Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1896
Page 6
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You will never know how helpful—how good- soap can be, or how much work you can really do in a very short time, until you begin to use SANTA GLAUS SOAP Efficient, harmless, economical. Bold everywhere. M«de onlj by THE N. K. FAIRBANK |*^ COMPANY, W CHICAGO. This is the very best Smoking Tobacco made. Blackwell's Genuine BULL DURHAM ' You will find ono coupon iMldo each 3 oonce teg and two coupons In.lde e«h 4 ounce b<«. '- Buy » taK. wd the «*iim and «oe bow to get your sh.ro of 1350,000 In preMnH. il BACKACHE WHY? Because your Liver and Kidneys are j I out of" order ' . Dr. J. H. MCLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM is the ''PEERLESS REMEDY" for coring | .__ . „ the Liver, Kidneys; >rid Bladder,DiateteyRhe* < * J u' ! matism arid Brighfs Disease., ., . »T $1.00 .......... " •OTTLt For sale by B. F. KKBSLIIIG. "A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSE FUL OF SHAME." CLEAN HOUSE WITH S A POLIO iaQUOR FROM GAS BUHNERS. \lanlee at a Portland. Me.. Hotel for Evading tbe Prohibition Law. : Everybody who visits Maine hns a Afferent story to tell on his return of Si* experience in pettinpr drinks, says tto J<ew York Sun. The champion •toy Is, porhnps, told by a well-known *wreliDg salesman. lie says that when »h asked for a drink at a Portland hotel, B» was shown into a room, which had nettling in it but table, on which were (•^(ritchor of water and several tumblers, load a few chairs. Over the table was a chandelier, with [apparently half a dozen gas burners. jWten the cocks were turned, however, [not gas, but liquor came out of the [tamers, which were horizontal, on the (•Up* being unscrewed. From one burner lame whisky; from nnother, runi; from ianother, pin. Each burners supply pipe ico»n<:cted with a cask of some one of '3bne liquors in the room above. The man who tel Is this story says that the'Indictment papers against the hotel jBpquestion for selline 1 liquor would fill a busnei DUSKCT, out none of them Will ever be brought to trial: nt least, none has been yet. Since ndopting this device, the hotel, ha-a evaded detection. jwaa' TOO macn. Justice Pratt often stud that there were too miny law boo Its. Meeting a young law student who had just offered himself for the admission exa.mina.tion, Justice Pratt asked him what he had read in preparation for the ordeal. The youthful JiSib of tho law named about nil the elementary treatises from Black- stone'u "Commentaries" to date. Besides these, he hail studied the codes, read Wcolsey's "Political Science," Lieber's "Code of Political Ethics," and, be said, "all the leading cases cited." "My heavens, boy!" exclaimed Justice Pratt, "you've read enough to ruin your chances as a. lawyer lor life." Snnff for Maine Fanper*. It cost* the city of Biddeford, Me., $20 a year or more to l<eep : the noses of her pauper* tickled—that sum repreaeutlnjf the city's annual snuff bill. Little Dispatch' Boat Bancroft to Best After'Her Long Voyage. Minister Terrell. Owing to Sensations! Reports, Will Not Request Her ' Passage of Dardanelles. ; Washington,. Oct. 15.— The .dispatch vessel Bancroft reached Smyrna Thursday morning, according to a cablegram received at the navy department from Admiral Self ridge. • It is stated at the navy department that the little vessel must have exhausted her conl supply in the 1800 mile voynge the length of the Mediterranean and she will undoubtedly remain at Smyrna for several days at least to refill her bunkers. It will then, depend entirely upon circumstances whether she will proceed to her intended eventual destination at Constantinople. While mi'iet reigns at the Turkish capital Minister Terrell •w.ill probably not^ask for the flrhinn permitting her to pass .the straits, especially in view- of the recent alarming publications, attributing to her a distinctly hostile mission. These reports are known to l-iave-be'en mortifying to the Turkish authorities, as they were so totally nt variance with the uniform and repealed assurance oT this government that- the- presence of all our ships in the Levant was amicable. It is believed, thurerore, that the effects of those stories will be allowed to subside before the little ship pro- needs to Tchnimk, »t the en trance of the Pnnhnielles, nnd that Minister Terrell will nwait a niore favorable opportunity to ask her safe passage, to the Golden. Horn. With th« Bancroft's arrival, Admiral Selfridfri- now has his CUT tire command'' directly under his eye, and, according' to his instructions, he will 'n't once renrrnngc their crews to bri.is 1 together : all the 'men \yhose terms- of '.enlistment: are about expiring on the M'nrblelu'nd in .order-that she mav leave, with them Cor .New, York. This portion of -the programme can only be altered by. contingencies arising which might make it advisable to keep the entire fleet together for some further time. Knight* of Golden Eufflo. Kea'ding, PH., Oct. 15.— The supreme castle of the Knights of the Golden Engle closed its' annucl 'meeting Wednesday with the following selection of oflicers:-. Supreme chief, William Oscar Brown, Wilmington, Del.; supreme vice chief, V. E, Moore, Sidney, 0.; supreme' high priest, 'A. H. Alexander, Dayton; supreme keeper of exchequer, Timothy McCarthy, of Philadelphia; supreme keeper of records, William Culberson; supreme herald, J. G. Dickinson, New Haven, Conn.: supreme medical examiner, Dr. J. E. Whiteford, Baltimore; supreme first guardsman, Howard Winslow, . Portland; supreme second guardsman, B. Le Febre; Newport, Ky. It was decided to hold the next annual meeting at Trenton, N. . J ...:,-,., TLmtft Tobacco Dealer. Baltimore, Md., Oct. 15.— Frederick Becker, Charles W. Becker and Frederick L. Becker, conducting a' wholesale cigar business as the Manchester Cignr .Mnnufaturing company and the wholesale leaf tobacco business sa F. Becker' <fc Co., have made an assignment for the' ; bencfit of creditors. The assets are 'about $15,000. - :it is said the liabilities: -.are heavy, but that : they cannot. now be- estimated. -The assignment is said to- have been caused by the banks contracting their credit and their inability to m'uke collections. The firm also made nii assignment in Baltimore county, • •;• •'•• ' " ' ', Lower. Bicycle Records. Chicago, Oct. 15. — James Michael, the Welsh champion bicyclist, lowered the two, threc,..four nnd. five mile, world's records at, the Oarneld ; park,, track Wednesday. He completed the first 2 miles. in 3:35; 3 miles in 5:29 4-5; -1 miles in. 7: 25, 1 and 5 miles in 9:17 1-5. The former records and their holders' are: Two miles,: 3: 38, John S. Johnson. Three miles, 5:35, Thomas Linton. Four miles 7:26,. Thomas Linton. Five miles, 9:17 2-5, Thomas Linton.. Clear Maker.' Conrentlon EucU. Detroit, Mich., Oct. .15.— The cigar- makers' convention wound up its business Thursday afternoon. Baltimore was chosen ns the place "of 'meeting; in 1001: The convention' rescinded its action of Wednesday, in regard to levying a quarterly assessment and adopt- In" ou amendment raising tbe weekly dues from 25 to 30 cents.. The cost of the convention has been $30,000 In round figures. _ __ Fmltlv.ely Kefn.et Reappolntmerit. Philadelphia, "Oct. 15.— George D. Gideon, chairman of the L., A. W. racing board, has announced that he will positively not be a candidate for reap- pointrnent to the position of chairman of the racing board next year. Hanker Uaug» Himself. Manchester, la., Oct. 15.— J: D. Kennedy, a banker, und.one of the wealthiest citizens of this place; committed Kuicide Wednesday, night by, hanging lumself. Business reverses are said to have led to .the suicide. . Badly Damaged' by Gale. • Halifax, N. S., Oct. 15.— The steamer tord Erne, -from Baltimore, for London, put in here Thursday badly damaged by the recent gules. One hundred and five head : of cnttle were killed or washed overboard. '. • _ Fnlllam to Succeed Stueltey. •Louisville, Ky., Oct. 15.— Dr. Thomas Hunt Stuckey will resign the presidency of the Louisville baseball club at the annual meeting next month; and will be succeeded by Harry C. Pulllom. Detiolt'i Bei-lstratlon; Detroit, "Mich., Oct. 15.-^rhe total registration in this city this year foots up 54,368, which is a gain over four years ago of 4,500. < ^^•^^•^^^ Gladness Comes W ith, a better understanding of the transient nature 6f tbe many physical ilk, which vanish before proper efforts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— rightly directed.. There i» comfort in the knowledge, thut so muny forms of sickness are not due to any actual dis- eiise, but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant family laxative, Syrup of .Pigs, promptly removes. That is why it is the only remedy with millions of families, andis everywhere esteemed so highly by all who value, good health. Its .beneficial effects are Sue to tbe fact, thut itis the one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without debilitating tho organs on which it acts. It is therefore alf important, in order to get its beneficial effects, -to note'when you .purchase, that you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by all reputable druggists.. . : • If ;in the enjoyment, of good-health, and the system 'is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. If afflicted with any actual disease, one may be commended to thamostskillfnl physicians, but if in need of a laxative, one should hove the best, and with tbe well-informed!^ everywhere, Syrup, of Figs stands-highest and. is most largely used and gives most general satisfaction. Returned After. Many Yearn. Lawrence Sweeney, who went west from Willirinian'tic, Conn., 20 years ngo, and w&s long since given up by his relatives as dead, returned home the other, day in good health. He was last heard, from in Chicago a few mouths after, he left WillimanUc,andwasthenintendinff, to join a prospecting party for gold to the Black Hills. Members of the party, were massacred by Indians, and it was supposed'that Sweeney shared the pame fate, but instead he has been working as an engineer on. western railroads for. 17 .years.. '. His father and a ulster now live in Hartford, and he few two brothers in Willimantic. Dwarf OranEe Tree. There Is an orange tree at Muskegon, Mich., that is making a record, even in that northern clime. The trtc is about. 14 inches, high and on the branches' are 28 miniature oranges ajid blossoms in various stages of development and one fully developed orange. Tho latter is about the size of an ordinary hen's egg, but round. The tree Is planted in a large tin can filled with earth and ia treated as a house plant. History Kepeat» Itself, r, . Kokomo, bid., Oct. 15.—Uuorge Washington, of Alto, and Mrs. Martha Kock- well, of Brooiiville. met on the courthouse steps here and were married l)y .fudge Kirkpatrick. The groom is 35,, the bride G5, this being the third'mnr- riage for each. The bride journeyed f,oin lir.ookville alone to become Mrs. Martha Washington. .The old couple will reside at A'lto. th'iscounty. Friudi D«npanc» •• DlidkronU. Hqmer tity, Pa., Oct. 15.— Kev. J. W. Shaefer', the Lutheran minister of this town, has been arrested on charges of teloniouu .assault upon Annie Peddicord,: a 17-year-old girl, who was em- iloyed at his house as a servant... According to the g-irl's testimony at tho heariiigr Wednesday, her cries were smothered by -the minister when he assaulted her and he induced her to sny nothing about the mutter by making her some presents. Key. Shaefer was licld : -for court 'in $l,000.bail. Mr. Shaefer is probably the most popular minister in Indiana county. He is about 40 years of nge and has been pastor of the Homer Lutheran church for ten years. He is the father of fiix children. He has many friends in Homer who suy.thc prosecution is a blackmailing scheme and. on indignation meeting .is called' to protest against what his friends call an outrage. . WAS TOO HASTY. Action or ' United. Si»n» Cauia; DoUy IP K«l<M»»o of Tyuan. London, Oct. 15— A dispatch received from Boulogne Thursday morning says that the police have not received orders W release..!'. J..P- Tynan, the Irish-American invincible and alleged dynamite conspirator, who is under arrest at that place. The London authorities are inclined to discredit the. dispatches received from Paris asserting that Tynan's extradition to England has been refused by the French government. A dispatch from Boulogne to the Central News says that the delay in setting Tynan at liberty is due to the indiscretion of the Washington government in publishing a communication from .A jibassador Eustis stating that Tymiii'a release was certain before M. Hanotaux, the French minister of foreign affairs, had answered Great Britain's demand for his extradition. .' . FIRE AT INDIANAPOLIS. Wlioltnnle Crockery Kutabltahmont Com. • pletely . Gutted. Indianapolis,. Ind.. Oct. ]5.— Tho wholesale chinaware and crockery establishment of Pearson & Wetzel, at 1J9 South Meridian street, was gutted by flrc early Thursday morning:. Tlio building is a tour-story structure, nnd the flames were first discovered at 3:30 o'clock. They were burning on the top floor.'nnd the only origin that can .bo assigned, is, the supposed crossing of electric light wires. The flames burned fiercely for some time, but were subdued before 'they reached the lower floors. The loss is estimated at $75,000. All of the stock on the two upper floori was. destroyed, but the damage on tho lower, floor was chiefly from water and breakHge.. The loss is covered by insurance. " . THE MARKETS. Grain, FrovUlo'm. Etc. . Chicago, Oct. IS. — Moderate demand and. flrm. as follows : Winter - Patents, i : Straights,. *3.«®3.60; clear.. J2.80 i .. CC ond...:$1.76®2.00; ; low «*£•£»"» — Patent*, Js.Ww».w, S.80: baker.', -«.BO®2.90: low w. sw-w: Roo Do * W-20® 1 -": Ryo, $2.00®2,20. ., . ... - ive and unscttlca. oo- ™ December-. May, . ... . •„ CORN-Easler. No. 2, J3\4@24c; No. I Yellow '23%*Z4«4c: October, 23%@24c; De- cembeV, Mi&M&c and 21%c; May. 27HC and 0 18®2Jc- No. 2, 18@19c; No. 2 Whlte...l©23c. RYE- Was quiet and easier. No.. 2 cash, 370 anl No, I 35^: December delivery, 38c; May, 42c. , BARLEY— Not so firm: demand less urgent. Common, feed Barley. 26c; very poo?, »®Wc; malting common to good, 27@30c, and choice to. fancy, S2037C. MESS POBK-Markot moderately ac tlvc and prlccB .easier. Quotations ranged at J6*™| 7 :00- for cash: fMSpMO for Oo- tober;.W.8[i<S>6:«7',4 'or December, and J7.60 «7.82V4 for January. LARD-Tradlng fairly ac » VB , higher QuotatlonB ranged at .. ?o? crth: W.M@4.22V4.*°'-. October; K109 4.22V4 ™r December., and W.3004.40 for Jan- U ^UTTER-Market ..flrm at 9018C for creameries, and 8©16c for .dairies. LIVE POULTRY-Qulet. Turkeys, SlTc; Chickens, 6«4@7c; Ducks.^'^ per pound; Cteese,- per doien. .*4.00®6.7B. WHISKY-Steady on. the baals of Jl. for hlghwinea. _ New York, Oct. 15. FLOTJR-State and Western firm, mode-ate demand, unchanged. WHEAT-No. 2 Red %c higher; fairly W December, 76®7C%e; May, 7S '"cOIlN-No. 2 moderately active; '%@V40 lower .wlth tho west. »~«*"L» 31%c- May, 33%@34V4c: No. I, SH4®8Z»c. OATS-No. 2 dull, easier. December, 23c; Western., »®SOc. . m PORK— Easy. New mess, J8.25@9.00. LAR5-Qu°«t and easy, SKam-ren- dC RTJTTER-Cholce flrm; good demand wV^rn dairy, nWWjjJj " 12019C' do. factory. -,7®llc; imitation- creameryr8@18c. CHEESE-Flrm. Part »klmi full skims, 2®2«c. EOOS^-Moderately active, fancy flrm. Western, . LIT* Stock.- • . • • . Chicago, Oct. 15. r ATTI-E-Market steady, closing lower Falt^o te«t Beeve,, tUMMl «tocke« and -feedera, »2.3C@3.65; »5"*-"*« . Bulls, H.2B03.70; Texas, »2.40@3.10. lOc lower than Wednei Light, *«wui: ••««•> 0: mixed and butcneri : *w P»ckln« and .hipping t2.2B®8.60. Washington, Oct. 15.— At Thursday morning's session of the ' Union Veteran legion John P. Donahue^of Wilmington, Del., was chosed for "national commander. Columbus,. 0., was selected as the .place for the next meeting. The afternoon was spent In a trip to Mount Vernon and an oyster roast at Marshall hall. William E. Wooters; of Philadelphia, was elected senor vice .national comr mahder.and J. H. Carpenter.of Heading, Pa., was. elected junior vice national commander. ... Politics i.»d» to Murder. Canncllton, Ind., Oct. 15.-Ed Bas- siiiger shot and killed Kmery Miles, i,nd wounded Joel Bixon at Adiville, Hbout sundown Wednesday. Democratic and republican political meeting were , being held close together, and Bassinger was yelling for Bryan while Miles and Dixon were shouting for Me- Kinley. This led to R row. and the shooting followed. Bussinger is in jail and a mob. threatens him'. r '• Form a New . Chicago, Oct; 15.— Clarence J. Chandler, of Chelsea, Mich* called to order the new national organization, known as tlic Butter, Eggs and Poultry association, at the Palmer bouse .Thursday. The meeting was called by the officers of a number of local societies in Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana and Nebraska. Only shippers" of .less .than. carload lota o* the above products arc eligible to membership. October'! Washington, Oct. 15.— The first half of October shows a deficit of $5,739,873 and for the fiscal year to da.te of $30,934,000. The total receipts for the fist-al year to date have been. $91,575,070 and the expenditures have aggregated $122,500,679. ' The receipts for the month of October to date have been $12,400,120 nnd the expenditures $18,140,000. _ _ _ Hftine Dog'* Kipenilr* Appetite. A dog who has eaten up a farm and o set of buildings has been found in eastern Maine. This dog-killed a neighbor^ sheep. -The neighbor off ex ed to call ii square if the dog was killed. The dog's master refused to agree to this, and a lawsuit come next. To pay the costs and damages assessed by the court the owner of the dog had to mortgage his farm for $100. The mortgage bad a bigger appetite than the dog, and soor his form was gone and the owner had to move away. The dog is now dead. Without A Rival. As a positive cure for sprams,bruises, and pains of all kinds, Salvation Oil has DO equal. Mrs. Frank Juif, 518 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Mich., writes : "I used Salvation Oil in my family andean say it has no rival as a liui- ment; it certainly cures pains. I sprained my ankte and it cured ixnd since then I have always used it for any.paina and bruises." Salvation Oil is sold for only 25 cents. No other remedy will do the work as promptly. HeriStory of How 1 She Was &•'•: ; ,' stored to,', Health. : ; ! Condition Before ana After the Birth of ller Child. From every city, town and hamlet on this vast continent,, come letters from Buffering women; from those whosa physicians have been unable to assist them, or from that numberless class whose confidence in Mrs: Pinkham'g ad* vice and tho curative properties of her Vegetable Compound U unbounded. Every letter received from women is recorded, and hundreds of •volumes of cases treated aid in furnishing; practical ,'mforniation for the _^^ women of to-day. No letters are published without the request of the. writer. The strictest confidence is observed. The following; letter represents thousands:— " I always enjoyed good health until six months before the birth of w babe. Then I was very weak; my back ached nil the time. My physicians said I would : be all rig-lit after the birth of the child, but I was not, although at that time I had the best of care. The pains in my back wore almost unbearable. I had leucdrrboea in its worst form; menstruations were painful. . "Any work or care would entirely unnerve me. When my babe was 11 months old, friends persuaded me to take Lydia E. Pinltham's Vegetable Compound. Before 1 had taken one bottle I felt the effects. My back did not.oche so badly, and I felt stronger. After taking four bottles I felt well. My ambition returned, menstruations were painless, leucorrhoea entirely cured, and 1 could take care of my babe and do my housework. I shall always recommend your Vegetable Compound for all women, especially for young mothers."—MBS. H. L. GOOLD, Oregon, \Vis. If Mrs. Goold had been well before the birth of her child, subsequent suffering would have been avoided. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound should always be taken befor* »nd after birth, in order that the system may withstand the shock. FASHIONS CHANGE BUT POZZONI'S Complexion POWDER REMAINS ALWAYS THE SAME.' The fltcrt, pnrirt and niort beantitylM j toilet powder ever nude. • It i* footh- -< ins, haallDK.'baalthful and hannjaaai .%'whenrifhtlynaodJBiJNTISIBIJE. If jouhaTa,naraTtel«a i>: . .' v: : POZZONI'S 's^sg^Jssiin^A-s^*' ' IT IS SOLD >in'. ae t or.ume prlc* nader lime cnanut* FCV. If yonrprcf''? tocomehcrowewlliooo" tt^mv tract toparnllrondf.nuidhouliilllMM uoclmre*. if we tall to can. II you h»vo tatej mercury" fodide notMh, and .till h»ro uhel nA oaln'i Muoonl Vatchod In mouth. Son Throat* Flm.plet, Coppor Colored Spott, Uleefji OB »ny n.ri oi the^ody. Hair or Eyebrow* faUIn* *ntv It II tbl« Becondory BtOOD fOKOi Tecnanntee to cure.-VTopoUciluie moat opilfc j™ ™arei wid ch»llen(f« the world for » tannotcurei. •ySOO.OOO cupluu behind our nucondfr ^p£6JK n ^^ s V^?!^i^"fti£^* ' "! TtMonfo 'Temple- CHICAGO, ajfm inoapior ^.Made a weir :tf ding dru=«isu eUowh*"' •.-•• md load After Thirty Years' Experience I HITO tha<b )D 6»rtb for *H weakened conditions jwrdlew of aUiolnes eenl for full mODil 1 ™ at people with acre eyes, WJlk> Eatery eyes, and red unj inflamed eye», cauiea by »ge,,catarrii c.r otherwise, the 3r*zlUui B»lm is « price'.css boon. Put 15 or 20 drop* of Balm into « spoonful! of warm water ^ud batlie uic. eyes well night oni morning, gclUa- co=ie of tig *>!ntion into tic ejf s. • >-. re.-.ef an« e5t if foiOi * hnndjeci tunct Ut*

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