Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 14, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 14, 1954
Page 7
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'• ^' / - >?** "-•?',' . - - <•**{**i ft O r L i I A R H P E , ARKANSAS §am*ctoy, Augutf 14,1954 Ladies Attxrt- IBYS „ site oh Sat- ftiftrst 14, at'ilfl South "*'• V ', - ' l 1 , * i * :srJfK' fc i,' ^afr »'""''• ..«*«• »« •> !?,*'» 1 J?^ Si the home of Mrs. Cocit Biddle on Monday night at 7:30. The American Legion Auxiliary Namedropping Is Pastime in Filmland Sunday & Monday at Saenger W ' &.V . 4,. V 4 -fe V , $ » iPPtfeWJiAdKini. and MisS **„•«,» f».T_..jr ^terUnh Miss id(Meidettrf diar . a.,bridal «Tt--- -—• til TERROR OF J JW t\lllUl *»-Ht» -M"~13 - r will meet in the home of Mrs. Florence Wingfield • at 8 v. m. Monday, August 16. Mrs. Charles Taylor and MM. J- R. Gentry, delegates, will give highlights ,of the state convention which met in Little Rock, JUly 23-25. Tueed&y August 17 Mrs. PattHnp Sanders will entertain the members of Popla* Grove 196 with the regular mom thly social on Tuesday, August 17, The Golden Circle Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, August 17, in the home t Mrs. P. L. Perkins, instead of August 10 na originally planned. Sunday School Lesson By Wlllldm E Gllroy, D. D. Another July ,4 has passed, and in Canada July 1 was celebrated to honor the formation of the Dominion by the Act of Confederatidn in 1867. It is Canada's "Dominion Day." Such events in these two grea democracies inevitably incline one toward much reflection concern itjg God and country, the nature of true patriotism, and the ( rela BV B6B'.' HOLLYWOOD Tl's lirrte wo tame to ririps with Iho ;EE!UC of name-dropping. ' It ranks with sex nnd sc cabbie j as one of Hollywood's favori'.e pastimes. There may be some squares who have, never hea*tt of iM expression, so I'll explain. When .a. Hollywood character drops a nr.me, he is usina' the ancient system oS gilt by afisocia tion. No doubt some early FSornan lemnrked casually to friends,'."ran into Julius the other clay; I save him the name of my toga tailor." He was referring, of course, to Caesar. Likewise, an actor today might com-.ncnt: "Oh. that Lana: She's a scream. We were talking the other night at Clifton's. Sha pld me that Ava and Frankie. . ." 'Get the picture. The speaker drops a few names into Ihe con vcrsation, making it seem thul h? s a big wheel. I got some inside info on the namcdropping issue front an ox pert on the subject. Charilon Her. ton. Mind you he is not an of fender himself. He is merely an amused observer. DOROTHY DIX Gratuitous Crftichm Dear Miss Dix: Although I am happily married, with three grown" 1 sons, I am miserable about one situation in my life I have three younger sisters, and for the past year none of them has sooken to me. The final break came as the culmination of years of bickering, with them constantly telling me how to run my home, husband and children, carrying untrue or ex- ImffiYMlJRPHY and FRANK LOVIiJOY m a tense mofl tent from "BEACHHEAD," released by United Artists. t Sunday & Monday at Drive-In , aggerated tales back and forth. My ypiingest sister is the prime offender. Although they live near enough to me for easy visiting, they never stop' at the house. They all'drive''cars'-—'I-'haven't one. Is there anything one can do to rp- medy a family situation like this? Ignore Such Critics Answer: The whole tone of your It all arose when we were lunching between scenes of "Blue Horizons." A photographer camp vp and said he was "shooting Kelly today." ' ' ' I didn't know whether he meant Gene, Paul or little Nelly. It turn ed out he was speaking of Grace. "This is the reverse-list name ••-•' -'The first dropppr," Hcstbn explained, obyious ripmedroppei- uses w* «-* v*^ i*«-- r - I OUylUUS I1OI11CV11 ujy|jv.- ii.jw.v -.....-. tionship between 'Christianity, and l narnes , 0 nly, A dead giver.way.' The Democrats to Hold Biennial Meets LITTLE ROCK '•» Arkansas Democrats will hold their biennial ounty conventions at their rcspcc ve county seals on Monday. County conventions must be hclc. t 1 p.m. in the first Monday fol owing the second primary election. of complete martydom ..,» ^.—ation. You feel that all your life these sisters have picked on you. ignored you, or shown preference for almost anvone else. Probably you overdid the "oldest sister" routine while the family was growing up, and. at the first opportunity, the other girls began putting you in a subordinate position, to .which, much to their amazement, you submitted meek ly. There's' no reason why anyone should accept unwanted artd unwarranted criticism from others, either family or friends. If the offender is told just two or three times that your way of doing things seems to be 'working out all right, the gratuitous advice may cnase. However, when it's ouite evident that these little slams are reaching vulnerable . snots, be assured they will continue and increase/ Meet this type of faultfinding with indifference, not tears. Since YOU sociates, Inc. of 228 Wabash Aye., Chicago, 111., publishes a fine line of booklets just for your purpose. They are 40 cents each and the ones I recommend particularly are: -Dating Days" "Growing up Socially." and "Getting Along with Others.'" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^S^^^pl^^^^^^^^^^^^^^rv^^?^^^^^^^^/ y, August 14, T954 Dear Miss Dlx: I'm a girl Of 20. I' have been corresponding with a boy for some time and we have grown very foond of eaclvolher He B • • -- im at has asked me to visit him at as - - camp during the summer, but my parents don't approve. Do^you^ Answer: I. agree with your folks that it would be a mistake to visit someone you haven't met. « Ihere's any visiling to be done K Ihe boy do it, when he has leave. Legal Notice^ ccording to Arkansas 'arty rules. Ell tj 1 Vll.-u. County committees will meet to ay to canvass and certify second jrimary votes. democracy, revercje-twister drops the last The Christian in the very nature j^ame/.'-thus giyinc the impression ol unusual familiarity. of his religion has a clear and ROBERT STACK • COIEEN GRAY «* Warner B7os^'THUNDER[OVER THE PLAINS," in WatncrColor.; particular obligation as a citi- ,, Tne technique cnn li; carried zen. Brotherly love is of the very cven further. There is the undu? essence of human relationships in c ' c f erence variety. This fellow re the religious faith that flows from lers to peop ie as 'Mr. Crosby 1 or belief in a God of love. Miss Colbert" People .figure he Saint Paul says that we are must know those stars really well members one of another (Ephesi- U o re f cr to them E0 formally. ans 4:25); and the Apostle John Tnen there is ^the abscure-nick says "If God so loved us, we ought name method. This fellow doesn t also to love one another" (I John bother with the familiar nicknames Bogart. or Bart PRESCOTT NEWS 5:11). like Bogie (Humphrey That is the Christian ideal. What Qadge (Kc-lia Ka?.an) ' I J.n8t IS itiu winiDtiun »i4«-M*« • • • 1 i_iauet; At^t-'jiu A*.«/*«J*^ v-». *-.... a democracy it would'be if all man (Herbert Marshall). Hr; 11 casually believed in "it, and practiced it. But drop a reference to Kit or Buzz. Dnd all citizens are not Christians; Then you have think for a while attend ithfire are'the • Jews from whom an d'figure out that he means Katd this Christian heritage came, and h rjne. Cornell or '-•Bul-geg^Merp wlio share* with Christians this id- c \ith. .'••'•, ••'*•'•"'•IflWWIHlB eat of human relationships. "Still another variety is the real Their history in the conception name dropper. He isn't content to of the Commonwealth of Israel pro- ca u,-.stars by their stage names, foundlv illustrates both the great- He v.uses their real names', mdicat ness of a peonle "whoso God is ln g thati.he has known them from and how tragically a - W ay back. For instance, hell re fer .to Gary Grant as Archie or Ray Milland as Jack," ;,..'• Oh Uie semiserioiis .••'sWe, Heslon deplored, tlia undue. farnillarity of I people in '- Hollywood," "I "think it's all right to main tain ;a first name basis with 'a fel- Band Mothers To Meet , i August 23 . I The Prescott Band Mothers! Club will hold the first meeting erf the year at the home of Mrs. jThell Hanning on August 23, .at 7.:30 p. '. :!i . All Mothers of beginners, jjimors senior band are urgjed to Democratic Printing Laws! to Be Aired LITTLE ROCK OT Represent NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF never had much cleasure in the association with your sisters, it's difficult to see why you want to see more of them, except that you prove the truth of the adage "blood is thicker than water." Suppose you make the overtures to a closer relationship, instead of waiting for someone else to do it. It appears that you sit home and wait for them to call or visit, instead of occasionally taking the initiative yourself, When you meet one of Ih'em, be as sislerly as you an, interested in their activities, he welfare of their families, dong no complaining yourself, and ccepting any barbed remarks No. 953 BLONDIE HOP! «T-AHy 4I^H, ^aa^^-^. - j_ .._, -.!-. . -.^-a^-^Jfiitfffif TT If tht^k YftWi etARK mi ILL PUT IT ON,ANt> WHEN ) • PAGWO09 SEES IT \—^~ HE'LL FEEL SORW./-^ //*FOR ME AND *&***-/.//- -. ' 3ppcR TO —f BUY ME A j' NEW ONE ) • : ' ~* ^ > -^ > I tHOUGHT -' ( WOMEN LIKED TO BE TOllD \ THEY RE J BEAUTIFUL ' ^L ^buMiSi,. J • .» s .j,., -t* «;* &4 rwrww §** V*. bOTOUfcWAY By J. tt William* Luxemburg Loiter lives of the printing industry' yesterday were invited to diskss Ai- kansas printing laws which hava been cited as "'archaic and inade- cjuate." The invitation was extended by a subcommitte of the Arkansas Legislative Council. lV.^f «"& «.»^ , vith a ligurative shrug. Inspire espcct and you'll get it m. First Methodist Church on Tuesday morning were: John Whit Davis of El Dorado; Mrs. W. R. Stocks, Mrs. Homer Holloman, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Stocks, Mrs. Ethel Fincher, Burt Neil, and Mr. .and Mrs. Robert Stocks of Waldo; Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Cox, Mrs. J. P. Cox, Mr. and Mrs; Eugene Cox, Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, Mrs. Terrel Cornelius, Miss Barbara McSweeney A and Mrs. Ralph Routon of Hope; Hostess To Beta Sigma Prnl Mrs, . Srnea.d Wilson .and Beta Lambda 'Chapter of;) Beta V. Jo Wilson of Magnolia; Sigma Phi held its regular.!meet- and Mrs, Herbert Arnold of rng Monday night at the hd^ne: of Haynesville, La.; Mr. and M,-. Miss Barbara McSweeney, I'presi- W. R. Boney of Stamps; dent _ -' .' •/-'.••- ; •]• an( j Mrs. Tom Ross After the opening ritua-1, theJMalvern. minutes were 'read by^thej secretary, Mr. Funds Asked for Negro Blind LITTLE ROCK _The Board -o he Arkansas School for the Blin 'or Negroes yesterday asked fo 570,000 for operation during 19S5-5 an increase of $25,000. The budget for 1954-55 was $50 0. : ' Board members said noaily a the increase would be used to' ir crease salaries ' of the school teachers, making them r-qual with those of teachers at the white school for the blind and coat. 000. J. P. Brundidge, deceased Last known address of decedent. Hope, Arkansas Date of death: July 29, 1954 An instrument dated May G, 1941, was on the 3rd day of August, 1954, dmitted to probate as the last vill of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executor thereunder. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided b^- \v« All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit m the Dear Miss Dix: Do you know o any books I could read to help ge along bettor with boys' Answer: Science BLUE EYES Research As law. This notice first published 7th day of August, 1954. Aug. 7, 14 O. A. GRAVES Executor Hope, Arkansas |^ p NFiGfeMs:qF rf^HE,'NOaTHwEST," Am^iAi^aMd iM^irfaitW' ,- (Vf<»ftr&.'Country Club Rds.' TONIGHT ONLY • I 4J Jill jjtu******^."——».. 2 - BIG FEATURES - 2 I -But I can't sea Calling evepoiw Ly his first name, particularly when more mature and distinguish low nnd actor of he correspondnc age prominence," he remarked. IS W"rc I litiU wjr - n»v, 4-*>*•*.**. i . i_«iJ , H i-v Miss La. Don Cottingham. Mrs. Emmet Parham and child During the business meeting plans ren of Camden were the Tuesday were discussed ; for the nfial ._of| guests^ «^'her _ parents, Mr. and Jewels degree to be I3 ^e rominat^committec- corn-1 Mr. and Mrs. Bot, HeynoHs have posed of Miss Betty-Bryaqn. and returned from Oklahoma City Mrs. Gerald A. Stewart was ap,| where they have been ^at^.bed pointed by the president. Thundering Clash of Red Savage and Scarlet Trooper! JAMES CRAIG "FORT VENGEANCE" In Thrilling Color! side of his mother, Mis, R. W. AUSO ed actors are concerned." Not so some Hollywoodinns. I've. Ueeii young set workers 'lull Mis; arrymore, "move a Jittle to the ght, Ethel. 1 , '.'•'•'. And now if you'll excuse me, I ave a date with Joe and Man '11 ' That's Joe Grubnik and Marilyn raropton, of course. Women are Bound to Gossip About . . , DOROTHY LAMOUR in "LULU BELLE" -- with -GEORGE MONTGOMERY Nine out of ten V. S. babies are orn in hospitals compared with our out of ten, 20 years ago. One Japanese in eight owns a bicycrrile and ;one in 400 owns an utomobije. "Little Boy Boo' Cartoon SUN. & MON. RANDOLPH ISCDTT inted y e prese., , The FaU Rushing was discussed Reynolds, who is recovering from for the month of September and major Hurgery. They weie also October. After the businqs? and Ihe guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cuit pledge training, Miss Betty Cot- Moseley. _ Johnny. WhH Davis has reined ,, to El Dorado after a visit with his The next regular meeting will parents, Mr and Mrs. S. P. Davis be August 23 at the McSweeney. •B...& P. W. Club Has Dinner Meeting Ten members of the Business and Professional Women's Club Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas were Tuesday visitors in Hope and Mrs. J. D. Regan o nnri Proiessionai womuu s v^iuu .«"• ,"•— —-met on Tuesday evening it the Rogers spent Tuesday here nation called of God can fail when that . call "is spurned or for I Tony CURTIS II Ma, MUKPHV lnnKlWJOY lex Phyllis BARKER-KIRK . What seem to me the noblest expression of true and impassioned patriotism came out of an Israel that had learned through suffering and "exile. It is in the 62nd chapter Of Isaiah: "For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusa- lem's' sake I will not rest until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth. Lawson Hotel for the monthly dinner meeting. Mrs. Brice Stewart, second vice- president, presided at the business meeting at which time, the club voted to give $10.00' to the teen-age club, and to address the envelopes for the emergency Polio drive on Monday night, August 1C. Dr. and Mrs. John Barrow, Jr nd sons of Helena are the guest f her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ei nest Cox. Rainbow Girls Meets The Prescott Order of Rainbov Girls met Tuesday evening nt the Masonic Hall. . After the assembly was opened a brief business session was con ducted after which Mrs. J. Dun 1, "Kids on * Springboor4" ,2, "Fiesta Time" •12) what a different world might ing. Mrs. Mack Hays is the guest o Mr. and Mrs, Robert Maxwell i Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Arnett an daughters have returned from visit with relatives in Shrevepoi Mr and Mrs. L. L. Buchana had as their Tuesday guests, M and Mrs. V. I. Wortham of Gu don. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Coleman r turned Tuesday from Dallas wlic they have been the guests of D and Mrs. George Pakis and son. Actor's Son to Stand Trial BEVERLY HILJ.S, Calif.,.- W) . Edward G. Robinson Jr., 21, son of the actor, must stand Superior Court trial on charges of holding up two taxi drivers. Arraignment is set for Aug. 30. Young l*obinson, acquitted of a d check charge in 1952 and ar- sted on -other occasions on drunk unts, remained free on $10,000 il posted by his father July 20. Cab driver Michael J. Piuscik stified • at preliminary hearing esterday that young Robinson was e passenger who hit him on the ead and robbed him of $30 on me 25. The second driver, Hprvy Chereck, identified the actor's son a^ he man who poked a gun in his ack saying "if you ever want toj ee daylight again, hand me all our mon'-y." That was July 1. Cherneck suid he gavr- up $11. Young Robinson says he is in- ocenl. His .parents were in court yesterday following tho proceed- Let Us Install That BROKEN GLASS Have that broken auto glass replaced today. We recognize insurance claims. . . If you need good Used Parts for; cars or trucks. See us now. WYLIE Glass & Salvage Co. West 3rd Street i W ^f ^r ^ ^* •»•— — DIAMOND Enjoy Our Fine Foods * SUNDAY .:•• \f\ 4 DINNER I.IV/ ^ the family and eat Sunday* ' Dinner with us. fj? »Call us for Reservations. Any* size table reserved. ' ^ IPI ACROSS DOWN 1 Luxemburg is 1 Beetle larva an European 2 City in Duchy Nevada 6 Its principal 3 Girl's name are oats 4 Seine and potatoes 5 Cheerless ill Venerate 6 Crawls i 13 30 (Fr.) 7 Crimson '14 It is linked 8 Individuals ' .•• wit h HIP- 9 Chief god of 2.3 German river 43 Brazilian Nations Memphis 24 Ballot ' •' macaws 15 Distribute 10 Happiness 25 Ages 44 Depression cards anew (Sco1 ') 27 Thus : 45 Church part caids anew . J2 p aradise 28 Render, turbid 47 Island (Fr.) looenus ot 13 Three times . 29-Ripped> 48 Suffix : 17 ?•"«!•„« (comb, form) 30 Winter. vehicle49 Appear 17 Lagles nest lg Come back 35;.Average.(ab.)'50 Termini 19 Pronoun in fo view 38 Revolve '. 52 Auricle 20 Sea eagle 2 0 Expunger 39 Stuck, ' 54 Peer Gym's oiS i, 22 Abrogate 42 Garment . : mother £,0 tj3Ctl . • . . ~. v . . . . , 20 Declares 31 Feminine appellation . 32 Italian river 33 Body of water 34 Japanese outcasts 35 Apostle (ab.) 1 36 "Emerald Isle" 37 Hold back for future use i 39 Grew pallid j 40 Universal I language j 41 Pertaining to grandparents 43 City in • Oklahoma 46 Wearies 48 Compass point 51 Abrogate 53 Island, in New York Bay .-. 55 Handled 155 56 Tried 57 Cubic meter [59 Opines '."'>.-., CARNIVAL 25 57 52. 33 IM THEftE MOW.' 1 COULPM'T EAT iCE CREAM \irSOVER WITH TH' FLAVOR \ HER-E OF 'AAAP t?ESIRE' ) ALREADY AMP COCK BA IT'LL FLAVOR. EVEEYTHIMa IM TH' PUACE.' With Major Hoople VIC FLINT I I J WTTH/WfiASfeL WU I E . HAVfeTO PO 5O*\B 'I R'l PANCV WNAfiUN6 TO <3«rr VOU OFF .THIS ^ _/•., 1 HOOK/ 1*5H1M*I' *5 A HALLOWE'EN! ,\ ENOUSH -.fljlc^t* WASH TUBfes JJtUK BOARDING HOUSE W By Dick Turner We Specialize In Party Service. Anytime DIAMOND Cafe & Cafeteria * * FOUR STATES BEAUTY COLLEGE 1214 East Broad St. (At present over Otto's Drug) TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS Phone 2-4551 DAY AND NIGHT CLASSES Tuition $125.00 cash or $150.00 terms BEAUTY SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC Vi PRICE Under the Supervision of Licensed Instructors. ft Mrs. J. S. Crane of Ozan is visit- 16 JOKN§PN .invite gll my friends and 4t 339 West Second C. P. writer expressed that ideal ma Congregational hymnbook: Lift thy song among the nations, 1 _ land of the Lord beloved" It is a pity that that hymn could not be adapted^ to, and sung in, every democratic land. And at least four lines concerning God's call would need no alteration at all: "How He trusts thee with the treasure Of His Word to send it forth; Mightily fulfill His pjeasvu-e. Send His Word o'er all the ear th!" So much for $ national ideal. But a nation depends upon what its citfeens are. And here, I think, is one of''the deeply wrong and datigerous conceptions of democracy. It'is merely'that democracy consists in- majority .rule. Majority" >*irule. popular .govern went, £ better tlian *y Jjj of ity.- Put rqajoriiy vwle i? i*_ ueces- isiry pvp.944we, o r technique of demojewy; not its essence or true lavH^aUw- Qoy^rnjtn^nt' of the people, by the people, for the people has its sure foundation only as the hearts mipds aftd, vvjjls Pf « PCOP 1 * seU-ryl«i4- , , . , » » TEXARKANA BEAUTY SCHOOL Will Open August 30th COM! IY 220 OLIYI1N TIXARKANA Duke Marsh .... lr«n« Youngblood Co-Owneri To The Voters of Hempstead County I want to take this' opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the splendid vote you gave me in the recent election in which I was elected your Governor. ' 1 shall at all times need your moral and spiritual support in making sound decisions and with your hep I feel.we can make this administration second to none in Arkansas. Again let me say Thqnks to each of you for your splendid support. OOpg/ GREAT CAtSARJ \, FALLIM6 CAPTURES A 8\& L*)S6RV. ^"'' 'il**l Bl'^iSi.. BiV4rt. BOOn AND HER BUDDIES FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergetf _«_^^^^^H«^HM^HMM^^M It's just this—I want to divorce him'Of all his possessjohsl" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith FUR SALE Copf. 1954 by NEASctyit T. M. Rc«. U. S. fat. Off. "Stop trying to ruin our credit in the fur department-by • wearing that mask!" , Pol Adv. Paid for by Roy Ritter, Co-manager ior Qovemor Com, ORVAL E, FAUBUS i T. M. 8»B- U. S- I'" C»pr. t.M* ll> NE« Si VVlTi ,yst VJ tlfc" *«' ,"•». "'v. _^^*.^^=^^.^**^*^^rditf*f^^&mtt&B&!Bef^&*lllf i«'Jt'» bwn a bad §wwner'fQr-aoQ«7,iQhcel if iwiiHiaway ftixd hj flUnH get \Q. b§t9l»» lr «»"» of SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seller. BUGS .BUNNY .^Zi&Svm ALLEY OOP HENRY THI STORY OF MARTHA "No. no, SweetiQ § au. V..- . I. i "<- •(

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