Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 9, 1954 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 9, 1954
Page 12
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. J*' j* *^*Sr,'!'J®«,'^1«eH-'Jl* s | t "-?,*«*ii -c J^atM. ^X^^Z^*\*'-:**** A^^^v^rr^^T^g-^g^^ - ^ ;- v - vx j , ^ * ^MdTall'ldvXtli^i^af' 6r ? publieatlwi dftd to —-" j inltiot* ^ on* . Sr, i« t .or figur«i,tuen a» TWUM or " , eeurrt ot bft . ri«i~ tar wm not fa«, ttsp6n- lortnort Ih \yartt Adi ilnliii lled -to atif ottedtlM n of ,dd Ohd <h«l IheoVtet InMrtj&n. liHWw**^- : }' rift* tltar mWt&&W?tiWMf,*W*V! i «H^svipfiiWf WflnofliRp EcNfof ,* f * Sjff D«vif, ArfvtrfMn^Mimtw l«,iW. Hoim«r, M«th.'"r$u»l. mittar «t iubtcrl|5tten RatwV(poybb'lf s ln s ad-, ,' Mrrl« In "Hope end n.lflhborlng pMU^ 1 ^ Jownt— ., .Ji — -I- 'f f S ' •>• f>AWBPI»^#»*****lM**ti»*»i|*****t*«tf*Mftl**»»* •*3t •'&&**»>}? *"^ J T «( -*- 1 * " * 1 1 1 nn f u aFayttt*, l Howard,' and '• M'illtr coun* , *'|?ot^r£nwii|— ^I'^TT'.V '* ,- lcD^Ita«;/2/iTex<ii; SCpt.; - It- VVear rdii"*i Wstir Bafreli fpr WWTWNSHAM* dowtitosm -Brown " Cafe, JiewJy redecorated ple sefitlflg capacity, fully Stocked, good living for man ahd **«®roWrt at fetowfl'ii , Stamps,, ArK0 5-flt ' gte»4i*ttfeari*« M »*• And 't H. SUITfOlit ,console air coftdiUortcr. A % ton window unit Moth Car- rlers. Phone 7-2424. 6>3t acres of timber land, Columbia County. For informa- tlon, , Write. Jewell Monts, '0380 Thimbull, Detroit 2, Mich. Wanted to Buy 0 BUY Men's Used Shoes. Reave! rowih of cut over timber land. Aftywhe're in SovtthWe'st-At- kahsfis.\ WM pay top 'prices; Pnpne 7-222J} or see 'Ralph.' Sauh- ers. Help Wanted {AIJERESS -w'anted, apply, * in 'per* 'son oHly.' 'Mac's Restaurant 40l £.'Third "St." ' ' . <: '^ . ^28-flt , A. W*rd Thf«« RKTttd , t>ELON«t Attofn*y WE1SENBERGEB TRAVIS MATMH . Ward Four RLES TAYLOR HOMER BEYERLEY AidtrmAn WflM tw» , JOflN S. GREENE *, '0. (TOP) PORTER Ward On* . KATHRYN LOU FRANKS ' ,JOE JONES Per- State fienata ; :7th DlttrJct GENE LEK TJR. Fi C. CROW levcl'nnd 'ew York Chicago 3etroit Vashington 3oston altimore hiladelphia for Olty Attorney ,0. V. NTOfN, JR. Directors Daily < newspanpr qf ^'the*, t wprld f d a .clrCUlatioSj of ^njJrtijypn pf- 952, says a recent United -Na'tions eport which excludes/most' Iron Curtain ardds." "••" */""•". *",' r housp, 816 • West' 4th. Phone 7-3152. Good location. ' - ' - • 6-tf TWp modern unfurnished duplex apartments. 3- Tobms with private" baths. "423- S." ,Main. Ph'otie 7^2285. ', ' • 6-3t :'^ furnished' -apartmfent t p^iyaie,\entranc'e, bath • a'nd garage. Mrs. ,K. G. McRae, Phbne 7-2432,^' - < ' 0-3t MELON* equipment: Rent f , $5 week.' Chests,' table's,' trayf, ice wa.ten keg^ele'etric stove, 1 UghtsfBolly's Courts/ '- ' . '', ", -'""• FOR SCHOOL BUS • ',, ' , ' SEE;.. , , JORDON'S BODY SHOP at Parti, Sioger . Frfte'EiHrnpfei t V f f, _, •iW,* * ^* , V 7T^. T»?' T TO OT ' .''T 1 " Hopt luilder's Supply Co. '" >h»ncy.33r THf BEAUTY BOX •VUr-gondttioned" h" 9 d 'jrfoelsch^r, -Mbel' ames and Bvfljyn Mpore 112 S ,j VI L'fl RPLUR.MHK Foir Pork tt,9te9$ f Ark, TOP^S . Compl«to Re- CbRNELIUS , ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South. Arkansas" Call 7-5505 for 'our * ,. ' agents r ' • J15-1 Mo, Real Estate for Sale .Cafe ' business, only cafe ih 'town. 60' paved highway frontage, ' 4-room frame living quarters joins! cafe, completely equipped. Walk-in and make mo- ,rtey. $2400, good terms 4 ACRES in Hope, nice 4 room frame home and several out outbuildings, $3900, down. $1,000 balance, like rent. 4d|'ACRE'larm, % mile highway i^iropt^ges. Nice shady 5 ropm frame' house and several out buildiogs .Springs and nice pond stocked, $3900. $1500 down. 1 SAMUELS REAL ESTATE ' ' "' lOl E. Front St. N Phone 7-3766 l< \ .'-, . ? 7-3: tr-. OH«rad , renovation and inner , inring- wprk-,,Cobb Mattreis Co Washington. Phone , , Mar. " Leon Cinch to Set New Homer Record v ^ i 1 « , i By The Associated Press Almost' overlooked in the hectic L three-way fight for the Southern Association pennant slugger who the migjity Nashville slueeer wh B^jns fl cjpch to write a new horn fiin rfecorcj in. tjje, b'pojtfi, The, husky' belter *rom Erooklyi cmbbed v hls 48th yesterday duriP! Jf^sfiviUe's doubl° victory ove: Mobile, leaving Him only foil sho'H of the all-time Soutlicrn marl fet by Chuukt Workman of ihe Vol Jn 1940. WHh nearly ,a month o the. season remaining, Jncludin ctviite -a-'few games at Sulplnu- Del w|in the, flhort rightfleld fence Lennon can hardly mus. J|jrrn!n«ham piqke on the leader , with' a' 9«2 victory at "Memphis. Th Barons and Chicks were tied 3- aftf^ ( sevci innmgs when u curfc\ stopped tho sepond gnmo Nash vjlle.dpf.eaiqd Mobile 1-1-12 and 5-4 League 'President Chail'e Hun luled l^?t njg)it that since Memphi and vBJfmjngham played the sched ujed seven innings befou; curfc\ time, they would have to '-epla the game entirely. So there will b a doubl,eheader at Memphis to night. • _ , §7 W«?t Diol 7-27«7 Hppj, Ark, Wptch Repair Guaranteed Pre- School Special. Bdrjg your wqtch in KeitVs Jewelry Enjoy OAKS ?af« Stotion TERMITES for 9»mpl^ Parts and ; §«i;vlc« foe Holland Bale rs d Ford^ Tractors SOUTHfeRN tlnnta c-w Orleahs ifmingham hattnnooga Memphis Mobile Htle Rock ashvillo A836CIAYI6N W L Pet. 06 V2 71 08 63 58 51 19 43 Si 57 nO 70 .000 .5i)2 .15? 1 3V .526 It 49d 121 71 .338 Resulta ' Little fidbk 94, Atlanta 4-5 Birmingham 0-3, Mehifchis 2-3 tfashVUte 14-5, Mobile .1^-4 JJew Orleans 8-2 (Jhattahooga 4-1 Today's Games Atlanta at LittLi Rock Birmingham at Memphis Mobile at Nashville New Orleans at Indians Pull 4 Games Ahea of Yankees By-JOE RElGHLER Associated Press Snofts Welter Cleveland's-steady streafn of Vie- tories and Milwaukee's ijpeciaclilar Iste-seasbn-drive havebrought ttf> the possibility of are-npwul ot the J948 Indians-Braves- World Series rivalry. The botttng gentry probably- will give long rtdds it-won't .happen, but baseball has had miracles before. Remember the New York Giant? NEW YORK W) — Light heavy- iveight Champion Archie Mnore.de- ends his. crown for Uw third time Wednesday night and for a change iis oppohoht won't bo Jooy Max- m.' This fittie .the traveling, 37- :eni>01d'- champ will face Harold Johnson, a fast piinchinri, 26-year" did Philadslphian who feels Afchio s teddy to !be taken "He's old and taking off weight •it his aflo Js going to weaken n,' 1 said the solidly built chal- efiger. . .. i "Sure, I know 1 lost three out, of 'our to him, but I'm mbr.e'ex- aerienced flow and ready, for him.'' if AMERICAN W 70 73 71 49 46 44 38 57 77 41 59 60 62 72 71 Pet. Gfe .764 .('84 -4 .634 7 .454 27 .434 29 .413 31'. .340 33, .343-30: Yesterday's -Results Cleveland 7-5, Philadelphia 2'2 '' Detroit 10,' New Yorit.'S Boston 4-4,.Baltimore ,2-1. Washington 7-0, Chicago 6 3 { Today's Qatties (No Games' Scheduled) NATIONAL' LEAGUE W L Pet. GB lew York Jrooklyn Milwaukee hiladelphia St. Louis Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh 69 66 60, S4 52 52 44 39 41 M 47 Y< 57 '58 Co 72 3 7 1 /- .027 .6pO .571 .509 .477 1GJ'. .473 17t .404 24V a .551 30'A Yesterday's Results Pittsburgh 12-5, St Lou's 4-3 Philadelphia 8-8, Chicago 4-3 Brooklyn 20, Cincinnati 7 , Milwauke 5, New York 2 - Today's Games (No Games Schedule'd) COTTON STATES LEAGUED, 1 Dorado rreenville Meridian Pine Bluff Monroe Hot Springs W .t? Pct.iQB 68 32 .680 65 36JU.644 3, 56; -44f .560 42".j 58, .420 4;? , ! ,S9A .416 8 ^7^* .277 Yesterday's pqF.ults Monroe 10, Hot Springp. 0 Greenville 8, El 'Dorado Meridian 10, Pine Bluff Today's GameV Hot Springs at Momob Meridian at Pine Bluff Greenville at El Dorado MINOR LEAGUE BASKBALL , By The Associated Press St. Paul 7, Kansas City 0 Minneapolis 9, Indianapolis second game postponed, rain Louis ville 5. Charleston 0 second ga^ie jostponed, rain. * Columbus . 6-0,' .Toledo 4-5 see. end game, 4 ] / 2 innings, rain. , TEXAS LEAGUE Dallas 11, Beaumpnf.7 Shrevepor; 4, Fort W/u In 3. * v Houston 5, Oklahoma City 5Jf Tulsa 10, San Antonio S. • (W The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phpne 7-5J30 Or brlno Iteme tp tft\n Turner, at HlcKe Funer«| Home incredible 1961 finish? A little over two Woe^s ngo, anybody had even sn«^ostcd Cleveiahd-Milwaukee World he would have been hauled to the nearest nuthouse. Just 18 cUtys a»o, on .July 22, the Braves were mired in National League's fourth place, 15/2 games behind the Giants. The Indians ' were ' leading tho American League 1 by a hairlino haif-g.imc over the .New York Yankee 1 ? What a change those .two.' and a alf .weeks have brought. T h ,raves in third placo today, trail ie pace-sotting Giants by . only games. Fourteen " Mlhvouket ictories in 10 games htive slashed ight lengths from Nev - York's ead. Cleveland .has won 15 of 19 uring th2 same perio-1 and wkl- ned its margin over the Yankees o four games That is the Indians' iggest ,lead since July 4. Milwaukee whipped the Giants gain yesterday 5-2 to sweep the tu Tee-game series at the ,polo rounds.' A- fine .six-hit performance. y Southpaw" Warren Spahn an>J a 'pcifect day at bat by -'slug ;ing third baseman Eddie Math :\vs were the features Mather: meshed his 30th homer, -off -loser ial Maglf.', singled in another run nd scored twice. Effective pitching by Bob Lemon md Art Hdutteman; and home run itting by Lemon and Larry Doby ughlighted the Indians.' 7-2 a.id 5- oubleheadtr swep o\-ui^ the- mep 'hiladelphia Athletics. Lernon'> lomer with one on overcame an ,-arly 2-1 Philadelphia lead in thr irst game. Doby's 3-run homer of! Alex Kellrier in the first inning iis 26th of the season, get the In dians off to a flying start in the ightcap. Pinch hi'.ter Jimmy Delsing's wo-run homer in the 10th mninp broke up a free-hitting affair as Detroit made it- two m a tow ovei he Yankees with a 10 S triumph ?he Yankes had overcome 4-0 and Tiger leads to force fh egame nto overtime. .Jpelsing's dramatic ipmer inflJcted the fourth defeat pon ace relje.ver^Johmiy Sain and i'ave' Stevo Rrbmek his 13ih vic- qyy. \ ., >v ' Brooklyn's "Gunner - UD Dodgtrs to" within .three games of Giants with a 20-7 ron-p over e' Cincinnati Rqdlegs Aidea oy h v d ,, baseman 'Chuck Harmon's wo-out error, the Dodgers rapped ;cros"s 13 runs in 'the eighth, 12 of hem unearned, to i,et a scoupR ecord foi,' that inning. Gil Hodges iclped Carl Erskine achieve his 4th victory, banging out four hits ncludipg a double and ti Iplo in tho )ig eighth. Chicago's third-place White Sox dropped seven games behind Clcve- and, dividing a doubleheader with: Veshington. Rookie souihpaw Jack Jarshman shut out the Senators. 3-0 after, Washington had won the opejner 7-6, Roy Sievers wielded tlu>. 3ig bat in the first game, smashing us 20th an 1 21st home runs. Roy'.s 'irst homer came with two mato,3 aboard in the first inning. His second snapped a 6-6 tie in the ninfh. Jackie jtjnsen divided four hits; :Wo tuns and two run? batted .in equally in each game as the Bos;on Red Sox took both ends of, a doubleheader Worn Baltimore 4-2 and 4-1. The opener waa won in ;he lith'Vri singles by Jensen arid 3illy Consolo and an uiroi by BiUx Hunter, The second-game defeat was the 15th by Baltimore's Don Larsen, to.make hims the Icsingest Etcher in the majors. . ' , The P. T. A- of Clow Training School is sponsoring a literary program in the School Auditorium August 19, 1954, at 8 p. m. Pa nel: "What Can Be Done To Im prove The Relationship Between School And Community?" Partlci pants are as follows. Rev. W, ;L Nelson, Mrs, Florine Walker, B Luella Carin, Mrs. VU'gie L. Gray Mrs. Sallie V. White, Mrs. Ellen D,raper, Doyle White and •MI'S Irene Mays. Comittees are Mrs. Eva Gamble and Mrs. Meg gle Rogers. Rev, W, L. Nelson president, «r Write Tractor Co. Mi«inpli«, Ark. J ' '" - 114Q-R ' ; |Al|SMAN WANTED t#ft Mrs. Snow Jones entertains* fourteen children with a lawn pay ty at her home on Fiiday, Augus 6. Piesent were: Shirjey Horace E. Johnson, Nc-J'ds A. Got] bolt, Lannie D. Jackson, L. Walker, Qregther P. Johnson Nathan.iel QodbPlt, Ryth Braggs, Alean Jphnspn, Louis Ware, Winnefred Braggs, Bulford and Minnie ^ Cookies and ice cream were ser ved. Moore Again to Defend Tifle .Robin .Boberts bdcame' the fir.st iltdher td win 17 gailtos and jofcit' 'ielder Del 'fennis drove in sik runs as -the Philadelphia Philhr.s took .wo games from Chlcago'f Cubs M and 8-3. Roberts was clipped tor four runs in the first two- innings .of the opener but stopped the Cubs t'old the -rest df the way despite yielding 12 hits. £nnis hit liis 19th home run for the Phils in the first game. Granny Hamner, Danny Schell and winning pitcher Horm Wehmeier all tripled in a four - run Phillip outburst in the eighth inning; of -thy .nightcap. • .Pittsburgh's 'cellar-dwelling Pirates ••surprised the St.. Louis Cardinals with a pair of victories 12-4 and- 5-3 for, their second double header sweep over the Redbirds in 3 days. The Pirates blasted five Card • huriers for 15 hits in the opener and won the .-.ecbnd on ,Ec Pcllagrini's two-run single in the eighth. ..••'.: ["" When senation of your tongue is eliminated b drugys, bitter tastes disappear first, then sweet, then salt and sour, tastes; Home economists estimate tha h6me-brewed coffee costs about two cents a clip. Playoffs Are Underway in Kid Leagues The Playoffs are underway between "local kid baseball leagues and -the championships will be de^ cided this week. In Pony loop play Friday night tojd^ijfeaskettdowned First Motion- a.1 Bdhlt 12 to 5 but thfe Bank'tbys tdfhe back fpr< a "fl-l- depision to eVeh-the playoffs. One mote ganie A^ili - decide the title.- ' ; ' : ''"" Hope Star with a 7-5 record cads the Big Loop .play. Lile-Mur- >hy:. has = a OrO reoo-rd) jfl-nk,-6-6 and.-Rotary 5^7 week.- 1 - JJyers Watermelon Stand S- CURVE & Shovet VOTE FOR ... Mrs. Kathryn Lou r f ranks (Wife of Cline Franks) I: Alderman Ward 1 AUGUST 10 f Pol. Ad, Pd. for by Clirfe Franks Bfee-T-Mite? " •»--r''* ; f ; tfiJ ( | M>' ') >. "Bettle and Termife Control Service Owned and Operated by Guy Grigg * Hope, Arkansas ; Phone 7-3445 109 S. Main All Customers are Insured Legion Meets Waldo Here Tonight The Hope Legionnaires defeated Mineral Springs Flyers 10 to 7 there Friday night with Joe Barrentine getting credit for the victory. Reeder Huddleston banged bi.it three for five and Johnson hit 'a two-run homer in the sixth, ttope got 13 hits to 0 for the * TWO TRUCKLOADS JUST ARRIVED USED TIRES Theie qre Priced to $«vf Yew M«n«? y, AH Sixfi. iuy Your Tirei N«w, WYLIE Weir 3rd Street N«w Iuy Ytw Iftf. it MMfiWl WHOLESALE PRICES ARMOUR STAR «r SWIFT PREMIUM Coed N«tiv« Monday, August $, 19S4 OtARK ttl FIND YOUR UTTLE FRIENDS AND ^LAY OUTDOORS, COOKIE ""T HOW CAM I WORK WITH ALL THAT COMMOTION? "' NT STARTED TO RWN.MAMAj.. ?£ ', GET TPE •MOUSE CLEANED :Waldo comes to Legion field -garhe tonight ByJ. H. WJlllirr.1 OUT OUR WAY VIC FLINT Good Cooks Ws^VFRNTWe HX) S*/ VOU* NAM^fe ACROSS 1 San she bake i a cherry 4 Pots and 8 —- beans 12 Measures of land 13 Toward the sidp 14 Dif MS Distress signal 7 oriental com ,25 CIO labor -A*<*Ji*3^»N'TMeAiV/ TOO LATE.' HOW COUUP i KWOW rr - _ biscuits 2 Spinach supplies it O ^ ingredients 4 Fend off 5 Century plant 6 Sewing tool MY WIMPCW , V AKIS-W6R. HAVE. i»LU6<&ee»:\ ••,. WE THAT/ 40 Amphitheater : 16 X-ray (prefix) 8 Kind ol beef -union (fib ) 1 18 Showed 9 Angers 2.6'Acts : ' -i- 42 'Cut, short- contempt iQHerb used in 27 Grand jury, '43 Half (prefix) ihdictiiients' 44 Is indebted 28 Pronciin . ; ,46 Preposition J 20 Reposes 21 Negative vote - WASHTUBBS ;Revis^: ••,.«,', :47.,Tldy •:! . : 31' L'ried ; .'the roof 48 \Variders| idly 33 Mbvifig! .••'•'- • 5b..Thrpugh; '' ]7,Follows . ]9 Consumed 23 Permeate- 2 4 Food fish ^tasse -; article ' 30 Each ..;• ,;,, 32 Made aioud ,-, noise'-! i| 34 "Way'doivn j upon thei j -( River" " '• • 35 Russian river ;36 - -soda '37 Unemployed •39 Try, as a ; recipe . 40 And - BORN THIRTV YEARS. TOO OUR SOARDING HOUSE ' FOR A PAIMLE55 BEAR Baby's napkin 42 Task A5 Placing In t rows 49 Marrying i again ,51 Meadow !52 Portent ; 53 Particle ! 54 Boy '55 Leaning ! Tower site i 56 Soon 57 Saints (ab.) premium •«, because By;Pie;Tiirner ' CARNIVAL Your sign of "Happy Motoring" First in salfs of tfot/i prf.miiimMiid-regiilrir gasolina in the areu where Kssa products am sold IT, LITTLE Mn N = • 6 - Ti Od/SOMBTHIN POD'S ISSO SERVICENTER FUNNY BUSINESS £\ S ' CpM0ATv : v|? 'I ' • LUBRICANTS LUBRICATION POD ROGERS Phone 7-2777 ODD- 1 THE.TIME-,MP^HINEQ TRQUBUg MUST ' OFF WHEN YOU THRfcW \ ,9g IN THNfljNlt ( V ANOTHER Do you. mean- .to say . ' .",. dance SIDE GLANCES largest of all mosquitoes THI 5TQRY OF MARTHA V/AYNI PFH^ r*ariraY«jrMlm e put thtH , Ih seeking the office of Prosecuting Attorney I sincerely and earnestly solicit the vote and, influence of ALL citizens. ;; - . To those of my friends who have worked so loyally and tirelessly in behalf of my candidacy I am deeply appreciative. : , . To my fellow attorneys who so kindly and graciously presented;; me^ withii.the following endorsement I shall be humbly grateful: ENDORSEMENT We, the undersigned 'Hempstead County, Arkansas lawyers, respectfully commend to the voters of Miller, Lqfayette, Nevada, Clark and Hempstead Counties our fellow attorney, Royce VVeisenberger, who is a candidate for Prosecuting Attorney. He has actively practiced criminal and civil law in Hope since 1937, except for over 3£ years in the Army during World War II. Since January 1, 1947, until he resigned to make this race, he has been our Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. • In our, opinion he possesses the necessary qualifications ' Of training; experience,,moral and intellectual integrity, zeal ; for the public welfare and the.ability and willingness to work ' long and hard so essential to this very responsible position. This endorsement is presented to Royce for the express purpose of conveying our collective opinion to the voters. V O.iA. Graves • . ; -<V W.S.Atkins ••-.. V Albert;Grqyes;^- . VV Tglbpt Feild, Jr,- ' G,,P.C(5$ey, : } : J*|r Y S/ P.T. ! Staggs Nunn, Jr. ij '•- •' .!' H|| hereof.Js on file /s/ John; v's/ Louis 'E. 'J.certify onU in my officb -for *l ,' , r% • '• :•• I ' : >^ (Seal) I '• l t - ' ; i . . '• To my fellow citizens of my home County of Hemp- I Shall ever l?e thankful for the wonderful vote which you gave me on July 27th and I solicit the influence gnd vot0 of ALL citizens on August 1 Oth, ROYCE WEISENBERGER ,511 ANC HIAR RQYCi WIISfNIIROIR GYIR KCMC^ TONiaHT (Mon^y) 9:45 olio over KXAR Tonight (Mend^y) | P. M, and TUESPAY 4:40 «iuf 7:30 A. M,

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