Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1896
Page 8
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THE GOLDEN TEN AND FIVE FIRST ANNUAL 1 OPENING" Sale Now Going On ! : " * .'. >^ \! For particulars see Large Posters In this paper THE GOLDEN The Globe ,, We Have Won The Hearts of The People. The Glote Is already" recognized' as Logao.s port'* most foremost Men's and Boys' Outfitters. We are deeply grateful for .the unbounded appreciation of our efforts 'by the public. We ahall endeavor to always merit -the esteem and confidence with 1 \vhlcli our fellow citizens have s.a abundantly honored us. Thus Will the Democrats and Populists Vote. NO DOUBTFUL In testimony of our gratitude and to thoroughly in- t-oduce our .finest grades of equal to> custom made Garments, we offer a» as follows Men's Plaid Suits .OO Newest, novelty All- Wool Chevlota This peerless offer Is for. one..week only beginning.to- morrow and.,ending when ourdoor closes next Tuesday. Corner 4th and Harket. These Suits are All-Wool, Winter weight, made up by Artist Tailors Men's Plaid Sul-s .00 Fashions Craze. Perfect Fitting, Every element of fineness that goes into high? gt grade out-to-order garments la in those suit*. There here Disinterested ' Observer Tel Is What He Found. .<:.-": Of a Political Nature in^a:Tour of '. This Section. Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats Th-ceo are Autfrioaalbly cut aitd.-woU -inad-o Ovepeo(a*B, watirainited to' fit, to wear ana *o -bpfld, ootor. Well let you be *he Judge of their -value' $5 All Wool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. Ain exceptionally well woven cfteviot,, mmde up especially for oar paitrons, and duipll'cated ait-the prices «xsvlh«ro on thlte 'pHamelL We warrant •them last colors. '' ' ' To delight the Boys and their Mothers we will sell Knee Pants at 15 Cents extra good weight, neat patterns, for boys' aged 4 to 14. The GMe Globe He Glok Ja'nie.s -P. JToruadiiy, at, ftlre -Indiana- ipoll-s News,, ^ho/lwis txie.u:making- a •tour, of tlio'State-oQ tne.Congrcsuloi'f.l si-tnaiUon, -.sui-y's that' Major Stoele' will tnn<loU'l>te(Tly -Iwi.vo.' a linnclstvme -ma- 1 Jorrty Jti this dtetrlc-t. ; OC (Jils-xwtrity -and Miami he says: "Cass Is-one of tlie '-most'important' couHtiics In tiie'd'lstn'lc't: .Jt.'Was ailai'go sound money Demooimiyc vote,- and •& liLTgo Popultet -vote, as •vviill.be-seen -by •referring toitfbe ^.tfle-.-abov*;.''. Appar ently; .thei* is aw>t a strouger ^wxund money city to "the. StnJte -than J!iogaB#- , port AH tbe lendling Democratic tow-- yers 'tliei'e are bu tine Lspundi nioney- i side. Tlie resiigination' of ,Rnfu»iMiHipeo' from the silver Democr«itlif-Sta.to!(;oTii-' mittec had a friwt deiil to.'do-'.tt'Jithiitlie' course many men Imve'tfiken. . S.ii'P. Sheerln, ex-secretary'o£ 'the'i national Democratic couimiltitee,' who lives;tlicre-, Js a« affable nod s«rtl«maTi!ly «s ev*r. but he is- not saying anything ..about politics. His friends know; or think •dey know,, where ,l»ls ay mpatkW? 'are;' They said' 'to me that 'Mr. Sheeriir did not declare agmtnst th6 Ohlcnga. pint- form'-and ticket ibecaufie.hte felttliat If •lie sho,uid, the chorJBrc would,'bei'jnirile"' that lie ; was d)lsaippoleted.a<;-nOt''bedn.g : retained ais a memtoer .of iSbeinoiloriiBJ comanltteie.. The radlrWl.-eiaplpy«B-''ln : Logansport hayc ,'been ; ^rgjuiilZDd'-.l/*OJ' • M-cKdnley come ^me, iap(J it ioofesiw -If nearly all of thorn. Int^rid^to vote I'or^ Coraer Fourth and Market Streets. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchbers: Optical Co., Tbe well-Known SpeoldllsU of Naw York kar« appolote A. H AUK M Hgenc tat tbalr celebrated Speetaolea and £j« D. A. HAPK lias complete uaoctment and Invlten til to totlstr t(wmselre« of tbe great tuiarlaeltr at these goodaorer • any manuftctored, at tbe store of D. A, HACTK, 8ole agent for Ixigmnepoit Ind. . ... No F*ddlen Supplied. CERTIFICATES SAHE Both Chairmen Certify the Same Electors. Ten Democrats and Five PopuJ llfttsto be Voted For. The ccrtliflcate to •*« State Election Board, siywa to by State Chairman Marto of the Democratic'cojnmlttoe, recites that ten -Democrats and five PopuMsts were raioruillnia ted by the Dem- ocmtic iStmte convention for elector^ Those,electors are-the men chosen by life Populist eomimlfcteie of thirteen, after It 'had •a/n-nounced flf-teen Populists Wind adjourned. That ended Ms au- •tKonlty, but tut tbe 'SUigegstlon of Chalr- nmu Mairfiln of tlie Democratic com-- ;lt met 'again «nd changed Its Of .course it liad-no aAiitihority to do 't'ltJs. It was appointed 'by-'lhe 'Populist. Stiite convention- to choose "aTectow, 4> mil 'toav-hig ilou-e so and ad- .JOUPIUKI, It passed out of existence. But i't mot Again 'and selected another sot of electors, which tlie - Popultet 'oliiilTmn-ni fl-iid- the Democratic dia-ir- inniui swear "\v-ere iicwiilniiiit'cd by the respective ooiirv<M(ji»-i!is. ,. Th'is puts a .lo'iint electxH-.'iJ ticket in t!l« ileM. 'five ."straight" Democratic ticket . will be headed by 'ten Democratic ami five Populist electors, and *liie-"staiaiii!'ht" Populist ticket will- be {beaded by 'ten Democratic and five .Populist electors. Neither ticket will il>e ."^t.railiph't" .In fact, a.nd tt remains to be seen, hoiw many self-respecting jDteniocrats and Populists wMl stultify .themselves by voting for tills comb-Iraa- •t-ion, - ' , ••'' iSome. Democrats wSH vote only for oleotors, scratching the rest, and same Populists will do the same 'for file five Popultets x>a the ticket, but.moiny. of each -party will repudtote. •Mio ; wliole 'thing. "There 'fa some frec*lilrer-^sontta»?at among the frwniers ot;the. eouolty::r.l'he Democrats seem to.be^ablip bxfindraiore of it tliam. the.R-eputol'Icains.6!l"wa»;t(>ld- tihat the Repubijcaa.,poji : ^av« fti&te Republicans the countiy ,,by. .Ii50,:.>vlittt,'th*e ; poll 'gv^s i't, by Dearly. ,1,00(1,.., Soanelwdy. jnlstaken. Two.years'.ajgO • GO Will Buy « Good Winter Suit OF, W. D. CRAIQ. 426 Broadway, Second Floor. . NOTICE. All persons having unsettled accounts wHrtil Mr. Otto A. Kraus will please call at the Fourth street store amd make settflemeat aft the earliest time possible. Tibia October 13th, 1SOC. ALBERT G. JBNKINES, Trustee. Secretary!'.of-.• State,. w:ho.ll.vc8 at foff- gainsport, carried tho.couD'ty/'i.^rJSCfl.' The only hope of the Republicans;carrying the; county seems to; Me-dn ,thpelr receiving' tHic support, .of ;the;'-''Bound' maney Dem<)cmts. , , ; • ; "Md«vml ls| another couat^ in ithcidte- trlct ln^\wJifch the Democr.'iits and 3?op- v itll-ste wift''glve the.Ilapuiblicans-ia, close race. -The' RepUibHteans Mteyio they 1 ' •wlB, ib/£j&de.to whip ithjej coin'blnea ., foi-ces, Tjut an outsider.can;h«rdlj!;s<x! ( iDatest arj-lo shoes nit E. M. Walden's. 35c lea- felt (Ffljtinpon*,—A, G. Jeuklmes, assignee. • • > We innmifa«bitre oui- own shoc«.—E. M. WnMcrii. '.-""'. (Ilho Otto ivraius st»ck of inwchiMidise wM be closed ourt oitjsoluteily. The grea'twst vohje ever offered in cloaks cam be found today nit -the. Trade Palace, • jW'liHe ituoj' last, 15c for 50c boys' waists, flaslignineflifc «ala—A. G. Jen- kmcsi, naslgroeo. ., A great bargain, on an extra fine folding bed or would exchange for a good family horae. Inqudix! alt this office.. . Henry A. Stoll has purchased the •tock of groceries from big brother, John 3. Stoll And will take possession at once, ' . Miss Jes«to .Cumimlings has a 'beautiful line of wtater pattern ihats a.nd boEmots mow on display. Call and see them-, 405 Broadway. long-deferred game of ball be twieen the one-armed' anB' th-o one- ;legg»d m«a will be .played Sranhiy fit- tornooa at 2 o'clock >ait tl>e park. The receipts) will go ,to tlie St. Joseph 'hospital TYPHOID'S August, 'tlhe two^-yeoi'-old son of Mr. aind Wiis. August Seitz, d'ted at the f ajn/ My rosliden/eo on Burllagton avenue Wedmsday aflteraioon ait 3:30 o'clock of typhoid fever. Tlie funeral' will be ihcdd Saturday from.the Gonnaii Lutheran chitirch, the Rev. Mr. Ttanen- stoln offlcla-ding-. • CX3NROY-LEAHY. iMr. Will J. Coniroy of Gas Olity and Miss Anna Lealhy of itSi-ta city were unlHcd ia marriagei at St.' Vtocent da Pawl Caltbodlc xJhurcli : Wednesday monulng by ithe Very 'Rev. M. E. Gam- ptan. Mr. Bind M-Ta..Conroy wIE reside ot Gas Oily. . . The Iiiidlnmia Mercnnltlle Collectine Ag«ncy Js « new eraterprilse located du itlie Justice Wocik. The object tff the agenipy Is to do a general collecting business, wfd also >to aid In securing oniployimcnt for the unemiployert. The agency Imrttlites pflitroaaige ot all boisl- -ness people, . how-M^'ejr'expect to do It. '1 and Democrats are working , .hard.'.4p etecf'-thelr. candidate forv-tfioiLcglBla-. ture. Imi. tlills. coun-ty, nsvJnl Gass,' -the Rcp'ulbllcac^ must depend:. ;upon Mlc hdp of 'tn'e'-soimd money ..Democrats;' .a.nd there ore many.,of-. and vicinity. .There J«..a. three hundred old line>penipcrat»' whtf will.-not) support Bryan, innii3 and Btockirier m«n say.they k dent'that'toe wiU DC a q^lct-"Vote! laigalnst free silver about \vhlc3i:.thej' do not know much 1 ; '• Th&leading-Dem'. ocnatlc paper of the county Ib-aoftffor- the free-silver crowd. Two years Kg® the Democrats carried the county ~.fdr Secretary of State by, less thaoi fifty.'';/- STATE FEDERATION OF LABOR Effort to Adopt Free Silver Resolutions Successfully Opposed. Muuioie, Ind.,. October 15.—Special.— .The 8ta*e Fe<leratioji 'of. Ijaibor ad- joiumicd at nootn today. Its dosing Session tills monnlug was a 'heated one, prWdlpWa'tea' l>y tliree mera1>ei-s of the •ccmntiul'tftee oa rewlutlons toltroduclng -a' 1 rasoluiblon indorsing the .free coinage of sl'lver. Tl>e <tm> otlwa: 'members 'of ; tlie commititee' offered a minority re- 'port, rocommetnid'iiniB nott-actilon. The 'wflver delegates were detxHimlned, and two' : more resolutions, ini substance the .same as. the original resollutlon, were "off-bred'. This «nraged tlhe Republican delogflitss, Hind ithey'ainnoiunced that if -sucli-'resolutlous wore instated upon, : rliey wwild wlithdraw fnom the Federa- •ttoini' nijd' 'cairae a split. They staitijd, tliat" wh'lle thWr hieai+s 'wesce wJth or- gaul'zed 1 labor, iamd thfe FederaMon, they \\wfld'not submit ito «iuicli a measure, amd thiey deomanded tliat the Federation 'be oion^poiiltioal. A motion'by Edward Miller, of Ft Vfoyoe, to lay the matter over until next year's convention, was •caniHed by a 2 to 1 vote. •'• Edigar A. iPerklns, of ludiflmaipoljiS, elected prceWeet; R. E. Groff, In- secMltewy fljjd treasurer; Can Hod a pfljiice In- '(Ms store. Our qu 'ality lines are tightly dranvn and -we allow no "(iihoddy'.' 'to creep in. Low prices cannot tempt us—anything that falls 'below our v hifgti standard has not a moment's coasidCMjUon from us. Anytbtag 1» good enough for some stores—few tihingis ore good enough for Our business career ha» been a "clean" one for twenty-five yean. It "commeroiial sulolde" for us totiiifle with public comfldGnoc now. ' In 'these days of "fake' and "fraud" your only safety Ites In trading -with firms of knqw.n good reputation—-firms that you can Judge by "performance" MEN'S SUITS $5 to $15. .Brown IB Fashion's favorite this Fail. Brown plaids, lirorwxi mixtures —-attythilnig- HP. Ite tbrofwn. IT.60, f 10.00, $12.50 .and $15.00 here for such suite as you're asked 112.60 to $5.00 more for elsewhere. . Th«y are "tailor made" suits with .the only difference of a "ready-made" price. Twin our own factory—there's the swwet of the saving. $4 HATS FOR $3--$3 HATS FOR $a. AND SO ON. J4 for $3, ?3 lw«B for $2, and so on. We want tx> make customers more fihan money in the hiat department. We know we've got to save you something to win you &vm your present •batten'. , Come in aind try the Fall shapes on—one among the lot te sure to please you. • . :>: THE HUB :-: Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and that your wishes are to be regarded In every particular. We will give you Just exactly wliait you want If we can flnd out what that is. Perhaps you believe that it Is Impossible to have your launiclry work Iiandled without Irritation and annoyance. We are aure that '•you are mistaken. May we hare an opportunity ft demonstrating Jt? HADLEY BROS., Buocwion to Campbell Bros. them. This crowd was considerably 1-a.rger at itho close of the excellent speeeli.of Mr. Qiiton. A*ter the speech hialf a ihumlred voters navanced to grasp 'the hand of the young logician. Slsteon meu who had.'been: determined to vote for Bryan, announced that the convincing facts and iargaimen'bs.pre- «eoted:by the si>eaker had the effect of abating them In, their allegiance to the youth from Nebraska., and .many of •them spoke square out for 3laj)or Me- Kinley, Sound Money, Prosperity » nd Protection.' .'.[... W. M. Kenuedy of Rocliester ,had a flue and «nthiulastlc nieetteg of Sound Mtoneyites -at -the school -house at Twelve Mile last nfelut The building wns filled wttlv eager -listeners, and the speech was an able one which 'struck home,. «s was -evidenced by the ai>- pln,usc of Republicans and very evident discomfiture of Brytanltca who were present. FIRE ON THE WESTOIDE, flre department was called to the Westside yesterdoy morning about 4:30 o'clock to extinguish a blaze In thte 'house of Mm Tut between Heath ond Wilkinson streets on West Market etreert. The flames were subdued before! any serious damage was done. The (house was not occupied and 'was. undergoing repairs. The origin of the fire Is attributed to Incendiarism, Mrs. Tut-(colored) resides alt Indianapolis. A PBJRU HORSE SflXM^Ett ^ : A telephone message .^ras.Eeoeiv<Sdi*t police 'headqitarters : ,yestwday''from Pem instructing; *lie, : |«uit3iDriliiee sto' look out for a imani driving. ;a-lidark 1 broxi*•' Iwrse welghiiiBg . -fltxiu* '<•:' 000 pounds, 'rfOTetop cut-sihtort;. ; Tlie.hoiaw: was'stxjien about. 4 ,o'-olock,iyq|9taiidiay morailnig and the •tWef.- was-' seen -driv-'i tag •toward 1 this city on. th«!-EOfljd.MOpfch of 'tilie Wiaibash nlver.,./,..'. :••-.-• I'v ' «. WiiHlaim'Yocuin, of Miuicle, and Perry ; Neff, Soutli Bend, v.i'ce -preeid'euts, and •D. F. Kennedy, of Indliajiapolls, C. E. 'Carter, of Uogonsport, arafl Miss Ida "ivej-s, of IndioufliwUB, State oi-samte- et-s. liie next meeting will be held !i nit M-ar!li>ni one year hence, tlie effort •to 'bWd ibienolal sesslonsi dwlng the of the Indiana. Legislature *-being approved. WOULD NOT DO IT. Typographical Union Refuses to Go on Record for Silver. SCHOOL HOUSE MEETINGS Mrs. J .P. Newell- of .jG-aw-etit ;Olity<Is". .visiting -Mr. aBja..Mrs,..Hajrry;-J«r. i ;B-Elgg8t of Linden $2.80 for six doUar nwn'« sutts;; paata Jin proportion,, at,the ' '' A. G. Jenfcto^, aaalignee. Sound Money Speaking at Points :/i ' in Cass County. •' At the New school house. In Noble towasliJp, '00 tbe^Pleasamit Grove pUke, George Funk and Frederick Landls Spoke to a fine audience that filled the feuiildtoig to thie wailils. There" was ii «orch llghit-.parade before the meeting, and-'the'school 'house was iiandlsomcly .decorated wl*hi the nattotoal colors. •The 'injecting wa» a rouser to the best sen^eV the people ehonvtog their colors at : every opportuniilty. r--:Mairt±a Quton had a good meeUo'g In 'Harrtson townebfti last nile^i ,«* Concord school house. In, the of tertioon a Popocrartfc dltlKen. of Harri«on township -'assured Repoilbllcan managers tbait 'i*> anid'ience woufld turn out to listen!-to Sound Money arguments in- Harrison- towofiihlp. la spite of thte prfr' tecy'Mr. Qulnn and 1 George Chose made'tne trip to Cooicord school house, •where' flsactly 203 people, wal'bed tot The Typographical Union, on* of the .strongest labor organteatlons in. existence, lies always t>ecn nanarkably free fi"om pojltlcaa'cnt-auslcmcnts. This year, 'however, the free silver supporters among Its membership threatened (to put .the Caton on record as favoring that podiey. A special from Colorado Spnlnjgs, -whr-re -the convention of the Intera | a)tlonal. Typographical U»ion IB being held, says: "Tlie International Typographical Untoo, Bitter a warm discussion, voted to strike from the mtaiites the following resolution: "'" 'Resolved, By t!he I. T. U., In con- venltloh assemlblied, on, .Hie summit of Pike's Peak, on this 4tOi;day of October 1800, that we believe to the free and unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of 1C to 1, and ttie adoption of laws restoring silver to Its rightful place, as the snime existed prior to 1S73, anrii this wiithout waiting for the consent of any other nation." A NAWROW ESCAPE. ,y«sterday' afternoon. wWle David Hallam, the Seventeenth street waioon- kceper, was driving 1 ncross the Panhandle railroad near Brooks's poultry hbuse, his buggy .was struck by a train and upset. Mr. HaHam was thrown- to the ground but escaped serious injury. EHOOBfT ATTENTION. Meet Republican' headquarters tonight to moke final arrangements for (the.-trip to Peru: Every member Is requested to be present ROBERT KNIGHT, Soc'y. J. A. BRJER, Prea The FLOWER TONIGHT. Distinguished New Yorker on Sound Money. Hon. Roswell P. Flower, ex-Govcr abr of New York and one of the leading Democrats of the nation, will speak for sound money at tbe rink toad'ght. He is a brilliant orator and will present the. arguments for sound money In an eloquent and entertoliMng manner. Harry WWte amd Will Wilklns arc scattering C. I. Hood's advertisements over town. Mrs. Lydlla. A. Tracy, wife of J. D. Twicy, dlbd nt •the (home to Adama township a* 11 o'clock a. m. of coa- eumptlon, aged 38 years. The funeral iill be 'held Saturday morning at ten o'clock at the Bethlehem M. E. church. TALKING PRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. Women's nice seamless rubbers, new and pointed toes, new '96 good*. Price ............................ 23c * • * Women's storm eeamleM robbers, as good as some ask SOc for. Price ---- 28c Women's Arctics,, ?^ ' ; : p¥lce . '. ... .We "' Women's kid button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed- toes, medium heel*. Price-. ...... . ..... ........... ...,65c •i- : ;-,_; ••\'.(- •--•''••,;• -.•*?- Wrimen^s 'satin calf button ehtoes; a good ««vloeable winter shoe. Price 98c Women's Vlcl kid button shoes, patent leather tips, nice dress shoe, Prtc« ........................... -We' Infant's embroidered leather mocco- sine, Jnrt the thing for th« Uttie oo«. Price . ............ • .............. We Men's rubber oventooes, nice new goods; a bargain. Price, i ......... 36c Also please see our line of Une drew shoes. The most stylish and best fit- . ting gtxcla ever brought to Logaiwport. Line W.: PllMng, 412 Broadway. • • i • 1

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