Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 5, 1954 · Page 23
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 23

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1954
Page 23
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One .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 H D t * i If CM* f Writ By Ray Gatr %£?&&% •**• *<*<-•*•><'• /if " CZARK IKf WHO'S., 6LUSHIN 1 ? DONE5EfTu66 DOWN TO A REAL 'MI YdU KNCAW 1 WOULDN'T DO A THING LIKE THAT SH<3' Olt»,HONEY tHAt TllS if 8* , t/Mf>/#£? OUt OUR WAY By J. R. Will!«mi By Mfcha«l O'Molley and Ralph Lone VIC FLINt LOOK AT TEEtH, TOO, WHILfe 1 (SOT HIM THERE! _6 CUVPE AMP PUNJCH WONJt TALK UNTIL THEY SEE THEIft , ..„,„.-.,-, LAWVEK/ LOT Of ©OSP HE'LLJ t>0 THEM . ' THEM/ K~-l'^^-A^eOOiy. HE'S EVERY TIME SHE HIM ONE SHS GITS WITNESSE TO PROVE. SHE PIPN'T BUST NOTHIN'/ HOW SOU HfiLfEP PUT 2"Erti6raldIsle",' 4 Assault* v'feT BEMTM,;^'^ ,es^ t jxTJ* yvfeji ' 9 4 S t.'.. f- lu uoa oj love . _^___ Hsh rhon?y u Native of 29 Facility 48 Lease ;<• Denmark 30Notlort ; ; .,49Toward the . M Jl M . JM . . * f* A 4 *"t i-. ~lj- _ t -. AJ. <f .. i <_t 11 _A. . t By Leslie Turned Piyfcwf'* 1 *' '' Wtv . .-• THE WORS2V WART e-r .,«,„«,„,.„..,,, T .M.... u .-«'... OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople Copr. 195« by NEA Sarvle.. Inc. T. M. R« t . U. S. P.t. Oll By Edgar Martin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES «>o-OOTS! . SIT ft COWVVtT't OtSSVW I ft ly DiekTur ' * By Hershbergei f ( *|| FUNHY' BUSINESS s •:- I; N By V. T. Hamlin >1LEY OOP SEEMS OUR BOT'S COME WES, DOCTOR, WHICH REMINDS ME...I .,A FEW DRASON5 HERE wnv ,™, «.cTArc \AN 1 THERE'S MEBBE A Y'KNOW/EUSTACEA eoOP THING...WNPA LEARNEP PS POLKS; THEIR TOES , THROUGH • HIS DRAGON -/I'LL BET HE'S HAVEN'T HAP A BITE FOUR- , INCHES OFF WS WAIST/ <& Iliguiiff^' • ^ /}^ > R^O^'V^^.^^M^ T us I' a momhi" *'l told you not to park *<i nloso to that barnjaril',' By Nadine Seller SWEETIE PIE By Carl Anderson THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE STILL NO WORD ON LAfE ' l . HBAINTENVEAJJS/lfANQJ PASSED ON ABOUT FIVE VEAKS "SJI WAS 65EN IN .. T ^..,., =•,' A6o,vou KNdCiF HE obee'SHOW,r^ we've BEEN vYfflCtw THB.PLACE URIlU PHpNEVOU AT ONCE.' J^flH PpJf ©EVEKAU C*W,&UTMWW. HEl8 s^gl^VTOOS^ETTOCOMPur^-/ &E SURE YOU DO, 'em to satek cold?" ^'W^mppfgpf^^^s^^f * » H *•—% August S, 1934 CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office bay Before Pflbiifcatlon WANT AD ... At) Wont Ads ON) payable tin lUflvonc* but adJ will b« tfteeplM ever the telephone and occdmodd- tlon accounts allowed with the understanding the account Is payable 1 When statement is rendered. Thf«* Day* .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3,00 One Six Days Month 1.50 4.50 6.00 7.SO 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 RED gpMef Hly bulbs. f i bet dozen postpaid tvlthin Arkansas. Cheaper here. Atthur Gnay, Ozan. July 6-1 Month 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 Of Word* Up to 13 16 to 20 tt to 25 U to 30 1 to 35 6 to 40 1 to 45 to 50 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 tirtit" 75e fjer Ifith 3 times 60c per Inch 6 times -.1 50c per Inch Rotes quoted above are for con- tteutive insertions. Irregular or Skip* date ads will take the one-day rat*. All dally classified advertising copy ...II be accepted until 5 p. m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to rtvlse or edit all advertisements offered fof publication and to reject any objectionable advertising , tub* mitted Initials of on* or rhor* letters, rtjjroups or figures such as house or '* telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be respon- llble for errors In Want',Ads unless errors ore called to our attention titter FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 For SdU FULL blood Siamese kittehs. Phone MIXED grass hay. 40c a bale at the press. W. B. Matthews, ;Washington, Arkansas. . 3-3t , u ^. „.„ for tickling. Field run $2.00 a bushel. 7V4' miles soltth of Hope oh Lewlsville highway. O. L. Harf-K 3-3t BABY chair add stroller. Both in good condition. Also wringer ty washing machine, good as new. Reasonable, Phone 7<3f98. 3-3t Hope Star Star ef Hop* 1199) Preti 1927 Conlttlldated January IB, 192* .REGISTERED Guernseys. .Bfed •heifer', cows, bull calves. Hale Guernsey Farrh. frescoit, Arkansas. 3-3t BROWN'S downtown 'Brown Der by" Cafe, newly redecorated ample seating capacity, fully stocked, good living for mah ahd wife team. See Brown at Brown's 82 Truck stop, Stamps, Ark. 5-0 , tottttc* that th* lafltfirlftf MftS. JOLLY (AhTonetle) BVERS ¥tf •tariff 7n7ee1f*Mw JIMMY eoofe CLAUD Jt. SUWOH Altftr-fftftn W»fd ThN* Bi L. HffiTtlO A, P, DELOMfiT ftOYCE TftAVlS MATH1S Alderrnari Ward four CHARLES TAYLOR HOMES BEYERLE* Ward Tw» JOHN 9. GREENE , T. O, (TOPS PORTER Alderman Ward On« MRS. KATHRYN LOU FRANKS JOE JONES' ublished every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Waihburn, Sety-Tre*. ar The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Str«rt ' Hope, Arkansas Akx. M. Woihburn, Editor It PubllflMr P«ul H. JonM, Monoglng Editor. J«t M. *Davii, Advertising Manager Ctorg* W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. Entered 01 second clasi matUr at th* Post Office ot-.Hppo, Arkoniai, •ntf*r the Act of March 3, 1897. AT 021- South Pine the' owher says to cut the price and sell - So we offer you this nice three .bedroom home with small barn, pantry, yard, garden spot for only - $3,600.00. ' ON a nice 70 x 150 ft. ..shady cor- , ner lot, paved street, this three bedroom,* home is'a real buy. Tine, garden spot. Small barn. Located at 600 North Washintogn St. and priced for only - $3,750,00. CALL, - 'FPSTER REALTY CO. PR7-4691 , '5-3t Member af the Audit Bureau of Circulation! Subscription Rates (payable In advance): By carrier In Hope and neighboring • . towns-;- . ftr week 25 ftt year 13.00 By rnalj In Hempstead, Nevada, LoFayette, Howard, and Miller coun- .«»*—' ;; •- •- • On* month «... 65 Thr«f months 1.60 Six months 2.60 -On» year ...i „. 4.50 '«PI''All other mall— Ofi« month , ".... 1.10 Three months 3.25 Six months 650 Ono year 13.00 ; . Her 1 ! \ Advertlilng Represenfatlvcs: Arkansas Dallies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick i Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Texas lank Bldfl., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. • Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42d St.,j New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 i PfnobscptBldfl., Detroit 2, Mich.; ' Tfrmlnal! Bldg.,. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. ,. -M«mb<r of The Associated Pren:. The- Asspclated Press is entitled ex- Itliliislvely to the use for republicatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news ' tj|ipqt£rje*... - i. .- .' - Plenty oi USED TIRE BARGAINS Exceptional values in 2 USED DETROIT JEWEL GAS RANGES Fully guaranteed Oklahoma Tire. & Supply for State Senatr 7th District GENE. LEE Dft. F.C. CROW For City Attorney C. V. NUNN, JR. Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND'& HAZEL ... PHONE 7-212 J7-1MO Wonted 10 BOYS to deliver heralds on "The Robe," coming to the Saenger Theatre Sunday. Apply to manager. 3-3t Tru-.Tone CAR RADIO 5 Tjube Radio . $44.95 Western Auto Associate Store' "New Fall Line" ' Jiist Arrived See The Newest In Mens Wear • As Low as $54.50 Wardlows Main.Srreet Tailor Shop MAN for house to house consignment candy route. .Selling experience not necessary. We „ train yoti and furnish cjar'and allijn 'chandise. $1,000. suretty bond required. No cash', required. This is a proposition 'for v an honest and hard wording person to make a good ' living. < - ,Write M. M. Harris. P. 0. 'Box 2605, Charlotte, N. C. ' 5-3t HERNDON CORNELIUS, BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South. Arkansas. Call 7-5503 ;for; our agents J15-1 Mo Real Estate for Sale DOWNTOWN, "Brow,n Derby cafe. Newly, redecorated, ampl seating capacity, going nic business, ideal for man and wil team. See Brown at Brown's 82 truck stop, Stamps, .Ark. 31-Gt BARGAIN G. room house. In good repair. Garage. 75' x',';,150' shady lot. paved street/ Within two blocks grade school. Owner says sell..812 West 6th.St. -. GREENING INSURANCE & REALTY CO. REAL-ESTATE, INSURANCE, LOANS > — TO BUY OR BUILD.vSEE US — , PHONE 7-4601'- • 4-3t Wonted to Buy TO BUY Men's Used Sho'es. Reaves Bargain Shop. 31-TP CLOUSE REFRIGERATION ' '. SERVICE . JPHONE 7-3369 Large Enough to Serve Youl /.Small ; Enough to Know You! YOUNG growth of cut over timber land. Anywhere in SoUthwes't''Ar- kansas. Will pay top prices. Phone 7-2228 or see Ralph. Saunders. J12-1 Mo, BURLAP'bags; prefer large feed sacks. Split Hickory Co., Hope, Ark. ' 5-3t Help Wonted For Rent Daily newspaper of a the world had a circulation of ,2'f? "million of 1952 says a reclht'Unit^d Nations report which excludes most Iron Curtain areas. , , G ROOM house on Foster Avenue. caltfc7-277G. after 5 p. m. 3-3t UNFURNISHED apartment, rooms, and bath, private entrance. Call 7-289G after 5:30 p, ml • 4-3t 3 : UNFURNISHED rooms, private bath, $30. utilities paid. 222 N. Louisiana- Phone 7-5583. . 5-3t WAITRESS wanted, apjpty in „ . son only. MaVs Restaurant 40? E. Third St. -! i 28-tt H, E. Luck Highway 67 West LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO. ^ 'Etffle of City Limits West Galjon Water Barrels for Sale Php|n« 7-4381 Hope, Ark. .Hag Fish, an. ell-shaped marine animal, secrdete slim^e so rapidly that when^they are confined in a small space they can gelatinize surprisingly large quanities of water. » IHA CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Beef cut and wrapped for deep freeze, Beef for Deep Freeze 25 to 35 cents. Ralph Montgomery Mkt. 1 Phone 7-3361 MATTRESSES Rebuilt or Made Jntp Innertprlng Workgauaranteed —. Qn« Pay Sprvlo* •«•« PAYIS Furniture & Mottrwi C«. 110 t, Elm Street Phone »«•» ^ LOANS Lost RED w)iite-faeed cow. Muley head. 5 years old, yellow tag in ear #39J. Lost July 13;. Liberal reward for information. Guy Martin, Patmos, Phone 7-2035. 29-8t BLUE Parakeet. To catch — show any kind of green bottle. Wil come to name Bill. If found, cal 7-5542 : or see H. Kemper, 216 S Hervey. 3-3 _ Hope Build«r'l $MPply Co; Phone 74311 . i GROWN WESTERN SHARES tf •nd P«IIM •v«ii«bi» , BATES HepnArk, p Come Now for Bell of lo (?nd Indian Peaches. qlso going fqst, V E, M, McWilliomi THE BEAUTY BOX "Ajr-Cond^ioned" Open 6 days each week , , . Operators . . . Ruth, Hoelscherii Model James and Evelyn Moore 113 South. Main PRESCOTT ROLLER RINK Fajr F«rk Preicott, Ark, MELON equipment. Rent $5 week, Chests, tables, trays, ice water keg, electric stove, lights. Boley's Courts. 4-Ot Notice BOOMS Vith board. Cooking at its best. Clepn, quiet, comfortable rooms with inner springs and attic ventilation. Hotel Snyker. 5-3t •usiiteti Opportunity EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE Man or woman — Earn $10,000 to $15.000 year, full time up to $2,000 pa,rt time. Must enioy meeting people, be able to furnish $200 minimum investment. References required. 64 year old company, doing business in 17 states. Write box X c/o Hope Star for interviews. \IM^w&^lte& t <a^m t jdei»n't ttnipt mmyMttW ^iW^^WF^^^"^^;^'^-^ 5 ^ :'&^*? t fiWipfTfi V Ji' ( v ' j"*> ' - , ^ j 'M t --? - M ~- • t ' —r--*!*"' ^ - i^ i • r ' jfj§||j|jij^ i fS» * s*-^-^,-*^ *«' ^ (,t- /v »H^^^ **^_ ^s - *. ' WT.V * p *»<"**•' j».,*«Vfi>f jf *«-i^ ->«i t<* * ril " v '* *"''' 'I'SS'PHJIF ^ •H-^M-* e v-*- "'"-*• «*-* ^-*»iv ^N-^w*«*»e^V >* T*« W> Repair Shopi EUICTRIC 1M §. Diol 7-27«7 HBP»I Ark, $«rvic«i Offered MATTRESS renovation and inner ipring work- Cobb Mattress pp. 8)9 Sou* Washington. Phone Mar. 4-tf The planet, Pluto, reoles around the sun in ?48 years. y*w' fftini At e«ft IJiJSiMJWiM SALESMAN WANTED — \Ve need two men who are free to dp vvlral salesworit* ,.,^,, above average, jyi^t 'hftye car. We train and pay while training. Could el?o one man in 9 projected ierrttojry. For personal interview «ef Mr. V. £. Robbevson, gt Jfenry Hotel, poom J04 from g:gO p. m. to 9:00.)}. m. iafil^i*>X4,Hii^^^ ry^eft^s^^tift^'^'jfW^t r . i /£,L" Li THREE BIG DAYS ^^^^^ BB ^^ HH ^^^^^ B ^ HM ^^^^.^—______—^— Heavy Brown Sheeting 40 ihches wide. F6f Dollar 6dys. Special. B yds $100 Puckered Nylon This is regular $1.95 a yard. For D.ol1af Days ' 2 Yds $1.50 Spring Maid Sheets Beautiful 'sheets Ifhat are 81x99. For Dollar, Da^s , , ' $2.00 Birdseye Diapers hese are 27x27, and fust quality For Dollar Days 2doz$3.50 Bleaching hite. bleachina tha ches. For Dollar Da 3 yds $1.00 Snow white. bleachina tha| is ,36 inches. For Dollar Days Ladies first quality'/j60'and ,51 gauge nylons.^For'pollar Days, ' 2prs $1.50 : ,Hatf;'Sppi,K>^ * Ladies cotton Half^'slips Jhat are regular ,>1.69 ( .values, |For ' * '• '^Dollar Days'' j ''" $1.00 Ladies Shorts These are regulqr 1 -$2',95. shorts, Special f9r' Dollar Days $1 JO Blouses and Shirts These are Children's blouses and shirts. Value to $3.95,; 4 For_ 'DojIarQays * - $ij)0" Ladies Dresses One big proup of. dresses that, are values 'to '$6.95, .forlDollar Days $3.00 Ladies Dresses One big group of dresses that are values to $8.95. For"" Dollar Days $4.00 Ladies Dresses One big group of dresses Ithat are values to $12,9^, For^~.. Dollpr Dgys $5.00 Ladies Dresses One big group of dresses fthat ore values to $16.9$, Ror *T AA •fl/dltl SAYII1! DURING DOLLAR Lace Panels These arVreduiar$r.6$ values. SpeciaVfor Dollar Days $1.00 Lodies XXX pdntleS Hiat are regular 98c valued For Dollar Days 2 prs $1.00 ."- '. . ... .> -» Rayon Panties These ladies rayon panties are regular 49c values. Pdr, Dollar Days 4prs$1.00 Ladies Hats These are sungrner ^traw hats. Values to $5.95. e ,For< dollar Days moo J - >Closing t 1o s ? <' Ib"H Jg|l|l?*^^t^|l Tiffl^K.v ,AI |1|1|1[ ' ' " n """' " " I """ n " rillll ? J) 3i1 These are>eg'ular ^1.69 values. Foe Dollar Days' Feather Pillows ireVe'a'ular ^1.69 Foe Dollar Days $1.00 „.* ''" Hous6 Canvas 36 Inches,wide, .Selvedge edge, for rjSolldr^ Days r^y-ssMT-^'. i a^ *^ w| !4»,t^y» "&«.,,. 12 for $1.00 •T v \ ' <, _ ; ___ "___ Men's Socks These are^sttetchy 'spcks. Regular % 985 volumes, r^oh D6llar Days 2 pit $1.00 ____ •• . j _______ * __ __^_ Meh's Shorts These v bre, rfegu)qr69c Broadcloth shorts, , For % Dol(ar- Days 2 <or $1.00 ' t Undershirts hese are regular 49c value Fpr Dollar. Days / " 3 for $1.00 Haynes Undershirts Men's r'egylar 69g'VQlwes. 1 pQr Dollar pays only t 2 for $1.00 Sport Shirts Meh's Nylon ahd cotton sport shirts. Regulqr $3,50 vplues, For Dollar ' • ^tfa&mm • n *«8fflffi«fflffl Dollar 'Days, $1,50 •ffS'j i ; :l Boys Sport Shirts Regular $l.-9& and*|g,49 $ottpn gnd Nylon sp9rt 4 «hirt§. For "- rf k; fcs^v

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