Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 15, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, 50FT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER mimmuiUUUHiiummmmmymtuiiiuuir— r —— YOU DON'T WANT A SUIT Unless it fits, neither do you want to pay double its value, If I make your clothes, I make them fit, but I don't charge fancy prices Suits to order from $20.00 up, HARRY Q. TUCKER THE F1RS1 nATIONAL BANK -oy~ LOGANSPORT. . - INDIANA. CAPITAL. $200,000. A.J.Murdock,Pre«. W. W. ROM, Cain. j. IT. Brookroeyer, Ai»t. CMh. , DIRECTORS: j • a m«. W. H. Brlnghnrgt. T MnrdocB DennH UW. ' ^' *• M - Hanrood, w T 80n . al; IW Departuientii promptly „„„-. J Ol'KKA HOUSE. I^VIUlam »ola» Manager, ONE NIGHT ONLY. THURSDAY, OCT. Allen and Taylors Plctnresaae and Imprejslva America* Naval Play THE ENSIGN Ta:ent and MISS BESSIE TAYLOR The Companj carrlM a cat load of beautiful scenenr for tills Piece. Prices, 25c, 85c, Me 75c, and $1. Seats on sale at Johnson's Prog store DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, QCOJOB33R 15, 189G. Don't forgot ,t/ho place for shoes-*:. JI. Walden's. :\IcK'iinlcy dlmwa- set, east window.— Fox & DunKlebui'g'B. Old papers for sale at the Journal o«ce. J» centt • hwulred. There is a young woman In Kansas City wlio calls ,tlwm "VogBer" sleep- Ing oars. For. information concerning annual gas rates, see card of Loganaport & Wabash Valley Gafl Co.. on third page. The two orchestras which' -made perpetual music ait the October ball and caused •the dancing 'to go on without » lament's Intennlissiofn, wore ou* some of the men but mono of <tte women scorned to nvtad It. Glirte display a remarkable degree of eBdurn.irco In rc- gpondtag to dcoaaands of rttoalt sort. If your clilldreB are subject to croup watch for the first symptom of the disease-hoarseness. If Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is glTen as soon ns the child becomes hoarse It will f revent the attack. Even after the cmupy cough has appeared the attack can always be prevented by giving tnle remedy. It Is also Invaluable for colds and wiooplng cough. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. =— s— Awarded Highest Honors— World's Fair. •DR; IRISH TO SPEAK. Will Address Sound Honey Democrats Saturday Night. •Hon. .Toto P. Irish, of California, illl address We Sound Money Domo- craits Saturday «8sM »t it-lie i-lnk. OC WJs oratory Hon. JcJun R. Wilson said, "He is .taie best stumip .speaker in tht- CREAM BAKING Wliien at 'Pera Tliirrsday he spoke in the of cciinoon for t,wo hours and a quarter before looking ait life waitcih. The crowd ye>lled, "Go on," "Go on," and •Ho spoko for wnother -hour, making it n, -three hour mad n. qnartci- speech, ajifl ,not a man left. Tliey asked lilm to speak again at u'ighlt nmd .he 'agreed to do so. He ga.ve way to another speaker. After ilio hod coaicluded Hie crowd again slionted.-fM-Iasteh> «.nd comiing forward with the quostiou, "Wlia.t is the matter with- you Hoosiers? .Don't, you know whom you have got enough ?" •he fiftive.Hica.aiioWiei 1 'hnJf iotw talk. • ABLE ORATOR5. Logansport and Vicinity to Have a Rare Treat Tomorrow and Saturday. Citizens : of Logwnsport amd Cass eoim-ty ai-e.partl-culaa-'ry fortunate in the opponfcuinliUes for hearing nine oratory ,tomorro.w and Saturday. Tomorrow, Friday attomoon, Honi Frank Hanlcy. fhe ln-Ulianit IndilonLa Congressman, will speak aib the .rink.. Tomorrow cvenilnlg: ox-Governor Roswcll P. Flower, whoso fanne as 'am oraitoa- is worldwide, w.ill speak for -tihfe Sound Honey Democrats ait the rink. Saittirdny at- itoinooni Spenker Thomas B. Reod 'wl'll speak at Peru, and Soituwlny evanlnj; non. Jolvn P. Ii'i'sli ot California at. the rink, for tte Sound Money Democrats. A OTRTHiDAY CJELBBRiATTION. Graiodma Zton celebraltcd her elghty- •olgbtli birUiday .anniversary at her. itonw in Cairroll county last Saturday,October 10th. There was a splendid spread wltih the fat of tlie land. The turkey, chicken, cakes and golden ip.nnvpk.ln..pies belnig at for a kieg. Tliere wwc jtevwity-'flvc relatives and Buesite present, tnoludtag three genera- tlomis 'Ot desoendemts. Following were present 'from out ot the county: Mr. mid Mrs. Huntsinsw, Terto Haute; Mn-. and Mrs. Bridge, Flora; Mr. Lmig, Wlneelta'g; Otto, Nora and Hasly L»ug, Mr. Kcauett and family, Mrs. Sines aind fewnily, Mrs. Otto Bridge, Oairadcn; Mrs. .Tames Stone, Hem: Peck; George Zfoii, Mrs. bnie Cummins aind mother, Tx>gainsport; Robert nod Mra. Gibson. Grandma Knrt.mam, Mr.-'RoWnson and family, Jacob Z'um and ftimi'Hy, Homer Zlnn and family, John. McCloskcy and family, Olnarles McCloskey aind family, Frank Bridge, and many otteir wliosn naimed could not be-.len.mcd. A num- •beir of useful presents were . given Grandma Zinn,. and a good time was enjoyed by nil. ONE WHO WAS THBRE. Mt>ST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free from Ammonia, Alum or »ny other adulterant 40 Ye*# the Standarii. .GOOD COUNTRY MHBTINXJS. Wi'M. Keimey h'ad ati audilence of four .hundred at Walton-last night; It was a good meeting.. Tue 'hall > was crowded, and .-the. adress .pleased Hie people, who were very emtiliuslastic. : Marrtn A. Quinn and Will Rosier -bad a meettagat Galloway school house ?.i Jefferson to.wnslilp, at -wWcli ' more "than one hundred were unable to gain admittance to thebulWIng: It was tlie •beat meeting'of! the'Quinn series .in Cass county. Hie Jefferson township :plee club made a fine music foir Mc- Ktaley. The .audience was a ,ahout Ing one, and the addresses were effective. RELATE TALES; Continued from Fourth Page.) we Uwive passed away we will wait tlie- bugle to sound tihe assembly c,'ill,;wbMi wo shall moot nRniu cm the .eternal camping ground. - ; 'Comriukxs, thirty-one yenrs hav'fl passed siiiiee we laid -down tin; sword- j- tunihig home to our friends, whp sard, "Well done, tliou good and faitlK ful servants, you hajve preserved tlfc union., and .hoisted the old ling still h-l.gfli.ei: upou flic ptonacJe of liberty.?' But today comwdes'you are called upon to vilow a siibuadon. threatening this nation's 'honor wMi* yon so iiobly defended. Could i-t have been possible four yeaais ago for bhe g-ren,rost prophet to have foreseen tlhe least glitanmer or ray of our present political spectacle upon the horizon hi this, tilte year ojf Our Lord 1890, with Uhe prevailing 1 pence at Iromo And abroad, such a challenge of tflie nation's future n.nijl Honor 'as dims been hurled taito 'the arena. of our business 'and political relations should st'lr our patriotic emotions -like !i time of perilous war. You will pardon mo for alludhvg to tibe present (Ifr pressed Indus t.ri.nl and fi-uanciivl co-udt- filon of omr country. Straingc «ts it. may seem, history tells us that such> periods of industrial and financial distress bring Into temporary i>rora,«i«mee those dangerous though 'Short-lived agitators wllio could gaiiu no .hearing in ordinary Mines of prosperity- I» such) times they loom up, and with; their vPclous counsel, 'sugair-coaircd with) specious protestations ot special love for fciie people, catch the fretful «ar of distress and discontent as sometimes bWter ng-hits please a disordered palate/We ha.ve boon aaul are passing tlhrongh dark and troublous years of Hidusflrtail and flnaincital distress, with their wonted ilwilluctaatta'S, -and with aih-em IMS eoane Hie customary uu.fortun.-iite crop— amd am overproduction— of popular disturbers crytag up -their quack remedies with tthcir wsunl zeal. TJvcise men (pretended leaders) throw "aside 'every principle that lias fostered aind' built the industries of America -and made It. tlie wealthiest and. greatest cminti-y , on the face of the globe— these men a:l(l«iffe the natural laws .of flriftnce ifflit by '«hc Jomg experience of mankind, an 'nlppnnitly as 1f they were tlhe 0u,ly repositories of knowlwlge; ' they nssnil Qio -principles of the ConstUnUon as i-eckles.sily -as If tlie wisdom' of our iblwes wore but mfldness and they alone the a.posfcles of liberty. They un- blusWagly array ilhemselves a.galnsit the .TudkiKiry, the firmest bulwark of freedom, the saXe.sufl.Kl <>'f a n<-"l"ib)l- can form of govormmcmt,' as If there wore nothing of value in out great In- (5titirttoi)s not in accord with, .liholr frenzied motions. Their wild arad fanatical proposals threaten not only vawt and tncalcnlable 'tajury to our already crippled business prosperity, but -the insecurity of a possible -upheaval o:J our entire social fabric. . War Itself '.wild scarcely irhrea.ten a .greater calamity or more ,'Uioro.nghly arouse the^atrtot Ivemrt. But fortunately men sblll U^fe hi goo<lly numlra-s, Though Ulvelr 'rants are sadly -thiUined, who can vividly recall tihe days when oirow wore.i-al'Sefl ngallnsfc tlie. Constitution,.' who .well ure, and In blood to save Dhls great nation, tills graad Republic, itl.nte- grafl'd union of states, and the old fla.g from Us enemies. They .wlio offerad tlielr Mve® upon the altair of thc;r .couBtry t;hen, and wlio have seen its .soil- red with moblc sacrifice, wlu>, conitributed ,to Its rescue by their valor a.pd suffer- J,nfi, will ntft now sit Idly by at this time and hour of Its peril and sec It? .honor tarnished. And MOW, I must- say, with the firo of patriotism •burniling la my bosoni that, as an, 'honest man' la the noblest work of God, so an honest dolliiir and -a. 'way to earn it to the nob- lest'work of ma.u. Ajid with ;a stanu- n,i-d benror whoso life Is as pure -as -an angel's dream; whose great brato burns with- the flame of patriotism, 'and whose heart 'beats with, love" for Ms country-mein lilfl coumlry and lite flas, satiaadinB upom that great American. dof'tirlne of protection bequeatflied by Wnslvtaigiton, fostered toy. Lincoln, olmm- plomed by M'cKinley.amd 'snpporbed by rccl'prooHy-a gift to the nratton from tire sailinted .Tn.mes G..Bla.ine-aind .tlie •Treat prtadple underiying *t all, which OTCIT t™e Arafiplica'ii should pass a solrsmn' declaration ttof the 'honor/of tl ie naitton mast and shall be preserved. And let. us work with *Uat zeal and: -be- Jlef tlMt t-ho 'brato, heart and conscience of the people of this nation, will . rally airoumd tlie standard' beiarer ;of :«liese piiliKlplcs in euch force tliait , the comtotaed WOS*B of Populism, Repudlav tlon, SoclaMem, aad.the legions of heU •cainbot nccompl-Isn tits defeiiit. . i pi ;, : I'Oonnraldea. pardon tbis outburst Btat .wh-lte ttaehiis 'dealt -wltlli us . mercl- 'fulliy, itisliowsJts mark on each,' of us; •It tos sllTered our locks and .furrowed our chteks;.aind eacto year;0dds to .tK6 Bvst of mimics to wMch there is no naa- wer <it our iroH call; 'and, 1 as It'Is possible tlMit at tlhe nestnoll call, there inay TJO ,no otlkn- answer to my name, and', THERE WILL BE NO SETTLEMFNT. The Closing out of the Otto Kraus stock is absolute and should 'be taken advantage of by every .economical pers n, Thousands were this season's purchase, right up to date hats, shoes and clothing, appraised b your own citizens, men of sterling integrity, at the iowestbash wholesale value, understand, "Wholesale Value" naturally meaes a heavy reduction from regular prices, in many cases fully; fifty "per cent than actual cost. THERE WILL BE NO SETTLEMENT, the stock ajid fixtures will be closed out the total stock was appraised at-$44 f 499;4I $10,000 in excess of Mr. Kraus's liabilities. The quicker the stock is sold thfe better for all concerned on account of expense of conducting sale. ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. , ini 'tlie past, the report of our Hnig would Tjfesenit to nil stirvrvtag mem^ bers of 'the 5th Indlaina.OaTalry Asso- etatlon, to ^be .read not only .'by- Uie com- ra!des, but 1>y their sons, : and in many cases by tlielr son's sons, I would place ...,.,...- on., record with the.-comrades absent as : well as those present, that the pa.trtolUc fire-burns J'n. ray -Liea,rt us high fls it did when you .and I were called to .go-to our country's rescue; uml I 'have, am abiding fattili that every member of our Association has that fire burning 'In Ills heart as It did when lie stood upon the altar o'f his country offering Umseif'up as a living sacrifice and we owe a redoubling of our patriotic zeal In memory of our fallen comrades, and the Nation's dead who offered up their lives for the Nation's hoinoi', the preservation of 'the "Union a.nd the old flag. "AgnJn, ladles and gentlemen, 1 tha,nik yon OK behalf of the members of Tito 5th Indian.'!/ Cavalry Association for t'Wls hearty welcome to your city, awl we will return, to, our homes, carrying withi us a lasting (impression ,of the goodness, ami the loyalty 'and the patrlotifsm of the people of Logansport." ... Caipt J. C. Nelson made an address, in.wh.lcli he took an oportunlty to forci- bly'and nQmiwtaknbJy plaint his feet on a Sound Money basis. It was recog- !iil»cd. : by speakers who preceded and who'followed. Judge Nelson, -that poll- tics Is all absorbing. CampOre stories are wot heard with as great zest this year .as are, declarations on living Issues. - Wdicn Ca:pt. Nelson touclied on questions' bearing on tihe djlste of the yea.!', and urged, his comrades to stand as to 1SC1 for national honor and against vinarchy, sedition ana rebellion as breaithed In: tlie Chicago platform, lie \yas loudly applauded. He said he d'id .not intend to-make a stump speedi, but .he was urged to go on. Comrade Henry Ha.rvey and Com- rade'R. R. Green,.'avowed Bryan ad- '!ie^ts,'ieft"the'>hail because of Judge Nelson's expression of principles. 0omra.de OS-neon is totally blind.' He receives a pension, ?T2 a mon-tb.'.. He Is for Bryam, though that candidate's evasive followers all adroit that by lowering, or cheapening our dollar to a eilver standard, Comrade Green's allowance wIE have a pm-cliaistng power of ?3G only. .'Comrade Hanry Bruncr of Portland told 'now. he won a medal recently awarded tolm Hinder a provision for the presentation; of medals of honor to those soldiers who saved a portion, of t he union f orces <by 'individual bravery. "W. ,T. GJffe sang "Red', White and Blue,", the .niudlonce joining to the chorus. : Comrade D. W. • -Patitey, regimental 'wag, made a witty and very pleasing address. Among other things he said .he would not talk polities, but that he .should vote, for Comrade McKluley. -He said further that he was a Sixteen to one ; ma,n. He believed ithA? nation Is stxrecn'.to one tlie grandest and best i-n"the world. ' ;/., D. C. I-.- Thomas, of 'the Eleventh Indiana Cavalry., made a short address in wliicih he urged veterans; to'patriotic' aictloji 1 at the polls. Like .Ca.pt. Nelson, 'he did not say Who wouUVget'nte .vote, •hu/t that Brya» would not receive it. • Major R. P- Flaney, secretary of the regimental association-, spoki. He also : dnifted Into the '(MscuasSon tlmt seemed to draw all minds',' -.and declared for Sound Money : anid the nation's .honor. He interested -all with reminiscences of perilous ventures during action'. He closed wi«h' a pa.per to 'which' he expressed his 'belie* In'the government anfl .Ms institutions, a.nd called on 'life/ comrades and their de- "scCTdtots,' to vote 'with the party of '•gnJtrfottsm,: of law and order.^ : Miltoni Morris axose for a short series of remarks with.-which all were great- 'i-y".pleaised.''' He said, wlltiln reference 'to (lie action of 'two comrades wl» left •tiie'bail?'thai if. they were sincere-In. •'their'belief they might better •have 8lwvvin''ttT>y remalutog and presenting •tfiel-r side of •*«, Question that is taking tiie public milmd^today. i; "it the close of .•the-'meeting a'vote otltlianks was tendered'the speoKers wii-afurnfeUed entertainment. ' %HIs morning at 8:30 . will open ihe 'tiilrd session. Officers will be elect- ! &VfoVtne'en ; suIing year. D.^V. Paittey W&mnel a.nld Milton Moi*s,of Green- fleld are meatlooed, for the presidBJicy 'b r f'the association. The iJace/.ol the ^'xit Wtinal reunion will aisobe settled 'tills forenioon, and,It Is very ' Lieut 'J.amea MeMffl-em ,1s .nwftrtioned as a gucces'sor' of Major, R. P. Finney of New Albany, a? secretary. Major •> t „ KODAKS I have the agtnoy for the products of the EASTMAN" KODAK CO of Rochester, N. T.. the largest and best equipped cotcern in the world manufacturing PHOTOaRAPHIC INSTRUMENTS and SUPPLIES. Their goods are takeo as Standard the world over. Size 3x4 inches; weight B ounces. Takes a picture 1^2 inches. Either film or glafl* plates can be used. Does perfect work. Price $5.00. \ POOKETT KODAK. • Takes square pictures, 3%sS% inches; size of camera, 4%x4V J xG inches; weight 20 ounces. Prlc« ? io.oo. _ ...- Improved No. 2 Bullet, . This outfit is sufficiently large for all ordinary amateur photography. Includes lamp, trays, two dozen sheets Dollo paper, solution, etc. Price. $1.50. A. B. C. Developing and Printing Outfit. Full Line of Supplies Kept on Hand. w. GRAVES, Successor to W. T, QIFFE, 4-3 Broadway. Ftaney, ^ho issued the complete re- part of last year's meeting, with the regimental -roster and Wstory of the organization, will not be able to look attar the office another year. The Fiiitl* Cavalry was made up of n company from each Congressional district to the State. Ttoe were men iu, tno regimen* from every county in indtonia. It was a tboroughly represenr tablve Hoosior regiment. Among tlie ,1'hinigs aocompliahed by ^e regiment were marches 'aggregating over 2,000 miles, participation In a score of en- gasements, and a 'hundred sslrmlshes; and the capture of over =,000 prison- crs. As one of -the speakers said last •night "The regiment wlii'cfc' so well served Ats country will not fail In patriotism or loyalty in the present crisis." " . - Those joining- in Uho -mcatiug ore earnest to their expressions of satisfac- itton with Logansport and her hospitable people. The fourteenHi aimual rc- nnloin will close .this "afternoon. ANOTHER VETERAN Joins the Ranks of Those Who are Fighting for National Honor. Col. W. E. McLean, .of Terre Haute, colonel of tlie 14th. Indiana, wOw served four years and two iikroths In the service of his country, and gave Wie veterans able service in tlie Pensron department during. President Cleveland's first term, Joined the "Generals" party at Terre Haute.. Col. McLean Has been a life-long Democrat, but Uie CWcago convention was too much for him aind ho-hais came out for the vaJIant soldier, William McKlnley. .. MEDAL CONTDSTT. The W. C. T. U .medal contest at Ilia 1 Broadway M. E: clmrch was hold, .last night, Miss Bertha Smith being the successful contestant. The evenl-ns was spent in an entertaining way,, a musical -and literary.: program being carried out. The program was opened by iuuslc which was followed by the'-oratorical contest. Following are the narafes of the contestants: Everett Turlcy, Bertha Smith, Forest Tl*m- son, Florence Howe, Earl Howe and Paul Barnett A-fta- they Kid rendered their recitations the Rev. Mr. Henry of Southim-t iuade the address of the evening. Miss XcIHe Burnett rendered a piano solo and Jean Wright and Anna Washburn ea'ch delivered recitation*. Misses Jennie WaeMrarn, Edna \Va«Jnburn, Alma -May «tnd Btliel Bn- yart went through a Delsarte drill while Mtes Home acted as acoompanist on the piano. At the conclusion of the' drill Dr D. L. Overnolscr as spokesman' for tlie boaixl of Judges,. which was composed of Mr. McElnaney, Miss Grace Custer and himself, read their decision,'after, which tlie medal was. formally presented bo Mtes .Bertlis Smith. The contest was very close and the judpes Iwd a difficult time to coming to a decision ns to who Had taken the medal. CORNELIUS GIMJ3SPIE. Cornelius Gillespie died at Ms late residence at Grass Creek, Wnyue township, Fulton conatT, yesterday • afternoon "at 1 o'clock, of old a,ge. Deceased was well known in. ttas cjty where IK> resided for many years. He-eainc to Logan-sport a.bout thirty years ago and followed the occupation of a teamster. He liauled Hie first load of .^.iie for the. Pa,n.>lwi.nd'le round house at the time of Its construction. a,nd-.his l-Tlior. is to nnw «f- th « ^^ jwoiiilneat buildups of the city. Ho was about seventy yeans of nge, and had resided at Grass Creek • tor the past eighteen years. -•Vrf ased wife and two cliildi-enc Mrs.' Mary McLanghli-n and Miss Ellen Gil- lo.psie, •survive. The funeral will be held at St. Anne's church, near Grass Creek, Friday morning' at 10 o'clock, with inte.rme.in to follow in the cemetery adjolujns -l,he church. Friends of the family are invited. DE-VTH OF MBS/IAIT-HA KEED. MW. Laura BwA wife of ex-Couu- cllman Thomas L. Reed, died at her home on tihe Wcstslde yesterday iftorn- -\ws dt 1:30 o'clock of inflammation of the hftliWT*. <««1 34 ye.1.^. S"c leaves a-InwbttBd and da.Uffh'ter to mourn her loss. She was a most cstima.ble woman and hor death is clcplorod by a inrgecircte of frfcmK .The funeral has not yet been announced. s.-Fox &

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