Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 11, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 11, 1954
Page 6
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»(-•*•«. *- • Set*-* •* HOPE 5>TAR» HOPE, ARKANSAS kr- to keep himself cool during the current hot spell. _ British Entertain Russian Premier gy §tANLEY JOHKlSON MOSCOW tF — Th2 British em- tassy polished no it-, b"st china, .silver and glass todny for SftVidt Premier Oforgi Malonkov The No. 1 Russian makes ah unprccpdenlcd apppararcc tonight £it an embf^sv lianqnot honoring former H.itish Pnmo Minister Clement Attlct and six other Labor party leaders visiting Moscow eft route to a three-week stay ih Communist ' China. Malcnkov and othefr top Sovi°t Idadpr's' set the .pace for Attlee's top-dfnwe! 1 roceptiori-the • bijggest riven a Western dele ,otioh since World War IT with a tout 'hour. clinnor. party last night fit tho rounliy home of the Ink fdfne<1 Russian wiitei Maxim Oorky t The Bnli'h guests described tin atmosphei-i.- as one of gruatest affability. After dinnei- Malerikov strolled into the garden with tho cnly woman visitor. Dr. Edith SummerskiU, and picked, her bouquet of phlox and gladioli. Last Ceasefire in Indochina By JOHN RODERICK . SAIGON I/PI The fifth,r,nd fina cease-fire in Indochina itgbk' effec today, officially endins'' the'iworld's last active war But -.ihe peace fata red no fanfare in ",Ns''. capita' city of South Viet Nam.;/.' Commanders of thb French Un ion -troops and the. 'Commi\nisl'-lec V ietminh ordered - their ..£' opposing | forces to Jay clown. '-thnir^arms it South Viet Nam at 3 a.m. " The ordei was mostly a'jformali ty. Fighting had tapeied "off since the cease lire became f-ffectiv two weeks ago in North JVlet Nam The Geneva agi eemeht/ to em the eight-year-old wai cffUpd fo truces in five -,ta"es to enable th Vietminh'to get \vord; to -their scat tercd guei rulas v V MEMO TO ADVERTISERS iysjr,, v »~$ fc* <. -&<& ^w • -l"') * . ' ^»^^"- tonighfi? : * WW '• "' upsti and deserves a factual swspapej advertising you in every copy of the paper .^ rf _„. sales message because ^he circu- :^e- newspaper 'm alsp the circulation of B^yertisiijg. So, what you get in return for r*»'dyertis)ng dollars depends on the news'" ft circulation, In order that you may buy jiil this newspaper as you would make any Bureau of Clrcula- SSP&rT'iiiV \ *'* * \ SB. Mt"^ f - w ir" Mwtwwfly ^r, -— , i-r mlf^.< "',$ • m' iions ,|j 9 copperqtive, nonprofit. fcf^feS" <* ; \ : m ossoclotipn of 3/450 qdvprtl?ers, |f/^*A //"','-. 'm- ' odwrtfolng ^agencies and. pub'^"'^"^^ #{$ /,•" listers, Organized In 1914, ;> '^ *"'?' Wi A.B-C. 'esf^blUhed a definition ™ •$??•"' "•*' • ^ »JPl ^ r P° lcl «i r «vl fltlpn ' rg ' e ? ond ^V-V'^Li*i^8S**\ »tandards ( ,for measvring cU^lfl- Afr, ^^-*sa«^\ t ,^ fln ^ ?pjhpds for atf? i i ,, ng sound business investment, we hold membership in the Audit Bureau of Circulations,* well known to advertisers and publishers as A.B.C. Only publications with paid circulation-evidence that peo^ pie want the paper-are eligible for membership At regular intervals one of the Bureau's large, staff of experienced circulation auditors comes to our office to make a thorough audit of our circulation records. The FACTS that he obtains as a result of the audit are published in A.B.C. reports which tell you: How much circulation we have; Where it goes; HOW obtained; How much people pay for our paper, and many other FACTS that you need in order to KNOW what you get for your advertising money. It's never necessary for our advertisers to ask, "Oh, where is my wandering ad?" They get the FACTS from our A.B.C. report and KNOW. for a copy today., I W IP Star Bonk Robber U Nobbed by FBI . Fla. WlNalt- ly* dressed George Patiick McKin, 27, who went bioke operating ^premium car agency here un another name, is under ar- le'st tot single-handedly robbing a Floral Park. N. Y. bank of more than $190,000 a year ago The haul was "one of the largest amounts ever obtained by a GRAIN AND PROVISIONS # ^•••a^W.WA'^igB^ "i" "I" ^ * ** ' v • • "MUSCLE-BOUND — Here's Mae West in a revival of her' "Diamond Lil" at a Las Vegas night club. Featured is a new | number using" nine "muscle boys." Above, Dick DuBois, Mr. America pf 1954, holds Mae while she sings "The Strongest Man .'in the "World." Looking on is Muscleman George'Eiferman.»j CHICAGO rf) Prices onograms and soybeans pulled back slowly ffom opening advances on the Board of Trade today. Soybeans, which had jumped the lOceht daily limit at tho start, lost about half that amoiiht as news development of rain in ssections of the producing area. Corn also displayed firmness at the opening, the May getting up the eighteen! limit, In the waKc of the government's crop estimate that the crop had deteriorated about 15 per cent during the July drought. Small grains showed some sym pathetic strength with the leaders, although there wasn't much in the reports of directly stimulating na ture. Wheat finished l'/2 cents higher to % low'er, September $2.09; corn was ,;up 2 —, September $1 GSl.OSWn'rC-ATS were 1 laghe •, September 72, • and . rye was:., un 'changed to — better, September $1.13. Soybeans were 5. to 5'.&'.' highei, September $2.97',-'/4 Wheat: No. 1 yellow hard 2.10; No. 2 2.1G. Corn:: No 1 >cllow 167i/ 2 ; No 4 . 1.03-64; NO. 4 • 102- ea 1 /^; sample grade 159-01 ; No. .1 white 1.70. Oats: No 1 heavj white 75;" No. 2 heavy ; w hite 78; No. 2 heavy white 73 : !4. Soy beans:- None. \ .Barley nominal: Malting 14.0 00; fed 951.12. NEED MONEY? We make:re»l estate loans lor all purposes—to buy, build, repair, refinance, etc. Our attractive monthly reduction plans help you to pay off the mortgage systematically and conveniently _ the interest reduces each month as you make monthly ^payments on loan; There It No Bettfr Plan JHiOFE FEpERAL Savings ft Loan Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4661 Wednes(?ay> August 11, Cherry Hasn't Conceded Yet LITTLE SOCK (UP) Gov Francis Cherry still ioiy-fd today to oncede defeat it the hands of Orval Fatib is in th close Arkansas gjopnr run-off Cherry -lept until late in the morning Before retlvin,* last night, h-2 said he would not concede until all the votes were counted His airi'js repealed that ftate- mcnt at 10 a m tothsy e* ar lohc bahdit in a bank said Edward J. Powers, special agent in charge of the FBI in ^lorida. The FBI arrested McKinney yes- erday a few minute? after he reported for duty on n new job, as medical extern at the Duval Mcd- cal Center. He had lived here over 10 months as Wade Patrick Johnson, ipparently an up and coming Businessman until his car buu- iess folded. Meet your Friends at the Diamond ... for that Famous Coffee^ and a Waffle Z Daily Lunches 50c and 75c DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA BETTER, TO HUG YOU WITH— Resembling a ' m'y'thological goddess.'tm's bather at a Hamburg, Germany, beach seems to have 10 aims and 10 feet. Actually there are five well-placed bathing beauties providing the illusion. 1t! ' MARKETS NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK MITh stocl. nidi ket--adyqnced vigorously today but lo^t some of its pep in t)ie eaily e,fftgFnoon The duve ahead put puces uv> between 1 and 3 points at the best. Thei 2 weie few minus sigr.i at first, bat they giadunllv ap peered and usually wert small, . The : .r lish to buy cam o on the heels of yesterday's stienglli, and aflood of overnight the opening bell there was orders when souned. An crafts weie favoiP at first with msnv laige block's changin" hands Pryfjt-taking, nowvei, soon developed, and most an craft? backed down fiom thei" topa 01 69.9 per cent A and over i>4; standards 30; current receipts 20; dirties checks 20. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK UP) Cotton fu- dropped over to the losw; .. Stels w're favored and held to thejir adv^'itage Also higher \veiel most raihoads, motots, coppers, cils,,movie issues, chemicals rub | bets, and utilities logefhe, \,'ilh t a[ long, list of individual issues tures market .was firm today. Trading was not heavy but a steady flow "of textile milling -buy- steady 'flow. of textile milling buying fortes, prices to their highest levels since the release of the Au gust government cotton crop was published, on, MNDAY. ' The cotton trade received additional unfavorable crop lornmet due to heat and dry weather, Latei arteinoon'priLOs weic 63 cents to $1.15 a bale higher than the previous close. Oct. 34.14, Dec S4e8, Mch 3464 POULTRY AND PRODUCE I CHICAGO (UPl Produce- Live poultiy. Maiket sceadj 22 trucks, Chicago poultry board price changes since, yesterday Hens: Colored 5 Ibs and under cents a pound, hjaud, baic 'and leghorn H 1 A. No, 2 hens 141. Cqmmei cially grown springs Colpied 23- white cros, 23 Cornme«cially giown fiyeis Col- cied 23, <A lute cioss 2J Commercially frown laoileis Coloiecl 23, white cios^ 23 gutter- 1,073,417 pounds Maikc-t stepdy 93 scoie 56 "h cents a pound, 92 fpore 56'/>; 'JO scoie 54Vi: 89 sepie 52/j, carlots- 90 ECQie 54%, 89 scoie 53 Eggs 1 10,437, cases MaikU firm, White large extrt? G0-(i9.9 per cent A and ovei 42>' 2 cents a dpze,n; nru<"ed laige e'.L^s 00-699 per cent & over 41'/g, mediums faO • Th? seme pf heating U dgltecj 0f ter eating — prp&fery nature § [TOT Children* Upset Stomach Get Mild, Good-tatting R«li*f With PERCY MiDICINI TO THE PEOPLE OF HOPE We appreciate the splendid vote given us in yesterday's City election. We Hold no grudge against anyone qnd'seek the cooperation of everyone. We will do our utmost to serve the best interests of all the people and the City of Hope to make it a better place to live. Thank you, Mrs. Kathryn Lou Franks Homer Beyerley B. I. Refrtig ? > Paid Political Adv. TO EACH OF YOU IN HOPE AND HEMPSTEAD COUNTY THANK YOU I want to tqke this opportunity to sincerely thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for your support and the splendid vote you gave me in yesterday's election. - . • . I pledge to you that I will at. all time do my best, to make you the best sheriff yog have ever hq,d.' 1 psk the cpppfergtlon Qf everyone in helping me carry out this job, I will be glad to see any pf yoM.ot anytime. Again let me say to eqch pf ypw thflt ypw'H never know what your work, support and vote means to me. ( assure yow that I \yi|l never let you down . Sincerely yogr$/ Wednesday, August 11, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. Calendar Wednesday August 11 Mrs. Sam Williams will meet with the Unity Baptist G. M. A- at 6:30 Monday night. ..Jhursday, August 12 •The Young Adult Group of the First Methodist Church will have a pot-luck supper at the church, Monday night at 7. Baby sitters will ' be provided for the small children. The Hope B&PW Club will have their regular monthly meeting Thursday night at 7 o"clock at the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. CJ$tb House at Emmet. Miss Catherine Cox, bride-elect of-tl. J.'iinos H. Faulkner of Mal, will be honorcc at a kitchen of Mrs. JP. L. Perkins, instead of August 10 as originally planned. Saturday August 14 The Pentecostal Ladies Auxiliary will have a bake sale on Saturday, August 14, at 119 South Elm. CWF Meets Monday The Christian Women's Fellowship met Monday afternoon at the church for their regular meeting. Mrs. George Wright, vicje-presi- dent, presided during the business session. Mrs. McMurtrey gave the devotional on "Love and Faith." Mrs. Carl Smith presented an article entitled "World Call on Fellowship." Mrs. Edmund Pendleton dedicated the offering with prayer. Quring the social hour the hostesses. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Wal- vuiij, win uw iiunuii;v; «i. <i IVJL^HVH tosses, ml s. omun ana ivus. vvm- shower to go given by Mrs. Joo| lcr Carter, served punch and cook- T\ff M t>4 i*ii-1 n 1r. n 4 fl^ri V»r\mrt nf lir>T* .1 _ nr» —. _.__ 1 .. .. _ ..~_ _«* Martindalc at the home of her motficr, Mrs. S. L. Murphy on Thursday, August 12, at 7:30 p. m. Tue'sday August 17 The Golden Circle Class of the Baptist Church will meet csday, August 17, in the home BY< REFRIGERATION! r Toddy 8* Thursday • FEATURE TIMES • ,,2:00 - 3:44 • 5:30 - 7:23 - 0:16 loborla Howard, lawthorne, iliss THE STORY Of A SULTRY DEVIL-MAY-CARE MUSICAL COMEDY STAR I • LATE NEWS e JOE McDOAKS is to 20 members present. Catherine Cox Complimented With Breakfast Miss Catherine Cox, bride-elect f Lt. James H. Faulkner, of Mal- ern was complimented with a reakfast given by Miss Anne Wilon, Miss Carolyn Cox, and Miss mita Abbott, in the Barlow Hotel, aturday morning at 9 o'clock. The table was attractively de- orated with pink stock und baby rcath interspersed with greenery. The guests included Mrs. Herbert Cox, mother of the briclc- loct, Mrs. .Too Marlimlale, Miss Miss Carolyn Dresses Like Bum But Is Sought After By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD W)— The man in the faded sport shirt and blue jeans was riot a janitor or a prop man. He was the most: sought otter creator in show business. The new look in film directors is Elia Kazan. a_ man Who at. 44 has brought mofo magic' to the f.tage and screen than rnbst others accomplish in a lifetime. He defies the tradition of Cecit ; B. DeMille, Who works in puttes and is followed by a platoon of flunkies. 1 found Kazan in .3}oppy attire, chatting with passefsby in a studio street. He was finishing up "East of Eden," and he looked tired. He admitted he was. "I'm worn out," he said. "I started 'Tea and Sympathy' last July, and I've been working ever since. I went right from there into •On the Waterfront' and then to this picture." So what is he going to do next "Quit." "Quit." "Yes. quit. I'm pnintt back to my farm in Connecticut. I've got four children and I miss them. I'd much rather talk to them than Anyone else around here. I don't think I'll do B thing for six months. I'm tired." This will be an expensive vacation. Kazan could name his price with any movie or play producer in : thc.-;business. -But he prefers to pick''and choose. And he won't work ••unless he is his own boss. I asked why, ;he didn't also pro- c'uce on jhe stage. "That's different," he replied "In the thnsster, the producer hns n lot of wr.rk to do afterward. He has to take the play and publicize Because o£ the drying and bleaching effects ° f too much suni and wind, this girl (left) has s artcd her hair "-condHionine progra.n early She begins It by using a shampoo that's m Id and wi 1not weaken her already dry »'air. She lathers her hair several times and rinses it in warm, not hot, water, which is kind to hair that to be brittle. After the shampoo, she'll jtlvc her hair a tram rinse, which will seslore the natural hlghflgh s and color. Then, she'll brush it dry, starting at the roots of her hair for best results. When it's dry, it will be silky and lustrous as a mult of her hair-care planf which she's followed with regularity. DOROTHY /DIX Miss Nancy Hays, !„„,, tlo a]1 \<- m< \ s o f things. Not so Mary'Anita Lasotcr, andj in pictures. Once you've got .thn Miss Nancy Sehultz. • j picture mfdo, the producer's func- Miss Cox wore a black cotton h| on ; s over." ' . tress. She wuS presented a cor-lrp ne reason why pictures aren't age of pink carnations and a gift I L) 0 tt C i- than they are he opined, i is schedules. Her Reputation Dear Miss Dvc- Some time a«o I wrote you legaidin^ the advisability of dating a man of 23, eight yeais oklei than I am You suggested that I get out and meet people my own age, which I did I've made some veiv good fiiends among my n her everyday china. W. S. C. S. To Have Second Session Of Mission, Study "There are a lot of t-ood things you could rlo ; if you dittn't have to hurry alone;." he c o m m o n t ert "George Stevens does it. He takes friends, we keen meeting at pait- IvllsalUM. otiiujf LJt ()1 ^;t; oiuvuila i-iui;;, 11. ft,- LHHV..I The second session of the mis- n j s tjnic ;,n1il he runs up a bill of sion study, 'The Spanish Speaking u lroc million dollars ,or so. But ..- . — ——— ; 4 Un*t lif.' c- ttni- n <trr»ni niotnvP." MAIN & COUNT^ CLUB RDS. FINAL' N1TE • wilh Moriorie MAIN Keener. WYNH .A M tKveoiowvN^uiu ricrutt -•• -" ~ - ; •• TMEft __ . . Always 'it .-Color .partoqn • Thurs.-FH. AUDIE MURPHY lOM NIUON • CHILI WIUS xpeditions You me piac- ask ^ a Hob ,„ mke advan- * - he c , oesn>l gpem B J t|) je . £ b mvltallony T vc bf>en blunt hut l elther ' • something else, will - IB Boxes Still i Continued from Page One investigating committee listed ' subversive" aflc 1 ' it closed some 10 or more years ago Faubus charged Cheiry wil'i Lrinsmg up his connection / CLEAN UP WEEK OUT THEY GO LADIES SHOES $3 Values to ..... $10.95 $2 Values to $8.95 $1 Values to $6.95 CHILDRENS SHOES $3 - $2 Some styles suitable for school wear. MEN'S SHOES 1 2 PRICE $12,95 Now . . $6,48 $10.95 Now . ,f§,48 We offer these extra values to make room for new fall shoess. grriving each day. then he's go1_a grent. picture." He said ho : spent 10 weeks on' "Wrtei-fronz," a lengthy schedule in these times. But by shooting in the actual locales he .still managed to bring the : film in under..$900,000 U will make a mint! .}f -,.'-.'' Kazan (he 1 pronounces; Jus ' •. : first Ajp';•; E-Jie-a was ^drn in Con- i^inople, ; 'His fsthsr was , a elti); rH%;:jimp.prtVr : who settled in New* #oiwtul&13. ;Elia went v> Williams Coftege ,and, Yale Drama School. 'He ifirst found fame as an actor, .starrjirjg ; with Ingrid Bergman in "Liliom" among other things, t asked if he would ever, act again. "No," he 'replied. "I'd be em- barassed'." PODY FOUND V BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. W&—an unidentified body was recovered from the Mississippi River south of Oy- ceola, Ark , today. Coroner E. M. Holt says the body is that of a white man, about 50 years of age, five feet five inches tall, who weighed about 150 pounds. Holt speculated that the man had been in the river two or three days However, he said no evidence of foul play has been found. The man's shoes and hat were tied to his belt, the coroner said. The sheriff's office is investigating. , ' ciistui tins' a in nn attempt to hang on him. aepcnce, I/erd, Jackson, Johnson Lafayette, Lwaiencp, Lincoln, Litt' River, Los.sn, Lonoke. Madison Marion, Miller, Mississippi. Mon pomcry. Nevada, Ncwlt»n, Our chita, Perry, Pike, Popo. Ran t'olph, Snllnc. Scrttt, Seni-cy, Seba ti£<n, Sevier, Shaip, Stont-, Vnn Bu en, Washmston and Whito The Gheny counties. Aikansda, Bradley, -nicot, Ciait$h (> nd, CrH- tenden, Dosha, Gnrl.ind, lleinp- S stead, Joffeison, Lac. "old to*S.»4 ... ., £\TTC1 *»*. i »•*•••»• StfttttsAl of tho Of A ftf at full he . -alue. Cofetfy —._,.-._. 6ci«ii# at &«>*•-, itbr'y t>i tiotihwwt is 19S3 \fftd r dTC which Would have ales tax i?6fti _.-_ _. lllzef. Faubus ttiadg da apital of this exectiVc a al. & . Cherry contended,, that # ssue was whether the Stovcd of Ids tddOM o md decency Iti office He said the Wen who ng Faubus Arribng ' bus associates on the lighway Commission ' 'wrecking crevV* WhMi',-—.,, 0 regam control of the stit »rnment. ' . »' J • It Kaubtis crittelzed tl ot Texan Herbert' Highway Commission, , "wrecking crow,*' wWch te regain control,, eminent.- Faubus ment der the .iohing. ?,*„' v \* Cherry hntf the, active.}! iwo former opporierttsj -B two ott and Jack Holt. t natod in the' first pni>'or a "subveisnc tag on him. S stead, .Toffeison, Lac. MomoP, Cheiiy snid thai Faubus brought I p nl]ll ' pt)i p 0jngc U, Prairie, Pulaskf. i p (he it, u. . that nobody claimed gt Fl . anc i Si union, WcoJuiff an'l 1'C was "Mtbvcisive" nrd thut th y 0 jj rens, we een - . Ics and dances Ginduallv we have} Dem Miw Dix- My best fuend resumed dating llowevoi it scorns is the same age as I am — 10 She that cvciv date we have \\hothoi ,il\\a\s, s<os she doesn t like the foi a dance movie 01 drive ends up bov I date but she linds evoiy ex- with him paiking the cai and ex- cuse la, fio to thq scivjcc station peeline a necking party I have al- wheie hpytfiks to talk to him Yet so heard that he has made cotn- she tilUOiws oyeiy Mile gift he ments to his Ir rends about thoso gives me and w ha) he dues A L dates I leallv can't tell vou how Answer. R<Jad the table of the much I worry over small things' Fox and the Qinnes and you 11 like that but then I guess, my «- have the, answer to' your fuend s ,, _«-. _<-.>__ «i,^,,< cunous" behavior Appaiently -sue likes the /boy' -herself, and Is hop- only question vns wliptho 1 " Faubus told the tuilh about thu Comrnor wealth incident Yell Besides Cherry declared his opponent Fad told wvei nl conflicting ^ei- simis. And, he added, JTaubus was no mete \isitor but tv regular studenli and campus lefdfr al the hdiool Ef\i <;t least halt ^months. . Fau|)Ub cajly today issued| t this alement I tuo and °"° putation is worth thinking about What can I do? JOAN'L Bewar 6 •" • Answer. Just why you aie seeking advice at thisS point is a my^st- ery to me. You continue to. attend parties- where you know you'll meet Rob (in fact, I suspect that's the only reason you do go), you know perfectly well that every time you step into his cai the mevi And Holt and othev'i ,, cintos just as vigorous^ 1 ' criticized his bnckefti ' f his charge of 'smear*' ing max py commu^n^ i"*w«»6 j.»«*w •with hifh, she may discourage your fondness for him Don't let her get away with it. r e Dear 1 Miss Dix: I am the mother of fivei children, and am expecting another. When I learned of this piegnancy I remembered a letter you had a while back from a mo time you step into nis cai me muvi- j^u ..»- « .. able necking party will take place ther who was getting fed up with and what's more Rob knows that' people,ribbing .her, about a large you toow - and piobably expect family/she had five, too). I come J uu rvllw » v . _ * „.. _ -_„ *.„,. t u«,« n f nnmiTlpnt but Americans," will be held at 3 p. m. Thursday, August 12, in the basement of the Fiist Methodist Church. At this time a film strip entitled "Our Newest Neighbors" will be shown. — just what happens. Of course he's going to brag about his easy conquest of you, and I don't think you need to be told what the other boys will think of you. You state coyly that you "worry over small things like this," Well, girls usually don't regard their reputations as "small things." You You may be sure small evaluation you put on your own character will be accepted by everyone else* so don't waste time wondering if you suddenly discover the nice young people shunning you. You have put the "welcome" mat out for trouble and if there's any way at all of piercing through your feigned or real stupidity, I urge you to do some quick changing before it's too late. Pregnancy out of wedlock is no "small thing." and that's what you are headed for if you continue these in for j JIMMY COOK Po). f9»* b y HOPE Coming and Going Rev. and Mrs. Harold Hightower of Hillsboro, Tex. will arrive today for a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown. of comment bUt 111 LUl sH'.7 £>**«* V. v/*. »*«»-•...-«»-- ^ I never let it bother me. .^'always have a good answer for,the ribbers, which makes the,m'"la'ugh and we all have a good'time over it. I love my large family, hope to have many more children, and am convinced there'would be less neurotic people in f the world if there were morp large families. My husband's job keeps us moving around, which adds to the complications of our lives but also increases the fun. Helen S. Answer: With your good humor and cheery disposition you must be a source of pleasure for your family and your associates. Perhaps you are an inspiration, too. though you may not be aware of it. Woman who are bogged down with the care of one or two youngsters couldn't get a\vay with much complaining in your sunny company. Mr. and Mrs. James Biddle and family have as this week's visitors Mrs Gladys Smith and son Janies of Bradley Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mr Dale Bonds, Pros- cott. „ . Discharged: Mr. Dale Bonds, Proscott, Mr. Bill Johnson, Hope Mrs. W. N. Wilson. Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. Joe R. Me Junkins, Saratoga, Mr Fred Garrett, Hope, Mrs. Carl Ray Turner, Rt. 2, Hope, Mrs. Earl Latshaw, I 1 ul- ton. Discharged: Mrs. Cyril Orren. and daughter, Debbie Jane, 2, Hope. Millions Each Year Awestruck by the Weirdly Eroded Scenes in South Dakota's Badlands Clubs 1VK , WI , Doyle . The Doyle Home Demonstration Club met at the home of. Mrs. J. P. Hutson for the annual August picnic with a total of 27 pe» sons attending. During the afternpon picwres were made for the club scrapbook. Mrs. Odean Westfall, Mrs. kaw- ton Cobb, and Mrs. George Boozer conducted several games aw* qutes. The beginning of many romances was made known as roll call w?s answered by each one telling how she met hev husband. at ihe By HAL BOYUE SCENIC, S. D. W) There is no place in the world whore the earth has been tortured into stranger beauty thru "Tho Badlands" of South Dakota. •Hell with the fires out! exclaimed Gen. Alforcl Sully on seeing them in 1RI14. Later visitors have compared them to the waterless landscape of the moon or to the portraito of a hangover in technicolor. Millions of tourists each year are awestruck by the'weirdly erode:! scenery the lonely colorful battlements nncl writing. 2,UtiO-foot- high towering shape;; carved by wind and ancient rivers over million of years, "But most of them see the Badlands only fi'oin their automobiles,' 1 said my friend, Earl Brockelsby, owner of ''The Reptile Gardens," one of the world's greatest snake collections. "Why don't you let me take you on a tpur through them We'll go wHere the foot of man never has trod before." Like g fool I agreed, and then didn't have the force of character to back out. Too bright jind too early next morning our safari set cut through this arid wilderness. The party included, besides my host and his victim, two young lady students oJE paleontology and Warren Mwreli, editor of the City paUy Journal. gfore we even reached nic site hatebWnjg fiwn M alement "The people \of Arkansas jhave expiessed their fpreieipnce ^d ; I *!«.« .UVJMVJ ,...>..—, - am highly gratified to be attempted ing Ihatfby continually finding fault as their choice for governor,. I remain humbje and shall seek the, guidance of my Cr buppoit of s the great cur sfate. ^ "The returns are plete and my message^ -jj-^y^ —of exultation but one pfr'gi atltudi. to all thosj who have confident jn my ability .and an intense de- ire to piovidejjhe leadership that will develop to_ur state and improve the economy of our people " shall jwi disappoint anyone," TheTnejafest approach to the nar- :ow ipVrgin separating Faubus and Iherfey war the somn 10,000 votes by which McMath won over Jack Holt in the 1048 runoff primary. Cherry led yesterday in first vote tabulations but was soon overtaken "by Faubus, who stayed ahead thereafter. • The highest mark ever reached in Faubus' fluctuating majority was slightly more than 10,000 votes Faubus ' 'showed hi* expected strength in the rural sections and he ' wrested away from Cherry some more populous counties, including Sebastian, Miller, Ouchi- ta and Mississippi, in all of which the governor led at the firbl primary, took all four counties Faulkner, Perry, Van Bunm an'l Stone in which' Stale Sen. Guy Jones of Conway led in the preferential and Grant County, in which Gus McMillan of Sheridan led. Jones and McMillan ran third ond fourth, respectively, in the preferential. Jones actively campaigned for Faubus in the runoff and McMillan switched to Cherry after once announcing for Faubus Cherry run first by a smalt mar- margin in his home courtly of O.rnighend, but Faubvs had a>j overwhelming majority in his homo county of Madison. In all Faubus yesterday l"d in 50 in the Commonwealth mnttci', Fau bus campaigned aEiunst Ch<nry 0*1 sovonl other fronts ( He blamed Choiry nncl the Che.lv iy-appomtcd Public Service Cottj mission for V c , ccn1 utility i ate to In n s ply CheY'ry pointed out tltUt the valfes wcio ^increased' under bonds g'uaiahtceing refunds ,i£.,thfcy Will Open COME BY 220 OLIVi I^TEX AS SOON'-AS''P'05§|B.lii' s i WILL GIVE.yOU AN 'A WLl!C^TJ< '* .NFORMA T ION'ABO,UT "1 ' . f. ' ' ' „> »< "ft w*«aViE|» x, t >• r -j , f^y'fMv^h Duke Marsh---Co-Owners and loafers I knew I hwl bKmrlerccl. The picnic site was a blinding white cradle in a canyon. NT shade. Temperature in the sun probably 110. Brookclsby cooked the hot dogs live at a lime on a hook he used to catch rattlesnakes. \Vhen I tried to bite my sandwich, it i-eemed to me the hot dog tried to lear up and bite back. "Well, lot's go back," I said when the <unch was over. ' "Go back" said Karl " Why wo haven't started yet," How truo. Ho'w true. 'For three hours we climbed terrifying crags (u dried -iilt, slid .lown embunU- inc-nts, crawled through poison ivy beds on hands and kn'-'us, inched through canyons too narrow for u t,&zelle with a new Dior bustling "Isn't that breathtaking?" said E'arl, pausir.g at one vista. "Sure .,. . is," I panted "Par. Ucularly that big . butter that looks like, . , . a ride "It isn't red,"objectc4 Mayb,? not through his but it was Ihiough mine. Twice garl stopped and handed me fossil teeth from an oreodP»V a sheep-like ammal that roame4 the area maybe 20 millions years ago. I yut them in my pocket- Ihree times I slipped and fell »n d felt tlve teeth sinking intp me, Jmagioo being attacked Ity a JpssH ggt? ' counties nncl Cherry in in. In the prpfcrenlifil primary Chcriy Was first in 41 and Pnubus in 2!) while Jones and McMillan accounted for the other five. ,The Faubus counties: Ashley, Baxter, Bunion, Boon-.'-, Cnllioun, Carroll, Ciark. Clay. Cleburne Cleveland, Columbia,. C o n w a y, Crawfuvcl, Cross,-; Dallas, Diew, riiiilkncr, FranUlin, Fultoi, Grant, Greene, Hot Spring, Howard, In- still are a few wildcats around." Right then and thoie I dcckle'l I had don--t enough pioi'eenng for a • guy w ho likes nothing better th^n exploring the bottoia of 4 swivel chair. •Let's go back," I snitj. "iJut fjrpt show me this pUqe where e foot of man has never trod, "Right where you're standing.'* . Eari. - I bent down and trace we of my aching feet with a cil. Then, S9 that figure EcHos wouldn't h«ve to, what strange o!4 this mark of his as?inA I 6 Of apt engine;, both 6'? and 8'? 145 fc.p. w bflttefin it. 2201 sq. in. pf piore mm am IP iC8b' 6l J /4 in. of inpre hiproom JA m %, As I someMvjg w»U.

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