Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1896
Page 3
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T HERE 13 NO PROFESSION, whose labors so severely tax tho nervous system, na i.lmtof tbo mlnbttry. Tliode- rnnKomant of tho nerve coo tors of tbo brain by over work, frequently brinpa on attacks •ol heart trouble, and nervous prostration. Eov. J. P. Kostor, M. D., Pastor ,U. B. church, London Mllli, Ills., himself a phyal- *lan. writes Fal). 20.1805: "Heart affection and nervou* prostration had become «o ^orloua last fall tli.it a little over work In the pulpit would so completely prostrate me TVr Mi1f»c' tliriit " "oemod certain I XM. WIUCS must relinquish the work °« the ministry entirely. HoartpIll p lutlouDecamc so bad that my auditors would ask mo " X dld U °* h:ivt< heart disease. Last .November I comrooncod taking Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure alternately with Dr. Miles' Nervine and derived tbo greatest possible "benefit. I have just closed revival work of 10 wooks, pro.iciiiiis nearly every night and -twice on tho Sabbath. I canspoak for hours •without sufforlnR as I formerly did. Hard working ministers should keep Dr. Miles' grand remedies on hand." Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Is sold on guarantee, Jlrat bottle will benefit or money refunded.. STATE KATfOMALBANK LOaANSPORT, XJJD.3' - »200.000 J. F. Johnion, Pre«ld«nt 8. W. UU«ry. Vlc«.Prefldent H. J. Heltbdnk, Ca»hl«r. DIRECTORS.: : *, T. Johmon. 8. W. tTUery. J. T. KUlott W. SI. Elliott.. W. H. 8nld«r. Buy and •»'! Government bonds. Loan 4HOB«jr «n penonal «ecurtty and collateral* tstue special certlflcatei ot depoaltt VM*rtng I per cent. lnt«r*»t when left one rtftr; Z per cent, per annum when depoa- Ued alz montha. ,***., Soze* In Safety Depoalt Vault* of thlr tenk for the depoult of deedi. Iniuranot Mlleiei. mortgwiea and ether Talluablea, noted at from W to INS r*r year. ^WAUUOW HAlEiD AT THUS.. Here's a story troro too Cocavcrsc Journal thnt is ntaost equal to tlw effort of fl, Popoa-atlc «flltor in cnnn- iwlgn lying: "The story comes from .tbo vicinity of Swactsw to the fact that tbo seven of Abraham Cain, weoks ago, while playing In a grainary, got some Wheat to Ms eyes. The e>-es -n-ore wished out and ths •cMld wont to its ptaiy as ustfaJ. Four weeks later oue eye laflainod anO tho child ;suftored latwnso pato odtll last •Saturday, when *ho «ye was examtaed •by Dr. X H. Forrest, who found lodged la « corner of the eye a grain of wheat •with a growing sprout «. quwrtOT of an Inch long." ' ' ' ;' HOW'S THIS., . We offer One Hundred, Dollars re ward for any cnse of Catarrh -that can not toe cured by Haai's Oatarrh Cura F. J. Cheney ft Co/, Toledo, O., We, the undersigned, have known F J. Cheney, for the last IB years, and be- tteve him perfectly hohoraWe In all businees transactions and financial!j able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. . , . . . • WEST & TRtJAX,. Wholesale Drug glstB, Toledo, O. > '• • WALDING; KIWNAIJI" & MARTIN Wholesale Dru'gglsta, Toledo, O. Hall's Oatarrh .Cure, la taken Inter nally, acting .directly: apon ,the blood and mucons'surfaces of th« system Testimonials sent free. Price 75c pe bottle. Sold by -all druggists. • ON TIME. AG-AilN'. Thie Journal has been uaad«r some dia- aavaintages danrllng <t'he .past.ten. days «n account of moving *ts press wad roa- chtoery fa*o' thio new press room. Everything is working smoothly again now aiiid line paper will appear promptly on time. For the kind Indulgence of Me readers during this «umoj-lng period It Is truly grateful. THAT JOYFUL FEJHLING.' > With the exhilarating semse of renewed health and strength and Internal'.'ciean- lineas, -which follows .the use of Syrup of Figs, Is unknown.to the. few who have not progressed beyond the old- Unai medicines and the cheap • substitutes sometimes offered but never, accepted by the well-informed. .'. RECPUBUIOAN , INO OF. TQM IHHED. For fflibove occasion the Wabash railroad company will eoll .excursion tickets October 17(th to Bern and return at rate of 50 cenfts fof ithe. round trip.. Tickets will be. good returning including October 18Sb. •...,; ... C. G. NEWEIA Agent Catarrh in a constitutional disease and .requires a conotttutloaal remedy. .like Hood's Saraaiparllia, which pnrl- fles the blood. Railroad. Crossings Miist be Properly Lighted. BUT NO ARC LIGHTS General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Tho Supremo court 'has deckled, n. case 'tovol-vJmg. tho vnlldrty of ordl- iimmees such «s tave -bcciB .passed In most oC tlw cities of the -Shtte'i-equlr- ,1-nK rsrllrojuls -to .iraviiufaiii liglits flit grade wostdiigs. The coii'rt hold* tiliat iwii onliiHimuc Teqnlrlng ult railroads IKissiiiS tlwough 'Uws city to mntataUi mi elcclr.lc we light of inot te.^ than 2,000 candle powor at oatfU point where they ax>s9 wuy ahitiet flit a g-rudo is not a rcflsoiiifiblc exorcise of. tliie stuiitultory power Im saying what klm.1 of Kglrts slwiiU lx> nuilntuJnetl. Tho court holds that the authority of. 'the city wttrnds oinl-y to -requite-lights of suic'li.power- a.s will property llffut tine crossings, nanl •ttat th'u TeqiiiireoKSUit that the .^llgM sluaill be of the "«UT pnrttemi." fe -voUl ii-s urn .aittoniipt to comixsl 'rsifflroiKls to pur- clwisc a Hglit of -a kiwi hwdo amd con- by a particular -company. , . KA.1T.HOAD NOTES. Ai'Muir \\':i:ii.\v of Uio r«.i:!li:i.wlli'. office's will jL'o iTO Oh'ienflo thi's evi'iuhiff,' Tho Wflbnsli'lioyplifjil Is rapUUy noiur- ing completJoji. It wllJ bu coirtplote In every way. - .... •-.A V-!WwlalU-a ciiir wais -l«x>kcui Into oop nljrlit itih'is-'wwk while slnndlnig to 1 the loc-iil yard* and .some cn.raiod corned 'beef stolen. The ; ipolU'e- beghn JTU fa- .vt\si.ij.':ntioiii 4UKl .sopii locivtcd. a young man who kid' offered .sucJi goo'rfs for smlo. He w«*.«iTested antl.wns eul)- jaotefl to cross qno-stl'oiiinff which may 'Icwd'^ito tl»p «rrcelt'of supiwsed niecoan- pllew. W. C. Arp ..was appointed su- oC motive power : a£- the lines'he 'has form<?d a wrecking crew similar to-those on the Peno- "syhin'inla lints. On Monday one of tho Inrgie'engines left the track at Green- 1 castle and -\vltlilm'ttluixje mliim-tes after a tctoffrAin Toaclicd TOITB Haute the wwsckitag.timi'n tw& its crwr wore on •tlio roind'-to Groancastle, Walbash Conductor Fording -received SCT.-IOUS to-jurfes'at Huntington Monday moitiiiiug. 'H-c w-ns g-ettlng off of nin, cn- gimc wiiejii an express truck which was standing, on the depot platform ' too inoar. thk; fcnaiek, struck Hiton ou. tlie back. He 'held on to the hand hold:of the cab morning. Ho wins getting off an en- nonlh ^.he whorls, but 'he was 'turned so quickly that the'flesh of hlsliand was Urok«a amid .'his shoulder was bruised. -M. L. iScwdder, of-X®w York, and Harry F. West, of PMl'adelphia,, went -Tioirth over flue MicMgam division of tho VaifldnlMia with. Gcrawal Menug«r Tur- •3*qr yos.tord«y to .miaifce a ithoroiigfh in- spectlon of the property.- They repre- scot Ithe bond'hold'crs of the Terrc Haute & Logam'gport comipaiiiy, which Ls tho Michigan division, and are making the dtiapactilon because of the sen- eattanal.rcpbntis printed in New York nibont <lhe f-wllure to pay the September ilnsballlmcint oir interest on thte bonds. Tho bomls aire gawaniteed by tlie Terre Himte & Indianapolis, wlrtoh Is now owned by''the Pennsylvaniacompany. A PECULJAR REMEDY, Something About th« New Discovery . :. for Curing Dysipepsio. . The Itov. F. I, BcM, a highly esteemed •minister residing -to Wcedsport, Cayuga Co., 'N. Y., in a recent letter writes as follows: "There has never.been anything that I have taken- that has relieved the Dyspepsia from which.I have suffered for tea years except the mow reincdy called Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. Siuco taking them I have had no distress at all after eating anid again attar long years can, sleep well. Kev. F. I: -Bell, Weedsport, N. Y., formerly Idalto, Colo. /SrtJUiart's Dyspepsia Tablets Is a re- mai-kaWe remedy, not'only because! It is a certain cure far nil forms of indd- gestlon, but because it seems to act as thoroughly In old chronic cases of Dys- pea>sia as well as In mild attacks of Indigestion or biliousness. A person has Dyspepsia sdrnjply because tlie 'Stomach is -over-worked, all it wants is a harmless, vegetable remedy to digest tho food and thus give it the much needed Test. This ds.-the secret,of tho success of tMa jpeoul'liar remedy. 2v"o maltter how weak or how miich disordered the digestion, may be, Stuarfs Dyspepsia TalWets will digest the food, whether the stomach works or pot. New life and energy Ja gtven. n/oit only to. tho Stomach but to every organ and nervR dn_the body. A trial of thte splendid medicine will comvluce the most skeptt- cal 'Ithat Dyspesfai- and aH ^stomach troubles canlje cur«d. The..t01ct)8 are prepared toy .the.,Stuart Cheniteal Co., of Mna^hallliiMlilt., butiroipopujlar has the.remedir Jiocpinie that'Stuart's Dys- pecUa Tatolate cain^iip^yb^.flibW^ed at any-drus st»re.at.TO cent8 : pear package. Send for-book, on stomacb diseases tree. .-• ' ' The railroad boys went to Iwiiaoia- ipoMs to force ycs'tra-day. There were mine coaches in the 1 special toato and they-were well fflled before loavlng 'here, "whtoh means that tho trnliin will i|*> crowded 'w'hca lit -Imves 'Kokomo. Tho 'bond, 'the McKimley drum coi-pa and 'a mortlna baud of three pieces, nianincd by .tlho employes 1m this shop nridef M.'Fopnoff, ST., foiuned the music foripade, which was ad-dcd to at GaKes- toni by tlio Galyeston Ladies' glee clu.b. ' At tho'hour of goilnig-to press the tniil|a luad not returned., 'but a. message from I-mTIJuvnipoJIs 'over the loaig'' dls- 'tauice 'phono wns received nit The ,Tour- iiwil office wt ,8.30 o'clock, ami the cta&ers of the raarchlinig delegatUcms couM be plnlnily hwirtl ovoir one tandrwd of wire. 1 BUSINESS IS DULL. Court Hay Adjourn One Week Earlier. T'he politiwU C4i-mpiaigii Ima taken the s'htne owt of almost everything else. Even 'the coiurt businiKiS ,1s su-Horing, aiKl.'th'ei-e will not l>e rmidh ilone from rtow oiV'uint'fl tiw eiid of the caiujpaJgn. • TWo paint jury- was discharge*! yes- .terdiiy .momUitf for tire 'term, aud all of '.the work '-that remains to 'be. done VlH.be oases- tried before, the. court. The filta-g of new snl'ts w.anotWer.neg- lecitod bittuw* of law 'business, .and. 'it Is no woudor that 'the 'lawyers '™e -nil going -an 'the stump. 'They coin find plenty t» do there. ..... It. J« probable ..thai 'court \yill adjourn. one week early; that iis to say., that tho last .week before the election, whMi 'is -'titoe lasit week of the regular September 'torin, wtlll not .be 'held. : The' business was light, thds term, the most L'mportain't cases being State eases and these were oil disposed of, with celerity. Republican Meetings. . Republican speakings wiill ;be held at the following places dn Oase county: Friday evening, October 23, Harness. schoolhouse, Deer Creek township, D. B. McConaell. ... W. M, Kenney, of Rochester, a former Democrat and a witty and eloquent speaker, will speak in Cass county as follows: Friday evening, October 16, Lucerne. Saturday evening, October 17, Royal Center. Thursday evening, October 15th, New school house, Noble township, George W. Funk. Friday afternoon, Oct. 10, Broadway rink, .Hon. Frank -Hanley. Friday evening, October ICth, Gransinger school house, Adams township, M.' A. .Quinn, Gailveeton, Friday night, October 16th, : M. Jolce of Miami 1 county,, n. Sound Blooey Democrat,, will speak. Saturday evening, October 17, Center school house, Deer Creek .township, Q. A. Myers. ...... ,.'•., Saturday evening, October 17th, Louithaln school 1 house, Bethlehem township, Orfalndo Powell. Saturday afternoon October 17th, Me- Klnley pole raising .at home of James Humes, at which Attorney George Gannble will speak, Monday evenjta£, Oct. 19, Clymers, M, A. Quton,' . Tuesday evenling, 1 Got 20, Young America, M. A. Quton. Wednesday ..even-log, Oct. 21, Bed school .(house; Noble, township,. M. A.. Thursday evening, Oat 22, Shady Nook, Clay towmsfliillp, M. A. Quinn. evening,. Oct. 23, Harness school house, Deer Creek township, M.. A. Quint!,. Satuwlay evening, Oct. 21, Lucerne, M. A. Quinn. Thursday evening 1 , Get, 22, Baptist school house, Harrison townshdp, W. T. Witoom. Friday ove'ntog, Oct. 23, Meiea, W. T, Wi/lson, . • • Saturday evening, Oct 24, Walton, W. T. Wilson. . ..; • : Monday evenimpr, Oct 10, Anoka, D.' B. MoConnell. Wednesday '.wonlng, Oct. 21, Royal Canter, D! B. MoConnell. •Saturday evening, Oct 24, Georgetown, Orlando Poiwoll..., ., , •Monday evening, Oct. 10, Waverly, Onpt. Frank Swigatt and S.-T. Mc- Coraaell. . v ' Frl'day ovenine, Oct. 23, Palmer school 'house, Washtagitoni . township, Oaplt Frank Swlgort and S. T. MflConr .-.•.. .;'•-.: ay eyentag, Oat 22, Pleasant •Hill school house, Ciin.ton : township, D. C. ' Jiustlce. . ' ' i! ' .'Friday 'evening, Oet 20,' Ooward, Robert J.,Love]ajad. , ' '.. '-Saturday' evening, Oct 24, Twelve Mile; George W.. Funk and George W.. Walters.' •. . •• •'..-:.: .• • .. '• :'. Holy'Oommunlon and Saoriimtnti ;• to Ba Observed In the Army, • Commmnd«r Booth Ordalne'd In Order ThAi 'He Mlflit Admlnlitor THein—All Lead. : mn of Fotts to Be Ordained for . a.Hlmllar. f 25c for boys', dollar stiff jbialtB and 5c for caps, as the assignee sale of the Otto Kraus stock.- .••.'•••'•' Subscribe for Tbie Jonnut ' Since the recent, ceremony by which. Commander Ballihgton Booth, of the Volunteers of America, became on ordained minister of the church many of'tis friends have osked : the question, ae to whether ill his capacity as a minister of the Gospel he will'administer the rite- of holy communion and the other sacraments to the members of his organization. . • • . : ! Commander Booth will 1 in the future exercise his authority to administer the Lord's Suppci- to the members of hia organization, and the same-rite will be performed by his subordinates to be In the future ordained. He says he does not intend to form a new sect or denomination. ; "I found from my expenience with the Salvation Army." said Commander Booth, "that a great element of weakness in that organization was owing to the fact Dhat it is outside of the church insteac of being within and auxiliary to it. I h'ntl it. essential,that the, sacraments should be introduced into our services, and in order to have that accomplished it becomes necessary that I should be regularly ordained as a minister. In furthcrn-nca of this idea It will become necessary to ordain the leading officers in the volunteers so that (hey have the right to administer the sacrament to those under their care, but under no circumstances shall I ordain laymen, but only those who stand as clergymen do to their respective churches." As soon as Mrs. Booth, Brig. Gen. Fielding 1 , of Chicajro; Col, ITattie Lindsay, of New York city; Lieut. Col. Wooiley, of Buffalo; Maj. Blax^hurst, of San Francisco, and other staff officers shall hove been duly ordained the rite of holy communion will be administered in nil the posts of volunteers on the first day of each month. WED WITH LITTLE CEREMONY. Burefo«ted juitlce Marries » Couple !• IJIcjclu Clothes at midnight. . Justice of the Peace Charles A. Jacobs, of Elizabeth, N. J., married a runaway couple at 12:15 the other morning ct his oflice on Elizabeth avenue. The bride gave her name aa Lizzie A. Kelly, 20 years old, of New Dorp, and the. groom said he was John Brechtel, an : «ctor, of .-New York city. The couple rorle up to. the justice's office on bicycles and were accompanied by the young \voma.n's mint. Miss Cecelia Ficnan, Miss Mamie Picrson :uid Frank H. Willis, who said they lived in New York. Justice Jacobs was awakened by » pounding on his door and put his head out of the window. He saw the party standing on the porch and dressed hastily. When be ascertained -what wns wanted ho told the party to go to a minister. Then Willis explained that Miss Kelly was n Catholic nnd would be married, only by a. priest or o: justice, and as she did not care to go before a priest they came-to Justice Jacobs. The/argument prevailed nnd the ;ceremony was performed. Bridegroom.and wit^. nesses were dressed in.bicycl.fcsuitsand the justice wore no coat or vest and was barefooted. After the ceremony Brechtel told Justice Jacobs?' that he had known Miss Kelly three years, but her parents objected to him because,lie.wa$' a Protestant. Then Miss.Finnan came to the rescue and planned >be.b'icycle ride which led to the wedding.,. The party went bock to Statcn Island on tho lost ferry boat.' THE CONTRACTS AWARDED.. TTIU Torpedo iWti tone Ilnllt nt B»tk. Me., and, One at gun Franclico. The'Bath 'iron' -works of Maine will build two of!the:30-knot torpedo boats "and the Union iron works of : Sau Fra/n- claoo : the remaining one; Wolff & Zwiok- cr, of Portland, -Ore., two 22'/ 3 -knot boats, and of the. little 20-knot boats, Herreshoff..vvill have three. Columbian iron works of Baltimore two, and Hillman Bros., of Philadelphia, one. This Is the decision; .finally reached by Chief Constructor Hiehburn and Engineer in •Chief'Melville, to "whom- the numerous and complicated bids opened September .11.were referred. • ..' . ' • The tivo bureaus under these officers have devoted their energies unremittingly for the past two weeks to canvassing the relative merits of the designs offered by the various competitors for the work, and no donb't is felt that thdr recommendations will be precisely followed in awarding the contracts. The policy pursued has been'to obtain, boats as large'as possible under the proposals ond to secure as many as the appropriation of $1,30.0,000 would permit. JAPANESE ENTERPRISE. After Tom*; Cotton to M»nofaotnre Int* Good* for Euitern Market* Mr. TsurutanJ,. of Kobe, Japan, is at Waco, Tex., with letters of introduction to local cotton shippers'. The object of the visit of Mr. TsurutanJ to Texas Is to arrange on the partof Jaipancse man- ufaeturers of cotton : textiles for direct importations of Texas cotton into Japanese ports. Mr. Tsurutani sa'ya :thero. are 80-plants in Japan for the manufacture of cotton'goods and-other mills are about to be'-established.' His'nation in- 'tcnds to supply-cotton goods-largely in the 1 east; and-yiii'Bend huyers'annually to-the cottdh''»tates, : os : is the practice with the European spinners. Mr. Tsuru- tani says Texas cotton will" shortly"-be shipped from San Francisco to ToHo on » Japanese steamship, wbiWh will- b« a new movement In th'ecotton trade, • • Signal* at Sea, The flags to -be hoisted at one time In signaling lit sea. never ^.tceed^onr. It-'is' an.;in.terestins arithmetical, fait 'thai,' with' 18 various colored flag 1 *, ana iever more than 'four at a time,.' no fewer thac 78.6+2 nlgnuls can be Of Health appiness The Indiana Depurator Company has placed in Dr. J. B. Shultz office at 417 Fourth, street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. It you are afflicted or have nds who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate at once. See testimonials of Leading Physicians; also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz' office 417 Fourth Street Logansport, Ind Natural Gas Rates. Partial payments annual rates begin Octo ber 1st 1896, Consumers desiring to avail themselves of the annua rate, on the basis of six payrm nts, should arrange to have their stoves connected by that da-e in order to be on time. Lopsport & labasli Valley Gas Co, 317 & 319 Pearl Street. fly New Goods Are here. C*» II and examine them before buying, AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor- 9kw. All Kinds of Drawings Made BYRON B. GORDON. Spry Block. assssssssseass Greatest IDlscovery or the 19th ;'Century. ' NIWBMttBT Medicated Air' For the cue ot Catarrh, A«ttun» and all Pohnbnatr Dlseiwj, It.hu no equal for Sick and Nervoui He*d- She, 1 1.000.000 :p<»Ple die annuallr from the than named diseafM. Why noBec and die, when Medicated Air U gn&ranteed to cure jou. Ucdlctttv *.lr <t Drug Co., Hlehmond, Ind., U. B, A. KROEQER & STRAIN, Ondertakers &Embaimers. 610 BEOADWAT. CHAS. L. WQLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR >: . CalU attended to proli»tly. Our •» ; PnioB knd Mutuml Offloo. No. W; BMMMM*. , Ho. IB. Logansport ——•— THE lypewriter Is a Good Machine. i inch standard ot excellence. Maw ol the "Munion" consider It THEjBEST. You ulllflnd It *THuableas«l»taatln»o«rof- fiat.. Addresf Cor puttaolan THE MUNSQN TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURER*, Pofaon ! Iry, Insect •calils. burni, are quickly rawd l»y !)•• Witt'* Wttdi Hiutei siiiiwB, thVgwit pU* OOK.-JDO; M. JohMton.

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