged to meet aiit 8:30 this morning at Broadway rink in full marchlnig oixler, for the •trip to Peru,'to hear the eloquent Hon. Tarn B. Reed of Maine, who speaks in Barnum's t«|»t at that city this afternoon. It is important tha.t all go this morning, ns.tlre Gua.rds must nutlre a good showing tod'ay. TMs is the first trip of the Guards. Those not able to get off may 'bring -their uniforms and voters will be ready to fill them nnd mairch- la the Reed demonstration-. A rate of fifty cents for the round trip has been secured. Remember tte hour, 8:30, be on "time, prepared -lo go and shout for Sound 'Money. AL BUYER, President, IBOBERT KNTG'HT, Scc'y. ONLY ONE LIN'E TiHAT tKXES IT. There Is nwv only one lino operating through double daily service from Mis- souri'River points to Calitornla, and 'that line J<s the Uculon Pacific. • "llie Overiland Limited", Is the fastest train to the West, and Its'equip- ment of Free Reclining Chair Cars, •Buffet Smoking and) Library Cars, Pullman Dialing and Sleeping Cars is unsurpassed, No' other line 'offers equal facilities for California 'travel 1 . For further par- ticutars send for advertising matter of the Union.'Pacific; tlie Original Overland Route. .T;w. D, Welch, General Agent, room 35, Carew building-, Cincinnati, Oh'lb! ADDITIONAL LOCALS. •Spring ducks at Foley's. Buy your'shoes at Waldcn's. Fresh tub oysters.—Rot .Read the ad. of the Golden Rule. ' Ibis: is sixxMal cltoak day ait the Golden RuJe. The West line of girl school shoes- at Ellas Winter's. We hteve a big drop iir prices of sugar, —McCaffrey & Co. Smoked- beef tongue and, boiled tongue at Routh's. Tin buckets, 2% gallons, 5c, 2 p. m. prompt, a* The Fair. Save 20 per cent, by'n'.btendtag the clonk sale today.—Trade Palace. See it The new dress trimming, Cecil Nett It is the newest out, at the Golden Rule. • Our Honey Dew flour; you can't find a better quality, $2 per hnndred.-Mc- Caffirey & Co. • Special.inducements today ia our clonS department. Save 20 per cent by attending, this sale:—Trade Patoce. If you want to have fun-put on your old clothes and go to the "hard times" pm-ty at McCaffrey's- hall. Mond«j ovenilnp. You may get the prize. The Ladles' Auxiliary to the B. of L. E. TV!!! give a "hard>hnes" party at McCaffrey's hall, Monday evening, Oct 19th. Prizes will be given to the best representatives of hard times. A pro- grtom will .1)6 glye.n and refreshments served free. All are Invited 1 . Cbme'and •e Don't bear • the burden of the wash-board any longer. Hasn'titcaused enough damage and trouble and weariness ? Do you realize the amount of wear and tear that it brings to your clothes in a single year ? Get Pearline—get 'rid of the wash-board and that eternal ' rubbing. Be a. free woman. You ought to see for yourself that Pearline's easy way of washing—soak- in^, boiling, rinsing—is better for ^ , , / the clothes and better for you. A REWARD Of Health appi ness The Indiana Depurator Company has placed in Dr. J. B. Shultz office at 417. Fourth street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. It you are afflicted or have nds who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate a*, once. See testimonials of Leading Physicians; also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office .Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz' office STTFourth Street Logansport, Ind Natural Gas Rates. Partial payments annual rates begin Octo ber 1st 1696, /..... Consumers dasiring to avail themselves of the annua 1 rate, on the basis of six payme nts, should arrange to hava their stoves connected byihatdate in order to be on time. togansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co. 317 & 319 Pearl Street. " fly New Goods. Are here. Cell ajid examine them before buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor. ¥ ' • All Kinds of Drawings Made by] { BYRON Spiy;Block The High school team has secured a game with the foot ball players of the Kokomo foot.ball eleven for thfe 24th of the month at the .driving park.. " :-he tea'ms are very evenly matched, ._ all accounts, and the contest will an "Interesting one. GORDON. Logansport —-^^^^^^^^^•^^••gM IMPROVED DINING-CAR SERVICE ON THE WABASH. . Meals will now be Berve* A la Carte on all Dining cars on the WabMh Line. This will be a great Bccommodatloii to passengers a* Jt will enable them to •elect from the bill of fare Jnjrt what they want and pay only for what tier

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