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The Daily Item from Lynn, Massachusetts • 9

The Daily Itemi
Lynn, Massachusetts
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SECOND SECTION NEW THEATRE TO BE BUILT Local Business Men Unite: to Give City an Up-to-Date Playhouse. LOCATED NEAR THE OLD ITEM BUILDING Vaudeville and Moving Pictures With Plans. for Presentation of. Dramas, The accompanying cuts give a description of the LOW Central square theatre, which will be erected soon 0n street, opposite, the old Item building, between Brown and Mel Carry butidings: The front of the theatre will be a striking bit of architecture, in appearance much like the Shubert theatre In Boston. The building will be 52 feet in width.

124 feet. long on due side and 113 feet long ON the other, The theatre will have a seating capacity of 1412, The pit will accommodate 706. the balcony 612 and the boxes 100. Ground will broken In nbout month, and the theatre is due to be Onished by. Laber Day, when the first performance will be given.

It la planned now to present vaudeville and moving pictures, but ft will be built with the Rite of eventually having legitimate productions come 10 Leon. The building will be of steel construction throughout. The materials used will be brick and cement. the outside finish to he of plaster and stucco of light shade. It is planned to have the theatre as plain as possible, At the same time making it attractive, The main entrance will be striking, but not elaborate: It will be 24 feet wide.

The foyer will be large and roomy, having depth at the widest part of about 18 feet. Every effort will be made to have the furnishings of the theatre as nearly perfect an possible. The seating will be arranged with the Idea of having every chair within easy view of the stage The boxes will be arranged so that complete view of the will be available, and in this theatre will be superior to any In the city. Big are lights and hundreds of Incandescents will light the theatre as beltdiantly as any in the city. A half cozen first class dressing rooms will be bullt in the basement.

under the stage. the state will be large and roomy, having a depth of 28 feet. The members of the new theatrical syndicate Include Michael R. Connolly H2 Emest Noera, Simon Frankel, Eugene Brann, Michael and James Reed, the last two of the coal firm of Costalo. The architect Is E.

W. Maynard of Boston. Connolly will take the plans to the State bullding lumpector in Fuesday, for nis approval there are any changes to be made in the plans, the State inspector will make them at that time. Mayor. Littlefield Dead.

BIDDEFORD, Me. March 14. 1910. Gilman En. mayor of: Biddeford two years and prominent society man, years.

died Mr. today at his home here, aged Littlefield was born in and Sanford. Marie this State, a son of Daniel Leavitt He had been had feeble been health for superintendent many months. He of the Saco Petted machines plant for many Mr. Littletield belonged to ail leaves a wife, Masonic organizations.

Hey the local The son is Gilbert B. and Littlefteld, a daughter, one son ton Miss newspaperman, Sadie and the daughter Littleneld. postmaster In Biddeford Special Meeting Called. A special meeting of Buttonhole Operators, Finishers. Buttoners and union will be held on Tues day evenins to nominate and elect ofIcers, Ice cream and cake will be served.

PAGES NINE TO FOURTEEN Daily Evening Item. NEW CENTRAL SQUARE VAUDEVILLE AND MOVING FOR UNION STREET TO OPEN LABOR PICTURE THEATRE DAY, SHOWING FRONT ELEVATION CENTRAL SQUARE THEATRE A Suggestion of the Interior of the New Theatre. He Tried Telling the Truth. Government clerks in Washington are so much time every year for allowed vacation and so much for sick leave. The improved health of the Capital City has eliminated the sick.

leave require menta, and of recent years clerks have been somewhat worried as to how they should continue to secure it in view al their robust health. conversation overheard in one of the corridors throws light on the situation. You bet was up against It August Thought you had fine vacationwhat was the was all right- it was De Vacation fore started. You see medical certificates from two doctors the first an doctor who gave me a clean Insurance health bill to obtain a poller. The other doctor was a friend of mine, and he rave me IT'S A SURE SIGN that Spring IS coming when Davis Young's Sulphurand Cream Tartar Lozenges sell as they have for the last few days.

They are pleasant to take and are one of the best spring medicines and blood purifiers known. Large Box 15 cents DAVIS YOUNG Two Sexall Stores 107 MARKET LYNN. 21 CENTRAL SQUARE MASS. SECOND SECTION THOSE CURBSTONES ON KENSINGTON SQUARE These are the curbs the city These are the lanterns all shiny bright, that were placed PORE the street, all winter long. on the curbs the didn't lay.

(On Kensington square), These are the barrels which furnished the oft, to All the lanterns all shiny bright, that were placed on the curbs the city didn't lay. OIL OIL OIL This the man who drew the from the barrels, and went each night and morn, all winter dong, and filled the lanterns, 80 shiny and bright, that were placed on the curbs the elty didn't This is the wheelbarrow, co nice and strong, to wheel the lanterns all shiny and bright, that were filled with all from the barrels at night, to place on the curbs the city didn't lay. These are the people who lived near the square, and often thought that somebody should swear. when wheelbarrow came down every night and morn, to. bring the lanterna all shiny and bright.

that were filled from the barrels so large and tight, to place on the curbs the city didn't lay. in the salary of Dr. Hamlin P. Ben nett, the city chemist, In the budget, the health department Elven the same propriation as last vear and no refer ence was made to the petition for renovation of the contagious hospital. Mayor Rich says he will not approve the increases in salaries of the Inspectors and in this stand be Is supported by the other members of the COmE mittee on finance.

The mayor says he has 110 objections to an Increase being given to Clerk Badger because he believes that Mr. Badger one of the most efficient employees of the service and deserves encouragement. Football Meeting. meeting of the soccer football Williamson challenge cup competition delegates was beld Sunday headquarters in Boston for the purpose of round listening and to to protests hold made on the first second round. drawings for the forfeited its came Thistle with the Andover Rovers The Andover E.

Boston for asked the replaying of its game with ter of Camton on the Brews team lost the train, but ground that the to It was decided in upbold the decision of the referee awarding the game to Brewster. The Boston Ranger Charlestown game, which ended a draw, will be played of over the on next Saturday on the grounds Rangers The drawing for the the competition was as follows: round second River Va. Walworth at Fore River, referee. G. Lamble, and Boston Rovers vs.

the Charlestown winner game, of the referee, Boston RangerHarry Gor don. At the close of the res of cup the games it was present to for play the a benefit game, of winners vs. the rest. decided the competition. ROOFERS Slate, Tin, Tar, Gravel and Composition Roofing.

Leaky roofs promptly attended tor skylight and conductor pipes furnished BERTRAM FOX 45 State Street Tel. 1393-1. BEAUTIFUL Burdett Hall The finest hall in Lynn for musicales, lectures, recitals and select dancing parties. TERMS: Evenings ending at 10.30 $12.50.3 Evenings ending at 12 o'clock, $16. Special rates for afternoons and Sundays.

Burdett College Building Mi. Vernon Lynn. Mass. M. A.

Dame Son Co Plumbing and heating contractors Furnaces and hot water heaters cleaned Stove repairs. 90 MUNSON STEREY. Monday Evening March 14, 1910. PAID 5513 FOR STENOGRAPHERS 1910 that would onE on my vacation tor extended sick leave. Well.

what of It? Lots of us that. Does your conscience prick now shuttled the: two and" sent the Insurance doctor ance of good health to my with a note asking for extended leave: the paper making the out desperately sent to the Insurance company, on earth did have you see you not lost your position lay awake all of one night worrying. In the morning had an Inspiration- told the enter the truth. National Magazine, Medal for Rescuing Seaman. WASHINGTON.

D. C. March -Chief Electrician William 1010. E. Snyder, United States navy, has been awarded a medal of honor and gratuity of $100 extraordinary displayed by him in rescuing Seaman G.

hart, United States navy Kepfrom drowns Ines at Hampton Ronde: Var Jan. last. Sampson Allen 51-57-Exchange St. We have just purchased a large assortment of beautiful art glass domes which are fitted to be used with gas, electricity or both, and adapted to large or 'small dining rooms. A dining room is not complete without one of these domes, which throws a soft: colored light, giving tone and finish to the room.

The prices on this assortment are within the means of any one wishing to buy and, after looking over our illuminated display in the window, you will surely be convinced of the beauty of the same. Health Board Expended That Sum for the Contagious Hospital Probe. FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF THE DEPARTMENT Conducting Central Office During Year 1909 Cost the Sum of $13,671,51. The following statement of expenses. and has been submitted to the committee on finance by the board of health Ashes and waste accountPayroll, repairs, shoeing.

supplies and miscellaneous. Albert Dion, settlement of claim, share of stable expense, total, Receipts from of ashes and waste. $421,50. Net expense. House offal accountPayroll.

repairs, shoeing. supplies and miscellaneous expense. share of stable expense, total, $20,278.53. Receipts front sales, $7016.00. Net.

expense, $13,261.03. Garbage scow account Payroll, Insurance. towTHE scows to sea and return, $3254 whartage, care, repairs and supplies, $298.18. Net expense. Vaults and cesspool accountPayroll disinfectant, 802.97: repairs, boeing, supplies and miscellaneous.

share of stable expense, total, Receipts cleaning. sales of disinfectant. Balcony Plan. Orchestra Plan. fumigation total, $2421.08.

account- Net expense, Payroll, Ta; formaldehyde, expressage, repairs, $82.35: share of stable expense, total, $1086.67. Receipts from fumigating, $42.50. Net expense, $1044.17. Office expense account- Salaries, members of board of health, $900; cleric, $1000: office help, $049; four Inspectors, $4000; inspector, $1400; salary and, capenger, of assistant plumbing Inspector, salary, milk Inspector, $1000; salary collector of $500; salaries of 10. medical Inspectors of schools, $2000: carfares and sundrlea of bicycle repairs and supplies.

$21.05 expressage; team expenses of plumbing Inspector, team expenses of milk inspector, togal notices, advertising, telephone, 8100.32; postage, mosquito extermination, $90; bottles and corks for milk Inspectors $10.75 missupplies, $128.50, Incidentals, $7. Tetal, $18,671.51. Laboratory expense accountSalary of chemist, $900; salary of help, $256, carfares and sundries. tubes, serum and swabs, $84; miscellaneous repairs and supplies, Total. Miscellaneous expensesOverseer ashes and waste, house offal, vaults and cesspools, $486.73: work at Butman's pond, $175.76: work at dump road, removal of antmais, $76; labor and supplies, rebuilding blacksmith shop, labor and supplies at pier, labor and supplies at doghouse, $28, carpentry, 8100.27.

Total, $1306.34. Miscellaneous receiptsGrease licenses, $119; sale of manure, milk licenses, milk registers, licenses. removal of animals, $40; licenses to slaughter. telephone rental and use, credit from contagious hospital, $12.16. Total, $406.86.

The resume from Dec. 20, 1908, to Dee. 10, 1000, Is as followsReceipts Ashes and waste, house offal, vaults, and 0658- pools, fumigation, miscellaneous receipts, $406.50. Total, $10, 308.59 Appropriation, transferred to appropriation, $7448.81. Total Expenses Ashes and waste, house offal, garbage scows, vaults and cesspools, fumigating.

office expenses. $13,860.41 laboratory expenses, miscellaneous expenses, penses of inspectors, transporting tuberculosis patients to sanitoriums, $28,10, Total, 869,755.30. Credit to publia water board, $2,10. The statement of the hospital for contaglous diseases la as follows: Receipts Appropriation, $7000; Decelpts, $0144,70 transferred to appropriation. Total.

Expenses: Salary of $825 salaries of superintendent. matron, purses and help. professional dered, $373; groceries and services provisione. stable expenses. 8417.96, medical supplies, plumbing supplies, repairs and fuel and ght, telephone.

$50, supplying help. 7 expressage, Ice supply, printhardware supplies, Youse furnishings, services of two stenographers, 4513; masonry work and electrical repairs and sup. plies, piles; Incidentale, supcare of patients, Chelsea, hospital Revere, New. ton, Cambridge, Somerville, Boston and Salem, care board and of tuberculosis patients, at State Institutions and private familles, $651.50 advertising. miscellaneous and supplies, $797.55, credit repairs to pour department.

total. Charged to Increased Pay Roll. White the total expense of the ashes and waste account in 1909 $37,507.18 the board figures that was It will De $30,439 during year. the coming Am increase of $2000 In the payroll charged to this account Is to be noted. Repairs, and miscellaneous in the supplies ashes and waste account of 1909 assregated $1279.76.

but it is estimated that these Items during the coming year will amount. to: 82254. nearly $1000 more than last year. Nearly $3000 added to the total cost of the house offal' account according to the board's estimated for 1910. In 1900 the figures net expense of this account was $13,261.98.

In 1910 the board estimates it will be The payroll is Increased to: from 092 $15,703 and the itemg of repairs, shoeing and miscellaneous, are Increased from $688.82. to $2264. The garbage scow accounts of 1909 and 1910 show an increase of a Itless than $800 for 1910. In 1000 the cost: was $1432.13. The 1910 estimate Is 1729.

The cost: af vaults and cesspools account. will be practically the same, only the board somehow figures out that the receipts from cleaning, which. were $2117.33 In 1909 will only be $1800 during 1910. The office expenses will be about $1200 more than last year. No detailed figures are given for this year's estimate of $14,872 as compared with $18,671.51 expended in 1909.

The salof Clerk G. A. Badger has been increased. A little more than $300 additional is asked for laboratory expense this year. which includes a raise of $200 You'll Hit the Mark All Right If you buy your Boy's Easter Outfit at Donahue Corner.

Russians, Sailors, Junior Norfolks, Double Breasted Coats, Pleated Norfolks in all the best cloths and -correct colors. Priced $1.98 to $12 Spring Reefers, $1.98 to $8.50 Donahue Corner Dani A Donahue Munroe St. Central Ave. Manhattan and World Shirts: Dan Stag, Crown and Stetson Hats the Mark to ONE DEAD AND THREE INSURED Captain of Fire Police Caught and Fatally Hurt by Falling Wall, JAMESTOWN VISITED BY $800,000 FIRE Factory, Hotel and Three Business Blocks Burned Saturday and Sunday, JAMESTOWN, N. Y.

March 14, 1910, -Beginning Saturday night and ending this morning Jamestown wan vialted a series of most costly fires it has ever had, resulting in a total loss of 8800,000, the death of one man and the -cerious Injury of Three others. The dead: John Hanson, captain of fire police; crushed by falling walls, The Injured? Alfred Shoesmith, skull fractured, will die, George King, Both legs broken, Joel Obert, back hurt, Internally InJared, Bulldings destroyed were The Gokey factory building, the Gokey business block, the new Sherman house, Erie half block and J. F. Belgga block. Other property adjoining was damaged.

The first fire broke out Saturday night in the Gokey factory building. and the flames were belleved to have been completely extinguished. At o'clock this morning they broke out afresh and communicated with the Gokey business block, the largest office And business block in the city. The fumea spread so rapidly that they were soon beyond the control of the Local department. Buffalo was appealed to for aid, but within an hour the fames had consumed the Gokey bullding, the Sherman house and had exhausted themselves in the Hall and Briggs blocks.

The fire also communicated with the Wellman block on Cherry street to the Sharp block and Prendergast block on Main street, but was extinguished without serious damage to these. While there, was ample time for the guests of the Sherman house to leave the building there was no time for saving any property. The falling of telegraph poles caught number of persona in a network of wires and George. King, a fireman, had both legs broken. In the fire of Saturday night or early.

Sunday morning, which was the immediate forerunner and the cause of this morning so blaze, John. Hanson, captain the fire police was Instantly killed a Falling wall and Shoesmith and Obert were serlously injured. Postal Telegraph Lost Lines. The estimated loss on the Gokey office bullding is $200.0006 The losses of Its occupants were. Duffy department store.

Saxe clothing Wright clothing company $20.000 the Jamestown Busts college. $10,000 Keeler Extract company. $5000; a score of law and bustness offices, The loss on the Sherman house, owned Charles Samuels, 14. $150,000. The howas leased and managed by George his loss on furnishinge was $30,000.

In the hotel building were the Postal Telegraph company's office. the offices the Jamestown Street Railway compans and the Chautauqua Traction company The Postal lost all its lines. The wires leading into the offices of the Western Union, which a repeater station between New York and Chicago, were broken down and the company's ser paralyzed. The Bell Telephone In company's service also was cut off. the Gokey factory bullding, fire drat broke out, was the Gokey where Manufacturing company the Guerner Machine company, the ChadeWorsted Mills company and the Floss bowling alleys.

The loss on this building was $80.000 and on the varicompanies occupying it a total of $77.000. At clock this morning. and after was believed that the Are was under control, tad and the asked Buffalo department, which been notined been not for assistance, to come, the flames communicated to Erie hall, occupied Bijou theatre, which was quickly by destroyed 0.8 was the J. S. Briggs block, occupied by A saloon and restaurant.

$50.000 The lose on the two buildings and that on the contents $30,000. The burned district Includes a large section of two squares in the city. centre of TRUE'S ELIXIR Established 1851. makes the old feel young. Keeps the stomach strong, appetitenormal and nerves steady.

Relieves constipation and biliousness. Expels worms from children and adults 356, $1,00 NEW RUGS Made From Your OLD CARPETS Send tor Circular BELGRADE RUG CO. 20 Collin St. Boston Telephone Oxford 1.05-5. J.


Composition sold, best quality. WILD STEVENS Purchase St. corner of High, Boston..

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