Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 13, 1954 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 13, 1954
Page 15
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rttf-fj^-I HOPE STAR, HBPt, ARKANSAS U^^^Aj^j^afg&Uft&jttranHBMCiMl Sill ED ' pyrrol Directors OAKCRESf FUNBKALHOME IffgVRANCE . . . AMBULANCE Zffi) & HA2EL . . . PtfOME 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. TF USED • E*cet>thm&l vaiwes Ifi ^ b 2 USEDWTROIT JEWEL GAS RANGES '-- Oklbhsrtia e . Supply acres of tirhber land, Columbia County. For informs write. Jewell Mohts, G380 Detroit 2, Mich. tifiHrtCON' ~~ fetmtAL ASSOCIATION lAt test fetid Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for out agents J15-1 Mo. ~~ For R«nt ~ UNFtmNlSHEt) 3 room apart ttlefil. Private bath, rent rea sonale. 1311 West Avenue B. 10-flt NATIONAL LEAGUE • W L Pfit. Gft New York Brooklyn Milwaukee J'hiladelphia Cincinnati St. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh 70 67 55 55 52" 44 39 41 4.1 58 00 05 '73 Boyle .631 .598 3< .573 6' .509 13! .'*B7 Iti .464 IBIfc .353 'ZtiU .348 31',': Continued from Page One American product — lik£ baseball, the hot dog, and tMe ice cream COne and Mom's blueberry pie.-So much interest has been focused on the femiriiae bosom-tnit sdon the Russians will claim they ihvihtec it. A man never was 'too sure of THREE 'unfurnished rooms, pri- BEAOLE, pups, 1 weeks old. Make 1 good deer or rabbit dogs. Joe .Warren, Phone 7-2547. Hope Feed Company. H-Ot mor« os houss «f t as on« wofd. i*Stat Will r»6t b« MtMn- --S5|rt Want Adi>unl|S.i, ited 1o out attention THRteE'QUARTER ton Carrier window air condition unit. Phone 7-2424. 12-3t CLOSING out my flock of large Toulouse geese at just $39.00. Arthur Gray, Ozan. 12-3t vate, bath 2?2' Nofth 6583. $30.00. Utilities paid. Louisiana, Phone 111 -3t TWO room furnished apartment, private "entrance, garage, and large closets, Phone 7-2119. 1002 West Avenue B. ' 13-31 Yesterday's Results Cincinnati 8, Chicago 8 Milwaukee 3, St. Louis 1 (Only Games Scheduled) Help Wonted WAITRESS wanted; apply in per- Restaurant 408 28-U son 6nly. Mac's E. Third St. 30, HEAD of cattle. Jersey cows, calves,' heifer yearlings. Inquire Mrs. Maggie D&vidson, Wash ington, Arkansas.. 13-fit Found Today's Games New York at Brooklyn (night) Chicago at Milvvauke (night) St. Louis at Cincinnati (Night) Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (2- Two-night) f\ 111(111 IH»»^-» »IWtJ W--V — — what he was getting when he mar jfied, but toddy he is doubtly uncertain. Is the girl of his dreams really the girl of his cbenms —or the dreams of half a dozen fashion designers? Is she real, or is she a padded dummy held together by hidtten wires and bone stayr, ahrl so covered with cosmetics goo her real face remains her own secret What do American women really look like anymore? Has anybody actually seen one in years? Why they change so much that when a Lusband comes homo from work he doesn't know whethor to greet Pony League Boys Take Two Gomes Hope's Pony League All-stars won their unfinished game 10 to .8 arid'went on last night to defeat the Fisher Cafe' team 7 to 6 in statewide play at Little Rock. The youngsters • have a couple of ggmes today, the first at 1 p. m. and the other at 6:45 p. m. They will have to lose two games now before being eliminated. five Singles as cputinued to make Utrte Rock life miserable for the first division clubs. LHUa Rock, reaching the Baron-, 1 Jack Urban for only six safeties, score! an uriearned run in the first in- nine ahfl Jordan needed no more. Errors and bases on balls figured In all the Trav scoring.. AMERICAN LEAGUE Wanted to Buy TWO Chairs which fell from pick Up truck at end of S. Main last week. See Jones> at Hope Star. ll-3f Cleveland New York Chicago Pel roil Washington Boston Baltimore Philadelphia TO BUY Men's Used Shoes. Heaves Bargain Shop. 31-TB* Kwfcekdiy eftefnoon by UBLISHING CO. ~ YOUNG growth ot cut over Umber land. Anywhere In Southwest Arkansas. -Will 1 pay top prices. Ph r pne 7-2228'.kr see .Ralphi'Saun- ' ' Mo - Jfat~i-*itMti^t\o»f $»»»•'* •» ^'^J^ffiy l Off WILL buy -Farmall or' Cub tractor \vlih piclt disk and mower; Must -be In. good' condition, and priced right., Y. O. Hagler, Rosston 'itoute 2^'near Bodcaw. 13-3t HEAVY substantial bird. bath. Mrs. Eayl O'Ne'al/ ' 18-lt glptlon>.Rat6* I< (poyabl«' In ad- '.vmttfc : vi v Hope;and , neighborly ..'« < and .'...».. .25 ,...'13.00 3d, •• Nevada, Mllltr eoun- ' -»Vr-. " «' ^ ^ i&».4...V..« ' -85 - ; ...'.:,d J ..;.... 1.60, /....,.... ...» x.ou . :f,i ;.,«. 4.50 Services Of farad MATTRESS i;enoVatlon and Innerspring work- Cobb Mattress Co. 316 ' South . Washington. Phone 7-2622, ., ' ' Mar. 4-tf The Negro Community • By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner •t Hlcka Funeral Home W 70 77 72 50 48 4.7 39 37 L 33. 37 42 01 63 04 73 75 Pot. GB .70S .f>75 2>/j .032 7'/ 2 450 28 .432 30 .423 31 .348 3D'/2 BAR-B-QUE chickens, ready to eat., Bar-B-Que meats sliced lor ..phi* J2,, Te'pn'.; <",505 - Texas * 7£.0pltas^ Texos:, 360} N. '"e^fChcaoo >1, Jll.r 60;,E. > S!'~^ i7 0 K..'X.*J7< The Spiritual Harmonizers of Texarkana will give a musical program at Rising Star-Baptist Church Sunday night, August 15, sponsored by the junior choir. The pubic is invited. The Annual revival is in progress at the Church-of-God-In- Christ, 911 Bell St. Evangelist A. Moses of Camden, will speak each Yesterday's Results Washington 9-0, Boston 5-5. u New York 5-7, Philadelphia 4-1 Cleveland 10, Detroit 1 /,;..' (Only games scheduled) V Today's Games Boston at New York (Night) • Baltimore at Cleveland (night,) Philadelphia (night) Detroit at Chicago the woman who opens the door with a hello, Dear" or "who are you?" He can't kiss her, for how can he be sure at a glance that H is his wife? Wouldn't it, be better all around if American' women took a unani mous vacation from all' this fash ion nonsense and \yent into purdah Peeking out at life through two holes in a big bddsheet, any woman could feel mysterious and glamor cus. She no longer would have In vorry about girdles, lipptick, chawed-off hairdos, thick ankles, bosom lines, or pipest.im legs. All that would be v.inble would e her eyes.' But' th.j eyes are the mirrors of the soul; and it is high Lowly Vbls .... . on Loop Leaders By the Aassoclated. Press New Orleans and Nashville oc i-upy opposite poles in the South ern Association standings, but. the way lowly Nashvills has bcsn clawing and scratching during the current series with the powerful Pelicans, a stranger would be hard pressed to note my difference be tween the two clubs. The eighth place Vols, hustling like they were only a game or doll last TAKES NEW POST LiTTLE ROCk Iff) Ralph '/las of The Rev. Helena. Ark Haipn uvui"** "•• . * ill become associate Benoral sec *etary of the Arkansas Bapti.st State Convention Sept. 1. i _ Rev bouglas has resigned as P S of the First liaptist Church at Helena : to accept the position. ever for- the the series at. •\Yashingloh SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION:' -sandwiches. Burt'» Candy'Avenue. Bar-B-Que, • 12-3t New Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Chattanooga Mmphis Little Rock Mobile Nashville W -75 51 74 52 ea 55 64 62 52 52 50 60 62 72 74. 73 Pet. ,GB .595 •;•"? .487 •'•! .557 . 5 .516 10 .500 12 .424 211/2 .413 23 .407.23V American women learned Birmingham lost again to "*"-^. . , ,,,„,.,! I . . n , /-.I 4*nnn/\rfr gain their their eye* cnn be mou- loquent and truly feminino than he straitj'ickets of a Paris 'do igner. Certainly any girl would be more; attractive <n a walkin;; biid&heet- cven if it made her look like a number of the ladies 'auxiliary of night The public is invited to attend Eld. O. N. Dennis is pastor. For Sale or Trade REGISTERED '„ Angus Bulls. See R. F., Butler, Route 4, Box 255, one mile old 1 67 highway West. - 12-3t efqtea>,Press Is entitled en- vsirWithe use'for republl?qtlon EtheSldcahnews printed -In this tier/Sa.rwell. as r alhAP news For Rent or Sale A T )i " Tt 'bedroom- F. H. 1 A. home. Empty, tile' floors, vcash. Balance attic fan. $115. like rent. Sam tfftfc vm M^jr sfateijjipre. f For Repairs, Genuine Singer Par>i, and rental machines SINGER Sewing Center Free Estimates Mr. and Mrs. Randall Tyus of New York City, N. Y... are visiting their parents, Rev. and Mrs. G. L. Tyus, and other relatives. They will also visit Mrs. Tyus' relatives' in GalVeston, Texas. COTTON George" Spearman -wholwas re- • DoradD cently" discharged from the Army Grecnville is now home visiting his mother '-- Meridian Mrs Edna T. Spearman and grand parenats, Rev. and Mrs. G. L. Tyus, and other relatives. Will V. RutKerford has returned home after attending the University of Arkansas. Yesterday's Rusul-s Little Rock 4, 'Birmingham 0 Chattanooga 3, Mobile 2 Nashville 6-4, New Orleans 5-7 Atlanta 9-7, iMemphis 1-6 Today's Games Birmingham at Little Rock * Atlanta at Memphis Mobile at Chattanooga ' New Orleans at Nashville '• so from' the pennant, split ble-header With the leaders, night and held them first four games of which 1 ends > tonight. Larry Dipippo hit a.twd-run horn er in the bottom of the' eighth -for Nashville's 65 win in the openeiv oncl New Orleans grabbed the see ond game 7-4. The split- cut the Pel's lead to'one gamo over Atlanta Memphis barrages To the Voters of Heittpsteod Gouifity '! "I am deeplygrateful for the splendid v&te which you gave hie in last Tuesday s 'election. I ask for your cooperation while I am serving you as your Prosecuting Attorney and promise you that I will serve you to the best of my ability. Trdvis Mtithis Pol.'' Adv. Paid for by Travis Mahtis Crackers, whp cuffed twice with hoinc' runs 9-1 and 7-6 Staggerin| Little Hock 4-0 and Chattanooga halted a six-game losing skid with a 3-2 decision over Mobile. Milt Jordan checked Birmingham the Ku Klux Klan—than she does ia the getups sho wear J. in t)v name of fashion today. To My Friends I am, and shall forever be, grateful for. your loyal "support in my race for Alderman. Charles E. Taylor Pol. Adv. Paid for by Charles E. Taylor / Meridian Monroe Pine Bluff Hot Springs STATES . . W I •'••'."•" 72 32 67 38 56 48 .47 59 44 60 28 77 .638 5% .538 16 .443 25 .423 2B .207 44"i Mr. and Mrs, Charlie Johnson and daughter Berihenia of Tulsa, Okla,, spent a brief visit with Mr. nnd Mrs. Charlie Conway. Yesterday's Results Grenvillo 11, Hot Springs 4 Monroe 2, Pine Bluff I ,'. El Dorado, Meridian 4 (12) nnings) Hope Miner's Supply Co, THE BEAUTY BOX , .^/"Alr-Condltjoned" •' 11 '' Open 6 days each week . . , Operators . . . Ruth 'Hoelscher, Model James and Evelyn Moore 112 South Main' : fRESCOTT ROLLER RINK Open — 7f« » 10 p, rn, for Health A Fun A Old'? • Prewott, Ark, pairs. New and Used Parts. Highway 67 West Dial 7-2767 Hopg/ Ark. Enjoy Eor'ng At Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Johnson of Yurna, Arizona, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson of Hope were supper guests of Mrs. Roxie Hadlcy and son Thursday evening. Fights Last Night By,' f h'e Associated Press Bostori — Tommy Collina, 127% mpdfora ( Mass., stopper! Jimmj Ithia,' 125%, New York, Brooklyn —Ray Drake, Brooklyn, outpointed Pat WANTED TO BUY ,|AT YOUN© HENS? We need hens now. If you have a laying flock why . -not cull them now, and sell us your non .layers? We "would like to buy several hundred at a time, but will take what you have. . Call Us for Delivery Dare Hope Locker & Processing Go. • SOUTH MAIN STREET New Serviee Offered to Stockmen ' "..'.-. .. - • -:• By ' -..-: " Sutton livestock Commission We take pleasure in announcing this new service for our friends and ; \- , • customers. / Six Day Per Week y Market Service / Beginning Mondoy, August 116th, 1954 Market Open 7:00 A,M. — 12:00 Noon Buyers on the Yard Daily to Offer Competitive Market Auction Sqle Every Tuesday,as Always Sutton Livestock Commission Cloud Sutton 67 West Ray Lawrence Phone PRospect 7-4451 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American Association Toledo 1.1, St. Paul 2 Charleston 5, Kansas City 0 Columbus 6, Indianapolis f> Louisville 4-7, Minneapolis 1-4 Texas League Oklahoma City 7, Beaumont o Dallas 3, Houston 1 _ Fort Worth 0, San Antonio 1 Shreveport 10, Tulsa 5 159i/>; Enslewood, N.J., —. Msukegon, Mich., — Kenny Lane 135 Muskegon. outpointed John Barnes 134 Detroit 10. FOR SCHOOL BUS PAINTING SEE JORDON'S BODY SHOP 500 S. Walnut fiaaJJf^'W 101 ! S-CURVE 3rd & Shaver Legal Notice Be sure you get the best of th^se big 4 1 performance _^ Do you want'livelier, smoother performance. on less gas?.Then be sure your new car has modern high-compression power. That s just what Chevrolet gives you-the highest'comptesstonpowei of any leading low-priced car. Come in for'a demonstration- ridel Watch Repair Guaranteed Pre* School Special, Bring'your watch In Keith's Jewelry NOTICE OF COUNTY CONVENTION Notice is hereby ' given thgtt the County Convention for the purpose of electing Agricultural Stabijiza- ion and Conservation County -Qom- mitteemen to serve during the 1954-1955 program year will be held in the Qourt House in Hope, Arkansas at 9:30 A. M.-Tuesday August 17, 1954. ', Delegates from each' of thy 12 ACP Communities in Hemps'tead County will convene on the above date and select the new County Committee by secret ballot. AH Delegates are requested and urged l ° a ° n HEMPSTEAD COUNTY A.S.C. COMMITTEE Aufi. 13 Legal Notice IN Fpr Complete Psr|8 gerylce for Holland and Ferd Tractors or Fallin Tractor Co. Mognolio, Ark, Pho. 8g, 689 % 1149-B mlt Control Service NOTICE THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF NO. 954 D, F. WIGGINS, deceased Last known address of decedent: Route 3, Hope, Arkansas Date of death: July 14, 1954 An instrument dated December 5, 1951, was on the 3rd day of August, 1954, admitted to probate as the' liist will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executor there*' under. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. AU persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the' undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication ol this notice, or they shall be forever barred ana precluded from any benefit t n the estate. - 4s notice -first published, 6th of August. '*"•- price Take a lo'ok at what you pay and what you get. You'll see that Chev. BSl'£ kstetsss - cars-and.can bwild them better to sell for Jess! 3 economy What's it going to cost to keep that P^^ i: Jn.jgasoline? In oil? What about service lad repair*? CbwfctaWlWJPu'O W *j»W Chevrolet 8«?tb5 SSJw JWM> of »H fpr JW~W..W» 0ovyn ovor all the miles, yo'y privet. , T^' ' '' by How'f DM tin* t» Iwyl C»t »w M|**J*f» "* i * t -jjMVV , w' V Pr{ddy, August 1§, 19§4' SLONBIt HOPE StAR, MJBP By Chitk Yttftf , *»' O THIS IS AWFUL— ) IM TOO'SICK TO GO ) T tivi TCI TUF rtFrtrer »' " - T.J T V.'ORRY ABObT THAT. OEAR-* rM GSMNG SHOPPING TQtfAY AND I'LL PICK UP YOUC * ^ WHILE DGN/JN.THERE Fill the Spaces •t />U-! I'M SICK, BUT I'M NOT -t THATSlCK.' OUT OUR WAY By J. R, Willlami ACROSS 60 Fencing sword 1-Talk of the « Pattern — DOWN 5, . in the j. Tissue • back 2 An —— 9 Corn on the examination 3 Man and -—4 Approaches 5 He and —6 Mongols ... -7 High notes 12 Great Lake 13 and hearty 14 Eggs ; 15 French general 17 Cover 18 Vigilant 19 21 25 Bewildered 46 Cushions ___„ 26Discoursed 47 Operatic solo 8 Vegetables 28 Finished , 48 Upon 9 Stadia 30 Russian sea, SO Religious lORortian poet 31'Depend '.book, 11 Commanded 33 Place again 01 ind c«°°",!,.16 Heavy white 35-— the facts skittles -' -Spangled . ppwder 40 With a! palate 52.— cheese ', ,-!L n..j 20 Fissures 43 Cotton thread 55 "O wad'.' some 22Corridor 45Connect 1 (two;.' : PoW' the 27 ue occasion 29 Without - • or favor ' • 32 Isis and 34 Human — : — 36 Fasten again 37 Dreary 38 Russian news , agency 39 Lived happily — — after 41 - as a fox 42 Slippery as an 44 Revise Knox words ) • ' 46 Incomplete " V 49 Nephew and •;, "i3 Metropolitan Museum 7 of [54 Reeled i 56 Do or -i—57 French novelist 58 Notion 59 • sack •'•• CARNIVAL fAse A JUCte'* MEMT.' ... WHO'S. SOlW ALL OUT FOR A PULL IS> CARRYIM' THE WHOLE -THERE'S MOTHIM' WROMO WITH/ TH' OLP 1 ~V NOTICE TH' <3L>V HIP TROUBLE A&AIN.EH? /HELPFUL FER. FEAR IT'LL LOOK LlkLE HE'S WORKIN' FOR A PULL.'"BUT TH' OTHER auy--BOV, HE'S REALLY 6OIW AFTER IT. VIC OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplq By Dick Turner D5 TK€ APRlCAi CWMSLE IW SHTA^ TK£ SLACKEST AUt- T, MAJOR NIC3WT AMD FEUT kf> MUCH AT HOCAS A6 IF X WERS FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergei "I got to figuring the other day.'Hemsley—-do you realize that it costs about $500 a rhile to run one of these •*'ies SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith ' ' -,W .'•• • _ '.-' .' • • C«»i »*-n r. Mrn«.v-*p|«- T 9M- i..1?5iOyli»Afnt«l5i,4(ip. , "Thi« e,«rtRinly (9 * bIN flits^hf 1 ! ftll fyf^ing wi$h hli mi $lm$, f - • : ?mm n • THAW AM 1 SHOULP WlLt?S WITH HAV- BEEN "flONJ OPENS ' ITS CASB WITH THE OPViC W.IMT.V. WASH TUBES ^ ML I KMOWI^^rf ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BUGS BUNNY NOT MV WALLET, ' , SVUVESTEf? 1 HOW/ CANNOT RENTiN' SHADE VA FROM TH' BEACH SUN? v-fe.'"^3iipsap *»• "•?* J* } : ':>sM ALLEY OOP ^Mr; Jones, the hospital frowns on this sort of ptcketingl"| PIE By Nadine Selzer AWRIGHT, NOW,..Y'5URe WANTA GO THROUGH ^"W, J ^* IS » r " 1 » i c"a««lc»l j HENRY . f TH1 STORY QF MARTHA WAYNI t . , teik

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