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44 TORONTO DAILY STAR Wed Nfer 4 1370 Chris Plummer Nathan Cohen in Ibsen play PLUMMER AS ANTI HERO: In 1962 British directcr Peter Coe worked with Christopher Plummer on Macbeth for The Stratford estival Tne attempt to do a proleteran Macbeth was spectacularly unsuccessful Both Coe and Plummer felt the idea had merit however ard expressed a hope to work together again They are being reunited for the 1970 Chichester esti val production of Peer Gynt The theatre pen stage Stratford and so both Plummer and Coe 1 come to it with a knowledge of its advantages and handi caps It will be the first trne Plummer has ever done Henrik play about a man who is a hy brid between aust and anti hero The plav opens the Cniches ter estival May 13 Plummer whose stage successes includes the roles of both Becket and Henry II will also take part with the It a 1 Shakespeare Eric Porter in a debate between Henry and Becket at a sound ard light production in Canterbury Cathedral this summer Plummer is gradually es tablishing a very special record as the man who's acted with all the leading English language drama companies He has appeared in the three major Shakespeare festivals and in New York and London The sole major institutional English language organization with which he has not yet worked is the National Theatre of England tnere is modeled on tne I Wife lllp JW CHRIS PLUMMER Reunited with Peter Coe OR YOUR ourteen ballets to be performed at the Northeast Regional Ballet estival being held at the Macmillan Theatre in May have been named by adjudicator ernand Nault Associate artistic director of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens he spent the last two weeks visiting centres in the northeast region of the US and eastern Canada Altogether he looked at 40 ballets Two which he feels deserve professional consideration are Ham let by the Ballet Trianon of Philadelphia and the Detroit City Ballet's Pastoral That 30 second play by Nobel Prize winner Samuel Beckett will get its premiere Sunday at the Oxford Playhouse in England It will be performed three times during a program devoted to Beckett's writ ings and being held to raise money for the Samuel Beckett Theatre There are no characters in Beckett's play It has no dialogue either But claims Prof rancis Warner Breath is impeccable'' That's what the prolessor says Lila Kedrova who starred last year at the Shaw estival in The Guardsman will be repeating her role in the production for the 1970 estival of Perth This time her husband Richard Howard is directing AT RANDOM: Just in case wondering yes Spring Thaw is still running at the Playhouse Business is quite good on weekends virtual sellouts but slow on other nights and negligible Sundays How can you take seriously a yearbook which includes 40 Carats 1776 and Hadrian VII among its 10 best? They are among the selections in The Best Plays of 1968 69 50th Year (Dodd Mead Co 526 pages $12) edited by Otis Guernsey Jr Actually the 10 choices given half as synopses and half through excerpts are the least important feature tn the volume As always the book is most useful for its Broadway and regional reference material which has been augmented this year by a quite detailed European report by Ossia Trilling There are also fast facile 50 year syn opses of the theatre in New York and London by Walter Kerr and Darlington and a listing of the 500 best plays presented on Broadway between 1919 and 1969 Now that's a depressing catalogue Democracy at work department: Everyone who attends the June 8 perform ance of The Merchant of Venice opening the 1970 Stratford estival will be invited to remain after the show for a reception in the foyers promenades and terraces COMING EVENTS: Professor John Brown is coming to the University of Toronto to hold a nine day seminar on Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus with members of the Cen tre for the Study of Drama While he's here he'll give a lecture March 11 at 4:30 pm at Hart House Theatre on Elizabethan theatre and our own Admission is free Pro fessor Brown is head of the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of Birmingham England On Tuesday of next week three shows will open in Toronto: Chicago '70 at Workshop Theatre: the new Black Box revue at Theatre in the Dell: and Apocalyptic Needle at Burton auditorium York University In fact that Tuesday performance will be the only one for Gurton Apocalyptic Needle It is being done by a company of American actors known as the New Troupe which is an amicable breakway from the Cafe La Mama of New York The director is who staged utz Citizen Tom Paine and the Broadway production of Hair THE COI IEtTlON BAG: Even with those ardent reviews for star Lou Jacobi the producer decided the struggle wasn worth it and Norman Is That Closed in New York Satur day The Hamilton City Council turned down a re quest for aid from the group which did plays out of doors last summer at Dundurn Castle Paul Scofield may go to New York for a limited run in the Royal Court production of Uncle Vanya which has received vest tic notices How do these rumors get Years ago everyone was convinced Bob Denver was dead and a double was masquerading as him Bland New there has been a ratt ot sto ries thcit Jerry Mathei' who played Beaver tnr defunct TV sereo Leave It To Beaver ded in Vet Nam Not true Mathfr served in Viet Nam but un discharged and is now going to universitv in aluornia Denver by the way now in New York where playing the Woody Allen role in plav It Again Sam On The Morning After the CB1T show Sundays a regular member who will be nameless hr whom you may cal! Helen Hutchinson id it was iirim for an unidentified drama critic on one et capers for excellence the ss at tae 1 awrcce Cnt Theatre I can see Miss Hutehin'U) rnini She is a fs reviewer and sornettimg she has rev demanded vv fi' ol rmisae lansbuiy and Carol Burnett a t''rt to' IA based I pay CROL BURNET Special with 1 ansbiirv d'a'l 'B Mh' B' A A A li ft V'Nk i I rU VI il I 4 1 i i I I i ar tx i tM 73 Bf J4 XJ4i wr SHIA i gwBA 7 EM: for 3 Ji' IkAImSiX Star photos by Jeff Goode YONGE ST AT DUNDtS was jammed last night after videotheatre police moved in and took videotape from manager Marvin Miller Cinema 2000 advertised free showing of controversial sex movie Vixen Almost 250 people saw a more than half the film before Purpose of the free show was for the audience to complete a ques tionnaire which asked if movie should be shown in a public theatre Hundreds clamor to see nude Him free police seize more videotape copies By DOROTHY MIKOS Star staff writer Hundreds of people jammed Yonge St last night trying to get into a free showing of the nude film Vixen at Cinema 2000 and moments before the end the Metro morality squad shut down the video theatre for a second time seizing more tape Another copy had been seized on eb 19 and ob scenity charges were laid then All but one copy of the film had subsequently been returned after lawyer Au brey Gclden acting for Cinema 2000 had appealed Charge of possessing an obscene film and of know ingly displaying an obscene film to the public were laid after last showing The purpose of last night's showing was "to gauge prevalent standards in the accord ing to Golden The audience was asked to complete a questionnaire which includ ed such questions as: there any aspects of the movie that you felt to be in bad and "Should the movie Vixen be shown at a public About 250 people (pre dominantly men) who ac tually fought their way into the small theatre saw slightly more than half the film before police requested that the showing be stopped and tapes handed over Many of those present said they had not had pre vious knowledge of the film before the obscenity charges were laid in ebru ary Marvin Miller manager of Cinema 2000 and other staff members were ner vous and tense both at the size of the crowds and the presence of police But the seizure was quiet and the crowds dispersed in a fairly good humor Golden announced that the police department would be served with an in junction today restraining them from taking action to harass intimidate or coerce employees of Cinema 2000 for the purpose of obtaining evidence The theatre has already lost seven employees in cluding three technicians who have quit since it be came the subject of police attention Golden expressed annoy ance that the police had in terfered with the survey and said that they were not acting in accordance with the law is a deliberate at tempt by the police to thwart the survey the re sults of which will form a part of our he said "The purpose of this showing was to obtain evi dence for the defence Now people have to complete the questionnaire without hav ing seen the whole film It was a dirty trick not wait ing til! the end They had no right to be here in the first place It was not a commer cial The theatre is planning another free showing to night The Ontario Censor Board has no jurisdiction over vi a theatres which I show their film on closed circuit TV screens and Lib eral MPP James Bullbrock asked in the Legislature yesterday if the provincial government plans to bring this type of theatre under the control Attorney General Arthur Wishart told Bullbrook (L that he has not discussed the idea with James Auld minister of tourism who is responsible i for the Censor Board When Wishart rose in the Legislature yesterday to re 1 py to question 1 Stephen Lewis Scar I borough West) interjected: "Why don't you discuss the abolition of the Board of Censors Another Canadian flees to Holly wood The Canadian Radio Tele vision Commission's Cana dian content ruling for TV didn't come soon enough to save writer Jerry Ross Ross 27 who is currently ith Diamond Lil se ries will leave in two weeks for London to write for The Golddiggers show the sum mer replacement for Dean Martin for wiiich he has a three year contract In the fall he will return to Los Angeles to work on the Dean Martin show and join a large number of Ca nadians in Hollywood "All the variety shows in Los Angeles have at least one Canadian on them The Andy Williams show has Ross said "It's much easier to get work as a Canadian be cause at least the Canadian producers and directors will talk said "Without that it would be very very Ross would prefer to stay in Canada "because Ca nadian "I really care about Cana dian television but there gets to be a point where you give up" As an example he point ed out that during the past year at the CBr "there have been three or four iK I wi RsIb A JERRY ROSS AN ill rite for Martin heads of variety program ming When Len Casey was i fired a couple of months i ago I thought no do I have to a all over I Peace festival decision reserved Special to The Star MOSPORT The Ontario Amnicipal Board yesterday reserved decision for one week on an application by Mosport Park Ltd to sti pend a Clarke Township by law that would prohibit Ueatle John Lennon's pro posed peace lestnal there July 3 5 The existing bylaw zones Mosjiort Park about 10 miles north cd Bow manville as an area with a spec al provision for auto racnr but there is no other i recreational provision Geromi Marvin a beef farmer who owns acres 25ii acres of it adjacent to the racetrack complained to the board that he had nothing but trouble during Mosport races He opposed the peace festival because of the large crow of ii tors it would likely draw Conlins a Toronto lawyer representing Mos port Park said that some camping goes on in the park already three hour ear mg was conducted by br ard members David Jamieson and A McCrae A few weeks ago Clarke Township reeve John Stone said tiie promoters Karma Production had submitted an 11 page brief to the town ship but had not undertaken a gh safeguards and crowd control measures The promoter says as many as 250000 people could attend Award winning mot ic NICOSIA 'Reuter The Cyprus government nas ban ned the award winning Gr tK movie from pm semen ngs in Cypru ne caioe it diowmg woid ere tne r'er banned it) Cyprus or tne internatona! re ation of tne repubic" an a spokesman a ye terday Tne m've won the awat'd for the best at Cannes lorn e't val Li I I A A a fl' I A 4 'I m'Yis'lrojn A Jo 7 CX aRhAn if f1' i a i i 'i s' 'a i fev lV a 1 YD 0c L' a GCa Ge A A i n't' 7 H7 A fl A A 5 A i i s' i a 1 4 fl rv A sr I 5 A 2 8 a a Dishonest led cast to strip By JIM BEEBE Star staff ritcr Richard Schechner (he of Dionysus in did not write the play at all he told an audience of York Unixersity students last night "No one was the author of Dionysus or everyone in the company was the au he said Schechner 35 had come to Toronto for the 50th per formance nf the Studio Lab version of Diony sus VARIOUS ELEMENTS He explained that the members of the New York based Performance Group which he directs combined various elements of theatre in different ways explored "psycho physical relation and he eventually introduced the text of Euri The Bacchae an element The result was taped and he merely tran scribed the tapes he said He also mentioned that a film version of Dionysus has been completed Schechner was the third theatre speaker in York's Performing Arts series The fourth and last speaker will be Tom O'Horgan director of the original Broadway rock musica Hair who will be at York next week Asked about the nudfy in Dionysus Schechner said that the New York cast had stripped oniy alter three months of clothed perRrm aners because they felt it wis dishonest to "tease" the a 1 In tne group's second plav Mac beth be lucky tr see a bare elbow ho said (MT LINED CHANGES "N'tiditv can ho exploited commercialv like arvtmng else he said That no reason not tn use it for legiti mate reasons But there (L bt a' the i 4 Hair is a cheap to make monev nr I I a at lad hea' 4 10 a "The further decline im aginatively and economical ly of commercial thea tre One no longer op poses Broadway one doesn't deal with it at all "The revival and then stagnation of regional because the con trol "passed from the hands to the artists to the admin istrators "The creation of happen ings street theatre guerril la theatre audience partici pation" which "are mi nec essarily new universally but they're new for And "the director per formers and audience be came the focus of the thea tre where it had previously been the playwright "In the new theatre the text is just ore aspect of the theatre along with the director time the perform ers space and the audi he said "Plato and Aristotle both tried to show that art was an imitation of life I am saying that art and life are the same thing iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip inai EX BEATLEVOir DBIVES EOBKEIET LIVERPOOL England (I PL Tommy Moore was the first drummer in the group that esenlually became 1 he iieallr ur three months in I960 he pro ided the rhythm backing for John Lennon Paul Mc Cartney and George Harri son "fleseral things started me thinking about the fu ture" he says now ''There were no bookings and everything turned sour I i pla'ed with them a couple of times more hut still i ccjuldn'i see the big break i coming So I left for gemd Ringo Starr eventually be came the permanent Bea lies drumme Moore 36 now drives a forklift truck tn a Irottle factory iiiiiiiiinfiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiii i Pianist fails Avith photocopy Mozart concerto By RONALD HAMBLETON The star of last night Toronto Symphony concert at Massey Hall was the late Healey Willan whose Sec ond Symphony occupvtng the whole of the second halt of the program put the shade not only Karel An cerl's beautifully swift Rus lan Ludmila overtire but also Geza Mozart concerto The Mozart Ln fact (it was No 21 in major K467) was a pretty tread mill sort of performance Not that the orchetra was in poor voice and not that Geza Anda was any thing but clean forthright ard sensible But there are a score of pianists who can turn out Mozart photocopies like that and what we want is the unique specially crafted performance every time Tiie Wiilan was some thing special Who would have at the first performance 20 years ago (which this reviewer heard' we would be privi leged to hear Karel Ancerl make a logical path through Willan's admittedly thick undergrowth of music9 If there is one word for effect on music it could be "stereophonic" for whatever he lays his baton to becomes lucid to the ear Not only do notes emerge that could have gone un heard but whole sequences fall into place like sentences in a summing up The program notes do GEZA ANDA A treadmill performance EBOMEi Eglll'' Willan a great disservice by stressing his influences To read Beckwith you would think the symphony was by Tchaikovsky Elgar Wagner Dvorak Sibelius and Delius What we want are program notes that tell us in what ways it is Wil such as the highly individual Willan method of sidestepping ca dences (to name only onei Taken as a whole foreign influences tend to disappear in the texture of the work and whether or not Ancerl worked consciously in that direction the final and last ing effect was of a newly original symphony that only Healey Willan could have written The program is to be re peated tonight Dateline Entertainment Australian soprano for British festival BATH England (Reuters) Australian soprano Joan Sutherland the Juilliard String Quartet from New York and conductors Colin Davis and Andre Previn are among leading artists taking part in this Bath festival it was announced yesterday Tne annual musical event set in lovely 18th century spa will last from June 5 to 14 and will lay special stress on Beethoven to mark the bi centenary of the com birth A highlight of the program will be the performance June 9 of incidental music for trage dy Egmonl by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra under the baton of British composer Sir Michael Tippett The narrator will be Sir Michael Redgrave He'd tax sexy movies bv grades LANSING Mich UPI sliding scale titillation tax on sexy movies has been proposed in Michigan to clamp down on "purveyors of Under the bill proposed by Quincy Hoffman Apple gate) theatre owners would be taxed $50 to show an rated film S75 for an film and $100 for an rated movie No fee was proposed by movies for general audiences not a Hoffman said "I just don't like filth" Ballet to be performed in church MONTREAL Les Grands Ballets Canadiens will perform Igor Stravinsky's ballet Symin Psalms in St Joseph's Oratory during Easter week it was announced yesterday The oratory said it will be the first time a classical ballet has been presented in a Roman Catholic church in North America work written for choir and orchestra is based on three Biblcal psalms It will be sung by Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont Royal Performances will be March 25 26 and 27 Ottawa group's play praised OTTAWA i CP Ann Wickham had kind words yesterday for xerson of Le ou Agolar the first jirc sentation at the Eastern Ontario sect on nt tne Dominion Drama estiva: Miss Wickham a Montreal actress had praise for both the cast and the director for the varied plot development and str ng character portrayals It was the first pres entation or 'he rench c'rredv bv the Ottawa group lomghi the Camelot Litte Theatre presents And Things That Go Bump In The ilm crew to talk of work Interior Alilion Moses Ginsberg ar'l i rfurm i Rip 'Irn and xallv Kirkland nil tx at tre St Lawn nr Hall nda1 mgn' lor n' ii f' viir iw oi flm Coming Torn nos a so just completed Josej film of Henrv Miller Iropic Cancer plav Mle' Pans Russ Meur maker rf vixen ra been signed to I t' I 2 DI OX 1 1 1 i I i Mir Gt 1 hr Damned In iv 'ar non I be i a flC pro Oeu 1 John and 5 nkn Lennon 12 EYE on entertainment I.

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