Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 15, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1896
Page 3
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THE A Llijh standard ot excellence. Mnnj users o( the "Hun-son" consider it THE ,BEST. You will llnd It u valuable iisslstaut In jonr or- lice. Address for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAMJFACTU15EKS. 24O-244 Wont tiiku St.. Clilc»eo, nl STATE NAT1ONALBANK LOGANSrOKT, IND,) CAPITf\U • S2OO.OOO j. F. Johnson, Prasldont. 3. W. Ullery, Vice President H. J. Holtbdnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. J. r. Johnson. B. W. Ullory. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and n»'l Government bonds. Loan nonoy on personal security and collater- »tn. isstip apeclnl certlilcates of doposltt bearlns I »pr cent, tntorsat when left one mar; 2 per cont. per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of tnli bank for the deposit of deeds, lnsurn.net V«llcles, tnortpraKea and sther valluablo», r«nted at from »5 to 115 pir year.. How is Your Dr. Hobbs Little Liver i act gently yet promptly on the Liver, i Stomach mid Bowels. They dispsl Sick . Headaches, I'cvcrs and Colds; cleanse Ihc system thoroughly; cure habitual constipation. They nre niiKar-contcd, 1 ilon't (frlpe, very small but prcat in 1 results. Recommended by Physicians 1 and DruRRists. I Ilobbi Kcmpllj Cu, Chliajo ud S»n VraniUto, . For. Sr.lu in LOGANSPORT, IND., by Uon Fisher, ju Fourth St., and John I'. Coulson. lai Market St. CATARRH ^———^— ForYoufprotec ;«*v3 -_ • i.-V4ttf BALtiv w « positively state that •«g?'5xC/Srt.COlDMt"l H remedy does not l^vWff*»«.: *• contain mercury or uny " *» %>i «, NE/H)• otliet Injurious drug. ELY'S I.*) RE AM BALM __ y@^w COLD ^ HE AD sense* ut taste and smeil. Cleanses the Nasal Pas saxes, allays Intlamiim- tion, Duals and protects ne msmbrane uora colds, restored <He IT WILL CURE. Samp es 10c, bjniUL "THE ENSIGN" TONUGHTT. a;t -Wte NCTV Doton will nipipcnx for -the flrst Airno tire famous. naval dniima, "Tlio Envslpn'," wttHi the vpry capable wist: 'r.lw Mr. Paul: GU1- CM> Woltw, Mr. Wilson D«U; Admiral OnvW G. F-am-aigut, Mr. Firank Kounc- <ly; Oa.pt. Clumrlos ^'Jlk«s, Ma-. Wilson Demi; Lieut. Jolm I'en-y Alien. Mr. Lwrn-'ri-ncc WUIwimM Lion*. Horace Blj^tbe, Mi-.TJOflan Pairl; Lteut Henry FaMiix. Mr. .T. H. Plersoo; Ensten- Bwi Baircl, E. B., MT. WilUnim lofrrftm; Mkl- shlpuMin AirUlntr W^teon, Mr. Taylor Grainville; Sci-ftcarefBlaiCk, Mr. HaroUl Scott; Boaitswnto Bill Bowl'fn,, Jtr. .Tus. T. Fln.umswn; Cossru-ailn Jaick Dudley , Mr. Clwiss. ClKipDlU-; Sorseunt O'-S'luay, Mr. Ji!i.rii|cs .Tatrot; Cutoaan Potlee Officer. Mr. Frank iSturgte: MIPS. Baln-d, M-tss Ulz/lto Jaclison; MIPS, WiUkfti, Miss Maud Olcvolamd; Do?, hen- al-eco, Miss Knito Tome-ray : .Miar)', her Itttle daujrh-. ter, LIMo AVcclacsd'ay; Allco Greer, -BcssiVe Taylor. esslU' Taj-tor Is «. pwPcct Ut foi- her pnrt. n.iwj Mr. . Willtom Inr-nun mafecs a ir.-n.nly -and d-asMas ensign. Mr. Uo^rn Paul's "Lincoln"* saltl to too a -wmulorful piece of work. One of the ujaAa feaiture-s^ot tlie pro• ilucUoti Is itbo sctin-eirj- -wfoiltli on tWs oc- . cnislon will be of the sa.rac ftnrnenAe or• tier i»aiiplo-y«l in 'ttte ortsiiiwill prodiic- itton. Tlhere nre lire ispoolal scenes, two of whleli iikwtraite life <m boaaxl a maft- o'-wair. aral «ire saM.to be .-is itrue n ropreseutablttn «s 'lit Is possible- to obtain upon Ulie staffc. One sat sliowa -tbo Interior of a. war vessel \\-iitli the gun nod nwiiin docks, Jast as they are cm n renl mnn-'o-'wnr. /y OOXDTJOTEp EX- TO OA'MFORKLV. Via the dhlcaffo; Uniomi -. PacMc & :' NftpfilirWestern lioie teaye Chicago every Thursday. Comfortatolc Tourist' Caws, IOTV ratts, quickest time the bo't of <ra,re mail n*beiiaitl'o,n-, are es secwrcd by -tlMjise TV)M> Join ;.these exctirsloius. .For fuill particulars i. apply to your tfeairest iti'ekat agent, or ;-»adnwes.W. B.• KtfI*k«ro,,'.G. P. & T. A., o & Nopth-Wesftcm' R'y,., Chi-, ' THE" RAILROADS Facts About the Members of Brotherhoods. IT IS A MODEL ENGINE General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. \Y. S. C;i FILM', wli'trai- of Tflie Locomotive FiivuikMisj Mflffaziiu 1 . -likw written ua .,'iii'iilck 1 \vh'icJj 'flii*|Kxir<s iin tihe l.i^t i.s- isiw of 'tli-e A-niwlciwi FodwaHonJst, in whtch hi> s:i.v>s-: ••Ruvll way employes wo a* pmti-tOitJ'c ;ttxl Oionojst as olfliei- cit- IZMIM. 'ii;ml inibo-vo tliv a.voragu toi iuMlli- SfiMic-c, rwlKi'p.s a majority of raiilwiiy onvployos ouostioin -Dh-i/ iKlv.iNa.blll'iity of any awfe-ntt lU'pantiira from oxIsti;n.R fiii'iimeial poMcies: pw-lwvps tihoy will vote .riie isiiuiu* i.Urke't: -.1* rliifir employ- ens, ii.ml when'they do t>f> H will not l.ie •foe-cause a proniiiiinou't ra.llvi.y oflicl'iil ln'OIiosos to iiwc t.lit-'ji 'to conivti.'ni.C't t'h: v inlluMica of. o-i:hor vorklnjruvtti. Eroe- m:i«i of itilie mi,l«';iy bfotlvcu'luocnTs have jiot l':ulvd 'Io condemn -t^u- iinHul>iiw of these 01-fWt.n !iKi:(iloin« for w!n:U |J«»--C eao- mien a.i'o pli-ased to Term -a 'hick of sym- p-:iirliy' I'm- workers li> ofte calliivxs. Til-Is charge Is unjust. buit whlh odl it~- sitiHvc* irt tliH's* miit;'i\iiTy \vltlli it l-lso inny a'inl IniunlVimitiioiv t.lint ilfK's 1llu> lionet df a l'.i:Jhv;vy oflk-.ial iliiVl li;> hi bis power i!.o (Ik-'l'niH' hnw his i.<iii1>'.'o,\T'S wliall vote. Tito- HruMum'lwoil of LocoiiKrtivi' FLri-ni'O-n knows no po- llitica.l •or ii'i'li.irioivs creed. Hauli- and every meniflK-'.r (liwaiiwl* tin- rfeht (n vote p a«i .his rror.sciio'.K-e • cHic-t.alt.es. >."o miNi!.-l>t-T will (Me-satr 'to .-i.uot.'icr Hi;- hir. To (Urxiite h,I« un.it.lw>d of Yi-wsWn Ms l«).lii:k-al I'aiirli. No officei' of the fd IKIM tli-e nljstic Io say Jiow .-i; mom-bra- «liall vote. <uul wlwt Is de- mod -i.lu.- ollif-eis of -tiro In-otherlKiod Is dcni'iecl 'rti't 1 oflicvrs of a -m-ilwwy eo.rporn- Uoii." . OR.XA-MENT. A. noyiiialds, .tlhe Va.iKlalla fireiuati (line prcseiui-ert 't!lw> R, R. V. II. C. A. T\-iith n. •m!iui'aitnro Jocoinoit.lve nimT tender, of Ms own ilifUHllwork. It is nwdo onftirely of wood fliml every pan't of tlie liittlo fni,wli'lno 'moves .•ifcun.-nitely on a (.rack on it:lic nttniitcl in tlic 'private 0'ffico of Socwtai.ry Daivldisou. Mr. made It itliiirtfco 1 ytturs fl.w .'he was but a -boy liTiUifr five miles from niny rallronicl .frock. A more ap- orm.i merit cbultl nicit .be eJKifle.n to <1:(?c-ora.!'0 t.li'O nwntel on wii.!cb it is RA1L.ROAJD IN J. J. S.lieod'11 of ttve paint shop mis ait liifcfi'go Tuesday. A\ r 1JJ 1 iia.m I-Illtoa of iths T>olit house and nfitilng raicks, Ie5 sick. mwi »t-;tilMi Panhamllc shops I'U o bepac wo-rkAnp; full time TUDS- rtny. AY. R. Aninss of ' the Pailliaindle .•elgM house is nit Ch'Icaco for a weeks' visit. En#lue No. 517 lias been nin< lu- the round house s>l»op to receive a, course of repaiirs. Lloyd Pherson 'lias •resumed work'In the lathe room after <a. lay off on i -our.* of Illness-. Suftoi'd, -ulg-liit -mwii «,t the i, reitimied from a visit yesterday. A.. Hanry Thonuns of the motive po\v >r d-0p(ir>tmtrnit at '(8ie Pji.n/h'.ind:<:- offices \v;is -a-t Ri-dnnond yehwrday. ;n Gln/.I-cr of Uli-fr cair .shops Jias re suimejl 'work after airn.bsance. of. six weeks on •aecoii'nit (rf sick-ness. ThO'SpCLM-al 'trnbi for luidHnoapolls >e.ives sit 4 p. m, itod'iiy. All tliose go- :iK are n«*«l to' hike Inmtei-us. .Tolra Ballon of itte ropalr -tra-c-k saiftr s siitTertnff from the effects of a Inigo it :uibnn.cle -on tho back of 'O. W, -BreUou of 'Mie Pnoifhrnndle rou-iul oiise. flwrrt 'his foot yes>tcrcT.iy, -a.nd wJll ba laliid off for >a few days as a result. Cluji.rias ..AleGowflU', PaB'hB.n'clle bag- jagwmaii, tos returmed- fromi «n ex- and.cc! vlsl-t jn.pnil'lfoniia -and 'other iVeis-*tTii • states.- A. Batler. clerk -hi Genera] . J. J. Haniaoii'a offlec?, ivlll wive Sn.tuTCtay for ColamdiB, Ohio. Be vBll'itT.'iik-t' '((lie trip an his waiec!. •Chn.rle* Lyitle of itih* repiwr -cmek. janff, caug-lvt lite left -band in n saw -estei-d-ay au.il 'badly jnoingletl that tnemlber. Yesterday was .li'is flrst day's von-k after a recover}- from a ataiHnr neeUloot. ' .Tl»e taiJJii OV-M' 111] e Vain-dial to iimil -'eMisylviarilsi 'from St. Louis -to Inicli- aniapo.lte, pwt on m -few -monfthis ago, bos lecome retiKiTOernitl-ve, flad ailthoais-h mt an «« .a n expcnrimcnt tt '-wdU be con- .iinuHd on tilne presejot scliednle through he wJMb&r.'but witli taVe taking its runtime -ixHweeio. St. Louis aind Jet- ey City wi-U be cut down- .another wnir. • ' •..•••••• "v Tho : HiissJnini' Minister -of ; Rn'Jto>acls, Prm.ce HWJloff, the flawt puTjlte mn.ni to trip flnom'St. Peiters-lvni-g over be -new Sibei-JaE jtaillroW, nnlyecl In siiftjnpo yesterday. He Is engaged in a our of itopectioin 'of the -nallroads of the Unified 'Stinit«». He ns a 'boy to this cowttti-y land worked .iin. Amerl- cn.uie .'i member of 4'li« 'Imperial Oil bl- uet. He was -eoterlin'.I.iiei] yt'.ste'itlfly ft- t.l» Clui'C.'igo oliiib ii'iiil mis s lv( - v11 " tlin iiCii- I'lrst CTeuI.ng ut the Auditorium 1'Vo-m Cli-lwi.w Jw goes to Ciik-IJMKi* lun-d thonco "to Pittwfoui'g. Pliifcido-lphi-j .-.iiiwl Nw York, ..saHine for Euvoiw or Nov. 1. Tluo AVa,bac<li on Moivil.'i.y c-it-f r.lre ra.tt oiiL.lirw'd cool Toledo to Kansas City, tc ,f2 .per ton. Co:tJ .i« mot i'lwludvd in l3u poorinjr agirouiHOUii: of the Eiist-i-ru limes. Thfi Oc-toher mrmiher c-C 1'lic Ftrc- •men's Altiig-aaliiW! iiR out. It co'ji'l'aiUiS :i foil roitopt'of tine Inite convention :K on, 'Pex.. ii-ud •space Is givcm 'to tilue <nldress of E. A'. Debs. .Tolin- G. ATlilUa.ms, -late V.TC-O •n,ml ^eu-craJ ma:na-g(.'ir of 'taw A';wwla.l-i ! a \vl.ll mov<* fro-iii TCJIV H'.iuite to Inill •.-»,ii,i.pcfe .-iftcr l.Iic (-J'!>etion. Mr. Williams will riM.ui-n. -to the ji-wtfUce of taw. wlrlch lue s'.'Lve np smm-e J-L-.II-S n? \\-Jien ilie -lidded to hfa diTi:los «-•< ge-noi •al counsel i>Mte A'tsiniOsvlin.-t'hose of vie ])ivsldt v n-t a.ml preiwra'l V\' Republican Meetings. Itp-piiiiMwi.ii speakings will be held at the I'O'llowius places -in Cuss county: Friday evening, October 23, Harness school house, Deer Crock township, D B. McCounell. W. M. Kenney, of Rochester, a former Democrat and a witty and eloquent speaker, will spcnlc in Cass comity as follows: Thursday evening, October 10, Twelve Mile. . • Friday evening, October 1C, Lucerne. • Saturday evening, October IT, Eoy.il Center. Thursday evonim?, October 115th, Nevr school house. Noble township, George Funk. Thursday'evening, October IDtti, Concord school house, Jefferson township, M. A. QnJnn. Thursday evening. October inth, at the New school house In Noble town- shop, George Fuak. Friday afternoon, Oct. 1C, Broadway rink, Hon. Frank Hanley. ' Friday evening, October 10th, Gransinger school house, Adams township, M. A. Qulnri. Gail-veston, Friday night, October ICth, 51. .Toice of M-la.ni! county, a Sound Honey Democrat, will speak. Saturday evening, October 17, Center school house, Deer Creek township, Q. A. Myers. Saturday evening, October 17th, Onward, M. A. Qulnn. Saturday evening, October 17th, Louthaiu school -house, Bethlehem township, Orlando Powell. Saturday afternoon October 17tb, McKinley pole raising at home of James Humes, at which Attorney George Gamble wi-11 speak. HOWS THIS. We offer One Hundred . Dollars re ward for any ease of Catarrh tbat eon not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.. We, the undersigned, have known F J. Cheney, for the last 15 years, and be• lieve him perfectly honorable In all business transactions and financial!} able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Drug gists, Toledo, O. WALDING, KIWNAN & MARVIN Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter na-lly, acting directly upon tie blood and mucous surfaces of the system Testimonials sent free. Price 75c pe bottle. Sold .by all druggists. THE "OVERLAND LIMITED." Tlw -famous ctrainis-coniMniwutal train Wes'tora time, leaves CUlc.i£0 ait G p. ni. every day to .tlie year via. till! CW- cago & NortUi-Western R'y, «:nU v -nifltes tiro Wp *o California -in only three •das'S. Doubllie dMiwIins room. Sleeping cans. 'Buffet, Smoking am! Litairy eairs, di-ntog cars n.nd' -'free roclluJng elitiilr cans fliro fefttunws of the pe,rfe.e.t trato. s Ag«nit« ol cannectrnff li'ties sell -tickets via The 'C.M«iS?o & Noirt-Ui-Wost- wn- R'y. . Ulustraited! painplUets and. full inifonnsiitlon. ^1111 be furnished on .applieaitikraii 'to W. B. Kn-lskea-n, G. P. & T. A.,-Oliionso, 111 " .' LI'S RETUEJS T TO TAVO.K. Emperor Anxious to Roinstate Him in All His Former Positions. 'Viceroy \Vung l,o«luR Crndil In Pi-kins— l"rol>iiblJliy Tli'»'^ l >° Wil1 JInvonNew C'hluoHU MlnmtiT fit WiiBliinjrton.ln rerson »r \V»u Uu lloui;. It is learned that Li Hung Changr will soon be reinstated iu all his former positions, including- that of .viceroy of Chihli, iind t.hut Viceroy Wang, thii jireseiit lioldci- of the post, is rupidljr losing -credit in Peking. A jneetiug of the grand council waa held flt Peking- to discuss the memorial of his exeelloDny, Li Hung Chang, sent from Europe. The emperor is credited with the remark that .his excellency "was the best mani after all, for the in;-- portiiut post of viceroy of China aud imperial hig-h commissioner of the Pei Yang ndvuiDistrtrtion," and that Wang, the present incumbent, w;is more fitted to be court minister than provincial viceroy, or words to that effect. Perhaps tliis may have been a "feeler" at the instigation of the empress dowager. his excellency, Li's, sta.une.hest supporter, put out by the emperor to lest the temper of his advisers. It. is, however, said that 'his majesty rmiOe tbe remark in so assertive a manner that not a siug-lc {mm d councillor ventured openly to criticize it, or seemed inclined to risk liis post by tlarijig- to oppose what was well known to be the pc.t desire of the powerful empress dowager. It-t.his repori.be true, then the return of Li Jinny Cluing- to old yamni ;:t Tien Tsinjr, where be ruled for 20 years, will not be delayed after he bus gone to Puking 1 for an imperial audience to report upon what he has done and seen in Europe nr.cl America. There appears t'o be likelihood irom wJint is bclnfr snUl in diina-1o-wn in Victoria, E. C., l.liat Wau On Eor.fT. the military attache wKo was in Victoria some time ago waiting the arrival of Li Hung 1 Chan? from tlie east, rony be the next Chinese minister to Washington. When t.he Chinese viceroy oitercd Vancouver Wan On Bong wns there to meet him, nnJ it. is understood he requested his excellency to bo-appointed to some office in a 'foreign country in the Chinese diplomatic service 1 .' Li Hung Chang- asked whether he would like a position el this lund. W:ui On I.'onfr replied: "Yes, I wish one if X can #et it." To this Li Hiinff Chang- remarked: "I think I can gel yon one." Xow it, appears that the term for whio.li Yang Yti, Chinese mhvistcv nt Wusbinfrron, vas appointed will soon expire, and though Li Hung Chang, like the experienced cliplomnt he is, made no promises, he gave Wan On Boug a letter which he instructed him to carry to Washington rind 'present to Yang Yu. The viceroy nlso wrote to Yang Yu, telling' him to entertain Wan 0» Bong as n guest at the legation until he heard from the viceroy at Peking. A MAN WITHOUT ARMS. Doe* Buslnes* by I>ett!nR People Ttienuolves to Hks Money. A queer character seen on the streets of. Chicago is a conl black negro without arms. He is short of stature und •well-formed, except for n slight deformity of his feet. He is intelligent, fairly well educated, OJid his manners are exceptionally good. He goes about the streets alone uud transacts business the same as any man who has a full set of arms. ' When l>e desires to board 'u street car be walks close to the step, gives a little. hop, ond alights with both feet on th« lower step; another hop and he is o.n the. platform. He puzzles every new street car conductor he rides with. When the. conductor sees this peculiar individual board tbc car he wonders how he is going to pay his fare without apy arms. Even if he was uu.expert in. the- use of his toes, he has no hands •with which to remove his shoes. When the conductor approaches him the armless man -indicates lit which pocket he keeps his money and the conductor is invited ;to help himself. He transacts all his business in the same manner. After he hns made his 4 IPO 'liillLl\/llZ> "I'l 4ulil5S^UWJJll'liJiv 1 tin" i li. ti'i n DtifcM»^ xiiMij**v« . --*,— .--- — Vita tho CblcnffO, TJoilon- Pacific & North- purchases in a store the clerk .is invited •_ ... ^.,. • . _ t „• _ tr> tjil.-n t.he moncv from Ins vockot and The Darlington, Wis., Joiimal, says ed-itoi-ially of n. iwpular patent medicine: "We know from experience that Chamberlain's Colic, Cholej-ft and Diarrhoea .Remedy, Is all .that Is ol'aJmed for lt; : as on two occasions It stopped excruciating pains -and possibly saved us from an untimely grave. We would not rest easy -over night without It to the house." This remedy, undoubtedly eavee more para cod suffering than any other medicine to the worldi Every family should keep It lii the house for.'It is sure, to be needed sooner or I'ater. For sale by B. F. Keesltog, druggist. :. Man> a day's .work'ls loat by sick ec^Whe caused by Indigestion' and' stomach '.. troubles. DeWitt's LI ttle Early Risers are the moat effectual pill for overcoinlBif such dlfflcaltles.--Jno. M. Jobnston. '•• to tnl;e t.he money from his pock'et and return t-hc change. ' He jiover carries arg-u stuns with him, b«t snys he has no fear of being robbed because he does not believe tbe thug lives that is mettn h. to stcnl from a man without arms. ., FORTUNE AWAITS MISS BESSIE. 'l«Mlng Romance In Life of Vonnff Wli- confln German Girl. It develops that a romance, surrounds the life of Miss Bessie Smith, who a few days ago left Richlancl Center, Wis., for Kuremburg, Germany, where a f Jrtune of $300,000 awaits her. Bessie was'born in Germany 18 years ago and came to this country with her parents when only one year old. Soon niter their arrival the parents .died and the baby was adopted by the late C. H. Smith, who died afew month ago while nerving- his second term as insurance commissioner of Minnesota and whose remains were, brought here for burial. Mrs. Smith still resides her*. Not .until her 18th birthday anhiver- sary.did she know that her'real name is Barbara Schenck and tbat she was born In Germany! • Recently, throngU-a letter from her .'uncle, Carl Supe, of 3S T uenn- biirg, and through a friend of her uncle's who resides in Chicago, she learned of her good,fortune as ; sole.heiress to the wealth of both i: her\vincle' and grand- inother, who Is now.80 years old nnd who desires to see Bessie before she dies. ; . It' is her expressed wish .that Bessie should proceed at once to Gerronny. The girl will come into the property when she/a 21 years of age, the:legal age' in Gernianj'. : .'. : :"-. '• .-•'••'.•• High Art. • .-••'• ; At the.taking of the las.t census IV '976 men and 10,810 women were teach A REWARD Of Health appines^ The Indiana Depurator Company haa placed in Dr. J. B. Shultz office at 417 Fourth street, one of their instruments, for the treatment of Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever. Bronchitis and Consumption We do positively cure the above named diseases also Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin and blood diseases. It you are afflicted or have nds who are afflicted, do not fail to investigate at once. See testimonials of Leading Physicians; also testimonials of patients cured, on file at office Parlors of the Indiana Depurator Company at Dr. J. B. Shultz' office 417 Fourth Street Logansport, Ind Natural Gas Rates. Pariial payments annual rates begin Octo '^er 1st 1896, . . Consumers desiring to avail themselves of the annua rate, on the basis of six payrm nts, should arrange to have their stovts connected by thatda e in order to be on time. LoganspoFt •'ft Wabash Valley Gas Co, 317 & 319'Pe'iH Street. r\y New Goods Are here. C^H and examine them before buying, AL. YOUNQ The Practical Pearl Street Tailor. All Kinds of Drawings Made by WHEELS. j|r. BYRON B. GORDON. Spiy Block. "[LogaiMport Will po^velp cure loss of %aahood, Weak Memory * . Dizziness, Wakefulneas, .Night losses. AH drains, ''V /Nervousness, YoathfuJ Errors, Use of Opium. Etc. -* ^^ which surely lead to death or Insanity,.; A Posiiive Cure. Large Boxes, $2.00. Sold oaly at the company's office, or .sent by mail or express on receipt of price. INDIANAPOLIS MEDICINE CO. 120 Forf Wayne Ave.,IudanapoHs.Ind. Greatest Discovery ol.ihe 19th J : ;Century, , . Dr.Te»gn«'l . NXW BKMKDT Medicated Air .. '-JTot tbe Cute 9t* Catarrh, Artlinu -. ' udall-•-.;'•'•.' . Pnlmonaty DlM«RM,- It bM BO equal for Sick and Nermu Be*d- actfe, 1,000.000 people •die onnusllT from tbe ; above named dlieBMi. wny wi)I«r and die, when Uedieated llr li (oarAQtebd to core 700. Medicate 4lT 4 Drag Co., : . Hiobmond, Ind., C. 8. A. A siiperftcJal- jounmiJl'st. asserts that CHAS.L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR * K» 417 Market Call* attended to proliptly, <J«.y Central Union and Mutual te!«pboB«. OfBce, Mo. 16; BMldencei No. 12L KROEQER & STRAIN, fcEmbalmers. 610 BBOADWAT. Buy y^uf elif^'fttiWia^^s.aiad idea.how, to,j, guhecribe forThe /ournal, 40 «nt« *

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