The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1949
Page 2
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; PAGE TWO BUTHTVTLLE (ARK-T COUWER NEWS THE NATION TODAY If ruman's Civil Rights Program Suffers Severe Setback Even pe/ore /* Hits Floor of Senate ;.:, By James Mtrlow i : ; WASHINGTON, March 1«. W')—The Senate's fantastic Who-Shot• John? drama is over. John was President Truman's civil rights program. : The program, says Democratic Leader Luces, was embalmed Thurs- 7<Uy nl(ht iftcr three weeks of debate when the drama ended in a stun, ntnj victory for the Southern Democrats. Southerners weren't officially :. claiming a victory but Senator Russell of Georgia said "we salvnged as fmucri as we could." # ••i 'Everyone knew the Southerners .loaded the pistol. But who really ;.,p'ulled the trigger? "' .The Trumanlte Democrats blam- t. ed the Republicans, tlie Republtc- ] ans blamed the Democrats lor any damage done. '•.' At the end (he Southerners, who had done the most talking, sat back calm and pleased, while the others argued. '..- The gigantic gabfest, one of the * 'most unusual performances In Sen: !ate history, began Feb. 28. v ; : The senators have been talking .since then, filibustering, and filibustering on how lo end a filibuster, splitting hairs, carting In huge dtc- tlonories to confound one another : with the meaning of words, berating one another, protesting their sincerity In all they were doing, and talking three weeks of talk . to find out how to stop talking. Civil Rights Bill Stymied Through It nil the galleryltes 'peered down steadily to sec where the body was buried. There was •Imore buM-huzzing by little groups ;' !of senators than I have seen in six • / years In Washington, more little 'huddles, more heads together, n 'ftrms-around-t h e-shoulder busin- .. ess, more signing of petitions. • On the surface the civil rights • program wasn't an issue at all. And some senators even said it wasn't :only to be Jibed at by others who 'isald a spade needed to be called a ;'' spade. '. There are loo many technical points to go Into here, but this is the show In outline: The Truman Democrats rolled up . the curtain In February to set the atage for bringing up the civil rights i. [program later. ; ''' Right there the Southern Demo- Vicrats started tholr filibuster. They ;' 'knew that If they could throw sand : In the machinery now the civil ; rights program wouldn't have a J " chance later. : . Instead of forcing the Issue—by keeping the Senate in continous day and night sessions, thus forcing the .,: Southerners to wear themselves oul "talking—Senator Lucas, leader ol 'i the Truman Democrats, let all hand 'go home every evening and rest up for the next day's talk. This wos pretty soft on the Southerners. -.:•' These tactics of Lucas' later :' brought taunts from the Republlc- •>an leader, Senator Wherry of Neb., [raska, that Lucas never really •' wanted to end the filibuster. 1 Harder Than Ever ' But—when Vice President Burk' ley proposed a way to end the fill ;. ( buster, most of Wherry's Republic ,;,»ns Joined the Southern Democrat: ..; 1n voting It down. The Republican; •;;' Bald they wanted the tllibustc: ;-• stopped all right, but in a different i:; more legal way. :''•'• Then Lucns taunted the Rcpub llcans with Insincerity. The South r iemers. since nothing had been don to stop them, Just kept on talking ..Meanwhile, all other Senate wor /piled up. ;• Thursday night the Senate fin 'ally approved a proposal by Whcr: : for stopping most, but not all, fill ... .busters. Wherry said It would per :, mit action on civil rights. It work .like this: Two-thirds (64) of the 96 senators, whether the 96 are present or • ,|not, must vote to end i filibuster •before it can be stopped. : ' This makes stopping a filibuster , aven harder to do—nnd therefore easier for the Southerners In the .' future—than the old rule. But it ...covers more territory; It can be ; -used to stop debate on a motion. Tlie o(4 rule couldn't. :. Under the old rule only two'• thirds of those present could stop o . • filibuster If a bill were pending. f\>r example: two-thirds of 50 could do It. But now, if only 64 senators .-• .are present, all 61 must vote yes. Hen Lays "Tennis Balls" TACOMA, Wash. (U.P.I _ .,irs .".John p. Williams has a hen that l?y« "tennis balls." Mrs. Williams says her Hampshire hen has laid round eggs ever since it began producing. All of them have double ; yolks. Up for Approval The Senate Foreign Relations Committee recommended con- firmation'of th« nomination of James Grover McDonald, 81, of New York. <• be the fir»l U. S. ambassador \o Uriel. He wrved as special American repreienla- tive to the new Jewish state during IU provisional stage. SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 194 Senate Committee Okays Federal Ai To Education Bill WASHINGTON, March 19. W)— A $300,000.000 federal aid to education bill got unanimous endorsement yesterday from the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Commute. The committee also approved vlthout di.Mcnt a coiii.WJilO): toll) to provide $35,000,000 annually for itato health services to children In both public and private schools. States must contribute to the icalth program In order to chare In .he federal funds. State contributions will range 'rom 25 to 50 percent of the federal grants, depending upon the Income of the states. The wealthier will get the least federal aid, the poorer states the most. Committee members estimated thnt with minimum state contributions the total nvailnble for the health program will amount to $60,000,000 a year. Committee action sends the two measures on to the Senate. Early action Is In prospect there. Two State Liquor firms Incorporate for Exports LITTLE ROCK, March 1». m — Thrw Fort Smith residents have Incorporated two (Irma to export liquor to other states In wholesale quantities under provisions of a 1948 act The two firms are Westarlc Liq uors, Inc.. of Fort smith and Western Distributors. Inc.. of rayette- vllle. Incoi-porntors of both are F. A. Falconer, Blanche W. Falconer and W. H. Bruce. Authorized capital of each firm was listed at $100,000, with *3,SOO paid In. Revenue Commissioner Dean Morlcy said export permit* would not be granted until after an investigation Is made. Young Father Obtains Permit to Work and A Sob with Dairyman PAW PAW, Mich., March 19. MT —A poverty-stricken 13-year-old father's problems were virtually solved today. And all because of a birthday. When Carl Harvey Blake, Jr.. turns H Tuesday, he'll legally be able to go to work. A Job on a dairy farm is walling for htm, with It goes a home for his IS-year-old wife, Winifred, and their four-week-old son. George Schutt, Van Buien County school commissioner, obtained clearance from the Labor Department to get a child worle permit for Carl, Michignn law prohibits Issuance of permits to youths under H. Inability to get t job .las forced Carl to crowd Into a two-room shack with eight relative* for the last three months. Hounded by debts, his situation has been desperate. He will move his family to the dairy farm near Kalamazoo. It to owned by Earl H. Thompson. "Mr. Thompson will never know how much I appreciate his help." Carl said. "It means that I can keep my wife and baby and make my own way In life. He'll never be sorry." The young 176-pounl father won't have to go back to the school which he quit after the sixth grade, either Schutt said a sclioil law would not apply since carl was needed by his family. Bright Lights on Again In London after 10 Years LONDON, March 19— (f>—The bright lights are going on again in Britain. Hugh Gaitikell. minister to fuel and power, said yesterday restrictions will be lifted April 2nd for six months period on the use of electricity. The rules have outlawed neon signs, flashing ads and all- night window lighting. Many Personnel Changes Made in State Department LITTLE ROCK, March 19. (#) — "Hundreds" of personnel changes are being made In the Arkansas Revenue and Highway Departments, Governor McMath said yesterday. Back In his office after an absence of a. week, McMath told newsmen Ihe bulk of personnel changes will be completed by April 1. After that, he added, "there will be a lot of gradual chances, people who can't do the Job." Tlie governor said the majority ol the changes now being made Involved Highway and Revenue Department employes In county, district and itate offices. When asked the approximate number of changes, he replied, "hundreds." He said the personnel changes re being handled by department heads, but with his approval. The governor said applications for Job* at the state hospital and othei Institutions total "more than we can fill." He added that he nas not "gone Into those Institutions" on personnel mitten and salt! "1 don't fcnow what the boards have done." BABY CHICKS Healthy, Sturdy • Buy the Best • Master Mix Feed None Finer Lewis Poultry 419 East Main Phone 3317 Nation's Top Military Planners To Get Super-Secret Headquarters WASHINGTON, March 19. (3>>— Carpenters and painters are busy >repar!ng a huge layout of rooms o give the nation's top military planners quarters that are more >rivate and sound-proofed than any ilde-out in a paper-back spy thi-lll- er. The remodeled section of nearly 80,000 square feet In the huge P«ti- agon Building will be the new nome of the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. The military high command now uses a smaller area a considerable walking distance from the office of the secretary of defense This key planning group and Its staff will be enlarged and strengthened if congress approves proposed amendments to the national defense act. The star characters now In the joint chiefs of staff are Gen. Omar Bradley for the Army. Adm. Louis Denfeld for the Navy, Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg for the Air Force and Adm. William D. Leahy, military adlvser to president Truman Oen, Dwlght D. Eisenhower, president of Columbia University, has been brought In on temporary assignment to umpire the services' differences. The chiefs and the military researchers will be able to Isolate themselves in a pie-shaped wedge For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Call 4601 NICHOLS DRUG Counties to Lose Funds for Stock Show Buildings LITTLE ROCK, March 19. (/p)_ Governor McMath Indicated yesterday that ht would veto a bill of he 1949 legislature appropriating 5223,000 from the general revenue lund for construction of county livestock show buildings. "It appears that we won't have the money," he told reporters at « news conference this morning. And when asked If "that means you'll Probably veto the bill," he replied"Yes." McMath said comptroller Lee Roy Bcasley has about completed an analysis of estimated slate Income for the next two years and appropriation bills passed by the legislature. , The study has progressed far enough to Indicate that It will be necessary to veto some of the appropriations, tlie governor said. He added, however, that his principal action would be the veto of certain Items in the various appropriations rather than lo kill entire bills. Between 200 and 300 bills were left for his consideration when the legislature adjourned last week. He said yesterday that he would begin "signing and vetoing" bills and Indicated that In addition to appropriations there are several bills that he will reject. He did not Identify those. the five-sided Pentagon. They will be able to come and go through a private entrance. They are truly a themselves because sturdy iron bars already air being placed on some hall doow. Soon to be hidden from the eyes of the curious will be the new terrain In which map rooms, conler- ence rooms, narrow dead-end cor- ridors and rooms within rooms taking form. The Roman emperors Tr| Hadrian, Marcus Aurellus and odosius were Spainai'ds. 4% HOME LOANS b'lbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Vssurance Society I'hone 6228 Kvcninst As I'ho THESE 4 TRUCKS Full-Sized Car License Plates to Return in 1950 ROCK. March 10. M'V— Purchasers of automobile licenses next year will get full size plates. This year they jol miniature attachments for last y«ar's plates. Announclns (h« chinge. Revenue Commiislener Dean Morley said Thursday that bids for the license planes would be opened March 2* Tentative plans to have the plates manufactured at the state prison were dropped because a Ixrge amount of equipment would have to be purchased, Morley said. 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