Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1896
Page 4
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CORNER. tell *nd whiter underwear, he hai W cornered the largert lot of nnder- ever brought to Logansport at time* prices for cash. Tbeie g*odi are direct from the factories and •( the best values In all lines for ladles, (•nts »nd children; go and Investigate •Bd It will not take you long to decide where to buy your underwear. '^m^B^^f^^^^jjfj- DAILY JOURNAL every d*y In the week (except by the Ix«iui«port Jour- •BTRTOHT ,..7T. .... Preildent V.V.V.......V10. Prertdent 8 ... ............ BecreUry , . -o .......... , B. BOTER FIWDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1890. REPUBLICAN TICKET. SS^frfntendent of Public Initructloii. ^ « f n 3' of Mar.cn County. . z. WILEY, of Benton County. por Congre». GEORGE W.-BirB. Joint Bepre»entatlve. . WnTBON L ot Ca.1 County. ft* KepreMntaUve-CHARLKB B LONG- COMPARES -THEM ' "The Republican party is unreBere- ' »dly for sound money,'" caused the •MCtment of the law providing for the nramptlon of specie payments In 1879; •Ince then every' 'dollar baa been as good as gold. "We are unalterably opposed to * T ery measure 'calculated to debase •nr currency or Impair the. credit of M r country. We are therefore oppo0«d «• the free coinage of silver except by international agreement With the lead- UK commercial nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to promote, '-' wid until then such gold standard must *• preserved. "All our silver and paper currency ..,««« be maintained at parity with :«old, and we *ayor all measures de- alCDed to maintain inviolably tbe obll- imtlons of the Unl'tea States and all our jaoney, whether coin or paper, at the present standard, tbe standard of the OM*t enlightened nations of the earth." —Bepublican platform. "We demand the free and,unlimited coinage of both gold and silver at the present legal ratio of : 16 to I, without waiting for the aid or consent of any •flier nation. We demand that the rtmndard silver dollar shall be a full . legal tender, equally with gold, for all debts, public and private, and we fav- •r »nch legislation as will prevent the demonetization of any kind of legal •tender money by, private contract"— Democratic platform. "We demand free and unlimited coinage of silver and gold at the pres- •nt legal ratio of 16 to l,"-Popullst platform,. 1892. "We hold to the use of both gold and •liver as tho standard money of the won try. and to the .coinage of both gold ami silver, without discriminating •gainst either metal or cnarge for mintage, but the dollar unit of coinage .!- - «f both metals must, be of eqwil Intrln- - ,;-.;itfc and exchangeable value or be ad!.;•'.. lasted through International agree:':^:, : ment or by such safeguards of legls- •?;;.'-''tatlon as shall Insure the maintenance .. i..»it the parity of the trro Metals and the ;.„',.: «qual power of every dollar at alltlmea •' -In the markets and In payment of debt, -•nd w«« demand that ail paper' *nrrency •hall be kept at par with and redeemable In such coin. WE MUST INSIST UPON THIS .POLICY AS ESPECIALLY NECESSARY FOB THE! PROTECTION OF THE FARMERS ANI> LABORING CLASSES, THE 'FIRST AND MOST DEFENSELESS VICTIMS OF UNSTABLE MONEY AND A FLUCTUATING OUR- ,BBNCY.--Democratlc platform, 1892. ..The campflre of tli» PJftli Indiana •Ca-vnllry shows tQie- real soldier Benti- mcn,t on the prcsldeutlnl quies.tfon..Tlmt rosfmem't was made up from the twelve OoagTOSsloiieiil dd'ati-iets nml contained lu Jts ranks men from erory county..-In itilio State. No regiment wns therefore more -ropresenitaU,ve. • At itlhe mcettog horo thwe were representatives from «11 over tho State, nod the sentiment of die Stale could be determined. Out of 'Blue Wo number to wttewdancc only throe were for Bryan, nod two o£ got <vnpry at praise of McKinley, maul left the 'hull. Tho 'Pharos •calls fhe speeches, "uu- fn«ir, unpatriotic nod ungeutleuvanly," In speaking of those of On.pt J<vhn C. Nelson, Dr. C. L. ThonwBi MaJ. B. P. iFiimoy and Cdl. Thomas H. Butk-r. The Pharos is a flno organ to toacli fairness, iviitriatism •ami loyalty -to party .principle, and' Hs tirade to this respect Js only minusing. The Pharos's disloyalty "to Cleveland is of too recent occurrence to be forgotten In this con- .uoctiou.. But itihe speeches were not unfair ami the real. .wealcness was shown by those who, conscious of their 'inability to Justify tihelr stnnd, In- anger left trie 'baffl. It.wns mot a inettag of the G. A. H., lui/t a •regilmcnital .reunion, to which erory member was free .to speak Ills .mind on uny subject, odd tlhe remarks should have been received respectfully. It was undoubtedly the consclous- iness that, the soldier sentiment of the State was so overwhelming as shown •by the reunion that .caused -.the anger. ~0f course M is'.'galling to 'the Pharos to have such Democrats us Dr. Thomas wad .Tudpe Nelson opposing the Chl- •cago platform.; It Is-'addlttoflally galling because that ils'tihe sentiment of seven 'hundred -or more Democmte In Logansport «lkme. Business men, pro- fessk>Bal men, worktogmen, all are alarmed art the dangers threatened by tho CWcago platform. And now that .It Is apparent that hundreds of Dem- ocriuU'C fairmers who do not care to be anaoyad .by the persecutions coming as a result of an open declaration, are' quietly ffolmg to the polls and vote for iflho stoblllity of the government and its financial system, the Pharos will have additional cause if or lamentation. IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT THE NEXT. HOUSE WILL HAVE A MAJORITY FAVORABLE TO THE FBEB COIN1A.G-B OF SILVER AT A RATIO OF 16 TO 1. WHEN IT BECOMES A DEMONSTRATED E1AOT THAT THERE IS •NO DANGER OF THUS COUNTRY ADOPTING TBFE SILVER STANDARD IN CONDUCTING THE BUSINESS OF THE OOtJNTKY, PROS- PE-BITT WILL OOMiE AGAIN AND, WTH LOWER TAXES. ON THE NECESSARIES OF WFE, EVERY KIND OF BUSaiNBBS WILL BOOM AGAIN.—Pharos editorial, March 12, 1896. Free coinage means that a government sihae stamp a certain amwunt c-f metal as of so much: wedght and purity. It must then go for wbat it 1« worth as 'bullion. Mexican, dollars now sell ta'-tbls country for 40 cents. SHver has ,gone down steadily while Wheat has gone up in the last three months. How wouW nn American like to hare a piece oC metal stamped "one dollar" by'the United States and selling for only 40 cents In nil otlher countries? refuse tb*( henever: . of the dny. In f^be • "Whenever' la- "ally; n ,uch an attempt »rds that, the m wlldered and Jiijerty. ia. c'lpled inen'at'Sarge-to'ehe faithful to obligations, to payment of *&&? that takes' place, it Ja oil \ done With the 'perm I hat«,the devil riding than I do the, .dev.ll^ law under him. ' Whoe established standards tanipeW'W very 'morrow and .vitality of public: faith. * » ' * ^Thejdapffer into whieb^ we are running 1 ia-nia'dcn" under the, mvaterv of finance nnd the currency-i AH •money is tiuVa :fep3«5^tt»e^fj proparty. As npw. ; by.faoiJHy <$,&***-; course, nil the world, Is one. open., mM-| ket, the need of one nnd the same stond-.i B rd of inoney,"ti 1 nif_6rm-, v ti»avei«al" i «»ar unalterably becoinfes''!'™^^!^; 111 '^ ••' • | ".Gold Is the world's- standard;' -Gold; is the universal Measure of Vulua; Other | kinds of .money 'there. arerTSJlyeiy co-p-jj peri paper— but they all must eqnfppnj to gold nnd be rneasured J)y it and be( ' andj Interchangeable ;tvith It, In,, .fixed a definite proportion*. - 'Gol'd is'Icing >n' commerce. All othertnoney inu»tJr«p-'j resent gold. No. vote.of;legi«)a ture^aw change tbe nature, of commerce, ,the- nature of property;'the'nature of its] representative in money or -the-relative: superiority or inferiority..^ ..different? currencies. Gold came to.ita,su:prfmacy'; as a representative o'f property r by,.tbel long-established consent of' mankind.: Congress cannot change''It for''the! world, nor even for thls ; nntlohi except ..upon post transactions, It mnyuglve: Impunity to men to cheat: : ',QO.nftding|. creditors, but it cannot,n^e.th^ynlu^of, currency in nil future transactions.,,.. ! "The crime of paying a debfln it cur-|j rcncy Inferior In value'.tp'lljat in whichj it was eontractea,'base'n't'all times and; anywhere, haa a deeper gtiflt 'and a| baser Infamy In our case. 1 .' When In our, mortal struggle capitalists were..«ojioit-; ed to lend their money to us on the.lalp'; of the nation, we were too glad,-most- grateful, foriheJr nld. TKen they, were! not grasping and swollen'usurers: 'Oh,; no! They were benefactors'/ 'We''re-| joiced in their bounty nnd gave:thanks' for their confiding faith in our, national honesty. Now. our danger»^past v ^we revile them, finding no epithets top.ylo- lent, und strive to pny them,, not. gold; .for the-.gold they 'lent our "misery, but; in a dishonest measure 'of an Inferior, Tnctnl. ' *" "In the court of the. ^commertiali world's conscience we shall be.conrict-; cd of endeavoring to cheat the men who! came to our rescue in the dark _ day. This congress would not have existed,; nor any government of the ' United States, but for the strength given to-our' armies by foreign capitalists, and now to return their.aJd..by a.bose tr.eacheiy.i is to deserve an infamy as deep,as .the; lowest' depths of hell. But woe to those men,.bull-headed, without eyes, who are: attempting to undermine the'Integrity and simplicity of the nation." ,'• Wheat, Cotton and Silver. ,. •• •While Bryan ia telegraphing tlie New, York Journal that "the.-gold standard makes a dearer dollar, a dearer;dollar means falling prices, and falling:prices mean hard times," the prices, of .wheat, i corn'and cotton are going-, up,, and. tho; price of silver, the supposed barometer; of prices of farm products; Is going, down; UNDERWEAR at the WHITE HOUSE, TODAY - Everything from a 50 cent Suit to the Finest Garment made. "\yesoJieitaninspection. GRACE & Co. The White House Clothiers and Furnishers 316 Market Street. was no longer possioje to make' a con- Jackson »ad Beaton TTere for * Gold Standard. i Jefferson, In 1783. wrote: "Just 1 te«f to one) tendency Is to rid _ gold currency and leave, ue nothing but ; fUver;' y The hc'JBe committee in 1834, report> *d- "The d'e»ideratum In the monetary I bi£Q JJI^vt **•** v priOC . VL D - countries with, which we shall f nally be connected in (sommerrcc and to See an average from tlhem. I very much 'doubt a right now to change tbe ivalue.'and especially to lessen it." -.;The house committee in 1821, report is BufBcient to know, by un- eicce phased to be a coin of circulation. * *, Danerjuu "^= -.- « . . ceasea «> DC ^ declared t h« law. Of course, in Ume the hemp. "-Mr Hooper. would be secured and the farmers sup"• - -~' t ~ ' plied, but the new way of domg business vrould be more costly. reiu ^ the money unit."-Mr. Hooper, eeveral . The principal change proposed by P 1 *™ 21 " the bill was in "more clearly specify- J ; and to j the ^ old do u ar as the unit of value. , * • »rThe time has come.in this country when the gold dollar should ' be distinctly declared to be the coin representative of the money unit. — Mr. Stougbton^ i RIGHT OF CONTRACT. To Be Abridged by Brj»n and BU Pof»- I Demo Pwtjr. The Cordage Trade Journal of Oc«d ; "The Ge»Kierai.uin m w»c **»"* j tober 1 diBcuwes a part of the Chicago 'nvrtem ifl a standard c-f uniform value. | platform which has not thus far re•|W« canmot BBcertnini that both metnU ; ce i ve d the attention which ft merit»- httve ever circulated simultaneously, ! that part which proposes to take &w»y ooWrently. and indiscriminately in the right of private contract The Jour- -^wiuntiry where there are banks or I — •. —. ^nt. »T,« ^^ UB trv.f.f'-«nv «iz« -.-.... 1 _«.J.«»»lAl«t t>U» money dealers, and we entertain the conviction that the ncorest approach to en invariable standard ta ite "f* 1 ^: memt in one metal, which, metaJ shaU compose exclusively the currency for lure paymentB." AndreW Jackson, in 1836, wrote: "There is no fraud in gold. It is unchangeable and will do its. office every- w ,ber e and at oU tJmes. Labor imperte an invariable value to it." Benton, in 1834, sold in debate: It (cold) han •an. intriiosic value, which a-ives it cnrreacy all over the world to the full amount of that value without reran] to law or circumstances. It has n uniformity' of value which makes it the safest standard of value of property which the wisdom, of '"«« hnil vetdis- coveirod. money gives — r ~—and command of aiTother money. " Following this debate the act called 'the "administration gold bUy intended to put the country on.a samgle - - ,vas passed, 145 to 30 in nal says,that '.'no.industrylof'.'any size can exist without the use of cOntracta, agreements for the purchase, sale, de. livery of and payment for goods. It i» hardly necessary to point out what this means in the cordage business.'.' It then explains how rope manufacturers make contracts with brokers, and brokers with foreign growers of manilla, or sisal, for their raw materials. Having made these contracts, they are in a. position to make contract* with large jobbers and rope dealers. Continuing, the Journal says: "Contracts are necessary to the successful transaction of business upon any scale above that of the very small retail trade, where goods, .MwUaoney pass between buyer and seller simultaneously. Mr. Bryan would.,!* presU » wisdom of man. has yetdis- neO usly. Mr. Bryan would^if presl- Its superiority over adl other denti g - ive his .approval to Iaw« whicn ivcs ita possessor t(he choice j wonld prohibit business' ^ncn from . ... ,, .. » I .* • . v™* 4Vtofr c>inll KPll ITOOuf Tlie Pharos pretends to. believe that under free coinage at 16 to 1 silver will rise to a parity with gold. If free coln- aige wJOl bring about *hds result now, wihy did it not do so to 1873 when stiver was worth a fraction of a cent more tban gold? And why did it act do it when the ratio was changed In this country from 15 to 1 to 10 to 1 to meet ttoe market price? The Plwiros does not. believe what it assorts.' It. knows better. It i» .attempting -to deceive Its reader*. Loyal Democrats If Uiey vote the Bryan" ttefcet must vote for five Popu- llsts nma toynl PopnTiats M. thcy a rote the Bryan jDUjket must vote for ten Democrats. This is the way tbe State electoral ballot Is matt«'ifl>/ It Is now being printed awl there Is no recall Tlie sound mouey Dcoiocrnlts taive the only strnighit Damocra.tic ticket In tibe. flokl. . . . • •ffOlU'BW'JiUtw^t »>«»» j^—-*-» -the house and 35 to 7 in the senate, and sijrned by Andicw Jackson, president, " house committee, in 1853, report-j property is now measuired WDUJU prohibit business ---specifying what they shall sell, goods for or what they filial! pay for goods, thus seriously restricting the right c* contract. His 'first nomination— In Chicago-was based upon his acceptance of a platform which contained the foUow- ing plank: -• -we domnnd that the standard «llvw favor nieh . wed rather as tokens than as standard • provent tho «^«...^ ' money of the United • by '-',, STEWART'S ARGUMENTS. i ^Sp^ibjy the United States supreme *-**• - l ^S rklnBni " to con '' S£SJ£3£i ^IS'ten- Thc question will never be fettled j der act^-and-what? ^Vput*™ you determine the simple ques- I not tell thejpeople ^nom IH; 3 3 Vk^/U^u «*' m—— v the consumer pays all costs, farmers would have to subm price* for binder twine, as for thing else they buy. And yet Mr. Bryan, claim!, to be the particular friend of agriculturists! "It is to be hoped that the businessmen of the country will carefully consider what the proposed interference•with "the right to enter into a contract- to pay and kind of money would result in and then vote for a candidate for president who will preserve the freedom-. >f commerce.'^, Cnba'i Dl»««r»«to« Experiment. Cuba is furnishing a, nearby example- of the beauties of government regulation of the value of money on tbe Bryan plan. Capt. Gen. Weyler hod a deficient. Sy of caaU, and so he had the Banco- Espaaol put out a lot of paper money and .issued, a stringent, edict that «ery- bcdv should take it at a par with gold, As the island is practically under martial law, there was' government control of the currency at its best. If you. take the banic bills at pal, you were liable to be shot. Even Bryan SSS tt SS keeplT/ S*% at par ? Not for » day. JOmost —*«*• ly they were at a discount, wt amounted to -20. per cent. £• and bayonets you cannot make jual-adollar. Weyleriamhad ive .up trying. .He -baa finally allowed the Havana stock exchange. b> quote the value of the bank bills in gold. We were going to •***•**£"£ the pdwerlessness of law to establish the value of money, but we remember in time that Cuba ha* J— **•« * ' 000000 population to our that she never put down tie rebellion of modern tim««J but her, inhabitants are not tho richest, proud-; est most intelligent people on earth, and BO we are not BO sure. Her«u»U only a part of universal experience, but we have changed all thot.-N. Y. Post. ._ An Unworthy CltUen. Silverito Orator-What we want i« free coinage give u* It would give us ta. no one -will It.'—W. Imagine such Demtocraits as Dr. Hattery, T. J. Tu-ley, Paul Taiber, .Tudige Wtaflcld and the like walking up and voting a onc-tMrd Populist ticket? IThey. wxBi'it do it. A-nd- .ilmafflne such PopnJ'tets. as Amos Keeport, WUllam Powell, Tom Rogers and .the like voting a lmx>-thards DemocraUc tifcket? 'They won't do It. • And so Judge Dykeonan saj-s throngli *he columne of the Piharos thlat ho vot- •ed for "a fraud" four y«iars oigo. Did he do *t purpcwely or ignoramtily?, H spurposely, ihe tfliouM mot be. listened to in bis counseJs now. If lie did l ! t Ignor- mntly, then the chances aire tlinrt he Is just as ignorant now; ' Bryan must demodify his. farm, pirod «ct speeches or he wi}l ; have.to toea euch hard questions as: "What about wheat and cotton? Are their prices going up in sympathy with, silver or because of a shortage of foreign crops? What connection is there,'anyway, .DC- , twoon the prices of farm.productsand of aUver?" ' . .... ,:;;..,£; : Of course Bryan can'answer rill sucb qtieetlons. In iaott-he-yiare '.'dead easy for a powerful man who .can lift tbe price- of all tho silver in the yforkLto twice its preseit height, but it » just as well to avoid all unnecessary, embar; rassment. . . . , .._•_ • ,•,.!•>:•'.', . • ' . A .Few Facti. .... „: .•»::•.; ..In. 18T8 form prodtictB.w.ere lo^er tban eves- before since the clyll war, and the "greenbackerB" .were arguing -that, the preparation for-resumption on-January I.- .1879, had .produced tho hard times, and their advocated tried to postpone .the date tor resumption..,BuME- .Bumptio.n came. January 1,18T9, ; andHo. .2 cash wheat sold at 81%.; byMay it wa-i .up. to 51.01%, and by December,. 1?W? was up to W.S3V4, Com ,was ; 2?%* January, 1879, but in December,, 1879... it was 43%. ,.. '• , .-,. •'.-..-j;.!.;-- i':"ti| Such facts need to be borne in.nim* at this -time, when BO many.,.,IaJ»e theories are afloat. r . •-•. _••••:,. i.i.v"'".' ... ;if a merchant marks up his.pribes Mid p'eople refuse to buy, he still has his goods. If a worldngman undertakes-to mark up his wages and. employer* decline to pay, where is be? . What InteUi- gent wage-earner can vote: .for...Tn»j higher prices of cheaper money ana trust to luck to Inerease his wages pro* portlonately? '''"",'' '"'" J goW, ana goia uus ««" v"j —.-- _-do not care how much you discuss it or j and now many resolutions you pass, they do , not make any difference. You must j iu _ to thfesame conclusion that all ' ^c man, but also givos an e Bryan In Newark, Sep- only shows the purpose, of -otnTr peoVTe haTe-that gold L.recoff- I « an a very clear conception.^ Mr <ni7ed a* the univer 6 al standarf of value. ' Bryan's skill as a logioan. H be It is the measure by which your wealth anything at ell about coi .must be tested. It has been and always ' lifffb iood of which he scffl the touchstone of measurement, interfering with—ne '-'- -'OM depart from that ond try ' ^ o execution of his ju-uic ap any. other measure which I an instant cessation tue ^orld does not recognize you get t j Tity , which would •into confusion. Attempting to rcconci e them, :it is idle to talk about. It is idh- to talk about compromising on an> other measure of value. The world will not accept it. We have the »P™' of every nation that has tried it, and ,t bus been tried in almost every civilized nation. * * * Do not let us try to deceive the American people. Do not let W; .try. to.moke them.believe by_soiM both gold nnd silver. S—But wouldn't free coinage at sixteen to one drive gold out of circula- ion, in accordance wiUx the Gresham la a ? 0.-My friend, Mr. Bryan proposes to repeal any law that is work- tag in the intereet of the goldbugs tn» TjVltYi "Ilit-.u »iw-«" — resumption upon'a restricted and *^ r , •, • Yt • +1-1A n( a.-iiui> the jQreBhain law is a not. oral law, like the law of gravitation, S. O.-My friend,,you are a pessimist and don't know that you are a citizen- of the grandest country on earth-ona that cnn "without the aid or consent of any other nation" repeal even the law of eravitationitself if it should become- a tool of Wall, street. Shame on youl You don't belong to this country. As-l was Raying— _^ _„ Bow Bryan Will "Do" tbe Tn»W. Mr. Bryan to theTroste-*oufellow» are not in it with me. You thinkyouT* m ' a restricted and an- are not in it with me. iouwuu«.jrv. +• ,« hnsis Methods which the com- ' doij i g grctt t tbiaga-when-you put tique ba«.b. , M ^. scardcd gcn , rat io us ; toe | r f co O f one thing at a time--. , . .._•!.. :.^.A .it/, * ««^ tnr* it. llpSidCS* t>Uu mercial world nco would have to be brought in to us* for carrying on busisicss under the con- vvoald the hemp come from- Butmj us-T-rv iv. .iiituvv- v"'-— — - manKinu. uu nv _._ . v _/„„*«,„„«.> I «.„„!, im-mers wanted tv Let them know the facts now. ffiuc h farmers wanted e^ that it would be highly injur,- ous to this oountry..to again inflate the * * * I. need not enlarge twine,' : «'ffcn it tuo price «- -^— -— ^. vou ire* cussed for it besides. littie silver trust scheme put- T, on everything at once, and —_ _ think we're doing 'em a favor. YotrfeK lows are too slow. There has been, no time since t&o- resumption of specie.payments inl878i' when the depositors in savings banks- could not'get "back'as good money a» they earned and put in., Do.thcy wan* even to "chance It" on getting 51-een* or even 7E-cent silver dollarE? rency. t This country has felt that too to- require- that I should . men- It matters not what kind to-thm. It maers no of tt depreciated, currency you have, it nsauinevils- '73. _ "The Crime, of The following «'* ton .silver dollar bhould no longer made in the house of retain Highest of all in Lcayedng Strength-latest U. S. Gov't Report. PURE

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