Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 17, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 17, 1954
Page 10
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s AS l IIB Fiiftftral t>l reefon FUNERAL HOME . . AMBULANCE HA2E1. . . , PHONE 7-2123 AD-i Mo. TF BEAGLE pups, 7 WefeRs 6ld. M gofad deet 'or rabbit dogs, " Warrefl, PjhOne ?^2547. Hope Feed Company. ll-ot j' ttrtrt-rth^orte-doy - rtrt*. lly eloislmd .odvertisirta cojsy d Until 5 p,-rt. for falKMrfftfl (My/ , J-esefV* <he Hflht t6 . All 30 ttEAD of cattle. Jersey cows, calves', heifer yearlings. Inquire Mrs. Maggie Davidson, Wash' Ington, Arkansas. 13-6t 5EVEN head Jersey cows and seven calves. If interested see O. L. Harris, Route 1, Hope, 7% miles South on Highway 29. 16-3t *BMB'"o, eft '^oc inM* tttt««, Op» bf . flflUfM Uueh as ' haut* r or ~ " " 'i wumbfew Ttoun» t t« 6iie word. wym «r< wi j-sy FT"* • "*»*."'••«*«• ™f-f~• • for effpr»,,fn,,Woftt,Ad»..Uf)le»» t . dr*' totted, to 6uf s ottei " rsfrRSf, |m«ttlon of Ud and &$ 367 ACRES good pasture land. Good fence and plenty water. W. C. - Gentry, 119 South Walnut St., 'Hbpe, Ark. n-lt MBB« m»i Prtu .1*17 ' ' January, II, 1*2* i'y weekday afternoon by co. , *l«X/.H._ W*«hburn, SteyTrM. f :• ;•» Th« • Star.; Bulldln* ', §aUi1*;S»ulh- 1 V»'alnuf SlrMl «k* '. <i\Wo»hbi/rti, WltoV t, PubllilMr .. )6ntt', < Mana«lnt' Edltar- . . •! 6t* Hop»,'-Arkon»«« ( •>f* thr'Audll- Bureau *f .fmfi^'ACIreulotloiw - - ib'serlption;, RotesMpayable ^ In:, ad, f |fy|;giH^Y(Vanf •in*-/- n •? * • "•' By/:«nr>l«, ! .ln^Hop*5and''nelQhborlno ..I............ .25 l'.V.'.".Vt""i3ioo ^irt"air{ i: in ; 'HempsteatJ,''"Nevdda, " Motafd,'and,; Miller tour* tenth's! 1 "":)"""""""^"!""'"' 1 '.60 '" ft,?.. 1 !..'.'. ,7i,.;.,^.'....... 2,60 i^f...i,:..;..'..« i.to >, wh»'^i.,t..,."}i!,.*..*...V.;..,.... 3.25 * ntHr e .'.v..,rS sr..". J . «... 6.so " ir g.»>£ii»,i» ,\..fc....' 13.00 JA4v«rt|fln| R«pr«»ntativ<iii' f^Dallles, Inc.;' 1602^Sterick lemphli'- 2." '.Terth,;. 'S05 Texai •" 1S ^""4.' 2,, Texas; '360 TV|. '-'- ! -",l.'Jllft '60 E. WAiorni, iff IN, T.;, i/oj r -,.Jjdo. t V««iOt»rolt 8.V Mich,;, M«idg^i9klp.homo f city., 2,^ Prtli! ''"USB- for^rraublTcatlQQ •• .. %new»^)o»d, In'-thls it: well as all AP n*W* ^ fexc'eptlfmai Values ift ^ 2 USED DETROIT JEWEL GAS feANGIS Fully guafflhtced 'Tire & Supply 1ENTRY Hardware Company. Stock rind Fixtures, See W. C. Gentry, 119 South Walnut St. Hope. Ark. • 17'It For Hint FOUtt footti house, electricity; gas. Near city limits. Old high; way 67 East. Ph. 7-2243. l6-6t LARGE house. Vacant September 1st. Wade Wafren, Phone 7-2547 or 7-2065. 16-Bt NEW Duple*. Each three rooms With. bath. Convenient to shopping center, chufches and business district. Phone 7'2285 for El Dorado reenville Meridian iWbnroe' Pine Bluff Hot Spring-? Wonted To Rent HOUSE, contact Jess Pendegraft from a a. m. to 5 p. m. Telephone 7-3711. 17-tf Servicei Of fered renovation and inner- iprlhg work Cobb Mattress Co. 310 South Washington. Phone W8S2, Mar. 4-tf NtCE grocery t store and fixtures. Good business on Highway 87. If interested call 7-2723. 17-8t REGISTERED Guernseys Bred heifers cows,' bull calves. Hale Guernsey Farm*; Prescott, Ark. Nbtke PEOPLE. $5.00; 'all refrigerated air, .inrtorspring's,. foam pillows C. K. Bnley "all'-new court." Trailer, ifi'.Od.- Referonces, Citizens And National Bank. > - --• '' ' • A-14-'m . - -OJNIT-ED- '•• FARM AGENCY • Local Office Moved to ,.THE OAKS TOURIST COURT ' Effective Aug.u$t 19 WE NEED FARMS TO SELL Frank. C. DuShane V, or. R- C. May j,,,,,Licensed & Bonded to give a ..Square Deal to All. -t-j 17-6t Wonted fro Buy TO BUY Men; s Used Shoes. Reaves 'Bargain Shop. . -. 31-TF WILL buy Farm all Or Cub tractor with 'pick-up -disk a~nd v -mower. *;Mus"t We''in goo'd condition, and p.riced right. Y. O. Hagler, Ros ,sion,,Route 2, near Boclcaw. 13-3t ife.'i 1 i.*'~'"'i* -i '' ffll'UWW^TIOM for ^TTtiSSIS V SHAJIIS For Repairs, Genuine Singer Parts', and rental, machines SINGER Sewinq Center Free. Estimates LOAN! Leaders in the Major League Cleveland Mew York Chicago Detroit Washington Boston Philadelphia Baltimore By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE Batting — Moron, New York, .345; Minoso, Chicago, .320; Avila, Cleveland, .324; Fox, Chicago, .322; Abrams, Baltimore, .313. Runs- batted In—Doby, Cleveland, 94; , Minoso, Chicago, 89; Berra, New Yorlc. 87; Rosen, Cleveland find Mant'c, New York' 85. Home runs — Doby, Cleveland, 27; Mantle, .New York, 26; Williams, Boston, 22; Sievers, Washington, 21; Rosen, Cleveland, 20 Stolen bases — Jensen, Boston, 17|:,Rivern, Chicago, 1-1; Minoso. Chicago, 13; Fox, Chicago, 11; Busfiy, Washington, 10. Pitching eight decisions Feller, Cleveland, 10-2, .833; Consuegra, Chicago, 14-3, .824; Grim, Ne,w York, 16-4, .800: Reynolds, New York 10-3, .769; Lemon, Cleveland, 16-5, .762. Strlkeouto Turley, Baltimore, 128; Trucks, Chicago, 123; Wynn, Cleveland, 114; Pierce, and Hoeft, Detroit, 10'). NATIONAL 'LEAGUE Chicago COtfON StAf^S L6AGU1 W L 72 71 59 51 45 28 37 38 59 63 81 PUt. GB .6.67 Ml' 1% .540 13 .464 22 .417' 27 .?5? 44«/ 2 Yesterday's Results , Monroe 8, Hot Springs 1 Meridian fl, Pine Bluff & nnings) Greenville 10, El Dorado 3 Today's Carries Meridian nt Hot Springs El Dorado at Pine Bluff Grenville at Monroe (10 W 82 30 74 52 49 17 30 39 L 33 37 •14 U3 05 67 70 77 Pet. GB ,713 .684 .Y .627 9i/i .432 30 .430 ','32«f .412 M'/a .339 43 .336 431 Yesterday Results (No Games Scheduled) Today's Games Detroit at Cleveland (night) New York at Philadelphia (night'l Chicago ;it Baltimore (2-twi-night) Boston at Washington (night) NATIONAL LEAGUE W L New York Brooklyn Milwauke Philadelphia Cincinnati St. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh 70 70 66 56 56 54 •14 43 44 4'; 47 57 60 61 71 7.? Pet. GB .614 .603 1 .584 3>,a .496 13Vj .483 15 ..470 IG'/z .383 20if, .371 28 Yesterday's Results Philadelphia 9, Brooklyn 9 (Only Game Scheduled) Today's Games Philadelphia at New York (night) Brooklyn at Pittsburgh (night St. Louis at Milwauke (night) Cincinati at Chicago (2) SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Hop. Buildr, Supply Co. Phone 7-2381 Batting — Snider, Brooklyn, .353; Musial, . St Louis, ,339; Mueller, New York, .335; Schoendienst, St. Louis, ,33:; Moon, S>t, Louis, .330. Runs batted In —Musial, St. Louis, 109, Snider, Brooklyn, 98; Hodges* Broklyn, Ot; Kluszewski, Cincinnati, 92; Jablonski, St. Louis 89. Home runs—. Mays, New York; 37; Kluszewski, Cincinnati, ' 35; Sauer, Chicago and Mathews, Mil wauke, 32; Hodge's, Brooklyn and Musial, Si Louis, 31. ' • '•] Stolen bases— Burton, Milwau-' tye, 28; Fondy, Chicago, 17: Tem-s pie, Cincinnati, 16; Moon, St. Louis, 13; Mavhews, Milwafjco, Ashburn, Philadelphia and Jablonski, St. Louis, 8. Pitching — eight decisions Wil- Bon, Milwauke, H-0, 1.000; Anlo- nelli, New York, 17-3. .850; Hughes Brooklyn, 7-2, .77d; Colluhi, Cincinnati, 6-2, .750; LOGS, Brooklyn, 8-3 .727. Strikeouts — Roberts, Philadelphia, 142; Hadclix, St. Louis, 130; Erskine, Brooklyn, 127; Spahn, Milvvaukde,' 1*03'; Antonclll, New York, 101. • > New Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Chattanooga Memphis Little Rock Mobile Nashville W 79 7771 U5 64 54 54 53 L, 52 53 58 63 05 75 7G- 75 Pel. GB .603 .592. IV, .550 7 .•iOS 12'/ 2 .496 14 .419 2 .415 2 .414 24«> 24 24M' Yesterday's Results Mobile 3-3, Little Rock 0-2' ,, New. Orleans 4, Memphis 1 ;-:! Nashville 5, Birmingham 4-•''—•'* Atlanta 5, Chatlanoogh-4/ -•'"? THE BEAUTY BOX ,"Air-Cq.nditioned" Op?n 6 days each week Rufy Hoelsc.. " and Eve: Operators :her, "- ivelyn 112 South Main sr*..«^i * I * >r, Model James lyn Moore PRESCOTT ROLLER RINK , Ark. Fights Last Night BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Brooklyn Eastern Parkway Frankie' Ryff, 138!^, New York, FOR SCHOOL BUS PAINTING SEE; JORDON'S BODY SHOP 500 S. Walnut Today's' Games Little Rock at Mobile Memphis , at New Orleans Chattanooga at Atlanta Nashville at Birmingham By The Associated. Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Kansas City, G, Columbus If 1 Toledo 7, Minneapolis 4. St. Paul 4, Louisville 0. Indianapolis at Charleston, pos| poned. I TEXAS LEAGUE ; San Antonio 3, Dallas 5. .j Tulsa 7, Beaumont 5. ':' Fort Worth 0, Houston 5. Oklahoma City 7, Shveveport 5^ TOP'S Cut and Installed. Complete Repair?. New and Used. Parts, Highway 67 West Dial 7-2767 Hppe, Ark. iffiw Eating At Byer? Watermelon Stand S--CURVE 3rd & Shover Watch Repair Guaranteed Pr'e- School Special. Bring your watch in Keith's Jewelry OAKS Caff & Service Station For Complete Parts and Service for New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors Phone OP Write Fallin Tractor Co. Ark. 689 & 1140-R Mite Bettle and Termite Control Service Owned §nd Operated by Guy <«gg 7-3445 1Q9 S. Mqin All Cwitgmeri are Iniuted Rocky Feels J Charles Fight Helpful ** ! GROSSINGER, N.Y. Ml—Roclcj Marciano figures the 15 rounds he boxed against Ezzard Charles Juni 17 did him more good than ;20i rounds in training camp. Conse quently, the heavyweight champ will warm up for the Sept. 15 ( re match with "only" 100 rounds 6 gym work. j I know it's not practical fo the camp to fight more than once or twice a year," he said."But felt the best when I was goin : steady evei-y month or so, lik 1951 when I boxed seven times.' Apparently Manager Al Weil and trainer 'Charlay Goldman e.v pect Charles, the ex-champ, t sprint 15 rounds in hi.-i third bi to win back the title he lost t Jersey Joe Walcott. They <hav brought in Joe Gannon, a fas stepping Washington, D'. C., boy fo Rocky to chase. ! Already down to 191 pounds, a compared to 187V 2 for his last bou the champ still works about four Ashdown h Victim of Hope 8-5 Hope Legionnaires downed the Ashdown Lions 8-5 in a Little River Valley -League gaspe last- night in ..egion Park. Hope scored six big. runs in the :hifd inning to overcome a 3 ruti ead held by' Ashdowh and was never headed again throughout the game. They scored' the runs on two yalks, and hits by .Nix, Johnson, RUSHING THE SEASON—With temperatures m the mid 90's, the last thing jn the world Marry Nbblet. of Halifax, Pa., wanted .was this trailer loaded with 15 tons of coal' Which landed- in his living room. The steering device locked Oh driver Raymond snyder and the trailer sideswiped a dar, left the- road -Erttrrpt .into the house. Slight laceration's were his only injuries. ........ , , . -REAL "SPONGER"—The largest sponge ever found in;south Florida waters provides a comfortable, resting place for tiny Toby Ebbets. The huge sponge was found 10 miles south'of Miami in Biscayne Bay by Walter Thompson, Sr., who has been dragging the.waters for sponges for 40 years. In the foreground 'is a normal ' - size sponge. . ; - ''' > and. Beasley.' ... The Legionhaife_s scored' their other two runs in the 6th on a single by Nix, triple by Smith, and a error. As'hdown 'picked up •single runs in the first -.three; : innings arid then scored their other two. in -the sixthi Top Smith, wihning pitcher;- gave up Si., runs on 4 hits, walke.d 4- and fanned 4. , Lee- Lane-, relief in 7th, ave up no runs oh 2 .hits, struck out 5 ; and walked none; Ward, loser, gave up 8 runs .on 9 hits, walked 2 and'wiffed 10. . Wednesday; night,, the Hope Leg- onhaires will play a team from Barksdale • Air Force' Base in Shreveport. Hope Johnson ... Boyett White Beasley, .... Gunter B. . Gunter W. Griffin Nix Smith Lane '(7) .:. Totals .... Ashdown Colemah ... Wright AB 5. . •„.."-3 : .: 5 ........ 5 ...'.'-..'.'..-'5 :. 5 .: , 4 4 . ...: 3 ..:.....; 1 '•' 40 AB 3 4 Beck L'..:,...-.....-...:...:. 5 Spates Rosenbaum . Sfl'igner...,......... Wardi Jones'-. Cbleman B. ..: Totals 5 :. 5 .. 5 .. 4 >. 3.. 4 38 R .1 11 1 0 0 02 2 0 8 -R 1 ' 1 . 0: 1 0 0. 1 1 0 H 1 0 2 3 0 0 0 . 2 1 Q 9 H 1 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 Phils Dump Dodgers in Only Gome A»»ociat*d Press Sport The Philadelphia Phils, last team outside the New York area to win a National League pennant, get a chance tonight to show whether they're playing favorites in the 1954 flag chase. They move across the river from Ebbets Field to the Polo Grounds for the first of a three- game series with the slump-ridd- ILOND1E did thumping eh New York Giants. Last night the Phils Giants a big favor by, Brooklyn 9-6 when the Dodgers .had a chance to pull within two percentage points of the lead. Instead, the Dodgers headed West to Pittsburgh trailing by a full game with 38 to play. ' NEW YORK One returns to he workaday world after a period if earnest idlncss to- learn, with some ; surprise, that the vast ma- ority. -of local baseball .analysts consider tho Giants to be dead, absolutely, and-:'- are--.equally certin hat Jhe Milwaukep -Braves will be he/National E'eague entry in the World Series. ''-•'-. The Brooklyn Dodgers, say this city's deepest thinking savants, jrob'ably 'have enough bottom to make the Braves realize they are n a ::race, especially since young Billy Loes turned into a winning pitcher, But the Giants, they claim aftA- dareful inspection, have made.vtheir' run and now are gasp- ng ;ljke a boated flounder. Th'ey ; say they cannot recall hav ng, seen an apparently sound qnd seemingly inspired teams come opart,'as completely as the Polo Jrounders have in the past five weeks,_.and especially in their four /straight losses to the Braves and three straight to the Dodgers. One journalistic gumshoe reports that the players now are grumbling/about Leo Durocher's "bad sses f " and declares there is no 'possibility of. Leo being back next year, even if he pulls the club out of •>. its: current skid. • ' This latter could have much substance, for Durocher and his,boss', Horace Stoneharn, • were exchanging glares early-in the season, before Willie Mays and his teammates caught fire. Now that 'they have simmered dpwn iagi^i -: it is not expected 1 that .Sto'neS'ffm" will issue any ringing votes'--of "confidence in his pilot. The chief disaster to strike the club which once was winging along even games in front was the' sudden and inexplicable collapse of its pitching staff, all except Johnny Antonelli. The figures show vividly what happened. From June 3 through July 9, while the Giants were winning 32 out of 38 and there was talk of measuring Mays for an individual shrine, their pitchers allowed the remarkably low average of 2.9 runs per game. From July 10 to this sad day, a period in which the club won only 14 while losing 19, the identical set of throwers has yielded 4.7 runs each time the opposition .teed off. To make matters even worse, the hitting has fallen off too, though not to such a painful degree. m0UT.OF DOORS with My, WARREN PAGE; : '•' • I , '',.'', .... «"•.«.''' t Grocery - bills we -.-piy,-' when Grover Cleveland^ one -of the:most we • can, the mortgage payments on the house we get up every month or else but -there 'are 'certain debts every sportsman owes. These he can never repay in cash. Indeed, he can never quite square them; with his creditors, who probably belong to a generation already passed on. He can only make payment- to the generation now coming on. When I was 12, like every other kid of 12. I was subject to bad in fluences and so inveigled into smoking cornsilk out behind, the sincere sportsmen ever to 'preside over this country's'affair's. No privilege was greater, than to accompany Fred's father' and his sidekick Frank down there for a week end. We had to saw wooc for an hour or two Saturday, wash dishes or paint canoes now anc again, but the rest of the time was free Free to kick brush piles fox cottontails or try the cranberry swamp brook .for brilliantly mar ked native trout; Yet the week ends, were no exactly free for the old-timers barn,- to good influences and s'OjThey devoted many hours tp show a stiff collar to ing us youngsters how tp skittei forced to w'eav Sunday School • and to vastly |for pickerel, how to locate the hours a day. He goes on the road-9.real fly-rod on the pickerel of more, important and memorable'rocky drop-offs where small'mou influences and so permitted to try th bass hang out on July days, how City Title fo Be Resumed City-Championship playoff' be- ween the Hope Star, arid Citizen Bank teams of the Big League will :ontinue Tuesday night with, the earns meeting at 7:45. The third game is scheduled for : 45 .Thursday night with a fourth ;ame .to be played, at 7:45 Friday, night if necessary. .. Th;e Citizen Bank team having won'., the fir^t half, are pjaying his Sseries with the Star boys, second;: half ''winners, to determine -!ah over-all League 'Champion. Final playoff game for the '54 'ony League Championship will.be played at 4:45 Thursday afternoon at Legion field as a preliminary to ,he Big League- Game; The First Nat'l Bank and Hope 3asket Go. stand tied- at one each n this series, This week's, schedule for. rained out .and postponed Little League games is as follows: ' Tiiesday August 17 ( '., ' tBS vs Dynaflows [ ' R. M vs Lions • m]£":- Thursday August 19 CBS vs Lions . • .'•,-•-• • R. A, vs Owens The Little Loop Champion playoff will begin next week. One-Platoon to Bring More Kicking OKLAHOMA CITY —(/P) It has taken a year to get around.to it, but the nation's football coaches probably wjllus.e':.a lot more kicking this season because of', the limited substitution rule. Bud Wilkinson, the highly suc» cessful University of Oklahoma football coach, said be has reached this conclusion after talking to coaches all over the country. "We as coaches didn't get back to one-platoon thinking last sea. son," he told sporte writers and sports casters at the. anpual preview of OU prospects here yesterday. . "• .../••" "Kicking and field positions will mean a lot more this Reason; There will be an increased tendency, to work for the perfect, field,-position on :both offense and defense. This wil} call for more quick kicks and other kicking; AP&L Claims Rate Increase Necessary ' LITTLE ROCK —(/Pi — Arkansas Power & Light Co.. says increased summertime use of electricity by its customers is not erasing its need of rate increase. In a statement issued to the AM* kansas Public Service Commi" sion. yesterday, AP&L said the need for a rale increase of about 73,900,000 a year is "more evident now" than when it filed its application May 27. AP&L requested a rate increase on the. grounds, that it is not earning its six per cent allowable profit at the present rate. After filing a million-dollar bond with the PSC, which had suspended the request, AP&L tomporaril||| raised its rates, pending a PSC hearing. The bond is to guarantee customers a rebate if the rate hike is not granted. The PSC has been investigating reports that increased summertime use of electricity has boosted the AP&L income to a point where it does not need the rate increase to earn its six per cent allowable profit. The PSC recently ordered utility to "show cause" why the increased charges should not • in the morning and boxes Jive days a week. , >• According to Goldman, the champ is working on his old payoff punch the right hand. He ion- centrated on the left hand into Sjijs prefight work for the first Charles fight. Maybe he worked too much with the left. In any event, he ,.is out for the knockout this - Jijtte and the right hand is the KQ \mpon hat flattened Wakott twice. v 1 outpointed Dennis Pat Brady, New York 10. *"«' New York St. Nicholas Arens Gerry .Preyer, 147. South stopped El Cpnstripto, 140, City. 8. Los Angeles *— Ruby Martinez. 144 , Hollywood, C«jlil., Manuel Castillo, J47'4, Angeles, S. stopped TJnkertown:,Mill Pond Who coulcj have predicted the adult?effect irom the experiences of shooting a ^one-jarring ,45-70 lever j'ifle 'when';,I was -13? It is to the outdoorsmen, who put the track of the whitetail"buck swaggering down, the san.dy.' .wooc road differs from the by his does. ; , Frank is dead now, P«t >Verj sound and scent of his sneakjng i| on a little bunch'of mallards gab into our childish hands the real |bling on that Eagle Nest Brook things of hunting and fishing and pothole remain alive in my mem put into our young minds thejory. Some time J hope I can show spiritual meaning of God's my youngsters how to snake My father was never a shoot in.^ nature that we owe pur debt, |long through the marsh grass, oj how to pick up a mess of white perch when the herring fry are schooling. For that is the only way we can pay our debts, to live agait with our - own sons that priceless first experience in the outdoors We must see again through then eyes the eajly morning }a]?e mists hear through their ears the gurgle pjt paddle-stroked water. Then in payment of fow debts is grea er or fisherman; his pleasure wa.s in watching his youngster swat a baseball, But the dads of my twp ftpyfyppd chums were devotees of the duck blind and the flickering spinner .They first took me into rifle and reel adventures. Fred S.'s pop owne4 a cabin in the' Plymouth woods, on a lake we instinctively preferred to call San- quattanappepanquash instead of its ' English. n$me. The cabin built, so I w»8 told t by profit. by N|5A Service) cut back. AP&L said there had been increased use of electricity which !'was not contemplated when the application was filed.' "Revenues and consumption iptio since filing of the application has not quite equalled estimates 'Ky the company when it filed for the rate increase," tha company's re- v sponse said. ' AP&L said its estimated levenuo for July was 74,903,400. The actual collection, the cpmpany said, was $4,885,477, a difference -of $17,923. The company also submitted figures to show that operating r<?v- enue had been less and expenses greater in the three months [of April, May and June, which wore not taken into account in the qri- ginal application._ Dennis W. Hort'on, chairman ;jj|| the PSC, said the PSC probably will set an early /hearing on ' the company's response. A full scale hearing on the entire case will be docketed later. it .has taken a year to teach football players how to be '- kickers. Everybody's kicking should be b_etter this season." Wilkinson pointed out .there were no changes in football rules this ?ea,son so that there should be steady improvernent in the limited substitution game. Wilkinson says the .Sqqners, the No.. 4> team in the nation }aet year, shoW h^ve a good team but the Iin4 aa4 pass defense are the problems. .0V must conquer. ^Yilkinson feels California, Twas and Oklahoma AM ore the tough" est teams the Soonws wiJJ this season. Oklahoma., against California §# P t. jg w |th the game to be telecast nationally from Berkeley, In, thp Big Seven CpjnJerfnoe, say? the Jlfl threats. Pu_er$o Ripo's p| vvhit^ marble is made Bisfore the Roman Colosseum was built, the site was an artificial lake on the estate of the Empefor Nero. ' . Legal Notice COMMISSIONER'S SALE > NOTICE/ IS HEREBY GIVEN that by virtue of a decree of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, entered on the 1st day of July, 1954, in a cause pending therein, wherein National Equity Life Insurance Company was plaintiff and Vance Oakley Lane, Ola Mae Lane, and Mrs. Louella Lane, were defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner pointed by the Court will on th 21st day of August, 1954, offer, for sale at public outcry to the highest bidder at the East Door of the Court House at Hope, Arkansas, the following lands to-wit: ',' The Southwest Quarter of Northeast Quarter (SWVi NE'/i) except about seven (7) acres in the northeast corner thereof, being all that . part of said Southwest Quarter of Northeast Quarter (SWV NE'A) lying and beiag North a East of the branch running in southeasterly direction through the Northeast part; the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NWi/4 SB 1 /*) and the North Half of" the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (N% SWV4 5 all. in Section Six (6) Township Nine (Q) : South, Range Twenty-six (26) West. Beginning at a point 660 north of, the Southwest corner of the Southeast Quarter of the Nbrtl* west Quarter (SE 1 /* NWV^ of Section Eight (8), Township Nine (9) South, Range Twenty-six (26) West, running thence North 81.45 degrees East 2035.1 feet, thence North 25 degrees West 481.8 feet, thence North 8 degrees and 30 minutes West 425,7 feet, thence North *' djegrees West 686.4 feet, thenos North 43 degrees West 271.7 feet, thence W.est 1325.3 feet, thenc.e South 1086.6 feet to point of begin Said, gale will be on credit ,, three months and the purchaser will 'be required to give bond with approved personal security for ;he purchase money, or purchaser may eject to pay cash. WITNESS My hand this 88 day oi Jujy, 1954, Qarrett Willis Commissioner Ql A11 tf )? 1*7 fli> tyUSf, 7| *' »«4lM^fctiHMlfiid5S^imiAX&«BSwhdftHfKtt8SibKK^^ i' 7 NEVER MINt>-£0 BACK TO MECki WITH TH' BEAR/ STOP* THAT IT'S S-flLL RUWWIN 1 .' WAS , GIT HIM OM MVGAL'd MOVIE FILM ANf? SHE'LL THIMK I'M VAIN, TAKIKI' Tw^rwJTtWWfctww- ^»Vfewt*t< Television Star THAT HE'LL GLC3UT THE , StUFFIM' OUT OF SOU/1 GOT ACROSS 3 Compass point 1 Television 4 Negative word 11 Srngihfi voice J Anger ^ q Makpc intn 9 Makes into 12 Presses 13 Doctrines law }n l^ n l S ™fnh Wll ° Lar * e hawk '- 27 Siames * OB'Uer vetch 13 Aflernoon ,. dialect- , -IW«, BJ ...... r. 17 Native metal socia | event 28'Verbal^ , 42;if$th*r; tho'm , r v. y 15 Goddess of 30 Cognizance < ^^rganl 0 Afresh the dawn 34 Hbckey^ployer^IiEa'Han^ity ,, 2 Symbol for i 8T a tter 35 Most unlis.ttajMilf^dt^inh'j,'.'^ . sodium 21 Table : 36 Three^tbtd-^i'> :; .tGuiclb's?scftl4 ' 21 Table 3*tCnCtwii*.• . - •Jivfcuo ''!-••' ,' • y **w*~" "^^W^jirt.*"^ 23 Serviceable SS.Tak'e'jny,': VJS^e^h/rnjjljS 23 Shoshonean Indians U . TO DPOP BV ._ MORNIN'A WITH NTYCOOM PAL, Q' Brother of 25 D i s tinct part 39 Dinner/course 53/BV'wa'yibf ''••• Jacob (Bin.) - • .. .., .'-.." ; "--v.-.'•-',-- : s .':,•Lustrous i. i'l.i i..' 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