Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1896
Page 2
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Women go OB, htedleisly ignoring -the dangers -that .lie right in the path of their thoughtlessness. •They/neglect little warnings until they get used to them. The warnings "become louder • n d louder, and .•till they do not heed them. Their 'sickness increases like a snowball rolling down hill. The sickness comes on gradually, and Vthey get used to it • gradually, ; but it 'ruins their lives just j ., the same. One wo- jnan In a hundred, perhaps, is perfectly healthy. Sometimes her weakness is inherited, itomctimea acquired by careless- aen. la every case, care and Dr. Pierce'a Favorite Prescription will give her new life and strength and vitality. It will fill ant the holloSvs in her cheeks, bring color to her lips, brighten her .eyes, and make , her really and truly a woman. The " Favorite Prescription" is of inestimable ralue at three stages in the lives of every woman—when the girl becomes a woman, when the woman becomes a mother, and when the mother becomes incapable of "maternity. At these times it gives safety mod strength. It i» the only medicine .now.before the public for woman's peculiar ailments, adapted to her delicate organization by a regularly graduated phy •ician—an experienced and skilled specialist in these maladies. It cannot do harm in any condition of the system. Its •ale* exceed the combined sales of all other medicine* for women. Every woman should have and read Dr. Werce'a Common Sense Medical Adviser, • great book of a thousand pages, pro. ftttely Illustrated which will be sent Ife« on receipt of « one-cent atamps, to pay for mailing only. Addrem, World'• Pi* petwary Medical Association, No. «6j fcain Street, BufWo, N. Y. BAN-AMERICAN MEDICAL OON! GRIHSS. -Forabove named meeting, which lakes place at •Mexlco.ln' Mexico, November 16th to ieth, the Walbash railroad company will *ell around trifc ttck- «ta ait; rate of '$61.78. Tickets wlM be on «afe November fltb and 9tih, good re- tnrnlng Including December 3Iat Stop- orew win be allowed to Mexico only, i C. G. NBWELL, Agent. : 'I . ^ . . . • VICTIM OF ' ' •' It doesn't matter mnch whether sick headache, blllouanew, Indigestion and eon*apation are caused by neglect or 6jy nnavoldable ' circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedily them alt—Jno. M; Johnstos. . . . KaaiMi City Womam : Treatl;. F*<lMtrlilM ' •" ' " "to a Kar* SnrprlM. Residents of that portion of Kunsas -City near the cable railway power-house -n-ere treated to a rare surprise the other day. A woman returning from market with a beefsteak in one hand and carrying a large parasol in the other was seen passing slowly along. the sidcwalk,,gaz- ing intently at a pasjingcablecar. The 'next instant the woman was gbne-Hjnly the parasol remained on the :sidewolk. .Even thu brown paper package of beef- Bteak was missing. The thing- waa marvelous enough to stop the cable, car, from which the passengers, men, women and children, clambered down .and; ran to the, spot where the small woman, had last .been seen. Other people came and the crowd soon grew to more than 100 astonished people. When the black:parasol:waB raised it was.fcund, to havecovered.aa open manhole In the sidewalk. Twelve feet below, on a pile, of freshly purchased coal, waa the small woman on .her knees, one hand still clasping the package of beef- etcak • «nd the other imploringly stretched upward for help. Her hat was awry and her face wag streaked with soot. A man brought a ladder, upon which the small woman climbed to the aide- waJK, tine wft« f tirlous. ane shook her fist at the Btoreke«pcr who owned the jnanholo and threatened him -with dire vengeance. The' crowd sympathized with her and raid it was ft nbamethat ]Kaceable citizens could not walk along the streoti without danger of breaking- their neck* becawe -of other people's •carel&ssnesi. The woman wa« not hurt beyond an. abrasion, on one of her elbows. She had fallen down the hole straight as a plummet. To a 'friend she acknowledged, afterward that curiosity was the cause of her -tumble. She was gazing at the. passing cable car Just to see if she knew' anyone on it. 644 Overcoats and Reefers Still on hand of the Mammoth Stock as- s£ned toVne by OTTO KRAUS September 14 amounting to $44,499.41 Fall Overcoats $2.75 to $8.00 We've appraised very low, just think of it «2.75 to $8. The former figure representsia overcoat, ^vhile the latter figure, includes the finest Silk Lined and very swell, former price $20.CO A. G. JENKINES, Assignee IMPJIOVED DINING-OAB SERVICE ON THE WABASH. Meal* will now be <serred A la Carte .on all Dining cars on the Wabasb. Line. "TMs will be a great awcommodatlon to, pMBengers a» ft trill enable them to •elect from ttie bill of fare Just what .they want and pay only for what they •«et. , • ' ' BUOKLBN'S ARNICA. SALVa Toe Beat Salre In the world for cut*, bruises, sores, nlcert, wui rhenm, fever •ores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all akin eruptions, ana positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refuaaed. Prise 25 cents per box. Per sale by B. F. Kees- Ung. K yon have ever seen a little child in tb« agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltt's Oollc A Cholera Core. For dyiwntery •nd diarrhoea It Is a reliable remedy. '\ft could not afford to recommend this •• a cure unless it were a cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. Ll-vlnjjston W. Cleveland, the Republican cfindldato for probate Judge to New Haven, Conn., bos given a gold-ltaed dam^hcn to each of the forty delegates ,<yf •the.naimitna.tlng ]con- ycmtlon. '".... .Gilbert Loulis Duprez, itlhe tenor, has just died to Parite. He was 90 years old. His artistic ll'fe was a full ono, both as a; singer and a compoeer. From 1842 to 1850, ft professor at ttie Parfs con- sccvatodrie, toe was the Wtimate. friend of DondzettJ, Eosel-nl uBd Auber-jfads (ITjarrel with' the last on religious grounds being an Interesting episode In the lyric Matory of this century. . , FREE PILLS. Sand your address to H. B. Buckleii & Co., CMcago, amd' geit a free eaimple box of Dr. Eling'B New Mfe PlMs. A trial wiffll convince you of *hfliir merits. These iplHs 'are eaey in action and a«3 partiloularay effective dn tihie cuiro 'of con- BUpatloo ia»d sick Ibeadaicihie,; For mal- airia'aaid 'Hirer troubles they have been proved invaluable. .Thtey are guaranteed to 1>e perfecffly CreB from, every deleterious sdbstaaiioe'aind to t>e purely vegetable. They do noit weaken by fflielr Wctlon,, but. by .g'lvding tone to .8tonna«!h and bowels greatly.invigorate the system. -Regular size 25c;per box. Sold by B. F. KeesUng,'druggist Miss Bottte Wilaon, the youmg da,ueb- ter of the .postmaster' genewiil, has entered Holllns'Iinstltut'ei'.Virginia, near Hoonokc, where slie will be a student for the year., . . . "Boys'will be boys," but yon cn.n'1; - afford to lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple; season by having DeWltt's CbUe ft Cholera Cure in the *->«T»Be.—Jno. M. Johnston. VhM Baby wu lick, «• g»re her Cartoria, Wkcn ibe WM a Child, ate erW 'OP Caitorta. Wbnabe became Mta», ••*» chiug to Cutoria, d* had CUldiw.flh? (piTetlieni Carton* Theories of cure may be discussed at length by physicians, but the suffereri want quick relief; and One Sllnute Oorigh Cure will give It to them. A safe cure for children. It Is "the only harmless remedy that produces Immediate resnlts-V-Jno. M. Johnston. • The.city coimcll of WaWham, Mass,, -is to caro for the tomb of General N«^ ttianael'P. -Banka, in .Grave HM ccme-' tery, that city. It 'has .been, somewhat neglected of late. ;• . ..,,. , . .; T H EON LY True Blood Purlier prominently in the public eye,;;toj dayi.Hood'.Sarsap^^ WOMJEN VOTE fs FOR PRESIDENT For the first time in the history of this country an opportunity, for women to publicly express their choice for president Is offered. The method-is unique 'and will result in" showing on ;Nov. .4th just what effect, .thie woman vote will have on-.juiUBnal! affairs, A roanufa/otuiser. wflio bus business re- laClons with moat of . tfie. prominent newspapers in the limited States, proposes. the plan as follows: : All women over 18 awe entitled to o-ue vote. The votes by states will be shown In' the papers on erory Wednesday and 'Saturday until Nov. 4tli,. Women are requested to read more than one side 'of'the question'and act upon their own judgment. : Write the iiaiine of catidl- diaite oa a postal eaxd and write' your own name and address cleiu-Jy, also . city and state. On line lower left hand corner .give the name of. a txanker .or grocer wiho knows you. . * ; The precfliUtian Is to prevent flood-ing thie 'muHl wllflii fleHt'iotn v>oie». Names unknown to grocer or banter will be rlttown out), 1x> very eaueful to write clearly and ami -acknowledgement of the receipt' of each vote will be sent to-the fair voter. Scud the postal to •F!ostuni Cereal Food Coffee Co., Rattle Creek, Mich. It Is wrged 1 tlhflt every esfwnest woman, will not hesitate to expend a penny to register her preference et this .most Interesting period of .Notional 'history. Tttils company -has a national repnto- tton amd'pledge their integrity and honor -to report the vote 1 exactly .as re- calved, without fear or favor. A sworn sta'tement of Hie final vote polled up to 7 .p. m. Nov. 4th will -be published Nov. 7,th and the vote ae it progresses will be showin 1 on every Wednesday and Saturday 'betweea now and then; ..An equestrian statue of Garibaldi was uwvelled to Slma an September 20. TQie fetes given, -in' honor of the ITigtfraMon of this statue lasted for .-.'e dfly* T-bto town was Ulanntoated and the statue of Italy'* hero Uffhted •up <a.t night by oteotrtc llight 6n November 3, the anndversary of the battle of Montana, a fine equestrian statue of Ganlbfllldl In bronze will be unveUed at ROY-ISO. IF YOU HAD A FRIEND About to vtott some section of the oounltry where malaria disease; either lin tihe form 'of ebiUs and fever.or bilious remittent was particularly rife, wthn* would be about the best advice, you could.gdve -him. We will tell you— to carry along or produce on arriving, that patjaatmfldtoMnl safeguard, Hos- tefitea'a Stoanoicfli] Elttdps, . known throughout mnteia-pTiagued. regions, hei* and to otlher countries, as .the surest meams of dlaarmtag the mlas- maitflte' scoupoige, and robbing it of Its Ml dieatirurotlve Influence. Not only does It fortify #be system by Increasing Its stanntaa, but overcomes Irregutorlty o£ fllgeetian, the Hwer and tlh* .bowels, ond cawflternxsts *b«i un'flavoraible effeeta of over-cscciiM'Oin, toodlly -and mental, exposure in rough weather, or oocuipatlom too sed-anteiry or laborious, loss of appetite «md excessive aervouaness. Th'o f unicUiioiiB of'laHiLmBntaitdion, blllDU9 secretion and sleep (have in it a, most power- fiul 'and refflalble auxiliary. m Beung;Bak oif Cioirca, wfoo has Just entered Roanoke College, Sailem, Va,, as a student, Js said: to.be bright and •tatefllilgent; r Aniother Coreon, Surh Beung : Klii, is' in the'J.umlor class of the some college. . Thle Is the day of au-tl^thls, and antl- that, but what people need most nowadays Is,.the.aati-blJJous'medicine, Simmons Liver Regulator, the King ot Liver MedMnes, and''better than pills. "I hove used no other antt-bllious remedy for six years and kinow from experience that for ladles of a constlpat : ed -habit nothing equals it"—Laura V. : Craig, Ellehbury, Fla, • iPrtace Lulgi of Savoy, a -nephew of the king of Italy, who is making a, tour of the world on board the Italiflni cruiser Ortettrforo, Colombo, wtll arrive in •the UmJted States about tihe middle of this month. Don't trifle away time when you Jiave cholera mornus or diarrtioea. Fight them In the -beginning with DeWitt'g Colic & Choiera Cure, You don't have to wait for results. They are Instantaneous and •- It leaves the bowels In healthy condltlon.-Jne. M. Johnston..,. Feminine .couinry clei'ks are rare, but Ml;ss : Georgia.Richards, whb occupies that position to," Araipaiioe. couoty, Colo- raflo, neirelves a'salary of $5,000 a year, the toxgest paid to any womam official to the West.. : ' : Many a day's work to! »o-t by sick hwifecne caused by Indigestion and itoniacii troubles. DeWltt's Little Barly Risers are the rooiit effectual pill, for overconitn* such dlfflcuW«R-Jno. ' '' Dwi't Keep Poison in YOHT Body " "' -- -— Thiaji'You"Hia.ve'To. If joair etamnjcfli poisons your liver a» cooBequieihicee tnoy bo seriotw. ..... WlhBit poisons arise to jour stomach come from, undigested food which bus decomposed "ijhiere."" TSiey^are o^bsoi'lxxl t»y your Wood and go to your liver wlwa« tf icy jpfli^y^e its f uncWoos and tniake yoiu blltoos. fiy &° tnto *«: blood again are can'ted 'ail-over ttie body, disordering your different orgaius, and per- limps making- you dwogeroualy sick. ITblls to nine origJn.' of many diseases . wMcih ate not alwnjyia known for .what ,. .potopns of -undiigested food eon only bo got rid of by the use of a purl- fyltaig, Strong-bhiealiag,. , diligflstlve . tonic, lite.ilihe-sittiket Digestive -Cbrdta!. . A. few doses o* tiiite wonderful cordial wliH soan-cOeair away all undigested, fennenltjlnig, ipotosooious ssufbstancee, restore your -aippeM-te, aild you -to digest yonir food, 1 purify 'your liver mind blood ctf aiil dongerous . poisons, and restores you to perfect toeaJtfli. It will, cure boMou-sness, Indigesttatt, hea'daiche, dizziness, mental , weaikmees; fever, flatulence, n^ loss of ajjipettilltie, bad taste fti maiitlhv stanwelh-iaclha; anaemia, rheu- innflifilsm, etc., where other 'mOd'Lctocs \yjll barely give relief. AM druggists. Tea cesorts for a trial bottle. • ' Wrtto for free book to The 30 Beade Streert, New York. Ex-Governor Waite of'Colorado, during Jite itenn of office exerted a; peculiarly stimulating i'nfluemce on 1 the abusive.faeuQties of the public, and a Deliver -newspaper kept a scrap book entirety devoted to the nicknames •n'Meh were bestowed on Jhlm. The list IS long anid 'exhibits a wealth of fancy rarely equaled. BE CONVINCED. On receipt of -ten- cents, cash or stamps, a generous sample will be mailed of the most popular Catarrh and Hoy Fever Cure (Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demonstrate : rts great merit. Full size 50c. ELY BROTHERS, 56 Wamran St., New York City. Catarrh caused difficulty In speaking and to ft great extent lose of hearing. By the use of Ely's Cream Balm dropping of mucus has ceased, voice and (hearing have greatly Improved.-^J. W. Davidson, Attorney-at-Law, Monmouth, 111. - The noted chieftain Mohammed Ben Zaed, the most powerful vassal of tihe Moorish Sultan, is a striking .example oif toe effect of excessive lodulg«nce in the use of the coffee bean. He Is 52 years old. When, he was 44 his eye- slight began, to faD, <nnd by the: time he ireaiched his 50th year -he was entirely ' YOUR BOY WON'T LIVE A MONTH. So Mr. Oilman. Brawn, of 3-i Mill St., Sou* Gardiner, Mass., was'told by the doctors. His son bad lung trouble, following typJHOtld materta, npd he spent three Irandned dollare with), doctors, io u^aaiQy gave hilim -up, saying: "Your boy won'lt Wve a monfeh." He 'fried Dr. King's New DtepOTery iamd a few bot- tJies restored hSm to 150 *o work a per- Secffly well mam. He nays he owes his present • good heattlh. to use of Dr. KUnig'e New Discovery, and knows it to thte foest.'ifn ithe world for lung troulMe. Trial bottles free at B. F. KeesBng'8, . • . • Tn* whole system Is drained and ondermined by Indolent ulcers and open sores. DeWWs Witch Hazel Salve tpeedlly heals them. It is the best pile sure known.Ajno. M, Johnston. A REMARKABLE TOOTHt Woadirf ul Belle In the Tempi" at Vmlta- damn, Japan. The temple, at Yakadama, Japan, cor.T tatas a wonderful relic in the shape of a tooth which; tradition says, one of the goda : pulled .from his jaw in order to have a weapon with which to dispatch an immense icobra, says the St. Louis Republic. Years ago, according to the tradition,, after the tooth had ,been worshiped by heathen devotees for centuries, a change of sentiment took •place in .regard to the relic. It was declored to be a fraud and was, accordingly. /jronnd to a powder and then thrown into the river. .But the particles came together, BO the' priests say, and again : formed, themselves into a perfect tooth,' which .was found as. perfect ns before the ordeal, quietly reposing in the bed of the river. After this miracle, , the "Temple of the Sacred Tooth," which bod also been. destroyed by the unbelievers, was rebuilt. and the tooth again enshrined as no object of luloration. At present it is kept in a gold, box wrapped in 'films from the 'sacred white spider's web. _ ... .Non-believers in the power of the Sacred Indestructible Tooth say that It in •Imply- a molar of some extinct ipeclw of gigantic animal. ;'Th« Pennsylvania railroad . ia the hlgbeit taxpayer in the city of.PbJla-. delphia. The. ' Cll|)IT WAS Bow » St LoulB Merchant bis- posed of » Collector. Ih« Method Wai Jolt a Trlfl* '' : But rr»»»d FnAtabU In the End ..... -~»nd"EYerybod<r "Co»c«ni«d ..... Bad IiQtt of Fam. How to got rid of "an objectionable collector was demonstrated in St. Loute not"sb very long ago. A certain firm, so< sSySi the'^Sunday Itepubllc of that city.vwere unquestionably solvent and good for .'all, they owed, but collections were slow, and they decided, to keep their creditor waiting in turril The Cincinnati house announced that It wbu4d;8f«d.Qjie pf it« representatives to settle the matter. The doughty German made ready to receive his visitor with due honors. He Cnvited several friends to the reception, and instructed them what to do. When the representative of the Cincinnati firm put in an appearance in the office of his German customer he found there several congenial spirits. He \VB8 introduced, and the head of the firm suggested that they proceed ocros« the street and have something to drink before settling down to business. The traveling man was agreeable to the ipropoeition. It was in midsummer, and a. half- dozen or more bottles of champagne; frozen almost to.-.frappee, tasted especially good. The'Qermans iwere liberal drinkers, and c«?nlSr;»|ii3l^<«b'eir share. ' was weiralbn'if.'Ip lijs''cups^|;jje had forgotten (nil 'aboutA-tte" business which brought' ,fiiin'. to ,town', an'drtime slipped by quickiy'ln'tne company of congenial friends, . .<•-:;•:;•"- vV.' ; -'v".'C- ;•;.;>. ,^ — . About. five'o'clock. in :.)the; evening the German^ called a eirringe amT all rode np to^^e^JU'^e^ip^oJwitA'tne Cin- cinnakiJ\fir»'*iepwM'ntitVyit;wi« stopping. vi j tooBiniVui 'liJfcroom, 10 me union Bi»ui)n.ju.i>^ui.>u.uc 10 ^uu him on th«'Cn'ri'eItt^ti;feil|iit'-';;''?' Once onftly*;S^p;er;tW^,turned hi* watch and money,oveirto-the conductor, HOW THEY CARED FOB HIM. told him. to take good care of his passenger and wake him up the next morn- jng, jiist before the train got to Cincinnati. • . There wasn't a bitch in the pro- gramme, and everything came off just as theiGermans had calculated it would. When 'the train ncared Cincinnati th« jtrnveling man was awakened, and- it took him some time to know where ho was, and how in the world he had gotten aboard the train. It has never been "told what his house said'to him when he returned witho-nt » settlement' of the account of the St. Louis merchant, but the latter's note was extended, and he bos often since then .told the story of how be got rid of an objectionable "collector. ; eanr i-wo'xrarv* Dr. Tanner's famous fast of 40 days it thrown into the background as a starvation -feat by the performances of the big-anaconda at the Philadelphia zoological gardens, which was only.re- cehtly tempted to cot a nice fat tabibt after going hungry for 22 months. It may have been even longer, but the keepers have no record of .the creature'* doings previous to- it's- captivity, and so can't tell. It is not very unusual for a snake to abstain from food for several months, at the end of which time death generally results; but the anaconda case ia distinctly different from any other. Its fast lasted more than twice as long, as any in the history of the "zoo," and during the. whole of iU continuance there was no evidence of ill health. The, spell now seems, to be.en- tlrely,, broken, and the anaconda calls, regularly for its meals. A benevoler.t Englishman has Just given £1,000 toward the maintenance. of the tendon Cnts' ; horoe. '" TIE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured Little Pills. They aho relieve' 'Distress from -,.»... . '. Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Bad Taste Mhe Mouth, .Coated Torigoe Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate^the Bowd*. Purely Vegetable;; X»it and all the lime Hood'i Sargaptrilta hat been advertiaed , M.-a blood purifier. Ite great cures have-been- accomplished through purifiedublood—cures of scrotula, Mlt rheum, eczema, rheumatism, neuralgia, catarrh, nervouaneu, that tired feel- Ing. It cures wb«n others fail, because it Strikes at tbe root o( the disease and eliminates every germ of imparity. Thousands testify to absolute cares of blood diseases by Hood's Sareaptrilla, although discouraged by the failure ot other medicines. Bern bmber that Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best—In fact the One True Blood Purifier. . . ., i-k.ti easy to buy, easy to take, Hood S PlIlS easy to operate. 25c. GEO. W. HUFF. Decatur, HI., Mar. 80,1894. Syrup Pepsin Co., Montlccllo, 111. Gentlemen:—I have been suffering: Indigestion for the. past eleven and during that time /have- used many rernedles, but got no r»- llef. I have Used---two *1 bottles or your Syrup Pepeln, and can say that It has afforded^ me • wonderful relict- and my appetite never was better. Tours very truly, GEO. W. HUFF;. For sale by & F.TKeesllng. r FOR THE Bt#OD, -=•• NERVES/ LIVER KIDNEYS.! | .4 B. B. B. B. cured me of a bad J case of Liver'and Kidney Trouble. '.-:' JbllN SPICKtESItGBE, Lebanon, Ind. '}" 4 B B B B are purely vegetable. ,Put up ii capsules, sixty in a tux: i Thirty'.days^.treatniont in a box. Price $1 per "box, or six for $5. ; Manufactured by H. C. BRAOQ, Connersville,' r lnd;: " ' {"''. For sale by'iill druggists. - ; —FOR SX.LB BY F. KVWBUNG, The Looansport Humane Society (INCORPORAtED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to« Women Children and Animal* E. S. Blce-r-Pr**. Goo. W;Tr»M»rt—S»o. • - J J. Illldebrmntlt-Xrww. W. M. Bishop—Human* Ofllce'. K S'Hw J. C. H»rt»7. F. C. Ooottxrach G*o W Walters, 3.3- Blldebnuidt, Peel "M^!'w?D,Praw HrM. N. I Ndl. Ad ' lln **" . 'Telephone So. 3K- . ' Bepott caies'btcrueltj to Secretarj. TESE "OVEKLAND LIMITED." The famous trans-continental train* •via the Chicago, Uodoe Pacific & North- Western line, leaves Chicago at 6 p.. m. every day to-the year vta. the Chi- ? cago & North-WcstBrn. R'y, and makes -fcbV'trlp to Cailfornila' In'only three days. Double dnawtag room Sleeping^ cars, Buffet, /Smoking and Library cars, dining .caw and: free reclining chair cars are features of the perfect' train. Agcots-of 'Counectlnjr lines sell tickets via The Chicago &, North.-Wcst- ern' R'y.''.'niusfrated; p'ampMcts and: full InformnfUon'.wifll.bc, furnished on- application- to Wl'B. K-niskcrn, 'G. 'P. & ,T. ; A., .Ohioago, III; PHRSOftji'LT/Sr ' OONDTJOTED EX : 'OURSDONS TO CALIFOIRNLV- Vi«.,tho-OMcag», • Untoo; Pacific & Noufih-WesterM'.Mnie -'.leave Chicago every: .Thursday: • Comfortable Tourist Steeptog Cairs; lowfaubes,.quickest ttoe- ,| and the best of caw; and- attenitlon v are- ad-raiatagcs aocuired by -those who joln^ thwer ercuaslowst For full particulars. ; j apply to your nfianrest fieket agent, : .o»r--;j — — r> B. Knflflkem-,.G. P. &.T-.-*--'•''*•

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