The Pittsburg Daily Headlight from Pittsburg, Kansas on April 4, 1894 · Page 4
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The Pittsburg Daily Headlight from Pittsburg, Kansas · Page 4

Pittsburg, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1894
Page 4
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ATT33URG (US.) DAILY HEADLIGHT rzs osnts psa wjsbk. LOCALNEWS- California 617 Chas. S. Smith. Tom Elliott went to Fort Scott today. "Westminster'' Bicycles. Pyrt Maxwell. Girard elected the whole republican ticket. M. F. Smith, of Parsons, was in the city to-day. Go to E. W. Alberty for Loan on Real Estate. C. E. McCoy, of Boston, was a visitor in the city to-day. The Republicans are the ones in the city who are laughing to-day. T. T. Perry, of Girard, was transacting business in the city to-day. Charles Nichols, of Denver, Colorado, was among the visitors to-day. W. H. R. Duboise returned from a business trip to St. Louis this morning. B. L. Newman, of Detroit, was transacting business in the city today. Dr. Graves moved into his new homo at 314 Eaf.t Park avenue yesterday. J. A. Zellers, of Kansas City, was visiting his many friends in the city to-day. Mrs. Fred Seiber and Mrs. Wescott, of Fleming, were shopping in the city to-day. Lost A pair of gold rimmed spectacles. Reasonable reward. Finder leave at Headlight office. W. K. Mosley, general superintendent of the Pittsburg route, with his family visited in the city last night. The election is over and although very little excitement was shown previously, a sigh of relief is heard on all sides. Dan Cronin, general roadmaster and Wm. O'Connel, division road- master, both of the Frisco were in the city to-day. The jurymen who were excused yesterday to come home to vote, re turned to the monotony of the court room this morning. A. M. Nelson, superintendent of construction on the Pittsburg route, and Judge Orr, attorney for the road, were in the city to-day. Mrs. Jacob Franks has arrived from St. Louis and now Mr. and Mrs. Franks are at home in a snug little cottage on Forest avenue. Charley Howe, an employe of the Wear Coal Company store, suffering from an attack of catarrh of the stom-ache. Seth Seraw, Archie Craig and S. S. Geathes, all of the Seraw Brothers coal company, 'were in the city last night. To-night is regular meeting night for the Modern Woodmen. A good attendance is requested as there is degree work to do. Richard Gentry, general manager of the Pittsburg route, arrived in the city this afternoon in his special car, and will remain over night. Col. Geo. E. Howard inspected Company E last night. There was a good turnout and each member pass-e 1 inspection in a very creditable manner. Ingersoll has discovered "that the south is swinging towards protection." The colonel is, however, regarded as no better authority on politics than he is on religion. Reduced rates to Topeka, Kansas, on sale to-day and to-morrow at Santa Fe depot, on account of the Republican league meeting held there on the 5th. and 6th. The Ladies Aid Society of the Presbyterian church meets with Mrs. Ned Lanyon on north Locust street, Thursday afternoon, April 5th, at 2:30 o'clock. Mattie Hawi.ey, Secy. Kansas & Texas shaft No. 20 is expected to start up to-morrow after a few weeks shut down for repairs. Al! the latest improvements in the wa. of screens, cars, etc.. have been put in. Mrs. E. E. Merriweather, who hap been spending the winter in California with her sister Mrs. John Raymond, who was there for her health, has joined her husband and is now a resident of Pittsburg. Wm. Epps, the miner that was hurt at No. 7 shaft at Frontenac, was out on his crutches to-day for the first time, but concluded to go home and waie a while as he did not have the strength to stand his walk. Ed. Nevius, who has been the cashier of the Kansas and Texas store at Litchfield, has been transferred to the company store here, and R. W. Vail, of Kansas City, will take Mr. Nevius place at Litchfield. F. A. Riley and Lambert 5arbey, both of the Pittsburg and St Louis smelters, who were thrown out of employment by the shut down, went to Girard this morning where they have prospects for work in the smelters. Conductor Newton relieved J. W. Sharnitt on the Joplin and Girard Frisco local this morning. Conductor Griffith, who has been lay vug off for the past three or four days, took charge of trains No. 41 and 42, Newton's old run. The Spiritualists of the city were this week made happy by a visit from their old time sister, Mrs. M. I, Goodman of Lib ral, Mo. Mrs. Goodman is not only a lady who all delight to meet again, but has the honor of having been the first president of the Piiisburg society. She returned to her home the latter part of the week. The Hotel Stilwell Kennel club was incorporated last evening. The objects of the Association as stated by the charter are: "By importation and otherwise to improve the strains of Irish Setters, Spanish Pugs, Italian Grey-hounds, Grecian black and tans, and other animals of the canine species," also "To buy and sell real estate." The sisters of the Aid society heartily join in extending thanks to the brothers and friends for their liberality shown them for the benefit of the U. B. church at the home of Bro. Eddie Long's last evening. A very pleasant evening was spent. After bidding good i.ight to all, they took their departure, hoping to meet again in the near future. J. R. McKim's delivery team made an attempt to get away from James Alexander, the driver, to day in front of the Wear Coal company store. The attempt was a failure, however, but during the effort the wagon was run up onto the sidewalk and sacks of flour with which the wagon was loaded were strewn around in a miscellaneous manner. C. P. Pierce's horse, which he drives to his delivery wagon, got frightened at the tugs coming unhitched and dropping down against his feet, while on south Broadway yesterday afternoon, and made a desperate effort to run away. The driver was too much for the animal. Before it w7as quieted, however, a broken shaft could be produced to show up for da mages. How the Opoiis Ladies Routed ;i Joim . Some two or three weeks since some parties visited the little town of Opoiis and after looking around a little concluded to rent a room and start up in business. Not much time was lost in finding a location and after paying a dollar in advanee on the rent they started for Minden for the purpose of laying in a fresh stock of spring goods. It appears that the man having the room for rent had a daughter, a member of the W. C. T. U. He wisely informed tne daughter that when the gentleman paid her four dollars more for rent she could give them the keys. But she thinking perhaps there might be something wrong, called the other ladies and awaited the arrival of the parties with their goods. They had not long to wait, and when the first load arrived they found that they had not judged unwisely. The gentleman of course came and asked for the keys to his room, but the ladies handed him his dollar and kindly told him they could not rent a room in Opoiis for the purpose that they wished it for. The gentleman most politely refused to take the dollar saying "he would donate that to them as they had been to quite a bit of trouble," and quietly drove away. Now dear friends, this is what earnest, brave hearted Christian temperance ladif s can do. Why not take them for an example? W. C. T. U. Press Supt. Equal to Auj Novel. A rather peculiar ending of a practical joke commenced about fourteen months ago, took place this forenoon. V. K.Brown and W. S. Stanners were working on the foundation of Robert Robyn's house a little over a year ago, and one day for a joke Brown took Stanners watch out of his vest which was laying near by and secreted it in the wall of the cellar. As soon as Stanners missed his time piece he got very wrathy and put the police after it, but without any success in finding the stolen property. Stanners became so earnest that Brown was alarmed and concluded to wait a tew days when he would return it. In the meantime Brown went to Joplin with the intention of getting the watch when he returned, but when he was there got into trouble and went to Carthage to board at the county's expenre for six months. During his incarceration he attacked another prisoner and as a result received another jai! sentence which terminated d ly before yesterday, and last even-in? he arrived in the city, went to the Robyn residence and under the pretense of going into the cellar af ter some tools he had left there he went to where he had hid the watch, found it, and then hunted Stanners up this morning and turned it over to him, accompanied with an explana tion. Not as l.;il as Reported. A gentleman living in Neosho who has had considerable experience in the raising and cultivation of apples, peaches and small fruits, having occasion to travel over a large portion of the county during the last week made it his business to examine many orchards and fields and makes the following report: Apples, not hurt very bad, few buds killed, and prospects good for a fair crop: notwithstanding reports to the contrary there will be a few peaches in the country; cherries all right. The wheat crop is not hurt except in the rare instances where it was very far advanced and of rank growth. Arcadia Election. An even 200 votes were polled in Arcadia Monday, E. M. Brewer being elected mayor by majority. C. F. Coburn was chosen police judge, and G. W. Fowler, D. C. Pasley, J. Cox, councilman. THE CITY ELECTION. Sweeping Victory t'arty Over n I for the Republican 1 ihe Tickets. The city election yesterday passed off smoothly and the result was almost a sweeping victory for the republicans. It was a four-cornered fight, the Populists, Independents and Prohibitionists arrayed against a straight out Republican ticket. B. D. Bennett, candidate for Councilman in the First ward, on the Independent Citizens ticket was the only one off of the Republican ticket that was elected, by a majority over the republican candidate of 95, and a plurality of 44. This is accounted for from the fact that he is a very popular man in his ward among all alike irrespective of politics. The contest in the office of Treasurer of the school board was interesting, but Robert Robyn, Republican, won the day by a good round majority. The majorities and pluralities in all the wards are rather of a surprise to al! but the republicans, they knowing about what the result would be. The ladies turned out in a very satisfactory manner to exercise their rights of franchise, and quite a number of them voted for prohibition, which accounts in a great measure for the increase of that vote. The Populists did not make near the showing they had hoped nor did tiiey equal what they have polled heretofore. The Citizens ticket was made up principally of democrats and dissatisfied republicans and was a good ticket to draw from the dissatisfied in all parties, but did not seem to have the staying qualities essential to carry it through and out of the way of the Republican ticket. The council now stands one Populist, two Democrats, and the balance Republicans. On summing up of the whole it is plainly seen that the Republicans are still in the ring better organized if any thing than they have been for years, and the result of yesterday's election is only in line judging from the Associated Press reports with that in all parts of the Union. The following is the vote by wards: FIRST WARD. TREASURER OF SCHOOL BOARD. Robert Robyn, Rep 11 Geo. W. Williams, Indep 64 L. L. Hollinger, Prob 46 MEMBER OF CITY COUNCIL. B. D. Bennett, Indep 139 Nels Peterson, Rep 44 C. G. Emerson, Prob 51 MEMBER OF SCHOOL BOARD. O. S. Casad, Rep 112 J. VV. Barrow, Indep 88 J. R. Bell, Prob 33 SECOND WARD. TREASURER OF SCHOOL BOARD. Robert Robyn, Rep 160 Geo. W Williams, Indep 42 L. L. Hollinger, Prob 4 FOR COUNCILMAN. J. H. See lev. Rep 149 Andrew Teunant, Pop 3 T. J. Crowell, Indep 25 L. Belknap, Prob 43 FOR SCHOOL BOARD. J. K. Lindburg, Rep E. Huffman, Indep Annie Brown, Prob THIRD WTARD. TREASURER OF SCHOOL BOARD. Robert Robyn, Rep 102 Geo. W. Williams, Indep 45 L. L. Hollinger, Prob FOR COUNCILMAN. W. II. Braden, Rep 114 Wm. Coughenour 63 MEMBER OF SCHOOL BOARD S. H. Lanyon, Rep. long term 109 Mrs. E. A. Willard, Rep, short term 83 G. J. Munn, Indep, long term 48 Milt Hinkle, Indep, short term 71 Mrs. L Hollinger, Prob, long term 18 A.Besse,Prob, short term 15 FOURTH WARD. TREASURER OF SCHOOL BOARD. Robert Robyn, Rep 181 Geo. W. Williams, Indep 109 L. L. Hollinger, Prob 38 FOR COUNCILMAN. J. McNally, Rep 130 Robert Nesch, Indep 76 Wm. H. McDonald, Pop 89 J. M. Adams, Prob.. 35 MEMBER OF SCHOOL BOARD. Dr. C. A. Fisher, Rep 228 George Kech, Pop 66 Mrs. Emma Ogle, Prob 38 A Complicated Case. Three or four miners and a colored fellow became mixed up together last evening and were only separated by the appearance of the police upon the scene and marching the darkey and one of the miners off to jail and then up before Judge Lance, where they were given an oportunity to teli their little tale of woe. The colored gentlemen's talk impressed the judge to such an extent that he was released, but the miner was held upon a charge of disturbing the peace and fined 87.50. It seems that the miners, four in number, one of them considerably under the influence of conversational water, were meandering Broadway when they came across the darkey standing in front of the Sal vation army barracks, calmly smok ing a pipe, i he one who was "lull " walked up to h'm and cooly pulled the pipe out of the darkey's mouth with the remark "give me my pipe." The owner of the pipe prostested, when the miner handed it back to him, but while in the act of doing this was hit by the darkey. Another miner then struck the darkey a Jim Corbett blow on the neck which landed him quite a distance from where he was standing in a horizontal position. An attempt was made by the dark y to draw a razor from 155 49 40 - SMITH & MILLER. Three More Days Great Sale. of the We will be with you only three more days, and if there is a man or woman in this town that needs a fine Organ now is your time. You can buy them at less than factory cost, and on easy payments. We have several very fine Organs that sell the world over at 115 to 8140, and we are going to sell them regardless of cost. We also have a number of Organs that are worth 40 to 865, which will go at your own figures. Come and see these goods before it is too late. They will not be for sale after Saturday of this week. W. H. Cottes. Republican Primaries . The Republicans of Baker precinct will meet in Carlton's hall in Pittsburg, Kansas, Saturday, April 7th, 1894, at 2 o'clock p. m. for the purpose of electing delegates to attend the Republican county convention to be held in Pittsburg, Kansas, April 14th, 1894, and to electa central committeeman. Every Republican should attend. J. M. Wilson, Committeeman. Notice. As there has been complaints coming from all over the city in regard to chickens running at large and an noying people, you who have chickens are hereby notified to confine them on your premises and save trouble. The ordinance is very strict in this matter. This is the last notice. J. J. Lemaster, City Marshall. April Excursions. During the present month the Memphis route will make round trip excursion rates to the following points: Salina, Kas., Denver, Colo., Topeka; Kansas City; Birmingham, Ala.; Lawrence and Ellsworth. Get particulars as to dates of sale, rates, etc., at station. L. W. Price, Agent. McC niic Election. The Mc-Cune Republicans elected the following excellent ticket Monday: Mayor Al. Miller. Police Judge M. S. Gowin. Councilmen G. W. Garrison, H. S. Cannon, F. Wilson, John Garvey, and F. Gemmell. KING'S SUPERLATIVE. The acme ( perfection, the Ideal potato, shapely, smooth, clean, white, uniform in size, nooks flakely and dry; nothing approaches it in quality. Ask your grocer fo see them- Jiothinir else like it: For sale where you see the signs displayed. Harper & Co., Wholesale Agents and Warehouseinen for South hast A'ansa and South West Missouri. Pittsburg, Kansas. My Spring line of wall paper has just come in and everybody that wants any paper certainly ought to examine the new styles. Great reduction on gilts. I have paper hangers to do your work at once. F. W. Henry, Furniture store. 1 -that's the best bicycle. Byrt Maxwell is the Agent. Call for the Horse Brand of Johnson's Magnetic Oil. It has no equal for the diseases of horses and cattle 81 size 50 cents; 50 cent size 25 cents. The wheels of "the silent steed," judiciously revolved, secure to the rider exercise, economy, and health. Byrt Maxwell sells bicycles. For Rent Office room in the Opera house block. Apply to J N. Hodges. Hogeboom& Co., prescription drug gists, registered pharmacists. tf First published in Daily 4th, 1894. Headlight, April In THE Publication DlSTRIC Notice. (b.iiudhii nniT ( iiCNTV. I ASS AS. on a ml Josia h Lanyon ins; business under th of W. & J. Lanyon,- William Lan partners d firm nami Plaintiffs. Vs. Morgan Lee, .hunt's Kibler, William ('. Cotter, '. B. Sweet and W. E. ' Sweet, pari ners doing business as '. H. Sweet A: Brother; B 1'. Wright, S. Wrighl and T. J.Wright, pari tiers doing business as Wright 1 Brothers: L. I). Jernigan; .1. I). Beatty, J. II. Richards and C. A. Lakin. partners doing businessas tlie Fort Seott Wholesale Grocery Company; .lames Patmor, and The National Bank of Pittsburg, De- I fondants. The State of Kansas to the above named defendants, James Kibler, and William C. Cotter: Von are hereby notified that you base been sued by 1 lie above named plaintiffs, in the District Court of Crawford county, Kansas, wherein plaintiffs has-e filed Their petition, ami unless you answer said petition of plaintiffs on or before the lrttli day of May ,1894, the statements a ml allegations in said petition contained, will be taken as true and Judgment and decree as therein prayed, will be rendered against you. the nature of which will be as follows: A judgment in the sum of one thousand i?l.uo0; dollars, with interest thereon at ten per cent, computed semiannually, from December :ji0tl. 189S, and for costs of suit against your co-defendant, Morgan Lee. on a promissory note for one thousand dollars, dated December 30th, lsfti. in favor of the above named plaintiffs, and signed by the defendant Morgan Lee; also a decree foreclosing a real estate mortgage ex ecuted bv the (leteiuanl. .Morgan I sri favor of plaintiffs. To secure the payment of the above described note, on The following described real estate situated in the county of Crawford and state of Kansas, viz: The northwest quarter iV of the orthwest quarter () of sect ion thirteen (13), township thirty (30) south, of range twenty-fire 25i east, of the sixth principal meridian, and that said morT-gage is a first lien on said premises; that said premises be sold without appraisement to satisfy the amount found due plaintiffs on Will write your insurance in the best American or Foreign companies on the most favoaable terms. THEY WILL Loan you money on Real Estate, chattel or personal security. THEY WILL Trade you a 40 acre farm in Jasper county, Mo., well improved, tor city property. THEY WILL Sell you lots or improv-city property on a small payment down .and monthly payments for balance. SEE THEM On any business in their line, it may save you both money and time. Smith & Miller, Opposite Postoffice. Having secured a Contract with The Jewell N. Halligan Co,, Of Chicago, Publishers of 'Hallips Illustrated Worlfl" Who own and control the authentic and largest collection of World's Fair Views In the world, (absolutely the best) We Now Offer 320 of these beautiful Art Gems, in a series of 20 parts, which we will issue weekly to our patrons and their friends free of cost. In purchasing goods at our store, for every purchase amounting to $2 50 you will be given one com plete portfolio containing 16differ-eut photographs. In this way you can continue to secure these elegant views until you have 320 photographs. To buy the originals separate would cost 320.00. A. HUDSON, DEALER IN Staple and Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Etc. 315 North Broadway, Pittsburg, Kansas. About 1 Prescriptions The best of medicines are none too good for sick folks. It is bad enough to be sick without runni'g chances with second grade drugs. That's the reason we buy only the highest quality of everything. It is a great satisfaction to us to know that every7 prescription we send out is just as good as good drugs will make it. No matter what you paid for it, you couldn't get it any better. Yours Truly, J. CROWELL, fourth and Hroadway. lid note, and after sale. that the defendant Ilia hir. nncVpt hnf at. thic otnirpnf rlin ' "nd ea li of them, be forever barred and r v ' 6 fore dosed of till eiiuit g ime the police appeared with above result. the Day Boarders I have taken the Jenness residence on Pine, between R. Boyle, Isaac Lightle and L. B. j Third and Fourth, where I will take luity oi redemption or otl.e interest they may haveor claim in or to said premises. Wit, mam Lanyon and Josiah Lanyon. ' ar hit- as W. & J. Ltm on, Plaintiffs. In testimony whereof. 1 have hereunto subscribed mv name, and affixed the seal of said coun , this 3rd day of April, 1894. SEAL Wm. M McDonald. Clevk District Court of Crawford county, Kas. Van Gi-ndy& Cliggitt, Attorneys for Plaintiffs, Spring Announcement Your are respectfully invited to call and examine our immense stc ck for Spring and Summer wear. Our line is exceptionally fine this season, consisting of the latest styles and makes of Foreign and Domestic Manufactures in Suitings, Trouserings & Overcoatings, of which we carry the most exclusive and largest assortment in the city. We employ none but skill ed mechanics in all departments. Our cutting and fitting is always in the very latest styles. F. F. RUTZ, The Tailor. IliiKHU & PILtlPHREl Meat Market. Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish, Chicken and everything season. Call and see us at Duncan & Co's. old stand, second door south of Postoffice , McGREW & PDIPHREY vNRY, Funeral Director ai Eialmsr White and Black Hearses. ' AND DEALER W Fanitin, Stovss aii Wall Paper. North Broadwav, PITTSBURG. KANSAS. 4 UNDERTAKING A SPECIALTY. J 1 Til. mm BOW MAN AH cTheabses rtaliii 001liS? c: between a side MX.' - J. A. NUTTMAN, Pres. A GID NIGH, Teller. E. NAU, Vice Pres. ROEEKT ROBYN, Cashier. HANS ROBYN. Collector. National The Manufacturers' Capital S100,GQ.4 Transacts a General Banking: Business DIRECTORS.-W. H. R. DuBois A. E. N';iu. -Robert Robyn, A. H. Greef, 3. A. L. Chap c. Merrill, C. Wen jr. a. is la? Nuttti Bank , Kansas. E. B. Kloeb A. B. Ki A. Nagel's Meat Market ! NORTH BROADWAY, PITTSBURG, KANSAS Fresh and Salt Meas, and the nest of all kinds of Sa eap-e. Poultry and wild and Fresh Fish in their seasons. Hisriieet markPt prices paid for all kind: R-eme . of poui The Novelty Carriage W orks :nd door south f Frisco First C ss M HORSE SHOEING A SFECIAXT. ALL KINDS OF REPAIR WORK DONE PROMPTLY. CURLY 1NNIS, Painter and Trimmer. I',T"'RTK C. SiWV 4 ?W Pi'iWic I. M. FARM ALEE, Woodworker. 1 " "f " The Best Shoes for the Least .Money. This istheBh5 W. L. DOUGLAS S tyflfe OEM INK 9nVE welt. Squcaklcss, Bottom Waterproof. Best Shoe sold at the pries S5, $4 and S3.50 Dress Shoe S3.5Q Police Shoe, 3 Soles. $2.50, and $2 Shoes, Unequalled at the price. Boys S2 & $1.75 School Shoes LADIES' $3, $2.50 $2, $1.75 lit-st JJongola, Stj iish. Perfect Xttttagaad M'rvicrable.Best m the world. All ;uies. Insist upon having W.JL. lSouirl;i !,ot s. Name ami irice stunmed m !V . bottom. Brockton THtrWrtOHVW. Mass. DEALERS who push the sale of W. L. Douglas Shoe; which helps to increase the sales on their full line of afford to sell at a less profit, and we believe you can save mom v footwear of the dealer advertised below. Catalogue free upon appl WRIGHT BROS,, Agent. lis. They ean raying all your THE GRANDEST LINE OF JtBlIffiJiipilU mm AG B KT LIT K A L 131 PL L3I ES TS Ever placed before the people of southeastern Kansas and southwest Missouri. Bought from hard-up wholesalers at cost of manufacture and will be sold lower than ever before. EVERY ONE A PRIZE ! CARRIAGES. BIGGIES. ROAD WAGONS. (ARTS. SPRING WAGON v L13IBER WAGONS And other vehicles for town or farm uses. Come and inspect material, work and prices. We can undersell competition because we buy in car load lots at cash figures. PITTSBURG Ifflt W HOUSE. JOSEPH ENNIS, Proprietor. JACOB FRANKS, -DEALER IN- All Kinds of FURNITURE. HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR SECOND HAND FURNITURE Household Goods of all kinds, Mining Tools etc. in fact everything of value. Bring on the goods ana get me casn. r.asc r ourtn street. day boarders. Mrs. E. E. Hillis.

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