Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 5, 1954 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1954
Page 17
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w v^-tw MOM SfAH, MOM, AtKANIAI r • »*•* (£«,»-• tatMt 0 . kfty 'M-Atf-'T-tgl* "1U.JJ Mill, , k.* 1 ®-? V - Mri Is jWa'*Mr1i« Mdrtfde 1 Kent of > ^v* '' fa J *ho1-i»v{8it>-*ith relatives rga-B,, Nevada, they will wdeks with their parents 'Sepoftittg'to Fort Bliss, Te* fothfelrnew assignment. g% * 1— . • t«tt Memorial 6' lee : Mrs. M. 0. Stone, ttope, Craton tipps, Hi. 3, ttope. Mr .and Mrs. Henry Catlett, Jr. , have a daughter born at . . . ftetd. ftt. 1 8:26 p. m. Tuesday. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Homer Stuekey Rti 4, Htfpe. Miss Ruby Codson, I'atmos. . 3 G. A.'s of the Garrett Me- ,«fl.Baptist Church met TUGS- light 6ttf £30 at Fair Park for lie erfam suppor. They are jSoredf,by . Mrs.-Hazzard and [CO'Silferi. ^ . / i/ttakzard led "in prayer, and T rtfprb^i?am entitled "A Chris- [|.7J)uty touthe Unsaved" was Ited.'The devotional was giv- ""^evieve Cash; the intro- byifVivian 1 ,' Tonnemaker, prayer''ifr Mrs O'- part on the program Mijouvj Voeum, Valdean Ton- ter t)w s anna O'Steen, Janelle e ^Braden, Carolyn jJPatsy {Beard)', Penny Ro- Bfefty JBeard,f ( yiplet Tonne- atfd ;Gfinevleve Cash. The ' '" "t-oricluded with the s session was held ngi, the'^ program. Janelle :pv^df8m|6fepd'Cthe group ifS the "program and busjjjess *' 1 '" i -"-e? group pjayed several ,, 4 ^tSen^Were served ice iana,eake"by the .sponsors. Sy-.fi ? S , ^ _ &:t * * and,Going * * ^ haS return" _. -R&ek, after a visit in .,,„_! tier'' .parents, Mr. and C/^A. "WJlliams. -m%''<> '££ —: •> PrlHa'Mrs. Fielding Huddles- n,d|?ibns ) ikndf'Mrs. i Jewelr Mo- ir.Talei?hbWi^t h'bme following U.^fl*. /.!»t •- ofjntferest Copy of Telegram Sent to Tackett, Wells, Cherry Tuedqy> Hope, Ark., Tuesday, August 3 Boyd Tackett Spring Street , •• Little Rock, Ark. Dear Sir; While in Little Rock last evening I consulted an attorney in whose opinion and ability I have .the utmost confidence. I am advised that to call a man subversive or to make this statement, either oral or written, that he ever engaged in subversive activities or any Un American act is libel per se. I have no objection to your condemnation ot Commonwealth College, and you can talk all you want to about that Institution if the public wants to hear you. The reason is now based on the insinuations of your crowd that I am a subversive and have engaged in subversive activities. -..'..» ' . 'Now I charge you to make this statement, that I am a subversive, or that. I ever -participated in any subversive activities, and if you do, knowing that you do not have any proof of any such charge, I will sue you Immediately in the courts of my native state. . fc*.. . .•:••.. Now you men get down to the point, and get on the line and either stand. or fall on this proposition. Similar telegrams are being sent to Cherry personally and to John Wells, editor of Arkansas Recorder and this telegram to you is being released to the press for the benefit of all Newspapers and other news agencies ot the state. ORVAL E. FAUBUS visited with Candidate for Governor ^: 'i.Mrs'.l.B, OB, L*» * . , ' . .Pol, Adv. Paid for by Roy Ritle*,, Co-Manager of.FmJibusfor HERE IT IS.... -.•<,,.:. «S$' &- 'T-' .'' fc.fw ' Bj, 1 ? *. ,u i. FUN AND FEED DAY SATURDAY, AUGUST 7th at the MID SOUTH COTTON & SUPPLY Hope, Arkansas Cotton Row now to be here early and start registering for Prizes. Nothing to buy. Just Register. $1000 In prizes to be given away.., Jus* register. • 10 A. M. Talk by Dr.'Sawyer on Poultry Management. I'l A, M.' A movie on "How the Value of Feed is Kept High. * 11:30 A. M. First drawing of Prizes. 1 P. M. Film to be shown on Good Dairying. 1:30 P. M. Talk by Norman Martin on Feeding of Calves, 2:30 P. M. Film to be shown on Broiler Disease Problems also film to be shown on Large Animal Diseases. ;- i • 3:30 P. M. Last drawing for Prizes. , ; w\ ^ -' 'K **T>' . Be Sure to Take Advantage of Our # Big Dairy Feed Sale All Week FEED....3.55 M.IKFEED 3.70 BA]RYFlEb....3.10 SWEET FEED.... 2.85 We will Give Away Absolutely Free a Dairy Heifer Calf of At thf Ust Drawing rjnumtRtiw IP mi*wd ^hi? Big Farmers Feed and Fun •"•» »"«"f""-/-• m _ ID SOUTH COHON & SUPPLY ' C»»onRow Hope, Arkansas ,- i, ,,?',» , Often! Mp Yourself to ASfe f • . * .?,..„ i_' t -/,:-•-* JANE PARKER'S LADY BORDEN'S ASST. FLAVORS Mid-Summer APPLE PIE . 39 30 1 PINT %r^r IONA BARTIETT PEAR HALVES PARD DOG FOOD UBBY'S FROZIN ORANGE JUICE N O . ay, GRAPEFRUIT JUICE J™ WHITEHOUSE MILK '.WILSON'S Cans ..Can . VIENNA SAUSAGE f!»r Peanut Butter THIS WEEKEND'S MEAT VALUES! 24-z. JAR SUPER RIGHT HEAVt CHUCK ROAST .-• Lb.; Special! Sultana Cfffllflfl l^lllllll QUART JAR .. icr,±i Pork & Beans 31-OZ. CANS ,... ..:......:...: MAINE SARDINES iS'L 3 F c'l RICE KRISPIES KHLooa-,;.....; 5 *£. CORN ItAKIS -K.UOGO............... ;.#£ VARIETY CEREALS K .uo«e. SAIL DETERGENT .;_, ; .^.^o^ RAINBO PICKLES KOSHER DILL. ...,........:.. Jar FROZEN FOODS PAR KEN J.IMEADE 6 Oz. Can MINUTE MAID LEMONADE 29c SUPER RIGHT' HEAVY CAL£ GROUND. . . ' MEAT Lb SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN STEAK SUPER RIGHT HEAVY CALF. RIB STEAK SUPER RIGHT SMOKED PICNICS u ALL GOOD BRAND : SLICED BACON V MID-SUMMER PRODUCE SAVINGS CALIFORNIA SUNKIST LEMONS THOMPSON ; SEEDLESS GRAPES Lb. Lb. CUBAN AVOCADOES s"f 2 fo r FRESH ' ' ' LETTUCE Large Size Head FRESH BEANS Kentucky Wonder -Lb. CHfCKIN OF THI SIA TUNA CHUNK STYLI 7-OZ. CAN SOLID PACK , r-oz. CAN ,-. DISHWAIHINO SUDi TREND Giant Pkg. PUDDINGS MY-T-FINE ................ ............................. 9* CRACKER JACK ^ Si Plc9» 1^ ANGEL »QFT FACIAL TISSUES iUHtHINf KWIPT . CRACKERS NIAGARA LAUNDRY STARCH IS-.i. Pkg. 19< HY-POWER JUMBO TAMALES M ANOELUS WHITI Marshmallows . . \' / ..•• n, 0-M, Pkg ........ , ............ .:.-..•& 1 AN6ILMS COLORED Marshmallows iQ.tf.rkf, CAMPflM IMirshmaltows 33< t|»tl«Ffc|v NEW LOW RETAILS^ , ROBIN HOOD FLOUR 5 Lb. Sack TOLb. Sack 25 LB. Sack Sack 50 Lb. OUR OWN TEA 4 Lb. Box 2k Lb. Box 1 Lb. Box Snowdrift 3 U Can KRAFT'S Cheese Whiz SEA LIGHT: TUNA 6i O^ Can Hum**, Aa§dit S, 1fS» " H&Pt tTAjV .HOfTt* ARKAMJM Dinner The Whole family Will En.joy... Delicious ^^ w • P . ~- . •. - '^ w - 1 • -,. . ^ . ^i-:'.i.-^T;... , .;';m .„..„, „, . - mf^> ., *- ,^ a _^^^» mJ ^^ Bu ^ i ^^^^ M ^ MMMM ^t, IP MAPLE CREST FARM FRESH FRYERS, THAT IS! a ' CHUCK ROAST 4 STEW MEAT GROUND BEEF f»i i^V " f SLICED BACON A* i, *• I, •* '- 4V.-. <). •i : Lii. ~WMMMM> Refresh Yourself Wifh Sparkling, Delicious GOLDEN AGE Cans CALF LIVER J Prices Effective Friday and Saturday, August ^|7j BETTY CROCKER ANGEL FOOD CAKE MIX RAINBO SOUR ''K, 17 Oz. SAXET MAYFIELD CORN BALLARD or PILLSBURY'S 22 Oz. Jar No 303 Can 49c BLACKEYE PEAS .-^-' MIRACLEWHIP - - •:,*, 'SANDWICH SPREAD: Can :**• -v- NABISCO 25c Graham Crackers 34c ^ ALL BRANDS Biscuits 19c ARMOURS CHOPPED BEEF • II U<H <H«H" ll«tl '"' Con Avgvii f 31 c* TOMATO Cans HOME CENTER VALUES COLGATE 54c VALUi SAXET o*CARNATION MILK TOOTHPASTE Large Tubes' Pork & B Reg. $1.00 Size MOHAWK HEAVY BOTTOM ICE TEA 10Oz. Reg 19c Size . • Each 2 - 25t ALUMINUM TOP SALT AND PEPPER Reg. lOc Each SHAKERS For FROZEN FOODS HILL - 0 - HOMES BLACKEYE PEAS THRIFTY PACK • . t v 10 oJ Ctn. i lOQz.- Ctn., WEGIVE"S&H" GREEN STAMPS U, S. No, 1 CALIF, ,HAUf PEACHES u. s, NO, i CALIF. i' i *i '4 •i-. Wi RISPRYi THI RIQHT T.9, WMIT 9.U.ANTIJJ,S5 CALAVOS U, S. NP, 1 CAUF fXTRA ^H'T POTATOES SOUTH AMIRIC4N ^ ^ *

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