Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 15, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1896
Page 8
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FIRST ANNUAL OPENING Sale Now Going On For particulars see Large Posters in this paper THE GOLDEN RULE Globe We Have Won The Hearts of The People. The Globe GOOD TEMPLARS Is alroadv recognteed a* Lcwnnspovi's most foremost Men's and Boys' Outfitters We are deeply trrateful for -the un.bouuded affectation of our efforts toy U.c public. We shall endeavor to nl«.ys merit ^ esteem and con' have sa abundantly honored ns. First Day's Session Devoted to Business. GRAND CHIEF WADE In testimony of our gratitude luicl to thoroughly in- t.oduce our flnent grades of equal to custom IUW.IP Garments, wo offer us as follows Men's Plaid Sulis .00 Newest novelty All-Wool Cheviots This peerless offer is for one week only beginning tomorrow and end- cK'neTT^ Corner 4 th and Harket. These Suits are All-Wool, Winter •weight, uin.de up by Artist Tailors Men's Plaid Sul s $8.00 Fashions Craz>', Perfect Fitting, Every element of fineness that goes into highest grade cut-to-order garments is in these suits. There here Declines to Ssrve Another Term —Election of Officers Today. Black and Blue Men's Beaver Overcoats ' Th'eso ore faslrionaWy cat-mud made Overcoats, warranted to fit, to wear aa'd to hold color. Well let you be the judge of their value. $5 All Wool Black & Fancy Cheviots Hen's Suits. An exceptionally well woven dUeviot, mswto up •especially for our paitroois,- {nod duplicated alt lihe prices nowhere on this (planet We warrant •(•ham last colors. The Globe To delight the Boys and their Mothers we will sell Knee Pants at 15 Cents extra good weight, neat patterns, for boys' aged 4 to 14. The Globe rh e»e Corner Fourth and Market Streets. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co., The well-Known Specialists of NOT York Hava appolnte D. A. HA.UK as agent lor their celebrated Spectacles and Eye 61a9H8, erer? pair guaranteed. D. A. HACK baa complete assortment and lovlten all to Batlsfr themselves of tUe great suparlorlty 0} these goodsover any mnuulactured, at toe »tore of D. A. HACK, Sole agent for Logwispoit Ind. No P«ddlers Supplied. $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 436 Broadway, Second Floor. SUNDAY. SCHOOL CONVENTION. There will be a Snnday • eclwoJ convention 'held <ut GeorgeUwvn school • lious* In JeffersO'n. to\\"n»liJ(P Sunday, October 2oth, 189C, comraoaclng at 2:30 p. m. 'The •following 1 program win be rendered: Devotional exorcises, led' by the Pi-osMcut. . Thft follow.iing (luwbiom will bo discussed: "Whait Ha« Done the Most in •too World for Clv.UlzathonV This.quos- tlon wJM be disotwsed by nil ^Chrlsr- da« people. Evorj-oiie' is cordially in- vMetl to aititeml. • . .,.. President. Heary A. 'Stoll has purchased the •lock of groceries from his brother, John J. Stoll and will take possession at once. A great bargain on no extra fine fold-lug bed or would.exchange for 'a good- faTully liorso. '- '"" »£Sce, . , PATRIOTIC DAY. A Day on Which to Show Disapproval of Altgeldism. Iu view of 'the faxit ttoat itli'ere is an etanci'iit to *he Popoeratlc panty, heaid- ed 'by Altgeld, Tillmaii and others of Illicit' ilk, -who- are a serious mena'ce to Chu 'peiipotnatlon »f American ins-titu- .tioius, if 'th<rj- should sucoeeil la gain'§115: .tlw ilay In the coming elections, 'It •has ibocn deemed proper by 'the State coiffliiilititee of thie Republican, pai-ty .to sat <ipai't a Hay of this caimpalgn. as "Pnihi'iotle Day," which shall, be honored l>y paitirio.tic speeches : and other exercises. Tlte day aeit is Octobor 24, rand unready -there arepreparattons be- lli,? iiMide to moke it i big day in Lo- {tansport. Albgoild'tem should liave no pliioe in Amoriea, fliud will 'have no placo wllihi iDdlainlans. ALtgeTd and Ids rfde pantiuer, Tillnutn, 'have placed the Domo'cra'tic'pirty In th'e -nil'tWiude whlcli uflto South, forced lit inito befoi-e^the war of -live robellion, anid they would force the whole country to .recognize tlieir pernicious doctrine of -State's rjg-lits. niier <.-aiutdt do -It. The Amcricam people sot the seal of disapproval on the question of *he supremacy ot the Federal government over -ttiaii or a state, and it was set in blood, . nrhiereforo, Flag Day, or Paitrlotlc Day, October 2-ktli, will receive a la,n?c slMire of a:t- this year. TI'M: Grand Locluv of tlie Iiidi>p:-:Hik'Jit Order of Good Temiil-ars. convened ::i I'ro.uTi'KS- hii'in yi!t*l:cr<lay mornl'ii-g. 1.'S. WiukVO. C. T., prosidiiiiK. An hour was spont Mi prayer aind prafeo sen-ice. .-Kid tijc remainder of the sassim -uoitil -rhe noon hour .behig devoted to short tailkK frojn 'Marcus Brr/olibaMk ot .Tef- fersonirtlle, Andrew. Hl'iy o.f Elk-liart, B. A. HurdJnpr of Shelliyville,' Wesley W.. Hasans of Slwlbyville, Mrs. D,i\ •SoiMlens of Burrows and Rev. 'F. C. Coolbaiuglh of tills city. The following camirnlii tee on. civdcn- 'biate was n.ppototed by itlws pres-ldins ofKcer: T. .T. Iwegjr, Lojiainsport; Alice 1-iOffa.nsport; lira. Namu.ie A. of Danville. ,T. -B. Stanley, Namii'is 'A. Kodgers, George E. Jamison and T. J. teg? were appointed a. press committee, -to •furnish the-olty papers reports of such of *be proceeding® W i™ ; 5' be made public. AFTERKOOX SESSION.. . . Alt t'lfc opcutag of I'he afternoon session, Grand CMef Templar• Wade made lumual report a.nd .resomimMida- tlons ito the body. He recommended a •change in the disltrtot work, a,ml : a radical clvange 'in the constituWoii-and' •by-laws of the order. He also gave mottoc that he could not accept the. election, of Grand Chief Templar-for,.' (mother term, as -the work'deimjfiinded> •more of his time than he was nible. to. gLre. The .report of the Grand Secretary was read; and received. , In -the evening session ithere. was an exempllifteation of the wnwirttten; work' of -the order, a number of oan'djdates beiinig admiiitted to mambersUip.. • WORK FOR TODAY. , ' Tlie fli«t thing on the order _ o.f I business -tlfc nioimltfg wHl be. tfl ! e election: of officers for/tlie ensuing year. • It is ibard ito tell who will succeed: L.S. W-ade a'is Grand Chief Templar, though' a mimiber 'of names harve been -men- .tlon/ed.;. • The .reports of feue olTicers.'will also be recei'ved t'uils i tag. The session opens at-lO.o'ctock. ,A SHORT HISTORY., . The Indiana, Grand Lodge was organized January -10,1850, with 1,273 mem- •bere. .Sluice that 'time its growth lias .been steady. During the forty-two yeairs. there ; have. been. 17T,Sy6 toltta- tions and 1 $124,409.20 ilwis/been paid as ! iniitiaiton-y foes. Th'e average per cap!-. ' ta tax .per year has beon ?900. -There are now'fifty-six lodges-in the-'Staie,, •aind Secretary Legs says his 'airmual report sh'ows a sllghit gain in mentber- sblp, a slight decrease of '-'the. -Grand Lodge debt, and a not pra,to of $69.30: Six aew lodges liave been organized, during the year, " Railroad Men Go to Indianapolis Today. Arrangements Completed for the Trip and the Visit. Luncti Served on the Train—Where •i and What and When. Tlio Railroad Men's Sourud Money elil'b win Iwi.ve for IiKH;in«'polls Mils af- '•temooni at 4 o'clock, .-iiml will stop at JLlincoln, Gnlvestoai ami Kokomo to take ou passengci's-. From Kokomo cm to Indianapolis theire wafbe no stop, luiid the run- will be mode in, good time. On tiie rc" < tiii 1 ii -trip the tr.ito will leave Indi.a'.nn,pblis at 11 p. m. from the South (•street yard, wear -fclue ol<l J.'M. & I. depot. The Logan'sport MilitnjiT baud, *he "M-cKiuillcy drum co-rps uwl 't'hc^Galvos- boiii'rjaidies' glee club will accompany tltc'home dule^itron and parti-elpfl.'U! in the pa.rado. Tllfi' iwrade Will st-irt at S p. in. a.nd 1hc KjieiildiiK will begin at 9 o'clock. The 'lower, floor of Tom.ltn- som liall. wlie,re tlw spesikhi? will be liiold, IKI«' bean- rose.rv-ud "or th-e railiroml men. Arra.ng-enwutB h:rvo liecm made witli Harry Case oil Hie Isliui-d. View hotel |- ( > sorvo hot coIToc, sandwiches,-etc., at ihe regular pric-es OR the ira'm both goiiair «:nd coming, n. spncia.l ba.gga?rc c-a.r ha.ving been :i,!ihiK;hed to the train fi) provUR- i;hi! iKM:o.<sary facMirties. Hjwwlisoine badges Iwiv-e bem piwid- c.d aud wiJl be dislribliited on I1:o iT.'ii.n ;i.Koi- it. .^ta,rU. ifl 'Oil those, entitled to fn.'e tT/;:ns]ioi-r,-:.t!«ii, a,nd' all ot-h- ,i>(rs- will bo. veqiilrcd- to pay full fa-e or prrspnt the regnla.i 1 frans.]KM-H'jiii>n. 'J'1;C- special is for the cxehasiV'. use of t.he raiiroad mtn. The Miiops will be elosoil at 12 o'clock uooo, awl in«' losing'tiiifc will lia.vc aiu oj>- • vontuii'i-ty to make it iip before the close of ihe month. C:\ttt. Cthase luii* been <;host'ii :us ehicr inarshaikwd has iippn-iimted as ills aides .T. W, .TiKiks, B. N. TayJor, Jiunes Snill- vain. George Cotton ;wi'il 0, 1». Shedron. It iw ite'rt^isire of the ch'lpf' maa-slial .that 'tire LofKUisport delogatioii march four abreast, a.ttd ais mainy as possible 'lKi.vefaiTtc.miis of 'tihc -sanio color in each .-four, 'At the close of the meeting the LoKansport dotog.ittbn will reassemble a:fc tihe comer of Delaware 'and Washington istreets (Southeast corniir court 'Itonise •sfjuai'e, one l)lo<rk south of Tom- Ijiinson hall) ar.d march from tliiiit point to tlho Son Mi stipcet 'yaixl, where the .l-rn:iw will be i;a waiHng. This point has been selected" ten: boai-d'tag. nine train- »n order tliat it nmy be gotten out as.soon ns possible 'niflter 'the close ot Obe mcet- . Train- will leaw the South steeet yard- at 1.1 o'c-1-ocit sbiirp. AH members 'Shoaild make a special .effort to provide themselves with niil- ud.-laivtcww for use in-tihe parade. It ex])ectM] thci-e will be from S,000 to 10,000 ra:ilwaiy men iui line. Every ili'md cenDorLnff In the city will run a special train, where their regular service does not sulTiee. , ABOUT THI5 WKST. , A genirl'Oimnn well known ,ln -Logansport, who Iras been West on a business .- John P. Irish, 'Of Calliforaia, the g'Mted Democratic oraitor, wli'ose voice h«s beem heard from (the AAlanitJc to -the raelflc in defense-of Democratic principles, .willspenk at the riot • Saturday' 1 'ni'srht. His speech will be an Intellectual fa-e'ait that no one cn.n afford to miss: . •• ' trip, has sized up .tlie situation In aE ' of' tlw staitos west of the •Mississippi rlv«v''and lie says tliat 'the Republicans of. the West oire certain they will' cariy Callforniia. A poll of .'the train; ••before Denver was readied ga,ve Bry; am 28, MieKIiniley 09. On the same tauto comiiug;ou.t of .penTer the:;vote stood Bryniu 82, McKinley 72. He.says. thB'm-Iaera of Colorado are for f-ree silver, t>tit .there are many mechanics aoid j. aa:b'oiriing man'in Mo city .'of'Denver ' who are •agatost at As,an indication of 'the fnict.ithat the silver senUiraeat 3s not unauiimous- to Nebraska, : 1>e says. . that the CarSm<n-cial Travdlea's of .Lln- /xdin, BiTan;« )wm-e, organized .a Sound 'Money clnb/'iasit.'Saitujday.-.iii^h.t-'wlth a 'roembcrslilp of over Jive hundred. • ' Our ,T. J. K.- branid Mocha, aud Java 1 coffee fresh Fiid-ay, alt Eotl.ici-mel's,. QUALITIES. .WHACKED UP. Secretary Wallace Says Towns Paid Bryan's Expenses. 'Secretory Wallace, of the Democratic Stoto'coumrfttoee, was ask«i if it were ,bnie -that towns and cittos wore required -to. contribute a, purse hi order to 'have u -speech.from Bryan, with the dlitoniJL't'h-e of passling .tbrous-1* with .only a glance, or a handshake. He said: "We are not milriomiires.-aud. it costs •inouey to ruin the campaign, a.ud pay for special Wins. All thiait was dona .to railse .the' nwney was to suggest to tlic several towns which ^TOmted to •heai- Mr. Bryain that they ought to raise something toward paiyang the expanses of the. «P; Some paid more nmd some lass, according to their a;biU|y. Tliere was mo threat used or suggestion made that the special train' would not sltop where no money had been raised." ,B. Bordea's, of ifhe law firm of Bor- .ders &-Borders',' of Winnmmc, said that the Democratic maimisers in. Ills city had collected $100 from the party leaflets and candidates for the punpose of securing a .speech 'from Bryan, whem lie passed over the road on lite special teadTL. It was rapresental, he said, to ..tffase-asked to contriibure, 'that the charge of $100 was irmde by the Penn- :*ylvaini'a raJteoa'd eompaJiy to pay for •the privilege of stopping the train at •ithnit staJtion,'. The money was ralteed by ^actual payment mud fruawmtee, and the Bryan itrain Stopped -for twenty- -flve jnlnutes.. .Mr. Borders wrote to C. : H; WMt»n, 'superintendent of the.dl- i vision, inquifJng whether 'the charge .was maide by tho company to secure •Itbe stop. . The company replied that. It slmply.'fura^hied fhC'trato at tae sta.nd- :.nrd rate for speclnl <trains, based upon ^Ucage, regai-dless of tine number of .'stops: • •• ••'•.'• ' "'!'.'..' " Positively the best cup of coffee In • the city at Dykeman's cafe. ali-tj T lines are tightly drawn and we ices caiimtft 'tempt us—anything that :i momiCBt's consideraition from us. es—few ifihing-s are good enough for "clean" one for twenty-five years. It to -toi'de with public confidence now. your toily safety liies In trading with that you can judge by "porformapce" find a place in "this store. Our qu allow .no "shoddy" -to creep Lu. Low pr fulls belo\v our high standanxl has not Anything Is good enough for some star this. Our business career has been a would be "eommerclia.1 suicide" for HS In these days of "fake 1 iand "fraud" firms of known good reputation—firms not "promiisc." MEN'S SDITS $5 to $15. Brown is Fashion's favorite tihls Fall. Brown plaids, brown mixtures —-anything so its ibrown. ?7.50, $10.00, ¥12.00 and ?15.00 here for such suits as you're asked ?12.50 ito .$5.00 more for elsewhere. They 'aro "tailor made" suits with the only difference of a "ready-made" price. From our own factory—there's the secret of the saving. $4 HATS FOR $3--$3 HATS FOR $2. AND SO ON. if4 for .*3, $3 hat's for S2, ,-uid so on. We wiui't to m,ako customers more than, money in the hat department. Wo know we've- go!, to save you soniefliiug to win you from your present Iraitter. ' , . Come in a.wl try ilie Ml Snipes on—one among ihe lot is sure to please yon. • • :-: THE HUB :=: ger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK ARE IN EARNEST. Sound Money Democrats Want to fleet the Issues. The Sound Money Democrats are anxtous to paralyze 'the free silver fafl- Incy, •amd.-talje every opportunity to present argument. Yesterday an effort was made >by them to get an. advertise-, •ment to the Pharos aMmouucing the Irfeh mecfing Saturday nfighit This Dalled. Then a. cluaUcnge was issued for a joint debate next Tuesday nighit wlhen SeuallxM 1 Tiwpie speaks here for free silver aind Hon. W. D. Bynum. for soiuid' money, but thlis was d-eclined alteo. Then an -invitaitJtoa was tesued to the leading free silver advoca,tes to sit on the' front seat at 'the Irlsm meeting Saturday might and ask questions and this was declined also. Thte free silver people do ncct want the tnith,. apparently, .lad it Is not surprising. The ifcask of showing how a salver dollar would rise to par with gold far the payment of wages aind still remain a fifty-cent dollar for I'he payment of digit is not an easy one. The purpose is of course to fool both the farmier and tire workingman, but the ctences are that they will -fool neither. THIS 15 YOURS. We want you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and that your wishes are to-be regarded in every particular. We will give you Just exactly whait you want if we can find out what that is. Perhaps you believe that It is impossible to have youc laundry work bandied without irritation and annoyance. We -are sure that you are mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., Successors to Campbell Bros. NOTICE. Court Laurel No. 2, S'istertiood of Foresters. Thursday, Oct. 15, being Court day, the sisters are requested to meet ait tlic new hall over Wade's trunk store-on 1 Market street, instead of McCaffrey's (halt We have new and important business to •transact afld de- silre every member-*o be present at 2 p. m. sharp. Mrs. Eva Smith, Secretary. Mrs. Earl Stewart, Worthy President. THAT JOYFUL FEELING. With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength ajid.lnternal cleanliness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old- time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well-informed. G. I. A. TO THE B. OF t,. E. The coaniuittee.oa program' for the aitertaimro'enit to be given on October 19, desire that all members meet at the (resMeniee of Sister Armstrong, 1427 Broadway, on, Friday at Z p. m. tot practice. Miss Jesete Cumniings 'hais. a •'beautiful line-of •winiter pattern hats' and •bonnets now on display. Call and see- them. 405 Broadway. HATES TO INDIANAPOLIS TOP At. The train run by the ra'ilroad men to Indianapolis tbas afternoon at 4 o'clock will be for employes exclusively. The 1:15 -p. m. train will carry excursionists for $1.75 .the round trip if 100 go. There will 'be a sjwcM MIW for IosS than 100 also, no matter, liow many go. This expL-iroatJion i.s made so ttiat may be Upper Sandiusky (O.I Chief: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Kcrlin, of Ix>gai]Rport, Tod, are visiting with tlielr nephew, Will H. Mangiis, om> North Swwh»ky avenue. 'Mr. Ke.rl!n is am employe of the Paniisylvaaiia railroad company aind" toas charge of the iD'ter.elMia:ge bus- Jmoes- between the Pantomdle and the Vanpdaliai railroads «vt Loffansporr. . He is a pleasant, nigreeaWc pcMUeman, a.nd is warm in -Ms praise of l«itle Wyandot as air aigrtculturail county. NOTICE. All persona 'having unsettled accounts witih] Mr. Otto A. Kraus will please '«all 'at the Fourth street store 'and make setflenient at the earliest time possible. TJiis .October 13(3), 1S06. .. •• .„ •AUSERT G. JENKINES, Trustee. Mrs. John Sturken, MIPS- H. C. Me-' haflle, Mrs. Ed Leonard, Misses ^'« llle Moredwk, Daisy Bennett and Anna Powell spent yesterday at Royal Center, the guests of Mrs. C. M. Anderson. . ••-'.. Up to date foot wear at Walden's. TALKING PRICES THE PILLING PRICES MAKE BUSINESS' GOOD AT 412 BROADWAY. • • * Women's nice seamless rubbers, new and pointed toes, new '96 good*. Price C * * * ' Women's storm seamless' rubbers, as good as some ask 50c for. Price. -. .28c Women's Arctics, nice new goods, good value at $1. Our price 50c Women's kid button shoes, patent tip, nice pointed toes, medium heels. Price • • • • • ' >65C * * * Women's satin calf button shoes; a eood serviceable winter shoe. Price 98e • • * Women's Vici Uid button shoes, patent leather .tips, nice dress shoe. Price , . .infant's embroidered leather tnocco- elns, just the thing for the little one«. Price 18<S • Men'3 rubber overshoes, nice new goods; a bargain: Price. .38c Also please see our line, of fine Crew shoes. The most stylish and best fitting goods ever brought to Logajasport "T. Pilling, 412 Broadway.,

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