Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 6, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 6, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, H6f>§, AftKANSAS .-•'fete* s%Ssloh . Urts&y lijr Clrdiiit ^udgc JBr- ftesl ManSr. jttt^ after ' , mftdc (he fot- It^iflJ 1-edflfftrheHdtit'oris: .L THat,voiirlg booths be prtFVJd- e'd fit all Votifig placos In the county for Tuesday's electron. 1 fhat all voting booths be moved .to, a place whole the lr,w Voters of Hope i _ » . t.~*if 4 ill ^1 I • County, had tf dev<Sted Wife Kathleen Delony ; Ttfm dsking for your vote for 3 P°l hclt ' cd n h^l(3 to make HcSpe .Mfe Gwndchild .and yours to live. rendef* a fair decision and will not of unduly Influenced by any faction for Alderman of Ward 3 P. DELONY Pol. Adv. Paid for by A. P. Dolony can be observed. 3. All voting boxes of one ward t<reeiriot or township SP al • one Hot scattered -al locations. The Grand Jufy fet'.irnod no triie bills, but submitted the recommfeh- (laliotis to the Saline Democratic Central committee. Judge Manor charged -tho 'rr'egu- leritis had occurred in Ward 1-U at Behton which officials said averages about 238 votes in most elections. "Citizens who vote at this bos Judge said. "The court omph.-isizer,. I are prodominantly Negro," the Judge said. "The court emphasizes. however, that it's knowledge leads it to believe that the serious offenders, ar not those;' "of. the; Negro race." ' • ' • , •s Vacafion Drive a Late Model Nash Statesman Overdrive. Beds, white tire , . $2700.00 $1,595 See this apd many other real PIG NASH MOTORS Weekend Fishing in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK wi The state Game and Fish Commission says fishing should be good at the following spots over the weekend, list e'd. by county: Boone County — Bull Shoals Lake, bass. Crlttenden — Horseshoe Lake, bass; all lakes, bream Drew — Lake .Wallace, bream. Faulkner -~Lak6 Conway bream Franklin—Arkansas River rough fishing. Garland—Lake Ouachlta, bream Izard — Guon Slough, bream. Logan — Blue Mountian, Paris, Cove Lakes, bream. Marion — Bull Shoals lower end walldye Misslsspp! —Big Lake, bream Pike — Narrows Lake, bass. NEED MONEY? We make real estate loans for all purposes—to buy, build, repair, refinance, etc. Our attractive monthly Deduction plans help you to pay off the mortgage systematical!}' and conveniently — .the ^Interest reduces each month as you make monthly payments on loan. There Is No Better Plan HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Loan Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4661 HOME FOLKS ', T-. :-s 4 A fT* ! •< K „ c . > * - of you have known me since I drove my father's arid forth to Hope to school. You will remember id to get an education., Most of you have known me my public life including the over three and one-half spent in World War II, where I was wounded in for free'dom and against dictatorship. i%A;p,^ l S PVi of ypu remember when I married Dorothy Hamilton, »}'patents,, A. /JE, ,qhd Ejvie Hamilton, now run a store in, ihiU, Dorothy's mother and father are pjoneer citizens in- Most* all of, you are wel ["acquainted with our three. ~ J hoyv we have brought them up in your midst. during the depression become .established required faith, hard work very grateful to all of you for ., After-all you folks are responsibe for whatever I haW attained. ;, v k " ^A$ yo.M^R^presentqtive in 1939 and 1941, in the Arkansas i .•;i'e0^latu<'e and for 7 years qs your Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, ': :KBhi«r,i««!Ai/)*u m y former partner, James Pilkinton's first term Attorney, I have always regarded these offices : tryst. WFjile I have always welcomed the suggestions ^ivjduql '..citizens, yoU we" know thqt I have never Sdony o.nf indiyidyql or group of individuals to dic'tqte, p'to dominate the office in any way. This applies both ^public and private life, If | um elected your Prosecuting --"• wgnt to h,egr frpm and confer with all law abiding , .,„.,,...forested, in'law enforcement, particularly problems tajll|iog<)to young?t ers in trouble and mothers* and children ( jp«jlpne<jH by runaway husbands. However, no one person or jMpyp pf persons wjll ever djctate to me as your Prosecuting i * i \ , : 1* »* ^ • ';, u" ,ln4rj,Qt' capacity I ^hall seek always to protect the innocent ,0.5 well as prosecute the guilty. this race is a very important matter to my ._, Certainly it is extremely important to yow. I [Wing, my own money and grn accepting no contributions sure thajf gs your Prosecuting Attorney I will -gjign ta specifll 'interests or individuals. I the fine vpte yow gave me on July ?7th thq> i my rwn-pff opponent in all but his home I am very grateful to gll of you, who have me. J earnestly s,o|icit your §upport, influence Sincerely, E WEISENBERGER PwA 4"> ^,5 V« j5 7 -*/-\ i*!^ 1 ".,^ 's'i'T, ^f4s*ii;'if,,!?! •«•'• "• •'-••*>- >tt^<< *4r w ' * J'A'tit "• /"'""••y-^jg•"."•y^ MARKETS St. LOU 13 LIVESTOCK NATIONAL SfOCKYAfttiS. Ill Jf'i — Hogs 4.500; fairly fictiVe; barrows and Bills mostly 50-7.) high' :r; part of advance lost later on veights over 200 lb;- sows 25-50 n'ghor; bull; choico 200-250 lb 23. 7o- !4.00; latter paid freely carlyj omc late sales down to 23.50; !. r iO-27C lb Inrgoly (small lots 2.100- rfl; few 270-300 lb 2t.00-23.00; 17030 lb 22.00-23.50; 150-tfO lb 207H- 2.25; 120-KO lb 19.25-20.nO; sows 00 lb down I7.50-lfl7y; heavier ows 1425-1G.75; boars lOlOO-lO.OO. Cattle 900.- calves 500; generally torr.ly priies in alt clnssos with nodcrately active cleanup gelling; lc!orsnhd butcher yearling?, con- inod to smnll lots and individual ead of commercial and good nt 7.00-20.00; a few high good and hoice lots HI. 00-50: cutter mid util- 4E\V YORK STOCKS V TEW YORK (/Pi — The stock narket declined sharply .today In eavy trading but by aftornoon pries were above their o-it'ir low.5. Steels, ralilroads and aircrafts i?ere considerably depressed. Moors, utilities, rubbers, chcv.nicals, adio-television. airlines and • min- ng issues were mostly lower. Oils nd farm implement stocks /were nixed. • r '.''.' Chrysler Corp., which halved its uartcrly dividend a(te? the 'mar- et closed yesterday, opened; down 4.62 a share at $50.25 today on wo blocks, one of 35,000 . shares nd another of 5,000 shGrcs, more han. two. hours after leaking bean. - "'/-:", •'. lower than the previouis close. Oct 34.37, Dec. 34.57 arid Mflrch 3478 GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAcJO Ufl — Price changes in most of the grain list wee small today with the market generally selling a little lower throughout most of tho session An excefitoh to this pattern wfis soybeans, which went through seA 1 * efal riitheh wide Sivings .withbiU producing any definite trend. LicJ- uidatioh in beans tofttinu^d but the mafket got occasional support from covering operations of previdtis short .sellers. Corn enjoyed a little strength at cne time on sale of about 430,000 sushels of the yellow grain to Ire- and and Great Britain. Wheat claSed •% higher, Sep. tember $2.103 / 8-i/ 4) corn 1 lower o 1 cent higher, September $1.00- il.61, ' oats .lower to \' a liighcr, September 12V 2 , rye l" to 2 cents ligher, September $1.15'&, and soy- jeans %-2!'i higher, September $3.00 $3.00i/4. Wheat: No. 2 hard 2.15 Ryo: ^Io 2 plump 126. Corn: No. 1 yel- ow 103-051/2, :No 2 ifi4'.i fi5; No c 1.631/2; No." 4, 1.59%, No. 5 158i/^ 59 Oats: No -1 --heavy mixed 70V4- 77'/i, No ; 1; heavy white 77i/ 2 -, No 1 white 75-7.')— ..Soybeans: none. Barley nominal; malting 1.10-60, feed 90-1.05 . ; Mateur radio' operators '.in Russia sometimes acknowledge 'by mail .hat U S amateur broadcasts have been nicked nn 9 Years Ago Atomic Bomb Hit Japanese By 60N WHJTE.HEA6 WASfflNGTCiN — On Aug G 1945, at 9:15 a m. art atomii fireball flashed over Hiroshima Japari and 128,510 people wert killed, injured, maimed or burnco One bomb 78,150 dead cr dy irig 50,000 injured a citj virtually wiped out and sbott c nation -forced to quick • siitroritlei by the . appalling power of the atom ' ' But Hiroshima wa3 only tha pop gun phase of the yntihg atorhic nge Nine years and 12 billion do,- lafs late:-, the ' popi*un o.f Hiroshima had become a weapon so dtcadful that it could and did— alow a mile wide Inle, 175 feet clep, in the' coral floor of 'he Pn» cific Ocean The crater was bit; enough to hold 140 buildings the Size of the nation's Capitol. This Was done with a 1952-model bydrogen device which without DeWitt Girl Is Contest Winner BATESVILLE UP) An 18-year- old DeWitt, Ark. girl last night was named Miss North. Arkansas at the' White River Carnival here. She is Betty Jo Ruffin, dnughlej of. Mr., and Mrs. M. J. Ruffin of DeWitt • .The 119-pound beauty won over a field of 27 She is a, student at Arkansas Tech at Russollviile, Ark. Miss Ann Alters of Harrison Czech Premier !OfS VIENNA, Austria an — Czechoslovak Pre'rhier Vilem Siroky wt-s flbubt has, undergone a good many lefinements since then as a weapon of total destruction. The Hiroshima bomb had an explosive power equal to ;!0,000 tons of TNT. The hydrogen bomb TNT equivalent luhs into 1he millions of tons. Fridcy, Augu-f 6, 1954 ^ reported back in public life today, after a mysterious Uvo-vmnth absence which aroused rpcculation that he tnidit be ill. in Moscow or in disfavor with the Kram'.m. Mentioning the nation's Red chief for the first time since. rj|d- June, Radio Prague so id he "fic- ccpted the oaths ol oifico . last night of two new provincial government officials. Mexico has a coastline longer than that, of the United States. The 'long- .delay in execution -of- the first transaction was caused by a rush of orders to sell. V Chrysler directors declared a dt- vident of 70 cents a share^'against the $1.5 paid in •'• rece.nt'H'quartcrs'. Lower earnings were reported. POULTRY AND PRODUCE LITTLE'ROCK UP) —'Northwest area: Market weak: Demand light to fair. Broilers and fryers 2'/23 Ibs.-Mostly'25 cents; Bates viHe-Flora area: Market barely .steady to weak. Demand fair to light. Broilers • and fryers 2>/ 2 -3 Ibs. Mostly 25^26 cens. . 'All prices fo.b farm CHICAGO- UP) —. -Live,' poultry steady; receipts 573 coops. 83,292 lb, f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; Heavy hens 17-23; light hens 15-10; fryers or broilers 24-30; old roosters 13.5-14; caponettss 30-32.5. Butter steady; receipts 11283,947; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 03 score AA 56,751 92 A 5G.5; 90 B 54.25; 89 C 52.3; cars '0 B 5475; 89 C 53 Eggs irregular; receipts 9,669; wholesale 'buying ' p r i c u S ^ un- chdriHC'd.'-tQ 2 lower; U.SJl&i'Ie 39.540; U.S' mtidiurm 34; US^standards 30; current, receipts 20; dirties 215; checks 20. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK WI Cotton futures price movements wet'2 narrow tq- day, with business quiet as traders awaited publication of the government's cotton crop • report' on Monday. In early trading thhs market was firm -as it -continued Thursday's advance, .but the upturn .encoun- tered'profit taking and hedges and gave up a good deal of the rise. Lat(j afternoon price's \yere 23 cents a bale higher to -.13'"cents DIAMOND • Enjoy Qur Fine Foodi * ^ SMNDAY | i/i ^ f DINNER l*lv I •Bring the family and eat Sunday* •^ Pinner with us. *Call us for Reaervitlens,, size table reserved. We Specialize In Party Service. Anytime $ DIAMOND Cafe & Cafeteria Big §ngygh to. Accpm To My Friends of Hempstead County: I am supporting Arnold J. Middlebrooks for the County and Probate Clerk's Office, and if you can see your way clear it would be appreciated by me for you to vote for him on August 10th. Arthur C. Anderson Pol. Adv. paid for by Arthur C. Anderson WEEK END AT SCOTT fclday, August 6, 1954 HOP! STAR* HOM, -ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Men's Nylon Sport Shirts $1.37 Men's Cotton Skipdent Sport Shirts 77c Boys Nylon Sport Shirts 97c Boys Cotton Sport Shirts Skipdents and Plisses 77c Ladies Rayon Knit Half Slips 47c KBSCEESBBH Ladies New Fall Blouses sizes 32 to 38 $1.00 MnHBMEPVBnMnHH ^fyfjfff^fji9nsvxaifs .Ladies Rayon Shorty Pajamas 67c MMHgfMfMMcvnBmEmGmumBflHH HUBBBKUNHRHEHBBlpvEMHflHMMI Framed Pictures One group bf 22x28 Only : $1.77 Calendar Saturday August 7 --•-Members of Clara Lowlhorp chapter of the Children of the Con• federacy will be entertained Sat> r ayj morning at 8:30 by Mrs. H. Whilworth in her home at 318 -S. Main. ****** DANCING SAT. NITE TO THE MUSIC OF SIX HITS and AMISS Due to the large seating capacity and size of the dance floor we are able to reduce the price to Monday August 9 Miss Arthadale Hefner, bride- 75c Per Pefson COLISEUM 8:30 Till elect of Louis Dean Good of. Texarkana, will be honoree at a kitchen shower in the home of Mrs. Claude Lauterbach and her daughter, Miss Sara Lauterbach on Monday morning, August 9, from 10 to 12 o'clock. Other hostesses will be Mrs. Charles Graha'rn, Mrs. Hollis Luck, and Mrs. Percy Perkins. mer Fuller, Mrs. jett Williams, Jr., and Mrs. Paul Schreck. will be hostesses at a tea Saturday afternoon at- Hotel Barlow .for the plea-sure of Miss Arthadale Hefner, bride-elect of Louis Dean Good of Texarkana. Monday August 9 The Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday night, 'August 9,' at 7:45 in the home of Miss Ruby McKee, 1329 South Elm street. Circle 4 of the W. S. C. S. will meet in the Fidelis Classroom at the church on Monday afternoon at 3:45. W. S. C. S. Union Meeting To Be Held Monday The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church will meet at the church at 4 p m Monday. + Mrs. Elmer Brown, a member of the Wesleyan Service Guildi will give the devotional. Circle 3 has charge of the program, and at this time' Miss Dorothy Kelly, Hope District Worker, will pro- sent the first lesson of the mission study book, ."Within These Borers," which, deals with Spanish peaking pepples in the U. S. A. Members of all circles are urg- d to attend. Circle 1 and Circle 2 of the C. W. F. of the First Christian Church 'will meet in the church parlor on Monday at 3:30 p m. The Unity Baptist Senior Ladles Auxiliary will have their regular weekly meeting at 2 day. p. m. Mon- The Y. W. A. of the First Bap tist Church will meet in the home of Mrs. Dannie Hamilton on the Rosston road, Monday at 7:15 p. JTl. DiNicola, daughter , of Mr. and flrs. Sylvester DiNicola of New York, will be solemnized August 1, in the Church of Blessed Sac- ainent in New York: Following the ceremony, the ouple will leave for Lake Charles M., and McNcesc State College vhere Mr. Marshall will teach. He has completed his Doctrinate n Musicology at New York Uni- ersity. Circle 1, W. S. C. S., meeting will be held Monday at ,'i:!'0 p. m at the church. The meeting precedes the union meetin.t,'. The Wesleyan Service Guile will meet in the home of Mrs Pansy Plumley, 1411 South Her vey street, Mondny night nt 7:30 The Willing Workers Auxilinr of the Unity Baptist Church arc having a meeting al 7:30 p. m Monday. How To Make Up Your * ' : "• '- "•''-. :'i ' • • - •• ^~* •. • , • .- •• • . . on a Used Can Hunting for a top value used car is a little like prospecting for i gold. The more you know about where to look and how to look, tne "better your chances of success. It's easy to be fooled by so-called "low" prices and "clean" car appearances —and it's expensive! So before you buy, check over each one of these important points on where and how to look: Where to look you trust the dealer? When you can trust a dealer, you cajj trust the value of the use<J core he aells. Every Ford Dealer jg an established buai- rieewnan, in his- community. 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Check battery cables for corrosion, "' ' " ' Walk all the way around. Tjres are costly to replace. Check the treads, and look for small cracks in the casings— a sure sign of age. Don't forget the;spare. When the engine is warm, check the'exhaust. Excessive smoke shows the piston rings are worn. ...• Take a Test Drive, Find a quiet road, Try the brakes—do they pull evenly? Does the handbrake hold? Test the clutch for "chatter" by letting it in very .slowly. Listen for excessive rearrend noise when ypu accelerate.. It could mean expensive transmission repairs', Take some bumps and'curves, How does it ride and hold the road? Is there too much play in the steering? , • Is your inspection welcome f Ford Dealers invite your close inspection because they won't be satisfied until you are. Skilled mechanics have made careful tests on every car they label .A-l. Put ypu be the judge- check yaw Fprd Dealer's used w values for yourself. / fc Mi?iiN & COUNTRY CLUB RDS. *FJNALNITE* RIP RIVER 30th Ctniury>f e* Pictvr* Popeye Color Cartoon Grantland Rice Sports Saturday Only! 2 - Big Features - 2 Hiding Place of Every Crook in the West! 5>i BORDER Technicolor McCRU •YVOIHW iDE CARLO The First Baptist Beginner ant Primary Sunbeams will meet a 9 a. in. Monday. Wednesday August 11 Mrs. Sam Williams will meo With the Unity Baptist G. M. A at 6:30 Monday night. Thursday, August 12 The Young Adult Group of th First Methodist Church will hav a pot-luck supper at the church, Monday night at 7. Baby sitters George Ruffin Marshall To Wed New York Girl The wedding of George Ruffin Marshall, Marshall son and of Mrs Fred C. the Marshall of Hope, .to late Miss Mr. Olga Proclamation Test far New Poison Ivy Ldtidn TO ALt, WHOM THBSE PRESENTS SHALL COME •*-. GREETINGS: : , . ' WHEREAS, Confederate Flag D.iy perpetuates memories ot the Confederates' deaths, and - . _ WHEREAS, one day erich year is set aside by the United Daughters of the Confederacy as the day to raise funds for their Memorial Building in Richmond, Virginia: NOW, THEREFORE, I, John L. Wilson, Jr., Nayor of the City of Hope, State of Arkansas, do hereby proclaim Saturday, August 7th, as ,, CONFEDEnATE p LAG UAY , in Hope and urge all citizens to join in this observation. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the seal of the City of Hope. Done In office this 6th day of August, 1954. CINCINNATI (/ft — A hew lotion to strip itching from poison ivy In a few hoiirs is being tested with gootl results nl the University of Sunday School Lesson By William E. Gilroy, D. D. "We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing" Thus begins a famous old hymn,which expresses the spirit and reality of Christian Births Mr and Mrs Herman Sachs of Belen, New, .he arrival Mexico, announce of" a son, Stephen Mark, Thursday morning/ August I). Mrs. Sachs will be remembered as Miss Shirley Easterling. Not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together" was the admonition to his fellow Christians of an inspired Christian leader (Hebrews 10:25). "Why should we go to church?" someone might ask Can we not be equally good Christians in our individuals ways, seeking to live well toward God and our fellowmen, expressing the Christian way in deed and character? "But why the church and its appointed services?' A friend who did not go to church, a lover of nature who 'worshiped in the woods and fields once told me how, in the exuber ance of his nature worship, he fell a great, cxpansiveness of soul in which he felt like' embracing al" mankind. One trouble, of course, was tha nil mankind wasn't there to be embraced. Also it is much easlei to have a vague and general love for all men than it is to'have-' n Coming and Going Miss Nannclte Williams, who'particular and very real love. fpi has been a student at Hendrix Col-!the neighbors. Or toward ones for the summer, vyill arrive mmediate associates in daily life much love among friends. Re* igion, with too niaiiy people s too much an individual affair; and even in the sincerity, of worship, to worship God in loneliness s to miss the deepest not of- worship. The word "religion" in its cry meaning emphasizes the idea of binding. The "bond of fellowship" is of the very essence of Christian vorship, much as faith and devotion have their beginning and rise in the individual soul. In a community in which the church represents a bond of fellowship a- nong those who live within its area, it becomes a mighty force for mutual encouragement in all that s best. At a time when some churches have become Httlfe more than social clubs there is danger in ehv phasizing too much social aetivlt' ies of the local church. -J One essential definition of the church Is that it is "the body of Christ" (EphesianS 1:23); which moans that if the, spirit of Christ be not in this body, no matter, how fine the organization it Is not the Church of..Christ, ..',.. But where that first, deepest, es scntial nattirc of the church it attained, all its social activities are of great value. For churches are and ought to be, places of fellow ship; social institutions as wel as places of formal worship. Jineinnatl College M M&Helht. Dr. Lcori Qoldman, heftd*. M .he dermatology department? Said based on experiments' fffrett ^eVer ases can be cleared up witfiin a 'ew days instead of the two generally • needed. Treatment howevef should be»in as Soon as possible after wm tact for quick results, he lold B eh to Woud jnuel Te The People of I wish to thank you ogafrv.faf twi vote which put me In the ncotttl election for clerk. \ f < i ' % I sincerely sbltcit the vble, of, all of Hempstead County oh'Atigtist ARNOLD J. MlDDLEBROO Pol. Adv. paid ft* 4 by Awiold Jt. home Saturday for a month's vn- cnlion with her mother. Miss Frances-1'Nash' N;ish ol! Nacogdpchcs, and John Tex., will spend .the .week-end' with their mother and sisters. Mrs. W. H... Roger's ..and. children, Ken and "Denisc, bf New ^Orleans, will arrive Saturday night for a visit with her parents, Mr and Mrs. .K. G. Hamilton, relatives, . , .:. , , ' and other HosfDital Notes will be provided children. for 'the small '••V* Miss JHefner To Be'jHohoree At Tea Mrs. v Isaiah Russell, Mrs. Ho- * ALSO • EXCltiMEHT... , (rpm MftaO to Chltttgo! BY REFRIGERATION! BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM * NO. 1 * SAVAGERY, TEMPTATION NAKED » TONY CURTIS JOANNE DRU •.• A UNIVE»SANHTC»NATIONAl PICTURE Always a Color Cartoon Sun. - Mon. THEY'VE GOT THE WHOLE COUNTY IN HYSTERICS! ourv JBBW ^^jf !Bw ,.,^BfWP 'Iw'^^SHr TS^^wN^Ti^ )ppf, us.e,d cars and trucks ^p ^p ^••^ ^P ^piw flp (p ^P(F m§- ^Pi^ ^tHr ^ti& ieMAIN PwjKILBRIDE Phent YOUR FORP PIAklft FQR Iplrgctuclng BIFF EUIOT o$ MIKE HAMMER pmroN FOSICR • PEOCIE CASTLE MAdOAKfT SHtBIDAH . AlAN UIO ttlfAMB ln«g UhltIO A^IIVIt * N0.2 * Branch ' •.. i '•..' '- ' '•: U, . Admitted^' Mrs; '•'Elmer "Clark, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. S. C. Wise, Rt. 4, Hope. Mrs. A. J. Neighbors Hope.. , ' . ,;• •••*'',; ' •'. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer, Clark of Hope announce the 'arrival of a baby girl on August 4, 1954. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Dale McKis A .further difficulty is in the fnct •Vint so -many in such relationship nrc not particularly lovable or may be even actually repulsive.' When the.-Apostle Paul, great apostle of 'brotherly love (T Corinthians 13), admonished his • fellow Jhristians to "live peaceably with all men 1 : (Unmans 12:1!)), he qualified it \vith. (ho very.realistic addition ''1C it b'u possible, as imicli as lieth .in you." ^; But much is possible when one has Christian, -vision . and ; incentiye, One of the deepest.'and most essential aspects ;of.. Christianity .is that .its,.- Founder:-'said:' "Love is your enemies.".'.. ':•;.-.-; Theif'e : js riot.^much.-ipve of enemies in. our world and none too sack, Rosston, Mrs. Cryil Orr^n Rt. 2, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Dorsey Huckabee, I-Iope, Mrs. Bryan Reed, Okay. Ruby Dell Brooks, Bossier City, La., Leilar Phillips, Rt. 2 : Hope. ' ...''..'• Don't Take a Chance — Vote for VANCE — RE-ELECT J. VANCE Your Site Treasurer "My Record as Your Treasurer is My Best Recommendation" Pol. Adv. Paid for bv: J, Vance Clayton 30 YEARS W, Sewnsl Casper CHARGES STARRETT Blazing his way to new glory as thrilling melodies ring! "Outlaws of the Panhandle' 7 The Greatest Story of Love and Faith Ever Told! Soon ypu'wlll share the * NO, 3 RICHARD BURTON • JEAN SIMMONS • V1C10R MATURE • MICHAEL RENNIE SRrtinsM'-Ve^ • „„,..«•;;—l sewn Play b» PHILIP DUNNE PRANK ROSS I fiom U* Novel by LLOYD C DOUGLAS EternorMlrocle of THE ROBE -— the qwe-inspiring the breathtaking spectaelv, «os you are engulfed fn.Uje Miracle stpry of all tlnjel Ten years in preparatory . , . two years in prod'uction...with a cast of ihousajidsl Chepter U pf Serial, , "Gunfighters of the 11. "Tbs COl SUNDAY "MONDAY & TUESDAY AUGUST 8.9-10 • ADMISSION t Apum- ->so* PASS • MST f FOR PROSECUTING ATTORNEY : •f \> * ^» >j , A young man — ( , the INCENTIVE to make «,, «.«»£;><• -.s^ps ing Prosecuting Attorney. , '?' '4J § 'll&fl 0 . » * <i> .Vi.M^ \ -'".&*. 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