The Pittsburg Daily Headlight from Pittsburg, Kansas on December 24, 1907 · Page 2
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The Pittsburg Daily Headlight from Pittsburg, Kansas · Page 2

Pittsburg, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1907
Page 2
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PITTSBURG DAILY HEADLIGHT, TUEdDAY, DECEMBER 24. 1907. PITTSBURG DAILY HEADLIGHT Moore IIro. FubllahcB. To our thousands of patrons and everybody else. For the convenience of belated Xmas shoppers, our store will remain tonight until And WORK OF BURGLAR. OFFK'K OF l IMINT o lil ft t. Ill M(-l.!ll.l l. 'Ililef Seen red 4 mix id era hie Sum til' Money I 'nun i lit t iin filer jek. The office of the Hupnnf Powder Company in I In- Sy adieu te block was 1 lie scene nf a hurgla time last nlghL ntul li with ijuite an ninoi which they f.Hin.i i IJmI the rtrawcr of the d'sk nf the cashier, J. J-;. Linus. They gained :i ti entrance by prying the outside dour nf tlit? office open with what ' f.-fim d to be a rat hi t sharp pointed ha r of so nut kind wh ieh they worked mill ground through Cm dour in line willi tin- catch lurk Hint was used to fasten the dour safely. After gaining an entrance they went directly tn the ca shii-r's desk Mini (searched ev t hnroiiKlily drawer in tl.t . desk papers iiiniiey I.iuits the ml Strewed the ahont. on the drawer or bn ki tt tin ninn tlnnr and the in which .Mr y ln-h,nintr enmpany was also pried was left that w-.hM le; Xo cli.e to the cap- t-ire of tho Inirsf! sHimiiLrh tb-re in" several th.niief adv The office s located ii ate hniliiinir on the cur ent h and liroadwa y and I. M- of Sev- is occupied lv office:; a lid living r i 'irmiry a nioni,' t liose w l.niidliur Ve-.a!s- (he fa" heard the bui'flars whii at work prying tin- dm hecanse nf I lie faci it iK liie work must have he liif? the early hours of while all in the hnildini; ooin.1-, but an m oectipv the t that none e t hev were nr open and believed that en done ilnr-the morning r WCl-e asleep. Mr. IJnus leTt the office ini about twenty minutes n'elocl; ami secut'-lv lockci "'id his desk, leaving the the ilt-sk. About half o'cioek when O. M'. P.rnwn, ed mr-n w!to doe the ianit the bnilrtinj?. reached the h the money in 1 tst seven the color- , r work in cond floor he found the door- standing a tar and also noticed the jt wood from the door on the slight': nnd u ibe brill wav in front of the door at once surmised that something Holiday Presents We Lave many USIUL tiling suitable for HOLIDAY CjII'TS. Beautiful useful andl Ornamental. Ve buy no trash and carry only the Lirt of everything. It 19 our Special aim to give our customers the a J vantage of our Success-ful h, LADIF'.S lianj!)a!i. fine Hair trurlics, Manicure Gdi.J.". CENTS pulses, bill Ihmm.s. Clir Casci and a llumsantl otlitfi t!linia that d.:lj'r!lit Cliristmu Slmppcrs. Coint' m don t w;.rrp .-.limit prices. Nu to sliuw (joodn. CHRISTMAS Pl'RI UMCS arc always acceptable; we have them m new fcents. tlchcoiup and grnlly penctrjti'n oiler.", the finest Domestic and Imported 1'xtracts, All the latest product of the foremost manufacturers. It never pays to buy Cheap Perfumes. We can sell tlo- very he-t at prices that both our customers and we tan aflord. Come in and look over our excrptionaly elegant line of Per fumes, 1 on cn pick an ideal LLnatmas present lor soineboey. PITTSBURG DRUG ftQ- 3 PRLSCRIPTION SPrCIALIST lerry inerry f lijjf jOk Jl tomorrow forenoon happi ii- d. II.- at once called f tin l.i.T a ml n;iVc 't lie alalia in t ' building. NidhiuLf hi the nffh al-dde nf tin desk l.aii In . ,i dislurhed although Mi. I k case in llie rniilii occupied h? if ) i t:i I Sab.i Ayent Taylor hud hew -d' .mthhny was d i s t n ri,. d. r : ; i e it LI t - hit. thc-t. hi : tf-v, clari d;h ten; thisi lit i I it1.!- ;' p'HiaiJe 1 : i. i ! 1 1 1 ' : 1 1 . and leave them t r (.itr. Yli-Mi dij each slice in b;i" liTvi(ii!-ly prepared, am! fry in ii; il butler. Let tho rhaun;;- h'' Vi I V lldt. lleli 0 ll il- an1 p.eajiy .tatly, chain ihem, an;l w itli f;i;;t(ir nitiLr mixed vi i h a ! !'i.!mhI cinttitttma. To Boil Egcjs Properly. Nevn' e(.o; an htr an invalid In wut i r x iiat boils iui ieihdy, fur th mal'js t white touult and iiulineail-ble. J'ut the f In biiilinj; waier. throw the Maucehuu to tlie hack of tlit? stuve and allow it to stund for fi vo minutt'9. This will cook tho omh perfectly and the while will lie soft and easily digested. Little children should also bu given eggs couUed in this way. To the Ilibllc: We desire to thank oin- many friends who have accorded us t lie ir 1'ihet al pali niiaue during t In- a st year and extend a hearty reel- : ing for n vers' Merry t'luistmas and a Happy, I'msperons eW Year. I'lii-n l. one ami t Vim nt l 'o, 1 I 7 Xort h ltroadway. 'I'l'iii'liert Mei'tltiK. l'or tt-aehers meet iii fu Topeka , in order to aeeoni dale teachers from Rout liea stern Kansas, l lie San la h'e liave arraiiiA'ed for a through coach to Top--ka. w ii bout chii ntre, Wednesday, Ttee. LT.Ih. Train haves I'ittslmtK at 1o::,n a, m. W. V. WUJ,. A!.rerit. f llKt'H AW re Con t limed. The cases of the slate vs. J. IT. En -em a n. cha rged in Justice Ca sa d's court willi sinutory rape, and lloti Canadyf charged in the same emm with grand larceny, have been continued i ill Friday morning at II n , ock. 412 N. BROADWAY. until WANTS HIS FfE. i lllll t;i; ATTIIHN'KY ATT At IH:S KOIIT. l.MO I. AMI. I.miyoii HefUMed to I'ny $.OI Fee hi i in fit II ( the I. fit jit lit t Sued. K. V.. t'liesney, an nttorney of nilliaH.'. Mo., has aliacbeil the 'JSO ci.s of land west of l.une (lak, win d liy Uoliert l.anyon. in order to ecu ver an at t orncy's f .-e of f .".uit which lie lias wiied Litnyon for. It seems ihut t'lnsney wa.s an at torney for Iiuyon in a suit hronhl by one p. J-;. Harnurn asaiiiHt lh.- Spriny t i ver Klecirii; Power Co, in I he Jasper county, ,Mo., court h. Ian-yoii v:iji one of the defendants. It was n Hiiit fur damaKOS resultinK from floods en used by t lie .spring liver dam. . 'lies my ehbims that t lie re was ' 1'iMi.iHMi involved, ami that his fee of $r,mi was reasonable, hut Ijinyen refused lo pa y, hence the suit ami attachment. TODAY'S MARKETS. 1,1 V K K HAHKItT. PlttttburK i.lve Stock. Eollownie are the live stock quota' H'-iis today from the Uttaburie FttCk- lag houses. 1 lof-vs I I. avy, 4 . li prickers, ? I . liH. Cows and TTelfers 12.7503.25. Hulls $2.r0 Or H.OO. Calves J il.Hit f 4.50. KtniMiiM Cfly l.lve Slock. Kansas City. Iec. Cuttle lie- Cej pt s :S.nnll . si nuiK. N'at i Ve Steers $ I . I'M; 5. '.a; St nek CIS ami feeders $- . Tii -t I . LTi; cowh and heifers 1 .tMi-' 4 . 'iU; bulls in '"(,",.( ti; calves $;i (i lioe; receipts H.ih. slow steady, 1 lea vy $ I . aU'o l . d.'.; packers CHAIN HI A II HUT. rittHluirff nrala. Wheat No. 2 60 lb. test, 85e. Corn Xo. U, firtp. OatH Hid. :SSt-. r aiM Mixed, :i ic, Quotations on the various hay mar-k,s $7.oOS.OO per ton. KiuiNiiM Hy tiriiln, Kansas city, Uec. 2 1. Wheat V-c lower. May, Sl.fHMf,; July, Hl,c; cash o. hard, lit i,a fu !t!e; No. 2 l ed :.:. coi n T'nchanged to J c. higher. I iee.. r,i' i , c; July, t2 c; cash o 2 mixed, f i ! c ; No, white, 5 1 1 1 r, , "I '-jC dais '.'iile tower. Xo. 2 white, l'c; Xo .2 mixed, 4. T fi 4 7 e. Kye TTi n Mic. Hay- choice tlmot hy. $ 1 1 .r,n Tf 2.O0, choice prairie, $!i.noft it.r.n. PltOUUCIfi MARKET. IMttiiburff Prodve EKfts 2 1c, liutter Slic. l'oultry TIens, 6 centn; young 7c; yountf turkeys, 10c ducks fie; geese Cc. KituMiiM city I'roUiii'f, ICnnsas City, I ier. 24. Ttutler Creamery. 2 7 packing. 2:t'i L'.'tc. I'.v.Xi l"ii slfi. 22c; extras, 2."tc, UiNINQ UUOTATIUKS. l'lllMhtirif Ciinl, Wbnlesnlp coal i no tat ions f, :it I'i t tsbllt lulneft; Lump er ton, $2. f.0 12.75. Nut $2 :rtfii'?.,rir,. Mine run $l.iuffi2 00. Hluck n 20fTi'l.4i). Entered n aecoiitl cmmm matter nt the poHtofrire at Pltlnliurg, Kansas fur 4rnHporiillun tbruuirb the mails Dally dellrerrd by rnrrlera, 10 rent Tverk, or mvnt by mull pinttaire pre paid nherrfver carrier delivery la lut paetlcnble for lO cents a week. Weekly Ilf-firitlght SO cents a yea All mnll anbscrlpllons are, payable, la advaaee. Both telephone fto. NH. LOCAL EVENTS. NlcholH' Coal. Plionej! 740. Collections GUIs' Globe Bids Rogers Vocal Btudlo Syndicate Bid. John Hell, cor. Rose and Broadwm. A. Beverly Is just recovering from t severe Hick spell. Max T-ii-on wan a business visitor o Joplin yesterday. Ir. A. M. Morrison ninde a bual- nesa trip to (llrard todny. Ask Victor Smith for coal. Prompt delivery. Hell phone 22 S. Pave Rogers made a business visit to ii Irani yesterday afternoon. For quick parcel delivery call P C. Cart ner, either phone 279. Captain and Mrs 3. M. T.awler will visit duriiiK Christmas at (iirn rd. Edison records for Jn nunry will be in sale Christmas eve ut Hesse's. Pr. C. E, Willis has one to Eni 1, Ok hi., for a visit with his parents. The Duponts have made the Beat Blasting Powder for over 100 years. Miss 1!(isp Tlnlils bus pone to Rich mond. .Mo., for a Christ mas visit. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Odelle visited over Sunday with friends in Joplin. Will Kelly of Peammon, was In tlo .Mty this nioriiinK on a business trip Hay a few records now. poy us a payment on machine 30 days later. A. Besse. T7.....,l, VT I ...... !,.,, I etl in lola, spent Sunday with hi." uuniiy. What will T send for a Xtnaa pres ent Why the Weekly Ileadlight only &u cents a year. Miss T.'-nn Bennett, of Midwny transacted business in I lie city ye.s-leiday. Water Color Pictures, by Mrs. J. P. Curran on sale at J. R. lingers on sou tli Broadway. Mrs. o. T. Bonz returned lat nislit from a visit with friends in Kansas City. Make 3 dollars in three minutes by buying your stove of the Pittsburg Hardware Co. Bert Champion, the ska I inf? rink man In (it rani, was anions the visit ors yesterday in the city. NOTICR Take your beef hides ano turn to H. A. Rose & Co., South Druuuwuy, uunic aeatere. Mrs. A E. Marshall, of 601 X..rih Irand avenue, has gone to August, ik.. to sp. ml the holidays. We do Bold lettering on all leather goods, pocket books, bibles, etc. See Headlight blndury, phone 8S. Ham Schooley of Oklahoma, arrived in i ne city to spend btistnias with his cousin, J. A. ThornbiifK. Any pa reels, packa p;fn or bundles inick delivery. Call either pbmie 27:1 Your patrotuiK'e solicited, Ex-Probate Judge T. J. Jones, nl Oira id, was in t he city this morn in 'J looking for Santa Claim. If you want a new Ledger or Journal the first of the year let us make It for you. Headlight bindery, phone 88. A. Sharp. of the Hood & Co. force, leaves t onight to visit over Christ mas at his home in Cherryvale. Mr. and Mrs, Will Stowers and tit tie one left last night for a Christ mas visit with relatives in tlirard. Have your music bound In a nice book or your name In gold on your music roil pnone 88, Headlight bindery. Miss tirace Jones, stenographer in i lie .at tonal Bank of ( 'otiunerce. vis ited over Sunday with her parents at c a i niiKton. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A. Swan nnd sons Clifford and Asa left this morninK for it Christmas visit with friends in Cherry vale. See north window display of scissors, skates, carving sets and aluminum ware, nt the Pittsburg Hardware store. James Hamilton, of the Hamilton Coal Company in Weir City, wa--umontf i he visitors In the city yesterday. Mrs. f. r. Courtney has arrived In the city from St. .loe. Mo.. for Christ mas visit with her sister. Mrs. J. M. Ut'uman. If you have magazine or books tbat you yant bound by Christmas they should bo brought In at once to the Ih'udllBht offiee or 'phone 88. , Mr und Mrs. 1. W. Jones and children bft yesterday for South Mc-Alester. (ikla., for a Christmas visit with the father of Mrs. Jones. MIhh May Cropper's ntock of hand painted china in the window of J. S. Hokci-'b store nt 210 North Kroadway is being added to. (Jo nnd see it. Rev. nnd Mrs. T. i Hooper left yesterday for Independence and C:i-ney. Kan., "where they will visit wi'b their daughters- for a couple of week:'. Superintendent Leslie T. Huff man. of (lalena. was in the rity between trains yesterday afternoon, for a visit whii m purenrs. Special Picture Sale, Water Colors, by Mrs. Curran. Fifty water color pictures from ninety cents to ono dollar and tlfty cents on sale at J. S. Kodgers. S. S. Huffman, local agent for the Singer Sewing Machine company ai Parsons, was in the city yesterday afternoon for a visit with C M. Kas-terley. Tin o in Inil a nee of the Pittsburg CndertakiiiK company was called o convey w. T. CaHigher, of 112 West Ninth, to t lie Mount Carmel hospital for treatment, Mr. nnd Mrs. TVil KusseU and Mr. and Mrs. If. Thorabura arrived - in Ibe city yesterday for a visit until after Chrixtma? with relatives. The Degen Store Desires to thank the public for the generous patronage bestowed upon ii the past year; and wish every patron a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. THE TRUSTWORTHY CLOHIERS STORE OPEN TONIGHT AS LONG AS NECESSARY Miss Taiella Heldlebiirg. who has I been living at Osawatomie, Is home for a holiday visit with her parents, j Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Heidleburg, of 717 :;lHt High teen lh street. Did you ever thlnlc what a nice Christmas present those magazines would make bound up In nice books. The Headlight bindery does that Kind of work. Phone 88. TT. K. B'llly, a former resident of this city, but who Is now located In business in Fort Smith, Ark., Is a visitor in Pittsburg and (lira id tint M ifter Christmas with friends. Frank Brown and family of Nevt- la. Mo., are visiting In the city the guests of his parents, James Brown i ml wife. This Christmas the Brown family will all be at home for the inmial dinner. Mrs. s. T, Warner, who has been visiting her parents. Mr. an Mrs, AI . P Adams in Weir City, nnd her sister. Mrs W. F. C.racey, of Pittsburg, left last night for her home in Kansas City, .liss i ii-riernip j ionic, sit'inigi .r nher and typewriter in the , office id' . uiiuri (V tiiiian, n'li ycsirmiiy mm visit with the home folks in Ci ant tnwtisbin. nnd n Christmas on the home farm. Al Mumbrewer, who has been lo-ated in Siipulpa. Okln.. for the paU two months, is home to spend Christ mas with his wife and will probab'v spend the balance of the year in Pittsburg. Pnrevl Dell vt ry. T ha ve opened n service tn Pi 1 1 sliurg n t Jacobs' livery barn. Fast Third street, for Cie purpose of delivering packa ges and parcels. Filher . phone 27!. S. C. Cu rtner. Mrs. T. J. Mulliall and son Mikf will spend Sunday with her husband, who is now located in ixansas CHv where be in the employ of the Ho I; Island railroad company as round house foreman. John White and wife, of Anadarko, Okla., ore here to spend their Christ mas with friends and relatives. Air. White Is in charge of the branch office oT the Pit Ishurg Mortgage Investment Company at that pluce. A I Marks and wife, of the "Quinry Adams Sawyer" company, who hav- beeii laying off for a couple of days ami spending 'he time with Ids parents in this city, hve gone to dot Scott . where t hey will join the com- pany nrain. The information was given out a I the court bouse this afternoon th.'t the attorneys in the case of Jo' Hush are moving- to Introduce a motion for a new trial. Ir" this is done, i l will proba hi y be a rgiif d 1 lie Mr ' if next week. We can suit you In all styles of Craphaphones. We have Kdison, Victor, Columbia and besides you get 1h( ben ell t fif our exchn nge plan of records free, the only store who doe.'. Besse .Music house, the only jobbe: In Pittsburg. W. I. Dagley, the Kansas Clt y Southern brakeinan, who was bad! injured some time sine bv heln thrown from the steam shovel of that company, was able to he on streets yesterday afternoon, for the first time since bfs accident. Dr. I. F. Sanderson Is better of his recent Illness, although he realizes that he must get away from bus! ness for a lime. He left this morning in company with Mrs. Sanderson for a visit during the holidays with friends at Medicine Lodge, Kns, The Blacksmiths and Helpc-s' Cnion of tliis city. together wit I their wives and families anil sweet hearts, l r0 in all, enjoyed an entertainment at the Sanderson hall o:i Kast Third street last Monday nig at that happened to get by the new papers until this morning A banquet was served and the evening w f11" Joyed to the fullest extent. Hastings. 10!) West Fifth, has one of the tinest displays of Christmas poultry ever seen in Pittsburg. So choice is this that he has sold sixty pounds of turkeys to be shipped to St. Louis. He will have nil kinds of poultry, oysters, meats, ce'ery nnd condiments for the dinners tomorrow and will be open till noon. Both Phones 4 8. Flmer Noel, son of r. C. Noel, 1 home from the State University at Lawrence for n holiday visit. Joe Itushton has returned from Springfield. Mo. where be went witl a warrant sworn out in Justice Ca- :ads com t, charging S. T. Heeser witli statutory r pe upon the person of Miss Opal Fr"'man. Reese r has not vet it tinea red in court to answer to the chare. PROF. BU MANN A JUDGE. Prof. A. M. Bumann, of the State Mniuil Training Normal, was one nf l he judges at the county oratorical coiilem at the County High school in Columbus, Friday night. The other judges wore Miss Alice Francisco, of the Labette County High school, and 'Siipt. Lovett, of the Cherryvale schools. The winneis of the contest were: I In debate: I First, Walter Staton; second. Miss i Mildred Waller. Honors, to Normal Society. lu Declamation: First, Miss Mury Kelley; second, Miss Dunbar. FIRE AT MINERAL OFF It M OF K ITV COM t O ' 1F si'itoYi:i)., . All Hecords timl iilllce Fixtures Con sumed lu the I'lre bad llliixe. IWpeclul to Headlight.) Mineral. l),-c 24. The office nf the Knty" Coal company off it e here waf entirely, destroyed by lire Sunday night together with the office fixtures the bonks, and all the contents. The home of Peter McDonald mar by the office was by hard work sa ved from hurninjjf and the damages as estimated by Mr. Ihinahl Is about $20. Simp the Coa t company's office build ing hero burned last fu 11 one nf t iie com pa n.v bouses have been converted into an office and it was this that caught Hie und was destroyed. The oss to the coal company can hardly be estimated because of the fact that there were any u mount of valuable papers that were consumed in t lie flames . Sl,l(.(.l.l Willi POKFH. luii, I'yle, County II itch School TrtiM-tee AKaiiltp. Oirnrd, Pec. 24. James Pyle, a prominent farmer of Sherman town- hip, and a member of the count high school board of trustees, was brutally slugged over the bend wl'ii an iron poker, by Alva James, n young mau of Farlingtun, Saturday night. The asfoult occurred in the store of Cieorge Clark nt Farlington. Afr. Pyle was In the store talking to some men, when young James, with whom he bail some trouble, came in. Words followed, and James suddenly jerked a poker from the stove and assaulted I'yle. cutting ' a bad gasl in his bead and It is feared, fracturing bis skull. Janiel has been arrested, and is out on USTdiip bond nwalllnc; develop ment s. l)li:i ON MltKCT ( All. Col milium Man Fell Dead Willie on Way to Work, Columbus. Tier. 24.- While on liis way lo tin- powder works north of town, ulver Kllswick fell dead yester day on the street car as a result of luarl toiible He bad been complaining lo parlies lie talked In Immediately 1h .re he bnurded the car and lie bad been un the car but a short time when he fell over and was dead before a ph' sicia u ri a cited hi m . Owing lo bis death, lie having been an employee at the works for a long time, the powder nifll did not run yesterday and most of Die men attended ilie funeral . so mi: ; i: mono. llut Three if the 1'lve ItiillfiiiH Acciih-e of Murder, Could .Not. Columbus. Dec. 24 . The preliminary nf the men charged with the murder of Joseph Cardo. at Mineral resulted In four of the men being bound over to the next term of district court sitting here. One of the men, Spirit Fernelli was placed under $2.'ii bond, which was furnished, lie being belli as a witness. Anthony Salneno was placed under $ 1 000 bond and it was furnished but Modeslo llalsolto and Alexander C usual o and a Iso Thomas I'lplno, with bonds of $1000. $:iooo and STiOiiO respectively, will be compelled to remain In t lie count y jail until their trial comes up . c;ft i.Aiuii: kstatk. Cat ii nihil Woman Leave 9 1 00,000 to IHmIiiuI ItehitiveH, Columbus, Hec. 24. The funeral of Mrs . Anna Lisle, who died here December IS, was held here Sunday and burial was made lu the cemetery here. In the vault prepared by her husband before his death, more than 20 years nam. who died 20 vein's to the dav beV fore Ills wife's death! The heirs oh Mrs. Lisle, a brother by the name of David .linkens and two sisters will receive $100.0(10. the value of her property, owing to the fact that there were no children born lo I he couple. VICTIM OP FALL, A Red t.lrtiril lan llleil From ftefttitt of Full, C.irard, Dec. 24, n. W. "Burnett, one of tbe older residents of Olrard. died last night at his room In the Kloeb hotel. Mr. Burnett had a fall a few weeks ago, Ids hip being fractured, and nt his nge could not rally from the Injury. He was 811 years old. LABOR LEADERS IN ROW (Continued from Pugf 1 nearly one thousand Inspections of factories and tbe like have been made covering 40.000 employees. And I understand the bint has been made that the child labor laws were being violated, and that children were working In factories of the state. There Is, I am sine, practically no viola t ion of this statute. There may he Isolated cases of such, which of course, cannot always be prevented, but T say that the law generally In - enforced. loins Hest They Con. "We nre simply gnfpg ahead the best we can, building up our work nnd endeavoring to help the cause of labor the best way possible. It Is ut-tely false that we are building up a political machine. I absolutely do not know the pol Itlcnl belief of the men In mv office and I don't care to know." Mentoil' Letter. The letter of Mr. Ment on to Mr. Bryan, over which I he dispute arose, dated Topeka. November ,", follows in full: "You favor of November S was received, nnd I thank you for the Information emit a I tied there! n. "I have writ ten lo the carpenters of Coffeyvillo nnd urged them to pay the ler capita tax and do their part in making the Kansas State Federation what It should be. and run - be if we will all do our part. "Mr. Doyle, the assistant commissioner, lias been working on bis local of miners at Mineral, and had every thing in a fair way of getting them to pay up. but Information comes from there that Mr. Walker has been there, and Instead of trying to cement the working forces of the state together, succeeded hi making (he breach wider than ever. "F. very one In this department Is doing all be can lo make the State Federation a success, but If he continues to ridicule this department and make false statements, especially among those who do not believe in his tactics we can not hope to have or bring about the solhlaiviv among the working men of the state "that Is necessary if we would succeed In our undertaking. Price the beautiful China at Swan's Picture Shop, you will buy il. Swan 104 West 5lh WILL MFD Tllll lilRL. . T. II eerier llopt'ii I u A void Hy Uutrlmony. lrlnoa and incarcerated In jail upon the nu i k ol siiii uiory rape upon the person of Miss Opal Freeman, went to see I he young lady this morning, in company with Constable Rush ton. It Is said that Reesor is perfectly willing to marry the girl to legitama-Ii7.e their child's birth, nnd that the girl herself is willing to settle the matter in this manner. (First Published In the Pittsburg Weekly Headl.ghl. Dec. 2C, 1!ti7.) DM1 IV! H Vl ltlX'S OTICK. The State of Kansas, Crawford Count;.', ss. Notice hereby given that Letters of Administration have been grunted to the undersigned, on the Fstato of .lohn Charcosset hi I c of salt County, deceased, by the Honorable the Pro-hale Court of the County and State a foresaid, dated the 2th day of December; A. D. , 11MI7. Now all person,, buying claims against the said Kstate, are hereby notified tbat they must present t he same to the undersigned, or probate Court, for allowance according to law. or they may be precluded from any benefits of said estate , ROS A LT K CI I A RCOpS FT, Administratrix. WHFKLFi: & KlltKPATRIfK, Attorney's for tbe Kstntt La BELLE THEATRE Tonight and Tomorrow, Matinee and Night RUTH GREY The Mental Marrel. Ask her question oy any subject. An good aa Anna Eva Fay. Thursday, December 26 W. K. WEST'S FAMOUS MINSTRELS See' the Battleship Four. A notable gathering of Minstrelsy. Price 75c, 50r, 35r, 25c SATURDAY MATINEE AND NIGHT STETSON'S UNCLE TOM'S CABIN Always Rig and Good. Sunday, December 29 The Big Musical Comedy, MAYOR OF TOKIO Tuesday, December 31 ADELAIDE THURSTON The Girl from Out Yonder

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