Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 12, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 12, 1954
Page 8
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'•~ ''' ''• ""-^ ' '^"^ '*~\ ' * V "" '-T '«'!-" M ,<" ' " - ' ^ ""' " r '' . v<j H uet iTAR, HQM» ARKANSAS Thursday* Augusr 12,1954 . HOPE H.6M, ARKANSAS &-n*, Run? Di "fore they multiply Iflit' nrss MARKETS 'St. i.bgi<3 LiveStocK STOCK YARns, lit Hogs ?,f>00; fairly active; barrow.* and gilts than aware; sowi uneven. weights untSeHM Jb steady to 2*i towef j heavier 'sows stency to 21 or more higher; bulk diioce 200 240 Ib ?3 23.JO; 250270 Ib 22,sn 3.35, few to 23.30; .found 3CO b 20.50; 1^0190 Ib 22 f W2:i 00. few to 23.23; 150170 ib 20 7r.22.X3, 120 140 16 Uf 3120 SO; sow* 40 ib down ; few light nciiihts 2025; sows 15.2517. 25; boars lOOOlfl.OO. Market ;Red Hot Meat Specials FRO AST ryp>',?•: ,. Hy .'fsft.^1'.-. .-v >.' I .ft.. 1 .' Cnltlo 2.000, calvrs 800: tindin?', ond prices strong to uneven ly-higher;-mostly hirrh choice mo t'iurtt wotaM steins 2-100: scver.il small lots and a lev; ir.ncls good ,->nd choi-<• 190022.25: he ifcrsavul irti^ed yr>ailing-; .ilst) in moUo-sf supply and active: good and choice 39.0022.00:^ utility and commercial 13.0017.00; LOVJS in i^onrl demand end strori;;; utility sin.l commt-r (iial 10.0012,50; a fow 13.PO with eanners nndeutters '8.00-10.00; bulls 50 higher; utility r-nd cr)m hierclal -; c.mrci- nf.,i cutler bulls 'i 00-11.00; voalers steady; a fow . high, cVriii.'o anj prime 20.00-21.00; soo:l and choice 17.00-19.00; commercial and lo\v good 13.IUG.00; cull;; 9.00-11.00; demand for slaughter calves with-cominerclal and good l.irgcly 14.00-17.00. 3 Slicop l.COO; spring lambs opcn- ir.g strong to 50 Jgher; most t&t- kly sales comprise good and choice lots 20.00-31.SO: a sprinkltng of choice ami pHm2 22 00-30; wilh others heM at these prices: trading still in progress on sizable part of run; nidi and utility frii'cker Uirow outs and feeders mostly 23.00-15.00; considerable dcrtiahfl for eecler.-, but relatively few suitable lambs available; a^crl sheep steady; sliiughter ewo.s 3.004.00. FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT Keratolytic action Is a must! T-4-L, a keratolytic fungicide, BloUghs off Infected skin to reach and kill germs and fungus ON CONTACT. If not pleased IN 1 HOUR your 40c back at any drug store. Today at John S. Gibson WALL STREET NEW YORK W — The Slock Market slipped a littl.i lower on balance today in a reaction from her -.•itrfoi-mancc yesterday. " '. Aircrafts were the first 16 come under selling guns, and they irHs- jilayed losses running to mound a point. Most minus si!!tirt irt the list were small. Gains went to dbbut a point at the best. v ..' : Lower on_ balance with 'the^aircrafts wen: the stools, motors, airlines, and the railroads, he' oils hnd some good plus signs but v/L-rcn't outstanding.' Otherwise the inarkct was mixed. tracted profit taking and the market reacted. Traders Said that the rharket appeared to be in a. waiting mood. Late afternoon prices we're IS cents a bale lower to 10 cents higher than the previous close. Oct. 34.18, Dec. 34.43, Men. 34.07. COTTON NEW YORK &Colton futures moved irregularly over a modest afprice range today, following . a brief period of easiness on tind after the opening of the market. iThc subsequent rally however, at- BEAUTY Will Open August 30th COME BY 22Q OLIVE IN TEXARKANA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . . . WE WILL GIVE YOU AN APPLICATION BLANK AND MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CLASSES Duke Marsh Irene Youngblood Co-Owners and Instructors GRAIN ANB PROVISIONS CHICAGO "(At Grains thead on the Board of Trade to* day on reports of a wet harvest in Central Europe, news government held surplus farm product? would be .made available to some European countries and qttile a;;* gressive short covering in Seplem her soybeans Oains in soybeans ran to 10 cents, the daily limit, in Septcrn ber. Othferv^isc, advances were respectable Intl not dramatic. In early dealings the market mo-rtly sow lower on a continuation of yesterday's late backing down. Wheat was the first grain to start riloving up Peak prices were reached after President Eisenhower oidered re- leas of font million dolluts worth of government-held surplus tarn- products for emergency aid to Aus tria, West Germany and Comma nisi East Germany. Wheat closed 129ft higher, Scp tember $2,11—-, corn c to 1 cent higher, September $!-.64 $1.04'/a oats s/B-l'/s higher, September 73V'a rye 2 to 3 cents higher. September $1.16 and soybean;-, 2'/ 2 to 10 cents higher, September $3.07%. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO (m — Live poultry steady;' receipts G02 coops ycstor cay '992 coops; 127,953 Ib; f.o.b paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 14.5-15.5; fryers and bi oilers 24-50; old roosters 13-5,. 14; .capon ettes 2932, Butter steady; receipts 1,174,373 wholesale buying prices unchanged 93 score AA 5G.75; 92 ja 5G.5; 90 B %>/ 2 .25; 89 C 52.5; cars 90 S4.75; 89 C 53. Eggs steady to firm: receipt y,304; wholesale buying prices un changed to 3 igher; U.S. largi 4242.5; U.S . mediums 34: U. S standards 33; current receipts. 26 dirties 21.!i; checks 20. Wheat: No. 4 mixed 2.32. Corn No. 1 yellow 1.68%; 'No. 2 No. 3 106 ;6&y 2 ; No. 4 l i e4!/»-65 No. 5 103; sample grade i.GO 03' . Oats: No. .1 heavy whit 78%-79'/ 2 ; No.' l-'whito 7GJi; No. heavy white79'/2; sample grad medium, heavy .white 72. Soy 'beans: None. ! Barley nominal:' alting 1.40 '50; feed 95-1.12. The ancient Greeks believed the oh&ues of snakes had healing roperties, hence the snake in the ymbol used by doctors. NEED MONEY? • .... . 4 We jtiake re'fil estate loans lot all purposea^-to buy, build, re* paitj refinance, etc. Our attractive monthly reduction plans help you to pay off the mortgage Systematically and conveniently «- the interest reduces each rnbnth as you make monthly payments on loan. There Is No Better Plan HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Loon Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4Gd1 > * * * + ++ + -DIAMOND * L Meet your Friends at the Diamond ... for that * Famous Coffee > and a Waffle > Daily Lunches - 50c and 75c + DIAMOND ^ CAFE & CAFETERIA ^U. ^ ^ A'"~A/~ GREATEST TRADES In Our History! u V ( .. Save hundreds on a powerful new HORNET, WASP or JET PRODUCTS OF AMERICAN-MOTORS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 B«twe«n 8 A. M. aftd 4 P. M, shower to ge given by Mrs. Joe will Martindale at the home of her and Calendar Thursday, August 12 The Young Adult Group of the [ First Methodist Church will have a pot-iltck supper at the church, [ Monday night 'at 7. Baby sitters will be provided for the small cl^'dren. I «j>:w i Standtrd trim and other t peel ft rat ion) and acceiiorlei subjtt't;to clunso wltligut notice. HUDSON'S Big Trade-in Jamboree at TOL-E-TEXCO. East Third Street Hope, Arkansas •ALWAYS f i R ST. Q U;A<l-biT #1 DOLLAR DAYS AT PEKNEY'S STOCK UP NOW! DOLLAR DAY VALUE! ironing board SET t- ' ;:•'.'" U«v You and Chicken BETiR or It's FREE the only ••: • • Shortening mli.j.9^ 8IABANTEED *"V^ nr ^ rotoer ^L^^s ^^^tifcrfeinfe^ snd ^ft!tt j»$y you I awR u ** cww u***** Flannel-Backed Cover! Resilient Cotton Pad! Elasticized cover fits standard boards. Hooded pad lies flat! CLOSEOUT! BETTER HANDBAGS • All Summer Bags! • Real Bargains! • Hurry for Choice! The Hope B&PW Club will have their regular monthly meeting Thursday night at 7 o"clock at the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co Club House at Emmet. Miss Catherine Cox, bride-elect of Lt. James II. Faulkner of Malvern, will be honorec at a kitchen present a talent program, - „.,„ Patsy Burrough and Judj? rather."Mrs. S. L. Murphy on; Beth Davis will tell about camp Thursday, August 12, at 7:30 p. m. life at Fernclilf. Miss Cathleen Crow Weds Richard ftowt Mr. and Mrs. Corvvin Crow 61 Nashville, announce the "marriage of their daughter, Cathleen, to Richard Rowe, son of Mr. and Mrs Robert Rowe, of Hope The wedding was performed in the home of the officiating minister, the Reverend Charles Holli man of Bingen. at 7: 30 p. m. Sat urday, August 7. Tuesday August 17 The Golden Circle Class of the First Baptist Church Will meet Tuesday. August 17, in the home of Mrs. P. L. Perkins, instead of August 10 as originally planned. BY REFRIGERATION! OC o t> & 0 o e Goe>Q MORE DAZZLING AND EXCITING THAN EVER BEFORE! ' * LAST DAY * • FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 • 3:44 • 5:30 - 7:23 • 9:10 Saturday August 14 The Pentecostal Ladies Auxiliary will have a hake sale on Saturday, August 14, at llfl South Elm. Tuesday August 17 Mrs. Pauline Sanders will en- crtain the members of PophiJ Grove 190 with the' regular mon- hly social on Tuesday, August 17, First Daptlst Junior G. A.'s To Meet The Jeanetto Hunker and Lou Demie Mein Jr. G. A. will meet Monday with Charlcne Sangalli, 1508 Pecan, wilh Barbara Caslon as co-hostess. The Lou Demie G. A. * FRI.&SAT. * JOE McDOAKS COMEDY Triple Program m THE SMASHING TERROR OF THE SKY! iABRE H IM COLOR .,=.«", ...«.<. w,,h ROBERT STACK • COIEEM GRAY TEX RITTER BILL ELLIOTT "THE LONE STAR VIGILANTES" MAIN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. • TONIGHT & FRIDAY • OUTLAWED BY THE TOWN HE TRIED TO SAVE...HE FACED THE SCREAMING FURY OF THE APACHE WARPATH ALONE! Chapter 12 of Serial "GUNFIGHTERS OF NORTHWEST" & COLOR CARTOON [SPECIAL SHOW MIDNIGHT SHOW IT'S FUN! IT'S FOOLISH! IT'S FANTASTIC! IT'LL CHASE YOUR SUPERSTITIONS AWAY! "Crime City" AUDIE MURPHY LORI NELSON CHILL WILLS 'TUMBL.EWEED' Color by/Technicolor 1. "Bundle From Brazil" 2. "Dog Pounded" REPHAN'S FINAL SUMMER SPECIAL PURCHASE! WIDE-SWEEP HALF SLIPS • Beautiful Taffeta! • The New Look! • Every Slip Perfect! • Tiered Style in S-M-L! REAL VALUE! BARGAIN TABLE • Lots;bf I terns!. . . • Everyone a Bargain! • Shbp and Save! EXTRA SPECIAL! BOY'S SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS • Buy Now For School! • Piisses! Novelties! • Outstanding Value! • Sizes 6 to 18! O SPECIAL! MEN'S NYLON SHORTS • Amazing Value! • Splids and Prints! • Stock Up Now! . ONE HUGE TABLE CHILDRENS SHOES 9 Sqndals! Tennis Oxfords! t From Highest Prices! t Bt<?wn! Whites! Reds! § Most All Sizes! Save! EXTRA! EXTRA! PiN«e PENCIL SETS t Fountain Pen!' Pen?il! t Ball PoJnt Pen! Refill! We are closing out all summer merchandise to make room for new fall goods that are arriving daily. Shop the entire store and save. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MM«HHHMMH|^H|^IMHM^HHHBHHHHHIHIH|HIHIHHI|jj|£|jj^HH^^Ii Close Out Ladies Summer Dresses One rack of Dresses Values to $10.00 One rack of Dresses Values to $7,00 . . Now Now 3« J^O 3.98 LADIES AND CHILDRENS SHORTS Values to $.1.69. Buy yours now One rack.of Dresses 1 QQ Values to $6.00 ... Now 1.^^ One rack of Dresses | faQ Values to $3.00 . . . Now I 'V7 LADIES COTTON PLISSE , SLIPS These are nylon trimrped slips. Regular $2.00 values. These are regular values Men's Dress STRAW HATS Close out. Values up to $3.00. Now 1.49 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS .One table of these. Short sleeves. Values to •$3.00. Now only. BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS Large group. Short Sleeves. Values to • $2.00 1.49 ONE RACK OF MIN'S PANTS These are values to $10,00. Now only MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Large group, short sleeves and values to $2.00. Now while they last 1.00 BOYS'SPORT SHIRTS Large group of these. Buy now for school 1 wear. 1.98 ONE BIG TABLE LADIES SHOES Included in these are Dress Shoes ond Casuals. Values to $7.00.. Get yours while they last ^ RIP HAN'S HOPI'S FRJPNH1.Y BPARTMINT STORf , ; \~)ti,,'',' ., ' ,' /»•<*'/ f\' ,' - «• »" i >,-«v''i ,i LiVf'^''- i'!/'1 t "'4, p^^^^^^^^^i^imHw^^^li^••"-">'^~^J~'"' 1> ' B I^^»SBi^ra^Tb* "^ BIG! 19'ihcher ZIPPER CARRYALL No-sag . (tame . . JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. DIAL 7-4*16 of 7*4*17 Wl Give EASLt STAMPS > j DRUG STORE H 4)**Kitffiu£ •< A'j-rt'iiuAjUJfci Miss Hefner * \*"\ I Entertained ! ' Miss Arlhadale Hefner, bride* elect of .Louis Dean Good ot Tex- nrknna, was complimented with a breakfast given by Misses-. Lyla Brown and Caroline Hawthoi-he at he Motel Barlow on Wednesday morning, August 11, at 10 o'clock The honorec chose a dress of lack cotton, and pinned at her rioulder a corsage of white cartta- ons, a gift of the hostesses. She as presented a gift of silver in er chosen pattern. The table was centered with an rrangement of pink asters. The guest list included: Mrs. Byron Hefner, mother of the bride-elect, Mrs. L. P. Good, mo- her of the groom-elect, Miss Dorohy Good, 'sister of the groom- elect, Mrs. T. F. Russell, .Miss Nancy Shultz, Miss- Sara Lauterbach, Miss Roberta Howard,-Miss Catherine ,Cox, Miss- Nancy, Hays, Mrs. Lyle Brown, and Mrs. Harry Sawthorne. 513 PURE U, $, 5-gr. TABLETS (t.irait II SHAMPOO $1.75 HUDNUTS' EGG CREAM 3125 CHOICE-TEX Coming and Going Mrs. V. E. Norris of' Houston, returned home yesterday after spending the past week with hep> parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Watson and'sister, Mrs. Ruby Osburhi Mr. and Mrs. Dorris Shipp and children of Memphis, Tenn., have been the guests of Mrs. Shipp'a parents, Mr. and Mrs." George Crews, and other relatives. Mrs. Melvin Neal and son, Ray of Port Arthui, Tex. Mis Lyle Easterling and children, Linda- and Freddy, of Bay Town, Tex., have returned to their homes after. • a two weeks visit spent with . their, parents, Mr and Mis Otis Purtle, and other fuends and lelatives Mr. and Mrs W D Monkhouse of Shrevepoit visited Mr and Mrs. John Bobo duimg the past weekend. GREETING CARDS All Metal Case ALARM CLOCK 40-hr. . O39 W Pack 10 TAMPAX Modern Sinitary Protection C PREP Shave Cream Brushless type ON SALE THURSDAY. FRIDAY & SATJJI TOILET TISSUE (Limit 3) WHITE PAPER Sale! PO-DO GOLF BALIS .Siliconized lot 'extra zip & go. Pro-Phy-Lac-Tid PRO 59' Toothbrush Adult CQc style . .3>^ . . .29 C 7/'s Automatic EVERSHARP RAZOR KIT Travel •! 1Q cased. * • • * Raior, 24 bl»d«. H Plastic Frames COMPTOHE SUNGLASSES M«Mfil I Herco Imperial M Fiikea/ocilt) j •' FLASH BROWNIE • CAMERA * HOLlbAY V'fc Use620 4*9 " Siatple $K f »Mi {Urn . . . 1~" i° Work! .0~ ', •'' Better Photos.. Less, Cost Depend on Our F/n« ; ; PHOTO-FINISHING Mr. Robert Watson and family of Washington, spend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs J. M. Watson ot Emmet. Mr. and Mis Jake Aslin and Cindy, and Mrs Iia Best of Newport, have letuined home after Continued on Page Four L Cox's has filled over j f One Third Million 3 F Prescriptions " Bring Us Your Next One SUNGLASSES p aper Mafe Bdl! Pe> |;3Ig SeTi.l-- Bankers Approved "1 ,£Q l^jjfc^poiisp^aiKBKISl Give eye ease Point retracts I _ ..i . . «. , . iir_..L_. f" 14, ^Irf * llil-jf''-'-'*' 1 •l^k^M^^^'vV'i^OlMB.aW^fi';*^?™ ^t^HHHHI tfW PM.r.d ToxcnToil.lnci tu,3 09 .^Billlold.Cl«k«.Wo|ch" L ormg f Ne> DIAL SHAMPOO lastic "squeeze" bottle cr-5^ & '^K^ «< ^ »2:i A, F^f SW §' it thats changi ahead 3 ways »- -••-: • . T HIS year Buick Has done what no other car > has 'done in more than a generation, This year Buick has moved into the lofty circle of America's three top sales leaders-a circle once dominated oply by the so-called "low-price three." For toddy, Bwck-is-outselling all other cars in the nation except two of these "low-price three" And each new month's sales figures strengthen Buick's new sales leadership, You can't do better <*> if you want the b^st buy |or yqur new-par .mon^yj^.ihan to look into the soaring suopess that is Bmck today, You'll find this glamorous new-day Beauty puts you way ahead in three important ways-that's for sure. So drop in on us-tomorrow at the latest-gn.4 see for yourself that Buick is the buy of the year, hands Buick prUes start a few dollars . ••••>' : ';:•-•?: -;.:':';-;'.?i: •'••'.:^••'•'-•^ ...';•..•' -'^v-iftKW'-^W^^c^^A^^wfsawSj^Sp start cl«*e;tO: thfT c Jay|i'i»»tT-|y« : t; i :;v:^w^^i||?^^^lf^!5SilS^ft?l^^«^ns8 'above time of thf tfodljtlonol ff'^'j^^iff^'^^^i^^^^^^^X doZrTfpr^ BuUk'get yoM.cilot nio^;syt^/^;;;»»y|p|;ih|^;^||||^^ ' ' '• ' -•' '•''• ••-".•.•"..- ..•.-;...T V '.-. , ". ^ ^_^f«L_ii^i-Jj-l-^—.1——-^-^•.••i.J^aii. With our great we' can offer yo« pace on your pre.ent ear wijen y new Bylck. After «l);.the. more new ' - ... -- *^ipj^ ihleld hat trend/ ypu ton ^m^,^w^.fi-,,,^^^ ""—— ^ijij^^ miNilMftiP^^' :;;; -^ti^

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