Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 17, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 17, 1896
Page 2
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JK^^-^ieKgt*^!!* A Most Important and Distinguished Testimonial For Dr, Greene's Nervura, i Hon, J. H. Hastings, Judge of County Court, Senator, and Vice-Pres. National Bank, Tells the People to Use Dr. Greenes Nervura to be Cured. He Seldom Sees land Never Mfiigle* with HlB Fellows. K J. II. HASTENS, YICE-PBESIDEKT You nrc sick awl out <x£ order and want to gt j t well. To -gelt weH you desire to taike the remedy wttildh will surely cure 5 W1- tBo om-o -wililcM to strongly recom- maflded by some ome in Whom you bare perfect ibdtlfif and'confidencc. Dr. Greene's Nervura Wood -and nerve remedy Is the nredtatoe which will sureiy enure you. Amd here is iaw strongest possible DeccommflndniWffln to use It by one at tfbo most omtacinlt amd dtettaguilslhed judges of -Unto country, Hon. J. H. Host- tags, of Watts-field, Vt., am Associate Jadge, Sonator 1m Wo Vermont Legislature, Vloe-FwsMonit and Director of «hs Waterbuiry Nurttonnl Bonk, and treasurer turf Trustee of .tolls town. Such to tho esalted standing ot the famous mud -alMe ftonMci-er -wfbo Is on- ttraatasttc to praiiise of itbe wonderful curaltl've powers of Dr. Greene's Ncrv- TWO, wto tons used 'It wiltih moat rennark- olbie fcemeflt hv.(u'Is own Homily and who tdto you ifiUffit toe ihaa known so many oases cured 'by -IMS gramd medtatae, thialt foe aid-rises you to use It by all meams, if yon wtlslb to get well. Judge Hastings soys: "I have (heard Dr. Greene's N«vura Wood 'and roervc remedy .most highly recommended toy my friends and neighbors wtoo 'Have ustad it and know of several decided cures wihere people bav* ibeen to a very ,foeM!e stoto of ftaalTttt* amd 'bald toffled to gctt relief from Hhe -usual sources. "A lady ivlho Hvied to my fiamily bas often spoken of tine wonderful good NATIONAL BANK OF WATEBBUBT, VT. whWh Dr. Greene's Nervum blood and nerve remedy 'has diane her motJhier who was cured of uei-roiis -prostnja-tton. by its use. Ome of my (wear nedgihibors wlio used tihe Nemvm awd derived benefit from -IDs use, advised mo to use it im my own 'family. TJiey wre «M an'thus-lastic to Its pr-ateo mod I Joim in 1lhe same. You are at liberty to publish iflhte letter i -for offine^ .good." | You cap depend upon Judge Htost- ,..^,8 word. Yon cam. depend upon Dr. Greene's Nervuro Wood and nerve remedy to euro you. Tnke it, you who fed weak, nervous, Hired, wJifJhout your oW-tlme snap, energy nnad vim; It wiE give you strong monies, pure Wood, sound, -natural and refre^Mmg sleep, from wttillcJi' you will ri&o stromig mud vigorous tastoad of languid, Wired -and' exhausted. If your gtomacu troulbks you, If you 'have gas, 1'iKliIlge'Sittan, dtetaess, distress after menOs. Ibtaatta-g, Mnit -fselims at pit of efcoronjdb, <sonstfiip<alt)kiin> kidney or liver complalnfcs, 'Dr. Graeme's Nervuna will give you perfect dttgesttomi and regular oirnl Jifliturafli ladtlorar of nil thte organs. It wiffll cure (hwajdacliie, neuralgia, rtoeu- maltism, orad Os Kb.e best remedy to the world 'for ifemiale weakness «md nervous ddbillty. Hbe carefully compoumdcd prescription of-out moat successful physician in curling nervous and chromic cKeeasefi, Dr. Greene, of 35 West 14tn St., New Ytoirk CKy, flhie greattcst of medical dis- coYOrtws to ipemfectly. adapted to cure just these eomptolnits. TJie Doctor can be consulted tree of <jbarge, personally or by kftter. ml^^sm^^^f^M^M^^m^. IIU Lonely Life Amonjr the Gr»nlt« Bowlden oJ Bladorn County, ^aL—Claim* to Bo One Iluntlrud and Ton Team Old. : in a remote spot in Madcra county, Caliioniia, Eurronaded ba nil sides by. mountain pi:a.lcs, lives a unique and ven-^ c-ablc man who seldom SCCH nnd never mingles v,-iUi his fellows. When seen 1 fit ull it is when ho visits a neighboring •villa"-0 to buy such stores as may be necessary for his- subsistence. Ho claims to be 110 years old, and his appearance does not contradict his claim, except that he 1ms the strength- and activity of a man 60 years younger. He is known, by no other name than.- Old Antone. A photogr ipher recently passing through the rugged country on the rood of Coarse Gold creek, between 50 and CO miles from Fresno, met the ancient citizen on- u mountain trail leading a burro heavily laden with a camping outfit. He. was so impressed with the' old man's appearance- that he could not resist the temptation to secure his photograph to go with the collection of frontier scenes and venders. The old man readily accepted he invitation, to sit for a picture, and it was his first experience of tire sort. He repaired to a neighboring cabin, pro- ured a comb and set to work on his oilet, explaining in the meantime that ie had not combed his hair for 12 days, nnd no one who saw him ddMbted the ruth of his statement, He wore his mir tied up in one handkerchief and bis jeard in another, and nearly half an lour was required to smooth down his enow-white locks and his patriarchal vhiskers. This done, he lit his pipe, etuied against the wall, and had his picture taken. Then, after relating his )ersonal history, he took up th'e lead •ope of his burro and passed on. He was born in Ijfexico in 178G, according to his own account. He was_in California many years before the occupation by the United States forces. He ed an uneventful existence in different >laces of the state, and was one of the irst of the gold hunters. He hasb'een a digger of tlie precious, metal nearly 60 years, and is still actively engaged in nlning. He went to the mountains of 644 Overcoats and Reefers Still on hand of the Mammoth Sifock assigned to me by OTTO KRAUS September 14 amounting to $44,499.41 Fall Overcoats $2.75 to $8.00 We've appraised very low, just think of it *2.7S to $8. The former figure represents a overcoat, while the latter figure includes the finest Silk Lined and very swell, former pr.ce $20.00 A. G. JENKINES, Assignee •^^^^ _—.-.... —.—.I. If you have ever seen a little child In tte agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief aiways uttordea by DeWltt's Gollc & Cholera Cure. For dysentery •nd diarrhoea It IB a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this u a cure unless It were a cure.—Jno. M. Johnrton. T HE ONLY True Blood Purifier prominently in the public eye io- day Is Hood's Sarsaparilla. Therefore get Hood's and ONLY HOOP'S. Taeorles o'f cure may be dlscusaed a length by physicians, out the suffere.n want quick relief; and One Minute Cough Cure will give It to them. A cafe cure for children. It la "the only harmless remedy that produces Imtnedl ate re«ults."-Jno. M. Johnston. It Is considered unlucky In Ireland t view a funeral procession while the be •holder ia under an umbrella. Queen Victoria, too, Is inow among the "'record breakers.". ;Casos of Plte With' :• . . Absolute Safcfty. Pyr'aimlld Pile Cure will Cure 'Hue most agguwvnrtied cause of hemorrhoids iiii ao astouMliiug'sHiort lime. lit reHlI-eves the eongcisted -ywm, reduces 1'he- tumors In- stamitly n'o nmttor-iliow iku-g«, allays the toflammaittoitt niiid stiofis tbe aching or Itcihiing ait once. lUwiusfundis wlw llmul restoi;ed to ex- paiisihx- sin-giciiii treatment i-ave been cured toy HJhe I*5-rdiniid Pile Cure— iu .a -auimiber of flnstniuiees parsons SvJi'o hiacl spenit -mouilllis in a -liospitol under a pOfi spedlaBist. I is a reiiniedy HUat uonx; need f«ir to apply evaa to the moat aggravated ainri >-g •: » ..•••. In, the old Spanish town of San Juan' apistano, near San Diego, Cal., lii'C» us Wangenheim, a,wan who loves gunning for all sorts of game. .: The other day lie went out to hunt doves and rabbits on the hills back of the >ld mission of San Juan. Dove hiint- Bg ie> a pretty mild past-Lrne coinptired •with what was in store for Mr. ^(anr fenheim.' Ho was tramping along a cattle path nnd had just fncd and missed a jack, which bounded through an opening ahead, when he heard a noise backof him. Turning, he found himself face to face with 8 huge wildcat. The brute had been following k.'m, attracted, no doubt, by the scent of jlood from the ganv> in his poiich. One barrel of his gun was empty, the- charge having been wasted on' the rab- tuinons..- If you' mreaffltoted wdh. 'flWs .stulbboi-n disease you oaiu .mpstor tt'mnd muster It qiitokly. Tlhto rameicly -is' no longer an c.xperi- mant, ''but a medical eertataty. . It is nMnuDactured by-'tflws Pynnimid Drug Co., of- AJIbicsn, MHidh. Druiggilsls sell tfoit 50 cenitis per' box. It Is bocomimJwg taiie imost popular pile cuire 'tfhils oounitry hiais ever laiown- and gg'lstis ever j-'n-lh ere are ordei-ing i't Cor tlbel-r customers. THE CENTENARIAN HERMIT. Mariposa county, now Madera county, in 1S32, as nearly as he can remember the date, and has not been outnide the radius of a few miles from that day to this. He owns a placer mine which he has worked for nn undefined period. Ho works it still. Ho said he averaged about six .bits a day from his 1 gravel washings. This is enough for him. He could not use more, although he might get along with less. He lives alone in a small cabin among 1 granite bowlders w.hich nearly hide it and under trees -which complete the concealment. About once a month he goes to the store.on Coarse Gold creek md lays in. a supply of groceries and other articles. He is pleased to recelva visitors, but seldom if ever returns calls. He is healthy and strong, and bids fair to add another decade to his already prolonged life. He has very little Idea of -what the outside world is like, but he.has all the-knowledge he wnnts. More information would oppress him. Hia intellect fits hia narrow surroundings. Wbero mitontr is unpopular. Bussia- is probably the only country In which active measures are token to suppress all masonic meetings. In Austria a decree insued by Francis II,, closing all lodges, has never been repealed; In -Spain a similar edict is in force; while in Rome no fewer than five bull* have been directed by the pope agaln»tl free masonry. . Frophmled HU Own Death, , A remarkable case of accomplished, prophecy was furnishedVby'Daniel Collins, of Belvidere, N. J., who -was run down by a railroad train and killed as he was walking on the track, a fate he bad long ago predicted for himself. IF YOU HAD A FEIBSSD About *o vJsJlt some section, of the country.-wlicire malaria, disease, either to Khe form of eMls nmd fever or bilious remiittciOt was . particularly rife, wfoat would be about the best advice you could give 'him. We will tell you to carry ailong or produce on arriving, that .pabauitancKlllclnnil saifeguard, Hos tetter's Stomncfa Bitters; known throughout mnflinirfcplnigined regions here."fund to' other, countries, as the surest means of disarming -the\mlos- miaitiite (Scouraige, amd 'robbing it of its feil .deSbructilve Influence. Not only does I't fortify «he system ,'by Jmcreasl'ng. its jrtamltoa, but overcomes irregularity ol digestion, HBe Bvor and the 'bowete, ant counteracts ithe untovorable effecta of .over-oxenttoD, 'bodffly and mental, exposure in rough,-weaMier, cxr occuTpatlon too sedantaiT or laboriwis, loss of appe tlte fluid excessive nervousness. Tb'e f umictllioine of laHlmenitatlou, tofflious seere tlon «md sleep foave in it a moat &mer ful and rfalblc'auxiliary.: •• Subscribe for The Journal YOUB BOY WON'T LIVE A MONTH. So Mr. G'Rm'nn Brown, of 34 Mill St.,' Soutti Gai-diwr, Mass., was told by the doctors. H'is son h«d lung trouble, fol- ing typhoid mollaria, and he spen-t thiree tnundred dollairs with doctors, wlw fliDiaiUy gave Mm up, saying: "Your boy won't live, a, nwmtih." He cried Dr. King's New Discovery and a few bot- tflies restored Mm to go to work a perfectly •well mim. He says he owes his present good toeaMh to use of Dr. nsg's New Discovery, amd knows it to be tihie. -best -to ihe wroid tor lung trouble. Trial bottites free ait B. F. The re))ort that the United States w.111 help depose the Sultan; is non^ sense! Tiro only alitiack this country nwkcs on- turkey Js at Thanksgiving :lme.—Commercial Bulletin. Pn.ges in. Congress must be over the n:?e of twelve years :md under sixteen. Iiii th-e Senate they receive ,fl,4-lO a year, «ud in the House .$1,200. F-BEE PILUS. Send your address to H. B. Bucklen & Co., Cliiioago, and got a free sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pfflls. A trial will conLVtoee you of their merits. These iJffl'ls are easy in action and a-rs partficulady effective in the cure of coa- stiTMAion and sick 'headiadhe. For malaria nmd Mvier troubles they have been proved tovaluatole. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free from, every deleteriooiis substance and to be purely vegetable. .They do not weaken by tlheUr action, but by giving tome to stomach and bowels greatly invigorate the systeim. Reguloj sfee 25c per bos. Sold by B. F. Keesltag, druggist. From -Aiiabin, wMch has been a country of perfume for more thaa one thou sand years, still comes -the bulk of roses grown for their extract "Boys will be boys," but you can't ifford to lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple season by having DeWltt's CoUc & Cholera Cure in the ige.—.lno. M. Johnston. To date the Government bias pale nearly $3,000,000 In premiums for speed made by .war vessels lu excess of the contract requirements. It doean I matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, Indigestion and constipation are caused by neglect or by unavoidable circumstances; De Witt's Little Early Risers will speedllj cure them alL-Jno. M. Johnston. Many paupers ha,ve lived to be a hundred years okl, but there is no rec ord of a mi-llionaia-c- Waving attained that age. whole system 1» drained and undermined by Indolent ulcers and open lores. DeWltt's Witch Hazrt Salve speedily.heals them. It is the best pile cure known.—Jno.. M. Johnston J!t is said that the American people spent .f20,6oO,000 l«st.year for chewing guirn.' . Don't trifle away time when you have cholera roorbus or diarrhoea. Fight them In the beginning with DcWltt'a C*llc & Cboiera Cure. You don't have to wait, for results. They are Instantaneous and It leaves the bowels In healthy condition.—Jno. M. Johnston. BUOKLBN'S ABNICA SALVE. Tie Beat Salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever •ores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required, lit Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction: or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kees- last »nd all tbo time Hood's S«w»p«rlll» has been, advertiied as a blood purifier. IU great.cures have been accomplished through purified blood — curcsof scrofuU, salt rheum, eczema, rheumatism, neuralgia, catarrh, nervousness, that tired feeling. It cures when others fail, because it Always Strikes at the root of the disease and eliminates every germ . of impurity. Thousands testify to absolute cures of blood diseases by Hood's Sarsaparilla, although discouraged by the failure oJ other medicines. Bcmbmber that Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best—In fact the Ono True Blood Purifier. HE BORE THE BRUTE TO THB GROUND, bit,, but Wangerilieim coolly proceeded to empty the remaining load in. his ;un into the hide of the wildcat. The cat had turned partly, and the charge of light shot struck it squarely in the side and the brute tumbled over in it* tracks.. Mr. Wangemheim was Bur- prised at the effect ot his shot, for he had hardly expected to kill the cat with one charge. Dropping his gun in the path the hunter ran to whera his unexpected prize lay and grabbed it by the hind leg. Jnst at this moment he realised that he had made o. serious mistake. The cat was not dead. However, tho hunter had no time to correct the mistake; cot even, time enough to drop the hold he had on the leg, before the-brute, recovering from its stunned condition, and enraged to fury by the woumls in its Bide, attacked him.j-iciously. He realized that it meant a fifflit U> a finish, and with the first sbo^'of surprise over, his courage came to him. Ho is a powerful man, and lie had use for all his strength now. Over nnd over the two rolled in the path and out Into the chaparral and underbrush. Hugging the long, lithe body close to him, the hunter struggled and squirmed like a cateh-as-catch-can wrestler •would to get the better hold, all iho time feeling the sharp clows digging 'into his flesh, while his clothes v/crc torn to shreds and blood covered his body. • , There wos but, chance for him, and that was to choke the brute to death. At lost Tie braced himself for a supreme effort, and closing his fingers with all hia strength around the thron.t of Ilia adversary, he. bore the body to the •ground nnd threw his whofcj weight 'upon it. The dy Lng struggles of the brute were terrific, and again arid again the man thought he nnr*t:lose his clutch upon the sinewy neck, but a desperate courage came to him and he held on. The struggle tasted' perhaps half :m hour. Then the man felt a convulsive shuc- der pass through the massive frame of the, cat, and after that it woa srill. NEW SQUADRON TACTICS. Admlnl Bnnoe I>r«p»r«» » Book Th»* Will Interne .»»v»l Officmn. Admiral Bunco's 'new squadron tactics, which ho.has;prepared as.a-result of 'experience in th£ recent evolution* and from a careful 'consideration of all the'criticisms and recommendations of all the officers under his command, have filially been" distributed and, will be given, a trial when the North Atlantic squadron next goes to sea. The book is not yet officially sanctioned by the navy department, but the admiral ia authorized to experiment withjt.and he asks all officers to observe and comment upon its provisions. All the useless and complicated maneuvers have been cut out, the number of formations have been reduced to a minimum, ambiguous .points have., been cleared up and the arrangement of the book hos been so «hanged as greatly tc facilitate the making and reading of signals. In simplifyingthecvolutions there has resulted a corresponding simplification of the arrangement .of signals, accompanied by a reduction in the number o: fiags used in all the important signals that are likely to be needed in battle or in the movements,preliminary to battle. The whole system of tactics is based upon the formations an'3 evolutions that are necessary for a squadron of eight ships. ]' Killed by the Sting of • Be*. John Connelly, who lived on a farm near Preston, Minn., was stung by o bee between the eyes the other day and, died from the effects in a few minutes He wejgted 200- pounds and was of a very strong constitution. luSEASES OP THB SKIN. The intense itching nml smarting iud dent to eczema, tetter, salt-rheum, ami other diseases of the skin is instantly allayed by •applving Chamberlains -Eye .nnd 6km. Ointment. Many very ban cases have been Mrmancntly cured by it. It is, equally Efficient Tor itching piles nnd iv favorite rcm- •dv for sore nipples; cliniiped wind*,.chil- ilains, irost bites,,nnd chronic soro eyes. For sale by. druggists at 23 cents per boi. , TryDr. CftdyM Condition Powders, they irejostwhatalioriieneeclswlien-inbadcondJ- tionl TOPIC, blood piirifM" nnd vermifuge. .. jtt r»m easy to buy, easy to take, HOOd*S PillS ea»y to operate. 25c. GEO. W. HUFF. Decatur, 111., Mar. 30,1894. Syrup Pepsin Co., Monticello, 111. Gentlemen:—I have been suffering from indigestion for the past eleven years, and during that time I have used many remedies, but got no relief. I have used two $1 bottlea of your Syrup Pepsin, and can say that it has afforded me -wonderful relief, and my. appetite never was better. ' ; Yours very-truly, GEO. W. HUFF. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. FOR THE BLOOD, NERVES, LIVER —AND— KIDNEYS. 4 B. B. B. B. cured me of a bad case of Liver and Kidney Trouble. . Yours, ' ,,;. JOHN. SPICKLEMIBBE, Lebanon, Ind. are purely vegetable. Put up In capsules, sixty in a box. Thirty' days' treatment in a box, Price $1 per box, or six for 15. MaTmfaetured by H. C. BRAQQ, Connersvllle, Ind. . -.For s;ile by all druggists. SALE BY F. The Looansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animal* k. 8. Klce-Prei. Oco. W. Walt»i*-S««. J J. Hlldebrandt—IreM. ' Wi.M. llUhop—•»">•"• O«c«r. f S Me* 3.C. B«fl*F. F. C. Coolboutb * "'GST*Walters, J.J- Telephone No. 80.- Bejort caies of cruelty to Secretary. gg= ^ "OVEtttiLAND LIMITED." Tho -famous -trans-wntiaeBtal train via the Chicago, TMomi Pacific & North- Western line, leaves Chicago at 0 p. ; m. every day in the year via the Chicago & Nortih-Weabern R'j, and makes tlie trip to California -in only three days. DouWe dwwtog room Sleeping cams, Buffet, -.Smoking and Library care dining oars and' free reclining ehodr cars -are features of the perfect train. Agents of connecting limes sell tickets vJa The Chlcngo & Xorth-'Weat- erri^ R'y- Illustrated pamphlets J"" 1 full information wlill be furniished on || .applicaiflon. to W. B. Knfckero, G- V* || & T. A'./Chicago, IB. , ^ IfflRSONAT/Itf CONDUCTED EX- || 'CURSBONS TO CALIFORNIA. j;| •Via the Chicago, Untom PacWc & -|| North-Wcstern Hue -leave Chdcago i| every Thursday. Comfortable Tourist || Sleeping 'Caws, low rates, quickest time- ^ wnd-tuie-best of care and-.attention, are j.^ advantages secuml by those who join }l | these xsMuwtaiM. For full particulars ^ .apply txy yonr riearest ticket agent, or| nddi«ss W. B. Kniiskerny G. P. & T- _^v CMcaigo..& Norbh-Westem B'y,

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