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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 17, 1954
Page 3
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Ine,strike, ivofer and t*v bpernie - pfeflt' wftff * Sunday, 'imd electricity /Ar. itaftrpihe to rc&uirc elec* ,,,'Btit .pickif iifitei ryr I6H-, wllTnofc Iql AP&L re- C? .fit . '. iJ ?»-•* 1 * j ^ J ,in ^h»' arc.i '"• agrees In thVpfyver to , f , f • ^ ---» -Ind'^tne - com* ^Miofliffr.ikMiW'.wWrt^ word*' l^aP^jf V^V * ' • * &4?'^"s K,?.2' :.. _ - M A *• Mt * tt "jr JJL D M t V/ r t v I l^t m\ t f Would Hove ftrett HlmMy*t!f . f trfeiday, AugUit 1?, 1954 ^V* <• - '•>>;»; 4 "f,^''-Sfy ",Y'-*Y"S HOPt IfAR»'tffffti ARRAHSAS a«d, Kbfeer dejftfty cttdttit etei-k, fjeHWlsston ffdm the r clerk to take a leave of seftce in ofder to ttin fortthft' office of Circuit clerk. McNair defeated his empldy- er, Circuit Clerk V. S. O'Nctfl, ifi last Tuesday's Democratic pfclinary, McNair said today that he Md, been fired by O'tteal, of *' ^w\»«*t u*wj,' said /permission for !„ * tank " 'area J, H., Sargent, k8: Local of of "America, said f', tShelpmovethe the 'WELCdMfe—A German shepherd, with her own litter at her' side, Welcomes-a two-day-old Hon cltfa to her family, The cub, held by Dri Mo Broginl,- of ftomeyltaly'S 206, was refused a horn* by her.mother, so. the ioo started a search for a female dog who would adopt the lion,cub. The first meeting was successful. MARKETS Amazed at Feeling Over McCarthy By JACK BELL WASHINGTON Lfi— Sen. Watktns (R'Utah) said today he is so amazed: at the "intensity of feeling" over Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) he is going to cjuit. tending newspaper editorials and his mail while he directs a study of censure charges against McCarthy. "I. don't, want to 'have any prej- "' in this investigation," i he PRESC0TT NEWS Star Masons Presco'tl order of the Eastern Star entertained with a pot-luck supper at Kiwanis Park on Thursday even ; Jng for the Masons of the local chapter and their families. The invocation was given toy A. B. Bofids Sr. After supper . Miss Metlock of Little Rock gave a reading ort "A Picnic". A -Humorous reading on "Haiberf* by' Ma'ry*- Beth Thompson was also enjoyed. •' there wepe games, contests and Efoub singing. /. The benediction' was given by Maurice McLelland. There Were approximately 50 pro- cent including' Mrs. Lloyd Lynch, Worthy Matrort of the chapter and Missess Patsy, and. Jackie Lynch of Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson •eturfied to their home in Dallas on Thursday, after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lee and Mf. and Vtrs. Garland Fore, ' Mrs. Will Jobe of Gale was the Thursday, evening guest of Mr. and -Mrs. Gene Loe. ! }X the ..company wanted it lm$^-* t ~ i»iUi««'tt.it... dusty pickets •" "S ,i people & ii people llearb; ^ai"^ ~ ricues a »aV night. .'itAj&V««t'-<<*v.!'f^ ' fr§,V - 3S -^w — —, -^^ *^ .V*-*^ ( ,» i^^Sto i-.IJ if i'.*"j i « jfifi 75• v ; , ^yR%q.RNEti'i. 1 '' Vn£$^% ^-bishop ''"" ^yfdecWrefl _ ,__v,not £ bp\y .to jjgnBlX^slem:-^ ST. uoufs LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARpS, 111, — Hogs 8-,OOOj trndinff active: barrows and gilts steady to SO lower; sows spotted, fully steady to 25 or more higher; no change, boars or stags; bull: 200-240 Ib 23.25-35 j occasional loadj and lots choice No. 1 and 2 23.50-GO; top 23.60 for one load; bulk 150-270 Ib 22,50-23.00; heavier weifihts scrace; few ,180-325 Ib 21.25-22.25; 180-190 Ib .22.50-23.00; 150-170 Ib 21.25-.5; these lighter weights fully Steady; soW£ 400 Ib down, mostly 18.0020.25; load-around 26iT-Ib 21.00: over^lb 15.75-18.00: boars 10,00- j'd.QOi, good early clearance, ,'Cattle 4(500,, calves 1,800; open ing' moderately active and fully steady on fv steers and butcher yearlings; ,load high choice medium weights 24,25; high good and choice steers largely 21.00-23.75; load good equality, replacement ^teers 17,50: goods and choice hsifers and mixed yearlings largely i9.0D-22.0D; cows generally uleady; utility and commercial 10.00-12.50;- catinors and •cutters 8.00-10.00; bulls and venl- 6rs" unchanged;, utility and commercial bulls f- 11>SO-13.50; canner -.i-ta" 1 ! * ij,*_.. i^..n_ n t\n 1 ^ AA« \.t»i> shares and steadied. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO I/P) ,— Live poultry steady; receipts'434 coops (yesterday 1,400 coops; 138,250' Ib); f.Oib. paying prices unchanged to 1 higher; heavy hens 16.5-22.5; light hens 14-15; fryer3 and broilers 24-29; old roosters 13.5^14; ducklings ,26; caponettes 30-32. Butter steady; receipts ,786,840; .wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A56.5; 90 B 54.25; 89 C'52.5; cars 90 B"'Tj4.75; 89 C 53. • Eggs top weak; balance steady; receipts ,505; wholesale buying prices unchanged to !'/> lower; U.S. large 41J5-42.5; U.S. mediums 34; U.S standards 33, current receipts 27; dirties 23; checks 23 udiee said. Wntkirts' decision to lower, a curtain on opinion reports including those on radio, and television came as Chairman Mundt (R-SD) called the Senate investigations subcommittee together to beain work on its McCarthy-Army report. • ;' Sen, Jactoson (D-Wash), a. member, said the Mundt subcommitte may get down to some voting; tomorrow on Conclusions members reached from 36 days' of hearings on the controversy between McCarthy and Secretary of the Army Stevens and -their aides. Tradition says that when the Barbary Apes leqve Gibraltar, the British wll- leave. • Center H. D. Club Meets The August meeting of the Center Home Demonstration . Club was held on Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. E. E. Bonar with ten members and three guests, Mrs. J. M Ingram, Mrs. Ed Gladden and Mrs. Harold Pollock of Oklahoma City attending. Mrs. Olin Wells, president, pre sided and conducted the business at which time plans Were discussed for an ice cream social to be given by the Center Recreation Club. The devotional talk was given by Mrs. Bonar. Miss Loretta McClennahan, Co' unty Home Demonstration Agent, asisted by Miss Lou Alice Tyree assistance agent, gave a demon stration on "Sick Room'Helps' which, proved most informative Delightful refreshments wore ser vod by the hostess during the socia hour. Mr. and' Mrs. Arthur Franklin of Arkadelphia were the Thursday guests of their grandparents, Vir. ahd Mrs. A. P. Jones. Mrs. C. H. Moqre is the guest of r.- and Mrs/ T. H. Pritchnrd in Cilgore. and Col. and Mrs. H, S. Streeter at Fort Hood. Lt, Pat Fore, who has completed his Judge Advocate course at Max. Well All-base, has joined Mrs. Fore 'or a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ritchie and Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Fore, before going :o his new assignment at Selfridee Airforce Base. Mrs. Scott Smith returned to her home in Little Rock on Thursday after a visit with Mrs. Robbie Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis. Boyle Continued from Page One dorf's starlight roof it sounded mote like he was virgins on his musicians with • r. sort of mystic hiccup) i- "bilk- ... bilk bilk!" He says ho doesn't speak English, but th-it is the way his Signature barks in Cuban registered in my ears, which don't speak Spanish, frado used drums to build Up the blood beat of hi.q music, sax ophones to carry the shythm. trtinv pets to blare the melody. • He employes some of the wall-vibrating effects of Spike Jones, whom he gratefully credits for helping spread his fame north of the Rio Grande. The first night of hh engagement at the Waldorf he trumpeted so loud that the management, who still regarded him as a Ramble and had yet to learn he could melt the ice cakes in then 1 customers' blood, said: "Please, you're blowing off our roof. Can't you put mute.-? in your trumpets?" • Prado shrugged and put in the mutes. "Where I stand the music is the same." he said. He also assassi- nated his Bohemian sideburns in She middle. Shaved off his goatee, , but retained half his mustache. ... fiis problem now is to compromise between being spectular and prirn. ' Pfado is the son of a Cuban . newspaperman and rf mother who • was a classical pianist. He started playing the piano at H himself. To- .".'. day he is in the $150,000-a-yeart(p. bracket, wears $200-n-pair alligator shoes, can afford to patfonize, . the same tailor who nikes Liberace so memorable. "But money never worried me," he insisted, "1 live each day for • itself, and each day 1 look for something new." He sleeps only six hours, often starts composing music in bed upon awakening, "Nobody really wants to know, ETY Phone 7-3431 Between 6 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday August 17 Mrs. Pauline Sanders will en- rtain the members of Poplar rove 190 with the regular mon- ly 'social on Tuesday, August 17, Court Docket his own future," he said. "1 write something new in music every, The Golden Cir.cle Class of the irst Baptist Church will meet 1 y, August 17, in the home P. L. Perkins. Instead of lugust 10 as originally planned. day. I waht to put something dif ferent down, When I do that, every •; •Notice day I feel 1 am alive." Mrs. J. H. Bemis spent Thursday i Texarkana. Lewis, Wash, for assignment over seas. . Mrs. John P. Cox of Hope was the Saturday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clarke White and John A. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Holloway of Rosston were Saturday visitors here. , Mrs, C. .D. McSwain and Miss Ann McSwain spent Thursday and Friday in Little Rock as the guests of Mrs. Matt Hitt. M-Sgt. Leon R. Crafford, who-has been the guest of his father, W. R. CroiYord left last- week -for Fort Mr. and Mrs,. A. B. Erskine have had as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pruitt of Crossett. Mrs. H. L. have returned Louisville, Ky. friends. Eaton and' Danny to their home in after a visit with Mrs. W. C. Woosley is. the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Shell Blakely and family in San Diego, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McRae have had as their guests, Mrs. Jarvis Lee and Miss Melinda Lee of Texarkana. Lef Us Install That BROKEN GLASS Have : .that broken auto glass replaced today. We recognize insurance claims. If you need good Used Parts for cars or trucks. See us now/'- - Glass & Salvage Co. West 3rd Sfreel J The Family Picnic at the Hope loilntry Club which was scheduled |>r! Tuesday night has been' post- oned until a later date. , . : Municipal Court of Hope, Ark. August 16, 1954 City Docket Jewel Moore, Jr., No State license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Leo Reliford. Junior Lee Reed, Disturbing peacej Forfeited $10 00 cash bond. Bodenhorn chose a gtey suit, black' H. T. Flesher, Drunkenness, For- accessories and a white rosebud feited $10.00 cash bond, corsage. The flower girl was dress- Cyril Orren, Robert Bonds, Ased in white organdy and wore a wristlet of rosebuds. Mr. and Mrs. Garber are now at home at 603 West Fourth in Hope. Alter November 1, they will reside in St. Petersburg, Fla. I Florence M. Garber |Weds Ray A. Garber Florence M. Garber of 500 e!jt Xoxinglon, Klkhnrt. Indiana, id. Hay A. Gin-bcr ot Hope, were od- in marriage Sunday aftcr- jon ill the chapel of thu Church of le Brolhrcn. Rev. F. B. SlallcM- rend the nible rinH ceremony in the prc- ncc of the immediate family. Miss Esther Barringer played g'an selections. The church was ocorated with arrangements of liMpi gladioli and ferns. Mrs. Glen Bodenhorn of Daven- ort, Iowa, attended her mother 3 matron of honor, and James K. a(-b'cr, son ot the bride, was best lan. Gloria Jan Garber, the •ide's granddaughter, was flower -I. Mrs. Gnrbor wore a blue silk lit, navy, blue accessories and a pi-sage of white' rosebuds. Mrs. thalla Chlsm Complimented Miss Thalia Chism, bride-elect of Clarence Geist, was honoree at a miscellaneous shower given Monday night in the home of Mrs. Cecil Biddle. Hostesses were Mrs. Biddle, Mrs. Betty Adkins, and Miss Jean Nash. Miss Chism was presented with a corsage of miniature kitchen utensils. Her Rifts' were displayed beneath a small green and white umbrella. Green individual embossed cakes, mints, punch and nuts were served to 16. sault and Battery, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. State Docket James A. Atkins, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Dorsie Ray Davis. Speeding, Forfeited $9.00 cash bond. Ira Lee Gblston,' Illegal parking on Highway, Plea guilty, fined $5.00. Ralph Credit, Removing mortgaged property from> State, Dismissed on payments costs. Sam Moore, Assault and battery, Dismissed. £"tHo oni John . 'I^ S> .te^'from Btt#MW$ 4n , EPM bulls high, eliofce,{and, prime vealers 20.0091 Of)? irnn/I nnri plin'civ vsnlPI"! 21. OQ; , and cjio:cc> vealej"3 27,00-10,00; commercial and lovy gopd 13,00-lG.OO- culls, Sheep - 1,50; scattered early ( ale£ spring lambs, to shippers 2lQ-22,OG,"' some held 'higher; not enoxrgh done To establish trend. a , ' ' , r .''NEW-YORK COTTON * * > s. NEW'YORK (/P)—• C6tton fu•/resumed their advance to- j day"" as' recent talk of cotton crop djeterjoration was confirmed by private spot hou,se surveys. Hedge selling was> quite- -light 'degpite- an increase in spot cotton sales this IJistant months paced the partly on expectations of a high loan oi\ the 1055 cotton crop under pending a new farm legislation. Late afternoon prices were 35 cents,, to $1.10 a bale higher than the previous close, Oct. 34,17, bee. 34,46, Mch 34,75. GRAIN AND PROVISION S CHICAGO lffl — Giains moved up on the Board of Trade today with September soybeans again in the van Dealings were active. The market opened steady, rose on a burst of buying about mid( way in. the morning, eased to ''around previous closing levels' and {hen came i'orwaid aflam late in the session, , Fears of a late soybean harvested sparked demand fpr Sep- tem,ber soybeans. More reports of in Canada created demand for wheat. Corn was helped by a firm cash market. Wheat closed 1% to 2 cents higher, September $2.13 ! A-$2.13, corp. -% higher, September oats -, higheV. Sep- S NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK — stock m market advanced today under the leadership of the ollf. Trading was heavy. Motors were also higher nsstock- holders of Packard Motor? and Studebaker voted overwhelmingly to mergs. Railroads and utilities continued yesterday's i m p r o v or Aircrofts were neglected, St)Jdebaker opened uo, }a at 18 on a 2,000 share block and then ipched upward. Packard opened up y a »t 2 on a block or 4,500 social systems rnore courageously end more resolutely than hereto' fore." There , f»re 20 representative! tember 72-73, rye 2>/ 4 -2% higher, September $1,19 , and soybeans unchanged to|0% higher, September $3,22%-$3.-23. Wheat: None. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.G8— ; No. 2 1.68—; No. 3 1.67; No 4 164-(l5'/ 2 ; sample grade 1.5362. Oats; No 1 heavy white 7979 '/ a ; tyo, 2 79 ; No. 1 white 7fW). Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: Malting 1 30-50; feed 95-112 e a re from Communist lands among 1,500 churchmen from 48 nations participating in the assembly. Their pres.ence has been assailed by some' outside groups, and Bishop Peter's role particularly has Questioned, State Department denied . permission to attend a world Presbyterian meeting j» Princeton, |f,J, two weeks aeo'but issued a restricting his trip to World activities. Black Mountain Doe Can Be Bagged LITTLK ROCK, ' (UP)The Slate Game and Fish commission opened the old Black Mountain refuse area in Franklin county r yesterday to hunting of both doc and buck deer lor a limited time this foil. It was the first time since 1915 that'hunters were given permission to take deer of both sexes. Hunting will be allowed only during the November period of the fall season and each hunter may take only one deer. T.A. McAmis, executive secretary of t the commission, said the ruling was issued primarily because the refuge area is overstocked with deer. He said U,£. Forest Service officials and commission technicians recpmmendecl making the area a testing ground for methods? of keeping the deer population under control. ' Asked about rumprs the bishop a member of the Hungarian geeret 3 State Department eaid, nt"the"rtjnie that Jnjprf«,atip,n indicated Peer's visit Finol Rites for Heleno Doctor HELENA, — '* —Funeral ser vices were held this morning ing FORD already has .'tomorrow's" features Ford brings you features today that the other low- priced cars can offer, at best, sometime in the future. Only Ford in the low-price field has the long, low styling of cars to com&—free from bumps and bulges. Only Ford has the easier handling of modern Ball- Joint Front Suspension!."'And only Ford has a V-8 engine—the type other makers are swinging to! FORD'S Y-Bloek V-8-the only V-8 in its field —is the industry's most modern engine The world's leading maker of V-8's brings you the brilliant new I30-h.p. Y-block V-8. Its deeper-block construction makes it stronger, quieter running. Its Lower- .friction design; lengthens engine .life.and cuts gas waste. FORD gives you Ball-Joint Suspension for easier riding and handling Ball-Joint Front Suspension is the greatest chassis advance in 20 years. It does away with old-fashioned kingpins. You get superbly easy handling, even on the roughest roads ... a far smoother ride. And wear points are cut from 16.to 4. FORD'S worth more when you sell it, too Analysis of used car prices shows that Fords return a' higher proportion of their original cost at traide-iri time than 'any other car! When you consider Ford's low initial cost . . . Ford's low running cost '••';"'? aftd Ford's high resale value . . . it's easy to see if Ford is your best buy. • BY REFRIGERATION! ^r Tonight Only ik • FEATURE TIMES' • 2:00 - 3:5E - 5:33 - 7:28 - 9:23 His mailed fist crushed his foes across half of Europe! Amazing adventure thunders out of the age of valor! Affianced Couple Honored With Dinner Mrs. Florence v M. Garber and Ray A. Garber were entertained at a dinner served Saturday evening in the home of the James Garbers at 4000 Greenleaf in Elkhart, Indiana. The hostess, was assisted by Mrs. Glen Bodenhorn and Mrs. Dale Atwater. Miss Hefner Entertained Mrs. Susie Mne Lindsay, Mrs. T. A. Clark, Sr., and Mrs. Bryce Lawrence of Tcxarkana, were hpst- essoss last week at a tea honoring Miss Arthiiclnle Hefner, bride-elect of Louis Dean Good of Texarkana. Approximately 35 close friends of the honoree attended. The table was centered with white Futjii chrysanthemums in a silver container. White tapers in silver candelabra, garlanded with simlax, complemented the arrangement. Mrs. Bryon Hefner, mother of Senate Gets in Hurry to Go Home By JAMHS MARLOW WASHINGTON f/P)— The Senate called the most deliberative body in the world, has ben anything but deliberative on some major legislation just because'it's in a hurry to go home this week. The Senate took its own good limn most of this year. It spon weeks, for instance, debating be fore defeating n proposal by Sen Brickcr rR-Ohio) lor a conslitu tionnl amendment to retrict trea 'ty-making powers. It wasn't unusual. The Senat normally dawdles for months whil its committees hold hearinps on the bills finally drawn for aclio by the- full Senate. The haste to get home showec up slartlingly last Thursday when Son. Butler (R-Md) camn up with n bill to deprive Communisls-in- filtrated unions of government help or recognition. Sen. Humphrey (D-lVTinn) was one of the Snnntc Democrats who protested. And Humphrey sudden- For campus wear this year, corduroy teams up with leather, with cotton, with jersey. AH three combinations look fresh and attractive. All-purpose'corduroy coat (left) has wide piping of beige leather. It's weatherproofed to ward off rain and snow. Ensemble of corduroy and cotton (center) has brown corduroy coat lined In pumpkin-colored cotton and worn over acorn print dress, alternates in corduroy and jersey (right) have moss-green skirt teamed with jersey blouse In gold. Huge .pockets arc piped in rcd-and-gold to pick up blouse color. Corduroy is used tins y*ar for back-to-school clothes in all age groups. DOROTHY DIX Joint Earnings Dear Miss Dix: What is the per- the bride-elect,'' served a salad ;l.v produced n blockbuster. an plate and Mrs Louis Good, moth-! Amendment to Butler's bill which or 'of the' Hi-oom-elocl,' poured "»J'«t hid it fi-n.n view. punch. They were assisted by Miss Dorothy Good. The honoree was presented a silver salad bowl by the hostesses. Miss Arthurdale Hefner of Plope, and Miss Nancy Patterson of Texarkana were entertained at a morning party in the home of Mrs. G. F. Hughes in Texarkana, last Thursday. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Louis Raffaelli, Jr., and Mrs.' P. G. Poston. 'Receiving guests in the • living room with the hostesses and the honorees, were Mrs. Byron Hefner and Mrs. W. N. Patterson, mothers of the honored guests; Mrs. feet way to handle money when both husband and wife work? I married at 18 (nearly 30 years ago), and my husbnnd as 20. He had no trade, 'so mndo very little money but: we boih worked and as timi; went on he was promoted until he now has a fine position. Teacher Shortage Is 300,000 upkeep. ' This usually leaves...the .house with n surplus that too easily finds CHICAGO m— The president of its way into the wrong .channels. !tho AFL Amejic.ln Fedeiation o£ ROBERT :; URSULA mm TRIES DRIVE-IN •* P " THEATRES Main & Country Club Rds. HIE \ And we are giving the best deals in 3O years 11 So many people are buyipg: Fords that our overhead on each car is less. We, can afford to allpw you more. See us' today for £he greatest 'deal on the greatest car—a "Worth More" for Pr. Allen Cox. a past president of the Mid-South Medical Society, Dr. Co* died yesl;«rd.ay, He was 82. He moved to Hejena m 1904 after pj-ftpticjng m?4lpino in Milan, Tejui. the first 10 yo&9 of Ws }n aartitlon to being active in medical pUv^B, »i 4 . Cos was for jthe pflat 39 y ws ths PbUHps Cou«. \y rep^sentajiye w tlw St. Fran »t West Mem- PJ-. Cox was also a charter menv r Clu*. M m the at Get the score and you'll get a Ford 4l|p fflRi ^BP^ life iplPPP- HP l ^» ^BP' HP ^wip^ ^WP^ ^|pr II Phe«« 7^341 YOUR FQRP MM&NM fVII 30 HOPI/ ARK, bM HI COLO' 'Gone Fishing" 'Bear That Couldn't Sleep" , "Spirit of '70" Tonight & Wed. BARGAIN NIGHTS A whole Carload, Truckload, Bus lead or Wagon load for only 50c! Yes Sir! We'll admit all that can gel- in one vehicle of any kind (even a wheelbarrow) for only Fernando LAMAS Rhonda FILMING ON THE SCREEN — ITo suggested outlawin. 1 ? the Communist party. This was exactly what the Eisenhower administration didn't want. It had said so long ago. The government might have to spend years in legal argument for the law only to see it thrown out by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. Besides, the kind of law Humphrey proposed might cut across and wreck other antisubversive laws which the government was using against the Communists." 1 '>'' It might seem a measure So far-reaching as Humphrey's, would require the most careful preparation and wording by a commitlc 'and its lawyers. But no committe had prepared it. Humphrey produced it himself. But the Senate, Democrats and Republicans alike, voted for it 850. It has been suggested the senators may have been aware this is an election year for many, and a politician can't be unpopular voting against communism. The House was in a- mood to pass it too. This is also an election year for House members. But the Eisenhower administration, worried about the damage Humphrey's proposal might cause, got busy with House leaders. They agreed to ram through a .•«*->red-down version of the Senate bill. This was done yesterday. The House members were able to register a vots against the Communist party without out- I worked until two years ago, when !•. hoinin- me my health began to fail and I felt j £ I» j£ >W J^ ™ »ih Blorayitteclw hm. hm ''cni vb ^\ p *™"° C .„"VJ J. * his salary was sufficient to lako dependefl.upon loi pel ,.f ,,V.' lTn>»nv«i- S!:ifP 1T;V Sal- Port, The worst angle oi' a dual income is that frequently a couple come to depend on it. so hiuch that it can't bo sacrificed even to raise a . Working wives do A won- job helping their husbnnd s icy shouldn't be permanent sup- care of us. However, since my sal-, any ceased, he never -offers me Money. I have to give a detailed ac- account of how-1'spend every, penny I ask iot and am not permitted to charge things unless I have th? money to pay for them. Of .course, I have no money of my own since every cent I earned went into household expenses or his bank account. I love my husband dearly, but I do feel he should be willing to pay Top Radio Programs NEW YOSK t/B — Selected Jirf ?iams toni-;ht: NBC — 0, It Hat: pens To You; 7 Drap,net; -0:3 Stars From Paris CBS -- 6 Pco pie Are Funny; - (i HO Suspense; a-30 Sammy Kayo Show.- ABC '*5'30 Silver Eagle; ()' ( Jael< Greg f Hot Fafmef "of" 9edT6\Mlcle/fifH 0 Griffith of Mashvlfle)' r iert C. Maley "oi MbuAlil PFC Billy ». ^aney " Vt-Sitt. JarheS M, Kell dan; Cpl, Gleti E. MagB adelphia; PFCT'Latidei Ashtown; Cpl. 1 Clcfe, loffcvllle; Cpl. ^ftichei shall of 13vanavUie x , pfrc Pctureon ot' Sfldafn - SBWn| Billy B. •Phi%> i '" CpL Bllly^ _.>rinBsi Sgt, _,.._. ot Cave Creek; .P$!0 : of Bono; P'JTC. of N<»ttlet6n; Cbli s l ns f men of (Little*' Slnyard of T**arklfiff,'«tSj ert iM, SmaU^^ljtffel, C '. » 'A.' tt SwaiiK?** pi. son! Air, Mysle'ryi,'.Q;SO luwing it. The House measure would not make it a crime to be a Communist. It would deprive the party of any legal standing. But the House bill kept the Senate's views on nandlina Communist-infiltrated 'unions. Last night, a few hours after House passage, The Ftaos-tP- Riches Story of America's Favorite Entertainer! Koefe BRASSELLE Marilyn ERSKINE "THE EDDIE CANTOR STORY" Louis Good and Miss Dorothy Good. Guests were invited into the dining room where the bcauti- with a green cloth, was centered with an all white arrangement of fully appointed table, covered chrysanthemums and gladioli, Wide white satin ribbons extended from the center to the table corners and were caught with tiny white lace wedding bells. Assisting in the dining room were Mrs. W. E. Atchison and Miss Byron Donson Hefner. Miss Hefner and Miss Patterson were each presented a corsage of white chrysanthemums and a piece 'of her chosen pattern of silver, Readjustment Necesoary Answer: When a man has been free of all financial responsibility to his wife for some 28 years, it's bound to be difficult to make aware that the situation has changed. In fact, it will be difficult, almost to the point of being impossible. A problem of'readjustment faces you, and even at the cost of some disagreement moments, I think you'd better make it. You must insist that you need- money for certain things and that your requirements are just a drop in the bucket compared to your past earnings. Your husband must learn to make one salary take the place of two and though it may be hard at first he'll catch on. Money problems are so individual that no perfect solution exists. Each family must handle its finances according to needs and de^ sires. One definite rule, however can be given, Except in illness, or 1 other special circumstances, a wife's earnings should not be used to lessen the husband's responsibilities. He must always, know that he's the breadwinner, and that income other than his is marked for something special, like a house, new furniture, a car, trip, education, and the like. Trouble begins when a wife's salary goes into the general household fund covering food, clothing and home •pefaj- Miss Dix: A while .ago 1 met a" man who meant everything to me. He never spoke of love, just oi having an affair. I know it was right to send him away, but is loneliness better than doing the wrong thing? • MISS L. swcrr You might look at it iray: Which is better, loneliness H.thout .your self-respect? K^ouiHHiave left you in „ j-'|ime--anyway; Isn't it more satisfying to -know you 'were the one who took that step? Rest assured you did the right thing, and you won't regret it. Teachers says the nation's schools will be short 300,000 teachers when classes resume oflcr Labor Day In rcmailts prepared for the opening of the fod^iation's 'sVlh an- nunl convention today, Carl J. Me«cl declared th'it m.my minions of Amend))i chikhen aio tl.iss education duisb education neglect and seroncl ol because bcc.nise political Dear Miss D'ix: What can a per-! son do when she sees the marriage of a very dear friend slowly going on the;; rocks?. These young, people hay'jr'lwo children, but are being torrtr" apart -by the girl's mother, Declaims, that if they don't separate? she'll disown her daughter. • C. B. "' , • • «**• ' Answer:' There's nothing you can do about it; the wife should have sense enough to see, arid avert, the danger, or the husband should take steps to put the -troublemaker in her place. If the wife yields jto her ,mother's whims for ,he|l;ajte of money, she deserves 10 Rympathy. : Always a Color Cartoon Sen. Knowlnnd of California. Son- ate lender of tho Kopublionns, called it up. The bill had to 00 back for compromise' or approval because it differed from tho orig: nal Senate version. Then Sen. Butler arose again He wanted to make -3i>: chnnrtes in the House language on rtenlin; with Communist-infiltrated unions But no senator had copy Butler's proposals Non * nacl beer n T i n t e d or mimeographed. The Senate was bcins askecl to vote on \ Says Foreign Stars More rament apathy. He said "the public nation's needs, until day by day fewei and fewer tedoheis are compelled to teach less and less to more ( and mort. pupils " Low teachers' salaries remain a major schol problem, Megol said, adding that the federation's drive for salary inci eases "must continue until every teacher receives a $1,000 increase in salary/' State tenuie laws must be enacted by Mate legislatures opening in 'January to give teachers security m their jobs, he sai3. "Grim as the picture is," Megel aid, "It will continue to grow vorse unlfbs schools are given fed- aid and increased state aid, ind the education of American outh is recognized as America's nst obligation." Piesident Eisenhower in a message of greetings sent to the convention said "I am glad to learn hat, in this convention, you will be ,tudymg means of promoting 'democracy in education and educa- ion for democracy." "No task in all Ameiica can be of greater impoitance than this one. Without education, free gov- •inment cannot suivive; without democracy, education loses its significance. "Your every effort, inspired by faith in America and in it? young people, contiibute^s to the welfaie of the nation?' HOLLYWOOD ; Iff) Hollywood's larripv; . : g)Ms have to take a baci seat in 'temperament honors whet compared-with foreign stars, say:an international oxpon on sue matters. My source on this is Pecirr Anncndnriy., one of tho finest nc tors of Mexico and almost. any other place you could mention. Famous ! Trfenoldgift**-W»}:'»11 m& Demonstrate Haw.to-^!^WraW Mair.. ...And Guarari f te^M : In thu Noilhpnst and Far West sections of the United States more than 98 per cent of toablcs sue born in hospitals. (ions went'on before the Spanish officials agreed. Half of tho fleet wns sent fo the film location. But en that clay Miss Felix did not want to appcnr bofoiu the cameio No explanation She just didn't want to woik So the fleet went bnok to il!> Ij'nso. Armendnri?. estimated that Miss Felix draws mound $20H 000 per has made movies in tho Unifot pirturc and Mi^s Magnani art.un Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Ifargis and sons, Albert and Joe, have returned from Smyrna, Tenn., where they visited T-Sgt. and Mrs. E. J. Hartsfield, and Mrs. Homer Cobb of Agoun, Guam. NOTICE August 16, 1954 C. P. Rettig became connected with me in my Electrical Contracting business, and we invite all our friends and customers to call on us. Carl Johnson JOHNSON ELECTRIC CO, Phone 74155 . Hospitol Notes B ranch. Admitted: Butler's explanation without seeing what was being voted on. When Sen. Kefauver (D-Tomi) protested that tin Senate at lea 1 -! ought ' to wait till today, when everyone could see in punt tin House bill and Bullet ti changes, Sen Knowiand agreed It svas to 'be voted on today aftei some hours of debate Meanwhile, the Senate rammed Slntos, Mo.-tico, Franco, Italy and Spain. He lias, just finished "Tho Confjwerpr" here and leaves short- film in r.ai> Homo al.d tpJUnjg about leading ladies he lias lujP'Vn II' said the \flHPty cuiilrl not hold a candle to some foioiin stars l von |iw mo;,), ofluiixiK 1 rlarlinsh r irmot cpmpare With Maria Felix This new method of treat'- '•.100,000 Theqp me monumcnta bums in (heir counlrios Alien you consider thnt tho income taxes vutually nil. No Hollywood aclicss cnn earn *ho ptjulvalent, no matter how the tax deals tiro juggled, "You seldom see temperament fiom acln">sos in Hollywooil any more, obsei vod Aimcndarw. ot and Ann.) Miifnaiil ptlui of in (\\f woiUI, they !,( t Iho sta 1 he soiy about Miss \\as making a jilcluro in Spain'thill retjuui.d the Spanish 4-1 ^V **** T* *-**f w i v»**» K#V *M\W »H»*»*'V^* "^ .. ,• through last night «m ommbut, anti | fleet >t Weelts of kngthy ncgotia- "Tho system will n )t allow it I folly- \sood bi'( the [MtU'in fci tei»i in tf»e old day?, an merit for eavlna antl qrqwlno thicker hair will l>e demonstrated l(i Hope, Arkansas. Friday ,ONLY Auouot 20, 1054, ' , These private Individual demonstrations will be held at the Barlow Hotel on Friday Only, AupMst 20 » 12 NOON to 9 P. M, OKLAHOMA CITY, Aug. 11—In an interview here today William L. Keele, internationally famous Uich- ologis,t and director of the Keole Hair an.fl Scalp Specialists, Inp., said Thup are IB different scalp disorders thot cause most t men and women to. lose hair, Using comr mon sense, a person must realize ,no ono tonic or so called cure»alj could couoct all Iho disorders," ho explained,. GUARANTEED •'The Koele firrn, that most people arc skeptical for claims that hair cnn be grown, on r —'-'--; heads, offer a, guarantee " said, WflCO 0 'Ptr^ :1 )-' I » *t»t**f** ri-**j •TH-'T * -r — to the Ket-lo treatment his skepjt- cism immediately dlt-ap itihuro this, wu oiLev tins _ "If you aio not completely satisfies With your huii piogrej,s,pt the end ' SO days your money will be '"" that'*, wTmt the. [oicisn '•f i?: pooled Jennifer Jones to have iiU (<t teinpuj' when 1 did •We Were SUangeis.' But &he was as pleasant at >ou would wish. The same is tiue of ,Sus,ie Hayward In 'The Conquwur.' ' Mrs. Margaret McDonald-Hope, James Ronnie Hankins - Hope. Discharged; Mrs. Louise Sanders Jylla Chester Admitted: M,r. Marvin Bailey — Rosston, Mr§. W. M. Johnson— Bt. l, Hope, Mrs. Bry»n Reed — Okay. Pischarged: Mrs. Minnie West — Hope, Mrs. Dale McKissack subversion bill whtcn may hold implications undreamed of by the senatprs who voted toi it Jt'b a complicated bill It piov<de^ dejth for peacetime spMng, tightens sab otage laws arid reciuires people trained in spying to register witli the government. • Sen. Ferguson (R-Mich) was chosen by the Republicans to steer it through. But he was Jess than completely informed on the bill he was explaining. Under questioning by Humphrey, he conceded he didn't know whether a House or Senate committee had heid bearings on it. FOUR STATES BEAUTY ioit Phono DAY AND NIGHT CLASSES Tuition $125,00 , BiAUTY 5IRYI6E TO THi FWPU6 Y* P&J68 Under the Supervision of licensed Instructor*, HOPEl Keele to tell hopeless . thf-y cannot Jp* helped- Put hope-legs*' cases' are- 1 fftw, Only a m.an m cpmpletely, oe in this lost eate$o«r>3rf . If there is fuzz, np. v -mat,tfr, hgw Jight, tWn, pr coio»'te«, $e ( jKee. film cap perform ' s ,on|i k gi fx WPP* 9 ? condiWpn p£ his t, 0,'o f-j* «i " t*J 'V * ?!t Tf* t^FJ ** J V«- S ^\\/A^'s. jK..ikM«« A*3t

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