The Pittsburg Daily Headlight from Pittsburg, Kansas on March 16, 1893 · Page 4
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The Pittsburg Daily Headlight from Pittsburg, Kansas · Page 4

Pittsburg, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1893
Page 4
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PITTiSURG (OS.) DAILY EEALLISET 'iZH CKXT3 PES WEEK. LOCAL MEWS. Mrs. Dawson, of Girard, is visiting friends in th-- city. Constable Lovell wett to Walnut this morning to serve legal papers. Never buy a piece of property without having one of Zeller's abstracts. Mrs. M. W. Dorsey returned to-day from a visit with her brother at Waco. W. H. Seal returned to-day from a short visit with his parents in Oswego. W. E. Doud returned to-day from a business trip to Topeka and Eureka, Kansas. Tennv Root returned this morning from Girard where he has been visiting his family. I want more live mice, 5 cents each for them. Deliver to Forbes' store. 4. II. Greef. Mr. Warrenton, a prominent dealer in musical instruments at Carthage, was in the city to-day. Mrs. Ella Brady returned home from Girard this morning, where she had been visiting her parents. Remember you can borrow money on any kind of security at M. Karris' clothing store in Pittsburg. Lew Bowles head salesman at the Golden Eagle Clothing store made a business trip to Girard to-day. For Sale 100 bushels of Early Ohio seed potatoes. Call on M. E. Pumphrey, west Euclid avenue. R. J. Dickey and wife, of Kansas City, arrived 'ast evening to attend the funeral ot Mr. Dickey's mother. Ed. Fay, a popular and well known passenger conductor on the main line of the Frisco, was in the city to-day. G. W. II. Lucas, ot Cherokee, and a prominent candidate forthepostoffice of that little city, was a visitor today. M. M. Snow has returned to Pittsburg from Nevada where he has been for the past few months attending to business. A. C. Goodrich, traveling passenger agent of the O. & M. route with headquarters at Kansas City, was in the city to-day. Dr. E. E. Hillis performed an operation upon B. Brady yesterday for hydrocele. Mr. Brady lives near Midway, in Missouri. Joe Linthicum, book-keeper for the Arnott & Lanyon coal company, is confined to his bed with a severe attack of tonsilitis. Doc Bruton, of the night yard crew in the Frisco yards here, is laying off on account of sickness. C. A. Stock-slagar is in his place. J. A. Hill, of St. Louis, was in the city looking after his property interests. He is the proprietor of the Min-den coal company property. Parties desiring their pianos tuned by a thoroughly competent tuner can leave their orders at W. A. Burch-field's for the next few days. The Ladies Aid Society will give a lap social to-morrow night. The small admission fee of 15 cents will be charged to pay expenses. Every one is invited. Will Smith, engineer on one of the Santa Fe switch engines here, is laying off for a few days and Engineer Cameron, of Chanute, is filling his place. E. E. Smythe, commercial agent, George Marr, claim agent and H. S. Mitchell, division superintendent, ail of the the popular Memphis route, were in the city to-day. The Ladies Aid Society of the U. B. church is going to give a lap social Saturday night in Harper's hall for the benefit of their church. All are cordially invited to rttend. Kenmant to-iL'urrw I)av John Yobst and Miss Luey LaForte, both of Frontenac, were married today by probate Judge Finger. The young couple are popular among theii young friends, who wish thern a iou. and happy married life. The "Wishbone" s-rcinl held at :1c residence ot Mr. and Mrs. J. I' Benduic last night was a mhccs it every particular. A !;n-e aiteid it nee was Lad and an c; .jny;tble even iny fjtent. The subject for the C spcl meeting at the first Christian church wiil be "The Reward of the Righteous," 1 Cor. 2:9. The meetings are being held by E. A. Cantrell, "the boy preacher." Come and hear him. The surveyors of the K. C, P. & G. railroad are in camp near Waco. The roadwill enter Joplin, through what is known as the Joplin creek bottom, and connect with the Splitlog at the Broaxtway pressing of that road. The hira&ut.e.. appendage which has been attached fb'.'t'be upper lip of the genial cashier at the Frisco , depot for some time past' :hae" -idisappeared. Whether in was unable' fo withstand the present'cold wave Or the razor of somtj tousoriaL artist he does ;not exr plain. : , " --; ' . : . Kev. Euem'e '.St.- John, will ' d4 "Aver one f -her ; famous '.lectures at ihe'Metho.di&t church' Fr.May evening, March- 17v Admittance lieei Kicsl St. Jobfl is A universal favorite and it is "expected -tHfkVtu citizens . crowded hons&.:" :1; ' ': '7 ! ; !U Richard Gentry, general manager of the K. C. P. & G. railroad was in the city today on business connected with his road. lie met with the Jop-lin railroad committee last night and arranged for the road into that city. G. H. Turner who has just sold his place, and is moving to Greenfield, Mo., said yesterday. "Printer's ink is a cheap thing, although of course sometimes a dear thing. The commission, had somebody sold my house would have been about $-50. I put that nonpereil special in the Headlight for about a month, altogether paid out 81, and it sold the house for me, besides bringing a good many people who thought they might buy. It was the most profitable 1 that I ever paid out." Finiiini; tin- Huilies. On May ISth, 1S92, one of the most disastrous caveins ever known in the Joplinminingdistrict occurred at what is known as the Troup mines. Three men were carried down with the mass of dirt and buried alive. Several attempts were made to recover the bodies of the unfortunate victims of the disaster, but without success, until William Leckie of the Leckie Foundry commenced work and search for tha bodies in August, 1S92, but on account of the dangerous condition of the ground made slow progress with no reward for his efforts until about 5 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, when a bunch of hair was found by one of the workmen, and shortly afterwards the head of one of the victims was un covered, but it was five hours from this discovery before the body could be uncovered and taken out. It was identified as that of George Hamlin by his wife and brother, and was found in an erect position about 90 feet from the surface in a remarkable good state of preservation. Hamlin's tunoral took place yesterday. The search for the other bodies was pros ecuted vigorously yesterday and the fetid and sickening oders which permeates the air indicates that the end is near at hand. Our informant left the mines at five o'clock last night and the workmen were momentarily expecting to maka a discovery. The Masonic Order of Kansas are making arrangements to erect a home to be dedicated towards providing a place where aged and broken down Masons and Mason widows and orphans can have shelter, from the buffeting with life's battle in a cold cruel world. The Grand Lodge has appropriated 3,000 and the Grand Chapter and Eastern Star, has signified their willingness in a substantial way to increase the amount to ;?15,000 and the blue lodge has made a yearly assessment of one dollar upon each of its members to run for five years. There are now 20,000 Blue lodge members in the state and these at one dollar each per year for five years will make a sum of 8100,000 in itself, so it can be seen that the enterprise is a certainty. The location has not yet been selected, and the town that gets the home will ie a fortunate one as the building will be a credit and the grounds, etc., will be arranged so that they will be pleasing to the eye, and attract attention. The Grand Lodge has concluded to locate in the town that will offer the greatest inducements as to location, etc. In conclusion it would be a good idea for Pittsburg to look after this, as it would be a credit to our growing city in more ways than one. The 'ew Insurance Law. There was great opposition among the insurance fraternity to the passage of the valued policy bill by the legislature, but the bill passed just the same, and is a good bill. It was signed by the governor, but has not yet been published, and consequently is not a law. A Topeka Capital reporter yesterday called upon a number of the state general insurance agents, and asked their opinion concerning the effect the bill would have upon fire insurance in Kansas. Some of them set up a great wail in their opinion of the effects the law would have, others honestly acknowledge that it was a good law, and would result for the benefit of the people, if it does cause a revolution in the insurance business, and that the talk of an enormous increase in rates for insurance was all nonsense; that property would be insured for less actual money, and thus ; ost the insured no more than before. The insurance companies have always had the best of their policy holders under the old law, who have had just as much reason to cry fraud as the insurance companies. Missouri has s.ich a law, so has Wisconsin, and the companies meet no difficulties in those states. Democratic Ediiorical Asso"hi:ion. The democratic editorical association of Kansas will meet in Hutchinson on April 1st. It consists of editors aud newspaper men from all parts of the state who meet twice each year for a general good time and to exchange views. There are about three hundred members, besides a number of others who attend. The program outside of the regular order of business consists of speeches and addresses to which the public are in- j vited. T. P. Fulton, editor of the Messenger, is the vice president of the Association, and at the meeting in Hutchinson will extend an invitation to tnem to noia tneir next meeting in fittsourg, wnicn win De January tn, ! a gooa iioeral amount ot scroll worK 1S94. . On this date the Association and ornaments. It is a ten room house, hold their annual social meeting and and when the present work is com-the. business rxieeting April. 2d. If pleted Mr. Cogswell will be the proud iifyitation is accepted Pittsburg, will ' possessor of one of the most beautiful ';, -vertising 'from'-, tiie snug little homes in the dity, iyffiifiOt'these pencil pushers Uhan it ' which ; will be &e ornament to the ever had from a six months f pay: of "theT residence, portion of yVrtislng scheme, ::v v. '" ' . ; , . ' ';' Park Place. .' , . . ;!';'.'- ' REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES. The Ward Primaries Lnt NiRlit AVere Well Attended Everybody in Earnest, J)eterniined to Carry a Straight Ticket. Pursuant to call the Republican ward primaries were held last night. A large and earnest body of Republicans favoring a straight out city ticket were present and took an active part in the electing of delegates to attend the convention to be held Saturday night. The best of feeling prevailed throughout and everything passed off in a peacable and orderly manner. FIRST WARD. The meeting of the first ward was called to order by Ed Van Gundy who was chosen as chairman, and J. M. Wayde as secretary. The voting was conducted by ballot and the following delagates elected: Ed Van Gundyj Wm. Lanyon, A. B. Kirkwood, A. H. Gardner, Chas. Peterson, C. Eakin, W. E. Pierce, B. Snyder, N. Peterson, Joe Smith, Alf Anderson, and R. T. Arbuthnot. A. B. Kirkwood was nominated for councilman, and C. Eakin for member of the school board. The delegates were instructed to support Z. D. Bonner for police judge. The attendance here was not as large as at the other wards, but the sentiment for a straight ticket was just as strong. SECOND WARD. The republican primary for the second ward was held in the Armory Hall on west Fourth street. Over 80 people were present including a number of ladies. The meeting was called to rder by Geo. E.Howard, committeeman, who was upon motion made chairman, F. C. Werner, secretary, O. T. Boaz, as assistant secretary. Upon motion only those who would pledge themselves to stand by the straight republican ticket, were invited to take part in the convention. On motion the first order of business was the selection of 18 delegates to the city convention. This was done by ballot, all tickets prepared before the meeting being excluded, the names of the voters being taken by the secretary as they deposited their ballots. This consumed considerable time and on motion the counting of the ballots was postponed, and the selection of candidates for the council and school board was made the next order of business. Only the name of W. H. R. Du Boi was presented and he was declared the nominee by acclamation. Air. Du Bois made a snort rousing speech, thanking the primary for the honor and pledging his work and loy alty to the ticket. For member of the school board the names of J. H. Gibson and J. R. Mc- Kim were presented, and upon ballot Mr. Gibson was declared the nominee. Mr. McKim then stated that know ing the result by a desire to reach parties other than himself, he would allow his name to remain on the citizens and the Pittsburg ticket. The secretaries then proceeded with the count, resulting in the choice of J. J. Leemaster, W. i. R. DuBois and Dr. de Niedman, J. R. McKim. Wm. Wallace, O. S. McDowell, A. Stein-berger, F. C. Werner, Capt. W. C. Beck, Chas. Watson, Alf. Wilson, Horace McGue, Geo. Howland, Geo. Howard, A. M. Watson, Dr. A. O. Blair, O. T. Boaz, J. H. Seeley, J. J. Leemaster, W. H. R. DuBois and Dr. de Niedman. THIRD WARD. The meeting was called to order by D. J. Stower as chairman, with A. K. Lanyon as secretary. Jule Leipman and FranK Mosteller were appointed as tellerr. After the reading of the call by the chairman, the following delegates were elected by ballot. N. E. Wood, D. J. Stower, L. T. Staley, John Camp-befl. E. E. Ilillis, E. E. Baker, Dr. H. L. L. McWhirt, J. W. Semple, J, S. Shirk, J. W. Hughes, H. C.Willard, L. M. Mosteller, Will Gregg and II. Goodwin. E. E. Hillis was nominated for a member of the conncil, and H. C. Wil-lard for a member of the school board. FOURTH WARD. This was well represented in its meeting at the Hotel Stilwell. The meeting was called to order by R. E. Carlton, on motion John Randolph was elected chairman and Robt. Robyn secretary. The chairman then red the call after w7hich Dr. C. A. Fisher was elected as a member of the central committee to fill a vacancy. A resolution was then passed to the effect that where there was more than one candidate the vote be taken by ballot. L. D. Jernigan and Dr. Fisher were appointed tellers. Tne following are the delegates elected: John Randolph, R. E. Carlton, John Lanning, L. D. Jernigan, F. W. Henry, J. Tucker, Capt. McNally, Dr. Fisher, John Peterson, W. D. Ford, Wm. Fiagg, Wm. Lawrence, J. Champion, W. F. Cox, A. J. Vickers, G. Deitrich, Wm. Medhurst, R. Robyn. Willis Lawrence was nominated for a member of the school board, and W. A. Mitchell secured the nomination for councilman. Finishing: Touehes. T. W. Cogswell has had the finishing touches pnt on his residence in Park . place, and having it painted. A large t two - story porcn now aaorns it, witn ; I'ardonnez-.Vloi. But Byrt and Bella Maxwell well deserve the name of being first in novel party entertaining. They gave an example of it last evening at their "Witch Party," participated in by the Misses Larimer, of Weir City; Files, Ford, Beck, Lane, Williams, Baum, Donnelly, Carroll, Lindburg, Ramsey, Mrs. Benton of Ft. Scott; Messrs. Zellars, Otto and A. H. Greef, Baker, Sharp, Weygant, Goddard, Wardell, Orndoff, Callahan, Geo. Playter, Smith, Richey; Mr. and Mrs. Playter, Mr. and Mrs. Hogeboom, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell. Refreshments of moon and star shaped sandwiches, cake, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, sweet pickles, fruit, etc., and water were served. Dancing was the staple article of entertainment, although if you chose to have your fortunes told you just stepped into Rattle Snake cave where you would find a direct descendant of the witches of the time of the Roger Williams banishment. The "Devil" also attracted a great deal of attention it had been so long since he had been interviewed personally. At the entrance a double blind door was first approached and at which very laughable contortions were gone through in order to affect an entrance into an exceedingly weird and dismal apartment very ably decorated with owls, bats, ravens, coffins, skulls, skel etons, devils, witches, spiders, wizards, snakes and other objects of an ex-trmely grewsome nature. Light was shed by a new moon and stars and taken altogether witli the mysterious rappings, etc., it was as perfect a well you can at least imagine what it was like anyhow. Souvenirs of silhouettes of various animals of an awe inspiring nature were drawn by each wizard and witch, there being two sets, and the wizard drawing the one to match that in possession of the witch, attended said witch to refreshments. Many happy returns of the occasion were wished the host and hostess about 1 o'clock, when all departed stating the "climax had been capped" in the social world of Pittsburg. II i:n;rry C':nv. A horned animal of the bovine specie, so poor and thin that it had to stand endways towards the sun to make a shadow, was following along Mn.'n street the other day a covered wagon to which it was attached by a cotton rope. When in front of a north j end grocery the cow spied green look-I ing celery tops, several heads of cab-I bage, etc., put out for a show, and I with one melancholy bellow, broke loose and made a dash for the garden j load of marble to supply those want-truck, gulping down the bunches of j ing work before Decoration Day. Do celery, two heads of cabbage, some not delay placing your order at once. carrots, parsnips and turnips, while three clerks were beating her with inopsticks, broomsticks and every available weapon, and a dog v?s chewing at her hind legs. She finally walked away chewing a new broom oil the handle, apparently unconscious of the fact that stones, clubs and curses were being hurled after her. The owner was moving from Kansas to Missouri and his team looked as thin as the cow. Joplin News. Rirthday Surprise t mii'ht about 9 Party. o'ciock Last night about 9 o'ciock after Rev. Martin, who is fast recovering from a severe sick spell, had retired, a violent ring of the door beil announced the arrival of a largo party i of church members and friends bear-! ing baskets tilled with a real Kansas omfit of good things. Before the good pastor and others ot tht family could collect their wits and then-clothes, the ladies had taken posses sion of the dining room and everything was rnaue ready for a feast, after which an hour or two was spent in music and a general social time. At last it dawned upon the mind of the bewildered pastor that it was a birthday surprise to himself atid daughter. After wishing .Rev. Martin and Mir-s Anna many returns of the day the party dispersed. Ilesolui ions ot Condolence. Hall of Litchfield Lodge, No. 346, A. O. U. W., Litchfield, Kas., March 13, 1893. Whereas, God in his allwise wisdom has removed from our midst the wife of Brother Daniel Waddelow; therefore be it Resolved, That Litchfield Lodge No. 316, that we tender to Brother Waddelow and his family our heartfelt sympathy. Resolved, That her death is an admonition to her loved family and to us ail, that life is uncertain and that we should so live that we may be prepared to answer the dread summons fearlessly. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be published in the Pittsburg Headlight, and a copy be mailed to Brother Waddelow, and that they be spread upon the record of this lodge. E. S. Nevixs. M. W. Greenwood. W. M. Obryan. Committee. Death. Mrs. W. J. Dickey, of this city, died 3'esterday at the family residence corner Park and Walnut street, of la-grippe, aged 57 years. The funeral . r ;n l 1.1.4 - 4-1. -..It services will ue utriu t liic icsiuciitnt '.inntM-r.nm.twftpmnm n nrl 1 the remains interred iu Mt. Olive cem- i etery. Mrs. Dickey came to Crawford county from Sparta, Illinois, with her hus-b..r.d and located near Beulah fourteen years ago. She has been an invalid for the past five years caused oy m- flammatorv rheumatism, and when her ccnstitution was attacked by lagi ippe ue wa jjttle able to cope with it She leaves a husband and seven children to mourn for an indulgent mother and a loving wife. Notice. Mrs. Jeannette DeBonnaire is in the city, and parties to rent her farm east of the city, can leave word at Linthi-cum's barn. "Kajanka.'' "Kajanka" opens at the Pittsburg Opera House, Saturday, March 18th. This will be welcome news to our theatre-goers. "Kajanka" has made an undeniable and pronounced hit all over America; packed houses have greeted it at every performance, and packed houses will undoubtedly be the rule again in this city. It comes back to us this season better than ever full to repletion with new specialties, new tricks, costumes and scenery. The play has only a semblance of a plot, just enough upon which to hang the specialties and stage tricks, and to enable them to introduce a lot of clever people. A couple of strolling vagabonds steal the jeweled eye of the god Vishnu, and hia magic flute, and their adventures while pursued by the Brahmin priests lead to many curious and perplexing situations. Republican XaMunal League. According to the instructions of the league held at Buffalo in September, 1892, establishing a rule for a national meeting of the league to be held every year in the month of May, the national convention of the Republican National league is hereby called to meet at Louisvile, Ky., for a session of two days, May 10. The ratio of representation will be six delegates at la'-ge one from each state, one from each congressional district, and one from each college of republican clubs in the United States. The national con vention of the American Republican College League will be held at the same place on Thursday afternoon, May 11. L. A. S. Entertainment. The following is the program for the L. A. S. entertainment Saturday evening: Address Mr. Georgia Itt-citittion Lillie Barber Duelt, '-fly Away Birdling" Dr. Ott, Miss Lydia Nichols l.'eoiiiu ion Beulah Wright Insi .miiental Selection Miss Mason Kiciii'iion Ada Hopkins Violin Duett Misses Mason Recital ion Mrs. Roberts Somebody s t.ubbish. A pile of old loose wrapping paper and rubbish evidently from store was being toyed with on the southeast corner of Third street and Broadway this morning much to the disgust and annoyance of pedestrians. There is an ordinance providing for such cases, but it would te a hard matter to find the guilty party who left the rubbish and sweepings in such a place. .Simp iii Rear of Van Winkle Planing Mill. To those desiring cemetery work of any kind Hance White wishes to say to them that he has just received a car i batisractory prices; work and mater- ial guaranteed. I have no agents. Thrown from a Buggy. Mrs. B. Bradj' while returning from Minden to her home at the State Line, yesterday evening driving a spirited horse was thrown from her buggy and sustained a severe injury on the left elbow, which will confine her to her bed for a few days. It was badly in flamed and swollen to-day. Withdrawal Notice, To the Citizens Reform League Con vention. Ladies and Gentlemen Thanking you for the honor, I hreby withdraw my name as nominee for councilman in the Second ward. Respectfully, W. F. de Niedman, One Day. The Journal's great offer of furnish mg the Encyclopedia Brittannica at si. 96 a volume will absolutely close to-morrow. Any one can drop a card to E. S. Westlake, and he call with a volume. Patronize home industry by order ing your spring suit at Rutz' tailoring esLao'ihmeut. and secure everything first-class. Latest styles, best goods low prices. Don't Pa Rent. Come and see me. I will build you a house on monthly payments cheaper than rent. Frank Playter. All grocers keep Hull & Dillon's pure lard in bulk, and you can get any amount, from 1 pound up. Take no other. The nicest line of spring canes in the city at 11. C. WilLmVs. Wanted Two girls for leundry work. Apply at once at the White Star Laundry, Opera house block, on Fourth street. The finest line of spring suitings ever brought to this vicinity at F. F. Rutz' tailoring establishment. The imitation button and lace shoes ir. Ce to order by G. G. Van Hall for s6.o0 per pair. Been selling hereto fore for $ and 8. If the store where you trade won't XT p x-n . , . & ' you Hull & Dillon s pure lard, call at their meat market and get what you want. Hogebooru & Co., prescription Drogg;sfa, registered pharmacists For Sale A three-quarter shorthorn bull, a gentle buggy horse, also pony, cart and harness. Ben P. Wthite & Co. Wanted Letter press 12x14 ; inquire at the office of the Pittsburg, Gas Light and Coke company. Wanted A good energetic solicitor for outside work, not connected with the real estate business. Call at the office of Congdon & Scott, Opera House basement. THE NEW STORE OFFERS YOU NEW Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Furnishinp; Goods, Hats, Caps, Tinware, Etc. Call and see and sure you will be Is our motto. Now is your time to save money and do not New customers and you Trill surely be one and examine goods and prices. Plea?e give Anderson Block, East Fourth Street. Soutli of Frisco HOLMES & LANNING. -BAKERY, A.T E. T. EUBAXKS' OLD STAND. PIES, CAKES AND BREAD. F. W. HENRY, Funeral Director and Embalmer. Black and White Hearses-FURNITURE, STOVES, 411 North Broadway, Pittsburg,Kas, 2&. 23. FEPLG-XJsOISr, PKOPKIETOR OF The Fourth Street Planing Mill. All Kinds of Planing Mill Work All work done Promptly. Mail orders given Special Attention. We also have the finest blacksmith and buggy repairer in town. Would be pleased to receive your patronage. I H. S. I vninl letll H I I I 111 IAA BBdertaWW t side A. Nagel's NOETH BEOADWAY, Fresh and Salt Meats, and the best of all kinds and Fresh Fish in their seasons. Highest J. A. NCTTMAN, Pres. E. J, BRISW ALTER, Bookkeeper. ROBERT? ROBYN, Cashier. The Manufacturers' National Bank -Capital 100,000.-4- Transacts a General Banking Business. Pittsburg, Kansas, DIRECTORS Wm Lanyon, F. E. Donbleday. J. A. Nuttman, J. C. Merrill, A. B. CSekerill, A. E. Nau, D, Ramsey W. H. R. DuBois. B. F. Hobert. The Cherokee Strip. How to get to this beautiful country, its borders, metes and bounds, how to locate ,.t ., : I Vi i w f n find itfl num- I UUIU i , " " " uers, just now to prwwu iu ujh.i. jvu. U.."B. i and much other reliable and useful informa tion to those contemplating getting a home In the new country: also who Is eligible to take land there. A little book, also a fine map of the Cherokee strip and surrounding country, compiled by eminent attorneys, giyes all this information. Mailed to any address, post paid, on receipt of 50 cents. I also have them for sale at my book stores. Fourth and Broadway, and Hotel Stilwell. A. H. Greef, mar lMt Pittsburg, Kansas, j GOODS AT HEW LOW PRICES WHICH CONSISTS OF miss this only opportunity in your life. of them if you only comedown to the GLOBE us a call, THE GLOBE STORE Railroad, Broadway. Wedding- Cakes a Specialty WALL PAPER AND WINDOW SHADES. Planing BOWMAN at If 1U , a ,.,-Tiit or day. strcct, beWcen JV"xt Meat Market PITTSBURG, KANSAS. of Sarsoge. Poultry and wild game . Ojufers market prices paid for all kinds of poult. iy. O. T. RICHEY, .Telle HANS ROBYN, Co lector E. H. Klock, R. Robyn, Simon Boeger. nous 2 I desire to return my thanks to the people- of Pittsburg nd vicinity for their liber patronage shown me while in the ice business I wish to say I am still the same George Cr-Warren that I used to be and I have 300 tons-of Natural Ice wh eh I will sell at 25 cents per hundred pounds. Manufactured at 40and 50 cents. Leave orders atthe Ice Plant or the corner of First and Broadway. Season Contracts made on Application G. G. WAKREX.

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