Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1896
Page 5
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•- .- • Dun Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND 5ILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER =—— sssss ^iiiiiituiimnmi^iit^niyntiiitllj^^^'mi YOU Dl)N>T WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $30,00 up, HARRY O TUCKER THE FIRS1 nATlONAt BANK —or— LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA CAPITAL $250,000. A. J Murdock. PTM. W. W. Kom, 3. F. ** —•"" D1BXCTOB8: W. H. T wilion. Banking In al! 1" Departoientf promptly «>d Stockh.ld^, DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY, OCTOBER ie, Kirk Pierce is to the city. F-rashi fish, Rothermet, -tod..., Cheapest shoe store In town.—E. . Old papers for «aie at the Journal -once. 20 centB a hundred. .Thirteen cents for knee pouts, 12c for Timderah*rts.-A. G. Jenkines, assignee. V. S. Wilson and family of KoKoroo, are the guests of Ma fataier, H. Wlsoo, of the Eastead. $20 - silk limed overcoats, slightly soiled, $5.98, at One assignee saJe.-A. G. Jenktawa, waslgoee. Spectol suite oni wrappers today and Saturday. 100 dozen opened for this special sale.— T*ade Palnca For Jnformatlon concerntog annual gua rates, see card of LogaBBport & . Wa.bash. Valley Gas Co. ou third page. .Visit our maw cloak department it is -. full 'of tan-gains. • PrEces out In two- the -weather to too warm. See onr Jacbete at ?4.98, ?7.50 and ?9.98.-ffrad Palace. . Hon. John P. IrWh, of Caltfomlta- the gifted Democratic orator, whose voice ihias been heard from tWe Atlantic to the pacific to defense of Democratic principles, -win spe 1 ^ at * nle Ttok Saturdn y night. Hte speechi will be an .tatellect- uad treat tbat no one cam afford to miss. .Cards are out eBnoundng the raar riage of James WiJber Swisaa* of this 'city, and Mary Elizabeth: Crawford, dougihiter of Charles and Mrs. Craw ford, at the home of the bride's parents da Delaware, ObSo, Tuesday eromlng, October 20, at 8 o'clock. The "At 'Hoauo" Is announced as. Nor. 1 jHow are I'our Kddne-ys? For ten years I suffered with pato to the back so severe I could terdJy •wnlk. After nstog two boxes of Dr. Hobbs Spara- gus Kddney P1U» 'thfe pain, entirely disappeared. I feel Better ithfto I ever Wave to my life.. CMaa. S. Holman, secretory 21st -Mo. Iafam*ry V. V., Rutledge, Mo, POT sale dn I»gaii9port by Ben Fteher and JoBn F.-Coulson, druggists. •— — — __ Awarded Highest Honors— World's Fair. •DR; MEETATCARMEL Veterans of Filth Cavalry Reunite at That Place Next Year. GOOD HEETING ENDS Fourteenth Reunion a Memory- Officers Chosen Yesterday. Veteram members of Indiana's Flftli, Oavfllry parted last evening with sin-i regret. A. -pleasaint- and 'sociable. time wns -a fruit of their weteom'e visit' to Ixjgansiport. No 'more tat'elllgent or intensely patriotic body of citizen sol- could 'be found than ttmt wliich •includes the surviving fighters of t'hc oltl Fifth. Yesterday afternoon business was flnlshod, partlnigs were spoken, and ; a roar guard of a shattered, yet hopeful orgauiKation' retreated in, goodt order mud with good feeling last algtit Tiro ep'kxxle wli'itJi resailted la two. comrades leaving campflce enjoyments Indignantly-was regretted by ; eom- , or rather thoy were sorry that conditions were sucl» fliat it wns difficult for speakers on pa.tfiotism to refrain from touching upon tender spots In silver armor. : . .AH'jotaed.in deeiarlnig Comrade Heury Ham-ey ami Comrade E. R. Green good arid true soldiers Jn tlie civil war. Those gentle-men stated ywsterday that .they retired because politic* was discussed in. tilne meeting. What was sii-W did not, flppaixmtHy, cause their indignation,'but the fact that paramount Issues were wade prominent when army talk and camp yarns sihould have pervaded the meeting, wblch, presumably, they wouDd as quickly have'bolted, had free silver and fifty-cent dollars been extoMed instead of honest 100-cen.t- dol- Uirs wh'ic'h jtensloners must have. It was one cloud in a clear and pleas- nnt sky during <i profitable visit. Carmel, Marion county, will -eoter- t'hc next reunion of tlie regimenial association. D. W, Pattey of Kokomo was elected president yesterday, -and Milton Morris of SumtnltyHle was ae- lecrted for vice president. Lieut .Tallies McMIHcn of tills city was made secro- tary, and will Im-ve charge of a compl- latlan'bJf the history of the regimen-tal nissocintloe. for next year's meeting. Among tlie pleasant pci-fonmainces. of yesterday's sessions was the conferring of a.n honorary meoniber&bip in the association, upon Oa.pt Alex .Hardy of thils .place. C^pt Hardy was-with tlie Twenty-fourth Imdianni battery, which accompanied tlie Fifth cavalry during (Hie Atlanta campaign-. Dinner, was. served nt the lin.ll 'by fhe Jad4es of the city, and 'the visitors were emphatic In tWclir iprmlsos oC the fane, for wh'lch they' .tendered u sraceful vote of ttoanks. After the close of the aiTtav noon me<HtinK -tihc guests were given a street car ride over tlie c-Ry. CREAM t JBANNG mm MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free ftom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant. 40 Years the Standard. Grand Lodge, I. 0. Q. T.i Cttiplifes Us Laboii i .- ; T ;;. • Ty- "j \ Next Annual fleeting to be Held; Here-Officers Elected. | The next meeting of the Ground lodge of tlie I. O. G. T. will be held in tWa! C|lty next year. Logansport teas been selected flve times to succession for tills lionor, on account of Its easj ac-> cess and the great interest tlicre Is in the -order here. The two-days' session] of the Grand .lodge closed last n%h.t,j wtth a social which was well attended^ aim! greatly enjoyed. ... ' j The business of tlie; meeting wasi completed yesterday afternoon wlthl the installation of the following Grand lodge officers: j Grand Chief Temptaf-I. S. Wade,! Lafayette. Grand Secretary— T. J. Ijegg, Logans-. port. j Grand Superintendent Juvenile De-J partment-Mrs. E. F. Henry, Franklin.' Grand Treasurer— B. 'A. ' MANLEY TODAY. The Popular Congressman at the Rink This Afternoon. Hon. Frank' Hnmlcy, Coagr-essninn from -the Attica district,'nnd one of tfl*s ablest orators in tiho State, will speak «.t the rink this ,«f tei'noan. a.t:2 o-'clock, and should have a large audience. .The McKta'Iey'olub, on inccouixt of tire rink •teins' enfrag<Hl this evening, will: hold tts regular Friday meeting this aft&r- noon. • . ,~ ^^".^Yhwia'b^liii out of the Otto Kraus stock is absolute and should Sa^Sa^^ "> J*?Z*rfi&* Werfc'this season's purchase, right up to date hats, shoes and cloth^•^ Q ii'ww*'iiaiprf'b'J : vour own citizens, men of sterling integrity, at the ' At> ^' a - whoiesaleValue, understand, "Wholesale Value" natur- a heavy reduction from regular prices, in many cases than actual cost. jYi&ry OJ-,^U:W*H'aioUTesse a winns""" i«a01nB :w!l,6W-mn<J«diuai;Ofi^'.ree miles u*...i'iv*UL-h?rf.i_«.»<>v«.*«i4i**t1rf'c» fT.P~.iHYji..'tYV[vn ftp- . ..... . ,. ... ; Grand Ixxlg* Trustees—Rev. J;,., A Moorman, Farmland, and Andrew.. Hay, Blkhart ' " In the morning session i officers were received' The report'- of i the treasurer sliows thait th* order fs' in good shape financially,- and fhaHin; spite of the premlllng hard Oines.'Jffle'te i lias been u good increase .in tilie.iijom-: bovslulp, 'fire hundred having been added to the membership eluding tie last! three months. '••'"* '; The report of the grand sUpferintenM-., eoit 'of the juvenile departmeat'.sKows; the membership of that" branch fa Jfe: over seventeen hundred,. . and ,a-;b'al-] amce of $35 remains "in the ...treasury.^ Lodges which- have heretoforei".:beenl designated as "district lodges,"' hereafter be known as "couniby j lod gfefc.! T. J. Legg and J; B.. Stanley were elect-; ' ed delegates to. the preine lodge, which! . convenes at, Zu : rich, Swit/xn-lnnd, In: June- -of > ,nvxt .year. ' ' - . ' ' ; '^'' mmifmmemmm^refmm FiERE WILL BE NO SETTLEMENT, the stock and fixtures Ftlb&xi out. the total stock was appraised at $44,499.41 i* n-excess of Mr. Kraus'a liabilities. The quicker the stock h> better for all concerned on acccunt of expense of conduct- Q. JENKINES, Assignee. lereil oii ex-peri mou-t 'fFSi'.^ellvery'' of'.'maJl- In Bair- ,• .. . .-'.free Oeti- persons . oWWe/'town se- ic i papew'.-cune ''be'ton;-tne .election. aire illleil with pos- -eff eet.. ••StO'te law ,' ri r$ { fliou'ffli it ,'h'as -been a r;tj>elftcUvI^^f';.itoe'Popo- tlils^re'ctlon ,Yiid^ate« that '' ' I have the agtncy forthe products.of the EASTMAN KODAK CO of Boohester, N. Y.. the larsrest and best equipped concern in the world umnufaotaring PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES. Their goods are taken as Standard the world over. Size'3x4 Incites; weight ounces. Takes a picture iuchee. Either film or glafli plates can be used. Does perfect work. Price $5.00. many ;Wrfw =1 hare 'one'. 'mail bet . can a safe\t>et for a .Mye the vote 'ngeli: 0 !* is 'tetter .'botto' bet. ti' jci'il' .': ;;.".. v-.-'i .••• ,-•-. '..• ' . ' . ,vn«a|>; 'iiW - . . today the. ^tate cou- T>fe'w»l meet ' about tltfee': hundred 'ifihld' sir 'far •entertainment ' ajboiit •half, that '.p}'t%-flf the. .personal oan- ._ ra. ,.An. appeal Is through' tlie papers'-of the '•"-'-••-•='•- citizens of a city POOKETT KODAK. Takes square pictures, 3fc*3% Inches; size of camera, 4%*4%xG inches; weight 20 ounces. Prlc. $10.00. ••=-• ^ Improved No. 2 Bullet outfit Is suffieienUy „„,, —,.-„ _ - . . Tins outfit IS suinineuuj "cTry ^Haf TJWSpftable citizens of a city . "» « n Wn,«rv amateur 55££."£5r.- SUCCESSFUL BAPTISTS., Annual Convention !ri Session'jit' Bluffton. ' Tlie Imdiiflinu- State Bapttet eonven-! rtiBwi, which Is in session -at Bltifftoh, ds-niore largely -attended -this year flmn. ever before. A spedna sflys: ;p- "TQie lai-ge -audii'Corium bt-the church to -which; the sessions are being held: Itogetliei- with an adjoining room, are nlled. 'to overflowing. . 'Stole Eights In IMsstons,' wns the sulbject of an; 'n'd- d'ress by the Rev. C. D..Ofl6e,'of Souljh Bend. It was a plea for the development of Minna and the evangelization of toer cltilzens. The speaker suggested that tihe 'Methxxlists had- an ideabplttn; in grouping several neighboring!, churches together in the support.;of^ptts-j tors, and -that good 'work was obtainfedj f.rom the presiding eW«rs. - Mr. Ga»e; Is'-a new man Dn- Indiana, nnd lie-made; a fine impress tan. ' ,•:•-.-...: ••' ! "The opening sermon of the coaveia-; M'ou wns Delivered by the Bov. B:'F.j Oavlms, D. D., of Peru. He spoke "o'f| •the perils of the times auid the necessi-j ty of-the chuTcli , being .tlioroughiy j aroused In order to successfully meet; them. The sermon 1 had" Wife merit of til-mel'tuess and was weB.recetved'-ii^'ti. large audience. ... .- ; .. •..•.-. ; j ! "Not including .the. colored Bapjttets j the total memberslulp ito-. Ehe';-&20; churches of Mie State Is .over- 54,000. : TJie Sunday-schools nunnber 359,- r BBd: JKive «n enrollm'C-n't of nearly 50,000! p ' "Much of the forenoon"profira;m' wiis, devoted'-to oduea-rJional work: .The.^e- port on-educatlon waa p-esentcd by, the RCV..N. Carr, isocretary of PranMi.n eollegie, Rresiident Stotot addressed,"tlie conveatlon on <tbe relotiom of niie col-. le«e to deuominaiUonial progress'. ' TNje Rev. R: D. Trick, of Cmwfordsviile, .=)poke on young people a'pd ediucaiion. The addresses were /devoted liirge'ly.,tp the toterests of Franklin collepe,- which •had no endowment in. 1872, but now lias an endowment-and IISSOTS amounting to more th.nm-$310,000, with -a'-toTge nnd rnpidly gvowtag alumni. . •HE'LL' SIGN IT—"X1T." " .; "During Sir. Bryan's, tour . of the Northwest 'lie «as been presented' 'with a goM •pen:, «. silvei 1 .pen-holder 'and last .ii'iKfli't at Duluthi he wns made tlie, recipient of a silver, bottle ..containiiiK Ink. 'He is now prepared, as he stated, ta.si.gn; the blffl whenever -It reaches Mm. -His prepnratlicins are entirely unnecessary, for tlie bin In which the people -n-re moat deeply kierested in a Mc : Kindey B'lJl and Mr. Bryan is not keeping the rtght'sort, of'.company to;hav.e ii,u opportunity to use his.pen oh that,.',' -•Hainimond Tribune. -' .. .;-.- ,' '.. . .iffie' earing for .^ Men's- parade at Indl- «ttn,p01ie'l : a»t night was a. monster, sur- J Tiii'ss!hg' 'tfspectatlonS'Of "tlife 'mast son•" 1 ' 7 ' Thei« were \ between fifteen men In, line, and .. engine led ttie. way, traversing the streets over tlie street sjjallOTnyr tracks. , - ; Xli Logansport- boys re'turneQ' liwrne 'flils ; :morrilng; at about {{"o'clock,''' tired but well pleased with fun. . . .• •-•. : i$an"aWe'ttt) flir his.engngewents for i-:i.'.'.rJC:-\Ml .:;•••; .;••.' '• • v ' night cleric aitRoda- govemmcnt Is engaged in. amiin- exiienlimon.t relating-to'tlw.rafl.ll: service. This is .the dfltty delivery of mall by earrJers in the country., A speoinl says: "Postmaster General k7JOW.^^i."*-|V.*» j-;^j—.— ^-| J-"J>« ..(Senalor.'TTirpIe.'fe still too III to fill ". • '• ••:•• _••_•;•„• g^; ,g; e j S gaifl to ,be suf- an -.aitbaek, of fever, but It by -his 'frienas -that he Is recovery.' Be hos not and Mr. . f >'«iv, Orleans .ore contem- a.c'dife to -the near fu- j." Mr. Porrest. says .•ttitet.'th.idT will i'.'the Ration ojc. Plqna, Ohlov\$50.-for the. lie'-.was off .'dirty ••on; ac- TOi^ nioney was . her r'w.vlslt with ;"rJI-ft'.Es;i.nluu l dt .Sc'hj»Itt' ao^atf. Beim- ftoid -are'.at Mon tiicello on.'butejneijs. v -..:-. ^-..-. -liw-" ._. _ .•-'^': .-;•',-•_ „, INGgRSQUL, ON Money tJiait. is money —-^,- nntoe needs no backerf if »' always ir6<>tl : NO'-niaiter-bow many nations go down to dast, good uiboc-y^mni-ns for&& the.'sam'ei'-We have ft'man running 'ftfr'the ^residency on three.piaMarms, "will) tivo' ' v l cc presidents; t'" 1 * ***** ifibncy ta'» creature of,•law. ..if the ^vCT-nmenf can make money by law, ^nr'should'the -govcrnmen.t- collect 'ttses?•'•' Accord;ng to Mr. Bryan, our AthOT-wistw-tbe frtands of' silver, and •rbt' our-"daj" old fe.tiliers m all their Jive's Milted: onJy 8.000;000 'of tlicgc sa cred dollars. New, «* wl,»^ ihc-ene of 'silver ha.v« done. .,^<e .1873 of silver, have coined over -i«i , 430000,000 of these. 'dollars, and . yet ' ' " We ! a month, and «p-s goi-n . *£eno*«, Jones, of • ,. to 1873, "law of 1R73. He inthe-Kpnnte, 'gold xlu; stands. Whether photography. Includes lamp, traye, two dozen sheets Dolio paper, solution, etc. Price, $1.00. A. B. C. Developing and Printing Outfit. Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand C. Successor to W. J. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. •tnce or not I So mot know. But now Tl* U on the other ride. Senator Stewart, ot Nevada, was there at the time, but voted W the eat, of ]S73 ( .and said that gold| was the only standard. He hftfl <*«»B*d hlsniiiild. Nogoveramentcamiaflordto be a clipper on coins. ,. • • ••_ . A great republic cannot afford to, •tump a lie on silver or gold orpap«r.| Honest money for on honest peopae, J»sued by on honart.netlon. Youcaitmot make a paper dollar without tafan? a dollar's worth of paper. We must have, paper that represent* money. I want it tasued by the government, and I wan* bdhlad every one of thaw paper dollars either a doUar In gold or o, silver dollar worth 100 cent(f, BO tJhat every greenback under the flag can lift up ita hands and. swear: "I know that my redeemer liveth," That wan where 1 waa 20 years ago, and that Is where I am to- tfi. ,., For nations and individuals, et all times, evei7w-heneandfoTever,hone«ty; is 1l»e bast policy. Better he an honest bankrupt than a rich thief. Poverty can hold in it* hand the jewel honDor-a jewel that outshi.nw.all other gems. A thousand times better be poor and noble, tjban, rich aafl fraudulent. Hpbodycan 'be helped- by'fpee c6in*ge except the few people who-couW pay theirdebts »f they wBrVvttWntf. Some-soy that it-would help the mine ow.n«rs. It would no*. Coining iliis bullion into dollara would not increase it« vidiie. beciunse you could coin tie bujdion of the whole world and th« supply wouW be greater thinx tJi* dem«n«J. Huve free coinage tb-roonrrow, ni,d tli^e is not n silver mine owner that wou'ld mok« a do-llao— not one— by changi'ife' ^ ™ m A™« rU:ai1 CO ' D ;, , Jt would be worth only w)ia» the bullion is \vocth. in rJic open market. We won't good money— good, honest money. And there WM never any real pro&peirit.y for u tiatiioni or an individual -irituwl vithouthODcs-y.wi. it. is our duty to preserve the reputation uf tlie great republic j.uru Luck of a I-over. A young- man came from Europe u few 'days ago nnd was admitted. Shortly after his sweetheart arrived, nnd, ns she had no money, he gave her whnt In- had and she was allowed to land. Then the.young man, being penniless, was seized by the. immigration authorities and ordered to be deporte'l, on the ground that he was likely to .be a cbarg-e on the country. Found loath In » Tnmor. The surgeons of Mexico, Mo., were called upon to cut a tumor from the jaw of little Miss South, daughter-of J. y. South. After the operation tlie tumor •~»- :^^=-i ta contain 32 teeth. OBPTIJIAKY. Liuirai BeJle Eeed, wife of ex- Councilman. Thomas <L. Eeed, died at 'her late home; jnortiiwest comer; Broadway and Broiwh streets, at. 2 o'clock a. m., Oeto-ber.i«b, 1890, at the- age of 34 years ,6 months aid-20 days: • Deceased' was 'bomi iii Ptoyette county, Indiana, MarcH 24th, 1862, and was married there October 3d, 1883. She wns the daughter of Robert Locfchart, a, worthy citizew of that county. She leaves a hrusba-nd, ome. dnuffhter 10 years old', fattier abd- mother, one sister- Mrs. J. B. Hughes of Lafayette, toi, and four brothers, niaimely, Frank, Tliomps, ArcMo and -Rosooe Lockhart, to mourn her loss. . In, her youth Mrs. , : Reed nttoxJied her- to the Chrlstfen church-, a.E^'haa herself a consistent Chrsitlaa woman. The funeral win occur Saturday, Oct. 17th; wiH leave the house at 10 o'clock for iijterment, ini the cemetery near Sitane. school house in Clinton township, where «.' service will bo held by the Rev. T. S. Freeman, ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Modi Oarriar Al pen.bo.is^i'u Indianapolis for a Ayeek's'.y^sit. with Ms wife's parents. Mrs. bisfitw. amd cli.ildrcn iha'TO-foocB, there .for thi-ee weeks. WITS. I5umn«i HiiSi ivnd husband' have returned- to irhoiir home at Cauwfoi-ds- v.iUo after a taww w«*s' visit with t!«B- fonncr's parents. Mr. and Sirs. Peter .Some one stole A set erf siaiprle liar- aios« (row Haxrisou GrsJifs SbiWe at No. 509 Helm- -street., Wedncfidar-nipht.- The thof t is supposed to 'have been tlie work of local itaJcwt. .Tohn Coairtji^' ws« a,nxwtetl yestor- rttiy njoriii-Jip "l)ein the 'diiirge of inali- .i«*.pass preferred l\v Potcr Ti- t'he WesiAJfl iwiloonkeeper. He svrniisiKHl ix-forc Tusticc r.n.in?:.: . *bwi .him uiion -lute . Katlioriuie Chcslek. who wns so •fortramtt- ns to liml -Hi* purse lost -by Miss Einil.v Binstwn swine dnj-»«ffo, Is estj-, Miis« Glwsh*. w^o is ax. the BaMiott,. foiiud tlie purse in the rauihaiKlle .st!».t.»wi a«<l turned-.it over to AfiOM: McCullonpli.- wJio -rejtorwl It • to the owner.

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