Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 11, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 11, 1954
Page 14
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<: %?^ -""- \ <" f " ''"'•'*-- s - •• t " / ' >Vr< ! «, "* -Uji*j*i %f^ .^^^u j^^ J&f^^fc ^^^^kl ilFIED Office bay fe6f6re PubllcBtiott . . ,J:.. Directors $&%**' 4HMT fertrf&U k. r?S? t SJ5 ^vuyuuiv '. l«l jf'Jfc ' -Cr* i» t £*# M*hffl I 5*? liZO t MO r , *Xn ' 12.01 W®\m Z$0 "»-50 14.S( | g «,., M ..,:,a.» iWfdk* jM-bne-aav *"*" __...eu until S.p. w. tot L ihe fallowing day, reierv« th* H«ht »o fiJemint* bf- to fe|«et tub* i \ • .-... tot? OfM' Of, t fMn 161 tAtt; i';W,fiouf*j sueh'aj hous* or 6M Mmb«ri eoLmf tt on* w&fd, will jf»t b« , Itl AVaM'Ad» unteil lfed \o '.oUr..attention of'ad dqd LY ,th* ONE .intortect .Iniertlbn. afternoon, by ' *;,*Mbl|ib*f Edll > .Advir»l>tn l 'Mbn«|! aunef, M«tt|. Sup?; -«i , r«»'. Meond, ; »h«. Audit , Clrculotient «f jbt^lpflon. 1 Rates (payabl* In ad&""»,?''' ^ Vonc *' ! < f ', , arrl*r£lrt Hop* and neighboring i,.t:«,V.^i..,i ..,.,'. (.'' .25 > » i t * t * (\f\ K»-"-" K f».*•*..;.»(..•..........*.....,V.*. u«wu vjflfiolli'lrT^Hempstead, Nevada,' i^f«;^oword,^amii Millw Jedun- "" s "'" M »<vi.!." rt \V.ri4....'.,.,,i..v.... l ... .85 - ^^uXS^anmntfAjA ',3.25 t -, Sfif^lC'-C'.'i^"'") 13.00 f fflfcSRKW*^!'' iA(«f|C(ilcg(jo/j; JIJlkiQCE.,, , :lotfeff«press i$jf«ntirlacT toPf,' , the' use ^foryrepubl leaf Ion ry ' J Moeol^pe^pflHiSdiiUn'flhri-V r?«*«« u/«ir o s , o ||,';lb* "fciiiik • .{Ml.. , For Sole downtown 'Srow« .by" 'Cafe, hewly red«fc6r'at6rt n triple seating capacity, fully Stocked, good living fof man nfid wife teatfi. See fitowft at Brown's fi2 Tnick^tftji, StarVips, Atk. 8-fit Frigidaire, One GE bfte Slngct- Sewing Machine, Ohc fchlfteJ-ftbe, one l&wft rriow* i?f, ohe yollftg Betsey mlleh cow with chit iind other odds and ends, Contact Mr. ErVlh WhelL ihgtoh, F6Ur mile's' east of Pat* rnos. . useb fixcepUonal vnlttesjn 2 USED DETROIT J6WEL GAS RANGES Fully guaranteed Oklahoma T!r6 & Supply acres of timber land, Columbia County. For infotma- tlon, write, Jewell Monts, 0380 Trurrtbull, Detroit 2. Mich, 7-flt B.EAGLE pups, 7 weeks old.\Make good • deer, or rabbit dogs. Joe < Warren, 'Phone' . 7-2547. Hope -Feed C6mp>riy.,, / ,* ' ; 11-61 Wonted to Buv ken'sJiUSed-Shoes. Rfettyes' ' • 31-TF' YOUNG gr^thidf'Cut Over timber lanU, jAnywlnere, In • Southwest* Arkansas. "Will;pay' ,top, -p *J Phon6' 7-2228" or see' Ralph'; CATTLE' Frame for 1951 #or'd Pick-up.' L,' C. Kennedy, '.Phone 7-9956, ^Hope, Arkansas. ' 10-3t Notice TO LEASE," '80 ' acre' farm, "good pasture, 'for \ 25 Brood . cows, 2 ' bpller'houses, ^5,000 to',6.000 capacity, i Home , witn all conve r v nience's! ''To ''r,esfco;islble ;couple , of, .srfiair ,fa.mily. Sterling .C^oki "Old * Highw,a'y •• 67, near "Experiment stati<)rt, .Phond;j7-4975.» t 10-3t Found TWQ/Chairs 'which,ffell, from ( 'pick *,,upHruclfj.'afeehd'of S. Main last /week?,See''Jones aUHope St'ar.' ' ' " ' 1 " ' FOR SCHOOL BUS . . v JORDON'S BODY SHOP ^T^ 1 Wf'ffl^W ^f^ one 7-2 POX . -<lAJi--Conditione.d" ' Open 6 days each week « t '» . .'Operators/? .-. 'HQplscJier, Mo4el James -> and-Evelyn'Moore - - ROLLER RINK .Opeji ^m 7(«5 --1P' p, m. ^^SSnW^^""- Folr Pork " Preicott, AHc. ASSOCtAflON afid Oldest in south Arkansas*. Call 7-5505 lot our . agents OOOt) ihroe bedroom house, attic fan, detached garage, lot 8? X ISO ft. Ail in good condition. -j- Mohthly payments .$45.00 includes insurance and Taxes, Located at 1410 S. Pine. CALL * JtoStEK REALTY CO. PR ?-4«91 10-31 Strvietk Off«r«(l l-eflovatioh atid inner- ijfttlng w&rk tobb Matttess Co. ^10 .South Washington. Phone 7-2622. Mat. 4-tf Fofr Rant ttOOM house, BIG West 4th. Phond 7-3152. Good location. G-tf 4 looms and bath, Stfco&d St,, private entrance. Call Mrs. W. M. Ramsey, Phone 7-3329. . 10-31 Ft)ftNlsMEt) apartment, 3 rooms, attd bath. Available Aug. 11. 420 Edge wood. Mrs. Ed McCorkle, Phone , 7-3845 from 8 to 5 or 72775 after 8. I0-3t 3 room apart- mefit. Private bath, rpnt rca- sonale. • 1311 West Avenue B. home and apart.-p Middlebrooks Gro.; eery, *pfione 7-3791. lrf-3t THREE unfurnished rooms, pri-, v^te bath, $30.00. Utilities paid. 222 North. Louisiana, Phone 75563. ll-3t HelpWanfed WAITRESS, wanted, apply in per* . son only. Mac's Restaurant 40B , E. Third St. 28-tt The Negro Community ' He'" 1 Turfitr i ' ,«*nono- 7-5830 'Or bring . Items to Ml»» Turner ck« Funeral Home AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland New Vork Chicago Detroit V/ashington Boston Saltimore Philadelphi,; 74 71 50 4fi 45 39 37 L 33 3? 42 59 (11 62 72 72 Pct.,GB .C97 .067 '$ .Bih 7 .450 28 .430 29 .42130 .351 38 .340 39 Yesterday's Results Boston 4. Washington 0 New York 5, Philadelphia 2 Baltimore 3, Chicago 1 Detroit 4, Clevelahd 0 T°«ay's Games Cleveland at Detroit Philadelphia at Now York Baltimore; at.Chicago Washington nt Boston (2V NATIONAL New York Brooklyn Milwaukee Philadelphia Cincinnati St. 'Louis Chicago Pittsburgh w L 70 41 00 4fi 01 47 T.5 52 S3 5 52 5 44 CG 39 73 Pet. GB .031 .505 4 .565 7 1 /, .514 13 .47? '7 .473 171/1 .400 25'/a .347 31 </, Yenterday's Results ' • Philadelphia 6, Brooklyn 3 Milwaukee- 11, St. Louis ,0 Cincinnati 2, Chicago 1 Ne'w 'York-'2,- Pittsburgh-1-- Today's Games Milwaukee at St. Louis (Nhght) Brooklyn at Philadelphia (night) Chicago at.'Cincinnati (night) (Only Games Scheduled) SOUTHERN ASSOCIATI'ON W L Pet. GB New Orleans Atlanta Birmingham Chattanooga Memphis Little Rock Mobile Nashville 73 .72 09 63 60 51 51 48 4D 50 53 59 60 72 73 71 .598 .590 1 .556 4 .516 10 .500 12 .411 23 .3U8 23'/j _ -,.,. I servicesi for Mrs. Selena ' v W,e»b Will b^.Tield Thursday MgusLHjV Jn-Hhe chapel. With pv|rj|r J% v ' Gave Hill Cemetery, i^m. ' ' • ^Thjg.^ yexarl^ana Spiritual Har- mohijrer>.^"ill'give> a musical .program (ft Kisln^ slar Baptist Chur-^ ijh Sunday night, August 15, sp- dnsored-tby - the', JunjoV""choin. -'• A" , w " f >-» t 1 Tyree\Ward. has returned Hpme pfter,spending a few idaV^visiting his mother, Mrs, Lula Wnud and ottier relatives. ' , Sl> Dorado 3j-eenville' Meridian " Wonroe iot Springs ' Mr. and Mrs, Johnnie Frierson fld son h»ve returned to their liome in Greenwood, Miss, after spending |\vq weeks visiting Mr, Frjcrsbn's parents, Mr. and Mrs Author Frierson) and other rela- ' , t Fannie B. Buchanan has returned 'home after attending the summer^ Cession at A. M. & N. College in Pine Bluff, Mrs, Snllie-L. Hall, Mrs. Dorothy Palmore, Mrs. Marie Johnson and Bessie Smith motored to Homer,»I^a,, Sunday to vlsjt relatives ahd (friends. Years jago; perfumes were blend ed' by se'ndJBg them to sea to be day.'the same prlncinle is used on shaken >by^ §,ship's motion and to- rocking tables in perfume plants TOP'S Complete Re- palr». Mew and Usejl Parts. 67 W«*t Dial 747*7 , Ark, Byers Watermelon Stand S-CURVE 3rd 9t Shovet Watch Repair Guaranteed Pre* School Special. Bring your watch in Keith's Jewelry 'M Enjoy Eating At OAK5 Mi IrStrvic* Station ^' MBIIX ^AM^i^y-u HJ>Way 67 WtfWQptn 84 Hsurt TIIMITfiS / j < ! * J P-IN5UMP 1ANT«0 A" >• - * -.f^^ V i ; * \ Fpr Complete Parts and Service for New Holland Balers and Ford Tractors ' Write Fallin Tractor Co, Ark, SAI,pSMAN WANTED — are free saleswork. Must p fl y while training- Gould also -]p>n ^ ^ protected |"or persoixsil inter- &ee Mr- y. 0.,-Jobber son, tp travel to 4a J8arn,}ji'fk Yesterday's • Results Little Rock 8, Atlanta 3* New Orleans 7, Chattanooga 3 Nashville 7, Mobile "5 ^Memphis 3, Birmingham 2: / Today's •Birmingham at .jL'ittle j ROck New Orleans ^at ' "Nfer.hville Atlanta at Memphis (2) : Mobile at ChaltatMOgit; • , : (2) COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet. GB 70 32 C§0 65; W .P31 5V-> '56 '40 .549 14 ,.45 l.Sff .433 2fi 28 75 .?72 42V-' Yesterday's Results \ Monroe 8, Hot SpHngf. C P}ne,.Bli'ff 14, Meridian 11 Greenville 5, El Dorado 8 Games Today ' .'•' Pine Bjuif , ( at Monroe Hot Spriiigs™ at Greenville El "fc)orado aH Merid inn makes Career Built on Turmoil B>; BOB THOMAS HOLLYV^ppp, (^|-A l *,y r Prank 'Sinatra they way?;, . Here is & guy whbsp 'carfecr has een- built on turmoil, JVjIhV an Academy Award and all the offers ne can handle, he is ohce again sitting on top of the "shpw business world; Yet - e seems ' resiive and continuous' to \g sizable number of people, '' '• • '':>"' "' 1 ''' . I have always". enjoyed pleasant ejations '.with him. I ; have found lim friendly and : helpful. Yet many cOliunnists hate his guts. I tried .to probe out the reasons for this when he talked in his dressing room for "Young at Heart;" It was one 'of the rare times when he sat down and concentrated on one subject. But he still was .rest less! He rose to' pace the .floor as he talked or to have his secretary place a call. "How are your relations with tho Hollywood press" I asked. "All right, " he replied. "They leave me olono. That's ll\e way. I like it." I mentioned that he has had trovibles with the press in tho past. "Sure, I've had some" run-ins But usually it's with columnists Hope Midshipman in Training in Virginia Naval Reserve midshipmen from 62 leading calleqes are npw in Little Creek, Virginia. -Shown operating a 30 cal. light machine! gun Oklahoma University, Midshipmen James Cornpton, _ son of Mr, and Thomas Cox of Fort Smith and Charles Bassett Of Shawnee, Okla^. training in arhphlbious warfare'-at ' " are leffto rl9ht'*-fr6rrt / VV CohiplOn of Hope, \ SPORTS ROUNDUP ,By OAYLK TALlOT. who feed cm other people's sonal problems. You'll find tho ones who liave given rre troubk arc the G-cent variety. Maybe ] even estimate them. They're the 4 cent kind. . '.'My so-called batt'.a with the American press is just nonsensi If the whole press were mad at me haw couild I haye gotten such a good reaction as I did with "From Here to Eternity" The pa* r-ers treated me line Tho.se writers that hated me had sense enough to' keep quiet. "My principal be{ is personal questions, 1 have never f\>Ji that other people had ths right to in c;uire into my private life. I have always felt that way, ' "J have tried tp get it understood around town that I will talk sb,p.ut anything In Jhe world but my personal l»te. You'd thinK people would understand., But no. gven on my last picture, Sudden]•/,' J'd t«lk t9 writevs at\4 they'd get arciujjd tojhe WS^Jil question.? By, JACK HAND For 'Ga'yle.Talbot NEW YORK • W) ' —Somehow: :». doesn't seem legal: Archie . Moore defending his light, heavyweight title and Joey Maxim not in the other sorner. -"Pal Joey and Archie the gypsy rlad a lock on the 175 pMind division .for so long that D,oc .Kearn's. almost remember, I said almost —ran", out of new cities for tho tour. They started -in St Louiy. iiiove~d 'west to .Ogdcri, Utali, and ;losed temporarily in Miami. At orie stage, 1 the good doctor was :alkihg ndnsense, nbout'a "fight to .he finish" in Las Vegas. ' | "While , Joey 'and Archie fiddled, joitng'Hajjojd, JohnsoT burnedi For years, Moore* played the rbio of the neglected, warrior. Once he got the title,, he had eyes only for Maxim. Johnson's scr2am:ng for tMoore bout fell on- t'.cnf ears. '*Thi3 is' the' night that Johnson gets- his chance in tho Madison Square G-.uden ring. Because h? i'<s -youti'ger — 26 to 37 —and because ' Archie is supposed to b<? ha.ving trouble making the weight, t^ere ,are. some* who give the Philadelphia Negro a go id chance t6\vin.' Now it may be Uiat Johnson, too c-iteh a reluctant warrior on tho big "time, will rip and tear into Arch'ie with the pent-up fury of a fighter scoined. More likely, he will try to outbox him, banking on' the. champ tiring- clown th.-> stretch. The 'four previous bouts between these two i.nen do not suggest that Moore's title is in too much dan- g'eiv Archie won three o f hetfour. dropping 'Johnson twice,in the first ljt. ./The last., three y>'ere close put the old master seemed to have the youngster's number. '.' In light of past experience, it should be noted that, Archie hasn't been weakened by ; other , weight- making bouts. Last' January : he had legal trouble with his v.'Ke too. He \yalkecl the streeto in a plaslin jacket,, trying, to sweat.it out, and had to.pe'el off five pounds the day cf the fight. Then he''\yent.iiito the ring 'and put on one of His superior i:erforrnan(/es. ' *.. v> • • Six weeks later .he was a 'rdund 190 "against bi? ;£5ob -Brtkor for a M^iami Beach bout which he won by, a knockout. As recently as> Juno 7, the champ weighed a .pudgy 1§9 \\\\$ ; while stopping •'•tough' Burt Whitehurst. The last time we saw .'Johnsoii he looked anything but a : champ in .winning over spoiler. Jimmy Slade at St. Nicholas Arena. John-; gon'won the fifiht alt right but he refused to take chances in a luck- luster job, Tl>e way it looks from hen\ Moore's heavier punch and his proven ability to ,go 15 rounds will niake the difference agamst a man who never has foughv 15 round? and may be overawed by the im By TOM FARLEY, Progress .in investigations., into the relationship between the; distemper virus and the,- infectious hepatitis virus as a cause of encephalitis in dogs, and plans for contin\iping research in the coming yeai) provided an . interestipg report at*^ recent Advisory Committee meeting of the Swift & Com pany Grari-JiJl-Aid to the Cornell Research Lawiratory for Diseases of Dogs. V , 3 . :'; portance of the oc«asloa. Two Escape From Pulaski Jail LITTLE rOCK Ifl Two jouths last to freedom ty jail here. The youths were identified as Riseberry Williams, 19 of Pine Bluff, Ar, and 'James Lee Atkins 17, of Little -Bock, Capt. Goprgo Higgins said the j,ajr appaiently vbtajned a sew fvom a friend. They cut a hole in the bars on an outsWe window of the secpndflqov Juvenile cell. His- the'stvyp. ejthei' used » J have been having problems, it's aqr business. I c0rta.ln.ly don't l!\ anything ^bQWt it. Jn the?e, I thjaU H's only IbiBt thP lp»n keeps, sj\ut. r ^ The threat of vhMQfejT fqrms of ncephalitis resulting.'JSem'^'dog's xposure- to the "gistemjger br ia- ectious hepatitis .vJt^jjJ^Bi-pmpted the research pjoject&}2Jew» facts are being observe/I wh|ch,,\vfll direct further Irivjestigatlons'," along the lines of, {preventing enc'ephali- tic syndromes. For instance, it has been noted that the distemper virus may live in the brain for as long as 47.days.'Whether the -damage is done early tti »he • disease damage and symptoms occur at and the symptoms delayed or the the same time la ke'ing. studied. Other phases of the program cover such points, as 'antibody reponse and the age to vfcccir>3ta puppies and pregnant bitches. Because distemper from field exposure, kennel infections and direct aiid indirect contact remains a p r o b 1 em, aeverpt antiseptic agent.i have, been tested in their ability to destroy t'fie distemper virus. In addition, v/ork^ goes on with a -dual purpose vaccine., designed to protect. Sogs against both distemper, and' iiife'ciibus hepatitis. Plans for the year in elude :contlnuat)on ib'f the distemper-infectious hepatitis "'• encephalitis studies and development ' of a vaccine against leptospira ; can. icola ,* According to ,C. M.i Olson, manager of trie Pard Dog Food Department for Swift & Company all information obtairted through the re- seai'ch' will be riiade available without charge to veterinarians, District Race Continued from Page One cincts; J, W. Murphy 3,466; C Wade 6,817. Third district: 73 of 00 precincts: J. O. Porter 5,985; John Rotcn- berry 2,509, Fifth district: 115 of U2 precincts: Boss MHchell C.973; Chisiii Reed 4,283. Sixth district; , 80 of 1J7 pre cincts; R. U Riales 4.4G4; Jim Thornton 4,503. Seventh district: 77 of 80 precincts: F. C. Cro<v4,U.22; Jun Lee 5,534. Tenth district: 54 of 02 procincts: PhU Loh 4,040; H. «. Williams 1,857. Eleventh disU'ict (first 'position: 167 of 171 precincts: C, V. Hayes 17,277; Dan Wolf 12,238. Eleventh district (second posi tjon); i67 pf 171 precincts: Q. p Hurst 16,099; J- W. Kinwey 13,40-} Sixteenth district: 107 of J07 pre gincts; C. K. Lasiter 7,459; 0. Williams 7,833 Twenty wcowA distviptr ?4 of 43 prepjncts: T. J^. QaslUo^ 1,704; G. J., JToURs Twenty position.: 34 2,363. of 1 4.,577; (second Mel sheets t<) 0r*UB4.» New Orleans Back oh in Southern By The Associated Press The New Orleans Pcl c aie back oaMop of the Southern Association today and its the same oJd story Lenny Y ichlm Yochim a '25 yeai old N.e,w.. Ot ' leans naji*,o .patched tho Po's into the Jeague lead .with Mobile July 18 Muitaugh «• chjb shpaoti to~'=e*con arO'Und'lh^ end of last month Last night YOchi n gol the call and put the Pels" up there again The 6 foot 2 r left hander < -who hasn't ''been defeated < lliis^ season, ho.tched-.hr'' seventh victoiv of the season by huchng 'siThit ball as the Pels decisioncd 'Chaxtanobga 73 ,' Atlanta s fell before Litho" 1 Yanks, Giants, Milwaukee Gain Games 6y MILTON ftlCHMAN The Giants needn't worry that EJobby Thomson may cotne back to haunt-them-with a pennant-xvinning Dloto .{Or .the Braves next month Because tho way his replacement, tfnnk Aaron, is hitting. Thomson Will never get back i ntothc waukee lineup. Aaron the 'now djili"? of jl Waukee" has boon the main chiefly responsible foi iho Brr\c brilliant record of 15 victories .heir last 17 game?. "WKy," even if Thomson wni rnady to play now, I couldn't movo Aaron out of the lineup." Manager CharJie Grimm says. "The \vay Hanks be«n hitlin" h" ihve to budge-for anybody Aaron,' 'o 'dead-ringer for Brook- lyn's''Junto.* Gilliam, mnrlo mincemeat . out of the Cardinals' pitching last nip,ht when lie drove in five runs with his 13th homer, a double and a single in Milwaukee lopsided. 11-0 victory over St. Llouis. .-.'.- Aaron.exploded his home run oft Vic< Raschi in the fact mm s? and it piovcd contagion-; m-x-nuch d^ J«e v 'Adcoek smashed his 20' homci in the thud inning Del Craritfall connected foi his 14th m the fouith and Eddie VI >thews Uagted his 31st in the °it\.h While- all the shooting v, ns Rom * on Jim Wilson calmly scatUiod tin to Caidinal Angles foi h ci,ith vie toly \\ithout a loss TV»e Staves cl.dn t qnln 1-i.ound on. the Ic-imc 'eadms Qiants who nipped the Puales 2 1 but they climbc 1 to wilhij J > 2 .games of the s ro id plac DOdgcis \vho lost T 1 ' Hcusion la Cuit Simmcns of th Phi'lios Southpaw Johnny Antonc.Hi c- cOided hi-, 17lh vicliiv f n th? Giants although M-uy Gussom had to rescue him m tho ..iclnn Gu - som s nc«u mop IP job n it only ]resei\ed Antonelli s tiiumph but it helped the Giants ncr ->T-C the t Ifeague lend to f om "aims oxer Brooklyn -. Coiky Vi.len.tmc of the RddlcgW •was tagge'l foi i notr-p )un ov Fj,dnk B-mmholtT' on the pUcb^of'thV's'amC' bu* setHi'd down rnc61y aftex that to nitc'i a five hi*2'1 victoiv over the Cubs Southpaw Howio Pollel \\-J- tho losei " The Yankees defeated the Athletics 5 2 and moved within thi ee gam 3 Th£ J Cia,ckeis ( <au ip tfbnd ne game off^the Rgce'/'fttemphis £ot past -tne 'hfr-d njact Birmir gham Baions -32" and rampaging 0 Vols.ran over x Mobile Yochim gavp up t Ihrop i tjns m the firs.t inning HheYi blaikpd the Lookojits the rest of t,ie way He put the P3ls ahead to sraj j wiih a two Jim ti v iple in the si^th Bill Curue was the Mctivn of a 14 hit Ne\\ Oileaqs , attack Gail Henley'witb A a homer 'and it wo' gles was the ' top PdL batlf i t lipe Montp)ii'ay < ci also'jhomcied^fof the w?nrfe s ' f s Lxttle Roek r launched an ^11 hit attach on Leo Ciistane ace At l^nta moundsman Ih'c Ig^^was Cnstante s sixth agairst(2.0 vie toi les / It ^napped i fn e gam? winning streak over tho Tiavs foi Chiistane A two run homer by Russ Sullivan andi a thiieeiun homfir^ b/ Dolph Regelsky gave Little Rqok southpaw Dick Ro?ek (ill, the cuph ion he nee Jed to rid,e out ta s 11 hit attack es of the Arneucan lead when the first olice Indiani bowed to the Tigei s 4 0 Bob Gum became the f ist r< pitchei jto win f _______ Since Harfk Boiowy F rcomplished the feat ir 1942 " Ned Gai •. ei cooled o"f the red .hot Indians with a smooth five hit 'effort that gave him his 10th MC tory while Early Williams \\it hag ninth defeat Lou Kietolw pitched Baltimoio to f a 31 decision ovei thud plico Chicago although Brb had to quell a ninth inning mg by the White Sox Southpaw Mel Pixmll a 21 game winnei last veil won his (iLst* game of the '•ea on foi 'Red Sox with a foui hit 4 2 victoiy cvei the Senators fed 'Vi'lianv? single followed by doubles Billy Good-nan and Jukio Jensen plus Del Wilbei Sticu'ico fl\ gave Boston thiee inns off losei Bob- Porterfield in the third inning. A new chemical is being placets/I on the market which will kill weed .seeds when laked into moist soil 'and then through a further le- pciion turn into a fertilizei which Will help plant giowth when useful seeds aie planted £ r «& lawns Jn Pallas, Tex., .„. ~ " " Building, ^«fey?8rfper." The i6-by» " Qf apmfeousg apartment by §ix-inch sad Is -- -- — nwtaUlM.W(MMh Wednesday, August 11, T9§4 - MARK IKI i'f I OONiT REMEMBER ANVTHING SON. REMEMBER TO HAVE ALL T'HES£ LITTLE IM OUR WEDDING CEREMONV OUTOUftWAY VIC FLINT Answer to PrtvioMl Car Trouble &O£>Y\, DOM T feRIMS IT LIP.' UfeT HIM E.RIMO IT UP/ ACROSS 57 Soviet •- Socialist 4Tnfflc - ' Republic (ab.) 8 -*— * out DOWN ; 12 Individual 1 Peruses : 13 Get a drive-it- 2 Soon j yourself 3 Recurring i 14 Advise KNOW 5TASW61? HI&JWJW© \{'&^.^f^ WK ^m ?&%£*$•$ r? t.t%; ? J RisiMJ 5 French river 24 Diplomacy 40 Apostle 6 Self-respects 25 Sword used 41 Water animal 7 Ocean in fencing 42 Forbidden 8 Newly-wed 26 Fable teller 43 Wading bird woman 27 Eastern^ 44 Grade 9 Soft fabric Africans , 46 Handle . . 10 Sc ent 28 Small port/on-47 Negative votes 11 Existed 29 Speaks ' 48 Wound -j- 17 Operate 31 Shade 'of Ve4 cohering , m orc 19 Comforts 33 Follow -. , 50 Middle eldered 23 Staggers 38Aband6n « . (prefix 27 Measures of ' - - >. '^«-fffliir t p; ,t •; -y- ^ **'/'. ,,\^ ft ' ;, 7TT t ^-,x^'j^p -,^ ^**&* ^•iUA^MK-^Mte.•"•••f5'f"'^* - ^*s i KR!*s?i!"SB'iAr*irji..iriS«n*3in^^. rtr^fe\^^-A'Hirtft ( i WASH TUBBS type 30 Each 32 Woman counselor 34 Stops !| 35 Mildness 36 Distant (prefix) 37 Poles With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE AW OLD Sf?OUCA AR OS FIR5T6/APT6 device 41 Pronoun 42 Car parts 45 Shiny fabrics 49-Lessening 51 Army CA^OUFLASS IT/. 56AD/ M>iT YOU POLES pe- TICKLED v^o See A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES group (ab.) 58 Asterisk CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 8UGS BUNNY By Henhbiergei FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY POP OFFHANR BUT" EARTH A IT'S THE ONLY COULP ALLEY . nOROUR , MACHINE?^ FAJl-URK.Tp, T. M. R.J. tl. S. P.t. OH, Ci.pr.1M4 by NEA 6<ryk>, Inc. I'm By Golbraith' "So help me, I don't know who you shave yoU anyway!" SIDE GLANCES \'The pitcher is studying law on the side—so he insist* on a jury to call balls and strikes!" ' ' PIE By Hadine Seller v*^i^fii,M^jMmi V^OW^SEW •?*»•: JHIKf ~.-:-~ -t-/:'- •':•<• ;.^;-.v..:-:-/.' \^&fftii THI STORY QF MARTHA S 15 games

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