Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 13, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 13, 1954
Page 6
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E V^V i -t f y t ,--t£s, r ,1 s f A ft , HOPE, ARKANSAS fhostly goia^ to charily. I ' *tfh$ CoiWiianS have a few ! chah'tft to feel their seventh victory Pi 41 giSftes beesusft they havfe first rate tsassers and because the Liens will I 1 ftandlcsiprd by pi&y Ing tinder college rules. The Lions, remain one touchdown Tatiltft of Maryland, coach of the tiatbn's No. i college les-m last fail A'/ill probably start Zek* &rstkowski,at quarterback for the All'Stars. Bfalkowski completed 360 paSses out of 734 attempts for 4,803 yarf|',tfnd 24 touchdowns in ihteiiyS'ea'r's' fit ^Georgia. Backing hltn tip arc Coltoh Davidson, Bay 16r!*'tiobby tJatrfitt, Stanford; L.1 miu-.McHan, Arkansas; and Vindo Auburn, all top-notch NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, til. <#! tfogs 6,500; active; weigh!* over 180 Ib 25 to mostly 50 higher than yesterday's avsrnge; spoH tip more; lighter weights 575 higher; choice load choice No. 1 and 2 24.1; odd loads 25 Ib 250270 Ib 'Lions, champion.--, of the tlonal Fooibatl League, have great bassor in Bobby Layno, but coach Buddy Parker may save him for the regular season and depend Oh Tom Ditbiihski. Ft'fther more, the Lions must use their men on Lbth offense and defense wlierea/! prd football is still playing two platoons and liking it. Neodloss to BOWS 255 higher; 223 'Jb 23.7524.; bttik one list presented a fttixed Centre. The market *thrtM off in gob:t i'ashion and then r*i into difficulties. It staged a pai-tial recovery, however, and gaifledl back a litile of the lost ground. '. Aircfafts showed ^eaUness, But os a :raiis Enowta TIKUHIICSH, uu group the alrcttafts anl kirt Ib 21.2522.35, 20.SO; 1701SO to 23.75; 150170 down to 23.00; most 23.0075;' few 180320 ... _ dred industries were \ mixed. fev/ Ib head down lo 22-.7523.(K>, few :! 1.5022'ift; 120 Itiallzflflofl. hereto*- -,««;• flrtt nw at pr&R«* • market fact »8 ihert- . .. 140 Ita 20.0051.25; EOWK 400 ib dowft J8.2S202S, lew lots 20.50; heavier sows I6.tol7^5j bofirn I0.001d.00. Cattle 1,000, calves 500; sters tiftd heifers confined mostly to in dividual ho&d an a few small lots, including some choice yearlings steers as high ns 335C; mainlj Legal Notice good and choice stars and heil crs 19.0022.00; cows active nh1 fully steady; some stresk- on cut tef and low 'utility'grader: utility cows 10.0012.50, canncrs and cut |jfeo£ ' %t ^" ib v a ^em P tcd byjfoj«'ia/oresaid. S^Mi5^. e ££,. PROPOSeo, CONSTITUTIONAL " AMENdMENT NO. 49 Bfi rr.RESOLVEQ by the House « Representatives of the State of Ark- antes, and by the Senate a Majority of all the Member* Elected \o Each House Agreeing Thereto! .T§AT? THE POLLOW1NO is hereby proposed'as an amcrtdhiertt to the Coh-i ifltltulion of the- Stale of Arkansas, and i upon be Ing - submitted., -to* .the electors of the Stale for approval or rejection at the, next, general elec-, SoiT for Representatives and Sen- atdrs. it a majority of the elect6r« votliig .thereon, at'such ah electton, adotifs such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Consll- ;tu«on -of the' State of Arkansas, 'to^ SECTION l'. The Executive DSpart- meht of this State shall consist of a governor, Lieutenant Governor. Secretary, of State. Treasurer of Stnte. Auditor of State, Attorney General, and Commissioner of State i Lands, all of whom shall keep their oHIOeS at the seat of .Government, and hold their loices for the term of two years and .until thdlr successors are elected * n sECrriON e 2'. The annual salaries ot such State officers,, which shall be paid in monthly installments, shall be as to The S: Governor. the ' rom of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($16,000.00); the Lieutenant.Governor, the sum of Three. Thousand .and Six Hundred Dollars ($3,000,00): the secretary of State, the sum of Seven Thousartd nrtd Two. Hundred Dollars ($7.200.00); the Treasurer of State, the sum of Seven .Thousand • and Two Hundred pouars '(»7,200.00); the Auditor of Slate, the sum of Seven ThousandI andI , Two Hundred Dollars ($7.200.00): the At- torney»Qeneralj .the- sum of. Eight Thousand Dollars (M.000,00): .and the Commissioner O f State Lands, the sum ,of-Six Thousand Dollars (*8,000,00). v SECTION ,*3. The 1 above- mentioned • State v Officers shall be elected by the Qualified electors of the State 'at large at the Hme * of the regular 'general election for vollnc for members 'of th'e' General Assembly; the returns of each election therefor shall be sealed' up separately and transmitted., to-the seat of government by the returning 'officers not later' than the , last; day. o£ j November of the year in whlph the electton is hold, and'shall be-directed to thesSpeafc er'pf-'the House of Representatives.! The, General Assembly shall <-onveiie in special session on -the first Men- flay in December of the- year In Which the members of the General Assembly are eldcted and" shall be in session for a, period not to ex- c%ed 4brne~- days.- Mhless ^called into spedlal session by , the Governor At sUph I session of/the General Assam• ' and upon both Houses being ana, .«P°n gpea)? ^ r o{ ^ Ho{js ^ ui ncu»Boc..Mives shall open' and publish thai votes' cast and given for each ' of the officers •. hereinbefore mentioned, in' the presehbe of both Houses of the General Assembly. The 'pei-son having the highest number of votes for each of the respective offices shall bo , declared .duly elected Hereto;'-arid shall 1 ^Immediately be- Bfn''Ws' term of-offioej but « two or .more .shall be equal, the highest • for the same office, one of u ,all 'be:chosen' by a Joint vote & Houses, of,' the Genera) As",'- and' a, majority of all the ..arsy elected shall -be necessary to 1 a choice, • i SECTION 4, The. General, Assembly shrfir meet, in tegular-'session' of" Six. 'ty (60) days,.iYKhlch needfnot be ,conr jlntwus,- ^ljthe» seat' ofj^overnmeht *• - - jrj - years on 'we* iirsf Mon- iary of i«ach odd. numbered ,p<L.<;t>At>g<d b< and soj'beahs 83 ctents lower to higher, September §3.08'/i- &M. Wheat: No. 3 reel 2.12 • ~>. Corn: tin. 1. yellow 1.68: No. 3 1.65; No. 3'1.621/2: Sanijil? 'fefado 1.59'60. Oats: No 1 honvy whit* 79'/2-80; No 2 79'/ 4 ; No. 1 extra heavy white 80" 2 ; No. 1 white 77; No. 2 75; No. 1 heavy mixoi.1 ?9i/ 2 . Soybeans: none. Barley nominal; fnftlting 1.4050; feed 95-1.12. . Motors did Qilite wcU .iaiotig -with .he railroads and ollst 'the stels were mixed as wer6 4hc Utilities. ...... .. A •. . POULTRY ANb More than 45 per cent of U. S. deaths now occur in hospitals compared to about- 33 per cent iti 1936. .:••'•"' Handling of Feed Is Discussed LlTfLtT ROCK UP), State and tion Committee. M. D. Morgan, state ASC administrator said the meeting is open to any feed dealers who wish to assist iii setting a fair handling officials will meet with rep j charge. Friday, Augusf 13, ' " receive federal aid arc Eenton, Boone, Can-oil, Crawford, Frank lin, Johnson, Logan, Madison, New. (on, Sebastian and Washington. fes'enta j tives of the feed industry | The eleven Arkansas counties to formed, here Friday to set a fair handling ~ fee for the distribution of federal When hydrogen burns, water is owned in eleven northwest Ar katlSas counties designated as drouth disaster areas. James Browning of the Agricul lure Department's commodity sta biligation service will meet with fed men and the state Agiiciil tiiral Stabilization and CoriserVn cttidAtio (UP) .-. Live poultry: Market .4to&dy, 11 trucks. . i ' Chicago poultry board pl'lfio changes since yesteMay: Mehs: Colored over S )bs 16'2 its a pound. Fryers: Colored, white rock, and commercial lefgely 10.50 upl ters . 8.0010.50; bulls' and fealer; unchanged; utility and cornmercia build 11.5013.50; canner and cu^ ter bulls tl.OOll.OO; high choice and prime vealers 20.0021 00; good and choice 17.0019.00; commercial and low 'good-13.001'.00; culls 9.00 11.00. Shop 500; spring lambs active pnd strong; spots highor. quality considered; choice and prime Plymouth rock 21, Broilers: Colored, White, Rock, gray cross, white cross 2fi. Commercially grown fryers: White rock 20. Pigeons 2.50. Butter: 053 t 544 pounds. , Market steady. '93 score 50% eetnts a pound; 92 score ;0'/ 2 ; 90 score 54 . , (.arlots: 90 score 54%; 09 score. 53. Eggs: 7*983 cases. Market -tirrn. White large extras 'GO-fig.!) '•• per cent A an dover 43'A cents a iprings scarce, few small lots 22.0050; one small lot 23 Oo; run mostly good and choice lot 23.00, run mostly good and choice kinds iO.5021.50, including ona lot fresh, shorn 21.00; scattering utility and good 17.0020.00; part deck good yearling wethers 16.00; slaughter owes '3.004.00. 56 l ,i;; 90 j score (19 score.' " dozen; mixed 60.9 per cent large extras A arid ovc-r 6034; . standards K3; current receipts : 26; dirties and checks 23. "• NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORKWl Prices moved irregularly today in tl'c stock market, and by early afternoon the say the Lions are unhappy. Coach Parker measured • up to the problem of creating an all t'round, one platoon iquad out of Kis two platoon specialists by us ing his regular .offensive line — which will average 238 p2ounds in front of a patched bockficlcl that GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO OB Grains churnec 'any definite trend; on tne Board about 'nervously ' without settih? any definite trend on the Board o: Trade today Prices moved lower at tho start Around mid-day a rally got under way, led by soybeans an dwheat Best prices could not:be held, how ever. Several soybqan future dropped back below the • previou close. In general, Wheat and rye wer tronger than the rest of the mar ket. ; . ; Wheat closed %-l'/2 higher, Sep tember $2.12V 8 --'/4. corn %- : tower September $1.63 ^B, oats. >l£.lowe to 'A higher, September 72% rye -1 nigher,: September $1.16 includes, besides Dublinski, Doak Walker, Jack Christiansen and Lewis Carpenter. Tattirn has created a backfielc lo support Bratkowski by teaming his own Chester Hanulak With No ti-e Dame's Johnny Lattner and Neil Worden. In' all tht collegians will start three men from Mary land and three from Notre'Dame The garrfe,*v which, starts tt" 8:30 p.m. "EST, will go,to'B70 in'dio sta tiohs on the WGN-Mtitual network and to 164 television,-station^i «in tha DuMont network, the biggest TV coverage ever. Not proceds go to the Chicago Tribune Chari ties, Inc. Announcement... Starting August 16 I will be connected with JOHNSON ELECTRIC COMPANY and I invite cill my friends and customers to call on me at 319 West Second Street. Phone 7-2155 C. P. Rettig SCOTT'S WEEK-END SPEC! AS "V •?, Friday, Auguit 13,1954 HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS •"•-""••-•'""• ••-"•* SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. once Geist, with a bridal shower at the home of Mrs. Cecil Biddle on Monday night at 7:80. BEAUTY SCHOOL Will Open August 30th COME BY 220 OLIVE IN TEXARKANA ' AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ... WE WILL GIVE YOU AN APPLICATION BLANK AND MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CLASSES Duke Marsh - - - - Irene Youngblood Co-Owners and Instructors Corduroy Yard goods. Extra special only 77cyd Flour Sack Towels Large size. Unhemmed Special 17c Towels Cannon'towels, first quality. Size "20x40. 2for75c CanikterSet 4 piece yellow sunflower design. Special 67c Kleenex Regula.il '.-.V Saturdays-only. ' Unbleached Muslin 40 inches wide. 80 Square. Special 2!k yd. Pricella Plastic Curtains Blue, green, white, red and maize. Can't be wrinkled. 98c Special Chewing Gum and Life Saver Mints. Special 3 for 10c of Legal Notice the sum ^ , n»o shaU receive' i»nhe.lp pf .Twenty-four Hundred except "the •xc •JjiHTraMlvi »-Kff'IBSwy W««j? !i n ve" RUndred end Fifty Dollar* («.. 550.00)7 for 1 .«ch period of two (2) years (laysble at SUC>>- time and in. mWi manner, as. the General Assembly may determine; and in aocutjpn "tf such salary the members,of the beneral Assembly shall r*?elvo Ten Cents (We) 'per mile for each mile traveled "in going J to and re urnlng from the-aest pf government over 10 moSt direct and prftCticaWo route: Lr. *«^?r..S-j - '••-thef.. that when said id* to • attend an ' ' session of shall re- PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AM£NDMENT,NO. 44 BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of tlie State of Arkansas, and by th« Hoiufe of Representatives, a Majority of all the Members Elected to Each House ^Agreeing Thereto: Thit the following is hereby proposed as »t> amendment to the donsufutioo of the State of Arkansas/ and upon being submitted to the electors of the Slate fpr approval or rejection at the next General Elect on for Hepre. senletlve, and Senators,- It a majority of toe electors'voting <thereon, at such an election, adopt guch amendment. the same-shall become-» part of tto*,Constitution oti.the-iState of Arkan- ^IfecTiON 1, From and after the adoption- ot fltta ameodtoent, ttie ter of f office . oft Governor ,of the sta tee Gevej'nor shall" not be eligible to Eucceea - nljnseM. <, Provided how r &er; ffils amendment shall not appjjr to the person elected as Governor at the General Election to be held to SECTION'*!' Atter |he'e«ecttve date ol/this amendment, the, Governor shall bVproWptfffi .<ron»' B"ng, an active part or using Ms office In favor of *• ,? any., candidate. tor .ny is the Best •and prpvWed/ fur-,-. -.,,., imempew. are -required' i ySVaOTainary or 5 spe$la He General; AsseroWnt PBV,. , ..^y they „„.<»,'*..and mile- rpfc herein pro- or a consti ealnn itutio ional office in any n ial OF General Election, Where the Governor hlmseK Is aanB"d8U, in* which event, he will be authorized to be active in his own oehajE A vjaiaUon ot this section shaft b« a misdemeanor from whWlSp Governor shall have no Immwtiy Irem nrrest, prosecution and triBl, Upon conviction, he sh»U ilne4 not l , less than Five Thousand (I3WO.OO) nor more than Twenty Mmnf PoUar. (p.ooo.oo), fn/addltipn thereto, shall auto. Dollar* Twe end / , matlcaljy Wrtelt his office and the Sutles, power- and. authority ot the Governor'J ottlcs shall be immediately ssunwd' by "he Weutenant Governor. conviction would Hnally be «» thf Governor shall b* 3? A^Part. - the Con- Uen fi conflict w}th ttl« amend- *h* »««>• w » bereb3r per day required t° '»? the same Ut U* Initall That BROKEN GLASS H<IY§ that broken autp today. We recog- Used Parts u « You'll have a Bigger Car! Today's Pontiac is the biggest ever built. In fact, no car near its price provides you with the road-hugging comfort and stability of Pontiac's long wheelbase. And Pbntiac's size is apparent, too, in its roomy Body by Fisher that lets you relax amid every, fine-car luxury and appointment) You'll have Finer Performance! Today's Pontiac is the most powerful ever built. Pontiac's big, husky engine puts you in command of more power than you're ever likely to need. 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Today & Saturday BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM SPITTING THUNDER AND FURY! :Robert STACK • Coleen GRAY • Richard JULIE BISHOP • LEON AMES ADDI:D >'• . « ALSO & W!LD BILL ELLIOTT in 'LONE STAR VIGILANTE" PLUS Chapter 12 of Serial "GUNFIGHTERS OF THE NORTHWEST" "Perils of the Mounted Police" & "Mugglc Tough" Cartoon '• ::1 MM* SPECIAL SHOW TONIGHT-T 11 P.M. ITS FUN! ITS FOOLISH! IT'S FANTASTIC! IT'LL CHASE ALL YQUR SUPERSTITIONS AWAY! — ON.THE SCREEN — & CASPER THE GHOST CARTOON |* SUN, & A GREAT STORY OF TH.I WAR;.. A STORY Of; A 0REAT LOVEI fl^Jftfl^B^P^ffv^B. *£*PJ^>'* SPifS^ ni .'.I', iV,vf~ ,A. ' jrt«<TMb.»%fB*** ^M^fe.4!' jthitiL' .,y i^u J;: ,^«.i3i Tuesday August 17 Mrs. Pauline Sanders will entertain the members of Popla{ Grove 196 with the regular monthly social on Tuesday, August 17, The Golden Circle Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, August 17, in the home of Mrs. P. L. Perkins, Instead of August 10 as originally planned. Coming and Going Miss Margaret Arnold of Min- Ucn, La., and Miss Mary Wallis Harris of Baton Rouge, La., will arrive Saturday for a week end visit with Mrs. John H. Arnold. Judy Beth Davis and Patsy Burroughs returned home from Junior G. A. Encampment at Ferncliff, where they spent a week. Misses Jacque Williams, Jan Moses and Jane Burroughs will remain -far 'another week as staff members of the camp. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Minnie G. West, Hope, Billy G. Russell, Hope, Mrs. Nolen Clark, Emmet, Jessie Faye Witherspoon, Rl. 4 Hope. Discharged: Mrs. B. E. Greene Patmos, Mrs. AV. C. Houston, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Dale McKissack Pit. 3, Jlosston, have a daughter born at 10:24 a. m. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs". Carl Ray Turner, Rt. 2 Hope, have a son born at! 5:46 p. m. Wednesday. Mr .and Mrs. Nolen Clark, Emmet, hnve a son born at 2:45 n. m. Thursday. PRESCOTT NEWS 4-H'ers Return From FayettevUle Nevada County delegates to the Annual 4-H Club Week at the University of Arkansas participated in many of the 40 activities that took place throughout the four-day program. First place winners receiving ,"A" awards were Tommy Cottingham. Pleasant Hill and Reginald Martin, Bluff City on the team demonstration in Forestry Mr. and Mrs. Dick Johnson. Mrs. Edna Brasher, Bill Brasher and C. R. Crofford have been the guests of relatives in Murfreesboro. Johnny Sloam of Little Rock is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Teeter. Mr. and Mrs. George Christoph cr and George Hamilton have re- they have b^en visiting Dr. and Mrs. T. L. Bennett Jr. .Mrs. Harry Daniel and daughter, Patricia Ann, of Monroe, La., have been the guests of her mother, Mrs. Bob Stewart. ****** and Robert Smittle, Bodcaw, talk- turned from Florence, Ala where fcst, George Hicks, Caney was Southwest District winner in soil conservation judging Melviu Hil- clebrand and Jackie Walker, Bluff City were second place winners on the soil conservation team demonstration. Other "1-H'ers receiving "A" awards were Evoric Stewart, Pleasant Hill on home management and La Don Ward and Elizabeth Butler, Bodcaw, talent contest. Mary Lou Martin, Bluff City, gave a safety demonstration and Dale Booker partcipated in. the tractor driving contest. Leaders accompanying the 4-H'ers were Mrs. Elmer May, Mrs. T. J. Sllvey and Mr. Ed Martin, Bodcaw. Twelve Nevada County 4-H'ers received certificates on^ "How to Graduate in 4-H." Four-sessions were devoted to this theme. One was "How to Become a Leader" Another "How to Have What It Takes for Good Personal Relations.!' and a third on "Vocational Guidance" and fourth "How to Become A 4-H Leader. The 4-H'ers toured Johnson's Rainbow Trout Farm and Lake Atlanta at Rogers as an added attraction. Another highlight was a visit to the University farm for chicken barbequc, a western musical and games. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK , — Selected radio programs tonight: NBC — li Hear America Swingin'; 3'30 Listen to Washington. CBS — C:30 Godfrey Digest; 7:SG Jack Carson Show: jf. Mr. Keen, ABC-- 5:30 The Lone I Ranger; (J Jack Gregson Show: 7:30 World Wo Live In. MBS — G Counterspy, 7:30 All-Star Football iame from Chicago. The U. S. Post Office-Department maintains 40,000 post offices. Presbyterian Women Meet The women of the Presbyterian Church met on Monday afternoon at the church for the monthly general meeting with the president, Mrs. T. E. Logan presiding. Following prayer by Mrs. Logan. The minutes were re.ad by the secretary, Mrs. J. C. Stegar, and approved. The treasurer report was given by Mrs. Mary Montgomery and reports of committee chairman wore heard. Mrs. C. H. Moore gave the program on "I Saw the Church in Africa" . and closed the meeting with prayer. MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RD8. • FINAL NITE • HUNTED... HOUNDED... PURSUED! 1. "Bundle From Brazil" 2. "Dog Pounded" Saturday Only BIG FEATURES You'll Enjoy DANCING SAT. NITE TO THE MUSIC OF SIX HITS and A MISS Come out and meet your friends. Enjoy the evening dancing plenty of room. The planet, Pluto, is an average or about 40 times as fat as thli of 3,670.000,000 miles from the sun | Earth. ON SALE CLOSE OUT LADIES SUNBACK DRESSES Costume Jewelry } /2 Price 5c J. & P. Coats Merc. THREA& White and Colors. 2 for 5c HALF PRICE REMNANT SALE Big Assortment Good Remnants, on sale Vi SATURDAY ONLY Summer Rhythm Step Shoes • Choice 5.00 Boys Sport and T - Shii » ' Broken '.. BROKEN SIZES Men's Dress Straw Hats Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis and Miss Ethel Bemis returned Mpn- day from. MilwavO?ee, -^here •thjpjr a'ttdnded a""north Westei^t; life ifc surance convention, and Wequeton- sinjg, Mich, where they were the guests of Mrs. Battle Bemis. ,. Mrs W. O. Watkins, Sally Jo and John Ed have returned from several weeks st,ay with relatives in Harrison and Kansas City. Hope's Finest Deportment Store '• I'-S^KfW */ k r^4'^4%|^ >'• Mrs. Harold Pollock and Carey of Oklahoma City are the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Jones. Thundering Clash of Red Savage and Scarlet Trooper! JAMES CRAIG "FORT VENGEANCE" In Thrilling Color! • ALSO * Women are Bound to Gossip About . . . DOROTHY LAMOUR in "LULU BELLE" -- with — GEORGE MONTGOMERY "Little Boy Boo* Cartoon SUN, & MON, RANDOLPH SCOTT A-l-C Bobby Haynie of Chanute Air Base is the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Haynie. Ray Terry of Omaha, Neb., who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Hooks, left Monday foV a visit in Houston. Mrs. Terry and Jeaniene remained for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Roe have as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Orr of De Quinqy, La. Mrs. Vuel Chamberlain has returned from .Grand Prairie, Texas where she has been the guest of Ford's first in truck sales gains . . . with sales up 17.7% over the same months of last year! Why? Because buyers know Ford Trucks bring them .greater value—feature for feature 2—than any other make on the market today. And only Ford Trucks give you Triple Economy ... Gas-Saving Power, Driver-Saving Ease, Trip-Saving Capacities! NEED MONEY? We ipake real estate loans lor all purposes—to buy, build, repair, refinance, etc. Our attractive monthly reduction plans help you to pay off the mortgage systematically and conveniently — the interest reduces each month as you make monthly payments on loan. 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