Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 13, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, August 13, 1954
Page 5
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-,:*•' HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, August 12, 1954 ['A t&tied £tcel spring weighing I . potind can be made to lift a [j»un<! fcbout 32 feet. WANT ID TO BUY i/?AT YOUNG HENS ", - heRs now. If you hove a laying flock why gni rfow, dnd sell us yourfibh layers? We ))kd to bUy several hundred at a time, but <3t you have. Call U$ tot Delivery ope Locker & Processing Co. &f? * "* , v* * C &.._ i...*.. i * i . t *« JLL*. _ _.i^. . *^ SOUTH MAIN PRESCOTT NEWS Mrs. Wood row White' Complimented Mrs. Woodrow White was the hpnoree at a pink and blue party given by Mrs. Robbie Wilson and Mrs. J. W. Davis at their home on Friday, August 6. Bowls of summer flowers deco{fated the living; room in which the honbtee's chair, was marked with streamers of blue and pink satin ribbon. Her corsage was of dainty pink and blue Carnations. •Games were enjoyed, the last of which led the honoree to the dining table which was covered by a lace cloth over pink and to which were arranged ribbons of pink and blue leading the honoree to a beautifully covered basket filled with gilts. The hostesses served a decorated cake and punch plate. The favors were tiny blue and pink shoes filled with colored mints Out of town guests were Miss Lue Emma Reed and Miss Mildred Taylor of Hope. Euzelian Class Party The Euzeliah Class of the First Baptist Church met on the lawn of the home of Mrs. Floyd RiRRS on. Tuesday evening for a business and social meeting. Mrs. i R. T. Murry, Mrs. J. M. Duke Jr. | and Mrs. Sid Purtlc were associ- jate hostesses. ; The business was in charge of j the president, Mrs. Howard Gra- jham. Mrs. Clifford Johnson gave the devotional after which games- directed by Mrs. Purtle were enjoyed. Ice cream and cake was served to twelve members. Ef MORE LEAN BEEF....GET Kr®g@r Fresh ' . JH> /, t * t\ iV Miss Jackie McMahan of Little Rock is the guest of her mother, W.r« ChrliiUiio McMahan. becf, ter becaule It's'' 'and only W. Just give It better flavor. It holds Lit's.Jvol u m.e.well i", .'*'<*V. '• I t Armour Dexter, tray packed SLICED BACON Lb Olive, Liver, Pickle-Pimiento Luncheon Meats Lb Finest quality, firm white PURE LARD 3 mx^i;^' :-, _',.', Kroger Brand, Unsweetened. Embassy Brand 46 Oz. Can Qt. Krogcr's Eatmore Brand. Lbs. 3 c u , b n. 79c '2£T25c Kroger Brand, 100% Pure. Northern TISSUE 3 Ro ,,s25c Packers Label. Jack Mackerel 16 £n 25c Packers Label Sardines 3coni /4 25c Kroger Brand Iced Tea 8P £ ' Assoi led flavors KoolrAid- 6 EaC h 25c Kroger Fresh Baked BREAD 2 200z Silver Whip Cake Kroger Baked Fig Bars 2t% • (Gets Clothes Gleaner TIDE"' " X It Does Everything Giant Duz n.< : 29c 71 c Lprtg, Golden Fingers Ripened to Perfection Lb. a?4 ^•Vvl mist 300 ,!U?H •rjshing Juice, ,: Lb, Lb. 23<i 19c Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Robinson, ietty Lynn and Jennie of El Dor- do spent the weekend with Mrs. Mettle Robinaon. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Davis of iouston were the weekend guests if relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ingram have md as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. C. Gatm and son. Jay. of Tca- gue, Texas and J. W. Gann and , J. C., of Kansas City. Mrs. Hess Gordon and Jack of little Rock visited Mr. and Mrs. Archie Johnson over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Samrny Mclienry aave returned to Fordycc after a weekend visit with their parents ! Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Davis and Mr.' and Mrs. Sam McHenry. Mr. and Mrs. Coy Dewoody were, the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dewoody In urdon. : Mr.'and Mrs. Norman Whitaker Jr. and Whit of Smackover spent the- weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whilakcr and Mrs. S. T. White. Mrs. Pat Fore o[ Maxwell Air Base is the guest oC her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ritchie. Mr. and Mrs. Case Chappcllo had as their weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. Bornis Chappolle and Terry of Marshall, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Orvillc Kelly and Johnny rif Commerce have been j | the juiusts of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Hucik's.. Miss Kay King has returned to Dallas after a visit with her parents/ Mr. and Mrs. Karl King Jr. Miss- Mary Buchanan, is the guest of her aunt, Miss Dorothy Wortham, in West Memphis Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith of Little Rock were weekend guests of Mrs. Robbie Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. J.' W. Davis, Mrs. Scott remained for a longer visit .Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Jordan and Miss: Jo Nell Jordan of Tcxarkana have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lewis. Mrs. Ernest Cox attended a -luncheon and tea in Malvern on Saturday honoring Miss Katherine Cox of Fulton, bride-elect of James Faulkner of Malvern. Bee-T-Mite Settle and Termite Control Service Owned and Operated by Guy Grigg Hope, Arkansas Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main All Customers are Insured In Comfort Without Nagrffing Backache Nustyintf l)uctitu.'he, IdsH of pep nnd cmor^y, Ji^aiiiii'lias ami Ui^Kiness may lit? iii;e to sluw- iluwii of kidney t'uiuilion. l)nt*torn way (rnoil kit|nt*y Pufu'tinn is vi-ry iinpnUiini (o Kdnil hnuhli, Whi'n mmie iwiM-yilnV ntiiditlun, such ii» si I'fftH tiTitl .strain, ran^fs lliis important , I'uiurt inn tnsluwdown, many fitit:.",.';iihVj'nitK- KliiK ljtu'l;ni'!u i —t'ot 1 ! inihoraltlt'. Minor lilml- *U'V in'itutinn-f diu i tu cult! MI* \vronti dlt t nitiy (•amiuRcitinvf tipniivhlMor ('tv((iipnt pH^snvv*-^. Uon'f nctflt'iTl yiuir ktiln» i ys if tla ( ?ri cuiuli- tiniiri ItothiM* yuu. Try Dunn's VJll^,—a mild diurtUc. 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Mr. Creagli reports that the ta^jjjtol press corps thinks there lias been a startling development in Ike — he's beginning to talk like Harry Truman. But the boys got safely away from the presidential press conference before saying it /out loud. What the reporters observed was: As national and international events become more complicated Eisenhower is more and more using one answer for tough qucs- tiofiji He says: You have to meet these problems as they arise. Back in 1945-53 Harry Truman used to parry the reporters with: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. But I wouldn't say that this similarity of language leads the average citizen to confuse Mr. Truman • with Mr. Eisenhower Rather, the most difficult job in the world carries with it a specia bulary — and each President Star High 103, Low 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 — NO. 254 Star Of '-MAM Consolidated Jan, U, m* , ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, AUGUST 13*. 1*54 Mtmtott th» AiMtitttd PtMi t Audit IdfMa »* $«*!•««*» A*. H*f Paid Clftl. 3 M6«. tndlftj Mafth at, 1IJ4 «. 1,414 JVO' (in e learns all the words. Hempsteocr* Man Named to State FHA Committee Raymond Paece, Route 4, Hope, has been appointed to the .Arkansas State Advisory Committee of the Farmers Home Administration. The appointment .of Mv.?;Poaco „. o u ,, uu «. „„„„„„„:„ „„., ..... w^ make by the naUonal;dlrcctor Hope Public Schools will open for Mr. R. B. McLcaish, Washington. ^ C. This is a seven man committee for the state of Arkansas. This section of the state is fortunate mmbor on Public Schools to Open Here September? James H. Jones, Superintendent of Schools, announced today that Manhunt Starts for Dangerous Convict Escapees In the United States all citizens S may speak their piece, and report ers-ask questions pretty freely o the President. And where report- lei's "are concerned there are I always more questions than | answers. Hence Ike seeks refuge Jin "developments" — just as I Harry once talked about j "bridges." All that Ike's new vocabulary BmWns is just this: He's finally | getting 'wise to all the conversational mouse-traps that questioners unload on a President's desk — any President. An important foreign dispatch possibly escaped your attention when it appeared on this page Wednesday; election tabulations held-your eye. The dispatch jolted ArO»:rica'ns with the news that Otto 'Jdiiify, Western Germany's "FBI chief" who was alleged to .have been kidnaped by East German Communists, actually fled to the Russian Zone of his own will. Our dispatch Wednesday showed the triumphant Russians parading Dr. John before a whole gallery of Western correspondents. And John was boasting that he was prepared "to tell everything" — the principal Item seeming to b'e^his charge that Western Germany has been delivered ovei to : the Nazis by the Western Allies The Adenauer government is now. ; deep into an investigation of the background of John's treach ery. ~ And some investigation on thp part of the United States, Grea Britain, and France is due also Our .folks are now recalling tha Western Germany never ; wanted DrntJolm as security chief in the firf: place — he had too many Communist ties — but the Allies insisted, So..Dr. John got the job, And now he has "sold us out. All parents who have children in grade school for the first time in Hope will not register until, Tuesday, September 7. All elementary school children were enroll- gram of the Farmers Home Administration in Arkansas/ ,he fall term on Tuesday, Scptem- jer 7, 0:00 a. m. Following preschool meetings will be held: ' Principals will meet September 2, 9:00 a. m. at the High School, - . ., . , in the superintendent's office. ™ittce, which is responsive to- .There will be a general teach- great extent for the future pro•s meeting Monday morning September 6, 10:00 a. m. at the High School. A county teachers meeting Will be held at the High School Tuesday night, September 7. All students who did not register last spring for the coming year and new students attending Hope Junior and Senior High School for the first time will' register Friday morning, September 3, 10:00 a. m. * Women Seek Complete Recount LITTLE .ROCK A group of 35 women, backers of Gpy. Fran cis Cherry, stormed the office o Democratic Party secretary Wi Tuesday's guber-na^ional primary NORFOLK, Mass, l/fl -F i v e "recount" of The Litilo the votes in •Rock women, ;last who cd last spring and were given in-'asked an Arkansas Democrat ro structions as to which school they, vould attend for the 'coming year, t is necessary that they report to hat school. School buses will make their irst run Tuesday morning, Sep- cmber 7. • The High School book store will incumbent Cherry. Bowen has not be open Wednesday morning Aug- announced an official count. porter, not to use their names, cle claredi through a spokesman: That they were "tired, dissatisfied and thoroughly impatient with this type of politics. Unoffcial figures gave .Oryal Faubus a 7,000 vote edge over the dangerous convicts who broke out of the stale prison colony !asl night after overpowering six guards and taking . on-i of (hem as hostage successfully eluded a manhunt today. Police departments In key New England cities were warned by Massachusetts state police that at least one escape has a tjun and that all five are dangerous. This was the second break for four of the men in the last three months. The convicts were snid to have taken as hostage prison guard Walter F. De Adder, 29, of Lawrence. The men were/ identified as: James L. Schwarm, 37 of Maiden, serving 0 to 8 years to r 'robbery. William J. Couture, 40, of Taunton, serving 14 to 17 years for the 1942 holduo shooting of a Boston storekeeper. Martin F. Feeney, 38, ,qf Boston serving 12 to 15 years.for a 1940 Belmont bank robbery that netted 9 Communist Party Leaders Found Guilty PHILADELPHIA (UP> Communist party leaders found guilty today of conspiring to leach and advocate violent over throw of the government. The defendants .gave no display of emotion and there was no demonstration in the courtroom Which was nearly filled, when th< Nino were ist 25, 9:00 a. m.' Teacher assignments will be announced in a few days for both vhite and negro schools. Detailed announcements as to the sche- lule that the negro schools will 'ollow will be announced by Will V. Rutherford, Principal-of negro schools. Other detailed announcements will be made in a few days as to -the opening -schedule.' 1?\' John Visited U.S. Before Joining Reds By DONALD J. GONZALES WASHINGTON, (UP) Shortly before he disappeared behind the Iron Curtain on the night of July 20, West German Security Chief Dr. Otto John: 1. Visited in the United States for about five sponsorship of atencies,"' 2. .Was puest of honor at a private dinner given by Central In weeks under the Bowen, somewhat daunted'by the rapid questions posed by the wo men, quoted party rules that state hat a candidate would have to lie a suit in order to get a bal lot recount. The women admitted the report cr to the prcedings on the condi lion that he' would reveal no names. . The group adopted a resolution which, was to be presented to the County Democratic ,, com j-nittee this afternoon:' • , ^'"'-'I-suggestvthrat thi *gWup tally interested citizens asked our own county committee!for -;on in vestigation of the many rumors and half-proof of irregularities in our own county. We are tired, dis ratisfied and thoroughly impatient with this type of politics eor oui county, or any other county. This is the appeal we make. For the sake of good government, these rumors should, be verified 01 quieted." One woman explained: "We are not mad at the Pulaski County Committe. We just had to .star •socket, R. t., serving 12 to 15 years or shooting a policeman during; rt drug store holdun in Watertown The men boMly walked out of he prison's main gate at 10-20 p m last night under circumstances described as follows by Drison authorities: Halliday, locked ir his coll, era- ated a, disturbance which attracted ;he attention! of guard R a 1 p'h U.S. government 1 , s °mewhere." .,,,,„ The women agreed that Mrs Frank Dodge wouJd be "askc-d tt present the resolution to the Pi [aski committee. It was not knowr Maybe it's about started letting Western time we telligence Chief Allen W. Dulles. 3. Shook hands with FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover and was taken on a short tour of the FBI. 4. Talked at the State and Defense Departments with diplomats, Army, Navy and Aty Force representatives. These facts have been established by the United Press in an ex- Germany! tensive investigation of the circum make her own can't very well and ours too. mistakes, She carry her own rong Slant on Nudist Deal FORT. SMITHS The Rev. Braxton B. Sawyer said in a letter today that it "seems to be the iiv. i:re'ssion of the nation"' he put on a "peeping Tom show" at a nn tionnl nudist convention last week Reverend Sawyer, y» - |io {.cufficd \vith members ol' the Amcj jean Su < K t &thin,<t Association at Bfittie Creek, Mich, during 'his on the spot campaign pgalniit r.udlsrn, said the press failed to report "one important fact . . . namely, I was invited 'by the nudists and. 'publicly chnllongcd by them to accept their invitation through th? press," . The Fort Smith radio preacher quoted. a letter -de.ted July 12 .from the executive director of the Association, N.nvall E. PacUwuod, slancs surrounding John's visit to the United States. Details of the John story have been hard t ofill in. Some officials are reluctant to discuss this visit here now that John has gone over to the Communist-jvhether volun- tcrily or against his .will. No government agency now wants to take responsibility fpi sponsoring John's visit. No agencj will say outright that government funds were used for John's trip, although this is said by some of ficials to be the case. Clor.r cm barrassment has been shown in some cases. whether or not Mrs. Dodge wa i5.710. Richard Lavoie, •10, o£ Woon- verdict WAS read. Defense Counsel Thomas D Bride and Joseph Lord indicate they .Would appeal. The soveh women and five men jurors, ' who had deliberated total of nearly nine hours since re ceiving the case yesterday, wet- polled individually on each clcfen ont. > Ench juror replied "gu ly" in each case. Each defendant faces a possibl maximltm penalty of five year? imprisonment and a $10.000 fine. The conv'cted Red lenders ar Joseph Kuz'Tian, 41, David Davi 46, Sherman LabovitK, 23, Thoma Nabrled; 51, Benjamin Weiss, 3 Irvin "Katz, 35, Robert Klonsky 3f Valter Lowenfels, 50, nnd Samu obeloff, 44. All are Philadelphian The jury was given the case at <. p. m? EOT yesterday. The Indictment against the de eridarits listed 28 alleged overt a fats constituting violation of the ,act of 1940 through conspir ^ teach and advocate over *#>f the government by vio Unable to quiet Halliday, Haley called guards Joseph Rivet and Donald Langdon to take him to the security building. „ k When tie two guards^opencd his cfell aooifSaniday whippe-1 out a revolver ordered Rivet ahd; ci don tolwalk'ln front o£ hi: ,thet&AS .v^bMS , guard in the toVcr to low- his machinegun and open tha Ther gates to th3 receiving room Halliday ordered the two guards to' disrobe and open the electrically controlled doors to the 39 cells in the block. Showdown on Atomic Bill Expected By RUSSELL BRINES WASHINGTON UP) ' — Senate friends and foes of the Eisenhower among the 35 who visited Bwen's atonlic energy bill squared off for a showdown vote today which predicting victory by a tight mar- City Council in Swe Economy Move Seven, Others Later All Deparlmen . i . • «,>! -, ,i . 'jrKKia, acy ence. i Seven of the .acts charged were .hrowii out at the beginning of the trfal due to the statute of limitations. Senate to Pay j^arthy's torney ! Forest Fire Blazing Near Dierks LITTLE ROCK (tf) A forest fire which may have been sot deliberately yesterday has spread over 1,000 acres near Diaries,- Ark., Jim Martin, assistant forester, .In formation and Education Division, said this morning. There arc still a lot of people in that area who like to sec a fire burn for ono reason or an other," Martin said. The conflagration Was one ot 4: fires covering l,9t!7 acres rcporlo' in Arkansas yesterday, Martin said. Thirty-four of them arc ir the southern" half of the stale. The State Forestry and Par'is Commission official said he "1 ure" the Dcirkst fire is not con ected with the strike of Dierk .timber and Coal Co. employes iome 2,500 workers arc idle a everal Arkansas and Oklahorm :lants. Martin said that 264 fires hat been reported for the first 1 days of August an average b nore than ,20 per day. Martin said that $2,000,000. wa . "conservative dstjraate" for th oss due to forest fires thus far i 1954. He said that-4,198 fires, co ering 100,771 acres, had been r ported through July 12. * "We feel that most of the fire are due to the carelessness ot pc pie." Martin said, ,- "pegple wh don't take the drought seriously." MU-JON office. Mrs, Dodge aided Cherry during ills campaign by appealing to women voters. ing an official inviration to the mention. Part of the letter said: ('You may use this letter as your introduction at the gate." te i Airlines Uy Off Qther Workers Instructions for First Year School Children James H. Jones, Superintendent of Schools, announced today that all parents in Hope School District 1-A who have children entering school for the first time this fall should consult with your family physician and see if any corrections are needed if you have not already dojie so. •The following things should bo done immediately; U) Secure a birth certificate for your child, (2) Have your child vaccinated against smallpox so that the arm gin. The vftte, which may help decide how roon Congress adjourns, was scheduled for early afternoon on the long-debated measure to allow private industry to produce power from atomic energy • and authorize some exchange ot atomic secrets with America's allies. Opponents centered fire on Pi—Sen. McCar thy (R-Wbl won toduy in his ap peal for the Senate to pay the salary of an attorney to represent him" in an inVestiaation 'of his official condoct. Sen. Watkins (R-Utah,) Chaig man of the special committee which will iconduct ^hearings on a censure move aimed ' at McCarthy announced "the decision .'He.-sale McCarthy will be allowed to se lect the lawyer. Watkins said the arrangemen has the approval of Sen. Knowlanc of California, the Senate Republl can leader; Sen. Lynuon'B. John son of Texas, the Senate D emo cratic leader and Sen. Jenner (R Ind), chairman of tlie Senat< Rules Committe. The development' cmae as mem bers of the subcommitte wind investigated McCarthy's bitter rov with high Army officiala said the hoped to release their report nex Wednesday or Thursday. Sen. Mundt (R-SD), who presided oyer those 36-day hearings, and Senators Jackson (D-Wush) and Dirksen (R-I11), who are serving as a committee to draft a tentative 1 report of findings, declined to give any.hint of the » diet." Superstitious on Friday 13? CHICAGO * — Those who arc superstitious took it easy today — Friday, the 13th. It was the first Friday the 18th since last November and is the on Friday the J3th in 1954 The next so-called bad-luck day Friday, May 13, 1955. Auto Workers Vote to Keep Plant Open 1 By RELMAN MORIN SOUTH EEND, Ind i<H Robert Milner thinks ho can afford to put in the lower beds now. Robert Milner is a Studcbaker automotive worker. He is ohe of the b,300-odd employers "who voted yesterday to accept a cut in his hourly wages. Along with more than 7,000 other workers he went to' u high school football stadium in South Bend, heard the arguments ,' on both sides and then made his decision. It was a unique history of industrial Amerca: People in South Bend point'out that trie first sit-down | strike took place here more than! 20-years ago. TThey say 'that ^thq lesult yesterday also-'set\a< p^ece-, dent. Local 5'of, thC'QF" Auto Workers 4 agreedJib> whelming 8,-lAvote to; acceptf'thc ../h —«' ».*. J.'.^iMfeKM'A 1 . 4i»* I Xv.4^M'.fekj'i&£fcrftl I li' Mayor JbhnT. special lost night vinced that waht t VI*U» ; 1 , M> «£.V ^y-WJ^-.- —-3 a consetfvativ&'Jniand i , torttt$[#elt#^Bj& and was, power want. Ho is not m a future. The > layoffs |w) city arounaXfyoO^lioMWg All De P $tmeli$^|>Jte| On vthe' >'ocommendatt<Ar Mayor" tlr-'- "'•»•''*•* •««'*Ssi the""'" ' Fqte of Red Bill lip to President By JOHN W. FINNEY WASHINGTON, (UP) President Eisenhower apparently held tho ke.y today to the fate of a, bill to cutlaw the Communist Party which was whipped through the Senate in a surprise, Democrat led maneuver, If the '^tudebakeV'in position by costs, ' White House passes the Hope Methodists Prepare for Junior Day Camp Mrs. J. H. Monday, of Little Rock, experienced camp director for the Methodist Church, will arrive Sunday to complete arrangements for Junior Pay Camp to be held for Junior No. 2 boys and girls of the Methodist Church, August 16-20. The Camp will be conducted at Fair park from 9 until 3 o'clock day, Monday through Fri- provision in the compromise 1 bill permitting exclusive patent rights for private companies in the atomic .energy field. Sen. Monroney (D-Okla), one of a group fighting for a period of compulsory patent-sharing, said "I think we have enough voles, to win." "It will bo a very clos» vote," he added, "and may depend on how many senators are present." Senate Republican loader Know- l&ncl of California sakl he expected YQJlK, (UP) American Airlines has anouncficl that all of its emplpye? win be " " ..... " .dropped from the payroll av mid night- Sunday unless 1.3QQ Pilots return to work. American, the nation's largest domestic air carrier,, has been fprced to cancel all flights sine* July " 30 when the pilots " ' protest egsingt trM? s day. Mrs, J. W. Perkins, Junior Coordinator of the Methodist Church Sghool, will act as Ipcal director and many parents and teachers will serve as Counselors, Unit Bothers and Committee Heads. Mrs. E. J, Whitman, Permit Chairman, hag made arrangements far the site and Mrs. Denver Dickinson is directing collection. o| supplies. The Camp, the jirst 04 its Wad to/ be hejd. 'jo, this' gecttpjj pj MWfta by the IfttyaflJit m^ '•*%.'* W»fr8LL ifo Truck Hits Cow, Driver Killed FORDYCE, HP! The driver mny be healed before he enters j^ o p;, ss the bill by a school (vaccination is a Ic'gul re-| c j oge Vote." q'uircment), (3) For his greater' safety see that ho has also hud di- pthei'ia shots, whooping cough vaccine, and the tuberculosis skin test. A child who will be six years old on or before December 31 may enter school this fall. "reasonably But 'Mundt fold reporters the subcommittee's seven members met behind closed doors yesterday, a nd ' 'there - were .no important cleavages of opinion," BIDS TO BE OPENED LITTLE ROCK (/P) —Birds for stabilization' work at McLur.n Bot torn'on the Arkansas River, about 11 miles, downstream from Ozark, will be opened Sept. 8. Col. • Staunton . L, Brown, Little Rock District Enginer Army Corps of Engineers, said cost of the pro 'jecl is .estimated at $. : iO,OQC. word that U wants the bill included in its package of anti-subversly- measures, house leaders are expected to press for its passage be fore pongress adjourns. But if the administration slicks to its past opposition to outlawing the party as voiced by Attorney Gener4 Herbert Brownell. Jr. the measure likely will die in a House pigonhole. jln a surprise action that caught Republican leaders off guard, the Senate voted 85 to 0 late yesterday for the measure which would make the Communist narly illegal and impose heavy linos and jail terms on active party mprpbors. The bill was spo'isoml b.v Son, Hubert H. Humphrey ' (UMinn.), 18 other ipemocrats nnd ;ndcpon dent Sen. Wayne Morse" (Ore.) as a substitute for on admlnlsl ration backed bill to crock down on Red tainted unions and business fitms After a series of complicated parliamentary maneuvers, the two Koposols were wrnupcd into a single bill on a motion by Sen, Price Daniel (DTex.). This Was accomplished by an H5 to 1 voto with Sen. Heibert H. Lehman 25,000 Workers Out on Strike CLEVELAND (/H industry's second 'major, eiupted across the nation Ic.day as 25,500 CIO United Rubber ,WorK erg walked off their^ jobs at .Fire stone Tire & Rubber Co. t > plants' ,ih eight citiei. ; '»',-,Union officials, who called i\ strike of Rubber Co. workers lapt, Jyly, 7 triggered the'-actlon ggniust ^ire- stone to coincide wHh^thetv,, con tract's midnight deadline, ' Together the two- Suggests the Ameripn Women Drop Current Fashion Trend and Go Into a 'Purdah' By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK MB Speaking of of a trailer truck loaded with liquid asphalt died in flames this morn ing after bis truck h« a cow 'and turned over, C.L, Fov.'ler, dispatcher for the Wheeling Pipeline Trani,rwt Co. at El Porado, said he was informed of the accident by another driver for th? 9ompany. 'yhe second driver, who fa«led to give his narpe, jdsnt'fied the vie Hm as 3Q-ye«V-PW Horace Wallace Of El Porado, The accident occurred on w,a,y 1^7 about 1Q JTf»«^s north of Hau|fre*.an. owner of a,t f «j,-indale about " e acc fashions, why don't American women go into purdah? The term purdah in Moslem countries means a curtain, screen or cloak that hides women from public observation, Isn't it about time that we adopted this fine old common girl doepn'i know whether to put on a skirt or a window blind. And women's hairdos have achieved a final imbecMlity in "the idiot look —which makes a gal appear as if her hair had been gnawed off by o nearsighted rodent. This year Christian Pier has raised g new clamor svitb his> deci sion that big girls are only little Bandits Get $160,000 Army Payroll CAMP S?RING£, W- W Three j-obbed the Andrews branch bank Goodyenr Tiro & put more than 48,000 rubber workers a third of the industry's union members on'strike. Talks between company and union negotiators continued vntU at most tlie last minute, A union spokesman <ji-jd Fire' stone failed to agree with |hc- rubber workers "on anything even ap preaching iavprnble provisions fo< i\ new contract/' Women May Prot-est AP&L Action ROCK W — A MttV* Jloek womsn last night that "Women's Voice," a group, pr- gani?,ed to figUt a r^l^ ^npr j.roposed by Arkansas Power Light' Co., estqnd its bottle flelc tc» cover "any public affajv tnat ' I /whotejtuja Thp propopal was made Raymond D. Padgett who, ?ed-lha Light Pole Setters Union in its 5 attempt to prevent AP^^rqin &tructing a power Una th/pu, west LitHs Rock residential,' area, Mrs, Padgett also urged "*-"' "Wprnen's V<?ige" be styer^ en a'precinct layel in Greater tie Rock >and that -ai; V\oraer> in each; included in this wpuw'wm $»||y Forc9 000 today, and p?lice i §aid a man they had arrested qn a raj g«?»eral sense |Woharnmedan tradition un- boys et hear, 'after all and here cjer which no woman appears on fore shpuld ' have a boyish all the- street except wearing s kind of bedsheet tht covers, her corn j-Jetely except for two holes for Personally, I believe it .would be o "fine thing, at least for & year or two. It woujcj give both men and, \vom,en, a rest from the nerv- wear an.4 °l ta houette. A gr.eat yawp went up that this vpuld mean, a deemphusis of the bosom lino, ?s if this s>p.eHed tragedy, <put is «ttierf anything in America, jiptuaUy more needed t« day than a de-emphasis of feminine'.bQS9m? Since the sweater girts bloomed out S degade or sp ago* there grown up,, t) euJt pj Jh^s teom ' a.fter charge was now considered a pect. i, *, The gunmen who the va^ult of tUe*ban,k 'were Ne gr.oes Petective Sg(- Charts rresttid three Negro 89 mile per jnour '' tfw oank wad PerrygQ didn't, bank ixkd been ypbbed tJje d.r{yev g§y«9|

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