Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 18, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 18, 1954
Page 10
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|y ffi"' ^n: * 't 1 ?''^* "t^SJSSS s~tj> yy -r-*-• *//•,; iv ,^S Hurt b r A R , HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, August 18, t , cited, while 'for the same request Is Jb Ihls category will nreWejlB cost Of 17.3 t' -aJoFe,l ( j Mtll«said. ' i£&S!i*l^ ' ^ &mtimieii from md lengthy explanations : , Ifroin tnbwlarid and Democratic' leader yndon B. Johnson of Texa? iyliite heir assistants put in om'er'gertcy alls for absent senator*. ^ * , '' • J Knowlantl insisted be ment lot- no record votes durlfl& Sure hearings, his attorney said to- be night. Johnson conceded ..that day. frloMand had proposed this' but VICTIM OF "CLIP-JOINT"—Holering for all he^ worth as be*s about to'get his first haircut id Dale Jeffrey Hallman, left, of Cleveland, Ohio. Almost thfde yeai-s old, he id the son of Sgt, Robert Hallman and his wife,. Joan, Just back from Korea, Sergeant Hallman, wanted to be on hand for Dale's first haircut. to the locks w^ere allowed to grow. When It was all over, Dale looked into the mirror and said, "all gone." MARKETS ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL" STOCKYARDS, '111. | . Hogs 6,000; active; barrows nd-gilts 200 ,lb lip 15-25 higher^ gher' weights steady to 25Ji!ghPr; ows spottd, generally steady to 5 higher; bulk 200*250,lb one price 3.60; sizable number selected oacls ,'and lots mostly No. 1 and 23.80-75: about six loads 220-235 >* 23.75; heavier weights scafce; 250-270 Ib 21.79-23.50; few 18020, Ib ,21.75-22.25; J80-200 Ib 2300- 0;v.1§6-170 Ib 2K25-22.5;,. rows 400 b 118.60-05'; heavier sows 16258.0;,,few .down to 16.00; Hoars 0.50-16.50. ..Cattle 3,500,' .calves 1,000; open- ng active and fully stcndy on' a ew< lorids of high choSeo and prime yearlirtS ste/g - at "2400-8<U ^ high ihoice" mixed steers, and heifers 23.25;»cows a'ctivc and .steady; util- ty 1 and ' commercial cov/s <**-10.00- ^.fiOlfiew/ISf.Off;. etlners and outers: .fl'-OCMO. 00; bulls strong ,,to 50 hiptiet-'r Utility i and commercial 20Q-*J3,'60;''f^* 14.00; c'ahnei^ and i;wlSr, > bulI'sTff.5'0^ll.5(J', veQler's and calves steady! -JWgh choice- an:l prml'eveale'rs 20'jOO-21.00; good and ctioice, 16.00-10:00; commercial and 16w good 12.0p-)600: culls 8- 11.0J. """'' /' j ' ' Sheep 1,200; slow market; under.- xme'wealr to lower on spring ambs; lew early solos good and, Choice i8.00-2J.00;? early tor \211.pO °-'ife not enough done to establish in'dr^siaiitfhtpr /fwc« s;op-|;oo./ steady; receipts 683 coops (yester day 434 coops; 109,737 ib f.o.b paying prices unchanged to \lower; heya yhens 16-22,5; light hen: 14-15; fryer's and broilers 24-29 old roosters 13.5-14; eaponetles 30 32. Butter steady; receipts •819,136 wholesale buying price? unchanged to i/ z higher; 93 score A A 56.75 92 A 56.5; 90 B 54.25; 39 C 53 cars 90 B 54.75; 89 C 53.5. Eggs easy; receipts 9,717; whole sale buying prices unchanged t l'/ 2 lower; U.S. largo 40-41.5; U.S mediums 34; U.S Standards 33 current receipts 26; dirties 22 checks 22 Flexible Farm McCarthy's Attorney Refuses Fee here had been an informS} iagree- §y WASMlNGON FOSTER (UP) — Sen. Jo seph R McCarthy (R-Wis.) will not personally cross-examine wil nesses gainst him in Senate cen aid he had control lit o'Wy his /dte and that any senator could demand a record vote. Apparently satisfied thai he, had flustered enough supporters of the till, Knowland ngvfed to the roll all, It mo\ed al a slow pace past midnight. Finally bon, McClellan D-Ark) employed a parliamentary actic to end the slallin}! foi la'te arrivals. < Edward Bennett Williams,-'.Washington lawyer who : will serve as counsel to McCarthy, told.'. a repdflcr: r 'i expect to conduct; ? the hearings. I will be In chargeV. oi the case .1 will.ask thd questions/' The special cofflmiUee ::"consicf- ering the censure charges haft ruled that either McCarthy ,cr his Motorcycle Wreck Fatal to Rider LITTLE ROCK (/P) —.A^ North liHtle Rock man was killed' 1 -.early his morning when, he was thrown 'rom his motorcycle undernea'th Yangtze River Hits New High attorney — but not both could ctoss- escamine witnesses. Meanwhile, the new counsel for the committee, former Sep. E. Wallace Chndwick (R-£ji.), said hi*s ftmction will "certainly, not" be impeded bj the fact that he made a speech in Id4t warmly praising Geh. Eieorge C. Marshall: ChadwicU. a Pennsylvania Rc-j By G MILTON KELLE.Y publican, arrived early today to Carthy had set aside for him. "It is not consonant to be serv ing the employ of the committee in the House of Representatives would "present no difficulty to me under any circumstahc'es" in the hearings. One of the charges!that's trying Sen. Mr.Carhy," Ed-i against McCarthy is that he !ward Bennett WJHiam, the W|Sh-| . ,,. .. . iinejton lawyer who will defend Mc- made an "unwarranted attack, on j c ^. thyj said in an interview. the five -star general. .he wheels of truck. a • i loaded trailer TOKYO (/PV- Yangtze River The rampaging swelled to another new record high at n p.m. yesterday at Wuhan, a stricity industrial The .river, which apparently has rtlii wild through central 'China, hit 29.7 .meters (97,44 fop yesterday at Wuhant a tricity indusrial complex at the junction of (.ho begirt spadework lor the hearings Which .will inquire into th.j charges filed against Sen. McCarthy by Senate colleagues. Chairman Artnuc V. Watkins (E- UtaH) said he still plans to begin the hearings Aug. 30, but admitted the possibility of a few days' delay because the committee took days to find a counsel. •"One or two days (delay) won't make any difference, because once We get started we're going to go right through," Watkins said. - Watkins hold a news conference to introduce Cha'.lwick. a spare, smiling, G7-year-old self - styled country lawyer from Chester, Pa. the Radio and Television Corre- couhtry lawyer from Chester, Pa. The chairman also informed th eRadio and Television Corre spondents association the Cvimmit- (ee has turned down it:; protest and is sticking by its decision,to raido, TV, movie camera, and North Little Rock Desk Sgt. Ray said. - Yangze and Han Viek identified the vcitim .as) Peiping claimed the "dike net- Archie L. Barnard, 31. The police-1 work guarding Wuhan is'stand- thrown! ing firm." rivers,' Peipins tape recorders from the hearings. Watkins also said Williams had man said Barnard was under the rear wheels of the truck when he apparently attempted to make a left turn off Pike ; St. about 1:30 this morning. This report contrasted with those of China travelers whose observations indicate the Yangtze apparently has deluged farm land informed the commitle it woulc not be "wise" for him to accept government funds to act as McCarthy's counsel in the hearings. The committee had McCarthy's request agreed, • al to pay al or part of the fee of William? Sergeant Vick said Barnard's for hundreds of thousands ofjWatkins said Williams would serve head and chest .were Crushed •:, by | square miles.in its worst fiood in [however. the wheels. recorded history. Chadwick . said his 1947 speech WASHINGTON (fP)— Counsel for Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) rejected today the fee perhaps as large as $10,000 — a Senate committee investigating charges against Me- I The committee itself, 'created tl examine charges that McCarthy] should be censured for conduct at-' legedly unbecoming i senator. < •rired former Republican Congressman E. Wallace Chadwick, 07, of | Jhcsler. Pa., ns itf counsel, to start work immediately. NEW YORK COTTON . NEW YORK Wl — Cotton futures were steady today in quiet dealings.' The absence of any appr ciable- rain fall in the main cotton felt and continuing high temperatures over wide areas encouraged further commission house buying of futui-es. Late afternoon prices were 10 to 55 cents a bale higher than the previous close. Oct 34.25, Dec. 34.54, Mch 34,83. YORK, STOCKS -i YORK Steels, tilted -i th"c stock market slightly lower ' • " ; Activity. a'6d> producers' of 'build"'" f^lsoftended tci lose 'motxon picture and stocks improved. The rest i 'market was irregular. Corp, jumped more thnn _. f , boints after directors ^decided liaise, the dividend and j{pjit the ijpk. But the issiio settled some- wUwtaw he high, „ „ , included Goodrich, Gen- tNJ) s 'Declinlnji were U,S. Stel, Beth- JcWm? Sfeef/ GenVr'al Motors, Poiiglas . Aircraft,* BOelrigt American Tobacco, Allied Dhemical, Arrterican .Telephone, and U.S. Gypsum. • •• ' *»OULTBY ND RODUCE —W — Live poultry GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO.'—<ffl —- An-early yance in grains farted out on the Board of Trade today and by the finish most futures were below previous closing prices Wheat closed unchanged to „-- loweV, Septerriber $2.13, corn I' 1 .lower, Septemoer $1.64 oats '/B& higher, September 73 83 >/ar rye lowsr, September $1.18—"/a, soybeans 2 to 10 cents lower, September $3.12. • ' Wheat: None. Corn: No. low 1.671/2 No. 4 1.62>, a . Oats: Soybeans: None Barley nominalf Malting 13050; feed 95112. News Briefs • LITTLE ROCK, (UP)-- Gov. Francis Cherry announced the appointment yesterday of Louis C. Nelson of Little Rook to the contractors licensing board. Nelson replaces J. K, Fraser, whose term expired. He will serve on the board until Doc. 32, 1958. u Girls' MiliCi.m lined COATS Beautiful for Fall and Winter AH colors to select fro*m '$tze§ — 3 to 14 SHORTIIS for ieck-to- "to, •EL DORA'DO, (UP) — A 79-year-old • retired carpenter who was found dead in his home with a .22 caliber bullet wound in his lore head today was listed as a suicide Victim. Acting Union County Coror-er James Barton said the victim, Jeff H, Hobbs, evidently shot himself between the eyes with his rifle. Friends said Hobbs had been ill lor several months, Hobbs is survived by his wif£ and several sons and daughters. LITTLE ROCK, (UP)— Arkansas cotton picking will get underway about Sept. 1, the State Employment Security Division reports, and is expected to provide jobs for about. J15.000 seasonal work ers. BSD Administrator Payard Taylor, said .mobile, offices in Bates ville and Harrison will be set up to obtain the needed workers. He s^Id a banner yield of aboi(t l.- 300,000 bales is expected and thousands of workfirjs,JYiH be ,needed to harvest the >VOP • "No state soirf-ce, 9! farm labor will be left untapped"' in the campaign ffc- laborer's, Taylor said; "Only ns a last report and to avoid loss of cottoi} vv)U we recruit labor outside of ' LR College to Go to Four Years LITTLE B OC K (fr) •*• tittle Rock Junior College wiW become a four,year school next year and wH^e known as Donaghey College, the I college bo^r4 i8anpunpe4 today. I The apt«?n, i» the Jprm of [resolution, was tateen by the board Thursday, bwt annpujjcerpent was withheld until today, A sujtj, ^Wcl\ aro^e, ^'hen the cpilege' b98»'d first attempted to cojjvlrt to a ioyr^year institution will be heaVct pet; 4 in o Pulask: Pircwft C9urt. The dep^raWr swit v^s ittfd by the powers o Us «**' Presenting Hope's newest to serve you now! sales ;ahd service;center THE TRADING POST 321 South Laurel Street HOPE, ARKANSAS 0RMS M' „ AFAMilYAFFAIR Fldgetihg. nose-t>ick!ng and n tor- .. menting i-ectol itch RVP often telltale signs of Pin-Worms...ugly ' pnvnaitcs thnt medicnl experts sny Infest one out nf every three persons examined. Entire fnmilies mny be victims and not know it. To get rid of Pin-Worms, these pests must not only be killed, but killed in the large intestine where they live and multiply. That's exactly what Jayne's J'-W talilcts do ... and here's how they do it: First— a scientific codling carries the tablets into the bowels lie- fore they dissolve. Then - Jaync's modern, medically-approved ingredient goes right to work— Idlll Pin-Worms quickly and easily. Don't lake chances with this dangerous, highly contagious condition. At the first sign of Pin- Worms, nsk your druggist for genuine Jayno'sP-W Vermifuge. ., the small, ensy-to-take tablets perfected by famous Dr. D. Jayne & Son, specialists in worm remedies foi-over 100 years. JAYKE for £>IN Meet your Friends at the Diamond . . . for that Famous Coffee and a Waffle Daily Lunches, 50c and 75c DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA Here, at your service, is a new and really modern'automotive center—one that's geared to meet your motoring needs completely. Here .you'll find the magnificent, new Lincoln and the. Lincoln Capri—with sleek, fleet-lined exterior beauty that complements ideally,-today's most luxurious interiors. . And here is the surging.power of the famous. Lincoln V-205 hp engine to amaze you with its spirited response to your every command. The new Mercury is here, loo—coniplete with .new 161-hp overhead val vo V-fjj engine anc first-in-its-clasn Ball-joint Frout : Susperi'sion. Features such as these, plus optional power steering, power brukc j 3,;an(t fp.ur-way power seat, are reasons why Mercury is the car that makes any driving ea.$;y. And you'll find a moderrrptrvice department here, also. Modern equipment— and a staff of factory-trained Registered Mechanics—gives the kind of courteous-service you expect, and at reasonable cost. So why not stop by for a friendly visit with this new addition to your community?. Folks here are eager to meet'you--und please you, You'll enjoy doing business with them.' LINCOLN-MERCURY DIVISION FORD MOTOR COMPANY Wednesday, August 18,19S4 Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M, and 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday* August 19 The Round Up Club will meet Thursday nifiht at 7:30 at the coliseum. The coliseum will be open ahd all members arc asked to come •on horseback. re, Saunders Hostess ,. ' Woodman Circle Mrs. Paulinfe Sandera entertained Pbjjlar Grove-'196. Woodman circle on the lawn of-her home Tuesday night for the monthly social. Games were played and prizes v.-on by Mrs. Kimberly, a .visitor from Arkadelphia. Miss Charlene Wiggins, Mrs. Marie Coloinan, Mrs. Wiggins, Mrs. Ward and Miss . Barbara Ann Powell, jtlco cold watermelon was served By the hostess to tlioiic attending. MloS Hall Becomes Bride of Jim Harris Miss Helen Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hull of Crossclt her ,. came the bride of Jim Nichols Harris, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Harris of Morrilton, in a ceremony . performed Wednesday, August 11 at G p. m. Vows were pledged in the Ricky .Street Baptist Church cff'Pasadena, Texas . A reception .was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cut• singer following the ceremony. After a wedding trip the^ couple will be at home in Arkadelphin where both will attend • Ouachita College. Mrs. J. K. Greeri Entertains Bible Class The lovely home and grounds of the' J. K. Green home on East Fourteenth street were the scene of a delightful parly last evening when Mrs. Green invited the .Lillian Routbii Bible Class to be her guests. Fifty members and four guests accented and games and contests led by Mrs. J. C. Carlton and Mrs. C. E. Weaver we're enjoyed. Later, delicious, refreshments were served on th« rear terrace under the pine trees. Mrs. Routon thanked Mrs Green and closed with prayer. Guests were Mrs. Jerome Smith Miss Mabel Ethridge, Mrs. K. Cap linger of Fordyce. and Mrs. W. W Compton. Births Mr. and Mrs. Clois Jackson of Dickinson, Texas announce the ar rival of a son. William Thomas, on August 10. Mrs. .Jackson in the former Claudetle Doyle, dattghtei of Mrs. Claude Doyle. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Cordes P- Drake of Miami, Fla., \yho have been vis iting Mr. Drake's parents, Mr. an< Mrs. T. J. Drake of Patmos, anc friends in Hope, left for Dallas Tuesday. Their son Billy will re main in Arkansas, attending Hend ersoh state, while his parents are in. Miami this winter, where Mi- Drake is with the Grinnell compan: NOW * BY REFRIGERATION! "THE AMAZON JUNGLE IS NO PLACE FOR YOU" • FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 -.3:45 -.5:39 - 7:33 • 9:27 "YOU'LL BE THE CAUSE OF KILLINGS AND NATIVE UPRISINGS" TEGHNICOLOR BRIAN KEITH LONGHANEY MARVIN MILLER . 1- NEWS OF THl DAY . 2. SEE SPORTS OF TAHITI' ,saShip'nShore 9 blouse woven gingham ,.. pretty-baby checks! 2 98 Here's one check you'll want to pick up quickly! Fine combed gingham that washes beautifully... woven with tiny checks in radiant colors. Tailored in SHIP'N SHORE'S famous custom manner; gentry neckband collar... ShipfS(ii| ; custom manual; &<?*'uy ««vv«"v>«. hapdsome placket-, -new barrel-cuff rolUp sleeves.., extra-tuck-in shi;,t tails. Sizes 30 to 40. j«»t one ef many new Ship'n §fc«r«'s. lots 9f thrf f . t MOM Sf Afc, MOM* ARKANSAS This young co-cd has added new^ interest to her wardrobe for a triumphant return to the campus, tter.handmade raincoat belt Is sparked with bright fringe and gaily-colored buttons (left),. The same round buttons trim her parasol. TO give a 'matched set* look to Bermuda shorts (center), she trims a simple cardigan with clan plaid ribbon finished with ball buttons. A plain black pillbox hat leads a double life at meetings .and campus plays whfen -trimmed with glitter buttons and silky white fringe (upper right). Black gloves arc trimmed to match. For prom-dates, pur co-ed adds glamour to an Inexpensive clutch bag by decorating it with round gold ball buttons sewn along the edge. This girl knows the key to wardrobe success lies in having smart, adaptable accessories. Four Burley Cbnttoued ffoffl ! 16-year-old girls. Mittrriafif tfitfr confessions said, lashed IHfi^ girts across the back VHth A Hofcsehlde whip while the Others looked oti. Their second murder, they 1 said, was committed a few hdufs lalef when they returned to Washlftgtott Park and discovered a Negfo sleeping on a bench. The I4egfo was shoeless. While two of the youths held hhn, their confession said. 15 miles back td Cleveland ' the cell in the Cuy^dtfa Couilt? jail he hiH aeeupifcd un<U hi was relea$ed Monday on betid. Wearing the saniQ charcoal flahnel suit he wetft ta his wife's funeral, Shepp&rd stared down at his manacled handa and bit his lip as he drove of >'\«ith the officers. Attention durlhg the grand jury session centered on the testimony of slender, attractive Susan Hayes, 24-yrar-old former Inbbraory tech niclan here who told of intimacies vMh Sheppard. In a 3-mmutc appearance, the aubuvn-halfed girl described a week-lohg '"man-and-wif?" relation ship With Sheppard in Los Angeles eailler thls'yeai-. He had gone ther to take post giaduat* work Whll his wife visited friends in Mon terey, Chllf. installing fire-fighting apparatus. Mrs. -H. K. McHarg III and children, Henry IV, Kathy and Missy will arrive today for a visit with her mother, Mrs. R. L. Gosnell and Mr. Gosnell. Henry has been in camp at Ihe Cheley Colorado Camp for boys in.Estes Park Colorado the past eight weeks. Mrs. McHarg, Kathy and Missy have spent the past three • weeks in Yellowstone Nationa'l Parl? and Denver. Colo- tado and are on their way home to Washington, D. C. ' ' Mrs. Vincent Girardi of Detroit, Michigan-was the over night guest of Mil and'Mrs. Reed'Clark. DOROTHY DIX Mr. and Mrs. Hugh N. Leiper of Austin, Texas and Mr. William riarper Leiper were Monday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Finley Ward' enroute to Malvern where they and Mrs. Ward we're called due to the sudden death of their father, Samuel Harper, from a heart attack Sunday noon. Mr. and Mrs. Jack -Henry. and daughter, Betty, and Miss Beverley Freeman of Palestine, Texas .are guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Belle. Charles William MeJunkins, 'son of W.' L. Me Junkins, of Saratoga left Wednesday for service with the U. S. Air Force. He will receive his training at Lackland AFB. San Antonio, Texas. Object Matrimony Dear Miss Dix;. I am 52, a widow with. • a married daughter. I am employed as housekeeper, in •i school for -boys. Among my coworkers ' is a maintenance man with whom, I have become friendly. In, fact, we love each other and would like to marry. As far as l.ho school is ' concerned,- the arrangement- is satisfactory, .but. my daughter's :strenuous objections are providing an obstacle. She thinks the man isn't :good enough for -me; - yet in education Boyle f6ufr infflfmoti a tick on Continued from Page One The first aircraft landing deck in the Navy was built here on the U.S. Pensylvania- in 1911. So was 1 be first Navy oil tanker, the Navy's first oil-burning .vessel its first all-welded hull, its first electrically propelled ship lalei enough tor -me; - -yet in eciuuawuu . jt . becanlo t ] le Langley, arid-earning power, he is superioi j,i rcra f t carrier and the to her. father.'I hate to have any>:t sl ,bmarine ever 'built, tho thing- come: between my daughter and-me as-she is'all the family I have, but don't want this chance for happiness 'to•••slip; by. My girl has her own family and .actually pays little attention; to me. I visit her frequently and;get along very well with, my son-in-law, but I would like a life-of my: own -again; There is. truly, no major fault to be found -in my-; • j frieh^,.->ia;fi>ct,^. : th% standards of tliis school are so high that he .cpUldn't. :be employed here unless liis character".; wasluninv 'Hospital "Notes Branch Discharged: Mst. Ronnie Hankins Hope. Julia Chester Admitted:'Mrs. John H. Cannon— McHab, Mr.-.Homer H. Cook— Rosston, Mrs. Clara - Whitley — Ft. Roots, Ark.', Mr. Clyde Zimi — Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Nolen Clark and son Nolen Rickey— Emmet, Ethel Franklin—'McNab. peachable Ascertain Why Answer:' Your have .' some remarriage. MRS.-M: daughter must reason" for balking She should be fair enough to tell you what it is. This, you should insist .'upon. It's barely possible that her reason may concern something of which you are unaware. Her 'only other reasons would be sellish — a desire to keep you ,' depeSident upon her emotionally, the dislike of Closing whatever money or property you may have, or just the. disinclination to see you once more established, as a wife. ; , The details you outlined cohcerrt Normal human beings blink their eyes at interalsv of from 2 to 10 seconds. Main & Country Club Rds. • FINAL NITE • k Bargain Nighf * our first largest submarine ever 'built, tho old Nautilus. The destroyer .Ward, built here in 17 record-broaking days in 1918,. sank a Japanese submarine at Pearl Harbor. -..-.'-...' The Marc Island yai'cl didn't ox- nctly launch Bandmaster Paul .-Whiteman, but he once served as a Navy musician here. « '••( During the last World War the shipyard. •— its shops:are among s the 'iargcst 'on 'earth-' employed 40,000 workers, •-Including .9,000 Rosie7 ; the Riveters, -ancl subcontracted Ejssembiy jobs through 50 •communities;' as - far East- as Den? vcr.••'•/'•" ''''•••'•'('' • •'.-••;": ; Since': Farragut' founded it, the yard has grown from 1,000 acres to 2,446, and today is perhaps the largest naval installation in the world. It's equipment has risen to a book value of $180.000,000. It's 13,000 employes have an annual payroll of $55,000,000. Each year its-, schools graduate 60 trained .technicians with the skill to keep on turning out the long- line of ships that have kept America's - shores inviolate for nearly a century and a half. But to me one of the most hu : 'Other Women' Continued irom Page One . grand jury handed down, the indictment on n first degree murder charge, about 15 witnesses, were hoard in the two day session. Through his brother, Dr. Stephen Sheppard, Dr. Sheppard issued D lengthy statement from county jnil in which he said flatly "I am not guillv of the murder of my wife, Marilyn." l He told of- the extent of inquiries his wife's assailant inflicted upon him when He went to her assistant July 4. { , He said he had .cooperated with police" . freely and ( willingly because I am more interested in the capture of my wife's murderer than any person on this earth I loved my wife; we rejoiced that we were to have n second child. We had even given our unborn child a name and had 'named it Stephen Allen. The last three months of our married" life w?.s August 1 16, .1954 with me in rriy'EL—._-,., we invite ,all our friehds JOHNSON A whole carload for ONLY Bring all rhe kids, the nt'ighbor's kids, Grandma, Grandpa, and your in-laws (if you don't mind, we don't) All you can load in a car/ bus, ambulance, truck or trailer. ONLY 50c — ON THE SCREEN — Keefe BRAS^ELLE Marilyn ERSKINE "THE EDDIE CANTOR STORY' 1 .Always a Color Cartoon BURT UNCASTiR MAJISTV ing your friend and yourself, .indi-i catej- two fine people who would, make a. very good marriage. Urir less, as I suggested, your daughter gives you sound reasons for her opposition, go. ahead and marry the man. I'm sure your daughter will then realize, how happy you are, and will relent. She is living her life with the hu.sband of her choice; the same right should not be denied you. Dear Miss Dix: My brother, who is 22, is in love with a girt of 19* or family is moving to a. place jout 300 miles away, and he woh- ers if it would be advisable for im to give up his job here and o with thorn. He's afraid that when ie gets into now surroundings 10 will meet someone elsp. I told im to have more confidence in 10 girl, ancl to 'stay here where e has a fine job, PIIYUWS Answer: If tfirls can be true to icir servicemen who are shipped lousamls of miles away for many, nany months, surely it shouldn't >o difficult for your brother's wcethenrt to remain faithful. While there is always the risk that nother boy may charm her away, t's slight, and' the probability .is hat steady letter writing, an oc- -•assional phone call and visit - ifter all, three hundred irn'les isn't ue!i a great distance — will keep hem together until tune for wedding bells man factors about this sprawling yard is that it not only built the ships that carried men into battle for their country it also jn postwar years made a great record as a naval rehabilitation center for ampules. It taught them to walk on new hopes and new legs. perhaps among the happiest' that we enjoyed together," .", > ' ' He said that Bay Village ities and county detecilyes ' "• seemed genuinely interested, In solving the crime, but the Cjqve- land police semed to have macje up their minds that I committed the crime and concentrated' in solving the crime by trying to 'secure a confession from me.',' He described the events leading up to his first, arrest'en first degree murder warrant July 30 and said "I nave since learned', that the timing of my arrest and the reason that I was held incommunicado 'from my attorneys' was be* cause some 'had the idea I was addicted to dope and all that had to be done to solve.the crime,was get a confession from me was to hold me until the craving for dope would break me down." While under arrested detectives questioned him chaigcd that, ". intensively. tho entire He tioning had only one purpose, to secure a confession from me of a crime I did not commit. It was only after hours ancl hotus ol such questioning nnd when the The war-scarred men who were questioning became inciting and abusive that I refused to submit further. I am not euiUv," Sheriff's Deputie.5 Car] Rossbach and Haivey WeiUcl went to suburban Dav Village to arrest the 30-year-old doctor. Ho was at the homo of his paients, Dr. and Mrs. Richard blic'i'Pard. The deputies allowed him to travel a UJSU-UUL-U u 4 un» t>- ....w.fmish dinner ancl then handcuffed the eimimfera'nco of the earth. I him and returned him by onto, the helped here to rebuild their broken lives are certainly among the brightest testimonials to Mare Island's-'first century. To repair a ship is -an achievement certainly, but to repair a man is a glory. To make a pound of honey, bees travel n distance equal to twice Famous Hair... Th!» new method of home ment for savlnu ind growing thick er hair will be demonstrated In Hope,- Arkansas,,- Friday 'ONUY August 20, 1064. These private Individual demon- stations will t>e held'.at the Barlo.w; Hotel on Friday Only, Aufl^t 20, 12 NOON to 9 P. M. OKLAHOMA QITY, Aug. U T }n an interview here today -William L, Keele, Internationally famous trlch- olog'ist 'and director of the Keele Hair and Scalp Specialists, Inc.., said 'There are 18 different-scalp (ijsorders that cause most men and women to Jose hair, Using >com- She kept 9 <rwy of to Htephm calls Dear Miss Dix: Last summer 1 met a" boy,.and though he promised ta call me when he letunecl tome. I did not hear from him. This year we met again at the same resort. His greeting was very friendly, and we've danced together almost every night. How shall J treat him on leaving? 1 really would like to see him during the fall and winter- tpLOISE Answer: Summer romances are jn a class by themselves and rare^- ly proyi.de later dates- As the boy js adding to the enjpyment of your vacation, why stretch your 1««K by'jookjng ahead? « you make such, a good impmwn this summer t.jja.t he wants to 'continue seeing you at home, well and good- but doji't oiftk? iranti? e«orts t,9. „,,,„ sense, a porsofi must no one Ionic, or," so', eallqd ...,, •' •' -'----' nil the disorders." hf» BxaminauQ '«*«%"?' v 44^»V iw • " - ' r .-,*', GUARANTEED. •'The Keele firm, recognizing that most people aye skeptical oJ claims that Jioir can be grown on bnlding hencls, offer n "" " KOP)O snicl. Once a person avails _,., to thp Keele treotmoot Ms ,-, rf ^ eism immediately disappears. To insure this, we ofte,i- this guarantee, '*If you are not completely satisfiep with your huh* pi'ogress'at the enc of 30 days VPUV- !T|oney will be< re f turned." , A ' ' ™ps* &*' HQW VAIUAHI IS YOUR TifclPHONI §IRV|«i? we asked a group of telephone customers to help answer tot q^e§tjon by keeping a re?ord of »11 the calls they «w4e wd l^ chived for a week. Lake pthers.in the group, ^rs Wttlejphn (above) was genuinely surprised at how much depended on her telephone K^vice and, }yw it h^jaea through busy days. Altogether,' Mrs. Uttlejohtj mw 9«d ceived 58 local ?alls in the &evej> days (Mjd-slje estffljate they covered a total of Q45 miles... »11 fgj-a|pw^J>u^s A ' I !=,'°iWPPffi " m ~~ ' S»*F ISP ME

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